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Archives: December 6, 2004

Nader Offers to Lead Ukraine - Seeks to Heal Bitterly Divided Nation

Ukraine: It's now or never for Washington (Energy Bulletin)

How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan-NYT

Lockheed and the Future of Warfare


The System Endures (editorial about torture)

Nuking Iraqís Neighbors Will Not Solve US Problems

Forum: Who elected Bush? 'Generation Jones' (54-64).

Old Soldiers Back On Duty (60 Minutes, Dec 5) video & mp3 here

Bob Dylan on 60 Minutes (video & mp3 here for those who missed it)

Is the Carlyle Group buying up gold??

Day of Reckoning: Consequences of American Economic Policy Under Reagan

Ireland - The Emerald Isle Of Concrete - Guardian

Is it okay to post a transcript of a radio interview?

A question on where exactly is the line on "calling someone out"

Can you help me change a subject line?

Mundane question about DU bumpersticker.

DU glossary has a new addy...

The GD forum has been hijacked by flamewars

Israel and the nightmare of occupation

Hamas Rejects Cease-fire with Israel

my bad n/t

Wayne Madsen On Air Now ?


Sean O'Keefe from NASA mentioned by Madsen

Anyone have Information RE Motor Voter Registrations?

Sequoia is for sale! See what your tax dollars have done!!!

ABC-7 to cover recount at 11:00

An honest question about Bev....


Cuyahoga County, Ohio: 1155 Election "incidents"

Another lawsuit...SF Bay Area...Rally tomorrow

Florida - Kerry wins Early Voting

Transcript of Wayne Madsen interview 12/05 on Sunday Monitor

Election Irregularities in Kentucky

Wayne Madsen on KPFT right NOW

Stop the infighting

Predictions? Where will we stand one week from now?

The Motherlode: A great web site of election "incidents"


Important: Results of ABC-7 news coverage on Ohio recount

What do you think we should tell the National media right now re: Fraud?

Can anyone give a quick summary of how CyberNet fits into the vote fraud

Welcome all newbies! :- )

Demonstrations in San Diego

Ok guys, here's one for you all.

Lon Burnam is suing Tom Delay and needs to raise $$$ in this effort

On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations

I made a mistake this morning

Piece on CBS Now about back door draft

Demonstrations in San Diego

When in the hell

Its a good thing white sports reporters

Republic Leader Frist gives ABCs and OK for Condoms!

A really good line from FDR's 2nd inaugural address:

Size Does Matter

Fort Lewis colonel: "Really feeling good" about killing 22 Iraqis

Conservatives want to bring back HUAC

I HATE homeland security ads.

Judith Reisman - founder of modern Anti-Kinsey Movement

RimJob spotted signing the HUAC Revival Petition

Minister Orders Investigation into Missing Canadian Airport Uniforms

A Message To Fellow Liberals About Abortion (short)

In my pre election canvassing, more women who were voting for Bush listed

You lucky New Yorkers. Pataki's re-election bid is up and running with tax

Could Hugo Chavez solve the Iraq problem?

My feelings on the abortion issue.

Democrats vs. Republican support for the Iraq war . Dems wanted it too.

Stars step up for the Kennedy kudos

The Brookings Institution

Hitler, Lenin, Stalin....logical conclusion of non-theistic evolution

New Kerry Picture

Anyone able to access Peter Werbe tonight?

Okay a post to follow the "act" of Steven Vincent, my name is Valerie

Bush and his Republicans are afraid of the American people.

It's okay,....

did rumsfeld ever praise saddam in the 80s?

Sequoia (voting machines) up for sale...parent co. prints Iraqi $$

Fox News mention on the Simpsons tonight

Reactionary Bigots are planning to send America back to the Dark Ages

SHHH.. yuo are not suposed to see this (Fallujah photos, GRAPHIC)

Support OUR troops....This will p*ss you off!

Was the $2 bill phased out to smear out Jefferson because he didn't like..

I believe I am one of the MIHOP people ?

Did Kerry get majority of the military vote in the final tally ?

The Definitive Republican Dictionary: Why the Right Is Wrong

Did anyone ever anticipate that our country could sink so low so quickly?

It takes Canada to talk about renewable energy!!!!

Can one be Pro-choice,and not Pro gay rights?

Omerta, the Republican Code of Silence.

"They hate us for our freedoms"

There is a lot of work to be done for the Democratic Party...

Senator and Mrs. Edwards Out and About!

Do the Americans leave Iraq right after their election in January ?

Stupid Fundie-Freepy Email and My Repsonse.

Ed Bradley interviews Bob Dylan (60-Minutes)

Fallujah. A tiny, tiny little place about 5 square miles

University of Georgia has determined that AA is a good idea.

Interview with Bob Dylan is upcoming on "60 Minutes" - 7PM EST

Where to go in the event of a draft?

GOT ORANGE? When you go buy your knicknacks

Where you go if FreeRepublic is too liberal for you

TBTM Flash: 'Same As It Ever Was'

Why the Dem party will never get new blood in Central Florida.

The PBS News Hour Honor Roll Of U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq Here:

Paedophilia thesis comes under fire

Message to My Fellow Proud "Liberals" on DU: Hypocrisy Check!!!

ABC World News does a "hit piece" on Target

On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations

NORTH DAKOTA: Disaster exercise to involve Canadian officials

Chief Leaving Army Psychology Support Team

Frist Backs Review of Abstinence Programs

Reid: Congress Should Stay Until Spy Bill Passes

Russia, India Rekindle Trade Ties (Misleading Headline)

Broken aid promises 'killing children'

Religious Meeting in Indonesia Aims to Blunt Radicals

The Guardian: Harvest of death

Bush's Iraq Intelligence Panel Works in Secret

Iraq's Allawi due in Russia for oil, debt talks

Iraq asks Australia to help train its spies

China to seek end of arms embargo at Sino-EU summit

McCain withholds approval of Rumsfeld

Straw welcomes UN plan for strikes on rogue states

Float joins '04 parade of religious disputes

Treasury Secretary Is Likely to Leave Soon (Phil Gramm on short list)

Musharraf: Iraq war has made world 'less safe'

Dems' new Senate leader criticizes Justice Thomas

Blue-State Funds Act To Balance GOP - Forbes

Bolivia's traditional parties may lose in mayoral elections

WP: Army Spun Tale Around Ill-Fated Mission (Pat Tillman death)

Eight Soldiers Plan to Sue Over Armyís Stop-Loss Policy -NYT

Cat blogs anyone?

What a GREAT Sunday! Vi-Queens lose

Bob Dylan's first interview in almost 20 YEARS coming up

San Diego wins

Basil: Austin, the Cold War is over!

DU Glossary has a new web addy...

Is anyone here actually on your local draft board?

It's Sunday evening - should I have a third Manhattan, or a second Gimlet?

It is officially Christmas, I just had my first Bowl of Spumoni

Simpsons: Fox News Truck With Bush/Cheney Banner

Overly Sappy Christmas Post--Please Read.

Anyone else have a SLOOOOOOWWW net today?

OMFG!!! I have proof the world is going to end tonight!

Looking for a big ole' US Interstate Hwy. Map

Good news Marge!

The Simpsons just slammed FOX NEWS Again

Do you get a kick out of watching a long time DUer

UN Women's Conference: Sexy Asian girls discuss wage disparity.


My ordeal with screaming kids at Mass today.

'How about a half hour of pity sex?'

MiSTies-ever watch some of the original Minneapolis episodes?

Heh. Heh heh. You said 'succumb.'

Vin Diesel goes the "Kindergarden Cop" route in Disney's "The Pacifier"

Unfamiliar opening bands....

Tonight's flamebait debate: choice (male)

What was the dumbest quote of 2004?

In rare case, man who has not yet been tried wants state to execute him

I asked this 2 days ago, and it's already gone from the first 20 pages.

Anyone watching Arrested Development??

Old abandoned shopping carts

I'm back from Vegas...Did ZombyWoof behave while I was gone?

Prairie Dogs Have Own Language

Do you like Venors ginger ale?

Freakin Steelers!!

DU Late Night Sunday Chat

Dear Mr. Bush -- why don't you just ask someone to teach you Photoshop?

Hot Democratic women

Admit It: 4 Years Ago I Was a WEIRD LOOKING High School Freshman

Is the DU Gallery still being maintained? (I know it's still online but

Admit it: fluffernutter had the grooviest socks ever in High School.

Icon-O- Rama

Admit it, bush is a big baby.

Admit it I was a cute baby


Senator Bill Frist SCARES ME.

Best program for WAR driving?

How many like Ovaltine?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!! (Don't fall asleep!)

OK, Nuclear Amusement Parks - which kind do you prefer?

Say what you want about Fox, but is there a funnier line up than...

when you're out shopping and your wife / gf says ...

Admit it! SOteric was a real babe too!

Admit It, I Sorta Look Like My Own Sig Line Cartoon


Favorite Tommy Bolin song?

Do the Vikings suck or what?

If Ben Franklin were alive today...


Whatís the time?

Big in '04 on VH1: Michael Moore will be on

Best man stabs groom for making a pass at his girlfriend

Can I just say one thing...

so I just saw "The Reagans" miniseries on DVD ...

Anti-Steroid Button Brigade

Admit it! RagingInMiami has no legs!

Why do they call it Ovaltine?

Have you seen the new Verizon Wireless Commercial?

Is kanrok really mean or what??

Do the Packers suck, or what?

What's your favorite Climax Blues Band song?

To be sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree....

Hey!!! Let's TP Fenris' monitor

How do you embed a graphic into your sig line?

un-poetic license

Admit it. The Grumpys are babes...

Shows that had both Black and White and Color episodes.

Well Well Well, Guess Whose Got The Best Defense In The NFL?

I'm calling out JimmyJazz. And Miss Kitty. And GOPisEvil. And

GLBT DUers: If your state legalized civil unions and you were in a...

Woodstock '92--Didn't Longgrain look silly in his black fedora.

Congratulations roguevalley! 5000 Posts!

Tonight's Simpson's: What did Santa's Lil' Helper have?

Whos watching Big in '04 on VH1?

Size Does Matter

Somebody DU a poll..........

Congrats short bus president!!!! 5617 posts!!!!!

Aagh! The Bells! The Bells!!!

I do think it's pizza time!!!!!

Jags vs Steelers game thread:

Exotic Guitars . . .

What the hell is "BCS" re football? It seems to be a big deal, local news

Here, Have a Cup of Coffee...It's on me...

Something my uncle just sent me. Subject: I knew here had to be a book.

Ya gotta listen to Peter Werbe.....whatta guy whatta guy

If they were so inclined to run, what key figure of the "everyone knew

am i just jaded or is the simpsons terrible these days?

Why the hell are so many of Jim Carrey's characters green?

let us all join in a big group hug with n2mark!

admit it: you love my happy sig. dog

Steeeeeeeeeeeelers win

My laundry soap.

Is it "Wine Night" for anyone?

Drive-in movies

Remember this Steelers fans???

Congratulations JimmyJazz - 4000... erm, 4005 posts!

Don't look to see if anyone's behind you. Just throw it into reverse and..

I have used the word "adorable" three times in the last hour.

The Ben Franklin you never read in school

I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a flannel for my face.

Who or what will you be in your next life?

Admit it! In the 80s, I wore too much makeup.

Looking for flights from Sydney, AU, to Seattle.

I give up

Oh, yeah. we just smoked a Troll....

Did You Guys Just See The Sixty Minutes Piece On Bob Dylan?

I don't practice Santeria...

Anyone here ever use "Skip Doctor"?

I'm ticked off!

Black and White shows you grew up with....

Ahh! Aahhh! Aaahhhhh!

My kid flooded the bathroom

Do squirrel-proof bird feeders really work?

HBO's "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" premieres tonight

Music's finest performer or group from the 60s

Serius radio

French Toast anyone?

NightTrain has an absolutely awesome pic in the DU gallery.

Which was the worst decade for fashions?

Could the U.S. defeat Canada in a war?

Congratulations MrsGrumpy! 16895 Posts!

Do you believe that love exists?

Old abandoned racetracks.

Why won't (x^2)^.5 differentiate right?!!!!! (

What movie can you watch over and over again....

After I posted my book on the DU --I got this review from a freeper

I have officially given up

"I'm a hopeless romantic."

Gratuitous animal pic thread!

Why don't the Packers concede so that the Simpsons et. al can be aired?

Just watched "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers." Geoffrey Rush

Medical People: A gruesome question about Guillotines.

The Arcade Fire

Which of these films is the worst?

anyone watching Rameses on Discovery?

Someone should start "Jesusland Tours"

"The Search for Science" (Google Scholar) WOW!!!

Teenagers fail to see the consequences

Buddhas rise again from the ruins - with a bit of Kiwi help

Holy Grail of geology found


Sorry ....College Football sucks.....


McNabb Is Overrated Because He's Black

A puppy was dropped in the ditch by my house today!

Silva, est, Lifespring, TM....others?

Unexplained infertility

Excellent new book: "The End of Faith"

Watch this video of 'Pastor' Deacon Fred... (Funny! )

Rave: Christians are ruining DU for me.

John Kerry and John Edwards out on the town in tuxedos!

John Kerry - Youth Years (Part 1of 2)

US admits the war for 'hearts and minds' in Iraq is now lost

There may be another high level resignation this week, folks!

Maintain Dem visibility in your neighborhood

Rove has made habit out of framing others for "crimes"

What is the political composition of your state's US House delegation?

The "new" DemocraticUnderground ?


Colin Powell Predictions for the next few years

Beware! New Yahoo snooping feature: How to opt out

What is the political composition of your state's US Senate delegation?

has anyone seen Lawrence O'Donnell since 10/22?

Do they know?

Declare Victory And Leave

[PINR] 06 December 2004: The Potential Deterioration of Sino-Japanese Rel


NC: Repairing elections

How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan

NY NEWSDAY: The South in red, gray and blue

Two Veteran Journalists Critical Of Today's Media Coverage

GOP leaders hurting the nation's security

Novak's privileged position would count for nothing if his peers.......

Dems' pick for DNC leader will draw new map for party

Give Troops a Gift They Truly Need: A Safe Return Home

RW media whore Wash Post Editorial supports Soc Sec destruction

TX 2 FL:White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching"

Not all Journalists in Iraq are Embedded -- What really happens

Torture in Our Names by Molly Ivins

Painting Wyoming as a hate state

NYT: Two Faces of China (will be world's biggest producer and market)

Data Mining: An Overview

Japan threatens huge dollar sell-off

Wounded Kneecaps

White (Whore) House Linked to Vote Switch Scandal


Guardian Article: Save us from the politicians who have God

Two Veteran Journalists Critical Of Today's Media Coverage

Xtian neo-con goes to CHINA for STEM CELLS

Class Mattered - (how the rich won the election)

Conservatives dominate information flow to Americans

Wayne Madsen releases 4th article...names a SOURCE of EVIDENCE!

When will Dems/Libs learn? (or if you want to know why Bush won)

How do we UNITE ??????

It's a Miracle

Dean plans major speech for Wednesday 12/8 - live webcast

Dec 12 MARCH, State Capitols 51CAPITOL, Sunday.Dont wait till Jan!

Chicago Event: Videotaped presentation of Ohio Public Hearings

Activism alert? DON'T DO A DAMNED THING!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce ownershipof Media-Advocacy Groups Blur Media Line

Keith Oberman asks questions about Bev Harris

Reuters Still Seeking Answers on Alleged Abuse of 3 Staffers

Best man for the CBS job: a woman

Burn ACLU 'to the ground,' Fresno radio host says

Philippine Deforestation At Root Of Flood/Landslide Disaster

State Of Alaska Redefines "Frost" To Extend Oil Exploration Season

Greenland's Biggest Outlet Glacier Doubles Flow Rate Between 1997-2003

20% Of Planet's Reefs Likely Beyond Recovery - ENS

Some Tucson schools get solar system to save and to teach.

Documents Undermine UC/Dow Defense On Bhopal Liability - Independent

14 Injured As Record High Winds Hit Tokyo - Reuters

Fish & Wildlife Service - Sage Grouse Not Endangered

COP-10 Climate Conference Begins In Buenos Aires

Environmental Estrogens Work At Very Low Concentrations - Medical Study

Battlefield Earth (Bill Moyers)

Ahern/Blair give NI parties 4 days to make deal

East Timor May Not Ratify Gas Treaty, Stalling Woodside Project

N.Z. Labour Party Adds Support as Economy Expands (Update1)

IRA must accept humiliation says Paisley

The Power of Nightmares

Weekend at Bernie's ...

When everybody has a gun, armed robbery can be deadly to the thief

Fuck Gun Control.

Straw purchase my ass!

Are there any non right wing gunsights?

A separate forum for evolution/religious discussions?

On Evolution/Creationism debates...

Rather curious about the explanation for this lock

Why can't I see this thread on its forum's home page?

I can't use the search, keep on getting error code.

Any chance of getting a DU glossary posted in a forum?


Is it against the rules to discuss

I need some assistance

I had a post deleted because a mod doesn't know what words mean


Why this thread hasn't been locked is beyond me

Israel's new road plans condemned as 'apartheid'

IDF probing charge that troops killed wounded suspect

General: 1 in 5 troops behave badly at roadblocks

Court sentences Jewish terrorist to long jail term

Vanunu: Israeli nukes push neighbor states to get atomic arms

Abbas, Barghouthi Running Even in Palestinian Poll

WTC construction manager: Plane through perimeter columns..

What was going on at Johnstown Airport on 911?

No idea why this is archived - my response to Bush's reaction Kerry Inaug

Kerry's Ohio electors should meet and vote on the 13th

Kerry Christmas!!

Did you know outfit in Houston "assists election officials " nationwide?

12-04-04 Rally in Ohio

Wear Orange

Edwards coming on C-SPAN 12:30 a.m EST


"New" voters in CA went for Bush 2 to 1? Are you kidding me?

What happened to the 58.000 "missing" ballots mailed in Florida?

Matthew Dowd on 'earned media'

lock or delete

The odds that 600 of 1000 random machine errors favor Bush:1 in 11 BILLION

The Mandate..... anyone know the new total?

Did Air America cover the Saturday Ohio event, or was it only Pacifica???

Someone suggested we "get Powell"

Washington Post article on Ohio vote challenges...

a $200,000.00 reward for info leading to proof of fraud in 2004 election??

Why is media behavior so hard to understand?

Today's Vote Challenge Day, RIGHT?

This doesn't explain why Bush won either....

"Iíve concluded that Bush won for two reasons..."

(contact your Congressperson) Support Ohio Election Investigations

"Giving the finger to America"

OHIO Discussion on radio left

Robert Blake's murder trial begins tomorrow, will coverage of the

Post your letters here. Inspire others! Suggest targets!

I could be $10,000 richer after January 20

Edwards says "It's not over"

Voter suppression list website

Ohio to certify election

HEADS UP: Work on detailed plans privately -- this is a public forum.

WaPost issues correction to story on exit polls

San Diego VOTERR... statement

Meanwhile SCOTUS warms up for its usual filthy role in these elections...


We need to find out if the vote was stolen from Tom Daschle, also.

I saw the greatest bumper sticker in Paris, Texas

Missing uniforms and badges

Help the newbie! What is MSM? It will help me understand posts on this

Okay, we won the election. The question is why...

A red/blue divide of a different color

I am losing my mind here - can someone help?

ALERT: Madsen story strong/incomplete, WE HAVE AFFIDAVIT

TX DPS "lost" motor-voter registrations..

KTLA just reported on the election

Chicago Reader newspaper writer recounted Glades Co. FL


Whither Our Winter Soldier?

Am I crazy? I can't find CNN prez election results on CNNPolitics site

Katherine Willey filed an affidavit: Media loved it!

In Sworn Affidavit, Programmer Says He Developed Vote-Rigging Prototype fo

Humble suggestion: wait for all evidence

Removal of 21 Florida e-voting machines in Broward County?

Media email adresses to send vote fraud info to


Why hasn't the FBI impounded ALL BB voting machines? With

Is Madsen trying to discredit Conyers?

From Common Cause

Was the big Republican turnout padded with GHOST VOTES?

One of Tom Feeney's constituents speaks.....

Your thoughts on today's big ass votergate developments

Buzzflash just Goes with the "Brad Blog" Story/Blaring Headlines but


Common Cause Forum:VOTING IN 2004 12/7/04 - attend via conference call

Weird....I literally live 1 mile from Yang Industries.

Trailers for our Electronic Voting DVD "Electile Dysfunction" here

Federal Judge Rules That Ohio Recount Will Go Forward in All Counties.

Why is everyone badmouthing this Brad Blog????

How did a "Write In" vote work in Ohio?

BRAD BLOG: Programmer Built Vote Rigging Prototype for REP Congressman!

They're circling..."Fragility of Bush's 'mandate' is revealed"

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

omg omG OMG!!!!!

How is that guy from Yang/Wong Industries being protected?

12/07/2004 A Day That Shall Live In Infamy

Been sitting on an email list of 300 rich,urban repub types, just waiting

Watching CNN -- Wolf Blitzer announced he will report on OHIO Vote Fraud!

Representative blames Democrats for Voter Problems

Is Blackwell Certifying Today?

Rochester NY Fraud alleged

Okay, We Lost Ohio. The Question Is, Why?

Westchester County Disenfranchisement Campaign NY

What we can do now in urban areas to help spread the message

CNN: Democrats to investigate Ohio voting

Article about a lockdown in Riverside County, California

RNC aide states: Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes

I Know You Are Excited, But Don't Look For Recount Results Any Time Soon

Props to Buzzflash for posting the Curtis affidavit on the main headline.

Does anyone have an update from Cliff Arnebeck? Lawsuit been filed?

Take action to get TV coverage of this hearing


So Clint Curtis created a web site on Jan, 27 2004 ????

AP: Ohio Certifies Bush Win by 119,000 Votes

The Tide Has Turned: MSM Helping Madsen and Conyers !!!

In case you didn't know: Lawsuit will say Bush stole 65,000 OH Kerry votes

See Clint Curtis' prototype for Feeney here (NOT BradBlog):


21 voting machines in heavily Dem Fl county removed w/o supervision ??????

Common Cause -- Tuesday -- Washington, DC

Dean DC Speech 2 hours after Conyers Hearing starts

Al Franken..."His exit polls may be screwy..."

Can we get a fraud investigation going in Texas?

AOL up-to-minute story: Democrats to Probe Ohio Voting Problems

A HIGHER perspective on Election 2004 outcome!

Dems vow to examine Ohio results -MSNBC also Sorry Everyone story

6 Jan 2001: A day of infamy that spurs the creation of a....

KEITH OLBERMANN -- 15 page letter sent Thursday to Ohioís SoS

Signed-Sealed-Delivered.... We're Screwed

Article detailing anomolies in Missouri


Adding to Madsen's facts: Flood alerts and power outages on 11/2

Tomorrow, Greg Palast will be interviewed


Here's a good handout: 20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

Experts provide a 2004 voting report to the nation on 12/07/04

Best editorial ever: OHIO: Ground Zero (full text w. permission)

4th Madsen Article:White House-linked operation paid for "vote switching"


This Poll Will Be Used To Gauge The Spirit Of DU.

The Republican spin begins

Ohio punchcards and punchcard machines brainstorm



I need an update.

Dems to probe Ohio voting problems

New analysis of California data - backs up Madsen's claims - READ IT!

New methods are called for

Underreported election fraud news stories - 11- 2 to present. 106 articles

GOP legislators in CA want to hook their party up with electoral votes!

Calif. Lawmaker Wants to Privatize State Pensions

Voterr Statement \ San Diego Demonstration

California boy wins national science competition

Is LA Times expose on King/Drew Medical Center woes slanted?

Urgent Appeal To Those In Wendy Greuel's District (East SFV)

I read this and almost threw up. For real.

Election De-Brief & Opportunity Fair for MN Progressives (Dec. 10)

Fox "Facts"

Would you want to appear in a web-ad for Liberal Values?

Page file question

Dewhurst supports record votes, televised hearings

Question about Bass Hall (Tarrant County)...

"Altruistic Democrat Disorder"-Downey reams Repubs?

They Should Play this Song at events scrub attends

Great response to those cockamamie "Our Leader" billboards:

Napalm Death - Continuing War On Stupidity

Why Doesn't A Dem Take On The High Interest Credit Card Banking Scam?

The truth about Pat Robertson

LAT: Deadly errors and politics betray a hospital's promise (King/Drew)

"Americans for Common Sense" Operation: RED Alert- First Issue!

Amazing how now that the election is over no mention of OBL

Curse you, Liberal Media

Musharaff: "Iraq has made the world less safe", though Saddam was hated.

If you get smooshed by your garage door...

I like this billboard better...

Will Iran make weapons of mass destruction to AVOID a war with the US?

Possibly the most offensive Rapture Ready thread EVER.

I'm keepin' muh cable, so there :P

Do Religion Threads Belong in the Religion Forum?

How much does Laura Bush know? What do YOU think?

Jesus Bush honors famous British homosexual

Guardian/Martin Rowson cartoon;Iraq elections..

"country of orgin" labels...why did repukes vote against it and delay...

Some things to do before the 2005 inaugural...

This is funny. * writes the WH transcripts...

U.S. Congresswoman Wants Haitiís Political Prisoners Released

Have you seen the size of Dick Cheney's HUGE "feet"?

Right-winger Cliff May just pretty much called Harry Reid a racist

Animated 3D playing card of Bush giving middle finger

Passion fan stalks Mel Gibson

Quote of the Day from H. L. Mencken...

Foreign Office quizzed mercenary before coup

My New Frame (rant)

Booing the President ain't popular at the Army-Navy game

THE GREAT DEBATE | This Modern World

Who will they draft first?

How many people were killed in the Flood? Is that Genocide?

Peterson? Jacko? NO it's the ERIC RUDOLPH trial (Yes it still is going on)

Is "trickle-down economics" now totally discredited ?

The next attack on Gay Rights.

I found the perfect candidate for 2008

Let's talk about Ethanol

On TNT, "ER" just showed

Why Do We Think That The Insurgents Will Stop After The

Explain the difference between leftist and liberal...

I am already SICK of this fake Republican WH vs. the Hill crap

This story is headlined on my MSN website home page....

So how many soldiers really died in November?

Amazing, I was just about to start a post regarding men "loving" Bush...

Bob Dylan's 60 minutes interview/Video clip

The Boiling Frog Syndrome

Debating a Repug on Ohio Recount

Bush has laid the foundations for totalitarianism in America.

Can you win by losing?

Were YOU spanked as a child?

McEnroe Canceled - What Do You Think Of Replacement?

Regarding George W. Bush "Our Leader" Billboards

Why is the National Guard Hiring More Recruiters?

The Guilt-free Soldier (The Devil Pill)

George Bush said : " A marriage should be between a man and a woman".

boycot clearchannel

Indymedia report on san diego rally (PHOTOS)

I have a student with a brother is in Iraq. She voted for *

I propose...

Is this the proof that "the economy is booming" ?

Osama bin laden's pre-Election Message

Reaching Across the Divide

Rediscover Populism

Democrats may be to blame for media coverage of politics

Which is more harmful to a child? A rare swat to the rear, or TV?

Is LA Times expose on King/Drew Medical Center woes slanted?

Good read......

Flip-flopper Bush now says "Terrorists are on the move"

Is this a real RUSH LIMBAUGH quote???

DU Graphics people-looking for fonts

Florida wants to end voting day - for real

"The High Priests of War" by Michael Collins Piper

Missing uniforms and badges

I-Team: Illegal Strip Searches at Reagan National?

dupe: deleted by Melodybe

Check out this Iraq photo.....

Top Official Says U.S. Seeks Cuba's 'liberation'

Exclusive: Full text of 9/11 police state bill draft

Do you remember feeling proud of this country?

I have $old out to $inclair adverti$er$.

Job openings in St Louis

Job Openings in St Louis

pics of Laura and the Chimp

In sworn affidavit, programmer says he developed Vote-Rigging prototype

Last week, I read a thread stating that the House passed a bill.....

I've had a breakthrough with my screenplay!

interesting article on what the Shrub plans for SSI.. i live these guys

Reuters pissed at military for abuse of 3 news staffers (torture)

My Mother in law believes the U.S. currency is the most sought after ..

i recieved these strange this the FBI trying to feret

Anyone use Earthtones internet or phone service? What do you think?

Has everyone read "What the Matter with Kansas" By Thomas Frank yet?

Generation Raised With Internet Grows Up

Anyone hear Al Franken's interview with Harry Reid?

WH Christmas Card

What Happens if the Vote Was Proven Rigged?

"The environment is in trouble and the religious right doesn't care."


XM satellite = Clear Channel ?

for those who listen to daytime am radio in the midwest---

Time to do more than posting

Go right now and look at the Drudge Report front page

Salam Pax hung out with a GI (DC) who'd served in Iraq in late October

death destruction fear

LOL , pissed off freeper writes letter to Editor to Toronto Sun

H.L. Mencken

Limbaugh: Rename Detroit to New Fallujah....and other brilliant insights

Did anyone see Patton Oswald's stand up this weekend? It rocked

The Onion creates a wonderful satire on privatizing Social Security

UK's 'Mr. Bean' Attacks Religious Hatred Bill

Most Americans believe the virgin birth is literally true,

Military "fine print"

Iraq: What do we do now?

Whither Our Winter Soldier?

After roughly 400 years of religious freedom...

Will sending in more troops to Iraq really help?

In Iraq, the US does eliminate those who dare to count the dead

Whatever came of the "Our Leader" billboard

Missiles won't fly in Canada

Economic `Armageddon' predicted - Morgan Stanley


need some counter information: my brother said that in the Koran, it says

Sen. Norm Coleman calls for Kofi Annan's resignation

More PATHETIC red state hypocrisy

did we ever decide on a bracelet?

Interesting graph -- teen pregnancy in the "red" states

Saw A Great Bumper Sticker Today...

Has anyone else seen this???? What do you think????

Armstrong Williams says Mfume was fired

my best friend's marine bf just got called to iraq 3 months earlier

I Am Become Death - The Destroyer Of The Worlds (speaking of smirk)

heads-up: Karl Schwarz on rbnlive 4-6 CST today, re 9/11

White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" softwar

Great site for the disgruntled Dem on your shopping list

Head up DU-Sibel E.and Karl S. live on

Warren Beatty declines having picture taken with Bush!

Non-Violent Draft Resistance...

Please don't spend this holiday season. Support the troops don't shop!

Anybody want to start some major shit? Wal-Mart Alert

Last Night's 60 Minutes

MetroSpy - gear for rightie, wack-job nut cases

Six Days in December.. Sixteen Soldiers Dead....

On the issue of respecting various belief systems....

Agreement reached on Intelligence reform!

Law Experts Debate Md. Gov.'s Reporter Ban - Guardian

I just talked to someone who had never heard of Guantanamo.

Plea for civility and respectful disagreement

Please PM me.... I need to hear from the person who started the

Ohio certified

The full SEAL photo collection....

Are you listening Osama?

Texas W chainsaw massacre

Is it okay to shop at Kmart?

Vote With Your Dollars at Blue Companies

WTF?! Tillman killed by FRIENDLY FIRE??!

If you were forced...

PHOTO: Bush, Rice, Cheneys enjoy the high life at Kennedy Center Gala

Keith Olberman's Blog today very cryptic!!! Whats your take on it???

OK... So Who Else is Waiting for their Pic to Show up at SorryEverybody?

Our democratic leadership needs to call a news conference.

Can foreigners make indirect contributions to US candidates?

Early warning signs of Fascism.....

Where can I find good news coming out of Iraq?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: this week's guest list

Too bad! John McEnroe's talk show canceled

The "moral values" claim has worked fantastically well!

all these recent anti-islam threads are missing the point.


Dynamite post at Digby's Hullabaloo: Fundamentalism and Fascism

My Letter Wasn't Just in the Paper, It Was In Sunday's Paper


I'm not even angry anymore

Received my Selective Service papers in the mail today

How long would the red states last without the blue states?

13 things you can do to make your world a better place

History will record that 9/11 was the beginning of the decline .....

Help Southwest Airlines -- a co. that does little lobbying -- convince...

Fox News coming to your Clear Channel station....

30 Things To Do Before The Inauguration

How we make Brother Matcom's Testimony a REALITY.

Fallujans to citizen processing centers, to receive badges they must wear

New credit card for Jews won't work on Sabbath

The Zip Code Democracy Game

The Pat Tillman Story

Merry Christmas to the children of Iraq! (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES)

I am so afraid!

Kerry & Edwards resurface > > >

U.S. mocked charges of corruption in oil-for-food program

I'm sick of HATE radio!

Horrible Kerry Strategies Being Revealed(C-Span/Newsweek) Your thoughts?

DLC Calls on Kofi Annan to Resign?? (WTF??)

Curious. How do you distinguish between a "fundie" and a liberal Christian

Did anyone see on CNN the camera man taping the car wrecks?

I must confess: I am more afraid of other white people than black people

Do you think a Holocaust could happen in the United States?

I saw a Thyssen-Krupp Elevator truck in Seattle. Did Germany win WWII?

DLC Seeks to Purge the Icky People (e.g., Michael Moore)

Peace activists in L.A. in Christmas Parade

Want to be scared by vile Christian brainwashing filth?

Navy SEALS Rock!

Should we try to dry up the DNC?

I am not participating in "society" anymore....

Take Two: Tolerance is a two-way street.

I need a good recipe for thumbprint cookies

HFX Chronically Horrid: "Sub left port with electrical problem"

15 Years Ago: Montreal Massacre

Informative sites on expatriating to Canada from the States?

How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan-NYT

Musharraf: Iraq war has made world 'less safe'

Bush still won but vote tighter

Critics gather to protest vote count

Election Day Is Over But The Contest Is Not

Details show horror of athlete's friendly fire death

2 Marines Killed During Mission in Iraq (#1271, #1272)

TX 2 FL:White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching"

Three Soldiers killed in two separate incidents (#1273, #1274, #1275)

WP:Fear of Putin Gives Rise to Unlikely Allies(pol. foes unite to survive)

At F.D.A., Strong Drug Ties and Less Monitoring

Firefight Breaks Out on Baghdad's Haifa Street

120m origami birds of peace fall on Thailand

70 Iraqis die in weekend attacks

2 Marines Killed During Operations in Iraq

Canuck troops to Iraq?

U.S. Army reservists escape court-martial

NYT:We Pledge Allegiance to the Mall(spending splurge=world econ stress)

Pastor decried after child's arms severed

New Mandela letters come to light

Elton changes tune over Bush

Pakistani leader, in London, says roots of terrorism being ignored

Careless French bomb squad causes terror alert

LAT: Russia Seeks Safety in Nuclear Arms (regular military weak)

Soldier shoots friend, self

Eight Soldiers Plan to Sue Over Armyís Stop-Loss Policy

US eyes cut in troops in Afghanistan

Lighting up the White House

Japan's Iraq Presence to Depend on Report

LAT: Deadly errors and politics betray a hospital's promise (King/Drew)

Picketing starts TODAY at 11am -- Voter Fraud Ohio

Bush Admin knew for years of energy fraud against Native Americans

Army Spun Tale Around Ill-Fated Mission

Bush film favoured to win Turner Prize (often given to questionable art)

Bush Links Saudi Attack, Iraq Election

US Consulate Attacked

US election funds smash records

Gay ordinance triggers hate mail (Bettendorf IA)

Flashing lights hover over city (Darwin, Australia)

Activists Crawl Through Web to Untangle U.S. Secrecy

Musharraf: Look to terrorism roots (says Iraq war a big mistake)

Cheney Said to Be at Taliban Risk in Kabul

Pentagon Metrorail station currently closed ("possible hazmat situation")

Students heckle Iranian president

Blasts Reportedly Shake Abkhazian Capital (former USSR)

WP,pg1:Advocacy Groups Blur Media Lines(media created w/ hidden agenda)

Ohio weighs electronic, punch voting

Berlin building searched in probe of alleged plot against Allawi

181,000 Dead people listed on rolls in the six swing states

Hearing begins for US soldier accused of murdering unarmed Iraqi

NYT: Two Faces of China (will be world's biggest producer and market)

Federal Judge Rules That Ohio Recount Will Go Forward in All Counties.

Gibraltar talks break new ground

Exclusive: Full text of 9/11 police state bill draft

White House-linked clandestine operation paid for vote rigging software

Fears Grow As Military Thins

MSNBC: Bush: Concerns fixed in intel bill, time to vote

Five Blasts Reported in Spain After ETA Threats

New FDA Rules Aimed at Bioterror Attacks

Bank fuses faith and finance

OPEC Members Move Into Euros From Dollars - IHT

Iraqi labour movement makes global debut with tough task ahead

Baby teeth provide life-giving stem cells

The Price of Credibility (The DLC urges Kofi Annan to resign)

In Sworn Affidavit, Programmer Says He Developed Vote-Rigging Prototype fo

Hostages Held at U.S. Consulate in Jiddah

In Sworn Affidavit, Programmer says he developed vote-rigging prototype

New Social Security Paln Allows Workers to Put Portion of Earnings on...

ROS-LEHTINEN EARNS A PH.D (on our time/dime)

AP: Bush Honeymoon May Not Last Long

Report on missing airport uniforms made public

Generals See Gains From Iraq Offensives

For Central American Women, Sexual Coercion Is Hazard on Route to U.S

Programmer says he developed vote-rigging prototype for FL congressman....

WHISTLEBLOWER Programmer Built Vote Rigging for Republicans

5 - year deal Fox News to be main news source for Clear Channel

Sworn affidavit on vote-rigging prototype software

France to Punish Police for Bungled Bomb Exercise

Supreme Court Rejects KKK Mask Case

U.S. to Buy Investigational Flu Vaccines

Argentina warns of climate crisis

(Active Duty) Soldiers Challenge Enlistment Extensions

Agreement reached on Intelligence reform!

Rumsfeld Stays On, Hopes Troops Quit Iraq in 4 Years

Notarized Affadavit: Programmer Admits to Writing Vote Hacking Software

Bush, Lawmakers Discuss Social Security

Social Security plan opposed by AARP

China Bans Nike Television Commercial

U.S. Bill Would Withhold UN Cash Over Oil Probe

Russia reveals new missile threat

UK Sky: US CONSULATE UNDER ATTACK (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Chrysler Says It Will Idle Several Assembly Plants

Ohio Certifies Bush Win by 119,000 Votes

Satirist Jon Stewart's Book Named Year's Best

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 6 December

Dollar falls down IT elevator shaft

Democrats launch investigation of voting problems in Ohio

Saudi Violence Pushes Oil Prices Higher

(Anti-U.S.) Group claims to have bombed Quebec hydro tower

Two WA counties face task of tallying touch-screen votes

WHISTLEBLOWER AFFIDAVIT: Programmer Built Vote Rigging Prototype

At FDA, Strong Drug Ties and Less Monitoring (NYTimes)

Seattle P-I: Yesterday's draft dodgers help today's war resisters

NYT: The Disparate Consensus on Health Care for All

U.S. Envoy Slams Serb PM on War Crimes Handovers

Blair backs UN chief over Iraq oil-for-food scheme

UC scholar to help Democrats refine message

Watt to Lead Congressional Black Caucus

Putin Warns Against Foreign Interference in Ukraine, Other Former Soviet R

'04 foreclosures up 24 percent (D/FW, TX)

Antiwar icon brings message home (Marine who appeared in Fahrenheit 9/11)

Gays expelled from military challenge 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

LAT: We're Not in G-Rated Kansas Anymore (porn superstores in rural Am.)

MN: Clear signs people aren't over the election

Government Probes Hummer H2 for Defects

"Armies of darkness" won't stop Iraq election

House Said Ready for Anti-Terror Bill Vote

U.S. Congresswoman Wants Haitiís Political Prisoners Released

Dean to Democrats: Campaign Nationwide

Bush: 'Terrorists Still on the Move'

Eurozone ministers accuse US as dollar sinks to new lows

AP: FBI Letter Sites Guantanamo Abuse

Senator: Public needs 'cold, hard facts' on Iraq (Chafee)

(* meets) World Leaders First, Then Cookie Monster ( and Elmo)

Ukraine's opposition was to be smeared with staged terror attack

Can there be too many homeowners?

Report: Iran Has Tried Arrested Al Qaeda Members

Ecoterrorism Possible Motive For Maryland Fires

Marines, Sailors Deploy; One Sailor Refuses To Board

WSJ: Fox Will Become Main News Source For Clear Channel

Critics warn Canada of missile shield fallout

Site Bars Black Box Voting Head

W.House: Borrowing to Help Fund Social Security Plan $1 Trillion

Doesn't it suck when you have a massive pimple on your face?

400th post--nothing to say...

Chargers defeat Broncos, stride the AFC West like a Colossus

Every time you do that thing you do-oo, dun dun dun DUN....

Who would win in a fight

Has anyone here seen the Yes Men?

Same bassline, different song

JohnnyCougar's evil plan.

Do you have a freckle on your palm?

Say it aint so!!! Justin Timberlake to play Iron-Man?

Hawaii beats Michigan State in a squeaker, goes to a BOWL

Um.. so I got some really good quality CD-Rs..

Do you ever push on your eyeballs to see the brilliant color display?

Napalm Death - "Continuing War On Stupidity"

What the fuck ever happened to teaching spelling?

So I spent the night with some Likud types....

Allow your already quaking spleen to enjoy this 404 page...

Is something wrong with Yahoo News?

Damn I broke 300 and didn't realize it. I think its time for bed. n/t


Can someone Post Kitty pictures for no reason?

What sites are you looking at now besides DU? Anything good?

Teens on Taco Bell run save house from burning down

Tommy Chong coming on Stern this morning

simple, free, joyful idea for most of your xmas gift-giving

Hunter Shoots Himself In The ASS

I am only 30-odd posts from 1,000. Ask me anything!

Drug Dealers Report Stolen Marijuana To Police - Arrested

I can't focus this early!

Patton Oswalt's new comedy special on now East Coast midnight

Question for people who eat light bulbs

I have to change my sleeping schedule

Sony is withholding the release of Fiona Apple's third album

Anyone good at writing coverletters?

Is there some reason people rake leaves?

Man Gets Drunk - Changes His Name To "Crazy Horse Invincible"

Have you ever had an out of body experience?

Loathesome Dub: A DU Western

And now before the pain medication kicks in

What if bush was a girl?

Is the US mess in Iraq due to...

Remember the Altamont

Woman Auctions Ghost On eBay

The "Christmas Shopping" CAPTION

PLease read look this over.. tell me what you think of the first issue

I was on my local TV news! (wanna see?)

Hey DU pilots: Who's your agent?

If I did not have bad luck, I would have no luck at all!!!!

9 of 10 Callers getting busy tone on Beijing suicide-prevention hotline

Get ready Santa - at long last my fireplace is cranked up

"Queer Eye" - Other 'Reality' Shows Scripted

Ritz coup trio keep £1.3m

Hunter shoots himself in his back while he relieved himself against a tree

Saw this on DU discussion board

When technology gets personal

Is it just me or is it really scary

Good Monday Morning

Man Sues Neighbor For Stealing His Wife

Hey! Bartcop ran one of my cartoons!

Drug testing for Santas may be necessary

Caption: Moosh and Bouche...

Miaoooo: All I want for Xmas is a decent fur coat...

Couple gets married minutes after they were introduced by radio station

Elton changes tune over Bush

Anybody else having trouble getting onto Google this AM?

Ohio Church Collapses After Sun. Service

As CatWoman would say... There is a pizza cooking :)

Happy Birthday, Endora!!

Married name removed from gravestone

I Am Reading LIES and the LYING LIARS who tell them...

Ohio Church Collapses After Sun. Service

Christmas Song Revives Religious Debate

soylent green is people!

Boder Patrol rescues Jesus

Why o why, do they have to take something that was good and screw it up?

Brought to you by ..... The Mexico "Terrorism" Board???

If the very thought of Christmas fills me with terror

Should you really eat all the shrimp you can eat on all you can eat night?

My Grandfather used to tell me that he kept a bat to hit Santa with

As it turns out, Stevie Wonder is a genius.

Any DUers in Algeria???

Matcom how did you miss this - Breeding Captive Elephants Is Difficult

What is a "Kerschmatka" ? (Polish word)

The other side of my NOT ME bracelet says...

The old cowboy


The "At the Feet of the Master" CAPTION

Halliburton subsidary under bomb scare

I'll be out of the

Universal Unitarians: Your input is desired.


I called in sick to work today

"His advice had been advisory"

Freeper woman! Stay away from me!

The Wal-Mart employee retirement package.

Caption: Junior's ancestor all made up?

Admit it: pdx_prog is a hunk

The Lunchiest Munchiest Decisions of all CAPTIONS!!!!


The "Keeping Your Friends Close" CAPTION

Policeman can be fired for sex videos

Santa's in a funk!

Looking Back to 2000: Al Gore's Appeal to Star Fleet Federation Council

Woman Let Her Boyfriend Rape Her 8 Y.O. Daughter - Put Pics Online

OK, who else saw "Closer" over the weekend?

Did you ever have Saturday detention in high school?

BREAKING: Bush appoints Jenna to HHS and Barbara to Treasury

Police find 53 poisonous snakes in man's home

Were YOU spanked as an Adult?

Vendors scale Colosseum in protest

Daryn Kagan back on CNN....lookin kinda "flat" any ideas why?

39 degrees in Los Angeles right now

CDC issues warning about Gonorrhea Lecthym!

Another Bush second term shakeup

My baby got a thread locked!!!

SpongeBob to get a Cabinet post?

James Gandolfini says upcoming "final" Sopranos season may not be final

Sorry I brought it up. Nevermind.

Should DUers decide to start a band, I came up with the ultimate band name

The "X" Marks the Spot of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The "Pickles's Choice" CAPTION

The fright before Christmas: Santa Claus in terror hoax

Ready for her closeup! (picture)

Psst...wanna buy a theme park?

Woman Runs Down Teen Boys After Bouncing Golf Ball Hits Her SUV

Who besides me thought the Mississippi Delta was in Lousiana?

You know what really gripes my cookies? Just sent a message, they have WWJD bracelets!

OK, Apocalypse Now Fans, I need your assistance...

I Still Don't Have My DU Bumper Sticker Yet!

DU Graphics people-looking for fonts

Well, it's official. I'll be having surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Great site for the disgruntled Dem on your shopping list

New BATMAN BEGINS movie poster!!!

Test your brain power...

What's your favorite Christmas Song?

San Diego policeman fired; sold "sexy" videos of himself in uniform

Anyone date a Jewish photographer?


Anyone here ever have something sprayed with paraquat?

Any good vegan "ugg" type boots?

Anyone Date a Jewish Pornographer?

Is photography really "Art" ?

Do you ignore Republicans on what they haved to say

Ever hire a fundy?

i think i was "recognized" by freepers the other day

Please stop posting threads with cake, cookies, etc. in the title

Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

Ghost of a Dog - Edie Brickell

Anyone Have Acme Scars?

Who said computer users are lazy?

My feral kitty followed my to the bathroom, now my ass hurts.

I just went to the bathroom and now my ass hurts!

Anti-Bush T-shirts, where can I get 'em?

Bush is Lord (satire website)

Republican Quote, "I am sick and tired of the Homosexual community trying to

I'm not ignoring you.

I am proud to be a turd!

The Gospel according to GOOGLE

Which L.A. DU'er did I see on Fairfax Ave. this morning?

The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products (Just in Time for Xmas)

Drunken man hits teen girls for wearing pierced earrings

Legit Question: Has DU been invaded?

I am proud to be a nerd!

Who besides me thought Mississippi was just a river?

Soccer player loses finger in goal celebration - gets yellow card

I need job interview advice.....

Is This Anything? - A Computer "Episode"


Do you single folks decorate your apartment or house

cat question?

Pet Peeve PHOTO!!!!!! Awwwwww!!!!

Volvo love?

All-Time Home Run Leader rips Bonds following steroids testimony

How about some funny bumper stickers?

Bumper sticker sighting: "Don't blame me! Libertarians NEVER win!"

Best 16 Corner State?

Woman Charged With Running Down Boys Who Hit SUV With Golf Ball

I just took the cutest picture

Does your cat follow you into the bathroom?

the golden age of homeland security

Does anyone have an addy for

I hate Birthdays

War Between Bob Dole and Jesse Helms - Who Wins?

Missiles won't fly in Canada

Do me a favor. Name an entirely non-derivative musical genre.

Rufus Wainwright

What do you believe in?

War between:Felicity and Providence--Who wins?

Best Popcorn?

My sister believes in "micro" evolution, but not "macro" evolution

remember this movie?

Iíve been speaking later and later in the day

Training Courses Now Available for Men

The "Sudden Flash of Insight" CAPTION

Best State Without Corners (Vote for One)

favorite thorny 70's song?

war between George Washington and George W. Bush, who wins?

Has anyone seen the film "The Saddest Music in the World"?

Mormon Sect Took Out Loans Ahead of 'Doomsday'

'Titanic' Line ("I'm the king of the world!") Tops Cheesy Movie Survey

Anyone date a photographer?

Man Accused Of Molesting "Max", The Family Dog - Arrested

THIS GODLESS COMMUNISM (Cold War Propaganda/Nostalgia) (Comic Book)

Anyone Here Ever Have Anything Sprayed With Parakeet?

War between Wisconsin and Iowa, Who Wins?

Anyone else's cats TV fiends?

"Wonder Woman" poster and trailer released!!!

When Santa Runs Out of Prozac (WARNING - Strong Language)

West Wing Democratic primary field poll

War between War and Peace

Anyone date a Jewish pornographer?

Tennessee Smackdown: Elvis vs. Gore

Do you, uh, want a Yahoo DVD player?

don't you just HATE it when your loved-one has to fly back home?

I just slept until 2:30 PM! Ask me anything!

don't you just LOVE it when your hated-one has to fly back home?

Stuff Tourists Buy - Obscene T-shirts

air travel with kids

CNN Stress Reducer

I'm headed for Toys R US

Anybody know how I could find a job in politics behind the scenes?

im seeing Ministry on wednesday

Best state bordering Mississippi River?

good morning from's 08:05...

Help! My avatar needs updating

Does work for anyone else right now?

so I just went to the post office

Do you have a blog? I have some questions....

ATTN: Grammar Police. I need guidance

Scientists make phone cover that turns into flower

War between New Jersey and Delaware. Who wins?

anyone date an orthodox stenographer?

Would you like a Cell Phone that BLOOMS?

well its official

The Wit And Wisdom Of NBA Players

The short list of really bad ideas (ie let's compile it)

WELL, I just figured out why THAT frozen dinner was on sale at the store!

Tennessee smackdown round 2

The worst thing about a new year is looking at yourself

Sometimes i hate the Urban Dictionary look ups...

I just tried out a new macintosh

OK, share your Christmas Tree Mishaps Here

War between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, who wins?

Hall & Oates or Quaker Oats?

Ok, what is Green Jelly Pudding (AKA Jell-O) supposed to taste like

Always mind

Top this: Students claim the dreidel record

Anyone have Acne Scars?

'Gilligan' Plays Santa in W.Va.

I forgot to eat lunch... AGAIN!

Any Moron DUers? What's it like?

Is there a FREE CarFax out there?

Best sound in the world?

So I Started Punching My Laptop...

Bush or Clinton? White House Christmas card guessing game!

In a fight who would win - The Who or The Stones??

A Question About The Kingston Trio's "MTA"...

ok Who'd win, Virginia or Maryland

Coolest band names

Cities in the and crappiest

favorite corny 70s song?

Favorite Troy McClure movies

Stupid Product Warnings

Hi. Sorry, it has been a while since I posted.

Does anyone have the correct time?

Dorks UNITE here with me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Never mind

Should I buy another artificial Christmas tree or take it away from my Cat


Why Is My Father Obsessed With Lesbians?

Grammar police: Should I use Fuck me, or Fuck myself

Cute Christmas Kitties!!

Picture book, pictures of your mama, taken by your papa a long time ago

Pet peeves

Commercials for "Phantom of the Opera" are they teasing us or what?

War Between Carrot Top and Pauly Shore - Who Wins?

Were YOU spanked as a child?

Police warning to men

Name any 70s song...

How do you deal with holiday depression?

To end flamewar over music----almost all music is derived from Bach

I'm back! anybody miss me?

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'm freaking out

NYC/Theatre Folks: Democracy by Michael Frayn

cats with some "issues"

I have some rants. Feel free to add your own.

Did Al Franken's dittohead friend grow a spine or something?

Stupidest Brand Names


Why do so many black entertainers defend Michael Jackson?

Department 56 has finally discovered

I'm lookin' Dangerous!

DU group proposal: For posters whose threads nobody ever replies to

To end flamewar over music--almost all music is derived from E. Waldteufel

Help Diagnose the Weird Psycho Sexual Behavior of my Cat

favorite horny 70s song?

Threada Pathetica! nerds, dorks, geeks, the ignored & threadkillers!

Best 4 Corner State?

Cake or Death? any Izzard fans here.

Caption: does my bum look big in this #3

How about a Monday Night art appreciation thread.

I am being invaded by feral kitties!

Any Mormon DUers? What's it like?

Freeper joke thread No. 8,643

stupidest band names

Singers w/ craptacular voices?

Name A Celebrity Who Is Known Professionally By THREE Names...

What Would You Name Your Band?

Have yourself a PAGAN little christmasÖ

Worst movie ever?

I think we need a Travel Group

Cover songs better than the originals?


Stevie Wonder: Eminem "succeeded on the backs of people of color"

Best albums of 2004?

Whatever happened to the Childfree DU'ers group?

My Bush loving "Christian" neighbor just blew half my cats face off .

ABC's "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"

early 80s power pop bands of L A club scene

Gentle, faithful steps towards a simpler Christmas

I saw the UCC ad today...

CareFirst Faulted for Low Spending on Public Health

Fly Me to the Moon(NYT..FRIEDMAN.....NSF cut $105 millon for 2005)

Next country to add partner rights: Poland

Pentagon Policy on Gays Is Challenged

Judge slams Ecclestone's F1 power

Worst division in the NFL (NFC, really)?

Weeklong Jets - Steelers Trash Talking Thread

Does anyone know about Chinese Crested dogs?

Medicine, astrology complement each otherí

Fourth Day of the Galactic Underworld.

OK - so what's ahead for 2006 and 2008, astrologers?

Can an atheist be spiritual?

I dont know about you guys but I am sick of us eating our own

Kerry Birthday Greetings: Post here

John Kerry - Youth Years (Part 2of 2)

Elections should be like Bracket Racing ...

U.S. military "frustrated by their inability to defeat intimidation"

We need to abandon gun control and embrace gun rights

New US Homeland Chief Fathered Daughter in Korea

Bumper Sticker idea "ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG JOE" on Enron

What the Republicans really mean

Lobbying Prohibitions Eased For Former Top Officials

Amputees get fighting chance

Provision would allow slaughter of wild horses-Update

San Diego Mayoral vote stays in limbo

Look what happens when you google Elton John Bush Photo


Advocacy Groups Blur Media Lines

OMG Now a Food Scare ... Terrorism at the dinner table!

Has anyone read Greed: The neoconning of America?

Bush and Mandatory Service

DFA announces major speech by Dr. Dean tomorrow. (dupe, sorry!)

The "new & liberated" Fallujah; a FORCED LABOR CAMP???

Vilsack raises centrist profile

Have Bill Clinton's political victories been misinterpreted ?

Dean's Wed. speech at GWU to stream at blog: Future of the Party.

4th Madsen Article:White House-linked operation paid for "vote switching"

"SORRY YOUNG AMERICA". great critique of our "OLD and WISE".

Are we living under a Fascist Regime?

Dupe. Delete please**

"saddam huessein didnt attack us, osama bin laden attacked us"

Please Join my "Cease and Desist Letter" to Bush

Why didnt Kerry do the following???... Tagging Bush so It sticks

Army reopens investigation of Tillman death

Things to do before inauguration day.

FYI -- Harry Reid coming up on Al Franken

Dumb question- who are the presidential hopefuls in Iraq?

Lawmakers reach agreement on intelligence bill

Buying Blue this Xmas..

It's a Miracle

EMAIL addie for vote to Kerry/GAO/DNC for those so inclined

If you could start a Third Party, what would it look like ?

How the Dems can influence who Bush appoints to the court

My pet pig could come up with better strategy than Reid

Help! Need a good closing paragraph to my LTTE

know any good websites etc w/comparisons of Nazi/*admin propaganda?

Fears Grow As Military Thins

FOTF ratchets up the hate...

Lets go back to punch card balloting with

Campaign 2006: National campaign or locally based?


My letter to Sen. Clinton Re: Harry Reid

SSI is o.k. until 2055 per Harry Reid on Air America

Antonin Scalia committed treason on December 12, 2000

Hutchinson's New Path Leads Home

Fuck an "intelligence czar" that's always been the CIA Director's job.

Impersonal 'your son is dead' letters

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Scalia is 12 years older than Clarence Thomas.

Hypocrisy, Stupidity and those red state "FAMILY VALUES"! Teen Pregnancy


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Notarized Affadavit: Programmer Admits to Writing Vote Hacking Software

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Harry Reid supports Antonin Scalia for Chief Justice

If you cycled, windsurfed, snowboarded and hunted for most of your life

We lost for 2 reasons & 2 reasons only

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One Day National Primary

I have a website that has 3.5 million hits - how to best use it??

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Just got off the phone with my Repuke mother :(