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Archives: November 14, 2003

Cheney hurts Bush's chances for re-election

Defending the General

Kondracke using Pew polls: GOP makes major voter reg.gains in swing states

The Only Company Wal-Mart Fears (Fortune)

Protest this video game

Countdown: A Call To Action to All Activists and Patriots

Chickensh*t MSNBC Reporter Changes Name Pronunciation (?)

Look Away....Feral Cat Poem

Using Patriot Act to hunt down 'terrorists' at Vegas strip clubs

The Supremes and Guantanamo - by Elaine Cassel

'Kiss in public and join our protest'

Anti-Iraq War Veterans Pulled From Parade

US scientists create bacteria-eating virus

Treetop protest at Tasmanian logging

22 seconds decide your fate - SA

Museveni's brother to face trial for graft - Uganda

Indian Base Set Up in Tajikistan

Zimbabwe govt orders arrest of striking doctors

Death penalty in blasphemy case - Pakistan

Where rape is a weapon - Congo

John "Carry"?

Dianne Feinstein kowtows to Bush on gun ban renewal

There have been several . .

Was there an election night meltdown on during the 2002 midterms?


What is the definition of spam in the DU rule saying

Admins, a word please?

Bev Harris is back


To American Jews: Israel needs your criticism

Israel 'ignored' road map

Clark to Accept Public Financing

Kerry TRAIN WRECK Easy to Predict

If Dennis Kucinich were elected today...

Dean is a leader, not a leftist (articulate,integrity, humor bring voters)

Kucinich blasts yet another belligerent journalist

BBV: Fairfax Judge Orders Logs Of Voting Machines Inspected

Who is the moran in the blue tie?

The DNC FINALLY brings this up: Bush's Attitude towards Vetrans

Sen. Leahy just mentioned our petition


{{{Hey Bev, new voter count problem in Indiana a must read}}}

Small Business for Dean

A new low for spammers: They are now going for the blog community

O'Reilly ponders run for president

OMG! O'Reily actually made a bit of sense to me

Holy Toledo! PATRIOT ACT used to bust Vegas Strip Joints?!


Clark on Hardball Tonight

Keith Olberman Just made by spit iced tea all over my moniter

Which poll would you prefer to vote on?

Mark Dayton: GOP Refuses to Suspend 30-Hour Senate Debate for CIA Briefing

Rove's Revenge: Jessica Lynch's brother being sent to Iraq

Would you vote for Bill O'Reilly or Bush?

Common Dreams on Dean, Diebold & Campaign Finance Reform

"Do we really want have a system where judicial nominees need 60 votes?"

You gotta hear this . .

Are you listening to Mary Landrieu? Check her out!

I want everybody go over and stick their heads out the window and yell...

Nicknames for the Candidates!

Support Bush in 2004 - For President of Iraq.

The Completly Unscientific Which Democrat Spoke the Best So Far Poll

Could the New Democrat Network (NDN) Replace the DLC

Countdown to Civil War, What I Believe Will Happen in Iraq Next Year

28 hours and counting in the 39!-Hour Pointless Senate Debate Thread #9

Theater of the Absurd

Republicans have poisoned the well...

Clark to Accept Public Financing

The media assassination of Clark has already begin... Step 1. Ignore him..

Race is Political Smokescreen For A Poisoned Economy--FEEDBACK NEEDED!

Request for translator: Read this letter to Bunnypants and let me know

What do they teach in church ?

MUST READ Article by Thomas Powers: The Vanishing Case for War

Worst Republican Senator

Mary Landrau is kicking butt on CSPAN!!! You go girl!

Will Pitt does Bloomington

Why don't the Dem senators say that the nominees are a malady?

Koppel to go after Cheney tonight...........bigtime

Army Equipment, Lesson 2: Basic Tactical Communications

Do terrorists have anything to lose at this point?

My amazing meeting w/ "Republicans for a Democratic Ticket" in Naples, FL

Am I the only one that didn't know? Ultimate humiliation for Bush

The Most Right-Wing Elected Politician in Canada

Al Gore, Not Bill Clinton, Now Leads the Democratic Party

Al Franken Considers Move to Minnesota...

If you donate $50 to DU, David Allen and I will do this strange thing:

Share 'True Crime,' do the time

Afghanistan Has Priority Over Iraq, Robertson Says

Armed group targets Mugabe - Zimababwe

Liberian rebels 'on a looting spree'

Colombian rebels release hostage video

Israeli mafia linked to Crane case

$1bn 'slips through' to Iraq - without the formal approval

Nigerian youths hold oil workers hostage - American ChevronTexaco

Iraq violence gives another reason to sell dollar

Former U.K. Intelligence Worker Arrested

G.O.P. Leader Solicits Money for Charity Tied to Convention

SEC, Putnam deal frustrates states

Martinez confirms he's considering Senate bid

Ten Commandments Judge Thrown Off Bench

U.S. changes Iraq transition course

'No silver spoons for children born into poverty' - England

CBS News "Economy gives Bush a (slight) poll boost.....

Senate Leader Learns Lesson in Online Activism - The Frist POLLS!

Blair 'Dishonest, Shallow & Cheap' in Justifying Bush Visit...UK/New WMW

Wal-Mart Dumps Cold Water on U.S. Economic Bulls

Max Cleland kicking ass on CNN NOW!!!

Power blackout in US

Bush says finding Saddam is a key goal (no direct quote on OBL)


Lawmakers drop effort to ease Cuba travel restrictions

US Navy returns Island to Hawaiians

Graham to File Suit Challenging Filibuster; Senate in All Night

Top French oil executives jailed

Tom is so sexy....

Baby Rap

US Policy paper/presentation - what should I write about?

Cheney Made Me Do It

So help me, I overcame the urge!

Hey, why does Cheney have '700' on his head?

Pet peeve about using web sites in

new Hannity advertiser Fazoli's

A little taste of "The Office" from the Beeb

Thanks, DU, for hooking me up with Howard Zinn!


A letter to Al Franken to run against Tom DeLay

DSL/Router Question

name this movie!

Who was the worse Vice President?

Whoa! "Scrubs" just play a short (musical) clip of REM's "Bad Day"!

Movie thread 3

The alt tag (description) on yahoo pic of Bush's entourage is Great!!!!

I just changed my Avatar, don't ask me anything...Cuz I'm Fed Up

I am a spaz at work and I don't know what to do

Hmmm... apparently you can sell or buy cannabis on eBay now...

Michael Jackson wants 'One More Chance'

Food coloring on bird toys?

What's the only company Wal-Mart fears?

How many cowpies have you set foot in?

good media viewer?

A Pop Quiz for Liberals.

Grotto without Bananas?

Oh, God... I'm addicted to old westerns on.....................Hallmark!


My Break is Over!

They're back, sweetie dahlings...

Movie recommendation for sci-fi fans

Favorite Peanuts character?

Man sues car dealership for selling him a truck against his will

thought about putting this in gen. disc. but when in doubt......

Just got an e-mail from X-Box that they are soon releasing GTA for it

My post got pulled, ask me anything

Santa Cthulhu!

&@#*#$^! My soup wasn't hot enough. How hot do you like your food?

how things have changed!

Is it normal for me (21) to be attracted to women in their 30's?

I just saw "Bad Santa".ask me anything (especially about my disappointment

Sometimes I don't understand myself

What's the best way to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly?

favorite intelligent hip hop artist.

Favorite Altman Movie?

Is it chat time?

What's a good science project for my 7th grader?

DU Motorcyclers...would you...

What do English/Europeans want from America? (Giftwise)

Silly question. Ever wonder if they got all the nukes out of Cuba?

According To The Last 20 Polls Taken In The DU Lounge....

Can I hit 50,000 posts by sunrise?

Is this a good time to buy investment property?

how many canadian provinces have you set foot in?

Who's going to win the rugby world cup?

Favorite Beatles Song Written by George Harrison

NYT Top 25 Science Questions

For My 700 Club Inaugural Post: A 'Tribute' to 'Judge' Roy Moore

Went to go see the elf this evening...

"A Day in the Life" Question

Is the thread of WMD real? (Dean-Bush Matchup 2004)

Is it possible to hit 700 donations by 9 PM PST tonight

Attn My Bloody Valentine fans

Hey DU, let's plan a giant protest in NYC for GOP Convention

Station calls for Jethro Tull boycott

Any famous people out there? Please check in

Science vs. Humanities / Egghead vs. Boneheads

Movie Chain Fun!

What Property Do You Go For Immediately When You Play Monopoly?

How many countries have you set foot in?

How the U.S. Got Involved in Vietnam

Salon: (Blumenthal) How Bush Betrayed Blair

N. Korea's Ace in the Hole (11,000 - 14,000 underground facilities)

Krugman - The Trojan Horse

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says Iraq is a massive failure

America was created through struggle

Time to put an end to fallacy of `one China'

Uncensored Gore

Salon: They Blinded Me With Pseudo Science

U.S. venture capitalists busy in India

The Nation - Bush Flunks Schools

UK Nazis: Nancy Mitford spied on sisters

Good article on the fight over judges - Vanity Fair Dec. issue

Molly Ivins: 180 in Iraq?

Interesting find. This guy must be "with the terrorists".

PNAC members in the Bush Administration - Our REAL president!

GI's death a battleground for mom, dad

Salt Lake Trib: Setting an example ( back to school for Bush) excellent !

Excellent Bush Joke

10 commandment Judge Roy Moore linked to ...


CIA: More Iraqis supporting resistance

The crisis of American democracy: its social and political roots

Lead found in sidewalk chalk sold at Target

Transcript of British Press Conference with Shrub 11/12

Executive branch is stronger since 9/11, Card says

Bush - He just doesn't care (phototoon)

Ventura on Rightwing bullying, CBS cowardice & how Nazism thrived

Martin Woollacott (Guardian Unltd): The power of a man willing to die

Nat'l Review: "Forebodings" on Bush*s Trip

The Democrats Need a Non-Southern Strategy

BlackBoxBlogging:An Open Letter To The Mainstream


Email AARP to protest CEO Novelli endorsement of GOP Medicare to welfare

National Protest Day Against Hummers - This Saturday Nov. 15

Protest Hummers?

Arnie Arneson (sp) 12 - 3 PM weekdays

NJ Radio Station bans Jethro Tull

Bill O'Reilly Confronted about Ailes on live radio

Latest Anshell Media Info

Boycott stops abortion clinic project

Bush's revisionist history

For skeptics--a resource on cold readings and book discount

Just For Fun.....Some Freebie Sites (Tarot, I-Ching, Astrology, etc.)

Scientists create a virus that reproduces

Welcome to Nazi Germany 2003 Version: The Pentagon announced

Please Astrologers can you do an Astrocartagraph chart for Bush/London?

book list?

Hong Kong legislators nix plan to further democracy

'The pastor's wife was my wife too'

BBV - 144,000 votes cast in county with 19,000 voters

Gore's historic 11-9 speech

Putin: No return to past (Corps do not have right to lobby for laws)

University system biased against gays over benefits, ACLU says

Same-sex kiss gets girls suspended

EU accusation on engine purchases `unacceptable' - TW, US, EU

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Up 7.8 Percent as Trend Continues

Retail Sales Dip, Wholesale Prices Spike

Bush Is Said to Weigh Changes to the Tax Code (Rich pay near 0 on Inv Inc

19.7 Months - Average Unemployment Time

Baboons Need Friends Too

My problem with costs for non-"green" energy sources

Disguised & With Electronically Altered Voices, NPS Workers Slam Bush

looking for the most convincing data on global warming

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Down 20% Since 1950s

"Check That Oil" Problems with Oil Recovery Rate in Saudi Arabia

A Road Through The Great Smokies NP?

Energy bill: Zogby poll shows opposition to bill, support for clean energy

Two people detained over suspected spying for China - TW

Air force to order indigenous missile - TW

Gigolo school raided for overcharging its students - TW

Nazi past haunts Argentina's fallen Eden

NLC alleges assassination plot - Nigeria

Zimbabwe armed rebel group 'thousands strong'

Durban set to become major drug centre - SA

Pictures George W. does not want us to see

Indian warships wind up Shanghai visit

Gore's historic 11-9 speech

India to extend $40 mn to Tajikistan

Guns in the News- November 14th, 2003

National Ammo Day: November 19, 2003

GUNS IN THE NEWS - November 14, 2003 (Revised Guidelines)

South Carolina community split over armed police drug raid at school

I am going to donate to DU, but I am using a credit card, what

I ordered a t-shirt but not sure your tally shows

Thank you, Admin and DUers!!!

Can You Extend The Deadline For Donations Until Wednesday?

One more time - can we get Lounge threads off of Latest?

How about a Sex and Sexuality subforum

Did someone donate for me?

Why was this thread locked . . . and other concerns

Why was jeter's poll about bringing back the sex threads...

An Urgent List of Grievous Concerns You Must Deal With Immediately.

Can We Punch AssKrack At 900?

Have A Great Weekend Guys......

BBC (Thursday): Sharon 'to meet Palestinian PM'

Sharon's Noose

Galilee Hamas cell broken

Israel introduces its resolution to the UN on protecting kids

Jews Help Organize Anti-Israel Conference Rachel Pomerance Special to

IDF troops arrest senior Hamas activist near Nablus

Guardian Unltd (Friday): Bitter harvest in West Bank's olive groves

Israeli Arab film-maker wins 'Jenin, Jenin' battle

Israel's nuclear program one of ambiguity

How Bush betrayed Blair

Sharon's plans, made concrete

British parliamentarians condemn Israeli wall

Israel recruited Dutch UN officers for espionage

Growing air of permanence for West Bank settlements

Ex-security chiefs chide Israel

Mofaz: IAF sent a 'message' to Assad during Oct. raid

Israel govt memo admits flouting "road map"-source

Israeli occupation heading for 'disaster'

Meet a real capitalist pig

Israel gets new F-16I fighter/bomber

Peace Signs

Israel gets new F-16I fighter/bomber

Jews of silence

2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom

Q&A with Craig and Cindy Corrie

A letter to all the Aikido dojos in the Puget Sound area

Gore's historic 11-9 speech

Joe Lieberman maintains a Web site about Bush's lack of integrity

Moran losing primary opponents

ABC NOTE: Next round of labor endorsments--Communication Workers

Dean makes it official,filing papers in NH

Team Bush Hits $100 Million Mark

Obama to receive big union support

Gallup Poll analysis - 11/14/03

G.O.P. Leader Solicits Money for "Charity" Tied to Convention

New Lieberman Ad Takes Swipes at Dean

Caucus-goers: Jobs come first

Kerry apologizes to 3 former aides

Boston Globe: Dean finds success has a pull of its own

Baucus to endorse Clark

Sen. Kerry Declines, Gen. Clark To Accept Public Funding

Democrats + Independents Vs. Republicans = Trouble for Bush

Bush or Jerry Springer

The survey says...Dean wont' get nominated. But if he does, Bush

Off to campaign for Dean this weekend!

Republicans believe Dean can win next November.

Remember when...Quinnipiac Poll November 2002

Lieberman Leads in Ohio, Gephardt 2nd, Kucinich 3rd, Dean in single digits

Dean holds 22% lead over Kerry in NH

Indian Congress pushing unity (2004 candidates will appear)

The Nader of election 2000 is threatening to rise again

ABC's the Note on the Kerry campaign...

Governor's race narrows to 4 points as Jindal drops, Blanco gains in poll

NYC area Kucinich supporters check in, please.

Republicans are campaigning for Dean: Comparing him to McGovern

"Is Dean Goldwater?"

Clark Proposes Joint Venture With Saudis Against Al Qaeda

Kucinich accepts offer of Politics NH for dinner date w/ contest winner

Which former senator would you like to run for the Senate again

IMHO, the "Dean has it wrapped up" meme is being floated

john stewart rocks!!

Orrin Hatch must be smokin' crack.

TV Alert: Clark on Hardball 11:00 pm EST.

A Bedtime Story

Traitors are not respected even by those who exploit them

Has Hillary Clinton spoken yet in the 39 hour marathon?

Did anyone hear the little dog barking in the background on C-SPAN ?

New Wave Band Concerts to Fight Fraudulent Voting Tech

The News on Saddam.

Dean and the so-called anger issue.

what's John Kerry's individual net worth?

Have the Democrats changed from poodles to pitbulls?

Zell Miller announcing his support for Bush NOW helps us.

Charlie Rose - Thursday -- Post-War Iraq with David Rieff + Fouad Ajami

Why does Hannity not use Mark Furman for comments on the Bryant case?

In the 2004 Elections--all Republicans are Bush Republicans

Has Traitor whored to the pukes at all during the filibuster?

Simpsons' Take on Clark's Support For a Flag Burning Amendment

Rush, Sean, OReally, PRobertson, JFalwell, Oral, etc etc

is fair and balanced local news coming to your town?

Krugman interview 11/12/03: The Professor Takes the Gloves Off

Bernie Ward thread

What's the Repug counter-argument for the judicial nominee comparison?

How is the nominee decided?

DeLay starts charity to raise $ for late-night parties during convention

Islamophobia in Xmas wrapping

Americans sow seeds of hatred

Friends, this is a lousy time to ask for donations

What are your thoughts on populism?

Huge Iraq jobless rate a ticking timebomb

Another bastard 'pug senator that needs to age quickly, DAMN!

1940 'peas bomb plot' on palace

"Isn't that why you elected me?"

Harry Reid: In the last 30 hours 80 people have killed themselves

Family tiff between the Bush brothers? Jebby is annoyed

Station calls for Jethro Tull boycott

talk about being committed to a candidate…

A Roadblock for Gore TV....Diller's veto power holding up cable-news deal

Reason Nr 2 to vote for Dennis Kucinich

Arnie Arnesen on C-Span - 8:14 a.m. ET

I'm staying up and supporting my boys all night...

Scientific American Resource on "Creationism"

Vietnam Redux

Shuster (R-PA) aide spies on opponent

Who is the guy now on C-Span? Joseph McQuaid-- (8:47 ET)

So now Fox news organizing republican fillibusters

Are the Bushitas looking for an early exit prior to the election?

Daily Show

Iron Hammer - Is this operation poorly named?

Great analysis this morning.....

I heard today that Hannity could face hearings and jail time

US babies get global brand names

Presidential Hair Apparent? – another Pulitzer contender from the WashPost

Hatch babbling incoherently at this point...

Caskets, I saw military Caskets on the Today Show

Spammers Now Clogging Blogs, Cell Phones

The ABA unanimously endorsed inJustice Owens?

Marathon is Backfiring

Unfreep this poll (about the "talkathon")

Blumenthal: Elliot Abrams Made Bush Betray Blair

UK: Chasing Bush

Top 10 Banner Suggestions for Bush's UK Welcoming Committee

On C-Span: Young Repug and Young Democrat (9:29 a.m.)

unemployment up...

Fortune: Teens open their wallets for a new breed of pop-culture Bible

Who will bell the cat of the religious right?

So the fillibuster is over??? I just returned

Anybody have a copy of Gore's historic speech 11/9????

Officials: CentCom Head To Move Back to Qatar (Ah? Major Combat now?)

With Al Qaeda's latest threat, why are we stuck on yellow? Stock markets?

Is anyone watching the sweatshops hearing on CSpan?

Is the GOP no longer a "national party"?

What ever happened to the black helicopter militias?

delete ; info on another link

Marathon Pajama Party to become the latest rage?

The Reason We're in Iraq: Congress Betrayed Its Democratic Responsibility

We used 1,000 lb bombs instead of tanks

Senator Santorum

"ONLY maimed or wounded"


FBI takeover local police forces?


Singapore to Celebrate World Toilet Day

The Third Anniversary of a National Travesty: December 12, 2003

George Bush is NOT a total failure! (Send this to your friends & voters!)

Edwards has the best message

Re: Our Fund Drive Punchbag.

If any Repubs are thinking of changing parties, this would be the time...

Senate Republicans: Wheels Coming Off?

Gore's historic 11-9 speech

Robin Cook Blasts Blair for Coddling Bush, Harming US Democrats

BBC: Greek TV fined over male kissing

New Bush Poll: poor George, slipping across the board

Was Central America about vanquishing the ghosts of Vietnam?

I have a gut feeling Bush's polling numbers are heading south

Need help! What were the nationalities of the 19 9/11 hijackers?

Most Liberal Republican Senators

Kucinicheladas, Clark Crumb Cake, Bush's Cooked Goose

Who will decide Election 2004

I was polled tonight by McGuire Research..

About assaults of Journalists in Iraq

AWOL to visit UK families who lost soldiers in Iraq.

Smirk & Arnold "personae non gratae" in Baja Mexico - really

Priscilla Owens beat a Libertarian with 84% of the vote

What do you Americans think of Paul Martin?


Singapore to Celebrate World Toilet Day (no joke)

Attn: Republican Women . The Democrats voted for you.

How can someone like Sphinctorum be elected from Pennsylvania?

Need Help - Photo of Bush Signing Flag is GONE

The Emerging Democratic Majority take on Pew Poll, bad for the GOP!

What's up with Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska

The Beer Factor

Could the Repub Congress fear that there will be a Dem President in 2004?

BBC on line

Harper magazine dude taking on economist from Chamber of Commerce

Help Christians for Justice & Peace shut the School of Americas

Republicans ridiculed Clinton over bombing an "aspirin factory"

Run for your lives! It's the end of the world!

NY Times: Deal reached on Energy Bill

Gay marriage (Not a flame fest)

New York Revives Domestic Partnership Bill

You know why Operation "Iron Hammer" sounds Nazi like?

Letter from Selective Service

CNN shows TAPED Daschle interview while real Tom speaks

Admin admits to resumption of "Combat Operations"

UK Guardian Doesn't Hide Bush's Supreme Idiocy


Depressed? Eat two bluegill and call me in the morning

Must-see program on WorldLinkTV

If the flag desecration amendment passes

Genetically Modified Yeast keeps me alive.

Lieberman uses confederate flag in new ad

NYTimes Front Page - Picture of Wounded Italian Soldiers Coming Home

Why do 2 of the only 3 candidates I like support flag burning amend.? :(

Has your opinion on 9/11 "conspiracy theories" changed recently?

Ever wish we could just get it over with?

Is anyone watching the free-trade hearing on CSpan?

A Must read--excellent article by George Soros

How do you outlaw research globally?

168 - 4

Did anyone see the mom.....

I had tears in my eyes . .

30 Media Outlets Protest Treatment in Iraq

So Where's Condi?

Taking neck fat into consideration, does Dean wear a girdle?

the filibuster explained -- (you'll love this)

Another "Coalition" country that Bush can relate to

What the hell is a "filibuster vote"?

Spitting on liberal tradition and shooting yourself in the foot. (Part#1)

Clark sets Shelton straight, again.

George Bush's America the Beautiful

Who here has George Soros'

BBV Rock & roll for a verified vote.

Roy Moore has Gary Bauer's tacit support for President?

Mother of killed soldier: I believe my son died for an unjust policy

Why do so many think Bush will cut and run from Iraq?

A little help here. (Need political chat forums)

Mary Landrieu: Why I Should Be Vice-President.

Roy Moore for President!

Was the Rock the Vote forum rigged?

BBV: Election Supervisor Keeps it Simple

33+ hours and counting in the 39-hour Pointless Senate Debate. Thread #10

If we lose, whichever path we choose....

Calling all DC DUers....

State-by-state voter turnout

I heard on KGO last nite

Run, Roy Moore, Run: Moore for Prez in 2004!

Bill O'Reilly for President?

What's up the DOWS butt lately

Clark elaborates on flag position

Does a "special relationship" between the US and UK actually exist?

Drudge call's it an exclusive when it's not! He's breaking copyright laws?

Information Clearinghouse

* coompares himself to McArthur on live TV

Begala: He (Bush) isn't a Dictator.....Yet

Clark stands up for Dean again.

Issues you are willing to budge on in order to get Bush Out...

Refutation of the Rogers Brown 76% figure

What is your view on ELF?

Even the smallest person can change the world

If you make a second donation to help in the challenge, ...

Greece: TV Channel Fined 100,000 Euros Over Gay Kiss

Help me with an appeal to the really far left

DU Needs 200 donations of $10 each

It's a great time to be a cynic

What exactly is actionable intelligence

Salon: Is Dean too Hot?

Press whores headline reads "U.S. kills 7 Iraqis preparing to attack."

If Bush stood on the White House steps and confessed--

Canadian PM Jean Chretien: what will be his legacy?

Semi-coherent rant about expressing opinions in the workplace

Unflattering New Yorker article on Clark: Reactions?....

On elevating a queer bishop

RW Triangulation: Moore - Filibuster - PBA Ban

Bush polls dropping again

Clark Meets With Kosovar Albanians

Salon: Is Dean too Hot?

Fake Debates - and the Emergence of the Non-Voter

Is Fox's "World Idol" a racist show?

Which Democratic Group represents you the most?

Are DU readers the most savvy political commentators in the world ?

Lieberman begins running ad targeting Dean

UK shrinks will try to have * declared insane & institutionalized during

What is your view of the "Typical American"?

Is today's Republican Party really "conservative" ?

DK666's DU Signature Server - Monthly Stats

WooHoo! ABC News and Koppel do Dem debate on Dec 9!

What should our foreign policy be

Can someone explain the filibuster thing?

Rush Limbaugh Needs Your Vote (gag me...)

To the people in San Francisco: Who will you vote for?

Freepers defending Clinto.....I mean Arnold, in sex lawsuit.

Any of you in the United Church of Christ

Has anyone seen the letter sent to Arch-Pundit by the White Supremicist?

What should our foreign policy be

Question regarding campaign financing

40 hours of nonsense

" = criminal activity"

Should we bother campaigning in the South?

The Daily Howler takes Kristof out behind the woodshed!

Should we leave the UN

Berlusconi, no less! .... George Who?

If Roy Moore runs as an indie, bring on Kucinich...

Dream one liners you wish the Dem canidate to use in debate w/ *

Economy just fine says Bush --Personal Bankruptcy Filings Jump 7.8 Pct.

Chretien's Successor, Martin Wants Closer Ties with US?

Santorum is an excellent speaker

Salon: Will Dean's anger burn up the Democrat's chances in 2004?

Taliban capture southern afghan cities

Wolf and guest explain Operation Iron Hammer

Dean and Kerry Opting Out, Clark Opting In For Public Financing

Whats this about Zell Millers racist remarks made today?

Our apathy is astounding.

The DU Challenge -- DONE!

This solution will kill the abortion issue once and for all:

soldier's eye view of Iraq . . .

CIA "We could lose this situation"

Interesting, CIA leaks meant to inform president shielded from the truth?

Genetically Modified Corn Has Been Around For 4,000 Years

Yet ANOTHER person, a threat to Bush, ENDS UP DEAD!!!

It's time to contact corporate contributors to Republican obstructionists

Cheney DUI Document 1962

Best Democratic Governor

Who is New Yorker staff writer Peter Boyer -- & why he is after Clark?

Elderly, Rightwing, Christian Fundamentalist and Disabled.

Blitzer says * has vowed to catch Saddam at all costs

White House: U.S. not leaving until Saddam found.

Non-Americans only: who is your candidate?

Norman Lear On CNN: "I Am A Bleeding Heart Conservative"

Ball of Confusion

Hawai'i Gov. (R) requests golf tournament exemption for M. Wie

Worst Republican Representative

Clark gaining in all recent polls!!!

Are there people who are "pro-abortion" ?

Repig memo calls Dean next reagan

The Democrats Need a Non-Southern Strategy

NEW! DAILY DRAFT NOTICE: DOD gears up for DRAFT last few weeks-49% to exit

Who here remembers LBJ's Great Society ?

Force is the only thing those people (Arabs) understand

The Dean is a Radical Leftist Red Herring is In Full Swing

You want to win the South? Court the Evangelicals not the Rednecks!

Please go hit blitzer's poll (11/14)

Kerry worth a second look

"Freedom: Stop Hating It" - a patriotic public service announcement

Why can't Americans escape to Canada if there's a draft?

Which Party came out ahead in the 40-hr debate marathon?

Clark Skips NH Presidential Debate

Bill Press just said wounded GIs were kept away from Vets Day

Name This Conservative Pundit!

Worst Republican Governor

The Bad News Is, The News Is Good (article by Stan Sinberg)

Weekend schedule for C-SPAN Washington Journal -

Tom Tomorrow: Chicken Hawk Down

Delay Using Kids to make Money for GOP parties, cruises

which type of candidate's wife do you prefer?

The Difference Between Evangelical, Fundamentalist and Christian Recon.

WSWS: The crisis of American democracy: its social and political roots

Democrat in place of Democratic?

$87 Billion Dollars. Bwahahaha

Ever hear of Joseph Perkins? (rant warning)

269 words (an article of mine)

Should we engineer our children?

Please post condolences for mother of fallen soldier here

CSPAN Dean greeted with confederate flag in NH???

Deleted message


BBV: League of Women Voters chapter responds

Greatest Female Senator

Orrin Hatch is a weasel.

Iraq Front news available

Whack-a-Pol (choose your presidential candidate) from Slate

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - The bu$ine$$ of rebuilding Iraq, more...

Al Qaeda a CIA asset?

Can someone tell me when Sanitarium's term ends?

Which American is the biggest failure as a human being?

Urgent Action! 9/11 Commish Cleland says "Bush Scamming America"

UK and US in joint effort to secure African oil

Gephardt Downplays Dean's Labor Coup

France Wants Quicker Shift of Power in Iraq

Apology casts out a cannibal curse

Photo Op Becomes an Oops (LOL!)

London cancels police leave to handle Bush protesters

In U.S., Fears Are Voiced of a Too-Rapid Iraq Exit

Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage Arlington to Keep Reporters Away

White House rejects FAA privatization deal

Bush to meet bereaved families of British war dead

'Hezbollah-linked' TV station pulled from air

French-German Alliance Warms Amid US Cold War--SMH/Telegraph

Guerrilla force could number 5,000

U.S. Has No Quick Exit Strategy for Iraq

Australia defends asylum policy

S. Korea Suspends Iraq Operations

Furious Georgians turn on Shevardnadze

Peril Follows Contractors In Iraq Tennessee Pair Killed Despite Precaution

Second Romanian soldier dies in Afghanistan

EVERGLADES, Private help considered

London cancels police leave to handle Bush protesters

Bush Presses Lawmakers on Drug Plan

Exodus from violent Sudan

U.S. Civilian Contractor Killed in Iraq (Another one is missing)

Enron Still Piling Up Debt

First Sniper Case In Hands Of Jury

Russian soldiers 'sick, hungry'

Nuke Lab Pays Money For Nothing

New Urgency, New Risks in 'Iraqification'

Five explosions rock Athens

Japanese Rebuff Rumsfeld on eve of Visit

Nicotine Compound Safely Boosts Memory, Protects Brain

Species Protection Act 'Broken'

It's High Time We Do More to Find Al Qaeda -Clark

EU Big 3 Draft Tough U.N. Nuke Resolution on Iran

Scientists Create Artificial Form of Life

(Bill) Clinton Calls for Nonaggression Pact With North Korea

Howard Dean Still an Unknown Quantity to Many Americans

Rumsfeld: We will 'outlast' guerrillas

Terror funding crackdown 'flawed': UN report

Dems Say Medicare Plan Would Up Premiums

Italy police arrest Mafia suspect

Davis declares end to energy crisis

Exposed: Nazi plot to bomb Britain with peas

Bush honours (British) war victims


BBC (Friday): US helicopter "foils Iraq strike"

U.S. Aircraft Strike Targets Near Baghdad Airport

Court rules in favor of Wiccan in prayer lawsuit

Students call Dean posters a hoax

U.S. Has No Quick Exit Strategy for Iraq

Retail Sales Fall by 0.3 Percent in Oct.

It's official. There's a plan for early withdrawal frm Iraq

Homeland Security worker charged with selling immigration papers

Miller's talk of 'lynching' is criticized

"bush to meet bereaved british relatives"

President Bush yesterday accused Democrats of "playing politics"

Stocks edge higher (U Michigan's consumer sentiment rose to 93.5 from 89.6

Sgt. Faces Court Martial for Bush Criticism

Bush: Blair is "least political person I've dealt with"

The Hidden Cost of Bush's War

GI's sending 'a message' (or at least trying to)

Iraq the Issue as Rumsfeld Meets Japan's Koizumi

Coalition staff to stay "locked" in Basra HQ for security reasons

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Increase

Tax refunds expected to jump 27%

Iraqi Governing Council may not adhere to U.S. power transfer plan, member

Closure A Crisis For Local Economy (Salem, OR Tech Plant Closure)

Second death in hepatitis outbreak (1 Chi Chi's restaurant 410 sick )

Poll: Majority of Americans say Iraq war fought on faulty accusations

Japanese will get key 7E7 work (Boeing outsourcing bigtime)

Senate Ends Marathon Debate, Stops bush* Nominee

Roadside Bomb Kills 2 GIs in Central Iraq

US to Stay Beyond Iraq Handover

Dems Succeed in Halting Action on Owen (15 minutes ago)

Resignations hurt leader in Colombia

Armoured vehicles, soldiers seen in central Tbilisi

Help Wanted

Japanese Rebuff Rumsfeld on Eve of Visit

Peru Lawmakers OK Charges Vs. Fujimori

Pumping Babes (Larry Flynt to publish photos of Gov. Groper)

Festive day of stars and schnitzel

Diller Blocking Gore's Cable Buy

Bush Loses Credibility with Public over Iraq War

Girl to skip school to join protest

Attorney General Probes Faulty Body Armor

Israel gets new F-16I fighter/bomber


(Rep.) Weldon returns from Iraq

Copper Near Six-Year High in London, May Rise as Dollar Drops

Man Sentenced for Hacking Al-Jazeera Site

Rumsfeld's Propaganda Ministry The Pentagon's Ever-Changing War Stories

Portuguese reporter wounded in Iraq, one seized

Italians Wounded in Iraq Make Tearful Homecoming

U.S. Battles 'One-Sided' UN Middle East Resolutions

Just on Blitzer, another GI killed in Baghdad, roadside bomb. No link

Enron bankruptcy costs expected to hit $1B

Afghan Blast Kills U.S. Special Ops GI

New Lieberman Ad Takes Swipes at Dean

Iran leader says US Behaves Like Saddam in Iraq

Quran Displayed at NYPD Headquarters

GMC bars media from speech by Lynch rescue pilot

Ex-Halliburton employee: I felt sale of missiles was illegal

The Democrats Need a Non-Southern Strategy

New World Healthcare Rankings - US 16th, tops UK. Canada 4th

US aircraft strike Iraq targets; 3 soldiers die

The hidden cost of Bush's war

Drudge: U.S. casualties from Iraq war top 9,000

US Struggles to Determine Who Is the Enemy in Iraq

Iraq farmers say US army threatens to bomb homes

Poll: Dean Leads Pack In New Hampshire Race


What Did Bush Know Before 9/11 Attacks?

Opposition to USA Patriot Act swells in Nevada

Exxon Mobil ordered to pay Alabama $11.9 billion

Clark to Skip N.H. Presidential Debate

CIA sounds new warning on North Korea missile that could hit US

Germany shuts down nuke plant

(Barry) Diller Blocking Gore's Cable Buy

Lynch interview gets cut off on the money question

Greenspan: Economy Bound by Uncertainty

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 399 U.S. service members have died

US negotiator says America wary of Kyoto Protocol follow-up

Chretien says goodbye

CIA denies seeking pact with bin Laden

GOP reaches agreement on energy bill

Personal Bankruptcies Jump 7.8 Percent

Actress/ Labor Activist Penny Singleton Dead at 95

Adobe Systems cuts 3 percent of work force

Kerry Follows Dean's Lead and Skips Public Financing in Primaries

Bush Faces Days of Protest from All Sides

Iraq: the crumbling coalition

Republicans expect to lose filibuster votes despite 38-plus hours of debat

Park Workers 'Openly' Opposing Bush Policies

Deal on 9/11 Briefings Lets White House Edit Papers

Murdoch paper 'may back Tories'

Blair 'dishonest, shallow and cheap' in justifying Bush visit, says Cook

Cuba's new oil industry

Tampa's newest market: Cuba

Georgia 'on brink of civil war'

Radical Cheerleaders Rah-Rah in Protest

...and the 5,000 are winning

Foreclosures up 34 percent in 2003

I tried to stop Bush: Italian PM

US babies get corporate brand names

Two “social” summits in Bolivia.

Should DU Lounge bring back the sex threads?

My Cat Ramona Died

Yet another patriotic citizen.

I read this story long ago, but now it reminds me of neocons.

Laboratory Food

Inside George W. Bush -- As Told By Emoticons

Who would you have voted for the 1988 Dem. Nomination?

DU Fund Raiser Challenge

Ok, I'm gonna donate to DU, but with credit card. What name

Huminity - social networking and chat software.

What is your favorite analogy? historical, etc.

Welcome to Florida

Damn, I've got a cold.

Help me make the case to BAN electronic voting machines in the House!

Letterman Funny for Once

DUers - need help quick! Something to split up .wav files!

iPod help

Angry... Burnt on ebay. Ask me anything.

why does the GOP have an animal that Hindu's worship as its mascot?

Zappa Fans- I jammed w/ Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy-Brock and Don Preston!

Most bizzare or musically odd love song???

Music and age


A member of the Crypt

I'm going to see 311 3 times this month... ask me anything!

Do People in GD Have a Sense of Humor?

Optimism Challenge

Catch this "Movie for Democrats"

Is the Paris Hilton sex tape the one with night vision?

I got hit on tonight at Red Lobster, ask me anything. ..

chat if anyone is interested

What I'm gonna read tomorrow at my grandma's rosary.

Does anyone know

How much do you hate Bush?

Donate to DU, its does the spirit good!

My new sig!

Thats it I am replacing this iPod asap

Too Much Sax and Violins on old DU!

Drinkin' Old-Fashioneds.... anybody else like the old drinks?

Angry... Burnt on ebay. Ask me anything.

Holy Pesos, Batman! I just found 5275 old pesos in a drawer!

Man, I need to start a band soon....

Boondocks continues to rip the media (and *)!

Makes you think: US 'ghostships' full of Shrub stowaways doing runner?

New Worm alert!

hey I just donated to DU and it feels great. Ask ME anything

Byron Nelson is 2500/1 to win the 2004 Masters

Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU!

Best Freeper Thread Ever

I'm sure I'm not the first to see this:

Just found this out about Armageddon, very interesting

New similes that DU needs.

We won our first playoff game 30-24!!!

What kind of Chess player are you?

TV star's baby handed to gorillas

I'm a fan of The Darkness, says Blair (oh dear)

College football trivia

BREAKING NEWS: Skinner bans sex threads!

Moms. How old was your child(ren) when you stopped breastfeeding?

bush or chimp???

C'MON DU! ONLY 5 More Donations Needed To PUNCH DICK!

How many "ken" of Japan have you set foot in?

Who is playing Final Fantasy Online

new OxyRush advertiser AB May

Tar Heel basketball discussion thread


Any idea who was contributor #666?

Thursday night tv?

Do you have a special event today?

another iPod questoin

Would you have voted for Winston Churchill?

I just made my first donation to DU . . .

I'm ditching work to go watch tennis - talk behind my back!!

How many Bundeslaender have you set foot in?

Is anyone handy with the iPod?

Please, please, please, PLEASE give me my star!!!!

I just want to tell everyone at DU

I stayed up all night and watched it all! Ask me anything!!!

Do You Visit The Activism/Events Forum ?

Democracy Lost .com has some funny stuff

Lookit! Lookit!

Take that "Vice President" Cheney!

Just scored a perfect score on first aid and cpr

My first poll: Did I deserve a STAR?

I just started my online application to Northwestern, ask me anything.

Who uses EarthLink? What do you think?

Tell me, am I being petty???

Bemused hairdresser takes e-mail requests from Prime Minister Blair

Most miserable excuse for a human being poll on GD.

It's time for a SW Florida Get Together!

7th_Sephiroth Daily poll, defeat the bush administration

Bush rents scale for his trip to London

A question about applications.

Zomby. Here's a must have t-shirt for you.

Is It More Fun To Post Your Opinion If You Believe....

Fla. Woman Crashes Into DMV Building

from public enemy to the clash

If You Could Hold Any Elected or Appointed Position In The Country...

Singapore to Celebrate World Toilet Day (no joke)

Help! (esp. those in UK) What's 'golden syrup'? (no racy replies, please

Come, let us praise the holy CAPTION!!

Major League Baseball to begin Steroid testing in March

CAPTION the Daydreamer in Chief

Britney Spears becomes more sleazy

I'm wearing my 'Fuck Michigan' shirt ask me anything?

There he is APPRECIATING everyone again.....the bastard

Meteor Shower

Do people realize you only have to donate $5 to get PREMIUM DU service?

ROLL CALL!!! . . . first-time DU donors check in here . . .

On The Edge - Calling 80s fans!

Does Norm Coleman remind anyone else of Ahh-nuld?

Icy Hot Stuntaz.... are they for real?

RW Triangulation: Moore - Filibuster - PBA Ban

"This is Bullsh*t.....I want Bush!!"

HILARIOUS Bush Joke!! LOL!!!

Woof! Let's Welcome the DU Newbies!!!!

I have a star?!?

Gimme the url to your favorite internet radio station

Anybody ever have a hiatal hernia?

Ewwwwwwwww!! What some people will put in their mouths

Taking neck fat into consideration, does Dean wear a girdle?

Way to go, DUers! We're more than 3/4 of the way to our goal!

Who is better?

TRUMPH on LENO..OMFG!!! mp3 link here!!

DU men...Have you ever worn a speedo?

Shortwave radio is my last link to sanity---esp. since the winter schedule

Crap, my alma mater received cash from Halliburton

Here, Here! Lets all raise our Glassses and Toast the Senate Democrats

Was Art Carney the original Kramer?

A hilarious rant of insults that I found.

Just finished listening to some Hannity Insanity

Are you a freeper

If I mail in a money order before 9pm tonight, am I still too late???


Need some opinions on a HYPOTHETICAL relationship issue

Let's have a big discussion...using only song lyrics!

Who posted Info Clearing house link- CNN inter. (Video) US. Street poll

Am I the Anti-Christ?

What's Your Favorite Accessory To Thanksgiving Dinner?

The "What Gender Are You?" Poll

Incredibly funny Letterman Top Ten - Limbaugh

What is the worst smelling food when it is burned?

CONGRATULATIONS BLM!!! 20,000 posts!!

Whoa! Hold on there.... 695 donations? But how many CAPTIONS?

first ever ballbearing mouse trap

How to Pronounce "Dichelostemma Capitatum"

Thai food

When You Were In Elementary School -- What Was Your Science Fair Project?

Organic Cigarettes????

Active bottoms

Bush joke!

Where did Interrobang go?

I just donated to...

They just told me my computer is junk. Ask me anything.

Help for women in the Congo?

what is this whole denver airport/masonic conspiracy thing?

AP: Bush calls Iraqi insurgents "desperate"

Calling (out) Will Pitt - official Cowboys v. Patriots smack thread

Alright, I'm feeling generous... who needs a star?

Another star sponsorship

Tupac: Resurrection

I'm wearing my Michigan shirt, ask me anything.

Anyone ever grown your own... tobacco?

Man...quit askin' for moolah we heard you the first time.

ad for JFK show on History channel heard on Hannity

Mid-life crisis? Judge me.

fundy propaganda tours of DC, by the AFA

Today may be the last day of my job

Blackjack in Vegas - Where's the best place nowadays?

Need help with a quote

Anybody Else Finding The Internet Bogged Down Today ???

Stupid fscking van

DK666's DU Signature Server - Monthly Stats

Man Who Jumped Over Niagara Falls Runs Off And Joins The Circus

Eastern Standard Time SUCKS!!!!!!

Cthulhu's 2004 policy statement

Warning! Sweeping geographical generality ahead -

Name my baby yak!


How Do You Define GOOD Music?

The Red Glove Killed Cheney!!! You bastards!!!

ANyone else miss Beeman's gum?

Calling all smileys!

For My 901st post.....ask me ANYTHING..... :-)

There looks like there are two suns setting here

It's already started

The 20 year curse cycle: It's Bush's pretzel!

Mao Tse Tung---worst hygiene in a dictator

Weird food recipes

Shotgunning beer: Fun activity or Natural Selection at work?

Who's Face Should Be On $900?



Inside A DU Flame War --- As Told By Emoticons

What's Everyone Doing Over The Weekend?

I'm going to see Jim Hightower tonight!

How many DUers have you set hands on?

Donate 30 bucks to DU and win a date from me!

What should "Newsweek" magazine be renamed to?

A personal appeal to Skinner

I'm going to NH to campaign for John Kerry !!!

Calling all Starless Clarkies

Golfer Bitten in Head by Rattlesnake

Graphic of the DU Glove punching Dick Cheney (To Save)

BWAAAAAAAHHHHHH, they killed it, they killed it, they actually killed

Whaddya know.... I'm Swiss!

Can anyone find a famous picture of LBJ from 1968?

Mmmmm. The perfect beverage to go with Thanksgiving dinner.

I updated my Blog!

Oh, Ebay, you crack me up!

How dangerous is ham?

Stop the monkey invasion! (Shrub in London)

Public Enemy fans - give it up, give it up, give it up, yo!

Awwww! Little Reebok is going potty! (Americans naming kids after brands!)

Yo mama

Best film about Vietnam (or its aftermath)?

STRONG recommendation for book on sustainable farming (attn wine lovers!)

"The Meatrix"

Why DU *will* reach its goal!!!!

I'll donate to DU every time....

A NEW Movie Chain Thread

DU Musicians compilation disc...let's du it!

Excellent Bush Joke

I think that my Cat had cancer

Musiscian You'd like to see banned from the airwaves, for speaking views

Donate 30 bucks to DU and win a date with me!

When do you pray?

**Sponsor appreciation thread. Beneficiaries show off your new stars here!

Your dream dinner guest...

Bush Gets Arrested for War Crimes

Albums You recommend

Michigan fans/Ohio State fans