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Archives: December 9, 2004

Did North Korea Cheat? (or Is Bush lying about NK like he did about Iraq?)

Scrapping for armor

Democrats should resist urge to play ball with GOP

Outcome of Washington's governor race should reflect will of all

Strib editorial: Death penalty/Not for Rodriguez -- or anyone

As Chaos Mounts In Iraq, U.S. Army Rethinks Its Future

"President Bush wants 'pro-homosexual' drama banned."

MoDo: Lost in a Masquerade (* plays dress-up)

Secret Patriot Act II to give Hitler's Powers to Bush

WSJ's Begley: Tough Assignment: Teaching Evolution To Fundamentalists

Opposing America’s School of Assassins

Blumenthal: All hail to Caligula's horse (Kerik at Homeland Security)

thank you Sen. Byrd 12/08/04

People's Choice Awards Nominates "Fahrenheit 9/11" as "Favorite Film of t

Gov. Howard Dean's speech earlier today [audio only]

U.S. GIs Hit Rumsfeld With Hard Questions - DU this yahoo story!

Laura Ingraham?

When the U.S. borrows money, is the interest rate locked?

Sale of Wild Horses to Slaughter Legalized

Did you gun owners do anything to win over your republican gun owning

Here is a newbie who needs some support. I am going to keep this kicked

What's the criteria

why isn't image shack allowed to to be used for images anymore?

I was searching for a screen name....

Is it like, me, or like, have like, these mods like been mods for like

Group idea that may be a bit controversial--Singles

Max Clelland would be a powerful voice in all of this...

Larry Rosin (Let me tell you how are we going to steal OHIO)

KNOW YOUR HISTORY don't let 2008 be 2004 over again

DU this Poll - should Pinellas SOE Deborah Clark resign?

Volunteer with reliable FAX modem needed.

Stewart M. Powell of Hearst Newspapers GETS IT

Keith is covering the Electoral vote option!!! (after the break) n/t

Keith hitting Rummy....first up on Countdown

David Limbaugh on exit polls (After this piece he "dropped" the issue)

Should we have "handlers"?

Just Heard CSpan to reair at 10

Keith speaking of Conyers hearing coming up. n/t

CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKING (OHIO classes linked to the INFRAGARD program)

Recounts in Washington State and Alaska covered by AP

INFRAGARD started as a FBI pilot program in OHIO (1996)

Looking for results: Broward County, FL - Kerry's margin over Bush.

Jon Stewart on Larry King tonight - maybe he'll talk about Ohio!! n/t


SUGGESTION : Blast BBC, Le Monde with Madsen /Curtis articles

When is the recount going start?

Are the machines in 2004 the same as in Florida 2000?

Here is a nice all-purpose link to different kinds of data

I'm going to help as an observer of the WA recount tomorrow

Exit polls in Venezuela showed guy who won losing: Audit verified vote

Coming up on Mike Malloy

HELP: Is there an alternate Malloy number?

Do the touch screens have a driver?

The difference betweent the US and the Ukraine

Clinton Curtis Interviewed on Air America! Audio

It was a better day today!

Mike Malloy on Air America to discuss hearings after the break.

Calling Will Pitt!

Turd Blossum Most Interesting Person???

Keith seemed to gloss over the Conyers hearing

Angry for what the last four years have been

Mocking democracy: San Diego Mayoral Race Results Certified

Wow, Jesse Jackson is being a true leader! Look at this...

Conyers Hearing on CSpan replays at 4:23 AM EST on CSPAN2

Was there any press at the hearing today?

How to hack an electronic voting machine.....

From Selma to Ohio - my report on the hearing today

Here's my email to Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio

Miami Herald: Election still had glitches - Not Bad Article...

Guys, start wearing your Kerry pins

new bloggerman--12/8

Appeal to Mitofsky's citizenship and ethical duty

Ithaca Journal lets the people speak (including me)

UC Berkeley voting machine results study

Help! Are there any websites compiling voting data by county?

What is a "conspiracy vote?" What's another name for it?

What date did Ohio certify it's vote in 2000?

Blood-boiling ANGRY!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Who would be the Senator to step up and challenge the results?

DEC 6 PRESS BRIEFING: election was viewed as very free and fair


A Call to Action: The Second American Revolution

Conyers needs emails now! SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

HELP NEEDED: Info Linking Triad to Repubs and/or Vote Fraud for Reporter

Help with simple b/w line drawings in Photoshop or Illustrator?

In Ohio, do people who want to vote by absentee ballot need

Harris Co Dems' Christmas Party Tues. 12/14

DU the People's Choice "Favorite Movie" poll for MM

Whatever happened to Margie Schoedinger?

Last night's Daily Show rerun is on now. The Paul O'Neil segment is great.

Clinton Curtis Interview Air America!/ Audio exclusive available

Letter to the United Church of Christ and their response

I've said it before and I'll say it again

I live in a red state (MO) and I need you guys to help me....

I heard something interesting on the telly today... so say the 911 thingy

The Christian Right officially becomes Militant

My review of Man Coulter's book-I didn't buy it but I saw enough of it

ABC World News and Peter Jennings are pitiful

Anybody Else Think Republican Strategist Sherry Jacobus Is Hot...

conservative christian ministries that target young people


Is it tonight John Stewart is on Larry King show?

After signing the Voting Rights act, LBJ said.....(funny)

My rabbi on gay marriage

What exactly was the point of the Bernie Kerik bit on 60 mins?

Carlos Jacinto

West Wing opening scene: Penn and Teller burn an American Flag

Today's Crossfire: Soldiers always complain

Special Interest Groups....Real problem or Orwellian doublespeak?

Michael Moore coming up on Barbara Walters Special

Weasel Awards

American Revolution of 2007

One of the Founders of Dominionism was a racist

Baahh-Wah Is Wahh-Whah-ing TurdBlossim n/t

Black kids rewarded for face-washing (??)

KKKarl Rove is on Barbara Walters

Anyone hear about Arnold's Stunt at the 2004 CA Governer's Conferance?

"For me, liberals are the true followers of Christ."

NEW! DU Humor Group! Go Lookie!

USA Today carried story on the "Arnold Amendment"

Was This A Great Country or What?

Hey Will Pitt.. Malloy wants you to call in right now

I don't care how they package it, Christian Music is not cool! Christians

Premises Identification Program Ready;

Soldier sticks it to Rummy...

"I'm a Democrat. That means i'll say what I damn well please"-Mike Malloy

USA Today hit piece on the left: Enviromentalists are terrorists

What Democrats need to say about social issues

Cat Gets MBA Degree From Online College

Anyone know if Rush Limbaugh(pigboy) has backed off ACLU bashing?

'STOLEN CHILDHOOD' on Aaron Brown Newsnight (CNN)

Heads- BUSHCO wins Tails-we are screwed

War Veterans Pour Experiences Into Art

Do you support and identify with the evangelical movement?

Help Us Get 100,000 People to Take the Pledge by Inauguration Day

Anyone have a link to the video of Rumsfeld answering the soldiers questio

PABAAH Targeting More Bands - Nine Inch Nails This Time

Who are you People?

Will Pitt is being interviewed by Mke Malloy now:

Huge reward nets ELF subdivision firebug arrests...

Playing Politics With Intelligence Reform -Senator Byrd opposes bill

Jesus! H&C are doing their show tonight across the street from me!

60 Minutes about Deserters on NOW nt

"Nightline" now doing a story on 10 Commandments sculpture.

How is the Economy in your neck of the woods?

Awww....Look at This Nice Picture I Found of JK and THK

OK, why aren't we and the nation raising hell about Rummy's remarks

People Voting Against Their Own Interests

WSJ: Cities Use Eminent Domain To Clear Lots for Big-Box Stores

A question for DUers about the separation of church and state

Jon Stewart on Larry King

Why does Bush want to prolong the war?

Conyers needs emails now! SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Are You still paying attention?

Liberalism sometimes beats libertarianism for personal freedom!

Label me LIBERAL. . .with a lapel pin.

Penn and Teller on West Wing

Aha, could this be why PBS is sidling to the right? The board of CPB.

Hump Day Malloy Thread! Get Your Truthseeking ON!

Pat Buchanan conducts MSNBC anti-semitic hatefest

"60 Minutes" Nixed for Billy Graham - in San Diego, CA

Has anyone seen these yet?

Discuss: No Child Left Behind Act

"You're Welcome. I'm a Democrat." An idea to change "conventional wisdom"

Sending B-day greetings to John Kerry

I'm thinking about enlisting in the Army

"The Guy James Show" needs your help. Please keep kicked.

Bwuahah! We pissed of a right wing fundie substitute teacher today!

Senate passes Intel Bill 89-2

Election Fraud Hearing Starts 7:00 a.m. Pacific time: Listen live on-line

Pygmy chimpanzee may be near extinction, experts say


Company lets U.S. travelers 'Go Canadian'

Officer won't be charged in shooting of unarmed man

War vets suffer frequent head trauma

Calif will sue over new abortion limits - here we go!

New Group of Televangelists Reaches TV Generation (both blue & red states)

Reporters go to appeals court to avoid jail in leak case

High court gives Limbaugh 30-day extension for appeal

Murder of former president's brother takes strange twists

Malia Rulon, AP, covered the Conyer hearing

Violence persists throughout Iraq (US nixes daily incidence rpts)

"Lennon" Musical Snags Rare Lennon

N.H. Driving Teacher Fired for DWI Arrest


Administration misses drug import deadline

Gold says U.N. poses security threat

Judge: Condit must reveal information about sexual relationship, finances

Ethics panel accused of curbing rights -The Hill

Medicare hot line fails government test

Bill to Bar Foreigners Who Show Disrespect

Civil Union Bill Passes in New Zealand

Acute petrol shortage adds to chaos of Baghdad

US minimizes differences with Russia after OSCE clash

US Marine claims unit killed Iraqi civilians

U.S. GIs Hit Rumsfeld With Hard Questions

WP: Rumsfeld Gets Earful From Troops

Kofi Annan Receives Standing Ovation @ UN Today

LAT: Army Teams Face Surgeon Shortage

Air Force’s top lawyer faces scrutiny

Senators condemn mystery spy project

U.S.: Iraq rebels aided by sources in Syria

Jordan’s Abdullah concerned Iraq may tilt toward Tehran

Greek Farmer Finds 2,000-Year-Old Monument

Dean Urges Dems to Stick to Convictions

House Democrats Come to Annan's Defense

Frist, Reid clash over 66-33 split

Sale of Wild Horses to Slaughter Legalized

Butane lighters banned from airplanes

UPDATE: Husband of SUV Driver Talks of Wife's Illness

Investigators probe fire that destroyed Springfield (Mass.) mosque

WP: Iraq Combat Fatality Rate Lowest Ever (Also Shortage of Surgeons)

NYT: Groups Debate Slower Strategy on Gay Rights

Sharpton Got $86,715 to Aid Kerry Campaign

Officer Alleges CIA Retaliation (alleges told to falsify WMD info)

Dodd says Rumsfeld's answer was unacceptable

Judges Skeptical of First Amendment Protection for Reporters - C.I.A. Leak

Critics say mysterious new U.S. spy program endangers national security

Anyone out there still believe in sexual hibernation?

I don't wanna go to film class tonight....

I have a cold

I got checked out today

DU Bloggers/webmasters -- weird stuff that shows up in your referral logs?

Anybody out there still believe in sexual libation?

The Conspiracy Mobile

Battle cries-How many syllables?

I was checked out today, also

Jesus found floating down the Rio Grande

Yippeeeee Christmas Music Concert tomorrow night (Boston Brass)

I need help getting information about my best friend's death in 1976.

I just lit a candle in memory of John Lennon who died 24 years ago

The Late Great Johnny Ace

It's not MIRACLE WHIP because there ARE NO miracles

Semester is almost over in grad school.

Should I remove the nipples from my chicken breasts?


Okay, 200 posts. Now I'll go watch TV.

My English teacher is an asshole--and a wingnut to boot

Sure fire way to make a fortune and never have to work again.

WHOAH! What was THAT?! Janet Jackson on the Super Bowl

what song are you listening to?

Today my brother, Jeff, would have been

Clay Aiken....

crucify me: Who was "Dem Strategist?"

E-Mail Question

Why the hate for Hootie and the Blowfish?

Fuck, the Hobbit is dead

Why the hate for The Hooters?

Breakfast burritos

drives me crazy

A John Lennon song for Bush.

Anybody Else Think Republican Strategist Sherry Jacobus Is Hot...

Anybody Else Think Republican Strategist Sherry Jacobus Is Hot...

Does anybody have a good link to editorial cartoons?

Jon Stewart or West Wing

heres a cartoon (foxtrot)

I hate eating my cat pills

Jon Stewart on Larry King tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time.

say what? . . . your puppy just tinkled on your keyboard? . . .

Ever Flown Hooters Air?

Alright kid, let see what you can dooooo.....

What the...? Why am I supposed to evaluate MYSELF as part of my grade??

I'm afraid to open the post about the Cheney picture

the single lamest attempt at diversity i've ever seen.

Wait no one else can name all the presidents in order w/o cheating

I have to go to neocon Channukah in 40 minutes

The dude was a troll.

Is THIS the worst song ever recorded?

Unhappy with mom's Christmas gift, teen threatens her with butcher knife

I hate giving my cat pills

Without cheating...Can you name all of the VICE Presidents in order?

CBS's 60 Minutes piece on deserters

I going to bed

is anyone listening to the Majority Report? Sam is Great tonight!!!!!!

Larry King, leave the funny stuff to the funny people

Is DU running really slow for anybody else?

What's Your Hooters Name?

Linux groups patch image flaw

da dems

puppet master or Demonic toys

Do you believe revolution is realistic nowadays?

South Park: Cartman becomes psychic

Post your favorite John Lennon lyrics here

Best Battle Cry:

Jesus has returned!!!

Haha! South Park ***SPOILER INSIDE***

NEW DU Humor Group up and running!

Does this describe America?

Would anyone be interested in a comic book/graphic novel group?


Send Pets And Children Out Of The Room Before Attempting This...

LOST is on, started 4 minutes early

How many of you still have your Kerry signs up?

Ok call me a psychopath but I am glad I failed chemistry last year

What's Your Hobbit Name?

Update on our house conversion project

I did a mean thing today.

ATTENTION male DU'ers, your laptop may be damaging your sperm!

Without Cheating... Can You Name All The US Presidents In Order?

Did anyone else know Darby Crash died the same day as John Lennon?

My dog just ate part of a mercury thermometer

DUer's with Sociology Degrees Check In...

Do you like Bob Ross Paintings?


I was right! I was right! I love being right........

Greatest Beatles Album

Daily Show Time!

At the checkout. (An allegory about America.)

Do you judge people by their avatars?

What's your elf name?

DU Went Strange! ***PHOTO EVIDENCE***

How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?

Police Raid Brothel in Deserted Pig Barn

Pure Vainity Post...My Big 5-oh-oh

Ex-Worker Gets 1 1/2 Years for Spitting on Police Officer's Burger

Oh goody! It's time for the Drunk Neighbors Hour!

This might sound silly, but how is roasted broccoli?

Are you doing anything else right now while posting on DU?

Mom, 15, Charged With Neglect For Handing Baby To Strangers

I am pissed! Pale Male got evicted

4n¥ 0n3 |{n0w £337?

Will Pitt on Malloy...NOW!

Guided tours at exotic locales: Your worst experience?

What if this happened?

AHHHHH!!!!! I'm liking Alan Alda (republican) on West wing!!!!

Since Demopedia came out have you used it to look up?

Has anyone seen this site?

The Perfect Gift For The Fundies On Your List

This Clay Aiken Christmas Special is like a train wreck

"Tomorrow Never Knows"

Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged

If this Dick Cheney photo is REAL, then face it...the end is near

Let Us Now Praise Mozart's 5 Violin Concertos

I want to bludgeon the writer of those Old Navy commercials!

DUers Asthma patients.............

December 8th, 2004 PM Chat

That Sam's Club commercial AAR just played pisses me off.

Freddie Mercury - I hope he is in the Lap of the Gods

Has anyone ever called you because you have a funny name?

What is up with the return of the Variety Christmas Show????

Insurance is changing, thinking about trying a different doctor

Where is the proverbial "bottomless pit" located?

A funny observation on DU's growing pains lately

Do you like Bob Ross Paintings?

A shout out to all liberals in occupied red state territory!

Am I the only one who thinks Mayonnaise is GROSS?

Were Sam & Frodo Lovers?

OMG - Tivo taped the Clay Aiken christmas special

Do you like Bob Ross Paintings?

When I was young, we were so poor...

Are you ticklish?

"West Wing" fantasies ridiculous to the point of grotesque

On The Street Where You Live...

Police Dog Bites Nude Man in the Genitals

Favourite sandwich?

Who here is married to another DUer?

To all you men who answer "Nothing" when asked of what they are thinking

Which should I get for Xmas: XM or Sirius satellite radio?

Visit "MoveLeft Media"

Is anyone actually going to watch the Clay Aikens Christmas special?

Any Gordon Lightfoot fans around here?

What is Laura Bush saying here?

Hey MATCOM..Malloy was looking for you!!

Equal time for DU women! Conjure up your ideal man!

Who was the Best President Ever? Why?

When you first joined DU, did you "jump right in", or take a tour first?

Somebody talk to me.


How old were you when you first heard Dark Side of the Moon?

In loving memory: What's your favorite JOHN LENNON song?

Link for voting for F911 as people's choice for best movie

How many women have fallen in love with the “bad boy” in their teens

need DU advice: Fruedian slip?

What's your freeper name?

Lounge Poetry Slam!!!

Someone pour me a drink. I just finished my PhD oral comps!!

I don't care how they package it, Christian Music is not cool! Christians

Your Favourite Foreign Film?

What Are The Grocery Stores Named Where You Live?

What town are you from

What is your favorite

Is there such a thing a a Solo Christan

The God and it's Christians

Gay Radio Service SIRIUS OutQ Adds Six New Weekend Programs

NY Times: A Refuge for Gay Students When Families Turn Away

In Memory of John Lennon

The head of Veteran's Affairs has resigned.

Is DU To The Left Of Gandhi?

Howard Dean's speech on c-span2 tonight 10:25pm eastern

Keith Olbermann coming up

Olberman going to talk about todays hearings

WE must reach the electors! Here are ideas how:

F911 vs. Passion of the Christ

Protect our troops from instant lenders (house, dec 7th)

Oil for food corruption (house of reps, dec 7th remarks)

Howard Dean Describes the Goals of the Republican Party

Vote for Michael Moore's F9/11 (letter from Moore)

Condi, Rummy, Snow: Junior really held onto the creme de la creme

US Capitol Holiday (& Christmas) Tree (Senate, Dec 7th)

Clinton Curtis Interviewed /Audio available

Public Bills and Resolutions (House of Reps, Dec 6th, worth a look)

For all you bloggers out there:

WhistleBlower: Firm defrauded Iraq Occupation Authority (Senate, dec 7)

Favorite General Turned President

Kerry Captured 90 Percent of Berkeley Vote

Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2004

Weldon Anti-Woman Provision in H.R. 4818

Why it is so urgent that we pass an intelligence reform bill (House)

Who is the LEAST loathsome Republican presidential candidate?

Bush kept Snow only after Wall St. exec turned the job down

Dean speech changed to 10:25, maybe. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Did anyone watch Hannity and Colmes tonight?

Orcinus: "A Liberal War on Terror"

What happens....


What is treason?

Yesterday's ACLU alert on Intelligence Reform Act

Conyers needs emails now! SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Is Michael Moore really one of the party's leaders?

Women 'bearing the brunt of war' (BBC) quoting Amnesty International

Hackworth: Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids - Now!

does anyone have info about how iraqi farmers must now plant GM foods?

Berkeley’s Rent Control Ordinance Violates the U.S. Constitution

Nothing like having your priorities right ...

UC Berkeley professor to help Democrats master language, message

Michael Moore asks for your help & he's on tv tonight

Will you support the same Presidential primary candidate in '08?

A Question: Why Should I Like Wesley Clark?

Are the feds intercepting ACLU info?

Administration Must Be Held Accountable For Unjust Iraq War-Kucinich

Global Eye - Home Cooking

US Hypocrisy on Ukraine

An Overlooked Dimension of the Republican Psychosis We are Up Against

MARYLAND: Silencing the vote

Guardian leader;Dead Reckoning.. Blair & Iraqi dead

Why Can't the IRS Do It? -NYT (privatizing tax collection)

Check the Newsweek Article on Voting Fraud.

North San Diego County Times: Rumsfeld doesn't appear to get it

SF Chronicle: Why Democrats Lost Ohio

WP Op-ed, P. Beinart (TNR) - The Dems Enemy Within Problem

FLORIDA: And counting your own vote

Lost in a Masquerade-Bush dressing up to " play soldier:

O Come all ye faithful (and not so much)

OHIO: A little election wobbling

Social Security Isn’t Broken

Venezuela - An Unfolding Revolution

Our Debt to Bill Moyers

The Plot Against Sex in America

The Plot Against Sex in America (The Kinsey movie) - Frank Rich NYT

Constitution Butchered in Winter of ‘04 ... EXCELLENT

Double Standard - Rumsfeld/Les Aspin

Anti-Bush Protesters Plan Lawsuit Over Arrests

Book Review: 'Our Oldest Enemy': We'll Never Have Paris

New Homeland Security Boss Made Millions on Insider Deal

Who's behind the oil-for-food scandal?


Hyping Terror For Fun, Profit - And Power

LAT:Why Supervisors Let Deadly Problems Slide (King Drew Medical Center)

All hail to Caligula's horse

Conyers wants raw exit poll data from media

Most FCC complaints come from single group

Huffington: Democrats must run from the middle

"Liberals on Terror" -- David Corn responds to Peter Beinart

The Democrats' DaVinci Code (This guy gets it!)

Custom-printed Bibles for U.S. Special Ops on the way

The Battle for the Future Will Be Fought From Here Forward!

A Proliferation of Vote Fraud Demonstrations and Actions

High prescription bills? Send them in!!

Street Theater on Stolen Election?

San Francisco: A RALLY TO CHALLENGE THE TALLY will be held Saturday Dec 11

Call HRC today and PROTEST!

Bernie Ward!

99.8% of Content Complaints to FCC came Bozell's group

Keep Kicked: Information to Media Task Force

MEDIA says NADA as GOP lie that Soc Sec surplus does not grow w/ interest

12/2 Union Meeting Report (no interest in buying radio/ urban paper media.

My new favorite Daily Show segment: "Great Moments in Punditry...

AAR looking to add at least four stations soon

No Secretary of State would break the Law...

Mexico Rule Changes May Cut Citigroup, BBVA Rates (Update1)

GOP wants 75 yr - no time value of money - scoring on Soc Sec private Acct

"Vast Scale Of Burning" In Amazon Forests = 3/4 Of Brazil's GHG Emissions

Pygmy Chimps Far Worse Off Than Thought - 1/5 Of Est. Population Remains

Wallace Broecker - Kyoto Protocol Doomed - "A Drop In The Bucket"

German Forests In Worst Shape Ever - AFP

COP-10 Delegates - Clean Development Mechanism A Disappointment

Blair "Pressing US On Climate" - BBC

Thinking of career switch into environmental science

Irish peace deal dies over DUP demands for humiliation + IRA statement

New Zealand November Job Advertisements Rise, ANZ Bank Says

(Egypt) Christians deplore 'forced' conversions

More violent protests erupt in China

Nigerian woman's stoning sentence overturned

'Why I support Mugabe'

Putin puts his signature on landmine pact

Warrior once more; American no more

Newbie forum

Has the lounge changed

Hey, "guys"! I wanted to "thank" you for all you do!!!!!?!?!!!

Possible amnesty?

Thanks t o Skinner, Elad, the crew and mods...

OK, what constitutes a sex thread

Somebody posted businesses that contributed to us Democrats. This is a

Oh, Esteemed Administrators!

How to create an article in Demopedia?

IRV Poll feature?

I want to change my avatar.

Regarding the "newbies" rules etc. by Elad

two questions if you have the time

French ambassador: Israelis suffer from 'anti-Frenchism'

TOO LATE? Election seems to be not over...

Interesting article mentioning ear-piece

Documentation that Kerry Won Ohio; (the recount will prove it)

E-Mail from Chris Gregoire

Conyers to ask for exit poll data...

Barbara Walters interviewing Rove on ABC right now.

Anyone hear anything about the rally in DC on Sat?

If the Republicans refused to allow video equipment at the forum,

If MSM won't cover the hearing,

Bill Moyers speech upon receiving Harvard's Global Environment Citizen Awa

Is there a journalist in the house?

Remember the 30+ days in FL in 2000 and all those chads

moved by oscar

We need to fight even harder, we are all we got

Rural Christians are worth crap, Bush "won" in the city, Mitofsky says

Bush's Ohio Valley: Why has he stopped campaigning here?..MSN Slate 10/21

NPR covers Conyers hearing

This is a very dumb question but I am curious

New Olbermann blog: Challenge Ohio's electors

A Proliferation of Vote Fraud Demonstrations and Actions

NPR covering Washington state recount right now (n/t)


Jackson Vows to Continue Ohio Vote Probe - AP/ABC News

Conyers forum being repeated on c-span2 NOW

If early silence is any indication of coverage interest...

Do you trust Judith Miller as a journalist? I'm listening to a stream of

DU Vote Fraud Researchers: Try Demopedia!

Please! Where Were Tapes Thrown Out Due To Lack Of Space &

SFGate:Election fraud or just suspicions?

Three Possible Scenarios for Ohio Recount

So was the Bush base really big or what?


**Contact Information for Chairman Judiciary Committe and Blackwell**

Recount in Full Swing in Ohio! Cobb Urges Us to Contact Media!

Did Arnebeck file the lawsuit yet? It is now 12/9

f*ck faux hearings, right now we have FAUX PRESIDENT!!!

Voting Rights Kit for Taking Action - From Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

OK, when is MSM going to really cover this?

SF Chronicle: 'Election fraud or suspicions?' - Great Article!

Ohio recount: An opportunity to examine computers/software?

Wow, I heard back from my local newspaper and it was not what I expected.

Zogby Polling Seeks Damage Control After Election Day Flub

Remember those screen shots with the mixed up data?


All I want is for you to send me a PDF file...

In response to Conyers needs emails lets get our troops to sign on

Statistical question RE suspect unchanging %

Zogby's original numbers

Karl Rove named Baba Wawa "fascinating person of the year"

Some of you may enjoy this

"Apartheid Ballot Counting System in America"

UPDATE -- Judiciary Democratic Forum as of 12/9, Statements added

FBI News and Much More from Northcounty News

Faux Hearing will be the way the MSM deals with this

Google News lists 488 Stories on Fraud Investigation since Dec 6!

Grim constitutional issues regarding recounts

Zing, she strikes again.

Help! Does anyone have the original figures from the Ohio Senate...

Spin continues: against Sharpton now

Phone in your election protests!

2 Arrested attempting to deliver letter to Blackwell

Diebold AccuVote Demo - Another Indication Of How Crappy Their App Is...

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida pledges support for Conyer's investigation


REPEAT!! "not that it would change the outcome....."

What precincts didn't require an I. D. to vote?

Untangling The Voter Controversies

Kerry:Not because it would change the outcome of the election...

Keith Blogs - 12/9/04: Reporter behind Rumsfeld grilling

OK, so this is tabulation of votes "American style"

Ron Wyden (Oregon Senator)

Kerry should not be the face of "Take Back The Election" Movement

Job is done, now get out of town. One year on the Job? Hmmm

John and Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King

Jot down JOHN MCCAIN'S email address

Where were the power outages?

Judy Woodruff...polling story...PFAW...CNN NOW!

HELP ..need answer to claim Freeman wrong because of sampling error

Coming up on CNN "Is it a myth that the 04 Election Ran Smoothly?"

Alert: Why are recount requests now being withdrawn??????

Cobb's Counsel on Randi!

Bev Harris update -- "Activating the Eagles"

Warren County Ohio PLANNED FOR SHUT DOWN on Oct 28th

Jot down JIMMY CARTER's email address...

What happened to the DANISH REPORTER?

What Good is a Recount?

Election Day came off with surprising smoothness - OH Election Official

IDEA! Undercover Repugs....

View this graph: Kerry probabilties were rising in the battleground states

C SPAN 2 Right Now-Voting Irregularities

What happened to the lawsuit that was going to be filed today?

that's interesting, too!

Please, can someone transcribe the Conyers Forum tape?

Can we pull this off if all else fails?: THE "FAITHLESS" EIGHT

Clinton Curtis Election Fraud story in english (if this is true it's HUGE)

What is Sterns position on this ?

Ross County Ohio BOE Director "resents" "honesty and integrity" questioned

WTF!? Exit Polls Were Correct for Other Races

Jot down WALTER CRONKITE's email address

Cronkite and Carter - anyone know how to contact them?

December 11th - Ring Around the Ohio Capitol Protest

View this graph. And remember: undecided ALWAYS break FOR the challenger.

Use this BEAUTY everywhere...

Its crunch time - MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Blackwell's office in private building - 1st amendment right violation

Is it too arrogant to suggest that. we flip the Senator problem?

The Ohio Recount: Reluctant Officials and Few Rules

Evidence Dramatically Raises Suspicion of Election Tampering

SF Chronicle: Why Democrats Lost Ohio

Kerry's A Dirty Bastid


Eliminating Exit Polls ... a new strategy?

Why aren't there post election ads about voter suppression

Effort to ask Edwards about irregularities on Larry King Live 9pm et

I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to everyone in this forum

How come.....we have "accurate" exit poll data on Moral Values...

Electoral Prediction made by website (polls and voting patterns combined)

The original post 7 pm exit polls - pre 12 rewieghting -give Kerry win

View this graph. Independent national polls had Kerry winning.

CLG's Michael Rectenwald on 'Scarborough Country' Dec. 9

Lucas County recount to begin Tuesday

View this graph: Kerry was ahead in the battleground states

If you don't count the white male votes, Kerry won 54%-45%

AP: Kerry to Visit Iraq During Mideast Trip

Warren County Registration Statistics! (also broken down by precinct)

Exit polls a red herring?

Not an appeal, let's make a business proposal

AP - Hand Recount Starts in Wash. Gov. Race

A tidbit from Clermont, OH results.

View this graph: Bush tallies increased over the exit poll in 41states.

Baltimore Chronicle: 'Counting the Votes' (questioning ES&S) shows time of projections! VISIT NOW!

Statisticians as evidence: Gore's of 2000 was torn to pieces...

Baltimore Sun - another great article

What began today ....

Check out the suburban vote! Wouldn't this apply to Warren County?

Feeney Sent Letter to Ashcroft About Dems Intimidating Rethug Volunteers

Complain to Editor of WSJ - Article calling us "Bitterenders"

Red Hands Movement merchandise for sale and tips on rallies

Diebold Software and Impounding machines

List of OHIO ELECTORS for * - Need contact info !!!!!!!

Woo hoo! Kerry statement on election reform on Conyers' hearing site!

View this graph: The weighted state national polling trend was to Kerry.

I Need a Set of Election Fraud Links

European media picking up fraud! Link--Any translators?

The Wall Street Journal explains motives behind those shouting "FRAUD"

Dean sucked "media oxygen out of the hearing room"? Oh, come on.

Can we file a consumer class action lawsuit against MSM??


Might Warren County be the key?

When will the Revolution start?

LTTE from Diebold's Mike Jacobsen in today's Chicago Sun-Times

If Volusia is invalid - does that do something to the certification?

If you live in NYC please read!!

Carter to be on Chris Matthews Friday - email him about vote problems

Another EXCELLENT Adam Stone Article

Major fraud in Colorado?

Which states had straight party ticket voting & electronic voting machines

Complain to the Governor of Ohio...

Keep Kicked! Information to Media Task Force


Vote now for Fahrenheit 9/11 (Online voting for People's Choice Awards)

Find a Protest in Your Area or Start One Yourself

Resource Thread

Is Cobb Running A Fundraiser Con Game? (Hit on Counterpunch)

View this graph. And remember, incumbents wih 48.5% approval always LOSE

Kerry: Exit polls (50.6%/311EV) MATCHED pre-election polls (50.52%/322EV)

San Francisco: A RALLY TO CHALLENGE THE TALLY will be held Saturday Dec 11

Arnie hires Swift Boat Smearers public relations firm

Iowa DUers...where'd you go to college?

Anybody else see Steve King become the butt of the joke on

Who here will be at the rally on Sunday

Boston Unveils Toys-For-Tickets Campaign

This is the time of year that charities ask for donations

Erich John Wagar Memorial Fund Benefit - Patricks Caberet, Monday 12/13

Republicans block casino plans!

TV Tuner Card?

Favorite Support Sites.

Can anyone suggest a 'working' image hosting site?

Anybody involved with the Licking County Dem Party?

Punxsutawney Phil "Pork"????

My letter to Jerry Bowyer

(Paul) O'Neill criticizes UPMC as he quits its board

Lynn Swann considering run for Pa. governor

Entity formerly known as Austin4Kerry Meetup Dec. 9

Restaurant check for Houstonians!

Texas DUers I need your help.

Proof that the media is NOT LIBERAL!!

Sept 7, the day that shall live in infamy

Mike Webb show streaming tonight?

Bush skips to the middle of the stage to cheer on his troops....

insanity defense

Barbara Walters interviewing Rove on ABC right now.

First Amendment Project on Sundance.

Please!!! I feel I must say this if nothing else but to clear my conscious

Bill Moyers speech upon receiving Harvard's Global Environment Citizen Awa

salute UPI reporter Pam Hess!

Kerry/Edwards' lie is unforgiveable

Bush sings Christmas songs CD

Idea for a new bumper sticker

How to put out the fire in "Flamebait"!

Even Pat Robertson says that Christians were safer under Saddam

Hey Guys...Wants make babies?

Col. Hackworth on recruiting problems..

If someone used a stun gun on YOU while imprisoned is it torture or abuse?

The Republican Destruction of Our Economy is gaining Critical Mass.

Kids! Now you can learn how to wage war in the name of liberation

I'm going to have some fun with freepers

Wash Post cited dozens of voting fraud incidents in Nov. 3 article. link

US Marine: Some comrades became 'psychopaths' who enjoyed killing civilians

Chimpy World Tour

Scientology's volunteers get frosty reception at fire scene (Hilarious)

The "terrorists" are everywhere....

Bush and Blair as Wise Men in nativity scene

about Rummy and the troops

Jesus said, "They hate me and they're gonna hate you too."

Why should we be the ones to "leave" the Party ??

Strange-Voiced Whale at Large in the Ocean -Study

Did anyone see Michael Moore on Barbara Walters last night?

Rate this Yahoo article on Conyer hearing (Op/Ed)

Democracy Now.

Witness: Driver Ignores Yelling Motorcyclist On Car's Hood

Something's Swishy About Shark Tale

Need some help

Wash Post cited dozens of voting fraud incidents in Nov. 3 article. link

ByeBye Mia. Thanks for the ride.

Who else receives a word a day from I ask

Oh BTW- remember the SC soldiers who refused to make the fuel run?

The 'Stop Loss' Scam


Anyone have info on the recent FCC auction of FM station in the South?

MSNBC. This is hate speech.

They steal our vote, and some of us say:

Immigration to Canada

"Hillbilly Armor" nothing new to forces in Iraq (ABC WNT)

Was the 'Clinton Body Count' just a bit too convenient for the RW?

Atlanta: Air America is alive and well, to the surprise of naysayers

Politics and Shopping..Let put our $$ where out mouth is!

Please, Sir, May I Have Some Armor? | NYT slaps Rummy

anyone have the video of the green shoe bush family bizarro message?

Bush* just said our 'mission' is to spread peace.

Hillbilly Armor

Homeless vets....

Any comments on my slideshow? (re: *'s military uniform)

What kind of twisted judicial logic is this?

Bush on prejudging

Is there a script of any/all of yesterday's forum about Ohio??

It's about time he got that physical >>>

Help Michael Moore and screw the repukes at the same time

can KERIK be confirmed? | check out this blast from Blumenthal!

Wedding Cake Guy (Brian Wms) Sees "No Prob" in No Minorities in Top Jobs


Emmigration to Iraq

Keep Kicked: Information to Media Task Force

Message to the "Red States".

Professor Studies "Dude"

Anyone feel like praying?

I have a question -- tax deductible donations

KERRY Any more Kerry dreams? Still collecting.

Government Secrecy Oaths Imperil Public

I would like to see the Democratic Party adopt these resolutions:

Bernard Kerik was a consultant for the makers of OxyContin.

Humorous, but sadly true comic. . . .

HA! Drudge-Rumsfeld set up; reporter planted questions with soldier

Any other Salon Premium Subscribers Mad About Lack of Vote Fraud Coverage?

So when are we getting Al Gore's news channel?

at the risk of exposing my ignorance, i must tell this story...

Burial within 24 hours after return to US?

Did Bush Get Lucky? Or Were the Odds Stacked in His Favor

smirk urges the Supremes to allow 10 commandments on gov. prop.

Fundies using "SPIRITUAL SPAM"

I love Demopedia!

Bad dog! Hawai'i public schools considering drug dogs

Are NPR and PBS really in danger?

Schwarzenegger vs. patient care

Has anyone got a collection of Bush's creepy 'laying of hands' pics?

Fox Blocker - stops Fox on your TV

Brian Williams says there are no black senators

Bush has worn the dictator jacket once before..

Homophobic letter from American Family association outrages citizens

Michael Moore with Barbara Walters/Video clip

Are you a pacifist?

Rummy's sly Clinton bashing yesterday repeated by Tommy Franks on Today

Embedded reporter forced troops to applaud Rumsfeld question?

Bush Accuser Dies Of Drug Overdose

brad on the radio now

Ron Paul Denounces National ID Card

Great Buzzflash article

Please help out your local food bank.!!!!!

Title IX

Americas' myths and contradictions:

Every inherent problem in your country is an opportunity

Did fart blossom Reagan end the cold war?

A Perfect Illustration of How To Fool The Public About Stocks

Civilian Inmate Labor Program

When Bush displayed his Fuehrer's jacket a couple of days ago,

Guys - here's a way to help Michael Moore. PLEASE DO THIS!

For a while the RW Repubs were peddling the idea that GW was

Bible Thumper Bashing

Right Wing Christian fascism now want to alter our history!!

Bush wants to ban gay writers from being read in school, no Streetcar?

My University's student government wants to ban military recruiters

Support our troops

Civil unions now legal in New Zealand (dupe?)

What do you expect turnout to be in the upcoming Iraqi 'election'?

Hey lurking Freepers, congress has sold us all out. What do we do?

Bush's Foreign Policy is based on the Ann Coulter Doctrine.

"Moderate" republicans vs right wing nut jobs....a story

My Congressman will be on Lou Dobbs tonight

Wonder how the freepers like Bush's gun control - New Freedom Commission?

Here's A Way To Stop Watching Right Wing Media And Keep Tabs On Them

DU this Poll

Check out A Perfect Circle's anti-Bushista posters...

Did Pat Roberston pray for Judge Daschle's death?

60 Minutes II Link?

I admit - I am in stubborn DENIAL

Were the Zogby's on Charlie Rose last night? My local station preempted

Randi Rhodes Is Tearing Shrub and Co

"More Freedom. Less Taxes. Vote Republican."

What's with La Rouche followers?

Here he is, folks--Dimebag's murderer

The Stock Market Under Bush

Honoring a Guardsman's request

The war of Science and Religion

Bush will outlaw masturbation!

Here come the Internets police

CLG's Mike Rectenwald on 'Scarborough Country' Dec. 9

idea for a Christmas end from sojourner's mag

you will dig the latest nativity scene at "Tussaud's wax museum

Thank You, DLC!!!

new member of SC board of Ed....anti-semite, member of confed heritage gro

"West Wing" fantasies ridiculous to the point of grotesque

Great! Now the soldier who hassled Rummy was a plant?

"Fix it, send us the bill"

My letter to the editor: Rumsfeld Query No Shock to Soldier's Wife

Life? Death? For Scott...

Who's worse?

What is America going to look like a year from now?

Well it looks like Santa is the devil

Ohio election fraud uproar blasting to new level

a science fiction book from the 50s: US senators represent corporations

Does anybody have information on the corp. behind the Swiftboaters?

How do we frag the DLC?

I have a suggestion for a new DU Group

Are you lucky enough to live in one of America's top twenty cities?

Something I got in my e-mail today....thought some would be interested.

Some plain truths on Kosovo

ATTN: Young DUers! please explain.........

Air America coming to DC

Damn technicalities! What's innocence got to do with it?

Hey Californian DUer's! What are your thoughts about Bill Lockyer?

Anyone remember the Neutron Bomb?

Caring for the Wounded in Iraq — A Photo Essay (Dec 9 2004--NEW)

Special announcement concerning "The Guy James Show"

How would you feel if your child were to enlist NOW?

Is Bush the Antichrist?

Publish 'letters to' and 'responses from' representatives

Frank Rich, NYT: The Plot Against Sex in America

Please help in the effort to take down DeLay.........

TBTM helps kick off a new segment on the Thom Hartmann Show...

Vote now for Fahrenheit 9/11 (People's Choice Awards--online voting)

Damn CBS news...story on lack of armor...guy said "nobody ever

It's time to resell liberalism to this country.

MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It' - Guardian

Kitty Kelley got fired cause she dissed smirk in her book

Vote in People's Choice Awards, Best Movie: F911 !

The Disappearing Dollar.

Why Asians get cool gadgets and Americans don't

For the first time, my credit rating prevents me from a job interview

Intel Agent Strapped to Gurney, Flown Out of Iraq After Reporting Torture

British Nazi Party accidentally hires Black D.J.

Anyone listen to Dick Morris last night

Kucinich: “The Iraqis Will Not Be Handed Freedom Based On Lies”

Science - Good or Bad for Mankind?

Rev. Pat Robertson Spreading XMas Cheer: "Kwanzaa is an absolute fraud"

my woman child

Vote For Fahrenheit 9/11 People's Choice Award Letter From MM

"It's our Party: we bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back"

What is the real reason that Republicans want to bankrupt America

have any of you 'fuck the south' people actually been to the south?

Relgion - Good or Bad for Mankind?

O.K., Is It Time to Break off Relations with My Wingnut Vietnam Vet?

May I share a hard reality with my fellow DUers?

To bitch or not to bitch

Is the United States a main-sequence empire?

Hell on earth: account of the last days of the Warsaw ghetto found

In 1940, things were fine in Germany

Dems are withholding senority from Cynthia McKinney

I found a really good low-carb pasta!

I need a rice recipe to go with tamales, por favor

Canadian Elections

Voting For Parliament

Minnesota health plan won't pay hospitals for medical errors

North San Diego County Times: Anti-war activists protest Bush visit

LOCK THREAD, looks like it's an old article

Warren officials pledge reform

WP: IBM Stops Offering Cash-Balance Pension

LAT:Why Supervisors Let Deadly Problems Slide (King Drew Medical Center)

BBC-GM cocaine grown in Colombia

U.S. Army Deserter Seeks Canadian Asylum

Fired CIA official alleges retaliation for not faking WMD reports on Iraq

New Zealand passes civil unions bill

FBI: Harsh interrogation tactics producing "unreliable results

All Ohio counties facing presidential vote recount

Democrats to study alleged Ohio voting problems

Rumsfeld sidesteps India's concern about F-16s for Pakistan

Abuse 'continued after Abu Ghraib'

French Gov't to Sell Air France-KLM Stake

LAT: Baghdad Gas Crisis Blamed on Insurgent Sabotage

Congress digging into Illinois benefits claims (Veterans disability)

Hyping Terror For Fun, Profit - And Power

New York Inks Tourism Deal with History Channel

Soldier's Parents Send Photo Pins to Iraq (POW Maupin)

WP: IBM Reassures Workers After Milestone China Deal

(Fremont, CA) Avanex on course, but layoffs on way (210 jobs)

Baghdad Mortars, Mosul Bomb Kills Three

Attacks rock Iraqi city hailed as model of order

Thousands Of (Erie) County (NY) Workers Fear Layoffs (3,000 jobs)

Rumsfeld `Cavalier' on Iraq Gear, Dodd Says, Demanding Answers

Federal Appeals Judge Pickering to Retire

Judges consider Berlusconi ruling

Coast Guard Helicopter Crashes During Rescue

Saudi militant was ex-policeman

Army Emphasizes Convoy Training for Iraq

'Disgusted' by Chretien (PM tried to spring rapist son from jail)

dupe n/t

Angry leader of Ohio Senate says, 'Go home'

FLORIDA: Republicans more confident of vote count, poll says

'Control freak' Blair savaged

Iraqi interim president: Insurgents will be gone in a year

US seeks European troops for Iraq

US soldiers would kill civilians, says Marine (Independent)

Special Ops Members Punished in Abuse Case

Terror target list way behind

RESTRICTIONS LIFTED: Wild horse sales plan defended

U.S. Combat Fatality Rate Lowest Ever --but severe injuries are up:-(

US defence secretary sidesteps India’s concern over F16s for Pakistan

Social Security Isn’t Broken

S America launches trading bloc

Canada's highest court rules same sex marriages okay.

Ecuador dismisses Supreme Court

Jackson Vows to Continue Ohio Vote Probe - AP/ABC News

'Mercenaries' appeal in Zimbabwe : BBC breaking

Pledge 'under God' uproar dividing Estes residents (RMN)


Intel Agent Strapped to GurneyFlown Out of Iraq by U.S.Army After Report

US for stronger defense ties with India: Rumsfeld

Powell reaches out to Europe over Iraq amid new abuse scandal

UK Guardian: "We Have to Protect People" (banning gay literature)

(GW Univ) Marvin Center turns TVs back to CNN (from Fox News)

Soldier says he'd "feel safer in a Volvo"

Turkish food firm halts Iraq supplies

Powell Says He Won't Run for Office

Caring for the Wounded in Iraq — A Photo Essay (Dec 9 2004--NEW)

FBI Searches Saudi Arabia's PR Firm


Iraq Rebels Down But Not Out After Falluja Assault

Bush Taps Nicholson for Veterans Affairs

Franken re-ups with growing America

Teamsters Offer Plan to Reshape Labor Future

Pickering to Step Down From U.S. Appeals Court

Sacked CIA official alleges retaliation for not faking WMD reports on Iraq

Turnover Spreads to First Lady's Office

Kerik made millions from agency contractor

Harvard hire's detainee memo stirs debate

pls delete dupe

Radical Shiites Not on Iraq Election List

French Judge: ATMs Help Finance Militants

Armor Holdings Could Boost Humvee Armor Output 22%

Foreign dissidents facing U.S. hurdles to publishing

U.S. deserter fears 'social persecution'

ISS (Int'l Space Station) crew running low on food: Russian report

Lawmaker: Database Of Critical Sites "A Joke"

GPS Used to Track Teens' Driving

Insecurity in rebel bastion of Ramadi threatens elections

Peru summit nears a new United States of the Americas

Officer crisis hits Army Reserve

US seeks European troops for Iraq (BBC)

Hand recount begins in gubernatorial race - Washington state

Rep. Souder Joins Action Seeking to Reverse Abortion Ruling

Bush, Rumsfeld Try to Soothe Angry U.S. Troops

Gay Marriage OK in Canada (Canada Supreme Court)

Soldiers Radio now recording holiday greetings for troops

Rumsfeld: Airing Concerns Was Healthy

Sabotage Causes Russia Gas Explosion

Deserter awaits ruling

OHIO: Local board 'disgusted' by last-ditch efforts

Breast cancer drug shows better results

Europeans Toast Powell With Farewell Gifts

NYT: Teamsters Offer Plan to Reshape Labor Future

Costco income up 21 percent

Armor Holdings Could Boost Humvee Armor Output 22% (Update4)

U.S. accuses Israel of espionage

Officer crisis hits Army Reserve

Kerry to visit troops in Iraq

Former Marine tells of "psychopaths"---(in his outfit)

CIA agent sues agency

WP/Reuters: Martha Stewart Sets TV Comeback After Jail

Kerry to Visit Iraq, Middle East

Bush Administration Breaks Silence to Back Annan

Rebels seize 2 police stations in town once pacified by U.S.(Samarra)

Rumsfeld and Bush Say Troop Complaints Are Being Addressed

Hostility Toward Gay Youth Rises Post Election Group Says

U.S. gives rosy picture of rebuilding Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 9 December

Anti-Bush thong protesters plan lawsuit over arrest

Heil-raisers move into Bay State(neo-Nazi setting up group in Boston)

Congressman wants 'raw' exit poll data

One billion 'denied a childhood'

Bush Close to Completing Cabinet With Reappointments (Update3) Bloomberg

Bush Administration Expresses Confidence in Annan(says Danforth)

Cell phone calls in flight?

U.S. General Slightly Hurt in Turkey

Sean Hannity inks 25M radio contract

Bush, Rumsfeld Try to Soothe Angry U.S. Troops

Area Activists Demand FBI Probe - North County News (NY)

U.S. household debt up 9.1% in Q3

Fla. Changes Rules on Ex-Felons' Rights

Breaking CNN: Reporter from TN says the armor question planted

Judge Charles Pickering announces retirement from federal bench

Organizers request U.S. Senate recount (Alaska)

Housing costs reaching crisis levels in California

Bush to Undergo Physical on Saturday

Which one is the toy gun? (Airsofts problem in U.S. and Iraq)

Venezuelan President Approves Media Law

General: Fallujah Almost Cleared of Arms

San Francisco's "religious left" supports gay marriage bill

Jobless claims higher than expected (357,000 - up 8,000)

Rossi gains four votes in early recount

Fort Carson halts access for The (Denver) Post (don't like the coverage)

Hate fliers surfacing on driveways(Eugene,Oregon)

Bush: No Payroll Tax Hike for Social Security

Unprecedented Security for Inauguration

Ex-Congressman Arrested: Delivering letter to Blackwell

Court: Mom's Eavesdropping Violated Law (can't listen in on your kids)

Britain's secret plan for new global climate pact [timesonline]

Weather Delays Full Flight Test of Missile Defense System

MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It'

Biden sets foot on road to 1600 Pennsylvania

Creditors fight over CyberNET Group toys

AP: Famous Atheist (Antony Flew) Now Believes in God

Lynn Swann considering run for Pa. governor (Repub - Big * Supporter)

Texas man executed on disproved forensics

At Least 5 Dead, 2 Wounded In Nightclub Shooting (Dimebag Darrell Dead)

Japanese troops will spend extra year in Iraq

Laptops may be hurting men's fertility

Diehard Democrats declare election fight not over in Ohio

Teen's mom rekindles debate over novel (blue state book banning)

School Defends Slavery Booklet

What the hell is a "jigaboo"?

I broke down and bought a Sonicare toothbrush


I think Nightline is going to repeat news from 24 years ago

Sensitive job question.......

Have you ever dreamt you were the opposite sex?

Anyone play frisbee with their boss at the workplace?

Tyson arrested after allegedly jumping on car outside nightclub

Snowflake Redux

NEWSFLASH! Nicolette Sheridan is NOT that "hot"

Never dine with a duck

What they REALLY want (picture)

Just voted in The Peoples Choice Awards and notice something

I could use some Rose Bowl/Rose Parade advice.

What happened with Rhino 47 and the lunatic neighbor?

Your thoughts on Mike Malloy's assessment of Bush as a giggling madman

In honor of the moment, because you're all prime

Parking violators can pay tickets with toys

Quick poll for you rockers out there...

Language is fun

Firefighters enter home looking for children, find cats instead

What's your favorite element?

"what our pets do when we are not at home"

Bit Torrent users, I call on thee.

At Least 5 Dead, 2 Wounded In Nightclub Shooting

I just saw fox local news

2000th Post!

Der Fuhrer Bushler, Il Duce Busholini, or Emperor Bushido?

DU College Students & Teachers can you please answer a question for me

Has anyone here ever been to Montana?

Damn, What the hell happened to the band Filter?

Jimmy Carter reading from his new book tonight (12/09/04)

Gimme a dollar,yeah what are you cheap ?

Matcom launches

Concussions kept Tintin forever young

Well, here I am.

Uses Of The Word "Dude" Deciphered

self delete.

Is Jesus just alright with you?

Alan Ray Speaks the truth...

Man Attacks Clerk With Hamburger - Charged With Assault

City Now Allows Residents To Own BOTH Cats AND Dogs

Study Says 96% Of Women Lie

Good Thursday morning!

Honest Question. What is an "Uncle Tom?"

CStT or anyone else: I need your help!

I just HAVE to call special attention to this.

Thursday morning thread about last night's "Lost"....(spoilers)

A day without any cable TV or internet

Flip Wilson vs Nipsey Russell

Jolly good game at the Beeb, if you like pigeons.

Teaching religion (Christmas) to kids as an atheist

What is your opinion of the new U2 album?

Take Britney Spears' clothes off!

December 9, 1957 (For fans of '50s rock 'n' roll)

Mel Gibson begins his Final Solution

i want to switch my mom to (dem) dish network.

Any (ex-)cheerleaders, coaches, cheer parents around?

I killed ZombyWoof's Lounge Poetry Slam thread!!!

Any cookie bakers here?

Congo poachers leave bonobo at risk

Spent the night watching "Imagine" three times.

One is the loneliest number

Gunman kills guitarist on stage

UCC ad airs on History Channel

Cartoon: today's Steve Bell

The question of the day.....

Personal Injury settlements?

Anybody know of an outdoor/water resistant digital camera?

How to put out the fire of "Flamebait"....

K-9 Officer Bites Nude Man Genitals

What is the best news web site?

I hope to be able to post this

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8, 2016

I don't remember who, but someone last night mentioned albino squirrrels

Am I being paranoid? Listen to this....

What happened on All My Children today?

Friends, do you suffer with embarrassing B.O?

Nude Policeman Bites Dog in the Genitals

How do health insurance benefits compare across states???

i am the 1st ever scratchtard champion


Is anyone else having trouble logging on to AIM?????????????????????????

Is there a particular DU'er you always reply to?


anyone have any links showing what scum is?

Babylon 5 Movie Starts Filming in April

Thursday humor

Hey, shouldn't I be working?

Dick York or Dick Sargent?

Some Things To Do Before The Inaugural. . .

I seem to be IN and I can't get OUT

Venus or Mars?

What is your favorite Poker variation?

i Love this pic

I know Home Depot gives to the Thugs, what about Lowe's?

Do you have an office/workplace "mooch"?

$367.00 for a prescription

Up to 30 SANTAS busted by British cops Brawling in Road Race

War Pigs

Laugh-In or the Smothers Brothers?

Man Acquitted of Rape; Says He Was Asleep

Pass the Cheese... I'm gonna whine

Husband prevails before Unemployment Commission....

Focker families getting into Universal Studios for free

I just found out my S.O. is pedantic

I just found out my S.O. is psychedelic. Trippy!

Bewtiched or I Dream of Jeannie

R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell

I've ALMOST escaped ..... ask me almost anything

Need encouragement...exam tomorrow...would rather cruise the Lounge

Ben Casey or Dr. Kildare?

I'm COLD, dammit!

The taste of failure

My tribute to Dimebag.

We're having a "White Elephant Gift Exchange" here at 1pm.

£28,000 ($53,787) truffle rots in fridge

Internet Porn Worse than Crack says Senate Subcomittee

Do you have Blue Santa where you live ?

I just want your extra time... and your....

DU and Wikipedia?????

The "Please Do Not Open Till Christmas" CAPTION

I've never lived with a Freeper before. What should I know?

What A Curious Life We Have Found Here Tonight

Let us now praise CHEESE!

excuse me while I enjoy this

I have a suggestion for a new DU Group

60 Minutes Story - Link?

How long before * starts awarding himself medals...

Do We Have Any Polar Bears Here?

The "And Here's the Kicker..." CAPTION

Tis the season for Electrical Stupidity: A safety notice from the Grinch

POLL: Mod or Rocker?

A 1/4 pound shrimp!!!

Anybody here know how to use the GIMP?

Al Franken just slammed O'Reilly!

I've gone over 200 posts! Don't ask me a damn thing...

"Problematic" Drunk Danes unnerve J.Lo: WHEN will the MADNESS end?

If you work at a sandwich shop, please be aware of terrorists!

Some workable ABSTINENCE EDUCATION for men

AC/DC or Lawrence Welk?

I'm no Scrooge, but,

Aack! I took a wrong turn on the latest page

Gift for a new citizen

Lindsay Lohan caught lip synching on Good Morning America, a nation weeps

Do men like being a girl's first?

The Most Ungrateful People on Earth

Man killed after falling out of moon roof of his moving car

Dear, Dogs And Cats - From Your Owner

Terrorist Lawn-Mower Mounted Cavalry Firebombs Dover, N.H. house

Dealing with Freepers

woman asks for birthday cards for her son

Play along people. Do men like to be a girl's first "date?"

Budget deficit / learning deficit toon . . .

Are mixed marriages in trouble?

Oh LORD how many hath CAPTIONed against me?!?!?

To those who work in retail...

I am trying to randomize a test, and failing, ask me anything


gorillas (the ape kind) hold wake

Pick a lightsaber

Worst Concert Disaster of All Time

Italian speakers, I have a question about pronounciation.

She dumped me.

The Sex Thread. (with pics)

downloaded a codec for windows media player; now DVDs wont' play

Man, 35, on the run from authorities, poses as a High School Teen

John Edwards is going to be on Larry King Live Tonight.

Favorite Organic Low-Impact Sustainable Fair-Trade Food Joint?

Pardon me while I throw out my shoulder.

Old time hockey!

Any "Dark Skies" fans in here?

Help need good art sites

Anyone need a laugh today?

anyone watching the ordination of the new Harrisburg bishop???

Holiday eating tips

I dreamt that Diego Rivera was my boyfriend.

God...Lock My Thread!

Off to New Zealand and Antarctica

whohoo, no liberty university for me

Bennington to ban public nudity

Almost 200 Pantera items newly listed today on eBay...

I dreamed that that Wascally Wabbit was my girlfriend!

Gwyneth Paltrow- who is she? Discuss.

What do you like in your little burro

I just threw a rabbit up a tree!

I dreamt that Wassily Kandinsky was my girlfriend.

I just threw up roasted rabbit and some tea

I just blew up roasted rabbit and some tea

White Noise

Gift suggestions for a five year old girl

There's a chair in the tree outside

New Species of Guinea Pigs Discovered: a 'faithful' guinea pig

Do you drink Sambuca? It's a not-so-new liquor...

I hate it when I can't tell the difference between...

Why the hate for Cooties?

I Need A Place to Go For My Anniversary Tomorrow

DU, you are beautiful and compassionate

How Fit Are You? Take My Useless Quiz

who is friggin beeping

Hey, I'm in my new home...and leeching of the neighbour's WiFi!

DU This Poll, Please!

I have to put my beautiful doggie to sleep today

Notre Dame Aide Shaves Head in Protest Of Willingham's Firing

not funny anymore

Best Stevie Wonder album

Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown

"Picture Book...........

Study links drinking hemlock with having republican children....

Rhythmic sounds at bedtime, soothing or maddening?

I just finished listening to my entire music collection (2 days+ nonstop)

LOST has officially replaced ALIAS as my favorite TV show.

Should I bother going to the store for dinner, or get Chinese?

Has anyone physically tried to copy a cat?

Karen Hughes takes a moment to relax in between writing Bush speeches

Study links diet pills, having gay children

I have Anti-S.A.D. today

Describe your most embarrassing moment, EVER.

standing in the shadows of matcom

Rassafrassin Frickenfrackin moneyseekers!

Ralph Neas of People for the American Way on CNN NOW! Discussing

can i make a grilled cheese with mozzarella?

coolest xmas gifts?

Do not respond to this thread.

Famous atheist now believes in God

Why the hate for Cooters?

What do you think of the Masons?

Bill Shatner (Captain Kirk) for DNC Chairman

Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Oxymoron list for today. . . .

Does anyone know the real story behind the Allison Williams scandal in Va?

American Girl Christmas Special had some good (liberal) messages

For Those Sports Fans Who Like To Scout Good Young Players

What color do you feel?

Anyone have the link to...

Is there any way to get pictures/video off my phone not using email?

Are you a rumorf?

How old were you when you... well, you know?

Gilligan's Island or F Troop?

Teacher Appreciation Thread

Do you like Reuben Kinkaid's management?

Selma Hayek is so hot!

Dimebag Darrell(Damage Plan, Pantera) Shot Dead...

How old were you the first time you made a "how old were you" poll?

Tube* firm turns to eBay for train parts

*sigh*SURVIVOR just won't be the same without Ami

Dr. Phil or The Pet Rock?

needed: photo of Bush with fly open

Here are my holiday pet peeves...

Did anyone see 'Wife Swap' last night?

Samantha vs. Jeannie

Let us now praise Audrey Tautou

It's hard to let go of those you love.

Where is the best place to download songs?

BNP accidently hires black DJ

Fire - good or bad?

Dimebag Darrell (Pantera/Damageplan) and 4 others shot dead

Status Clitical!!!

Best Beastie Boys Album

The Ultimate All Time Best of the Worst Movies, EVER:

All the lonely people...

Funny eBay listing! Selling Pecans to buy gift for hated Stepmother

I hate getting my mail after everything is closed.

Thomas Kinkade plastered everywhere or Eyes poked out with an Ice Pick

I'm considering ordering HRC checks.....what do you think?

My mother has the face of an angel, the heart of a saint...

Hairy Toes Play Role in Peeping Tom Case

I've been to see the opthamologist. Now I can't see anything.

There’s nothing like a catholic girl.

Jewish HEY YA!

Help Please (Thomas KinKade)

Anyone else think the new CNN commercials are kinda funny...

Pale Male is back, rebuilding his nest on the ledge.


Is It DAMNED Time LynneSin Made Good On Her Bet With Matcom?

I just found out my S.O. is bi-pedal

Does the Parents Television Council have anything else to do other than...

Just another reason to Love & Miss Freddie Mercury: He was a Cat Lover

Let us now praise George Wendt.

Another reason to miss Fat Freddie Freak: He was a Kat lover.

Corrupt a wish game

My mother has to have her aortic valve replaced

The "Drunk with Power" CAPTION

The "Men's Room-a-la-Carte" CAPTION

The "Secrecy in a Digital Age" CAPTION

Am I being a psycho bitch?!

You are getting sleepy....When you open this thread you will sleep...

Because I'm bored, a gratuitous CAT thread!!

Spyware - I Followed All The Great Instructions From DU Thread

British asshats trash your favorite musicians in the Guardian

Oh dear god, dad's in a diabetic coma...

Other than DU/Democrats/politics, what's your cause?

Kurosawa dreamt I was Vincent Van Gogh

My dog just chased a girl up a tree.

Finding out that your sports heros are Repukes.

What song are you listening to right now?

DCers and visitors! what's your favourite monument/memorial/museum?

I hit 1000 posts and didn't notice! Ask me anything!

What "rules of life" do you live by?

Do you have a favorite Plaid Adder column?

What were your favorite childhood toys or games (non-video or computer)?

Ask me anything.

The Naked People Calender

What brand of Cigarettes do you smoke?

Monty Python limited edition SPAM!!

Describe your worst date ever.

Help! What are some good discussion groups(not chat) for TV shows?

yvr girl is a terrible, awful, horrible person - discuss (please disagree)

What ruins your romantic moments? The uglier the better.

My first "Ask me Anything!" Topic for my birthday today!

NOT ME bracelets.........

Pay Pal Account E-Mail Scam?

Your perfect cheeseburger

A tribute thread to sustained musical greatness...A Ha

Joel Veitch is crazy...he's also knicker-wetting funny

Check out the mother and her albino bear cub.

Sweet Geebus I just saw


Mars or Venus?

Being Sick Sucks


who here has ever seen a skink?

Just how is "chicken fried chicken" different from just plain old

Times are hard; you're afraid to pay the fee...

Choose a musical artist and answer ?s using their song titles:

In honor of all our new DUers, I'd like to welcome you

DU Women: What kind of franchise bar would appeal to YOU?


This is Fluffy. He is the Destroyer of Worlds.

To me, The Chicago Blues is Muddy Waters, he even crossed over

Do you take Cymbalta? It's a new SSRI . . .


Here he is, folks--Dimebag's murderer

Are you comfortable with your given name?

Commercials that just PISS YOU OFF?

ok, some creeps in dark suits knocked on my door about an hour ago

If you're single is it because.....?

The DU Gallery has been MOVED, IMPROVED, and UPDATED!

It's the *~*Stream of Consciousness*~* Thread!

Festive Pasta Dish For Holiday Pot Lucks

Animal Liberation Press Office Opens

M. Doughty double CD release ... Wow!

Best WB Character- Pete Puma!


Call MSNBC to complain about their acceptance of religious bigotry

Einstein: On Cosmic Religious Feeling

Estimating the impact of the next influenza pandemic: enhancing preparedne

Breast cancer drug hailed as greatest advance in 30 years

Mars Was Wet, Studies Say, But Was It Inhabited?

Researchers take on imaginary playmates -- for real

Cap Harnesses Human Thought to Move PC Cursor

Strange-Voiced Whale at Large in the Ocean -Study

New Comet Now Visible to Naked Eye

Is Science Making Us More Ignorant?

'I don't know how it works'

Gorillas hold 'wake' for group's leader

Vaccine Manufacturers and the homosexual agenda

Iowa School Board Bans Gay Book From Classrooms

I hereby salute our free neighbor to the North.

Interview with a Gay Penguin

New Zealand Passes Gay Unions Law

Call HRC today and PROTEST!

Study links diet pills, having gay children

Right-wing takeover: HRC to support privatizing Social Security

Israel To Recognize Same-Sex Couples

Outgoing Notre Dame president criticizes firing of Willingham

ByeBye Mia. Thanks for the ride.

The Winter Meetings are starting

I can't believe Holmgren is still bitching about that call.

Orange Bowl Poll

The Sonics are playing incredible ball

2004 UCONN makes NCAA Basketball history!!!

I Wouldn't Want To Get Into A Fight With The 12th Man On The Nets


I am getting nervous about my dreams lately.

A brief note on reality

Stones, Crystals, and Sacred Jewelry

Researchers take on imaginary playmates -- for real

Thank you to all who post here. I appreciate so much your time

A support group for Atheists at MySpace

Now it's my turn in the hospital

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God

Bush Names New VA Secretary

I can't believe they tried to hijack my b-day thread

'Going Upriver': not just campaign film

This is just a test...

Candidates for DNC chair

Howard Dean in on C-span 2 starting right NOW 12:55 am Eastern


Quote of the day: Donald Rumsfeld

"Intelligence" = Secrecy = Corruption

How to put out the fire in "Flamebait"!

Why can't we make a decision as a Party ?

When will our soldiers realize; RW AMERICA DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU.

Ohio Nurses gain a victory for the elderly and disabled.

C-Span nut-case just called in and said that Clinton should be in jail

Bringing it all together

Sen. John Edwards LIVE TONIGHT with Larry King

Is progressive populism dead when it comes to running for President?

High Prescription bills? Send them in!

Senator Kerry, please tell me you are sitting tight and letting ** make a

U.S. President George W. Bush is chased by a cicada... >>>

Primary Scab Picker: Did Brazille want Mosely Braun in to deflect Sharpton

I just viewed "so sorry" again.....

Couric: Rumsfeld went for a little morale booster, got an earful

Keep Kicked: Information to Media Task Force

Help "Fahrenheit 9/11" Win the People's Choice awards

San Francisco: A RALLY TO CHALLENGE THE TALLY will be held Saturday Dec 11

My favorite coincidence regarding the takeover of the US- what's yours?

Did anyone read Arianna's article in Salon?

Army base kicks out the Denver Post

Another example of the crappy "morals" of bushbots

if books are censored, do books on govt's censoring books get censored?

Pickering To Retire

Bush "doing everything we possibly can to protect your loved ones"

If you thought Kerik was a goon but wasn't sure ...

A Canadian friend who lives in U.S. was stopped at the border after

I just got an email from MoveOn Pac...

Diehard Kerry Supporters: Do you really believe he would "Un-Concede?"

Wow, Wayne Barrett rips Sharpton a new one in this weeks Voice cover story

Double Standard for Rumsfeld

An Overlooked Dimension of the Republican Psychosis We are Up Against

Biden Says Eyeing 2008 White House Run

A second chance to vote

MSM's half-assed coverage of Rumsfeld

Question for the 'moderate republicans' who post on DU.

Another take on the "moving Left/Right" issue

Is Liberalism Dead? (Dupe, self-deleted)

Randi just hit a home run re: "the army we want"

Feinstein: 'It got a little dicey'

Conyers and the Minority Leadership of the Judiciary want your opinion!

OMG! Condi Rice For President?!

US military recruitment levels are ONLY AT 50% OR LESS. DRAFT IMMINENT.


Rumsfeld cites soldiers critical question as evidence of Liberty

US troops; limb amputations at TWICE rate of prior wars.

Did Rummy Lie About Doing All They Could To Protect Troops?

Donna Brazile is not on the short list for DNC chair

Was John Stuart Mill Right Or Wrong?

A lot of discussion about the DNC chair...

Sen. Baucus threatens to block Treasury nominee

What Is Your Opinion Of George Bush?

Democracy or....what?

DU this poll on Intelligent Design

Dowd goes medieval on Rumsfelds azz ("immoral") Wow

Just found out my wife's reporting the DNC meeting tomorrow!

WHERE DO YOU SHOP? Which companies / stores donated $$ to Democrats

Trapped in Republican Hell!

Amb. Danford just said on cnn that the Bush Adm had confidence in

The reporter behind the question to Rumsfeld...

MoveOn: We bought it, we own it

Move,Who will lead the Democratic Party?

Alabama rep meets w/ Bush 5X to ban gay books, Clarke couldn't get in once

We will not win another election, ever.

Why pick Dean instead of LaRouche for DNC chair?

bush & Rumsfailed you MURDERING LYING SOBs!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got through!

Help! Question about "They hate your christ" Dobson comment

Electoral College Reform Ideas?

Several Military Recruiting Vehicles Burned in Recent Days

What Color Democrat do you prefer for 2008?

What is your opinion of Al Sharpton?

Goodbye, Yucca; hello, Utah?

HEH! My "Conservative" Co-Worker Just Approached Me About National ID Card

I'm concerned that we'll become inured to the repug outrages.

Is the "Stop Dean" movement already in motion?

Dean: "It's about people, not just money." Op ed in The Hill today.

'JUSTICE', an uplifting political film--Have you seen it or heard of it?

Please help in the effort to take down DeLay.........

Any VIDEO of Rumsfeild getting hammered about lack of armor???

Why Hillary Should Never Be President

Nifty article from SF Chronicle | Election fraud or just suspicions?

Letting Foreign Born Citizens run for President: A Modest Proposal

Name your favorite GOP Democrate.......(1) Lieberman

I must admit it: REPUBLICANS are not that bad

Why the "Party of Responsibility" is brilliant against the Bush Admin?

Is high unemployment part of the Republican agenda?

Kerry to travel to Iraq, meet with troops. What does this mean?

Get over it!

How, exactly, was Kerry a DLC candidate?

Why are we endlessly fighting wars over Howard Dean?

I'm sorry, but it's time for 'Take No Prisoners Howard' Dean as DNC chair

I never voted for a Dem in a presidential race before Nov. Here's why:

Which of these two House members do you prefer?

Pelosi says "...troops in Iraq are practicing Good Will Towards Men."

We need a new DLC chair...

CBS lies about Atrios blog; progressive blogs under attack

Democratic Base......The DLC`s indentured servants

New RW target: Interracial sex

Tom DeLay sought to jail those who filed ethics complaint

Today's big fat media distortion

Trading Integrity For "Family Values"?

The real question is NOT will Kerry unconcede....

The CRUX of the move left/right argument- PLEASE READ.

Arianna Huffington: the importance of the next DNC chair

Bill Moyers's last story on NOW about right-wing media!