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Archives: December 22, 2004

Tomgram: Mark Danner on How Bush Really Won

The pattern of discontent in US ranks

Rumsfeld's neocon critics dodge the blame, too

William Pfaff (Internatl Herald Tribune): Shock, awe and the human body

Soldier's LTTE: Bush taints soldiers' sacrifices when using the word "we".

My Fight Against American Phantoms -Notre Dame prof's visa revoked

Little Dicks Cause Wars! Great Toon!!!

NOT happy with Tim Roemer for DNC chair! JOIN ME!

U.S. Protests Sale of YUKOS Unit

Working for minimum wage? Only 4 counties in the U.S. are affordable

The recycling of carbon dioxide through Calcium Carbonation cycles studied.

I'm scared to post anymore....why? I don't know..I can post on threads

In Your Opinion...

In a negative story about Jews

Hi there! Lil asked me to get a clarification on what constitutes

UK Muslims hit by rise in prejudice

This post breaks all the rules. Part II.

Does anybody recognize Attas voice?

Progressive Democrats of America: Desperately Seeking Senators Action!

Electoral "results" for Southwestern OHIO

What is our objective? How do we win?

Ohio Officials Defend Electronic Voting

JAN 20th Be there by 9am!

Whatever happened in Fairfield county?

Olbermann pointed out the main difference between them and "us"...

"Recount Reaches Final Stages"

Conyers is asking for raw exit poll data - Has this been in LBN?

So do we want a Countdown thread tonight?

Air America Radio in the Red States...

Visual representation of the MSM

MSM is turning: "Ohio Officials Defend Electronic Voting"

Accenture Booed In Madison

This whole election has been a disaster period

Everything worked as "planned..."

The Condi Protocol (or, how to talk to a liberal, if you're subpoenaed).


My Daughter is a lawyer didn't think the 18?? provision would apply

I don't think I like Obama. I just got Newsweek( I get it as a gift)

Progressive Democrats take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate

Power in Use of Language

Malloy talking about Washington right now

That 1 Rep/1 Senator contesting elections provision

Encouraging News About Senator Boxer!

Urgent Request for 1st hand New Mexico Election Incidents

What Happened I Woke Up And I Was In A Third World Country

BREAKING: King County recount puts Gregoire on top

Lynne Cheney on Hardball?

ReDefeat Bush held press conference & met with Jeffords today

free republic DC on Cspan whining about the violent, violent protesters

Incredible Newsweek Photos from Election Night!

Wash. State Republican Party Says Clerical Error Should Bar 735 Ballots

Here are the rules regarding Jan 6th vote to approve electors

Apparently there are over 1000 uncounted ballots in King County

Fraud(Default to Bush) documented in Florida touchscreen county machines

Karl Rove -- Tabulates Own Results Election Night ....

Olbermans new Blog Good or Bad ?

Denmark's MSM Story on Ohio Recount!

US government exports election fraud to Belgium

Cries for Electoral Standards Mount


What if Kerry...

"*", the most unpopular "President" ever to start a second term

Broward County Precinct Level Comparison to 2000 - Alarming

The SCOOP/Simon exit poll breakthrough - more true than ever.

Sounds as if Olbermann is concluding we don't have a case...

my daughter (Gillian) went to a little demo in westwood today

Steve King commencement speaker at Western Iowa Tech Community College

Can spammers add themselves to your contact list?

Refill you own ink?

Ohio DU'ers

Christmas List of DUers by County

Would you guys write to the Chronicle concerning the toxic train?

I'm thinking of moving to Texas....


Katrina van del Heuvel guest hosting with Sam Seder on AAR

Helping Bush find a Homeland Security director

Bush first President in U.S. history to send out a Xmas card w/Bible verse

happy solstice everyone

Any Christian Socialists here?

Bush is not the Antichrist, but he may be worse

Merry XMas to some troops, and

"Dad, what is abstinence?"

North Korea, the new conservative utopia

U.S. Marines Suffer Most Suicides in Five Years

Time responds to my letter to editor

Do You Know How To "Enable Referrer Logging"?

Why is the AP story re the attack on our soldiers currently rated 1.48???

Look at the word "impeach"

Our boys...

Murder an Iraqi and get to go home and be a war hero. What a deal

NewsHour: Terence Smith & Neil Lewis whitewash the ACLU's charges

All of a sudden the FDA approves drugs to quickly?

Shrub claims Rumsfeld often visits wounded...True or False?

Holiday/ Christmas wishes

Pentagon knew messhall risk; Halliburton "days" from completing bunker

Can't find Olberman on MSNBC - and no reference to it here.

What do you know about censorship on the internet?

Life, yeah that, is complicated. Policy (SS) is, yeah, complicated.

Read about a soldiers hell

Why social security is so important

Up is Down ... left is right .... and circles are always round

" He died of The AIDS"

Do we have any Air Force bases in Iraq?

anyone find part 3 of valenzuela's piece ponder for the people hurt

Republican Christmas Carols

there is a cross eyed crazy woman on cnn

Link to Rev. Moon "coronation"?

Help!! Trying to get to and I am getting fatal error

This is funny,..

I had something interesting happen.

I sometimes have the good fortune to travel to countries in Europe.

My LTTE in response to a hateful right-winger's LTTE

Malloy Thread! Check In truthseekers!

Rumsfeld only followed Bush's orders. He didn't invade Iraq on his own.



Talk about "frivolous issues" This stuff about "Christmas" is the great

Where does this guy get the time to run a blog from Mosul?

"Bush White House's Christ-less Christmas" Theocons Ticked at Bush

Most Americans support SS reform

Bush is using islam the way hitler used the jews... demonize that which

This sounds like our election

"Mosul Massacre" ....will "Chimps" poll numbers go UP over this carnage?

What can you tell me about media ownership?

Language Alert! Torturerer Appeasers support Rummy & Gonzalez?

Is the U.S. still a 'Superpower" ?

Why the hell are we offering up our young soldiers for a lie??

I didn't like Katrina vanden Heuvel .as co-host of "The Majority Report"

CCChimp approval 48%. Tme for a message from Fahdder-land Security?

From MSNBC...Breaking News on Washington State Governor's Race

DU needs a toon on its homepage -- Let's start with this one

Ted Koppel, Nightline on ABC

A report on Mosul bombing you won't hear on CNN or any other U.S.A station

Idea: run as Republicans.

US still building permanent Bases?

Who would you vote for in the Ukraine?

* at the Kennedy Center Honors

Eating Endangered Species: CAVIAR POLL

Tuesday Truthseeker Meeting NOW Atkins Friendly !!!

Andbody watching C-Span right now? Freeper zealots are on right now

Are you feeling grumpy?

Ted Turner--are you listening? A new network proposal

Things you might not know about Scalia and Thomas.

C-SPAN now airing Inaugural Protest Plans

Spot the bias.

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and science.

I have an investing question? Can you help?

I need some help

What do you HATE most about the religious right?

How will the BFEE & neocons' empire come to an end?

Happy F'n Xmas to all the bastards in Congress


But Then It Was Too Late...

"A lucky shot?" This really makes me sick.

Congressman Ron Paul "Police State Now"

Chimp Meets w/NAACP, Mfume understanding of preznit's 'humiliation'

Mom Sues Wal-Mart Over Daughter's Suicide

Aide: Bush "pretty tired" from hard work of hosting Christmas parties

"I am a liberal" short film.... you aren't going to believe this...

What Can Be Done To Make A Better Computer Voting Machine?

Potato Pancake recipe

The face of worry (optimistic Iraqi Christian starts laying low)

Group says records show US detainee abuse cover-up

Fannie Mae's Chief Executive Raines Ousted, Market News Says

NewsHour: Terence Smith & Neil Lewis whitewash the ACLU's charges

Michigan Congressman Seeks Exit Poll Data

New Data Hints at Poor Review of Abuse Cases -NYT

Bush Holds First Meeting With NAACP (Yahoo/AP)

Holy Sh*t on CSPAN- just said"B*sh stole Election

U.S.I. Sees Layoffs, Restates Earnings

Hubba hubba, get your Ann Coulter/ Michell Malkin calenders now

Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq Leaves 20 Dead

Security Drill at Weapons Plant Raises Safety Questions

W. House expects probe of Iraq, Guantanamo abuses

Ten More Years?--Independent, UK

Judge Strikes Down Limit on Poverty Lawyers' Cases

U.S.: Drug Imports Can't Be Safe and Cheap

Instances of systamatic prison abuse reported

Soldier Says Deployment Cost Him Custody of Son

New Pardons Raise Bush's Total to 31

(Denver) Foreclosures soar - Home defaults hit highest level since '88

WP: Precision of Base Attack Worries Military Experts

U.S. Marines Suffer Most Suicides in Five Years

FBI waited more than a year to make move against AIPAC

U.S. Was Replacing Iraq Tent With Bunker

Some consumers shop till jaws drop

Man Who Served Nearly 17 Years in Prison Released After DNA Tests Clear Him

Democrat apparently wins by 8 votes in Washington state

Bush Monkey Picture Shown on Giant NY Billboard

Conyers Seeks Exit Poll Data

Selling the forest for the trees

Philippines DOJ seeks probe of US nationals implicated in Davao bombing

Seriously scary article about STDs

Ever dig through th DU archives?

Do You Drink Regular or Diet Soda?

School administrators I have known

Any SERIOUS Nominations for President in 2008?

The tasteless joke thread.

Movie - The Diary of Anne Frank

We might get yellow snow!

If I had to live in a major Texas city, which one would be best?

Mindless Yeti and Penguin Baseball game

I Just "Liberated" A Tin Of Homemade FUDGE!!

string theory on Nova now!

My grandfater was buried today.. and I could not be there....

Urgent Computer Question!

Father of the Pride

I am really ambivalent about where you live.

o's a boo? Yous a boo...a boo boo....

Suggestion to fellow DU'ers: Give a donation (if you're able) this week

Mmm.... Jungle Fudge Chunk ice cream.

Santa Claus: DUer or Freeper?

Holiday Gift Exemption Voucher

Happy Holidays, all! Here's my web card:

I have a brazier desire

We might get snow!

I, also, have a bizarre desire

I, likewise, have a bizarre desire

I will break 1,000 posts before tonight.

I have a bizarre desire

I, too, have a bizarre desire.

I desire a bazar.

It's been 2 1/2 months; so WHY can't I remember my cable channel numbers?

Anyone here do video editing & Photoshop on an iMac?

I just started a new iTunes account & got 5 free songs- recommendations?

"I am Gola Wolf Richards. I'm smarter than you because I use big words."

So this is Christmas

I have a bizarro-desire.

Diane Lane assaulted by Josh Brolin

I'll tell ya what's REALLY fun!

Gift Wrapping Tape

It ain't Festivus, but ... Happy Chriskwanukkah!

Introducing the world's tiniest baby

Sure, 'tis a monster I have created

What do you buy for a pregnant couple?

"Frosty" survives in shelter's freezer

What song are you having for dinner?

You know I hope if I am ever that rich I would not BE as Shallow and


Anyone play Bespelled or Bookworm?

Bush monkey image on giant billboard

The terrorists have already won "ANY BREAKFAST BAGEL SANDWICH" at McD's

Which is better?

Ah, but does THIS ever happen to you?

Don't you just love Beck?

I had a small change money miracle today

What a stupid ripoff of a show

I DO give a shit where you live.

Pizza & Movie Night at Teddy's. You pick which DVD I watch first.

Woman with big chest

Re-unveiling my new avatar...

Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier

I want to talk about FREE SPEECH TV on Dish Network!

Who would you choose for Kennedy Center Honors?

My favorite Christmas joke

WooHoo Shaun of the Dead Rocks

"It's just a flesh wound!"

LOL "Weed Delivery Guy Saves Christmas"

The Christmas Top 50.


We may be in different cabins, but we're all in the same boat. (Yoko Ono)

She sent me a Christmas card.

Where the hell is the Daily Show

What are you having for dinner?

Santa is one of us!

Am I worthless because I'm disabled?

A Dozen More Posts and I am

I Am Home From Hell

Rethug Christmas Carols - worth a laugh

Andy Stephenson is spending Christmas at my house!

Who's YES medicated here?

It's The Freeper Show! Free Republic News Conference On C-Span Now

Phew- I'm back in Oregon!

WOOHOO!! Cleveland Cavs beat the T-Wolves 107 - 97

Apple sues three for posting Mac OS X beta online

The 5 dinners you'd most like to have people with

Paint Shop Pro question

Stupid school, stupid student financial office, stupid stupid stupid

I'm makin' cookays! What kind should I make?

My favorite Airport Security Sign

Dumb quasi-newbie question of the day--Buddies List

Will the real Bullwinkle please stand up!

He stood six foot six and weighed 245.

Why can't I open my present NOW if I already know what I'm getting?

My 84 year-old grandpa sent me a birthday card...

I don't feel like starting a thread tonight.

Hubba hubba, get your Ann Coulter/ Michell Malkin calenders now

Remember my ass that retired from the USCG yesterday?

Looking for the "Fluffy" pic

There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium

Aicha: Watch this, and you too

Now...what movie should I watch while making my cookays?

Christmas sucks this year.

Is The Move the greatest rock band ever, or just the best?

Art or Crap????????

Any DUers in San Antonio?

Anyone remember "Not Necessarily the News"?


I don't give a shit where you live...

Ya Know What's Fun?

Theres a Korg Triton sitting on my bed....


Manchurian Candidate

did the daily show get taken off the air?

Walmart to market its own wine

Karl Rove getting arrested in his 'Working Class Superhero' suit picture


"Scratcher" playing morons. Do you encounter these types?

When did YOU first have "sex education" in school?

Frank Zappa born 64 years ago today

Here's my BO DIDDLEY Top Ten. Please vote for your favorite.

Does this ever happen to you.....

The best men don't date!

Something I hope happens to all of you someday

5 ALIVE people you'd most like to spend an

The 5 People You Would Most Like to Have Dinner With?

Does anyone else like "Becker"?

Outgoing HHS Sec Tommy Thompson Caught With Briefcase Full Of Flu Vaccine

Beige rocks!

Gamers: A Question

newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Since I'm going to be miserable until I do it:

What song are you currently listening to?

I like how James Wolcott writes, its funny, flowing and erudite but not to

The "lost boys of Sudan"

Was Jesus Gay?

Random opinion on "framing the debate."

Dodgers pull out of mega-deal (Randy Johnson)

Man, Emeka Okafor Just Got Schooled Tonight By Nenad Krstic

Web Card: Happy Holidays!

Here's my (BIG Kitty) EINSTEIN..........and me!

The Evil Atheist Conspiracy

It's very difficult to engage with a theist when he or she is being

Atheists: America's most hated minority

OK, I hate to infect this sanctuary, but OMG

John Kerry - POW- MIA (Part 1 of 2 )

Hurricane Charley aftermath photos

No confidence hearings on Rumsfeld? We can make it happen!

Capitol Police patrol the construction site for the inaugural

Rut Roh Chimp Alert

Reminder to RWnuts; Don't pig over the Holidays, the DRAFT is coming

Another war on a peacemaker

where can people see the party affiliation/ideology of TV people?

Is there a chance of Cheney getting Impeached or Bush?

Viacom: Only white male republicans need apply

Progressive Democrats take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate

Anyone watching Kennedy Center Honors?

Holy Sh*t on CSPAN- just said"B*sh stole Election

What are your thoughts on having a National ID license?

19 soldiers dead in US base in Baghdad


Newsmaking Bush/Chimp painting

Is Clark to the left of Dean?

GOP Profits from Smut

Fox: "Turning Backs on Bush" (over 17,000 protesters expected 1/20)

Reference the Time Magazine response to the 2004 POTY inquires

zogby: 43 percent of democrats think abortion is manslaughter

Michael Moore dismisses "conspiracy theories"

I don't think I like Obama. I just got Newsweek( I get it as a gift)

To anyone considering a possible Feingold candidacy in '08 (and others!)

Christian Fascism

Congress, Reorganize Thyself By Christopher Shays and Carolyn Maloney

MORAL BATTLE:Georgie Ann Geyer

Bush's Buddy Vladimir

The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis part III

William F. Buckley Jr.: Don't blame Jews if Hollywood is a cesspit

North (San Diego) County Times: California's practical take on gay marriag

Quiet, or I'll call democracy

Thank A Vet For Your Freedom (Doug Griffin,

The Right's Assault on Kofi Annan

Gene Lyons

Wave of the Future--William Safire/ NYT

In Instant, Mealtime Turns to Chaos (WashPost with photo)

White House festivities take a touchy turn

Huffington: Will The GOP Nuke The Constitution?

Post your pictures of activism here

Positive reinforcement for Liberal mainstream radio?

Unreal: Carnage in Mosul is providing cover for new torture revelations

The covers of Time and Newsweek

Foreclosure rate 'scary' (Denver)

NYT: Gold Mining Giant Willfully Pumps Mercury into Indonesian Air.

European Commission - Let's Just Keep On Fishing For Cod - Closure Blocked

California's Coast Feeling The Heat - Part 1

Send * a christmas card

Leaving Kyoto Not Enough - Bush Must Also Block Others From Acting

California's Coast Feeling The Heat - Part 2

U.S. to Pay $16 Million in Water Rights Case

One Of Northern China's Largest Lakes Dries Up - AFP

Schizophrenics, Guns and Wal-Mart - Discuss

Please make it a rule.......

OK, I'm really tired of this.

why is DemocracyNow! not listed in "liberal radio" on the homepage?

Can you please shut this thread down before someone posts a link

My post about the new instant book out was deleted, just checking why.

Could we get Lynn Cullen's show time changed please?

I will be going to DC for the inauguration.

About locked threads

Is this message (which I didn't post yet) grounds for deletion?

any chance of creating a Bev Harris forum?

how much does it cost you to run this site? how many people come hear each

How do you do "block quotes"?

Missile strike damages Gaza Strip synagogue

Meet the Moderator

Lookey here: Voting Modernization Board-Jan 2005 Deadline Survey Result

Here are Nov. 2/3 figures for Florida

Action Alert

Progressive Democrats Take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate

Hungry Blues on election fraud

c-span now--talk of demonstrations on Jan 20 (the Right is talking)

CSPAN January 6th

Don't forget about Senator Byrd!! Time to start asking him for help!

Christmas gifts someone should sell

The holiday signoff thread (keep kicked till after xmas.)

treasure chest of vote fraud stories!!

Michael Moore on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Elections board's hot-selling records (Cleveland PD)

Democrats claim victory in Washington governor's race

What's the status of the recounts in Ohio? Are they turning up anything

The Mainstream Crying For Election Reform

Election Update 12/22 (georgia10 at Kos)

Conyers requests raw exit poll data from the AP

Whats the real problem with Media? they say no documenatation supplied

It's been just 7 weeks. We know a lot already. The media is awakening.

What's that smell? What's that sound? What's that oozing from freeperville

Hope for the Homestretch (freePress article reposted on there site)

Check this out!!

A mind numbing poll in another forum:

What about the "military vote"? Has anyone heard yet? n/t

Has anybody here thought about running for office?

Did the Military vote for Kerry?

CSPAN Now!! that B*sh STOLE Election!!

MoveOn wants to know what message we have for Senate Democrats!

A warning..

A conservative comment on vote counting (positive)

VillageVoice 'Case of the Ohio Recount' - DU mentioned

New Free Press Article - 12/22 - Wow!

Finally news found of Fairfield county on the Saturday recount.

Christine Gregoire, ahead by 8 votes

gregoire ahead braking (breaking)news on DU

Letter from Contest the Vote indicates Barbara Boxer is seriously

Useful mental toolkit for Election Fraud detectives.

Interesting new Break For News audio on Election & Court Case

Answers to my Email on the vote:

Is TIME's 'Person of the Year 2004' choice Pro-* or Anti-*?

Conyers not ready to contest election -Salon

I hope Olberman talks about the TV Networks not releasing exit polls

Hartman covering Fraud today

looking for vote fraud links/compendium, etc....

Conyers calls on TV networks and AP to release raw exit poll data

Shultz: Conyers to Hold new meeting in Ohio Jan.3

Jerry Springer, yes as in "Jerry Jerry Jerry" - He may be able to help...

Breaking News -- 12/22

Which recounts still need $ as of today?

Swiftboat Vets for Truth to Receive an Award!!! For attacking fellow vets

Granted! -- Latest from Moss v. Bush

The mother of a soldier reminds us why to accept the fraud is criminal

Washington State Supreme Court Live NOW C-SPAN!

Can I get a recap?

Paddy Maynooth's Advice for MSM in Europe.

Thom hartmann on AAR NOW!! 12/22

CONTACTING MSM-list of email addresses!

Ban ALL electronic means of recording or counting votes

suggestion: seperate forum for Bev Harris

Pro-Democracy Rallies Planned for Jan. 3 and 6 in Ohio and DC

Will there be organized demonstrations in DC on 1/6?

Nice slideshow on Election Fraud

6 Jan 2005: What will you DO? - A letter sent to all Dem Senators..


A really good question .......

AND THE WINNER IS...... 'BringEmOn' -- The Kerry/Clown Caption Competition

Report: "Florida elections agency didn't properly watch felon database"

"New Mexico worst at counting votes" Will next try the raising of hands

Ohio: a crime against democracy (great article from Tom Paine)

It's Going to be a Wonderful Day...

Scripps Howard: "In Ohio 1 in 50 votes for president don't count"

Ohio recount report from the ground ......

All I want for Christmas is.....

All you lawyers out there.. what does this mean? (Arnebeck suit)

click here if you're mad

Nevada Elector Tells What He Did With A Letter Sent By One Of You Guys

WA ballots will be counted! On Yahoo...Rate it up...

NYT responds to ltte re Ohio vote:

Scripps Howard: "Election study finds widespread ballot-counting problems"

the Really Really REAL man of the year. ->not moore.

Village Voice article says we're all nuts...especially here at DU

SOUND BYTE! 1 in 5 Americans believe fraud was committed!

Wednesday 12/22 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

I just heard an NPR story about Conyers ....

A Message of Christmas Cheer and Hope

Well, we didn't lose all the Southern states after all

Senator petition

Latest Ohio Recount Tally

NC Election: "Democrats ask Cobb to drop protest"

Documented vote machine fraud in swing states explains vote "swing"

A New DUer Has Posted some info on exit poll changes.....

Breaking!! : Washington Court decides in favor of Dems!!!!!!!

Tell congress to contest the election:

TODAY'S NEWS HEADLINE: A Week of Inauguration Protests Planned

You want a laugh? Read this hagiography of Bev Harris, Woman of the Year..


Who authored Dean's political assination?

MSNBC's 'Bloggermann' Blows It Again!... The BRAD BLOG Tries to Help!

Computer & elections experts: isn't this quote rather important info???



Medical marijuana user tries to stop DMV from taking her license

Feinstein/Boxer allow repubs to steal elections...why?

U.S. to Pay $16 Million in Water Rights Case

What is next re gay marriage in Massachusetts?

Bus from Lancaster to Washington DC on 1/20/05

Steeler Lynn Swann to challenge Rendell for Gov Race ?

Santorum featured in Newsweek (Obama also featured)

How about a roll call to JOIN a Democratic club in your area

Dallas DUers! How are conditions at DFW?

Who wants Gmail?

Inaugural protest

Will anyone ever be indicted for outing Valerie Plame?

Flashback to 2003: the Nachi worm infected several Diebold ATMs

Techies: How does one go about reporting a HATE website to the DHS?

small suggestion, firefox people, firefox (internet browser)

Gitmo soldier beats the hell out of his parents

Bush Supports Group Who Is Convincing Churches To Throw Out Their Crosses

Don't send more troops to Iraq! Get the hell out now!

Is this site reality?

Radical Islam has us exactly where they want us -

JetBlue Direct TV taken over by FAUX

Watch Lou Dobbs re-run...

Was today the tipping point?

One of the greatest advantages the U.S. has had in the past century

honest Iraq blogs ? right wing propaganda Iraq blogs?

How many DU members are there? How many people vist each day? How much ban

What ever happened to the old DUers

Why won't my spell checker work

Be seen on Inau*gueration day

NBC nightly News was censored tonight. Did u see it?

Hee hee. Freeper exposes himself on WSJ editorial section

I see bush's halo is slipping.

Heads On Pikes...

Bush to Mosul attackers - "Is that all you got"?

World of Evil link

*'s Christmas photo op...

Keef Feels a DRAFT..... (K Chronicles)

Bush breaks approval rating record

new Hannity advertiser Brass Armadillo Antique Malls

AAR should go into every break today

Under the cover "anti-terrorism", US is controlling journalists

The Sinister Plan . . . (Fallujah) . . .

Christian Torture Devices

CNN broadcasting return of wounded (of Mosul attack) to Germany...

Ever notice this about the NYT and WP? Registration Bias?


new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser Discount Toner and Ink

NY Newsday covers FBI/DOD Guantanamo Abuse

No More Free Ride for Bush

Shades of Saigon? A suicide bomber responsible for Mess Tent exlposion!

Injured soldiers being 'downloaded' from Mosul to

An idea for the elections in Iraq:

Elections don't make democracies,democracies make elections.

The MALL - the real church of christmas

Population growth in red states like Utah, Arizona

Prepare for the coming Economic Crash of 2005

This move right thing going on . . .

GOP Donors Cash In on Smut

House Repuke Staffer caught stealing Plasma TV by Capitol Police

New Damning Torture Revelations, Same Old Collective Shrug

Chaplain's report from Mosul attack of 12/21

What would the troops have to do to lose your loyalty ?

Article about the small Kansas town of the kidnapping suspect

CNN showing arrival of Mosul wounded in Germany.

Slate has been bought out by the Washington Post

Iraq Elections: Benefits bush or benefits the Iraqi people or the US?

Bush's 'Thank You' Speech to all the people who supported him

Fox's R. Murdoch builds home in godless anti-Christian China!

Exit Strategy

Gitmo Commander beat the crap out of his parents

Bush is cutting money from charities b/c of deficits

Does Bush have a clue about Social Security?

Why does Worldnetdaily and Brit Hume hate the Lord?

A word of warning

Has Christ been put back in Christmas yet?

Well, there go the forests......

Did Anyone See Bush last Night At The Kennedy Center? He looked SO bored!

Republican logic- torture is justified

AP working their bias into every freaking story...I'm sick of it.

Unprotected biological weapons lab in Kazakhistan,mere miles from Iraq.

Coulter accuses liberals of "gloating" after the Mosul attack!/Video

Our Troopers got OS'd.....even in Combat cyber games such as Planetside

Idea for a prank

banned 'monkey bush' painting now on NY C billboard

Someone please explain to me... why cant the US just get out of Iraq NOW?

wonder if our troops in Iraq have seen this?

is there anything to be happy or hopeful about politically?

Murdoch is building a house in China

Hey, How is that WMD Commission doing?

Tell me someone else heard the gross call-in on CSPAN this morning!

Isn't it Great that the Media are all over the Bush-Authorized Torture?


What about Afghanistan

'Stand for God' costs teacher his job

Regarding the Revival of the Draft

Amy Goodman on CNN right now

How many US Military Operations have there been since 1980?

Al Franken risks his life. Bill O'Reilly bitches about Christmas heathens.

Fact-free Foreign Policy -

The Most Overhyped and Underreported Media Stories of the Year!

How does the name The Torture President sound?

Media going into high gear reving up spin machine to "Save Rummy"

Season's Greetings from the White House

General Clark CNN Transcript

Knocked Up and Locked Out -- Abortion in Latin America

I LLOOOOVE how MSM has almost ignored the Ukraine debate,

CNN et al. are treating the Mosul bloodbath as a forensics problem

Must see TV/ Bill Donohue vs Rabbi Shmuley

Marauding gangs of Christ-hating liberals assault Baby Jesus

Bush said in 1978 Social Security would be bankrupt within 10 years.

can you guys hear my scream?

Re-examination of scientist David Kelly's death warranted

Rumsfailed Appears to be on Sedatives

What are YOU giving KKKarl Rove for his birthday? (12/25)

FAA plans air traffic controller hiring surge (12,500)

Put it on CSPAN if you want to get riled up!

Tony Blair working on Middle East Peace - good for him.

Some truths from an old female about abortion. Making it illegal will not

Operation (X) or Project (Y) - Need DU'ers ideas in a data hunt

Rummy on live now

Was Saddam a fascist? Is W?

Possible Morality Scam to Bilk the Elderly out of Money????

If we all started referring to Iraq only as bush's war

Right wing is confounded by "Iraq is our ally" label

After reading the Chaplain's report from Mosul, 12/21

filled with rage during this season of "peace" -

News readers trying to sound sincere and sorrowful. AAARRGH!

Was it a bomb or a rocket ?

"These young military personnel volunteered to fight in Iraq."

Did Laura take down Bill Clinton's picture to make room for

An Open Letter to all Christian Conservatives

Where is Bush's compassion?

a new vioce in sentencing reform

Katie Couric was doing her JOB today...

News Conference Over.....No News.

some a**hole posted that stupid "i am a bad american" screed

Rummy and Myer on C-span Now

I could use your help...Flash Project...

Bush cuts global food aid, keeps presidential yacht

So, the Republicans want to RAISE AMERICANS' TAXES.

An open letter to all open letter writers.

which makes for better foreign policy? subjectivism or legalism?

This is what can happen when you combine Religion, Ignorance, and Fear

Faster, PussyBush!

Why Time's "Person of the Year" is full of Crap.

Blast the media with George W. Bush's 1978 Social Security claims!!!

In the Name of Peace

"My original protest and it is CHRISTmas" email

Rummys Rubber Stamp and The 700 Club on Steroids

Conyers, Greens convinced of integrity of vote - Why am I not reassured?

how to put an image in my post/

The very best thing I read today

Fox's "Who's Your Daddy?" show

So you Want to Start a Religion ? Anyone can

Watch out for hacker trolls

Could someone please explain..

What will it Take??? 4,000 dead? 40,000 dead? 400,000? .9 Trillion$

Washington almost certain to get Democratic Governor!

Now That Rumsfeld Is Personally Signing Condolence Letters...

(Ontario Muslims say) Sharia has no place here

No, you can't have my beautiful daughter!

N.Y. Republican Party's Top Lawyer arrested

Little Republican boys should not get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas

Morford: " Is For Republicans" (Buy Blue column...)

Have you heard of a gift certificate that is not accepted for taxes sh ?

Singing John Lennons' Christmas song in the car while taking my

Bush's Very Bizzare Behavior at a Press Conference /Video

Gay-est Bush picture yet, our president the Liberace Cowboy.

--Observations of a Week In Belize--

What happens when a Red-state passes anti-choice laws?

Making Christmas mean, vindictive and warlike

Dr. Phil on MTP? Yuk!!!

How Dildo'Reilly Saved CHRISTmas!

General Myers basically said situation in Iraq not winnable militarily !?

SmokingGun Gifting Loofahs, Plus KERIK's Rise/Fall & 2 B Investigated?

"School Ban on Xmas Carols Spark Debate"

Never mind the Hitler mustache for *, how about a ROBE, BEARD, AND A

So suicide bombers are simply crazy, not fighting for their beliefs

What's with this phony issue of "Taking Christ out of Christmas"

A word of wisdom on all the latest FDA pharmaceutical warnings.

Atheists Drowned Out By Counter-Protesters

The 2 Fundies in our office seem awfully cocky lately.

C'mon people! Show me the shocking scandal that will bring W down!

It Will All Be Over Soon

What does this pic remind you of??

Anyone up for funding Andy Stephenson?

Put the Holy Back in the Holidays

Has "hardass - tough guy" Dennis Miller done a USO tour?

Mosul dining hall massacre/missing 350-tons of explosives ...

The Most popular DU radio host?

How's this for the "Stars & Bars"?

Christian fundie review of "Spongebob Squarepants" movie:

PETA Footage Puts Kosher Slaughterhouse on Defensive

Finally Confirmed: US Got Torture Lessons from Israel

Why do Republicans hate 'correctness'?

PHOTO: White House releases "silhouette" of Bush

I'm looking for anti Salvation army coupons to leave in kettles!

Thom Hartman is excellent

Why do people turn to fundamentalism?

Glad that Rummy didn't resign :)

O'Reilly claims "Jesus is weeping" over personal attacks on O'Reilly


Mother who lost her son responds to Time magazine's choice

Suicide, Homicide or Martyrdom?

I'm angered by soldiers saying they are fighting for their country

Where do I send OReilly's Kwanzaa stocking stuffed with falafel & dreidels

Rumfeld War Crimes Trial Starts in Germany

War has NEVER been used to Liberate People

A Photo of the Tough Guy "Leader"

A Choice for Pro-Lifers

Christian Exodus: Moving thousands to SC to establish Christian Nation

Baked Chicken with Rice

woohoo, just got a windfall for Christmas! I'm gonna spend it on


Quick Apple Cake

Bought a bone-in 1-3 rib-eye roast....

I'm cooking a small turkey breast for christmas- help!

Cooking wine recommendations please.

Seasons Greetings Canadian DU'ers

Christians protest actions that play down Christmas' religious nature

Progressive Democrats take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate

Dems: Wash. Recount Puts Gregoire on Top

FDA scientists concerned about safety

CSPAN Now!! that B*sh STOLE Election!!

35 Facts the Government Wants About You (UK Mirror)

Two Top Execs at Fannie Mae Forced Out

Call Centres Move to the Living Room

Biden blames attack on Fallujah exiles

Wash. State Winner By 8 Votes?

Car searched in hunt for £20m armed robbers

Exelon-PSEG deal to result in 900 N.J. job cuts

NYT: Big Cities Will Get More in Antiterrorism Grants

US embassy bombing suspect freed

'Red' States Growing Faster Than 'Blues'

LAT: The National Institutes of Health: Public Servant or Private Marketer

Saudis rebuke Libya over 'plot'

Brussels blow to Microsoft upheld

Website head bailed in porn case

Settlers fight back with symbol of the Holocaust

Italian army woman to face abuse inquiry

Site of Jesus' Miracle Said to Be Found

Ten more years?

Memos show FBI agents complained about abuses at Guantánamo Bay

Dems Claim Win In WA Gov. Race

WP,pg1: Details Cloud Support for Social Security Plan

Big Contractors Begin to Flee Iraq

Iraq threatens to consume Bush's second term

In Instant, Mealtime Turns to Chaos (WashPost with photo)

New Evidence Shows Widespread abouse -Washington Post

White House festivities take a touchy turn

Democrats: King County recount puts Gregoire on top

Chávez extends regional muscle

U.S. Sweeps Through Mosul After Attack

ANALYSIS-Doubt in Mosul highlights range of risks to US bases

Wounded soldiers from Mosul attack

Boeing test-launches mammoth new rocket

Durbin: Pardon scavenging GIs

NYT: As Investigation Widens, Arson Linked to Md. Gang (Unseen Cavaliers)

NYT: Three Dozen New Galaxies Are Found in Nearby Space

Citing security costs, U.S. contractor pulls out of Iraq

Soldiers from Mosul attack flown to Ramstein

Iran 'will defend nuclear sites'

Curfew Imposed on Mosul, Iraq, After Deadly Strike Yesterday

Iraq's Falluja refugees start going home Thursday

As the Church lady would say ...


Dems Claim Win in Wash. Governor's Race

Saudis Withdraw Ambassador From Libya

WP: GOP Corporate Donors Cash In on Smut

Report: Mosul Attack Was a Suicide Bombing

Aristide cronies' accounts probed

4 Halliburton Workers Die in Iraq Attack

Construction company drops Iraq contract because of security fears

Dems Claim Win in Wash. Governor's Race

Portland may be first to pull out of FBI terrorism task force

Iraq security 'much better than before' (Iraq’s finance minister)

Some holiday shoppers giving Botox, nose jobs

Mosul, one time U.S. success story, turns ugly

Tanker Truck Crashes Near Pentagon

U.S. economy grows more than expected

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 22 December

Is this True?December 27 ... Expect "something big" ... This is it, folks

Seasonal Displays Being Looted

Rummy and Myer on C-span Now

IRAQ: Focus on Fallujah residents returning

On Administration's New Forest Management Regulations

French Hostages Return Home, Paris Says No Ransom

Civilians Fill in for Marines on Toy Drive (Too Many In Iraq This Year)

Bush wants prisoner abuse investigation

Navy Relieves 80 Commanders Over 5 Years

Survey: More teens using Oxycontin


Iraqi City in Lockdown After U.S. Base Blasted

Microsoft fails in court bid to suspend EU sanctions | Seattle Times

Poll: Social Security is in deep trouble

BBC: State firm 'gains' key Yukos unit

Eyewitness Interview: "Iraq Is An Absolute Disaster"

Crisis Group Challenges Bush's Iraq Policy

Wrong John Kerry Gets NY Electoral Votes

Alabama Family Talks About Form Letter From Rumsfeld

Radio Station Owner Faces $220,000 Fine ("Naked Twister" & Ron Jeremy)

Roll Call of Notables Who Died in 2004

Cheney hunts ducks with SC GOP leaders in Colleton Co.

Iraq's unsecured ammo dumps providing explosives for insurgency

Loud explosion, gun shots in Baghdad

California company sells cloned cat, generating ethics debate

NYT: U.S. Cutting (global) Food Aid Aimed at Self-Sufficiency

Destroyed Fallujah 'Uninhabitable',

Bush Plans a Media Blitz on Social Security

Many in GOP Wary of Social Security Plan

US Iraq strategy 'no longer achievable'

Iran nabs group charged with telling Israel atomic secrets

Army Reserve irked by soldier's fund-raiser

LAT: Giving Them a Sick Feeling (next Moore film to target drug firms)

Who are the nation's 'cheapstates'? Try the blue ones.

Powell to Ring in 2005 in Times Square

ABC News reports that Mosul attack was suicide bomber.

BeliefNet chooses soldier Tillman as inspiration of the year

BREAKING NEWS: Wash. Supreme Court rules in favor of Dems

Ex-Giuliani aides yanked into Kerik tangle

Rumsfeld passionately defends himself

Hagel blasts civilian bosses in Pentagon (Says draft may be necessary)

U.S. remembers homeless who died

New Forest Plan Would Lessen Restraints

Sex probe men commit suicide

University to Buy Clintons' 1970s Home

FBI email embroils Bush in jail abuse

U.S. cuts aid to food charities

Bernard Kerik Resigns From Giuliani's Consulting Firm

China warns of Taiwan relations

Media Matters 1st Annual "Misinformer" of the Year - O'Reilly

Teen sues over Confederate flag dress

How To Make A Tequila Christmas Cake :-)

Dude, I got a Dell! (Please humor me)

Do You .....

Has anyone seen "What the Bleep#$^&)(???

I danced Santa wink wink

Boys, (and girls) easy personal gift to give

Im Bettsorama...................Im tuff im ready looking for rough & reasy

5 1/2 yrs. of no wine tonight i broke it wine buzzzzzzzz buzzzzz

Would you buy a used car from this cat?

4 glasses of wine im dolne

I never tonight im on planet Kimmel

Ok, I know this might not be well-received, but I have to admit it.

Best Movie of 2004?

Billy Murphy's "Yes We Have No Bananas" Love it or Hate it?

There's this sci-fi writer...

Love Hurts

Reminder to myself...

Please Reply - Music Query

John Barleycorn Must Die

SNL Santa Clause Skit

Haunted When The Minutes Drag

Dominick, The Italian Christmas Donkey -- love it or hate it?

Heaven is a hot cup of peppermint tea with

How many forums do you post in at the moment?

Fucking is agony in my back.

This Post. Love it or Hate it?

My agony fucks back

I fucking want my copy of Argosy back

Agony is fucking me in the back.

Who did you meet during the campaign?

Where's that pic of Poodle looking like he's taking a dump in his armored

Favorite song that's actually several songs?

Freepers! Meet the Freepers!

My fucking back is in agony

And The Bird Sayeth... (by Jodi Lynn Giannini)

Fucking my back is agony

You guys I just felt really shitty today after reading about

I delivered a package to Tom Robbins' house today, ask me anything

The real reason Kerry lost

Blonde joke

Noam Chomsky or A Night at Minskys?


Favorite Yahoo Serious movie?

Amy Grant - "I Will Remember You" --- Love it or hate it?

Mommy! Mommy! Timmy wet his pants!

Motorhead rules!

When you told that story, about the cow,

Sometimes i hate shopping online!

Has anyone seen Meet the Feebles?

What 80s film sucks more?

What is your favorite Iron Maiden song?

Oops! Film Canisters Go To Developer Filled With Cocaine

Dumb and Dumber

"A Festivus for the rest of us" . . .

small suggestion, firefox people, firefox (internet browser)

Does anyone remember Supertoot? or Yuba Gold?

hey . . . there's a little "rumpologist" in all of us, no? . . .

Favorite Serious Jim Carrey movie

If looks could kill (?) Caption This ...

I've got a peaceful, easy feeling, and I know you won't let me

Does anyone here like Jonathan Richman?

My worst dreams produce my best design ideas...

Did your mom ever used to make this?

over 60,000 on DU, how many will be here on christmas?

We should fix the Wikipedia page for Festivus..

Laughably bad movie alert, Godzilla verses Megaguirus 2000, on Sci-Fi

Is it just me, or are most bushkissin' pundits

Isn't it ironic that freepers are probably the best evidence we have....

Is the leopard-print cowboy hat that this guy wears a plus or a minus?

What if there had been Three Wise Women instead of Three Wise Men

The Ten Indian Commandments

Just watched "House of Sand and Fog". Wow! Very intense.

Yet another odd query for the Lounge

Should I go to bed ?

OMG! Has anyone seen a show called 'elimiDATE?'

So, what is your favorite AC/DC song?

Cat experts:

Which is the coolest nicname you came across in DU...

New career for Matcom!

Christmastime called peak time for teen sex

This is the weirdest story from my town, I've seen so far.

I'm not going to shop at Jewel Food Stores...

anyone remember the "Disneyland Memorial Orgy" poster? . . .

How great an idiot is Bu$H really?

Do you have a Cat that plays bowling pins with your drink cups?

So the problem with going to bed at 8 pm is that you'll be up at 4:30 am

Happy holidays everyone!

Drug Users Complain To Officials Over Fake Ecstasy

Father wears his Sunday best

Schwarzenegger Sued Over Mansion He Sold - He Hid A Mold Problem

I want to strangle Kmart's ad agency

Live Cat Found In Freezer With Euthanized Animals

What's The Hot Christmas Gift This Year? - Shark Repellent

Meet the Freepers-KBR 180K sign on

Help RE: Firefox? If I downloaded an extension like dictionary search,

I would buy everyone a Lexus for Xmas, but i can't find any big bows!

Teenager Accused Of Shooting Santa With A Pellet Gun

Was Jimmy Stewart gay?

Are you already dizzy from the Christmas stress?

Albums Which Are One Long Continuous Song

Once I had a love and it was a gas

What do you think?-need gift advice

Iowa Couple: Let There Be Light

Scared of Santa

Iowa Bovines Enjoy Beer-Spiked Feed

Another boring lyric post..ELP. I believe in father Christmas

Teen Gang Beats Up Santa Clause

The Lamb is king? Funny how the Lamb's supporters are wolves...

Paz Vega

Just got in the 700 Club...Ask Me Anything!

someone just take me away from this place!!!

Is this Stormy I'm listening to on Air America?

Okay who is the dumbest in this ODD NEWS story?

Youth Pastor Surprised She Shares The Same Name As Local Stripper

I C many threads pop up on Firefox. Who's 4 starting a Firefox group?

Deflated SpongeBob Found Stabbed On Side Of Road

Ever seen a whale eating corn?

I found this article in one of my old notebooks.

Ever seen whale porn? (it's a hoax, thank goodness)

Poll shows: "Tis the Season to Get Plastered"

My money is on #32...any takers?

New life for Bush monkey poster

Ever seen a whale being born?

Xmas Wish List

Mom: Toy Gun Utters Profanity

Ever seen a bore being whaled on?

Twelve Inches of SNOW This Morning

Santorum, cunnilingus, and George W. Bush ...

Impotence pill stick up

"Kosher Clause" Appears At Jewish Community Center

Apparently, I'm here by myself in the office today.

Just go to sleep. You're just making things worse.

Political Poem written by my 12 year old Son

Attempted Murder By Milkshake?

Ok, it's almost over, so who has had a good year?

Hey Look everyone!! It's Hubert Flottz!!!

How do I save a screen shot of a webpage?

Caption: Miaooo, where's my Xmas dinner?

What gift will you be disappointed if you don't get this Saturday?

Caption: just gaggin' for it under the mistletoe

YEEEEEEEHAWWW boy its snowing out there!

Are there NO Democrat Spam Eaters ?

When it comes to Ann Coulter the democratic underground is mainstream

Are there NO Democrat Devil Worshipers?

Caption: All I want for Xmas is some decent bling.....

hat the heck is wrong with poops?

What did you call the night before Halloween?

Merry Christmas uber Alles

What the hell happened to CSI?

Wow, the Sin City trailer was leaked.

Does anyone else like Bender?

Caption: Miaooo, this'll knock the spots off Junior

What the heck is wrong with dupes?

Stupid/Funny Things You Did As A Kid

Rate my new sig picture

News for Lord of the Rings Fans

Lying is cool!

MTV's "Real World" Coming to Austin, Texas

Are there NO prisons? Are there NO workhouses?

A man was murdered in my building this weekend & the police said

Arpege vs LePage

I like it that you folks call me an Xian-makes me feel all alien n'shit!

Does anyone else like "Pecker"?

Favorite Martini

firefox users

Buy books online from Barnes and Noble, not Amazon

10:47am:: I Am Home ::Massive Attack

i'm dope

"Oh...the weather outside is frightful"....

Repug friend sent me this...I disagree with some of it.........

You think you're god's gift. You are a liar.

Is it Beer O' Clock yet?

Angry Du'er's please check in here!

What the heck is wrong with Xians?

Wizard of Oz - the alternate ending

Good Morning Are you snowed in ?

Checking my 401(k) statement is fun again!

Yellow Pages vs White Pages

Favorite X-Files episode?

Buy Blue...

I just got an email from Yasser Arafat's son

Mac people, how do I get a piture out of iphoto and put it online?

I can't wait for Xmas AM!

Cannibals & Monks

What the heck is wrong with lazy-eyed people?

What the heck is wrong with dudes?

What the Fuck is wrong with Everybody?

what the heck is wrong with chicks?

HO HO HO Snow on the roof, HO HO HO Snow on the roof

Yogurt, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Merry Winter Solstice today DUers! (art attached)

I had a dream that i was debating Ann Coulter

Woman Jailed For Stabbing Brother & Son In Pork Chop Dispute

Ho Ho Ho

I have a question about peanut butter cookies

Woo Hoo! My first CD-burn finally done! Only took 4 tries...

what the heck is wrong with hicks?

I have another question about peanut butter cookies


What the heck is wrong with "hell"?

Storm alert....Winter storm heading to Canada from the United States!

What the hell is wrong with 'heck'?

Masturbation v. Intercourse

Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?

Horny Du'er's please check in here!

Funny SPAM Bafflegarb

My New "Dumbest Pitch Line"

I had a dream that I was deboning Ann Coulter.

Stuffed Turkey Breast.

How shall I bully you?

how much lamer can CNN get?

Another pizza on the way!

I just got the extension for Firefox and I feel sexy! nt

Doing work for * supporters???

Anyone else enjoy going fishing on Christmas Eve?

"Now, I've found, that the world is round and of course.....Bee Gees Poll:

Watching birds eat in a snow storm is the best!

Fast-Food clone resturaunts---this is really funny (Abe Lincoln chicken)

What is it with all the whiny atheists on DU?

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire

Did you ever vehemently agree with someone's post....

I hit 1000 and didn't even know it!!

We'll be traveling from St. Louis to Cincinnati tomorrow.

Can anyone recommend an analog-to-digital transfer service or program?

Arguing against the DU ban on sex threads (esp. masturbation)

A Christmas Poem by George Bush - The Night OBL Tried to Steal Xmas

What is it with all the whiny athletes on DU?

Nostradamus Right Again!

George Harrison is Jesus!

It's the THOMAS KINKADE holiday 'Skater's Pond Bouquet!"

A picture of me at my company's holiday party...

1st Annual DU Lounge Player Hater's Ball

co-worker finally brought me Clinton's biography!!

just heard Fleetwood Mac on the radio....and miss Clinton now!

I just got a Kwanzaa card!!! Ask me anything

Personally, I Blame Gay Men For Women Being So Self-Conscious

Christmas with Louise....

Winning holiday lotto ticket bought in town called Luck

The "Art of Seduction" CAPTION

Instead of coal for the naughty on your list

'Gigli' filming caused woman's injury, suit says

Real story of "Porky Pig" singing Blue Christmas

Zoo animals...on wheels!

My daughters tooth is hanging by a string

i got my xmas bonus - yay!

Ways to spot Freeper co-workers

Things I'm sick of...

"A Christmas Carol' starring Tori Spelling and William Shatner.

Yesterday's high temp, 76. Current temp, 37.

We live in a post-9/11 world you French white flag waving wimp!


I'm more popular than Zombywoof. Ask me anything.

Fukking Christmas tree

Jilted bride sues runaway groom for calling off wedding via text messaging

Time for a Torch Song - An Early Festivus Gift

You've got to try the Church Sign Generator!

This is the worst year for movies!

What is your favorite name for FREEPERS?

Snow is like Sex...

Mystery Martian cleans US space buggy

Anybody listen to Robert Downey Jr.'s CD yet?

Buffalo gal, won't you come out tonight?

Only one day left to get your aluminum pole!

My wife is baking brownies

Drug Store Robbed of 100+ boxes of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and US $7,000

My husband is baking apricot rolls

make the penguin dive . . .

Monty Pythons, The Galaxy song. Best song ever?

I finally saw the crossfire with Jon Stewart

Guess I won't be seeing Phantom of theOpera

Can someone take time to answer my stupid question?

Boxers or briefs?

If you didn't do what you thought you did

My brownies are baking my wife!

Has anyone been to Tunisia? A co-worker is from there and tells me

The origins of an old Christmas tradition...

What ever happened to the old DUers

6AM News: Road Crews Ready for Big Snow Storm.....

xes xes xes xes xes xes xes xes xes

Many Christmases ago....

I got a little change in my pocket

Just added "Add bookmark here ext." to my Firefox browser & I feel sexy.

I didn't fail!

What's the best Christmas libation?

I am so bored I cant even think of anything to post

Anyone here an amatuer coffee roaster?

What's Santa bringing you for Christmas?

Rock it hard, rock it steady

Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire...

Tell me DUers...

I'm going Xmas shopping now and it 72degs. Should I wear shorts?

Learn Chinese

The low budget militia

What is it with all the whiny Chrisanthamums on DU?

to build on curse words that aren't curse words..

And in the end,

Anyone playing Sid Meier's Pirates?

Beige sucks

Almost done with final paper...need motivation

YAAAAYYY!! I got mail!

What movie(s) did you absolutely hate?

Do you think people in GD would argue as much face to face?

Anyone one to analyze my dream from last night?

There's no snow in my forecast *sigh*

What was the last merlot you drank that really kicked butt?

Best curse words that aren't really curse words... (CAUTION - EXPLICIT)

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

OK! Who Here Is A Fan Of Mythbusters!

Donations to Jesse Lee Peterson's NAACP boycott still 'slow'


sects sects sects sects sects sects sects sects sects....

Driver going 70 mph gets turkey embedded in windshield

Who wants to chip in and get commander bunnypants a girl?

Irregardless is not a word!

FReepers posting about how Bush will stop Forest fires! (really funny)


HEY! Guess who is a last minute addition to the Community Xmas pageant?

Recommended method to buy foreign currency from the U.S.?

Help with Xmas prank.

I know, I hated those kids. In fact

Can we agree on this? There is good and bad can come from everything

I need help purchasing a new bios chip

Wisconsin DUers

blue boobies

He's Not a Grammar Nazi Either

Dvlltquvnbrpzr is not a word!

I'll be damned if a good espresso isn't the nectar of the Gods!

You can't imitate me on this fuckin tape

Deer in my yard

When should I drive home for Christmas?

How many posts do I need before I can start a topic?

And now, for your moment of Zen...

sssshhh My Christmas present to my wife ssssshhhh

Any Swedes/Swedish-speakers on DU?

*SIGH* my mouse is dead

I remember Brazilian greeting cards saying "Boas Festas" since FOREVER

It's official--- I'm OLD now....

Mexican city bans indoor nudity

Missing an old (or odd) Christmas Song? Find it here.

Buy Blue

The Anti-Martha Stewart

YAAAAYYY!! It's snowing in Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUers I ask for a Hippopatamus please. The song, anywhere know

Four Inches of SNOW This Morning

Happy Homodays! Merry Queerstmas!

Alright, I'm trying to think of a song...

What are you wearing?

Deere in my yard.

mmmmmmm my sister in Chicago just sent me a pound box of

Song I dedicate to George Bush. Please read.


ooh. I bet the WB station I'm watching is going to get hate mail

Some things to do before Jan. 20, 2005...

Chargers at Colts this weekend. My son is predicting an upset

(x) Inches of (y) This Morning

Teen Sues Over Confederate Flag Dress

Ninja-Messiah Throwing Nails!!

Matcom bans indoor clothing

A good time to sell a rental property?

Need 10 folks to post here to start a FIREFOX user's group! Who's in?

how genius is Weird Al's "Couch Potato" song

if i eat any more i will EXPLODE

what's with all the food threads?

Does anybody want a FREE opportunity to slam "pro-lifers"?

Where can I find earlier versions of Autocad CHEAP?

Speaking of taking back Christmas...

Who loooves eggnog and hates green bean casserole?

Bush Runs Wild.

Today a coworker lent me "The Day After Tomorrow"

No. More. Cookies

Moving from an Office to Cuba...

I'm an Atheist but Jesus H. Christ is a cool dude!

Has anybody else seen the bumpersticker with gallows next to 'W 05'?

Happy BDay Prarie Home Companion

An open letter to those dissing on open letter writers

While I'm in a ranting mood - Tim Horton's sucks

Bertuzzi trial turns into a farce

String theory on NOVA last night gave me a headache.....

DU techies: Where can I find free ringtones?

Dolly Parton Eats It!

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" - is this true?

Moving from an Office to a Cube...

KO fan club petition.

Holy shit ! ! ! Full House loop-hole ! ! How did Danny Tanner and a greek

I just read a fundie Christmas letter! Please Cleanse Me!

The snow scene in West-Central Arkansas

"Hey German Kid, go back to Germania"

Answers to Your Questions


Face it: You don't get a Hallmark Moment this Xmas

It wouldn't really be Christmas without...........

And a golden halo surrounds the head of The Boy King, deep in thought

Am I the only one that watches That 70's Show and thinks that Red Foreman

just got my DU bumper sticker

My kitty Reno sneezes a lot

For whatever (non)entity(s) you don't/do worship, stop it!! You would think

Off till monday

Any writers here ever suffer from writer's block?

Ugliest. NHL Jersey. Ever.

What is the best and worst holiday dish that your family serves?

10cc - "I'm Not In Love" --- Love it or hate it?

Snow should NEVER be allowed in the South.

Husband's behavior on 'Amazing Race' stuns viewers

Generic brands:

I don't want Fop goddammit, I'm a Dapper Dan man!

The year in (animal) pictures....

So wide... You can't get around it...



I got an Ann Coulter book for Christmas

What odd food can you always eat no matter what?

Need help: Mr. Coventina & I just bought a "fixer-upper"

Fart Bombs Declared Dangerous By Customs Office

Noam Chomsky or Nim Chimpsky?

No one loves red beans and rice more than me.

Super cool visual illusion thingy

I got a Christmas card from Chimpy!!

The cutest picture you have ever seen.....

Caption: Junior leads draft press gang

Caption: Hang your head in shame warmonger

The "Double Life Disguise" CAPTION

The "Fussy Fashion Maven" CAPTION

My very own gratuitous kitty pic

There's a chance of SNOW tonight!

Despite its reputation, "It's a Wonderful Life" is a fairly dark film

Honest question: Has Porn changed since the 70s?

What food do you crave most when you are ill?

A Taste of Celebrity

I just recieved my grades, and I don't know what the FUCK happened.

My mom is so weird..

Martha Stewart: "Prison food is bad"

FR thread of the day: Ann Coulter is Hot (really)

Heads On Pikes...

What are the coolest movie cars?

What's for dinner?

I confess, I am a food JUDGER

"Time for you to stockpile gifts!"

Do you give your SO a gift list, drop hints, etc. ?

Looking for my own way back to God.

So, what did you get Mike Hunt for Christmas this year?

CO Liberal made me sick

Which of these two gifts should I give my parents for Christmas?

Do you use the word "X-mas" just to annoy X-tians?

Is anyone else a big Harold and Maude fan?

What foods are you a snob about?

I was just called "obsessed" by my best friend

“The world is a sad and beautiful place.” - Joe Strummer

What is it with all the whiny Christians on DU?

"You can't be Catholic and Pro-Abortion"

Help me spend my Wal-Mart gift certificate!

Worst alibi of all time -- Robert Blake

Food you love that your significant other finds repulsive?

I want to expand my foreign film repertoire. Any recommendations?

Are there NO Democrat Christians?

Actual Warnings on Consumer Goods

MTV's "Real World" Coming to Austin, Texas

Wes Anderson Films - Hate them or Love Them?

"Did they die for something that they knew was a lie?"

The real meaning of Christmas

Count Saint Germain

do you observe the "feast of the epiphany"?

Science News of the Year 2004

Water or Dust in Mars Photo?

Is a Black Hole a 'Hole'

The Answer!

Utah School Backs Down On Gay Rule

Gays win skirmish over dates for dance in West Jordan, Utah

South Africa Appeals Gay Marriage Ruling

Catholic Med School Bans Gay Student Group

Minneapolis Paper Refuses Gay Pride Ad, Draws Discrimination Complaint

A co-worker of mine was gay bashed.

I'd like to introduce myself.

Steroids and Brawls: A study in contrasts

Dodgers Kill Big Unit Deal to Yanks.

A Running Diary of the Pats Loss to Miami

Breaking: Jermaine O'Neal's suspension reduced ...

AP removes its poll from BCS ratings

Tax Payer funded Ball Parks

Hey Bird-brains...I need a little help with a question!

Holiday Greetings

So, among reasonable people...

How'bout that one?!

John Kerry - POW-MIA ( Part 2 of 2 )


Got to post it: I miss John Kerry.

How did Kerry even come close with "supporters" like these

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry

John Kerry - The Rising To Clinton's Defense

My Travel Pics - post your own here!

Don't make resolutions - make a personal political action plan

Michael Moore will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight

Call to Action

ROFL - Freak Republic News Conference today on C-Span

What happens when one corporation owns 99% of the media?

Halliburton Review

Video Of Our President Explaining The Social Security "Crisis"


Dubya says ‘Season’s Greetings, now get back to work Cratchit’

Bush to tax Social Security benefits to pay for tax cuts!

Bush's BS on SS

Can't DU THIS poll -- It's rigged ?! NY Daily News

Whit Ribbon campaign to oppose the war..

New Rovian Terminology I Have Noticed

David Sirota: Debunking Centrism

My real problem with "moving to the center"

I wish someone would take a poll right now...

The Bush cabal is taking its cues from Nazi Party history.

The newest MoveOn request - worthwhile or just really stupid?

When has anyone from BushCo ever told the truth?


"American Revolutionary" = "King of Pop"

Al Franken is on reporting on the kaos from yesterday's attack in Iraq

We need to think of a good label for those people.

True Patriots

Fedlog: With friends like these...(federal blogs, good reading today)

MSNBC 81% think Iraq on brink of Civil War

Rummy on now

Rule allows agency officials, not employees, to protest A-76 decisions

Former aid to VP conducted secret investigation within interior dept Rummy crying?

Help me shut down this Freeper...

The terrorists in Iraq are followers of Osama bin Laden ?

State of Union address, budget submission slated for early February

Bush: Bad! when bombers kill innocent Iraqis-but U.S. torture AOK!

Questions: Bush's Pardons Yesterday

A Case Against Privatizing Social Security

Interesting presentation on C-Span by Thomas Barnett

Support for war in Iraq is slipping fast, before this attack in Mosul....

Should the Democrats all get behind immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

Concern about the Boeing test-launch of a "mammoth new rocket"

Fastest growth found in 'red' states

Will 2008 Be Another Fear Election?

Bush weirdness 16:47 into his press conference..

Please, don't give me the boot for asking this question.

Coulter accuses liberals of "gloating" after the Mosul attack!/Video

Why do most Republicans & Conservative's Perfer Ignorance ?

Suggested dem theme-meme: "religious war."

If you are threating to leave the Democratic party, why not leave now?

Inside the confused mind of an American

Dems Win!!!

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

General Clark Coming Up On CNN

Rate this! Smokin'!! A Week of Inauguration Protests Planned

An interesting analysis of the election from Znet:

One simple thing Democrats could do to keep me in the fold

Bush mumbles into his tie during press conference... what the...????

Manger scene can stay, Festivus must go, both on government land.

Name a Democrat who is making life hard for the Bushists.

Feingold for President in 2008?

Why are so many people against the use of anger? Anger is a positive force