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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Jun 10, 2016, 09:28 PM Jun 2016

Shouldn't picking POTUS be about character [View all]

Either your character is exemplary...or it isn't.

It really is that simple.


I didn't expect debates on the meaning of the word character; and provide this item ..for clarity's sake.

the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
"running away was not in keeping with her character"
synonyms: personality, nature, disposition, temperament, temper, mentality, makeup; More

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Bernie's character is good
30 (75%)
Hillary's character is good
5 (13%)
All of the above
5 (13%)
Laser...is a....character
0 (0%)
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Only to an extent Vogon_Glory Jun 2016 #1
I dont think bible thumping counts as character laserhaas Jun 2016 #3
Trump's character is very, very bad. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #2
I would argue that you could have worked harder laserhaas Jun 2016 #5
How do you know how hard I worked? I don't understand your response. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #9
Isnt Bernie's loss...our loss laserhaas Jun 2016 #15
I supported Bernie from the beginning, contributed to his campaign, The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #18
I hear you and....sigh laserhaas Jun 2016 #23
character is acknowledging reality, accepting and moving into the next phase nt msongs Jun 2016 #4
Why are we rehashing the primary race? It's over. It's GE time. LonePirate Jun 2016 #6
November is not over. 840high Jun 2016 #35
I care more about policy than character. ZombieHorde Jun 2016 #7
That's absurd. If the policy comes from lacking in character laserhaas Jun 2016 #11
Character is so subjective that I don't think about it very much. ZombieHorde Jun 2016 #42
The trend here...is as telltale laserhaas Jun 2016 #8
As a History Major I'd Caution Against Taking a Puritan View of Character in a President Stallion Jun 2016 #10
JFK is an example...of your paradigm..suggested laserhaas Jun 2016 #13
JFK was not squeaky clean. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #19
That was the point...He had flaws...but was exceptional laserhaas Jun 2016 #24
JFK-s principle campaign issue was an outright lie. okasha Jun 2016 #30
Opinions vary laserhaas Jun 2016 #43
Opinions on the so-called "missile gap" do not vary. okasha Jun 2016 #65
He kept I.S. out of a war with Russia...over Cuba laserhaas Jun 2016 #71
That's US, not I,S, okasha Jun 2016 #81
Picky...picker pikki laserhaas Jun 2016 #82
Anyone who lived through those days. okasha Jun 2016 #89
Why are we fighting a primary that's over? RandySF Jun 2016 #12
You wish it was over; and that's a troubling thing laserhaas Jun 2016 #14
Well RandySF Jun 2016 #17
That would be unwise...DU..DK .etc...speaks the will laserhaas Jun 2016 #20
The will of the people is reflected in their votes. Ace Rothstein Jun 2016 #32
November is coming. 840high Jun 2016 #36
Pshaw laserhaas Jun 2016 #44
Because some folks... LenaBaby61 Jun 2016 #78
character is only a part of it. unblock Jun 2016 #16
Your argument does not hold water...he re laserhaas Jun 2016 #22
so... somehow that means only character matters? unblock Jun 2016 #28
My op posed the question and the answers..pro Hillary laserhaas Jun 2016 #46
i voted for bernie so i don't know what you're talking about. unblock Jun 2016 #70
No..you seem to want to be argumentative laserhaas Jun 2016 #72
Jimmy Carter has more character okasha Jun 2016 #21
I don't agree... We had run away inflation and % hikes laserhaas Jun 2016 #25
Runaway inflation does not indicate a flawed character. okasha Jun 2016 #31
You are the one who argued....effectiveness laserhaas Jun 2016 #47
Did you miss the point that completely? okasha Jun 2016 #68
Isnt that what I just said laserhaas Jun 2016 #73
the inflation we had wasn't "runaway" inflation, which is an entirely different animal. unblock Jun 2016 #33
I remember the prices at the time ( being 60 yrs old) laserhaas Jun 2016 #48
I'll always think of Carter 840high Jun 2016 #38
I dont disagree...but he was a flawed POTUS laserhaas Jun 2016 #49
LBJ was pretty much an asshole. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #27
And his character flaws may include fore knowledge laserhaas Jun 2016 #50
Dammit! I knew I forgot to check the character box on that ballot MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #26
Good one laserhaas Jun 2016 #51
Who defines exemplary character? mythology Jun 2016 #29
I prefer Hillary for many reasons, and yes one of the reasons is character La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2016 #34
You can fool all the 840high Jun 2016 #39
Lol. Ok La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2016 #41
I say laserhaas Jun 2016 #52
Love your sig line. 840high Jun 2016 #62
Thanks laserhaas Jun 2016 #75
I agree with you. athena Jun 2016 #66
Certainly couldnt have nothing to do with facts laserhaas Jun 2016 #80
Sanders has shown a decided lack of character in the last few weeks. baldguy Jun 2016 #37
Says you laserhaas Jun 2016 #53
If he were a "gentlemen and a warrior" he would concede & join Clinton to fight RW oppression. baldguy Jun 2016 #93
Probably not. HooptieWagon Jun 2016 #40
That speaks to the character of the nation and Nadar laserhaas Jun 2016 #54
It's about leadership and the ability to effectively prosecute an agenda. MADem Jun 2016 #45
I dont disagree..for the most part laserhaas Jun 2016 #55
I do think she is more qualified. MADem Jun 2016 #57
We disagree laserhaas Jun 2016 #59
No, it's about votes XRubicon Jun 2016 #56
Actually...its about rules and vote countings laserhaas Jun 2016 #61
Don't bogart that... pass it XRubicon Jun 2016 #64
Character, proven authenticity, and sound judgment. SamKnause Jun 2016 #58
Very well put laserhaas Jun 2016 #60
Too bad he couldn't get more people to vote for him... XRubicon Jun 2016 #67
Hypothetically, sure. cheapdate Jun 2016 #63
Exactly laserhaas Jun 2016 #76
One difference between Clinton supporters and the uninitiated... Miles Archer Jun 2016 #69
I simply cannot jiin the fray laserhaas Jun 2016 #79
I'll never "endorse" her...I won't come here for cookies and punch if I vote for her. Miles Archer Jun 2016 #94
Not necessarily.... Adrahil Jun 2016 #74
That's not an issue...this time laserhaas Jun 2016 #77
Hillary is the Democratic nominee. grossproffit Jun 2016 #87
I don't care about someone's character. RB TexLa Jun 2016 #83
Obviously...that's why We're in this dilemma laserhaas Jun 2016 #85
The Rethugs spent $70 million and several years trying to damage Hillary's character pnwmom Jun 2016 #84
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #86
It's funny, Sanders supporters have always said that it's about the issues ContinentalOp Jun 2016 #88
Ding, ding, ding! grossproffit Jun 2016 #90
JFK and FDR were absolute bastards. NuclearDem Jun 2016 #91
yes, and she won. Lil Missy Jun 2016 #92
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