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Archives: November 20, 2003

Richard Perle: "Invasion Was Illegal"

The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy (Noam Chomksy)

For those near Terre Haute, Indiana (west of Indy)

11/25 - Protest Bush in Las Vegas

Wes Clark on 60 Minutes II - mp3, quicktime vid, and transcript here


Michael Jackson...Cover for * or Guilty....Astrologers?

Is Keynesianism Dead?

Take the "Environmental Footprint Quiz"

My view of the bill to renew and strengthen the AWB

"OMG" is now profanity?

Should I post this as a thread in I/P room

Are moderators obligated to shut down a thread . . .

Israelis leave their land, forced out by a battered economy and years

Israeli army admits lying over air raid


Kucinich recommends a book

Governor Dean Issues Native American Platform

Wes Clark on 60 Minutes II - mp3, quicktime vid, and transcript here

Dems can take Ohio if 2000 were any gauge

Did Kerry flip flop on media ownership?

John Kerry favors deregulation...

Kucinich on Energy Bill

Edwards is the only candidate moving up in NH.

Do looks really matter in politics?

Former Air Force Chief Backs Dean candidacy!

Musicians Rock Miami FTAA Protests

How dishonest is the Republican Party ?...

Expats Against Bush -- Great Interview

Every Democratic Nominee is a Great Person. Agree?

Republicans always seem to co-opt "America"

Senators still not voting...

I'm curious about Clark and Kucinich Meet-ups....

Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11

Clark just called Bushco "Chickenhawks" at Dartmouth

Are Emily and Greg more Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? Racial Names

Once gays are married, how do we handle the divorce proceedings?

Wash. Sniper - Black Ops

Subtle dig from the queen to chimp?

transcript for rush's first show back

Ideal Combinations

Did Tweety mention the Feith Memo at all tonight?

we are BOMBING Iraq again.... but that's not tawdry enough

Chasing Bush website

Milestone-500 dead Coalition soldiers

regarding rush's addiction: a dittohead coworker of mine....

The Grace Period Has Ended

Need help to counter repug arguments....PLEASE

OMG. From the Dean Blog -- What is the DNC doing?

PNAC might be able to pursue world domination without a draft

I just saw the AARP Medicare ad.....move over Harry and Louise...

Prepare for the next OJ---Michael Jackson trial will dominate TV media now

500th Coalition Fatality - A Ukranian who shot himself in the head.

Jackson story...Held since October...Auuunold Just Inaugurated....

Any DUers believe marriage should be between a man and a woman?

Deregulation: California & Pennsylvania

Orrin Hatch to call for Immediate arrest of Matt Parker & Trey Stone-

I just added my first person to my "ignore" list!

My Operation Iron Hammer Theory


Dean stakes out a double digit lead in New York State Zogby poll.

bobby kennedy jr

Call or write CNN, MSNBC, etc. Tell them

Are you a neo-Conservative? Make sure you are not.

Clark's NH ad fundraising

BBV - Local daily is on the case

Proven: The overwhelming circumstantial case for a JFK conspiracy..

Rush & Money Laundering? What did

Has Anyone Here Read Mark Crispin Miller's _The_Bush_Dyslexicon_?

Michael Jackson - We need you!

I'd really appreciate some help with this e-mail

Clark on 60 minutes II now

Ways to dodge the draft

How are the freepers spinning Limbaugh's Money Laundering?

AARP decision process

What is the DNC doing? Why are they favoring candidates? (Thread II)

Clark WILL Attend NH Debate!

An Interesting Article From The Times Argus On Dean & Energy Deregulation

Tell me QUICK -- what is the tie the head of the AARP has?

Why did America intervene in the Balkans twice, but not in Rwanda?

Media Treats Primary as Joke

clark criticizes Dean

Dean spending cuts and so forth

But, What if Michael Jackson is Innocent? What if he is? Have any of us

Say hello to our new group of DU moderators!

Kucinich: "The Democratic Party doesn't have a compass."

Rank the Candidates

Envoy: Australia Won't Send More Troops ( drafty in here....

IAEA Rebuffs Washington Over Iran Nukes

Canadian cleared of arms charges

Clark coming up on 60 Minutes ll

AFL-CIO to Air Ads Opposing Medicare Bill

US announces plans to speed up operations in Iraq

Armchair Protesters Set Up Bush-Chasing Web Site

Congress bargainers block new FCC rules

Tom Badyna: Preeminent Midwestern Writer Speaks..

Village Divided Over Visit by Bush*

Coca-Cola in Iraqi Joint Venture Talks

Iraq Guerrillas: Saddam Who?

Former N.H. senator Smith taking aim at Graham's seat

Violent Amateur Videos On Rise

Angry and wet, AARP members try to burn cards

Army and recruits grapple with Iraq

‘The Designs Have Failed’ - WTC Families Reject Memorial Designs

Florida Jumps on the Business Bandwagon to Cuba

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

Expats Against Bush - Britain: Americans March Against Bush

Clark criticizes front-runner Dean's business proposal

WP: Texan on the Thames: Bush* Treated Royally

I keep getting mentioned on talk radio!

Help*** Does Photoshop Elements have layers?

Got to pick up parents from the airport

I have an embarrassing question

Can anyone help a moron (me) with a website/computer glitch?

Why Ohio State isn't liked by writers!

Any DUers going to NCTE?

Farting Christmas CD

Soldiers say thank you for care packages

Anyone make Challah Bread?

Jet album - "Get Born" - very good

Do you identify with a social class? What's that like?

anti-GWB Holiday Greeting Cards!

My first post

That's not an argument.

Coyte Waits is on PBS again tonight.

Do you have (NON-SEXUAL) mental images of other DUers?

AOL is isolating left posters...I went to the AOL chat room...

i don't know what to do

eminem's racist song lyrics

The "Aspen, CO, is really part of the Republic of Texas" legal defense

I've thought of doing a daily entertainment thread

Does the gallery still exist?

i'm starting to regret going to graduate school

Sheee lives in my laaaaaaaaaap!

Ahhh, such sweet sound!

Which action movie "star" did you expect to get elected to a major office?

Why are we so in denial, when we know we're not happy here?

If gay marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have married gay sex

Infection in my arm, should I take the antibiotic?

"I Do" Number 2

Sometimes my job REALLY pisses me off!!!

Is Keyshawn a scapegoat?

I'm Moving the Family Away From Sweaty Hellhole Miami

Holocaust Museum is burned down in Terre Haute, IN

Television channel recognition poll

I fell in PISS at the VA Hospital & they want to be paid

Bob "the Bachelor" is a dork and has bad hockey hair---Okay I said it


Carmine said one boy…

Should I send my Nigella Lawson book back to the book club

The Infamous Air Force One *WINK*

anyone watching south park?

This is my favorite picture of Yellowstone.

truth told on Law & order

Who would you rather say "I Do" to

Why do birds sing?

So i joined up at costco today..

How can I access "the gallery"?

Spit or Swallow?

How many hours of TV on average do you watch per week?

Digital Camera...I want to Build my own...Parts?

How many books have you actually completed this year?

Crud! I need help with seti@home!

What Does LeftPeopleFinishFirst Look Like?

Highly rated tv shows you don't watch

Need some car accident advice

I just added my first person to my "ignore" list!

The only reason we die is because . . . . we accept it as an inevitability

Question for British DUers:

watch out!!!!!

Any fans of Son House here?

Anyone watching Wes(t) Wing?

school teacher was arrested (had ruler, protractor,setsquare,calculator)

Ahh-nold weighs in on Michael Jackson issue

What kind of digital camera do you own?

A personal horror story of why you ALWAYS need to check credit reports!

Just got the Special Edition DVD of "JFK"

Is anyone watching the Geraldo themed "LAW & ORDER"

Favorite MASH character

If you were a type of writer...

Am I Freakily Similar-Looking To Jason Biggs? (the American Pie kid)

Im I the only one that could care less about the new Jackson Scandal

What is your weirdest public policy idea?

Say hello to our new group of DU moderators!

Are you still in school?


DUers do Bloomington Pitt style: A tale told with pictures

In what state do you live?

What do I look like?

Kucinich: Regain 'essential American optimism'

Cohen: This May Be Good for Marriage (Gay Marriage)

Bi*ch slapping the freepers & co.

MoDo: The Buck House Stops Here

In bad times, trade gets political

Blair crumbles when Bush comes to shove

Editorial: China-Taiwan rights gap tells tale

Letters re: Bush UK visit in Guardian

Why the blues are baiting Bush - Taiwan

Latest Steve Bell Cartoon on Bush* visit

Is the war on drugs really a war on peasants?

Popular books bring Dems. back to their core principles

German Press Review: Social Democrats on Valium

About Teresa Kerry

Roy Moore and the Scourge of Fundamentalism

W Post: :AARP Decision Followed a Long GOP Courtship

Do I smell a new GLOVE conspiracy?

Why isn't this a HUGE conflict of interest?

Cozying up to the queen (MUST READ!)

Great Oilphant cartoon on Rush

Conason: Liberals Fight Back; Pundits Are Shocked

12/1 - Protest Bush in Hanover NJ

VoterVirgin Sell Nothing Day

Photos of London protest

AARP is selling out on Medicare-Let Em Know What You Think..

Counter Insurgency Rebel Clown Army deployed against bush!

Take back AARP!!

Move On message about AARP-Medicareless

ABC Australia blasts government complaint of anti-war bias

TV soaps a champion for reform in poor countries

A new cover for Bernie Goldberg's new book...

Wesley Clark on Letterman

Hollinger Woes Casting a Pall Over Future of Neocon Papers

Are the media serving you well today?

Does anyone listen to radio?

Homeopathic Advice Kills 6-Year-Old

Astrologers: Turkey explosions

Astrologers - Dean's Solar Return Data

Astrologers: What do you think of my political qualities?

"Affluenza" (This explains everything)

Amazing post on AARP

I'm back boys and girls

Skeptics - "Deconstructing the Dead"

Le Canada influence les États-Unis sur les mariages gais

The Biblical case for gay marriage

540,000 High-Tech Jobs Wiped Out in 2002

U.S. tech job losses slow in 2003

Medicare Privatization

What is Kerry's proposal on trade? couldn't find one.

Media Spin- Insured UE claims up 0.1, non-Ins flat - and media notes drop

Heads financial crisis developing....

Kashmir's Red Deer On The Brink Of Extinction - 170 Left

Scotland On Track For Warmest Year Ever Recorded - BBC

Reefer Sanity (the "rush" to develope marijuana based drugs w/o giggles)

Rovers On Course For Mars

S. Africa Developing Safe "Uranium Pebble" Power

Reversible Computers More Energy Efficient, Faster

ExxonMobil Predicts Dramatic Increase In Greenhouse Gases

Sun Sheds Skin And Flips

Toyota Prius Hybrid Named Motor Trend's Car Of The Year

Reform takes on a new face in Iran...

Federation backs Chen's re-election - Taiwan

Decision to Disband Iraqi Army Cost U.S. Time and Credibility

Taiwan to China: Stop interfering

Rifle auction under fire from gun violence group

A neutral article from the KY Post: "Americans and guns"

The Uplifters Try It Again -- HL Mencken

"Concealed Carry Permits Fire up Debate Over Workplace Shootings"

The antis were right

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 20, 2003

"Concealed carry law thwarts crime, keeps our homes and loved ones safe "

Bans piss off Democrats too (personal account)

IWB holsters

The Drug War Thru Democratic Eyes

"Power to the People Empowered by the People"

How do you find out what a post is rated?

I don't know where else to ask this...

Did I do something wrong?

What are the policies on quoting right wing sources?

How do you contact a mod?

Requesting permission....

how about DU as a Michael Jackson-free zone

Who Writes Auntie Pinko?

Follow up question on RW sources

I'm having trouble posting

Here's my Plan

Tourist dies, 4 hurt in Eilat terror attack

Reform takes on a new face in Iran...

Security Council approves resolution adopting road map

Glimmer of hope

The Spooks Speak: Former Shin Bet Chiefs Talk of Peace

GA Gets Earful On Sharon


Why is Israel still in the "occupied" territories?

Defiant Israel vows to ignore UN resolution on roadmap

Ayoon wa Azan (Nakba, Disaster, Tragedy And Catastrophe)

Which kind of binational state?

One-State Solution Gaining Steam

The Brownshirts of Our Time

Israel 'Fuelling Extremism' - EU

Barrier to Stay, Israel Declares

Tough U.S. Stand On Israel Wall

Why were cell phones out in DC?

Dean closing in on Lieberman in new Quinninpiac CT poll

Clarks NH ad...I just saw it on tv

Jeb fights with brother over Senate candidates

Clark Criticizes Dean's Business Proposal

Clark and Kucinich at NCAI

John Kerry in Tallahassee today speaking at Tiger Bay Club breakfast...

Candidates talking down to youth...let's help them "get it"!

Al Franken Tonite at KerryCore Fundraising Event in DC

Republican Faithful Fear Clark

So which candidate is talking about how they will deal with...

How will they confront....

Kerry Criticizes Bush in Drug Company Ad

Hmmm.. Dem candidates are more "right" than I thought

Nation review of Winning Modern Wars

Kerry blasts Bush's 'insider administration'

Live chat with Senator Edwards at 5pm today

GOP fears $420M avalanche

From the Taos Pueblo: Comments on Gov. Dean....

D'Allesandro (NH) Hosts Edwards

Kucinich Denounces U.S. Tactics in Afghanistan

Clark loses a coin challenge

The Nation: Jesse Jackson Jr....Dean's New Southern Strategy

Kucinich on The FTAA Ministerial Meeting In Miami

TNR Online gives John Edwards an "A" for general likeability.

Howard Dean in New Mexico

Before running what issues did Dean and Lieberman agree on?

Kucinich on Democratic Party

Dennis Kucinich: Regain "Essential American Optimism"

Governor Dean Blasts Energy Bill

St. Sen. Nadine Thomas set to challenge Rep. Majette

DLC lines up against Dean's re-regulation remarks

What the candidates need to do to win the Presidency.

Gay marriage vaults to forefront of politically charged issues

truth told on Law & order

Nice budget deficit/surplus chart

HELP!!! Was it the...

Notice how all the RW Radio peeps gloat about only 200 protestors in UK?

great thread on slashdot about outsourcing

Have You Seen This: Reagan’s Budget Director Says...

PETA does it again..

Dean MeetUps in December to take place in all 5 boroughs of NYC

Project Deanlight

Testimony against the PATRIOT Act by the Center for Democracy & Technology

Berke Breathed bringing back Opus!

Dean does a great job keeping Ken Lay/Enron in the public conscience

Typical FMR BS...

video of Dean's speech to the National Congress of American Indians today

What if the anarcho-socialists came on top after the Russian Civil War?

Check out the cover for Krugman's book in the UK

Do you believe any nation should have nuclear weapons?

Rerun of State Dinner at Buck House on CSpan Now - 12:50 am.

To retain aggression and evil by force ...

Bush: "lowered expectations" at work in London?

Your Duty: Slap People Who Talk about Michael Jackson Details

How George W. Bush Endangers Civilians

The Kennedys on PBS

Wow...Fred Phelps has reached a new level of confusion to me...

Does anybody else see the changing of the ads?

Bush/Blair on..."Ambitions of murder..."

Whats up with the AARP commercial I keep seeing....

There are "freepers-galore" over at the AARP message boards

CSpan thread for this morning

Blair/Bu*h conference

"Ordinary" people join Miami FTAA protests

Sen. Bingaman (D-NM) is on CSpan now

Which Repug Merits a Face Transplant?

UK Protest and Turkey bombing ...coincidence or planned?

The new 'entitlement'

Are we better off if we pull out and leave Iraq today?

They have a balanced show today on CSpan about the Medicare bill

How long until it happens here?

Dean closing in on Lieberman in new Quinninpiac CT poll

Richard Pearle: Invasion of Iraq was an act of uncivil disobedience...

I Aced The Guardian's Bushisms III Quiz!

Officer Tippett. Who killed him?

What Happened to These Stories?


Jessica Lynch is here in the Atlanta area for a book signing tonite.

wow, ORielly believes in gas mileage standards

My friend in off to Iraq in two weeks

Who is your favorite republican president?

It is RFK's birthday. RIP

Dean impresses Gov. Bill Richardson & Indians on New Mexico tour

Noelle Bush, Limbaugh, in the White House/Congress how many times

New term: a "Jindal"...

Daschle will vote for the energy bill & oppose efforts to filibuster it

John Rother of the AARP will be on at 9:00 AM

I just wrote to my Senator on the Energy legislation

Dean's Iowa ad on Gephardt's role in the Iraq War Resolution

BBV: Suppose we get a voter-verified paper ballot...but we can't recount

* clinks and winks his way through royal dinner

Check out the London protest live!

Bush? Eloquent??

We are going to hit a financial crisis

Why Michael Jackson Matters

Last Word On Rush; His Kharma ran over his Dogma.

dem Maria Cantwell (WA) is toting the AARP mantra for medicare bill

BBV: GEMs (questions)

London Protest Pics from the BBC -

Michael Jackson flees from police

Pants of Fire

Can you say "F**king Liars"?

Bush is winning friends and influencing people everywhere...

My letter to Governor Romney and the house and senate leadership.

LA Times National Poll: Beer Drinkers Prefer Bush; Dean Leads Dems

Things are getting scary in Miami...turnon CNN

CNN and the protests

What if Iraqi resistance were mostly grassroots ?

What are the cable stations like Faux, MSGOP, and CNN reporting?

Laura Ingrham at my local bookstore spews more hate than a Saudi Terrorist

I love the new safer more peacefull world bush has provided us

i am glad to live in a country that allows protest

What would the world be like if President Gore was in office?

Stocks do better with Demo presidents.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog On NPR Today

Michael Jackson Charges? Bombing in Turkey? White House Evac?

General Aviation: Threat to Nat Security or not?

Statue of Bush being toppled in Trafalgar Square WEBCAM

NJ's Unemployed: Getting Nothing For Thanksgiving

Turn on CNN...they have the protests in London

Crimes Against Nature - By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

$11 Million behind the Medicare bill --

At Camp Casey, Rumsfeld wows 'em with performance on tank simulator

When Protestors Get Arrested...

Oppose builiding more nuclear power plants. Send free fax to Senators.

Ron Kovic kicking ass

I Told You I Told You I told You.

Coulter stoops to new low -- slams Howard AND Charlie Dean

New Republican presidential candidate

Please help me figure out the religious "right" Re: same sex marriage

Just saw a television commercial for

We're not the only ones with a lying right-wing press

House Of Reps planning a walkout today! over Medicare Bill.

How ironic that the Brits are allowed to march in protest! Map below.

Bush hints at Troop Increase

Damn Republicans stay out of my life

Is this quote correct "remembering the dead reminds of us our duty"?

I am nearly at the point of total political frustration.

Fired engineer reaches deal with election-software company

Bush Statue toppled...

Are Child Molesters George W. Bush and Michael Jackson finished?

Dem's should copy Nixon strategy of '68 (american prestige)

CNN just said that the Constiutional Party was asking Roy Moore

Congress Studies Why Women Earn Less

Can anyone catch Dean?

Greenspan urges war on "creeping protectionism"

Who's watching "peaceful" Miami protest on MSNBC right now?

Who votes in Primaries?

Survey: Planned Holiday Spending down 6% for 2003

on the 70th ann. of the destruction of a quarter of Ukraine's population..

Taking the sex out of the Maryland marriage question...

right winger wants to know why we hate Bush*

Marriage Mongers Reagan, Newt, Russ have 8 wives between them

It's time to admit a painful truth.

Deleted message

Local News last night: SF police have tool to stop crime before...

the vanishing candidacy of Al Sharpton

I thought I'd never think George Will was right

Anyone else find this ironic about the statue toppling thing?

1:00 Headlines...NO ENGLAND protests

Yahoo rating time! Toppling Bush in London

Deleted message

NPR - grrrrrrrr!!

Why did Bush I Not Stop Bush II from starting this stupid war.

LBN Istanbul terror (UK For. Secy. Straw references Clinton)

Is Michael Jackson autistic?

Dems are kicking butt in the Senate

Welcome back, Black Bloc.

One stressed out reservist away from a masacre

What should be the next memorial on the Mall?

Michael Jackson is DYING to Endorse George W. Bush!

request -- post comparative Saddam-Chimpy statue toppling pics

For My Hundredth Post, I'd Like To Say...

Remember truth in advertising? Let's apply it to the Thuglicans

For My Hundredth Post, I'd Like To Say...

Should Metrosexuals be allowed to marry?

Gallup: 33% certain to vote against Bush, 24% certain to vote for *

a new word for bush republicans: bushlicans

Say Hi to the Neo party. No more GOP.

Boondocks or Doonesbury?

What does "They hate freedom" really mean?

pant..pant...gasp!..."King Of Pop" to surrender within minutes...

Why would a Democrat want to be President following this disaster ?

Check out this BBC video of the London march (transcript)

Rename the English muffin! You know it's coming!

Check out this FR Thread

Write Ann Coulter regarding Sexiest Man Alive

De-Freep this poll NOW! (Re: Miami protest)

If Daschle Loses Re-Election, Who Would You Like To See As Minority Leader

Barbara Bush - Separated at Birth?

Police brutality in Miami,Bombings , War, and CNN has Michael Jackson

If Taxpayers Could Choose Where Their Money Goes....

an idea for anyone to use in the Bush in 30 sec contest...

Black Bloc:

conversation with a conservative

Britain's Bill O'Reilly insults protesters

Data from Past NH Primaries - Polls Not Indicative of Outcome

I will be a first time voter

The media are not going to pay attention unless

Anderson Cooper stood up to the corporate media last night

What do you think Bush does about sex?

Bernie Goldberg's book gets a new cover...

George Bush Statue

Christmas Shopping Season Predictions

Foreign investment shrivels

How much you want to bet the networks will carry live MJ's plane landing

Civil unrest? Bad news for Bush? Time to call DISTRACTION JACKSON!!

Exclusive Blair Interview - Glasgow Herald

BYRD speaking on the ENERGY bill NOW | 3:35EST

Freepers complaining about the protest crowd estimates!

What has Turkey done recently to become the brunt of terrorist attacks?

now CNN is giving us parenting advice re: Jacko

GOP trying to ram Medicare, Energy bills down our throats before holidays

Intuit Software is outsourcing to India

How stupid is this confederate flag strategy?

Olive Oyl is on CNN telling us how to tell our children the sordid details

Jermaine Jackson to CNN: I am sick and f$%king tired. . .

Whaddya think of Jermaine Jackson?

Send a thank you letter to CNN

Police Attacking FTAA demonstrators

Jeb’s BFEE operative walks out on California State assembly

Organizers now claim over 200,000 attend Chimp Hate Fest!!

Meanwhile. . .the protests are heating up in Miami again

Looks like Chimpy has pooped his pants..

The REAL truth on the JFK Assassination...NOT the fiction Warren Report!

Please Post Your Protest Images Here ------------------- GFP Gallery

Perle Admits that Invasion of Iraq was Illegal

Unfreep this yahoo rating - yahoo story on 200,000 protesting in London

Tony Blair Unmasked

Buy American: Something the Freeps and Us Agree Upon?

Toppling of Bush statue: WE WANT VIDEO!

Men In Black plus They Live Redux, my bizarre take on recent news

Breaking: Can you confirm Bush's new running mate?

Live Visual Coverage of the FTAA protests in Miami

Lieberman is even dropping at home (New poll numbers)

Move on message about AARP-Medicareless

Live video feed from Miami FTAA

Phil Spector charged with murder (FINALLY)

How Much Michael Jackson are going to put up with on DU?

This is going to piss of the freepers & Laura Ingrahm

Do you know what the term "Peak Oil" means?

How did the Federal Govt generate revenues before the Income Tax?

Where Do They Stand on the SOA?

Two pretty good Clark article from the Arkansas Times

Wally World (Wal-Mart) driving us all to the unemployment line

Record # protest His Lowness, according to the Telegraph

Trafalger Square Web cam is up.

Sen Rockefeller responds to hannity's 'memogate' load of crap

How Lieberman and Gephardt could help the cause...

it's zell miller (+)

Chat live with Senator Edwards at 5pm ET today

How long til rush/hannity and co. equate michael jackson w/ liberalism

God This Is Crazy !!! Fox Is THE ONLY ONE Showing The Miami Protests !!!

TWO hot elections!

Quoting buffoons like O'Really, Coulter and Limbaugh

repairing the damage of conservative domination will take years.

Fun in London....

Miami protests -- You need to listen

Nearly a half-hour of solid Michael Jackson coverage on CNN

How do your famliy's political views compare to your own?

Question: does Clark support sending more troops to Iraq?

Inundate Aaron Brown with e-mails telling him not to waste time on Jacko

Bob Rubin is on Charlie Rose now...full hour PBS (et) good show...

Even though the Vietnam era was really bad, I believe.....

My 100th Post --

Is Neverland private property?


Does anyone know any of the articles that talked about

UK even tries to blame Clinton. Who was the jerk?

Kerry opts out of matching funds? He was never eligible

CSPAN2: Bill Nelson (D-FL) on the energy bill

How the Democratic Party can win and make this World a Better Place.

Did Bill Clinton ever have so many protesters when he was in office?

When freepers attack!

Hey people, mark your calendars for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

This has been hiding out in my bookmarks for a while

There is no such thing as a "wasted vote"

Bush and a white bow tie

Michael Jackson camera coverage = opportunity for activism?

Do You Support the War on Terrorism?

How much Michael Jackson are we going to have to put up with on TV?

Who's Reading Your X-Ray? (gggrrrrrrrrr

Media is estatic

Jackson Arriving

Why have Democrats sponsored the draft bills in Congress?

Jermaine Jackson was just on the phone

Check out the fury at the AARP Message Boards

FEC clears Clinton of violating campaign finance laws in Marc Rich pardon

Does anyone have a link to Clark on FAUX

Blueprint for first 100 days of a Kerry presidency to be unveiled Friday

FTAA Minute-By-Minute Updates HERE Let's kick CNNs butt!

CBS News Shows Statue Toppling - Bad Image for Bushie

It's unfortunate that Clark has made Edwards his top opponent early on

The Democratic party has strong leaders - (too bad they're not in control)

Is America beginning to tire of being so divided?

Michael Savage yesterday on Bush in London

"Why do so many free citizens *fear* you, and even *hate* you, Mr. Bush?"

Doonesbury continues to blast Halliburton...

cheney in the lead for MAN OF THE YEAR in TIME magazine

What Do You Suppose These Men Are Thinking Today ???

85 House Democrats to Leave AARP Amid Medicare Backlash

CNN now covering other news stories...........

Forget The McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis Analogies... Think 1968 !!!

Dean's New Southern Strategy by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Dean's new pitch to American Indians doesn't sit well at home

Dean Impresses Governor Bill Richardson and Indians on City Tour

DU's god_bush_n_cheney solves a "18181" question

Its OJ All Over Again

this is Paul Krugman's book in the U.S. . . .

Appears that the so-called "terrorists" are getting bolder and smarter.

Neo-con criminality - DoS attack on British protest site

Call AARP at 1-800-424-3410. It is worth the wait and you will be listened

Pic of * getting toppled in merry ol' England

OK just heard two ominous reports on CNN

Ok you BBV does this sound for a voting system?

If Rush having a change of heart?

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq never heard a word from Bush

I am new to politics, but is Clark gaining momentum?

I despise them, but I'm still impressed by Bush & Co. on Medicare

reminder, Clark on Letterman tonight.

U.S. commander may face court-martial 'go to hell with a gasoline'

It seems that most Dean supporters like Clark, but not vise versa, Why?

George W. Bush Loves Michael Jackson

FBI expands powers while you were distracted by Jacko and Bush

Jessica Lynch agrees w/ Jesse Jackson, I'm sure the Freepers hate that

The War After the War, New Yorker cover story this week, is a MUST READ!

BBV: Need more Republican support for HR2239

Big names help Kerry hone his foreign policy message

I just had a conversation with Wes Clark!

mysterious new weapon being used by Iraqis

"JACKO-Gate" Has Officially Put Me Over The Edge

Bush says "Christians, Muslims worship same God" and supporters freak

Do you support another candidate over Dean?

Gavin Newsom's sleazy attacks on Matt Gonzalez

latest Fox fantasy: Osama is in Iran

The differences in a marriage license and a civil union bill

Head of AARP wrote preface to Gingrich book on healthcare

Pro-Choice, but think abortion is morally indefensible.

P Jennings to prove there was no conspiracy in JFK murder

Dean tries to broaden appeal

WP: U.S. Scrambles to Rebuild Iraqi Army

NYT: The Ally: Of Blair and Bush, and the ties that bind

Pollution 'ups SARS death rate' | BBC

Fire bomb thrown at US consulate in Thailand

Nuclear Board Said to Rebuff Bush Over Iran | New York Times

U.S. Commerce Secretary calls free-trade protestors ``dead wrong''

Jimmy Carter earns a presidential first (He wrote a novel!)

Legislators clash on abortion rules (Texas)

Army Cites Burdens Posed by Rotation

Poll finds Washington support for renewable energy sources | Seattle P-I

Daschle Says He Will Vote for Energy Bill (and oppose filibuster efforts)

Guardian: War critics astonished as [Perle] admits invasion was illegal

More Proof of Iraq-Qaeda Link, or Not?

Car bomb hits council in Iraq town

GMA orders assistance for Pinay rape victim

Illinois modifies death penalty

Russia says it wants strong U.N. role in any new Iraq resolution

Iran May Be Censured for Nuclear Activity

NYT: Sensing Shiites Will Rule Iraq, US Starts to See Friends, Not Foes

Surgeons warn of face transplant race [Guardian UK]

Michael Jackson will turn himself in Thursday (accuser is cancer survivor)

11/20 War critics astonished as US hawk Perle admits invasion was illegal

Trees root cause in U.S., Canadian blackout

Our two countries share the same values

USA Today/CNN/ Gallup: Support for Iraq War Continues to Drop

Police make new arrests on the eve of major protests; suspicious items sei

Kurdish Party Offices in Kirkuk Bombed

Europe resists US over Iran nuclear resolution

Guardian: War and peace - inside the two worlds of George Bush

All steps to protect Biharis: Assam govt

Turkey says it will not bow to terrorism

UN Makes New Appeal for N. Korea Food Aid

Wall Street Seen Lower on Turkey Blasts

Lieberman Assails Bush Over Corporations

3 Countries ID'd As Iran Atomic Providers

Sri Lankan PM to Cooperate for Peace

Greece Boosts Security After Turkey Blasts

Turkish Troops Kill 12 Kurdish Militants

Nigerian oil workers, naval officers abducted - Chevron/Texaco

Bomb Kills 4 at Kurd Party Office in Iraq

Will Son Succeed Hosni Mubarak in Egypt

WP: Speech Fails to Bridge Policy Divide

The HIV drugs battle

UK trial hint for Cuba detainees

'Smart bombs' target empty Iraq buildings

Live latest: Bush/Blair conference

Emotions Now Rule the Political World

UK papers assess Bush visit

Istanbul Blasts Overshadow Bush UK Visit

California Sen. Feinstein Blocking Several Bush* Nominees

bush* Grieves for Fallen British Soldiers

Bush: blames"corrupt, autocratic Palestinian rulers with terrorist ties"

UN to Hand Over Oil -for- Food Control

Dearborn, Mich., Arabs Cited More Often

Police Spot Troublemakers in Bush Protest Crowd


Labor unions declare goal: Revise FTAA agreement or stop it cold

Ex-senator from N.H. eyes race in Florida

Tired, Terrified, Trigger-Happy

Kirkuk suicide bombing kills 4

Blair lined up for Simpsons debut

Hollinger faces US investigation

Georgia Commission Validates Voting

ETA send EU assembly head "threatening letter"

Daschle says he will vote for energy bill

El Baradei sees N.Korea threat, wants inspectors back

China to raise tariffs on U.S. goods

North Korea slams Rumsfeld's "criminal junket"

America's new game plan for domination rests on success in Iraq (Australia

LATimes: Electorate Divided on Bush Re-Election, Poll Finds

NGOs for global free trade

LA Times Poll : Doubts Create a Voter Split Over Bush

 An Officer and a Comedian (Clark)

Vatican deplores Istanbul bombing

Date for nuclear talks uncertain

After delay, some Iraqi refugees return from Iran

US moves to defuse China textiles quota row

Kashmir Siege Ends After Army Blasts Building

Bush-masked Protester disrupts Scottish Parliament - BBC

AARP Decision Followed a Long GOP Courtship

US Resigned to Shiite Rule in Iraq:Report

Rich, Clinton controversy didn't break campaign laws, FEC rules

Abrupt dismissals shake up Sacramento

Pro-US politician assassinated in Basra (Iraq setback)

British consul killed in the blast


Car Leather Supplier Will Cut 315 Jobs In Move To Mexico

US keeps intelligence secret from British

Row erupts over export of corpses

To 1st Infantry Division troops, Army's stop-loss orders weren't unexpecte

pictures from the London protest

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal [Perle]

Caller Says Al Qaeda, Turk Group Behind Blasts-TV

Bombings in Turkey rattle markets worldwide

Bush Opponents Stage Mass Protest in London

Thousands Join Anti-Bush Protest

Clark Calls for a New U.S.-European Alliance

U.S. to R.P.: Don’t pull out of Iraq

Ontario to Ban Smoking Provincewide

Bill Seeks to Limit Federal Court's Authority Over Religion

Istanbul bombings overshadow Bush visit

SA Gets Medium ICT Access Rating

Prosecutors Investigate More Students in Mepham High School Scandal

BBC (Thursday): Bush, Blair unite to condemn terror

Bush Says He'll Raise Troop Level in Iraq if Needed

Explosions rock Istanbul

UEFA postpone Turkey games

US soldier, at least seven Iraqis killed as insurgents hit back

U.S. suspends services at Istanbul consulate

URGENT: Pakistan bans three more extremist organizations

Dog fighting once again a popular Afghan pastime

Bush's GOP rival in primaries includes U. City (St. Louis) millionaire

Move afoot in Florida to protect Ten Commandments in constitution

Alaskan Wild Cattle Herd Faces Expulsion

Florida Migrant Labor Organization Receives RFK Award

Greenspan urges war on "creeping protectionism"

Guardian - Police underestimated size of protest, delayed march

BBC Update - Police raise march figures to 70,000

Ashcroft Files New Terrorist-Related Charge Against Civil Rights Lawyer

Goodyear Plans To Cut Another 1,200 Jobs

Floodwaters lead to 7,000 power outages (WV)

Court limits in-car FBI spying

CIA Widens Probe of Iraq Intelligence

Zimbabwe: Call to General Strike Flops

Israel Defiant Over Barrier After Bush Criticism

23-year jail term for five Indians in UK

Chen's plan a blueprint for disaster

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A suggestion that Washington should directly regula

Another plane has landed

Isolated Palestinians want Bush action, not talk

Sept. 11 kin want answers


Liberal Radio Network Sold to New Group

Man has no memory of bid to murder girlfriend in bed

U.S. arrests 125 in nationwide cybercrime sweep

Phil Spector charged with murder

S.Africa condemns blasts in Turkey

Thousands in Britain protest Bush visit, pull down statue of Bush

Iraqi police arrest UN blast suspects

WVU receives $20 million gift

Car Bombs Hit Iraq, Bush Says U.S. to Stay

Kerry Criticizes Bush in Drug Company Ad

Clark to call for new alliance

Rwanda Police Seize Paper, Arrest Staff

Police Revise March Figures Yet Again! - BBC


New Duke CEO to be paid only in stock

Exports help Germany out of recession

Bush, grim-faced after new blasts, says terrorists hate freedom

Shevardnadze Allies Win Top Spots in Georgian Poll

Case Decidedly Not Closed

JEB has removed Miriam Oliphant from Broward county elec office

3 Countries ID'd As Iran Atomic Providers - China, Russia, Pakistan

Blair fails to win Guantanamo deal from Bush

Sensing Shiites Will Rule Iraq, U.S. Starts to See Friends, Not Foes

Jackson Arriving

Donaldson Rejects Direct SEC Regulation of NYSE

HSBC: Will stay in Turkey despite blasts

Bush says US troop levels in Iraq could rise [really, w?]

Minnesota legislators push state constitutional amendment to ban gay marri

FTAA Calling Off Day Two Of Talks In Miami

Group Cites Evidence Atkins Diet Dangerous

Signs of U.S. Economic Recovery Abound

Georgia's Election Results Reflect Fraud, U.S. Government Says

AT&T Wireless outsourcing jobs overseas

U.S., Turkey work on plans for PKK (Kurds) in Iraq

US sets deadline for $19bn in Iraq contracts

Kerry camp loses another top staffer

Bush Hints That US might not reduce troops in Iraq

Ohio fingered for blackout

U.S. says Taleban still a threat

Dukakis recalls crazy days on campaign trail (criticizes Bush)

Big Fight in Trafalgar Square 1000 people broke thru police cordon

Breaking CNN: 10 seconds on Dead American Soldier In new Iraq Bomb then

Ham found in sabotaged sheep feedlot | Sydney Morning Herald

Secrets of the mind must remain private property, says scientist

Breaking: Bush and Blair Taking Questions

Conservatives can win minority by Liberal shift to left, says MacKay

AARP: Seniors' old friend turns foe, for some

BREAKING: 3 to 4 blasts in Instabul

Bush Meets Families of British War Dead

Offensive Against Iraqi Insurgents Dramatically Reduces Attacks on US Sold

125 Christian Meeting Halls in China Shut

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 423 U.S. service members have died

US Tells Canada No Laws Broken in Deportation Case

Cops busting heads in Miami right now

Taiwan, China Play Chicken Again

Feinstein may back drug bill for seniors

Heady days for contractors in race for Iraq deals

Rubber Bullets (In Miami)

Lawmakers Condemn FBI Use of Informants

Thousands in Britain protest Bush visit, pull down statue of Bush

US likely to reduce Israel loans in barrier spat

Daschle Says He Will Vote for Energy Bill

Michael Jackson arrives - handcuffed.

Travel advisories to Turkey

Thousands Protest (200000- but police say 70000, and US Media ignores)

RIP Arthur Conley

I apologize

What's BT stand for?

The Unit Circle--the Cosign, Sign, and Tangent Functions

Congressional Film Cameos

The best way to deal with trolls is remind others not to respond to trolls

Time Zones

My vow: I will no longer post unless I'm drunk

Does anyone else not "get" the Marx Brothers?


Someone put Colin Quinn out of our misery

Berke Breathed bringing back Opus!

My favorite food to eat in the entire world any day of the week

Exclusive, People's Sexiest Man

Anyone watching 24 this season?

Who's the most evil member of the BFEE 2nd tier?

The Parabola

We have installed a new Kitchen floor, ask me anything!

what the heck is wrong with my computer?

I am sitting here simmering with jealousy...

Repent! The end is near!!!!

How did Tubthumpers become such a successful album for Chumbawmba?

Family Guy Bush bash

LOL. The late night movie on TNT is now "The AMBIEN" Thater.

Who do you have to f*** to get a reply around here?!

Jonathan Brandis Dead?

I just baked Banana Chocolate Chip Bread and Apple Pie- ask me anything

Pretender Dubya as Queen Victoria ( drawn by Steve Bell )

I did not come all the way here to talk about ENRON

Sorry I'm a little unsteady on my feet right now Yr Maj...

How many people are here right now?

Dead or Alive? Caption

How come I don't get a knighthood then Yr Maj?

Shrub and Poodle unmasked

Bush protest: The Statue of Taking Liberties

'Hands off cuba': Bush protestor's statue in Trafalgar Square

I just recieved the God-damndest thing:

How many people here have DU set as their home page

Here's a cool currency converter.

Robert Kennedy born November 20, 1925

Jackie: a First Lady who knew how to wear evening gloves

Good (Thursday) Mornin' In DU LAND!!!!

Gameshow leaves 'Hungry' Russians stranded

Britney sure is a classy lady

My computer blew up


What is this poll about?

Pickles: creative use of old car blanket

Shrub & Poodle and goddawful No 10 carpet

This is like pissing into a river

Goosesteppin' together? Shrub/Poodle CAPTION

This Iraq thing is starting to bother me-- OMG! Jacko is a child molester!

My wife laughed at me tonight

Please don't reply to this thread

Shrub and Pickles: edge of the abyss?


Vodka-drinking contest winner pays with life


Just like Dante, I made it through!

Jay-Z Reportedly Bidding on the N.J. Nets

What is your favorite OTC painkiller?

Yum.Breakfast... Just made myself a big ole bowl of fresh

I have a question about prescription drugs.

My last chance to chastise that Harlot Ex of Mine

'Bush is a Bad Precedent': Uk protestor

Browns' (RB) Green stabbed; fiancee charged

Question for Asheville, NC people.

DU this stupid poll!

Anyone know where I can find Pics of Rush in a thong?

Who Is a Good American? Now.

Cops: Bucs Fans Bought Beer in Used Cups

Link to GD London Protest thread

Classic Video for your Enjoyment: Bush & Blair sing "Endless Love"

Stoops headed to Arizona

Is Someone Out To Get Limbaugh?

M*A*S*H - Movie vs. Series

Interesting contrast in the two protests

Snookieoookums, Pookie, Schweetyweetykins?

George Bush met The Queen...

DWR: Driving While Reading

Check out Miss Ireland, 2003; Daughter of singer Chris De Burgh:

Yankee fans have no reason to complain about anything

Post your scariest Freeper stories

Last night at the Detroit Symphony...!!!!!!

Truck Load of Pudding Spills Onto Highway

A very sad divorce court story....

Do You Have A Favorite Michael Jackson Song?

If You Were A Typewriter...

A heads up!! A WARNING!!! We are going to see one ugly mugshot today


Ask me anything. I'm wearing wet slippers

My things

Need some Homer Simpson help

We Need More Liberal Talk Radio NOW

What to do If The Internet Goes Down: From the Dept of Homelnd Sec.

Hilarious! CNN's Anderson Cooper "tips a 40" to the news we will miss

Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog goes after O`Reilly

CAPTION the fallen mighty mouse

Is It Just Me, Or WasThere A Very Gay Scene In The LOTR Extended Version?

LOL! you ready to unleash the power of Mediocrity?

Why is learning of this actress's death affecting me so much?

If you were a tie fighter

Why I choose Pacifica over NPR

Screen shot of a virus at work

Fly over the Cuckoo's Nest of CAPTIONS!


For My Hundredth Post, I'd Like To Say...

My vow: I will no longer post while drunk

What Are You Getting Mommy & Daddy For Christmas?

Rate this story on Yahoo

Need a Bush lied, or Where's Osama slideshow

I'm so mad right now my head feels like it's gonna explode......

Here's how we recycle old sofa's we throw away (she tops those gloves)

Rename the English muffin! You know it's coming!

Rename the English muffin! You know it's coming!

What's with the washing up gloves, Pickles?

Here it is. The most important web page ever.

Indicators of a harsh winter to come????

The Goofy Godfather of all CAPTIONS!!!

Anyone played Age of Mythology?

What do you think Bush does about sex?

Jacko in Brazil?-likely bogus - on brazilian tv

Gene Anthony Ray, a Dancer in 'Fame,' Dies at 41

Please tell me what did PFC Lynch due to get a gold star

Here's the freeper's new trick on Yahoo:

The movie "Black Hawk Down"

I Vow.....

Anyone getting the impression that "West Wing" is taking a right tilt

Doesn't Bush look like a waiter in his state visit tux pictures?

Harry Potter trailers... haven't seen these posted here yet.

Weirdest Christmas Songs Poll....

Should I go to GD today?

Should Metrosexuals be allowed to marry?

More hate mail! They hate me, they really hate me!

The unofficial TEMPLE vs VILLANOVA thread.

Favorite blog?

A freepers worst nightmare...

Buckeye wills body to science; Science contests will

How many ex Harley riders

I have a Michael Jackson joke, but I doubt I can post it.

Who is the man:

I just ate a steak and green tomato sandwich

Well I Wonder What Will Be On Tonights Talk Shows. Any Guess.


Breaking: Can you confirm Bush's new running mate?

You Know What I Want. I Want A WalkMan That Has XM Radio.

In agony trying to pass a kidney stone - ask me anything!

"I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeVille" caption!!!

Worst. Poll. Ever.

Why is Sinner shutting down sex threads?

hey. there are pics of a Black Bronco driving down a street on my tv!

Another How Old Are You Thread (Redux)

Letterman slams Bush* in last night's Top Ten! :-)

I had a CT Scan early this morning...ask me anything!

"If you think I'm sexy"

What December holiday will you celebrate?

attn : Berke Breathed/ Bloom County fans!

CBS yanks "CSI: Neverland Ranch" off the schedule

When freepers invade Israel..

Triumph channeling Bill O'Reilly...

Do you think at FR they spend their time wondering what's happening at DU?

Who's looking out for you poll!

future republican material

well, the 5:00 news hour has come and gone . . .

My husband and I were just verbally attacked by a Freeper

If You Love Music And Have A Brain In Your Head...

Musician's Dilemma


Great news for horror fans: The Horror Channel

"A silver-Lining View of Bush's not attending military funerals,

St. Louis DUers...PATRIOT Act forum at the City Museum TONIGHT


Woman Arrested For Killing sick story ya'll!!!!!

Do you use the ignore function?

You guys are going to love this!

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"

Anyone else here get allergic reactions to metal?

What to do if an owner or boss is breaking the rules?

My cat just caught a fly in midair

Rename the English muffin! You know it's coming!

Barbara Bush - Separated at Birth?

Click here for loads of creationist fun!!!

My 100th post

Have You Seen The Newest Picture Of Monica Lewinsky. WOW.

Oh...the weather outside is frightful......

Which JFK show will you watch tonight?

Richard Kern and other "Cinema of Transgression" directors..

The best political Bands/Musicians/Artists/writers

What is that tall helmet the Palace Guard wear called?

Quiz: Most Common Word on the Web

Michael Jackson, can you believe this picture is real?

Traditional cooking method for red hots?

I'm already sick of "The Cat in the Hat" movie

I just quit smoking ask me anything

Who is Stanley Kurtz, and . . .


I think that I may have broken my FOOT! OUCH!

Whats the best way to handle a rabid freeper?

Anyone else out there like CAKE?

When my cat kneads her paws on me....

"Private William McBride"

Ultimate threadkiller contest


The two-headed monster? Caption

For my 5259th post, I just want to say - hahaha Im a stelth freeper!

DU Theater – George Orwell’s 1984 & Bush special


Johnny Depp 'Sexiest Man Alive'

CAPTION the proud receipient of a brand new shiny pitture book

The Goofy Godfather of all CAPTIONS!!!

Caption- hobbit love

The only Jackson of any interest

Class Struggle

Why are these d*amed helicopters still hovering over my office???

CPR / SCUBA question

Orange County Chopper Fans! The Teutuls are on Leno TONIGHT!

Upclose & Personal: Caption?

Who cares how old you really are. How old do you FEEL?

Cherie: even more sour looking than Pickles CAPTION

Cortoonists, photoshoppers, lend me your talents!

Whaddya think of Jermaine Jackson?

Phil Spector charged with murder (FINALLY)

An honest-to-goodness caption this! A hoot!

Thought for the Afternoon: WAL-MART GREETER ACTION FIGURE!

The First Couple: Captions?

Has anyone ever had a voluntary "body scan"?

Isn't this Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford?

AARP refugees. Welcome. Come on in and introduce yourself.

When Answering These Silly Poll Questions...

Michael Jackson, guilty or innocent

Oklahoma will beat Texas Tech by 50 points or more

Can I accomplish at 41 what I accomplished at 15? (anyone got a celebrex?)

Attention Twin Cities DUers

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a Grocery Bag?

Awww, look at the Bunny

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's inductees for 2004

Week 11 Dallas Cowboy thread

Which President + Term were you born under? With a twist...

Would You Quit Your Job If You Could Get Another One In Politics?

Cobain 'Journals' Bolstered with New Material (i feel guilty)

What do you look like (thread 2)

What's your favorite anti-war song?

Attn: December and January babies!!

AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! My beautiful coworker again

Across the Universe

Question for LIHOPers

Bush visits BRITTISH families of dead soldiers?


The Frog Blort of all CAPTIONS!!!

Kleeb the Grocery kid: a new era begins asap