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8. Didn't Washington make it illegal for Federal Employees to even look at WikiLeaks?
Sun Jun 19, 2016, 12:51 PM
Jun 2016

Seeing how they show inside crony dealing and war profiteering, it's understandable.

How often have we been told in world-weary tones that Wikileaks has revealed nothing new - especially by those who want to appear to be in the know? Here is an aide-mémoire of a few of the highest profile revelations.

by Ryan Gallagher
17 February 2011

Since 2006, whistleblower website WikiLeaks ↑ has published a mass of information we would otherwise not have known. The leaks have exposed dubious procedures at Guantanamo Bay ↑ and detailed meticulously the Iraq War's unprecedented civilian death-toll ↑ . They have highlighted the dumping of toxic waste in Africa ↑ as well as revealed America's clandestine military actions in Yemen and Pakistan ↑ .

The sheer scope and significance of the revelations is shocking. Among them are great abuses of power, corruption, lies and war crimes. Yet there are still some who insist WikiLeaks has "told us nothing new". This collection, sourced from a range of publications across the web, illustrates nothing could be further from the truth. Here, if there is still a grain of doubt in your mind, is just some of what WikiLeaks has told us:


•The Obama administration worked with Republicans to protect Bush administration officials facing a criminal investigation into torture (see Mother Jones ↑ )


•More than 66,000 civilians suffered “violent deaths” in Iraq between 2004 and the end of 2009 (see the Telegraph ↑ )



Gee. No wonder they want to shut up Assange and the Internet he rode in on.

PS: The picture above is of Jose Padilla in his sensory deprivation goggles.
Tick tock. nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #1
Skinner has no power outside of DU AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #9
Assange won't affect the elections at all. nt stevenleser Jun 2016 #38
And you know this how? AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #40
95% of voters don't know who he is and don't care. Nt stevenleser Jun 2016 #42
Irrelevant who has heard of him AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #44
Nope, its not irrelevant. What he says will never reach those folks. nt stevenleser Jun 2016 #46
Everyone knows what Wikileaks is AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #48
Nope, most folks don't and most folks don't care. nt stevenleser Jun 2016 #69
Including you? rateyes Jun 2016 #106
Wikileaks was only in the news for so long... Blanks Jun 2016 #152
Because the MSM is firmly under control? People will be kept in the dark? senz Jun 2016 #67
Because he never hacked her home server. Whatever he has is from government systems prone to being glennward Jun 2016 #113
lol! Segami Jun 2016 #68
Nobody knows Assange? That's why the Arab Spring never happened, I guess... leeroysphitz Jun 2016 #134
If he had anything important he would have already released it. n/t pnwmom Jun 2016 #43
Not necessarily, no. AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #45
He's milking the pre-publicity for all its worth. He wouldn't need to do that pnwmom Jun 2016 #49
Still waiting for teh "whitey" recording. woolldog Jun 2016 #62
This, just like with the FBI! scscholar Jun 2016 #97
Assange is not the FBI. He's an attention seeker. n/t pnwmom Jun 2016 #108
He's pretty good at what he does. Major Hogwash Jun 2016 #118
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #64
I agree with much of your post Turin_C3PO Jun 2016 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #77
I agree with those points. Turin_C3PO Jun 2016 #79
Thanks rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #80
I need air freshener after that one... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #101
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #111
Threat much? MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #112
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #114
Less than 24 hours remain. kstewart33 Jun 2016 #78
Life will go on AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #81
I guess then we will .. coco77 Jun 2016 #88
I imagine Skinner has an Administrative decision that is laserhaas Jun 2016 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author Alex4Martinez Jun 2016 #138
Man fighting extradition says man fighting extradition says what? Scurrilous Jun 2016 #2
It must not be good news for DotCom. When they start feeling sad, they start lashing out. randome Jun 2016 #7
extradition= must silence this individual at all costs- we cannot allow the truth swhisper1 Jun 2016 #20
The moment he selectively edited the "Collateral Murder" video, he lost all respect. randome Jun 2016 #24
heros? He is not a hero- he is an investigative journalist, a near extinct species swhisper1 Jun 2016 #58
Because he SAYS he's a journalist? So does James O'Keefe! randome Jun 2016 #66
It goes like this... Scurrilous Jun 2016 #52
The US has absolutly no right to extradite a foreign citizen who broke no laws swhisper1 Jun 2016 #54
Wikileaks already has a "Searchable Database" of Hillary's emails FreakinDJ Jun 2016 #3
These emails supposedly came from Guccifer 2.0 NWCorona Jun 2016 #15
of released e-mail. yes now they may have the others. Assange did not say it is dirt, that is Hilbot swhisper1 Jun 2016 #56
So if Assange has all this dirt.... Adrahil Jun 2016 #4
good point. cali Jun 2016 #12
Wikileaks usually does redactions. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #19
These were supposedly recently supplied to them. NWCorona Jun 2016 #16
duh- the primary is not over-its weeks away swhisper1 Jun 2016 #17
Now there's a "coup" in the USA underway? Zorro Jun 2016 #22
Assange is not a whistleblower. Adrahil Jun 2016 #23
sanders people have moved on swhisper1 Jun 2016 #25
Manning is not going to get released. And for good reason. Adrahil Jun 2016 #34
I guess we will know when we know. The unknowns we know cannot be known to civilians, for we know swhisper1 Jun 2016 #59
Not only that, but he never seems interested in exposing Russia. Wonder why? Metric System Jun 2016 #27
Russia isnt hiding their intent, and in other than major cities, they are still using typewriters swhisper1 Jun 2016 #60
No, he's not. He's a fence who gets other people to steal stuff for him. randome Jun 2016 #32
I don't think he has an agenda for the election Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #26
You mean posts like this nuttiness? CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #35
why do you assume it is dirt? Truth isnt always dirt swhisper1 Jun 2016 #57
How many more times are you going to fall for the old "just you wait" routine? randome Jun 2016 #5
Every time Assange says it, these guys believe it. It's like Lucy and the football. Squinch Jun 2016 #29
LOL Scurrilous Jun 2016 #53
. Squinch Jun 2016 #100
It's tiresome, isn't it? NurseJackie Jun 2016 #144
I have nightmares about rapists too Loki Liesmith Jun 2016 #6
Didn't Washington make it illegal for Federal Employees to even look at WikiLeaks? Octafish Jun 2016 #8
Isn't Assange the accused rapist waiting out the statute of limitations in a safe haven? lapucelle Jun 2016 #10
criminality has to be proven, and both women have recanted swhisper1 Jun 2016 #18
SEE his high intelligence? randome Jun 2016 #31
I.m not discussing the allegations, do I have to repeat myself? swhisper1 Jun 2016 #33
You don't have to discuss the rape charges. lapucelle Jun 2016 #124
They have not recanted. And he is avoiding a trial -- that is fact. n/t pnwmom Jun 2016 #50
Gee. How come the Hill Haters never say that about Hillary? Hekate Jun 2016 #82
Isn't Clinton the woman who defended a rapist? VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #121
Only according to Trump surrogates and Sean Hannity. lapucelle Jun 2016 #122
It wasn't just Hannity and trump surrogates ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #129
Couch surfer says what? Scurrilous Jun 2016 #11
... SidDithers Jun 2016 #13
It's probably 88 gigs of random rantings about the British, the Swedish, Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #14
Two criminals making conspiratorial claims about Hillary mwrguy Jun 2016 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #28
LOL. Fevered dreams of Brocialists redstateblues Jun 2016 #84
1 more day RandySF Jun 2016 #30
... DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #36
We sure have a lot of foreigners MFM008 Jun 2016 #37
we have alot of foreigners exposing the truths our own country keep from us swhisper1 Jun 2016 #70
Suuuuuure Hekate Jun 2016 #83
The country is not keeping these truths from you. lapucelle Jun 2016 #126
twisted talking heads are not valid sources of news, They speak corporate, not english swhisper1 Jun 2016 #150
It was irony. lapucelle Jun 2016 #154
I wonder what is the status is of the rape trials that Assange is avoiding? pnwmom Jun 2016 #39
It wasn't "legitimate" rape. randome Jun 2016 #41
the whole case is bogus, politically driven, Marianne Ny (chief prosecutor) is a laughing stock here AntiBank Jun 2016 #61
He is resisting going through a trial in Sweden. I tried reading your links pnwmom Jun 2016 #63
there is no trial, he has not even been charged AntiBank Jun 2016 #65
That is not true hack89 Jun 2016 #135
they have categorically stated that that is a possibility, they refuse to AntiBank Jun 2016 #136
Let me see the government's actual words please. nt hack89 Jun 2016 #137
here you go AntiBank Jun 2016 #142
It doesn't say what you think it says hack89 Jun 2016 #143
you are just flat out wrong (and you do not understand our government and judicial system here) AntiBank Jun 2016 #146
Sweden's Ministry of Justice appears to disagree with you hack89 Jun 2016 #147
Sweden's Ministry of Justice appears to disagree with you <<<<< show me AntiBank Jun 2016 #148
the Prime Minster can order Morgan Johansson, the Justitieminister (Head of the Ministry of Justice) AntiBank Jun 2016 #149
Using a virulent Holocaust denier as an Assange defender is classy. Really classy. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #85
what are you talking about? what Holocaust denier? AntiBank Jun 2016 #89
What Holocaust denier? How about the Wikileaks employee and noted Holocaust denier msanthrope Jun 2016 #91
I didn't post shit about or by Israel Shamir, take your lunacy and conspiracy theories elsewhere AntiBank Jun 2016 #94
You most certainly did....the honeypot/CIA defense was originated, without a shred of msanthrope Jun 2016 #96
the possible honeypot nature is far from the central point to all of this, Snowden released docs AntiBank Jun 2016 #99
Be careful of that one. Major Hogwash Jun 2016 #119
Ironic you toss this out, as one of Assange's accusers worked for a Swedish group who brought in AntiBank Jun 2016 #109
So you finally used google? nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #115
To very good effect, I'd say. You got it handed to you. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2016 #116
Actually, no.... the fact that the poster chooses to go after the victim is instructive. msanthrope Jun 2016 #120
Yes. That is what is being suggested. randome Jun 2016 #125
I am going after the entirety of all the events AntiBank Jun 2016 #131
No....you aren't. The fact that you repeated the narrative of a Wikileaks employee regarding the msanthrope Jun 2016 #139
no AntiBank Jun 2016 #140
It is you who used the story of a virulent Holocaust denier. It is you who suggested the msanthrope Jun 2016 #141
and its you who cherry pick any angle, first off by seizing AntiBank Jun 2016 #145
Racketeer says fugitive rapist will be Hillary's worst nightmare? Lord Magus Jun 2016 #47
Assange is not a rapist, you have very little understanding obviously of the case here in Sweden AntiBank Jun 2016 #73
For someone who lives in Sweden you don't seem to know how criminal investigations there work YoungDemCA Jun 2016 #103
because he is a target of an bogus, arbitrary investigation (the United Nations says so) AntiBank Jun 2016 #105
I'm sure Assange, like most rapists, does feel that the investigation is bogus YoungDemCA Jun 2016 #107
lol, still on with the smears, well goodbye to you, you dont even have the intelligence to put in AntiBank Jun 2016 #110
That's not what the report says. lapucelle Jun 2016 #127
No, it also says the case is arbitrary AntiBank Jun 2016 #132
Here is the US we call that waiting out the statute of limitations. lapucelle Jun 2016 #123
you are conflating issues AntiBank Jun 2016 #133
Why is going to try and penetrate her while she's sleeping? I'm MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #51
It's telling that Assange jumped bail. YoungDemCA Jun 2016 #55
The phrase you're looking for is: "a unique perspective on criminal justice". brooklynite Jun 2016 #71
he DID NOT jump bail, the case had been dropped when he left Sweden AntiBank Jun 2016 #75
Yes.....he did jump bail. That's why bail was forfeited by those who put it up in the UK. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #86
I was referring to Swedish case, not the UK bail AntiBank Jun 2016 #90
Bail was never set in Sweden. But, he gets to go to jail in the UK for jumping bail, a crime msanthrope Jun 2016 #92
The Swedish government has said nothing of the sort. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #95
they refuse to offer a non extradition guarantee, and there possibly is a sealed indictment AntiBank Jun 2016 #98
It was dropped and then reopened. lapucelle Jun 2016 #128
I know this, thats was mentioned in my first posts AntiBank Jun 2016 #130
May the truth come out. May corruption have nowhere to hide. senz Jun 2016 #72
He better hurry. The year WhiteTara Jun 2016 #74
Tick tock! stevenleser Jun 2016 #93
The US cannot and has not charged Assange with anything. YoungDemCA Jun 2016 #102
Chances are... MrWendel Jun 2016 #104
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #117
Why doesn't this creep man up and surrender The_Casual_Observer Jun 2016 #151
Kim Dotcom: Who gives a shit what that thieving, objectivist fuck thinks? n/t Chan790 Jun 2016 #153
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