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Archives: August 10, 2005

Times UK: 'Secret military unit tracked hijackers before 9/11'

An important distinction to make

MoDo: Why No Tea and Sympathy?

Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian): We miscalculated in the Middle East

Atomic truths plague prize coverup

Living with fallout from nuclear blasts

Jesus and public prayer: My response to a local conservative

Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

Hey people, someone (supposedly) from the Beacon wants to talk to DUers:

Why I [Won't Go to] the Aurora Bush Protest, by iconoclastic cat

Ask your Rep to join Conyers/15 others re letter to * to meet C. Sheehan

nancy disgrace is disgusting!

NWA mechanics and other employees rally at state capitol (MN)

SF School Employees Threaten to Strike (CA)

Akron Teachers To Vote Wednesday On Deal (OH)

Federal Government Indicts Sutter for Unlawful Lockout (CA)

Ringgold, teachers union make some progress toward contract (PA)

Workers at seven nursing homes authorize strike (MN)

USW Outraged by Ormet's Refusal to Pay Property Taxes

Chernobyl ecosystems 'remarkably healthy'

Saudis Release Five Held at Guantanamo

Chavez Gives Land Titles to the Indigenous

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

Will Sharon Leave Likud?

Look at who signed the 9/11 Truth Statement

Major 9/11 exposee article in UK Daily Mail

Reform Ohio Now --- AP Article - Voters Fed Up

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 8/10/05

Well, gee, you mean Kerry was still doing something?

Sequoia Spanked in Federal Court Round One; back to state court

Bob Fitrakis to visit West Coast on a book tour

(Coingate) Noe charged a $10K contribution to Arnie on his company AmEx

Women could control 3 out of 7 state elected offices next year

Southern California Cindy Sheehan show of solidarity. (keep this kicked.)

Instlling an ethernet card on Dimension 4100. Any tips?

Do you use a UPS?

A hardware question: What kind of hardware do servers for eBay and

NYT: Ohio Critics of G.O.P. Start Battle to Change Election Process

Kerry/Edwards to drop out of Cobb v Blackwell?

Join Cindy at a press conference in Austin tomorrow Aug. 10 @noon

Need directions once I get to Crawford. Where would one find those?

GOP Front Group Says MKE 2nd Worst For Voter Fraud....

Brian Kennedy Will be on the Mike Malloy Show Tomorrow!! 8/10

Should sports fanaticism trump race relations?

Cindy being slammed on fox news orielly...n/t

Does anyone know what they are saying about Cindy in the foreign press?

FCC Hires Conservative Indecency Critic

PAYPAL account for Cindy?

nancy disgrace is disgusting!

#ush's body language means deception

Backdrop where media reports from not part of shrub ranch....

"Analysis: Iraq statistics tell grim story"

LA show of solidarity for Cindy (cross linked) [keep kicked]

Hey does anyone know which side of the fence AARP is on?

I Am Now A Gallup Panel Member: Ask Me Anything.

Sam Seder's wife had their baby!

What Cindy Sheehan and Andy Stephenson have in common.

if Roberts children actually from Ireland, Irish govt should investigate

Progressive Democrats of America plan Seattle vigil for Cindy

WOOT - I Got on myself Quoted on The Majority Report

Does your annual physical include chest x-rays, if

Signs of the Apocalypse?


These words of the presidon't make me wonder....

Gitmo: A tropical vacation, two fruits and Harry Potter too?

Medical People--Question please about privacy

Where Has Dan Rather Been?

Mom vs. Bush (warning: RW BS alert)

Crawford Area Freepers encouraged to protest....

Did Bush DELIBERATELY allow Bin Laden to escape from Tora Bora?

Here is an aerial satellite view of Crawford

I look forward to the time...

Cost of Iraq War August 9th- $186,470,062,577

(CA) State government missing 30,000 vehicles

If Cindy is arrested on Thursday, do we just keep showing up

Pro-Venezuelan/Anti-Saudi gas companies

NYT: Film Echoes the Present in Atrocities of the Past

Franken Cracks iTunes’ Top Five

Ted TURNER to Join FONDA on the Protest Bus

Is this what Bush means about spreading democracy and freedom?

Best medicated American Citizens? Drug Reps.

Welcome to the Third World- Watching the U.S. Economy Crumble

Republican in the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial race.

Language: 'Mismanaging the War In Iraq'

Hmmmm...look what I got in my email from the Naval Reserve

What the puck?

cindy on aar now. n/t

Dears, I'm telling you, the weekend is going to be TOO LATE.

Newsnight update on the runaway bride coming up

I'm trying to post Google Earth Image of Camp Casey

(VIDEO)Jennings tribute, report on 10th Anniversary of Nixon resignation

If you had a month off with pay what would you do?

IF Shrub would meet with Cindy, how could he possibly answer

Laura "If this war is so justified, why aren't your children serving?"

Yahoo! My buddy T on radio! re Arrest Actions in Support of Cindy!

o'liely is about to talk about cindy on a replay of his show (central) n/

What percentage of the profits from "Support Our Troops" magnets

The professional class and the elite are leaving Iraq

Tracking the Terror Money

Suggestion for any artists/writers going to Crawford

Why the hell did Cheney go do the adult work in Saudi land ?

anyone interesting in flying w/ me to Austin from Columbus OH?

Jose Padilla: Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 3 Years and 93 Days

Viet Nam: When did it go from a conflict to a war?

As the numbers increase at Camp Casey, who will they call out?

Help with DU link

What Cindy Sheehan in Crawford needs


Bill Mahar on Letterman now n/t

Bush Vows To Eliminate US Dependence On Oil By 4920

Iran is not in violation of the NPT so what is the problem??

Why is it always about abortion?

Did Amy Goodman cover Cindy in Crawford on ..

On The Road Again

DU mentioned in Iconoclast (Cindy)

Why do Freepers hate right and truth ??

Saw Bill Maher at a book signing this evening...


Draft Cidy Sheehan for her congressional or Senate seat in 06! which state

Do you watch Al Gore's new television station, Current?

Republican politicians don't have the strength of character to rule.

Anyone watching SouthPark?

Do we have any word from Crawford today?

We need to be careful about the Crawford protest so we don't look like

Huge plant explosion in Michigan near Ann Arbor

THE GON (pics)

Is this you?

CNN, oh Jesus....

Sociopath: Does this describe anyone we know?

Is Olberman covering this?

I May Be Crazy! But, I Believe Crawford Is THE Event! "Our Ukraine"!

9/11 Commission to Look Into Atta Claim


Housing bubble and who it benefits..... and "possibly" how it has

I just saw an EXCELLENT suggestion for a frame for Cindy's story:

Diebold's Dire Quarter by The Motley Fool........

A perfectly delightful young woman as my seat mate on a flight last night

WE need to put CAMERAS in CRAWFORD--Computer cameras.

NARAL anti-Roberts Nomination Advertisement

OUTRAGE: Bunny Greenhouse, Halliburton whistleblower may lose her job

Is it ME, or is it Rita Cosby?

"Corporate Whores Online"

I'm trying to think of war as entertainment. I really am.

Pics from Tuesday, Camp Casey

I'm about to head out to defend 1st Amendment rights locally in my town!

O'Reilly explains Daily Show fans. [audio clip]

Maureen Dowd (NYT) on Cindy....

An update on the nut who assaulted me outside Planned Parenthood.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

America is one fucked up place

The President's Tone And Demeanor Are Telling:

Do any DUers oppose Bush, yet think the Iraq Invasion was NOT a mistake?

Freeper Mom Has Heartwarming Talk With Kids RE: Smoking

Turning the Gasoline/Refinery Business in the US into a Utility?

Depleted uranium is WMD

Sequoia Voting defeated in Fed Court in Rnd 1; A New Breed Cong. Candidate

This Wabamun Lake spill could be a HUGE environmental disaster

Contamination found out of state (Los Alamos accident)

Radioactive waste group defends work (UK / terrorism concerns)

Iraq's Aziz says will not testify against Saddam

EPA Proposing Radiation Exposure Limits (Yucca Mountain)

Conservative Group Pulls Roberts Support

Baghdad mayor ousted by Badr militia

Rumsfeld: Iranian Weapons Found in Iraq

U.S. Court Won't Block Ariz. Immigrant Law

Nine U.S. troops die in separate incidents in Iraq

NYT: Baghdad Mayor Is Ousted by a Shiite Group and Replaced

Bush Taps ( ZELL)Miller to Oversee War Monuments

Falwell's 'Vote Christian' Criticized

NYT: Million Years of Safety Are Sought for A-Waste (Yucca Mt.)

Two Mine Workers Freed in Peru Protest

Two Plead Guilty to Hezbollah Aid Attempt

"Toxic" explosion at Detroit chem plant

NYT: Ohio Critics of G.O.P. Start Battle to Change Election Process

Ohio Election Activists Say Voters Fed Up

9/11 Panel Members Ask Congress to Learn if Pentagon Withheld Files on Hij

NYT: Nominee Roberts Is Pressed on End-of-Life Care (Schiavo)

Judge refuses to dismiss charges against DeLay associates

Judge Supports Charges Vs. DeLay Colleagues

3 Tons of Bad Food Seized This Year (Russia / Chernobyl legacy)

U.S. to Begin Issuing Electronic Passports

Infrared spots new pollution

Survey Shows Iraqis Do Not Support Terrorists

WP,pg1: In Heartland, Stem Cell Research Meets Fierce Opposition

NYT: Clinton's Challenger Says She Opposes Late-Term Abortion(Pirro flips)

WP: Roberts Papers Being Delayed

Venezuela's Chavez Presents Land Titles to Indigenous Groups

FEC Clears ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’

(Coingate) Noe Used Company Credit Card to Charge $10 grand

Falwell's 'Vote Christian' Criticized

Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers

Kansas Schools OK Scrutiny of Evolution

Forecast: oil prices to hit 70$ per barrel border

9/11 Commission to Look Into Atta Claim

Pentagon announces September 11 concert

If I told you my last boyfriend was a conservative, would you believe it?

Artist corrects her infamous spelling mistakes ...

Just starting on TCM now (7PM Central) The Uninvited

My puppy likes having her picture taken. Can you tell?

Don't you dare click on this thread. You'll regret it!

LOOKEE what I found! What a deal! What a bargain!

Question #2, Jeannie or Bewitched??

I want to objectify Matcom

A wonderful poem at the end of a war-weary day


Springsteen on PBS in Houston RIGHT NOWI

2 people I know have been hit by cars recently

From bad to worse

ANYone with computer cameras &batteries they are not using--CINDY help.

Lydia the Tatooed Lady

I'm going to Zoo Station

I'm trying to come up with the ultimate attention whore thread

$50 to the person who can get this bangle off my arm!

Green Day's new Anti-War Music Video premeire is coming up on VH1

Could all of the loungers PLEASE lay off the vegetables, vega and PITA?

I Am Now A Gallup Panel Member: Ask Me Anything.

alanis morrisette...

$50 to the person who can get this bangle on my arm!

One More Reason to be glad I'm alive

Because he lives

KING TUT Rocks ! A Stunning and worthwhile event at twice the price!

Now that I've finished the new Harry Potter,

What do you know about emphysema?

Let's combine two Lounge faves: a lyrics thread and the gender wars

If you were an adult film star what would your name be?

What would you rather have in your pocket?

Matcom, what's for dinner?

I Am TOTALLY Offended!

Family, policeman terrorized by 3-pound attacker.

OMG....I just found out Ibrahim Ferrer sad

Hey, hey, hey, it's the blasphemy thread!

it find it offensive

I LOVE white chocolate.

Okay, i got my damned internets working

Holy cow...some dude just fell from the upper deck

You're handsome, you have a great personality, and everyone likes you

I had a dream about datasuspect last night.

I'll never understand

Anyone have any experience with Bulletproof FTP Server?

Istanbul was Constantinople

ugliest ewok ever

A Mythic Journey - with Joseph Campbell....Program Alert

So you ever hear of....Marisa Tomei?

Favorite song by They Might Be Giants

Could all of the loungers PLEASE lay off the vegetarians, vegans and PETA?

Quick Supreme Court quiz

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August, 2005

Seoul, Korean man dies after 50 hours of Video Games.

Could the people with no senses of humor


the world ends tomorrow

DU Chat tonight

Let's make something good out of the flame wars

paid the cost to be the boss

This INXS show is pretty funny

I've come to the conclusion that flamewars cause brain damage

He-Cat or She-Cat?

Another Question For An HTML Genius, or There Abouts...

Harry Chapin...(sigh)

Of course the copycat post is ........ Soap Opera Name.

I love you guys!

nathan wind

School starts tomorrow!

What's for dinner?

SBC screwed up and I have to use dial-up for a while..this sucks

I'm making Mr. DTBK a Big Red float

Scientific Crustaceanism

Just hit 1000 posts. Love me or hate me,

I was the person who posted "3...2...1" right before the lock!

touch me in the morning

Just saw a Kaiser Permamente commercial with Dylan's

What's the best way to get rid of a fever?


Oh Crap - look what's coming to Georgia and the Carolinas

I think I know why so many RRR

Cocaine found in European Parliament (The Scotsman)

Panda baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me

all hail!

someone hold me

I miss panda week....

someone fold me

Someone bold me

Panda bears are spooooky looking at night....

Someone sold me

Another obvious undone ad: Ben Affleck in Aflac commercials

What good is a UPS? (uninterruptible power supply)

WooHoo - I have ice cream in my freezer

when i was a kid

i like this song

I'm in an extremely good mood.

i used to have a hat like this

someone scold me

Only two weeks left!

Because I'm now in a Christmas mood

I'm picking out a thermos for you

i'm in a halloween mood

Some animal rights leaders are bizarre. True or false.

Shape of my Heart

Would you rather date an adult film star or a panda?

Night all *wave*

If you eat meat, why don't you eat cats and dogs, too?

I feel like an idiot

Please Help me Identify a Movie

How do you know if your on Ignore

The best things about Vancouver....

the weeping woman

Bill Maher is on Letterman tonight.

Ya big flirt, you!

I've posted this before, but...

Where have I gone wrong???? Where? Where? Where?

10:30 PM ... Kids still up ... School tomorrow

When's the last time you heard THIS song?

I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of you...

Penguins are cute and fun!

'kay. In a society that condemns human courage and conviction,...

This is inspiring

Who would you rather hate?

Tie a panda baby 'round the bamboo tree, if you still want me,

I LOVE white cake.

I havent been online in 72 hours - ask me anything

Inspiring Poster

Behind on the Batmobile payments (link)

King Felix has arrived.

Should I go to bed?

Ms. Jazz per your request

Poetry lovers, HELP! This is driving me crazy! What is it?

Do you think it's weird for a doctor to ask you to "pray about

Who would you rather date?

My theme movie from Ohio State is on TCM

One kid down, one to go!

Why is Malcom in the Middle still in re-runs?

Does your wife "chatter"?

"You're giving away all your power."

Man, those WinAmp music visualizations are incredible! (pic)

Comedy Central's "Stella"

Look out, mama, there’s a white boat comin’ up the river...

Which DUer belongs on an episode of Springer

New DU group suggestion...Literary/Books

The cat is glaring at me

James Bond never uses profanity in the movies!

DU group suggestion - late night drunks...

How many Y chromosones is too many to wear a miniskirt?

Peter Jennings...

Stupid question.

"I'm Roger Lodge..."

Does anyone have a good suggestion for an email sound?

I'm 82 years old

later all!

to quote WillPitt... hide thread hide thread hide thread hide thread

Do you have a ribbon magnet on your car?

Why do girls see something that they think is better in other girls

What's it all about, Alfie?

every time you click on this post a freeper gets electro-shocked....

How old is too old to wear a miniskirt?

Thundercats, Season 1, was released on DVD today.

Animal RIghts.

Kiss me goodnight

Which of these cars sucks less?

The Reds won two straight against the Cubs!!

This Is Our Country Here

a fan just fell out of the upper deck at Yankee Stadium

Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian Metal Battle Royale

My husband just found a small panda baby

Who was the best Bond?

Wake me when september ends....

Funny Things Your Pet Does

What in the HELL? Journey is in todays iTunes top 10 downloads?

Does anyone know anyone qualified for this job?

Best Morrissey/Smiths song?

I have this little secret that I didn't figure out until I was 25.

GRRRR!!! I've HAD it with cc companies sending cheques to me


I need career advice.

Dominick's has the Great Meat Sale this week!

~ is it HOT enough for ya !

Tell us three things about yourself that people might find surprising.

Stanley Cup Champs for 2005 - 2006 season?

Need wedding music help!


Steak House thread in LBN

Well, that was not productive.

Faux-vegan stuff

I think I know why so many RRR

NASA's New Launch Systems May Include the Return of the Space Tug

Edge of Seventeen

Is there anyone here who can tell me how anyone

Nice comeback Tribe!


Transiting Saturn square natal Saturn at age 52

Anyone wanna come over to my place and siphon some milk

1,000 Crosses on the way to Crawford. All dead soldiers are Xtian, right?

Statement by John Kerry on the Passing of John H. Johnson

self delete

This is hilarious

Take a deep breath everyone

I had my first Kerry dream last night

Ok, let's get some things clear, Kerry haters...

They are bashing Kerry all over the place on GD tonite - ugh!

Hey, who appointed that bastard Bolton? (No more holidays for me)

From dzika, a gift for all us Mac folks...

Okay -- calling all Kerry lovers and supporters and fans and

Convictions of 5 Cuban spies overturned by appellate court - Yipee!

Go Patrick!!

Out Dick Cheney's daughter and you're not a good man.

Newsweek on Patrick Fitzgerald! I love it.

Will Pitt is going to Crawford for TO

They arrest her and there will be retribution!!

Guy James Will Broadcast From Crawford On Saturday! (My Birthday)

Is this a picture of where Cindy is camping out?

Hey Bush & Co, "The enemy is not on holiday."

The Troop Reduction

Going way back . . .Who, in 1991, would have put money on a Thomas defeat?

LoneStar Iconoclast has new servers ("Cindy Watch" now operational)

Hillary "challenger" flips on late term abortion to appease new RW masters

Help Get Media Attn for Cindy! Here's all you need.

The Battle for America

This new pre-9/11 info shows WE NEED NO PATRIOT ACT

Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers

Question about Iowa caucus and N.H. primary

If you really want to make an impression in Crawford, make it big.

Suggestion to the DNC for the 08 primaries

What happens when Republicans go out dancing?

More evidence that the TV news media has been bought off?

Alan Hubbard, White House: "People feel very good about the economy"

The US Senate appears irrelevant (another recess appt today)

Katherine Harris. What more can I say?

Iraq and Clinton versus Terry Schiavo (Bush quote)

Did Anyone See The Blame-Clinton (9-11) Crap on CBS?

C-Span video of DNC Primary Commission from March.

Great new Maureen Dowd column in the NYTimes ...

Boston Globe: "America has a president, not a king."

RAW STORY: military families to join crawford protest

Do we still like Michael Moore?

Falwell's 'Vote Christian' Criticized

Any Reason Olbermann is Avoiding The Sheehan Story??

Veterans, Boots on the ground in Crawford

Paul Hackett should run for US Senate in '06

There's no fucking way I'll EVER vote for ..........

Dean's TERRIBLE idea regarding Iowa and N.H.!!

Editorial: Wrap it up / Two years on, it's time to end the Plame case

Rep. McKinney's Statement, July 22nd briefing.

Michael Schwartz: The Ironies of Conquest

U.S. Occupation and Iraq's Government 'Thrive on Our Misery'

Downing Street memo gives proof Bush lied

What's Wrong With Cutting and Running?

"Another dead soldier's mother"

Maureen Dowd(pro Cindy): Why No Tea and Sympathy?

Servants -- and Weapons -- of War (dog "suicide" bombers )

Chris Mooney (TAP & Author of "The Rep. War on Science"): Inferior Design

Moral logic of common sacrifice - Mark Shields

Wealthy Liberals Form Partnership, Pledge to Support Think Tanks

Vacancies at Mental Hospitals a Disaster

Tom Oliphant: Prosperity, where are you?

Got Game?--Gene Lyons

Tom Paine: Sheehan Speaks For A Majority

Rising Tiger and the American Eagle (from Yale Global Online)

How Building a Saudi City Made a Lefty Out of Dick Underhill, VFP

Would this make a worthwhile LTTE?

Sent as a VOP (Akron Beacon Journal)

Financial Times: U.S. Losing Control in Latin America

Americans join mom in waiting for Iraq answers (Suntimes)

(Ny Times)Simon Baron-Cohen: The Male Condition

NYT: M.B.A. Students Bypassing Wall Street for a Summer in India

Cindy Sheehan makes the Seattle P-I

Any hope for a working democracy dashed with online petitions


Niger: Could You Feed Your Family on 64 Cents a Day?

Iraqi: Iran Smuggling Reports Exaggerated

Carol Marin (Chicago Sun Times): Americans Join Mom in Waiting for Answers

Making Excuses for Killing De Menezes

WP finally reports 9/11 shocker a day late, and on page 2

Beware Being 'Turned Back' At The Canadian Border

Pirro Web Site: Monkey Photo, No Husband

My LTTE to the Houston Chron re: cancellation of TX assistance program

Did Speaker Hastert Accept Turkish Bribes to Deny Armenian Genocide and Ap

Arthur Silber:Of the Sacred and the profane: Leave Cindy Sheehan Alone

How to defeat the conservative coalition. Article from Monthly Review

James Wolcott: Nothing Honors the Dead like an Old-Fashioned Hoedown

Average income drops $1500 in last three years.

JASON LEOPOLD: Cheney + Pakistan = Iran

Big Disappointments in Iraq (conservative says "we have less than a year")

Mark Morford (SF Chron): Liberals Are So Intolerant! (must read)

Juan Cole takes Christopher Hitchens to task

audio inspiration

George and Laura Bush -- Meet w/Cindy, Don't Arrest Her (Working Assets)

Cong John Boehner's School Readiness Act Amendment

Any more info on counter protest

Fight Religious Discrimination in Pre-School ad in support of Ms. Sheehan....

How about a letter-writing campaign to the news media....

CALL TO ACTION: Solidarity Request From Arcata, CA

Snub vs Smear / Hillary vs Swifting Media / comparison of Gold Star Mother

Knowing how someone would think - Casey Sheehan vs Terri Schiavo

Here! TV gay/ lesbian cable network Launch Friday with Pat Buchanan interv

What walk is Randi talking about?

WSJ: 'Vacationing' * Controls News Agenda

DU ads on AAR possible?

China details currency basket components

Treasury Reintroduces 30-Year Bond

Indonesia Min: Indonesia Will Be Net Oil Importer '05

150K Lightning Strikes In 5 Days Set Off Ontario's Paper-Dry Forests

Smoke Worst In Malaysia In 8 Years, Air Pollution Data No Longer Secret

Father-Son Team Bulldozes $12 Million (AU) Worth Of Pristine Forest


Australia Unwilling To Even Try Carbon Trading - Market "Too Small"

Poachers Slaughter 80+ Ridley's Sea Turtles, Take Eggs, Leave Meat Behind

Save the Humans

FIve-Year Study Shows Grasslands Will Not Buffer Climate Change

Did a spot of lunchtime "intellectual terrorism"

Question about "stability" in the Middle East

Punishment depends on nationality

Jewish Terrorist's grave desecrated

Deportation to U.S. for Kach man in crackdown on extremists

Israel urged not to turn Gaza into a prison


9-11 on trial- UK Daily Mail on new book that raises disturbing questions

Reports: 9/11 clue hid in Tampa (Note Gen. Franks I believe was in Tampa

NIST's 3-Year $20,000,000 Cover-Up - great article!

Thanks to you DU, I can now answer all of your 9/11 plot questions!

Hey Folks! I Have A Home Now!

AJC photo slide show on the Keep the Vote Alive March

2004 Ohio election results

Recommend this thread--- please-- OOOOOOOOOOOh pretty please

GOP's Ken Mehlman tells the world what they think about vote fraud

CALL TO ACTION: Solidarity Request From Arcata, CA

None Dare Call It Stolen: Harpers Magazine article

NAFTA tribunal rules against MTBE in California!

Molesting driving instructor gets two years

Woman dies in jump from Hummer limo onto SoCal freeway

Attn: L.A. Times readers. Is it me or does the editorial section really...

Schwarzenegger redistricting rejected

Six candidates for Governor in West Liberty on 8/13

Dean predicts changes for 2008 primaries

Sen. Matt McCoy

Fringe group talks media giant into removing sign

LTTE Worcester T&G & Boston Globe - Jim McGovern

Sheenan solidarity vigil, Boston Sat, Aug 13th.

"Liberal" Boston Globe's 8/10 Sheehan coverage

Mark Kennedy posts lies on his website

Anyone know any good schools for web design?

Does it matter if you have a lot of busy machines on the same subnet?

Are there new MicroSoft (I know-- bad people!) updates for XP?

"moderate" Republican U.S. Rep. LaTourette lies on his CAFTA flip-flop

Uh-oh. Scioto County just got its new electronic voting machines!

I'm flying into Austin Aug 19th could use some tips

Ride needed, landing in Austin on 19th (I think) to 22nd or 23rd

Dallas legislator: Keep Wright in place (EBJ)

My LTTE to the Houston Chronicle re: cancellation of 'LITE-UP Texas'

Blonde, pretty, young, lots of coverage. Asian, elderly male, no coverage

Paul Ryan Debates Social Security, Janesville Crowd Doesn't Buy It

Gen Clark in Madison?

FCC hires Christian Right lobbyist, Anti-gay, abortion foe as advisor

Need help debunking this letter

GUARDIAN UK: Bereaved mother camps outside Bush ranch

Is the showdown in Crawford a battle for free speech and 1st Amendment?


Attended the first Drinking Liberally get together in Pasadena.

Harry Potter bewitches Guantanamo Bay prisoners

Cindy Reports On Day 4

Take 3 min & help Cindy Sheehan for FREE: Camp Casey needs BANDWIDTH!

Betsy DeVos is an Eva Braun party doll.

Imagine this scenario

DU needs a Cindy Sheehan avatar! n/t

Freeway blogging: "Talk to Cindy!"

Katherine Harris on H&c - You've got to see this!

Maybe if Cindy inexplicably went missing in Crawford, media would show up!

Daily Show Audience Smarter, Richer Than O'Reilly's Audience

Another Cindy basher has an eBay listing.


hey you people, have you seen this invitation to record your message to

Pentagon announces September 11 concert

UK paper publishes major story on 9/11

Fall under the spell of Rumsfeld (pic)

So, conservatives want to compare the Iraq war to World War II

Was Wal-Mart a more generous company when Sam Walton was alive?

Bernard Shaw says Bush has Middle East mindset

Iraq Coalition Casuality List - US Names

Heads up: "Able Danger" is a Big Story Today

bush is dangerously unstable, but we're stuck with him i guess


Assholes posting on Cindy's petition

weldon going to be on Wash. Journal this very morn...

we're watching Cindy in Australia as well

Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq (a new GW "freedom" ?)

0.00000229975 %

Why is Richard Mellon Scaife not in prison?

NYTimes LTTE: Six letters about Cindy, five of them in support

What is Curt Weldon ranting about?

PD's insufferable Bushbot Kevin O Brien excretes another nugget . . .

Post Only the Good Things Happening in Iraq HERE:

5 more soldiers dead. Bush to fly to Illinois to sign bill


The Quaint & Antiquated World War Two Notion of Sacrifice During War

Cindy will be on Lizz Brown tomorrow morning

Wal-Mart bumper sticker

Who thinks we have prevented attacks in the US ???? (like we see in Iraq)

Bush's Policy Might Turn USA into Atlantis

Want to see how citizens are turning on Bush? Watch CSPAN right now.

Are Democrats helping the right-wing cover up the true story of 9/11?

Iraq Affecting Mental Health of Troops

The US is still Murdering Innocent Iraqis....

Yet another reason to consider moving to Canada

We all know that putting off going to the dentist doesn't make the pain

780 Billion Dollar Question: Why is Jennifer more important than Cindy?

CO2 Will Turn Oceans into Acid Pools

More Evidence Cindy Sheehan/The Camp Casey Crew Is Getting To The Freeps...

Michelle & Jesse Malkin: Unhinged

Little Boots is headed for Illinois today...thinks it's cooler there.

Economy's's just that gas is $2.60 and potatoes are $4.99

Inteligent Design discussion on Washington Journal right now...

Cindy Sheehan's Vigil Rings a Bell in History

No clockwatching allowed...

Operation Schism

The Ly'n King: C-Span caller's name for *.

FRAME: Bush brave with troops lives, coward facing unarmed critics

Mysterious voice inspired me to play again, says French star

Lutherans Debate Policy on Gay Couples

Study: Atlantis Sinking Has Scientific Basis

Sheehan press conference in Austin today at Noon

Crashing the party at Crawford

Demand strong for morning-after pill (in ME where it's OTC)

Pentagon announces September 11th concert

Rumors of another Kerry/McCain ticket.....(The Hill)

Why is media pushing govt knew 911 and AVOIDING Sibel Edmunds info?

I think we need to create a whole new set of medals & awards

Cindy is a Grizzly Bear Mama----a great read

Pope DVD could stir trouble

In print once again! Anonymous opinion calls sometimes they print

AFRAID of a Soldier's Mother, AFRAID of a random crowd

What is gained by backing Cindy's demand to speak to Bush.

Why do we want Bush to meet with Cindy? Who would that be good for?

Cindy has already won.


looking for "what you must believe to be a Republican" thread..

OUr idiotic rock station is dissing our lady!

What if Bush agrees to meet with Cindy Sheehan ??

hehe drudge getting hate because of pop ups

More soldiers die while Shrub vacations

Joe Trippi blogs about Cindy, asks for your help..

support Cindy: Make a sign proclaiming chimp and media AWOL Again and

Cindy Sheehan at Crawford gates: great Tony Auth cartoon.

Thank you to the Camp Casey brigade...

George W Douchebag- just saying

the REAL reason phuckstik won't meet with Cindy

What Would Clinton Do?

How many of you get 5 weeks vacation in one stint a year plus other weeks

My idea to support Cindy...the "Today Show" crowd!

Democracy bonds

Bush Aministration Favors Rat Poison Industry Over Minority Children

Mayor of Baghdad is deposed? Isn't that a coup? Why isn't it news?

"Is smearing grieving mothers how the right-wing supports the troops?"

US supplied Saddam with weapons- chemical or other

Paging Will Pitt

New imaging technique shows cancer cells proliferating...

Santorum: Sheehan irresponsible - no right to meet with *

Freedom is heavily marching today in Iraq!!!

US & Iraq killed & wounded - need #'s for LTTE

Moron* not meeting with Cindy not only is disrespectful of her, but also..

Medieval wonder found in Church

Reports: 9/11 clue hid in Tampa

Going to Crawford? The city limit sign has a "W" in it.......

Baltimoreans! Cindy Sheehan on OTL!

Colonel accused of defacing cars bearing pro-Bush stickers

Possible flooding in Crawford today. Heads up for those heading that way.

Bill Maher: "In Vietnam, (Bush) had an exit strategy."

The latest from this chickenhawk columnist

I just saw Ed Koch in the elevator.

WP: Talking Wounded, "...[Bush's] ego is getting people killed"

Imus just called Rummy a "Son of a bitch"

Pay Pal donations for Cindy ---- Is it working?

UFO-spotters give up hunt for flying saucers

I think Cindy has sparked what will be a kind of Woodstock for PEACE.

Today in Crawford--it is flooding is being slammed with traffic...

This is what you have done *.

YET ANOTHER SOLDIER Speaks Truth About Bush & Iraq War!!

PDA Field Director heads to Crawford to join Cindy...

Sibel Edmonds on DemocracyNow-now! nt

PDA to host Solidarity Rally for Cindy in DC w/ Yearwood and UP4Democracy

does jon stewart have email address

Why Iran will lead to World War 3


Something every media organization should do

Take your tent trailers/campers & RV's to Camp Casey...

Six LTTEs in today's NYT regarding Cindy Sheehan

Rain in central Texas where Cindy and others have gathered...

Reserve recruiting, Army Y-T-D active duty numbers way off the mark

FAUX coverage of Rolling Stones' new song "My Sweet Neocon" on now

They need to start a "Mothers In White" protest, like in Chile/Argentina

People With Intellectual Disabilities Forgotten By US Health Care System

O'Reilly steamed at Comedy Central (audio)

O'Reilly and Malkin team up on Cindy Sheehan (Video)

Just off the phone with Cindy & Jodie Evans...

Latest excuse floated for "Uptick" in violence in Iraq - Constitution

35 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

Is it just me, or is "The Western White House" unbelievably arrogant?

Sheehan vs Schiavo & Jacko corporate media coverage, so sad

More news from Crawford.

Link to Lone Star Iconoclast's CINDYWATCH

War, Just a Click Away

Foul play suspected in soldier’s death

Rolling Stones playing in Toronto tonight...

Guy James radio show to be from Crawford Sat. nite

Now the RW putting word out that Cindy flip-flopped about the Bush visit.

Roberts Papers Delayed

I need info...when did Sheehans son join the marines???

I got the Anti-Choice guy arrested!!!!

Good News: The Sheehan story IS spreading

Why the "Impeach Bush" bumper stickers?

Gen. Franks Let Key Al-Qaeda Go Twice - Atta ('00) and UBL ('02)


For all of the people supporting Cindy at Camp Casey...

my 84 yr old mother has Macaulay degeneration, she is pissed because she

Does anyone know of any good books on socialism?

Western White House

Wounded soldier refuses to meet Bush, Cheney and the gang

Richie Havens will now do a song for you....

A good Bible verse for those wanting to impose on other's lives

The President Who Was Not Accountable

US embargo of weapons being shipped into Iraq

On our way to Texas....

Zell Miller appointed to war monuments commission

All that's wrong with the world, and * signs a Daylight Savings Time Bill

any Texas educators here know anything about section 504

Catapulting the Propaganda, Day 2

Massive chemical plant explosion in MI last night

James Randi's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

It's a seven question quiz that identifies how much you support...

Will 1000 white crosses be delivered to Crawford today?

Good Christians, Good Jews, Good Muslims

On-the-scene Sheehan people: Are there any counter-protesters?

Joe Trippi: Cindy Sheehan Needs Our Help

Anyone Know if Michael Moore Will Go to Crawford?

Cindy Sheehan and Changing One's mind on the War

MSNBC Prez to Olberman "I don't care if you don't come to work tomorrow,"

Peace House ~ Crawford

bushgang holding 700 + trucks from going back to Syria

why is the GO CINDY! avatar not available to all

Michael Moore covering Cindy!

Suicide theme park proposed for Hong Kong island

New Book Title to Ann Coulter's "Treason" -- "Reason"

Cindy Sheehan On Bill Oreilley

Camp Casey needs you! Who's in?

Rumsfeld Announces America Supports You Freedom Walk >

Check out this scam letter I just got. Anyone get this?

State Senator tries to protect integrity after insulting disabled

I am working on today's informational email re: Cindy. Suggestions?

Maureen Dowd is back-k-k!

Be alerted!....Wolfie's Situation Room is on in 30 minutes!

I can't help myself....I gotta mock "The Situation Room".....

9/11 commission members want Atta claim probed

B there or B square!

Cindy in the news

has anyone heard from Will Pitt

Terrorists Will Likely Strike London's Financial District, Senior Police O

Do we need to make calls ?

Bush would not be impeached even if Democrats controlled both House ...

Is Cindy still slated for O'Reilly tonight?

Reds 7 runs in 4th inning...blasting the Cubs again...SWEEP

Celebrities should not get involved with the Political Process

i just called virgin records regarding the new stones album...

Iraqi porn dealer risks life to earn $10 (by selling 50 X-Rated DVDs)

How the presidency can age a man:

Beautiful tribute to Cindy at "Unconfirmed Sources"

36 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

Anyone else having problems with Thom Hartmann streaming?

Unleaded Gasoline trading at 1.89 moments before market close

Anybody hear the first caller on Ed Schultz? (re: anti-Sheehan protests)

HEY! Bush* has an exit plan.... new toon 8/10

Tomorrow is the day


Will Michael Moore Go to Crawford?

Satanist (?) Dances on Reagan's Grave.......Really

Rut Roh, Shaggy...

Mail postcards of support to Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

1843 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I just been talking to my old army buddy in Germany, still trying to

Caption this * pic...

I'm confused! Pentagon said it met it's recruiting goals this month but..

How to create a Dictatorship in America

"the most serious genetic contamination event"

On what property is Camp Casey? Private/public?

My son the Instigator.

okay is Randi on a loop?

Press Gaggle: "what foreign policy subjects are they going to get into? "

No wonder FReepers think Coulter is attractive: They call Hala Faisal fat

Conservative group withdraws support for Roberts' nomination

Iconoclast hasn't been updated since 8:20 am

People I'd Like To Seen In Crawford Tomorrow

Soldiers in Iraq: some were misled, others . . . ?

So WHAT "gov't lawyers" halted the investigation of Atta (and WHEN)?

Sen Wyden: Roberts was against Congressional intervention into the Schiavo

Tear him a new one, Randi

I am so sorry bush lied Pamela. There is no "mission" in Iraq......

a choice: your 18 yr old joins the Army or is unemployed on welfare

AMERICABlog speculates that the new 9/11 story is a preemptive strike...

The Right loves to sling this smug accusation at critics from the Left.

Ovitz keeps severance package

Cindy Sheehan says Bill O'Reilly is an "Obscenity to Humanity"

Nonsmokers can get lung cancer, too

Gunmen Kidnap Senior Iraqi Official in Baghdad; Five More Americans Killed

Does anybody know what happened with that thug from the RNC?

Question about anti-semitism and the American Left

I hate insurance companies! ad supporting Ms. Sheehan - sign petition....

We need a reality based Congress

Sibel Edmonds on DemocracyNow ...Turkey may have bribed Hastert 500K...

25 States have taken the lead (electronic voting receipts)

Countdown Debunked the NYT Atta Able Danger Story from Monday

We've organized the DU Groups into folders

Cindy to call DC Ralliers...

Here is a comprehensive list of Judge Roberts' published opinions

Page 1 NYT-Not There, Page 2 NYT- Not There, Page 3 NYT- Not There....

Do you think security trumps privacy?? DU the poll on MSNBC

Cindy Sheehan's Address to Vets at Peace Conv. (transcript)

MSNBC Countdown/Gone????

Falwell's "Vote Christian" is actually not a bad idea.

Joe Wilson on Ed Schultz right now ! nt

Oil over $65 barrel and Fox analyst

What can we do to prevent Iran War that we didn't do before Iraq?

do y'all know about the ELECTION TRUTH CD yet?

New sign: "Hey Bush, Meet with Cindy"

RE-EDITED FOR CLARIF. Just chatted w/Nat'l guardsman back from Iraq

AUDIO: O’Reilly and Malkin Smear Cindy Sheehan on FAUX news

World War 3/Sound Familiar??????

Cindy Sheehan called Bill O'Reilly an Abomination

107.3 The Fox - the Anti-Troop rally station. NEW contact info

Cindy Sheehan up next on Ed Schultz show

Best response to charge that progressives are weak on defense?

Attention users!

WWND: Nixon actually talked to protestors IN THE OVAL OFFICE

stop going to the Drudge Report, it makes that fuck richer

Women Who Changed a Nation - my photo essay

the ambiguous poll poll!

More Death in Iraq: A Reluctant Soldier's Story (very sad story)

The Ed Shultz Show covering Cindy-Crawford situation

A reponse from the Ebay seller to my message.

On Ed Schultz... Mona, the Ohio military mom, made it to Crawford!

Viewer says CNN music is annoying: WOLF disagrees

Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers


Crude prices tap $65 to notch another record

The "Gas Wars" of the 70's

Make a sign..."I stand with Cindy"...

'Christians' announce "merger", plan 3-day event at Daytona

Here's The Latest I Have Received From The Folks On The Crawford Front.

A Brief Musical Interlude from the Evil of the Junta...

Did your WW II vet dad ever talk about his experiences ?

The 'christian' Right's Founder and Goals

HEY King George Your 15 Minutes Are Up

Did MSNBC listen to any Rita Cosby tapes before they hired her?

Dear God, my state is about to add a 5 cents per gallon gas tax

What Can We Do To Get BushCo Out Of Office For Good?

What is the chance of a 12 year old dying during child birth?

Bumper Sticker destroyed

JASON LEOPOLD: Cheney + Pakistan = Iran

My email to CNN's "Situation Room".

LAT: Insurgents Rig Dogs With Bombs for Remote Detonation

If Ft. Hood soldiers protest Cindy Sheehan while in uniform

'This is all about Cindy.' And Cindy is all about Casey .....

Yeah looks like Idiot Son really scared the shit outta Iran huh?

When I hear freeper idiots like the one on Randi today...

What's wrong with the troops having their pro-troops rally Sat.

CBS eve news shows video of Iraqi kids dancing at site of US troop killed

When bu$h flies in and out of Crawford, what airport does he use?

Is the term "White Power" racist?

(Palmdale, CA) City to give away flight tickets is down

TOUGH LUCK: A flight attendant battling a chronic disease-and her airline

Girl, 8, Killed by Tree at Boy Scout Camp

God help us... Here we go again: AP Story re: Iran WMD

Just saw the pre-blurbs for Anderson Cooper

Gas Price Reality Check...remember this from 2000?

you'd think the cable folks would learn-going right won't win you viewers

Did we get Snookered when the WH Press Corp Challenged Scotty..for

Paul Hackett coming up on Hardball, David Gregory

O'Reilly Said Cindy Sheehan is Guilty of Treason

Something I like to say to GOPers

Well played! And I'll even take the bait, just to make...

We, the People, are still in charge, Mr Bush....

Is Democratic Underground an echo chamber too?

Did I miss something? Tim Allen's left Randi's show?

was Hackett's vote hacked? n/t


54% feel it was a mistake, feel that it has made the world less

Let's face it. Cindy Sheehan is bad for business.

Bush...I'm asking for you to resign. It's

check out hardball katherine harris has toned down the make up!!!! uglier

News Corp reports a 67% rise in profits

I am highly offended by the "101st Fighting Keyboarders" moniker

Is this what Bush is scared of ?

The American Cancer Society on lung cancer

Got email back from 107.3's General Manager about the Anti-Sheehan rally.

Stay Here and Keep Fighting for Change or Move?

Re: Real Estate

Removed from Duty

Two THOUSAND Minnesota Guard to Iraq..but Coleman had a "forum" to explain

Olberman's emails. . .anyone else stop getting them yesterday?

Midnight at Camp Casey (Lone Star Iconoclast)

He's tanned, he's rested, he's revolting...(WARNING: Disgusting photo)

I have never hated someone as much as I do bush I hate this

Informant says Tehran has 4,000 centrifuges

Sheehan AP article! "Grieving Mother's War Protest Draws Notice"

DU Veterans, check in!

Can some one tell me how many people are in Crawford?

Herbicide-resistant weed irks farmers

Anderson Cooper doing an entire show from Camp Casey

(photo) "Hey, KKKarl, know any good lawyers?"

has anyone heard of this strange virus going around?

If you are in DC.... go to the rally now!!!!!

Ever wonder why Dubya speaks with a southern drawl.....

George and Laura Bush -- Meet w/Cindy, Don't Arrest Her (Working Assets)

Spare change for Cindy!

Earth ‘losing fight against global warming’

Kirk Cameron's Video

Rosa Parks Redux

Gee, I didn't know we had a choice regarding gas...

HEADS UP: CNN's Anderson Cooper to feature Camp Casey! 7pm ET.

Roundup: 'Able Danger' and the 9/11 Hijackers

Wal-Mart tightens screws on it's workers

ONDCP ad on Air America

"Lies, Damn Lies, and Limbaugh's Press Release About Progressive Radio"

The best deal in history! Help corporate-free media and get free beer.

Bad Blood at MSNBC....(Olbermann)

Can you blame Iran for wanting a nuke program? Look at their proximity.

If Cindy Sheehan is a traitor, so am I.

I got an answer from Aaron Brown to my last night's email

Dear Mr Bush, You are a MURDERER

What should we call the Bushit 911 concert announced by Rumsfeld?

"Stability is an unworthy American mission" - Michael Ledeen

PHOTO: Mary Poppins arrives back at the pig farm

For Cindy & Crew In Memory Of Casey We Sent A 20x40 Tent

"Native American Mascots Should Be Banned"

MONTANA is burning; power grid threatened: Pentagon ignored Governor

"President says increased government spending will create jobs"

My message to Subway

What is up with Katherine Harris?

Sometimes being right sucks (I told you so...) *sigh*

Help Keep Conservative Idiot off the air! Help!

MSNBC is becoming faux lite - Rita, Joe, Tucker

helping out placebo: should Native American mascots be banned?

BURN! Wounded soldier declines to meet Idiot Son, Rummy, Condi, Cheney

Calling Jon Stewart!....where are you when we need you?

big truck protest in S. Fl. - protesting high gas prices

Moveon creating ad for Cindy! You can add your name!

Call for solidarity for Scottish Socialist MSPs

Humpday TOONfest

I Typed in bush on Yahoo News and I get... CINDY SHEEHAN!!

Bush is going to sabotage his own Administration

All DU Cindy Sheehan threads PT. 2

Men, James Dobson Says You Should Show Your Son Your Penis

Bush will NEVER be impeached.

TexasLady's Camp Casey pictures here! WARNING HUGE DOWNLOAD!!!

Is this the start of a huge cultural war in America? I can't beleive

"Welcome to the Club, Keith" - from One of Many Other KAPLAN Targets

We all know what Cindy Sheehan's saying in Texas, but did she say THIS?:

Katherine Harris Shakes her Booty

Seldom has a film seen by so few caused so much consternation for so many.

James Dobson, Ph.D.

How is it a putz like Frank Luntz can easily advance a GOP message

When they say, "He volunteered!' Tell them this story...

A question for many think that the phrase "under God" should be


"He must be brave because his boy died for another man's lies "

Who thinks Laura is gonna get trotted out to talk some sense into


"They knew the risk when they signed up". Bushites HATE the troops.

The best description of GOP lying EVER

Rolling Stones Threatened with Boycott

'Freedom Walk' to Commemorate 9/11, Celebrate Freedom

“You get that maniac out here to talk with me in person.”..Cindy Sheehan

Isn't this sort of .. hmmm what's the term .... unconstitutional ?

General Kevin Byrnes: Fired for arguing with the Rumsfeld neo-con clique

Two New Cindy Sheehan Sig Line Graphics To Show Your Support!

Blogger phone call with Cindy Sheehan *EDITED*

Which cities are having Sheehan solidarity protests this week?

We have the Stones, and the freepers have......

I'm writing CNN and then I'm writing Anderson Cooper!

Ozymandius Appreciation Thread

CNN: Clinton Admin. told info should NOT be given to FBI!

An Open Letter from Ralph Nader to Cindy Sheehan

The truthout Cindy Sheehan page is up

Woodstock 2005 Bands Needed NOW- Crawford, Texas

"LET FREEDOM RAIN" ... Boy When It Rains, It Pours! >>>

Flu could infect half world's people in year (is this BS or not ???)

Advice on food processors, please

Canadian Bacon: For Americans on the list

Canada 'extremely pleased' with NAFTA softwood ruling

Canadian mayor to work from Hawai'i

UK majority back multiculturalism (BBC News)

Michael Howard: Judges must bow to the will of Parliament

Grafitti heaven

'Forgotten arsenal' investigated

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

Harry Potter bewitches Guantanamo Bay prisoners

Bush Concerned Over Energy, Health Costs

General accused of sexual misconduct fired

Video of masked militant with 'Australian accent'

No clockwatching allowed...

Baghdad elite flees Iraq and the daily threat of death

Firefighters Battle 41,000-Acre Blaze

Government drops New York Times subpoenas in Cuban militant case (Posada)

U.S. Watch for Insurgent Traffic in Iraq (caravans of "mules" )

Deployment of More Salvadoreans in Iraq Rejected

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 10 (Mosul isn't 'peaceful' anymore)

WP: Alaskan Sea Otter Listed as Threatened

Mayor of Baghdad Is Deposed; Insurgents Kill 4 U.S. Troops

LAT: Video Stores Struggle to Stack Up

Britain lobbies Iran over weapons smuggling into Iraq

Lower Costs Seen for Premium in Medicare Drug (due to few signing up)

U.S. Soldier Killed in East Afghanistan

LAT: Discovery Crew on Edge During Reentry

Iraq's porn dealers risk wrath of religious right

Air Force Officer allegedly targeted vehicles with Bush stickers

5 U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq; 5 Others Die In Afghanistan

Senior interior minister official kidnapped in Baghdad

IRAQ: Insecurity threatens to leave students with late start

Group visits Washington to show support for jailed New York Times reporter

Arar drags Bush's policies into court

FEMA Covered Non-Hurricane Funerals

Kansas State School Board Approves Science Standards Critical of Evolution

Tom Paine: Sheehan Speaks For A Majority

Roundup: 'Able Danger' and the 9/11 Hijackers

Man admits posing as general

LAT: Campaign Battlefield May Grow (net activists want to storm GOP turf)

Four US soldiers killed, 6 wounded in Iraq attack

Basrah murders implicate some police

They say they'll await Bush meeting

Scientist: Iraq was on brink of A-bomb (In 1991 not 2003)

U. S. Defends Detention at Airports (NYT)

Gold Star & Military Families Arrive in Crawford, Texas, Call on President

Chavez Gives Land Titles to the Indigenous

Army Recruiting Up, Meets July Targets

Rush-hour blasts injure 24 in southern Philippines

Air Force colonel accused of political vandalism

Bush Signs $286.4 Billion Highway Bill

Britain lobbies Iran over weapons smuggling into Iraq

Chavez extends his influence to Mercosur

Iran to break U.N. seals on nuclear equipment


US Warns King After Nepal Clash

Unocal Holders Approve Chevron's $17.8 Bln Purchase

Mayor of Baghdad Deposed by Insurgents

Myers: Possibility of third Iraq tours for active-duty troops

Iran rejects US claims on Iraq arms smuggling

Unleaded Gasoline trading at 1.89 moments before market close

Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq

Baghdad elite flees Iraq and the daily threat of death

Pilot 'killed human rights activist with poison drink'

Civilians injured in Kuwait training area

Iraqi: Iran Smuggling Reports Exaggerated

Woman dies in jump from Hummer limo onto SoCal freeway

Poll: Fewer Americans expect bin Laden to be caught

Iraqi Police Search Russian News Agency’s Office

Video of masked militant with 'Australian accent' probed

Iraqi (Interior Minister): Iran Smuggling Reports Exaggerated

NYT: Private Company Plans $100 Million Tour Around the Moon

Oil over $65 barrel and Fox analyst

Al-Qaeda 'Top 10' attacks shown

Iran denies sending arms to Iraq

Iraq Militants Likely Killed Journalist (British: no police complicity)

Nonsmokers can get lung cancer, too

Appeals court keeps Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure off ballot

Judge Supports Charges Vs. DeLay Colleagues

To town's dismay, school shooter to be released (Jonesboro, ARK)

Iran Removes Seals at Nuclear Site

IED, Small-Arms Fire Claim Five Soldiers' Lives in Iraq (1843)

Rumsfeld: Iraq bombs 'clearly from Iran'

Terrorists Will Likely Strike London's Financial District, Senior Police O

Army poised to miss 2005 recruiting goal

Roberts inquiry brings up Schiavo …

Pirro Begins Her Senate Campaign ("fiery but rocky") by Assailing Clinton

Iraqi pilot laid to rest alongside Americans

Jagger Says Song Not an Anti-Bush Tirade...

Skin Cancers Triple Among Those Under 40

UN Council should not hear Iran nuke dispute- China

Dragnet out for fugitive and wife

U.S. Gambles in Handing Security to Iraqis

NYT,pg1: Colombia Unearthing Plight of Its 'Disappeared'

CNN: Crude touches another record, breaks $65

Arar drags Bush's policies into court

Gov. Bush Says Harris Is 'Good Candidate' For Senate

U.S. to Ease Some Guantanamo Conditions

Soldier's Mom Says Deadbeat Dad Shouldn't Get Death Benefits

New Roman Catholic Doctrinal Watchdog Agrees to Waive Immunity in Depositio

Scientists Crack DNA Code of Rice

Insurgency soaks up money set for reconstruction

Rendell Now Says Five Local Guardsmen Killed In Iraq

WSJ: 'Vacationing' Bush Controls News Agenda

Shell Canada Oil-Sands Cost Target Jumps to C$7.3 Bln

Canada's next governor general is French, female

Michael Schiavo Poised To Sue Caregivers

Bob Woodward Predicts a Cheney vs. Hillary Race in 2008

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 10 August

Pinochet's wife and son charged (tax fraud)

Airlines Face Growing Fuel Shortage Risk

Niger President Denies Famine

Rumsfeld: Iraqi Constitution Could Be Powerful Weapon

Probe: N.M. Sheriff's Helicopter Shot Down

Myers: Possibility of third Iraq tours for active-duty troops 'always out

Teachers, Education Official Sue Schwarzenegger

NRA may back Dem against DeWine in '06 (would endorse Tim Ryan!)

Chertoff: Privacy fears not justified

GOP Members Oppose Arctic Oil in Budget

Canada wins softwood ruling

Foul play suspected in soldier’s death (1st female soldier from MO to die)

Jewish Group Denounces Video on Internet That Likens Death Camp to Rave

U.S. says no need for N.Korea civil nuclear program

Political turmoil hits Iraq town after protests (Samawa)

Hundreds Of Truckers Protest High Gas Prices ( blocking Fla turnpike!!!)

10 doctors killed in Iraq

Impostors prosper in Russian exam scam

Army Recruiting Up, Meets July Targets (Guard & Reserve miss target)

Surging Oil Prices Crimp Wall Street Rally

Affair charge rocks cleric

US reporter killed 'because he was to marry a Muslim'

Va. Tech Separation of Sexes (for Saudi visitors) Irks Faculty

LaTourette attributes flip-flop on CAFTA to tariff no one pays(R-Liar)

WP: For Dems,a Troubling Culture Gap(study:cultural issues trump economic)

Why do people at functions insist on taking pictures

Does the Pope really shit in the woods?

Cardinal asks Mel Gibson to stage reenactment of Crucifixion in Sydney

Bush fuzzy math: "$35 a year, at 4%, over 45 years, grows to $250,000"

Pentagon announces September 11 concert

Speaking of hockey..

How long until Too Late with Adam Carolla gets canceled?

You have 5 seconds:


Who is more likely to get their ass handed to them?

"where can one find a drug to make one so delusional??"

Propaganda at it's finest with The Great Raid!

I used to think that getting lucky on the first date was a must

For Six Feet Under's last episode...

Ugh, hack hack - stupid forrest fire


Flame Warriors

I swear if you listen to "Empire" or "Mindcrime"

I love Bill Maher

Lionel Hampton

Good mooooorning! *Yawn*

Will somebody post naked or something

Watch "Bubba Ho Tep" with Elvis' commentary

End of World show on Nat'l Geograph Channel now

I think there's a spy in this group...

Post 2000, Ask me anything

Heddi, Heidi, Honeychurch or Peggy...

Have you ever thought you were going to ___ but ___ instead?

We had a doctor bill that was overdue by two days....

Another request thread for my overnight show

WOW, I just surprised myself

How do I get my nine year old to sleep?

It's 3:33 AM and I am up all night

Which "Deliverance" character are you?

IMO Chimpy will never talk to Cindy.Why ?

note to self: no more chinese food less than 40 minutes before bed

So where do you want to go tonight? Alaska, Kazakhstan ..

I'm headed for bed

yuck... YUCK!!! Worse than walking in on your parents being intimate...

She's asleep!

im exhausted, but cant sleep

Taste The Pain

*YAWN* Good Morning, Everybody...

Serious WEHT

Woman Finds Corn Snake In Her Post Office Box

Python Found In UPS Truck Back With Owner

I'm fucking cranky today....grrrrr

Christina Ricci

So, who here likes Dog.

Fashion magazines showing more body types

I am hungover... make my breakfast choice for me...

Went to see the captain

Today marks the 10th day in the 8th month of the 5th year of Halennium

With all the chaos in my life, I forgot a very important anniversary

I see a snake theme in the lounge this morning.


Are you insulted if former high school classmate says you haven't changed?

Happy trails...

Please wake me up

Jagger Bashes Bush On New Stones Album

Miracle! Man drops dead Saturday nite. Goes home from hospital next week

Steve Earle, me, and many others will be in DC for the 9/24 protests!!!

"Downfall" Great movie!

Time for another random useless facts thread

About 40 posts till I hit the 2000 (3000)

That ad with the ear on it is just creeping me out today!

Panda cub abandoned by mother

4 Year Old Girl Fined $288 For Littering

RE: Turds-ask me anything

Bush Too Evil For Hell - Great Photo Ad From NZ

Room for one more in our Fantasy Football league

Tell me three things that are really quirky about yourself

Desperate Teens Sell Themselves On eBay

OH come on! WHERE IS THE LATE NIGHT ACTION???? It's boring

Anybody watch "Trading Spouses" last night?

So if American Idiot is suppose to be a Rock Opera - will they make one?

O'Leilly said Cindy would be on his show tonight...Hey Cindy...

Workers find king of the ant hills

How many members of the Bush administration......

Well, sonuva... I just made the "Greatest" page for the first time!!

My new favorite band: COHEED & CAMBRIA!

Got torched in GD-Politics yesterday. Who's got ice?

There's hundreds of june bugs outside.....

Leave it to Bush no. 3

am i the only one who thought 'napoleon dynamite' SUCKED?

Iraq Solution: * Signs Bill Outlawing Killing Of American Servicemen/Women

Bhopal's snake woman dies of snakebite

Dried paint brush :( It is water paint, but it is now hard as a rock.

Wake up! I need gift ideas! Pronto!



El Caminos are the mullet of cars

Tech Question About DU

Wednesday art: "I Am A Promise"

Someone Design a NightHawks Logo...

Drunk Man Stole Frito-Lay Truck To Get Cash For More Beer

Gazpacho ideas?

Squid holds up 7-Eleven!

Should Sundog and Zuni be charged with corrupting the morals

Special SCARY photo poll: John Snow, Pamela Anderson or The Wolf Man

To rest or stretch

***If you have a moment, please see this thread and give Binka's

Oh GAWD YES! Its Angie Harmon's Birthday Today

Get yer ZombyCoffee, or else!

Custom Bumper Stickers?

Emperor Penguins surround and citizen's arrest wayward squid

Squid Tragedy at the 7-11

Is sundog too irresponsible to adopt a pet/child?


Bush is speaking at the Caterpillar plant in Illinois

Today's obligatory, hastily-prepared "Bush on Vacation" photo joke

OH GAWD YES! It's Antonio Banderas' Birthday today!

there's hundreds of June Cleavers outside...

Today I shall only start copycat threads

yeah me!!! 300 posts!!!!

Guys, I just made the best sandwich....

Are There Enough SQUID threads

OK men, no more excuses!

New people in burkas: Please stop in so we can say "Salaam" to you!

Woman Files Lawsuit After Being Saved From Drowning

Losing your religion: A support group

The boy who enlists in Green Day's September video is Billy Elliot

Congrats Mrs. Sniffa on 262 posts

I am going to get my ass tattooed on your name

I'm gonna bounce back and when I do

Give Cathyclysmic a hug- she's feeling grumpy today!

How many Goldfish are too many?

Ice cream truck driver charged with selling drugs

JimmyJazz has me on ignore - ask me anything about her

Squid Shocker!!

congratulations to me!! 150,000 Posts........!!!

Wheat Shocker!!

An update on the dingbat who jumped from the upper deck at Yankee Sta

I hope this isn't a dupe -- you hear about the new, improved Bonnie&Clyde?

Tea and Sympathy

It's Take Your Cats To Hork Day!

Who dat is? My Baby Daddy.

Scooter, Moped, Bike motor, motorcycle....

Would a marijuana legalization group be appropriate for DU?

First I was afraid, I was petrified.....

The Taxi Driver/Displaced Loner Appreciation Thread

I think Bullwinkle925 is mad at me


The paranoids are after me!

Bill O'Reilly explains Daily Show fans [audio clip]

DU Women: Ever have this problem? (re: PMS)

Fiercehearted back-breaking bimetallists. Sixtowns.

Come on, people. Show DU yer love!

"Looking for Mr. Goodbar" author Judith Rossner died at 70.

The dogs gave me 7 fire hydrants

Those who have me on ignore - please respond to this post

Katherine Lanpher's laugh

Who else has the lazies today?

I'm 'Enery the Eighth I am

The cure is worse than the problem!

Look what I donated to the public domain today

My _____ Is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Fill in the blank.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I just got a spam message.....ON MY CELL PHONE!

OK, who here read the "Right to Read" short story by Richard Stallman?

Get yer Eiffel Tower pics here!! :D

Here is one last chance for those of you who don't have me on Ignore yet

Gas prices: How high where you are, and the big one, rising how fast?


We need a flamewar poll. So here: What is it called?

My back is friggin killing me

Get yer awful gower pics here!! :D

If you haven't checked out, you might take a look --

Two more hours and the kids are out of school

Did you write stories as a kid?

Are men dumb and women evil?

Are dummies evil?

Mail postcards of support to Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

"That was some crazy party. I am hungover."

"Tha Marvelous Crooning Child" This is Hysterically funny...

Dana Reeves has Lung Cancer....

The damn dog ate my _________________!!!

Man dies after 50 hours of computer games

Man dies after 49 hours of computer games

Man dies after 49 Hours of Computer Games

Homer Simpson's Words of Wisdom

progspawn sez: "Isn't this the strangest world ever?"

Do you hate yourself, and why?

Reds 7 runs in 4th inning...blasting the Cubs again...SWEEP

Fly Me To The Moon? Pay Me $100 Million

ARGH!!! Where the hell is this Genesis DVD?

So which is it? 49 or 50?

I'm takin' the GRE... any recommendations for good study guides?

Man Dies After 49 Hours of Computer Games

something to think about while sitting at your PlayStation....

M. C. Escher thread. You can enter, but you CANNOT leave...BWAHAHAAA!

Ever have a friend, a pretty close friend, whose name you didn't know?

Mark Twain, "The Damned Human Race"

Amused to death.

Has anybody flown a Virgin thru the Atlantic to London?

"During her lifetime she became a lesbian..."


how about a wednesday poem thread?

What are some memorable autographs you got in your yearbooks?

kick-ass-bob bludgeoned after 50th consecutive kick of 50th Bulk Toilet Paper, Freezer full of burger and Picasso

Redheaded women can stand higher pain levels claims study

Anyone listen to Russ Parr?

Man Dies after reading 50th consecutive post about man dying playing 50hrs

Hey LTTE veterans - what happens next?

I ask you: Is there any face cuter than this?

Oh no, it's the Blue Meanies

Is it legal for employers to spit on employees without telling them?

Can I just say... Randi Rhodes is SMOKING HOT!

have you ever had to relinquish your ATM card to

Is it legal for employers to sit on employees without telling them?

300 Students Suspended For Not Finishing Summer Reading Assignment (Texas)

NO Cat thread! everybody admire CottonBears Beauty!

Is it legal for employers to spy on employees without telling them?

Point Place Family Sees Image of Jesus on Pie

I LOVE me some art!

I LOVE Me Some Hot Wheels!

Very cute scene on Panda-Cam right now!

LMAO, I forgot about this photoshop I did last year . . . buahahahaha

"Hangover" Gene Holds Clues to Alcoholism

Do you like ulysses' poll, or should it be locked?

Has anybody flown on Virgin Atlantic to London?

This dude called National Geographic the poor man's Playboy.

Tour De France - FULL Contact Sport (PIC)

Recursive poll

Very sad...

How about a hippo love thread?

your ebay account is about to be deleted!

So what actually happened to the squid?

I LOVE Me Some Biblical-Sounding Cigarette Papers!

Creed Sucks!

Lawsuit Says "The Island" is a Clone

For my hundredth post, I'll wish you all a 'Good Evening'

I need some good vibes folks

The Gratuitous Rush Limbaugh Insulting Thread

Funny E-mail my aunt sent me

Anybody out there making epic riff-rock anymore? >

Rumors of McCain - Tinky Winky ticket in 2008


Have you ever got a job that you've applied to multiple times?


Did you ever have a day where you were supposed to be busy, but napped?

If this screen does not refresh within 15 seconds

Now see, I have never even heard any of Creed,

4-Star General Relieved Of Duty (an "affair with a "civilian" ")

What do you do when a friend continues to borrow a dollar here a

Wondering what to get your freeper relatives & friends for holiday gifts?

How long until NSMA's sig pic is mistinterpreted?

Oh my god, just posted in a non-lounge forum!

I'm glad the Gratuitous Threads have caught on.....

Are dogs dumb and cats evil?

My car is freaking driving me up the wall

Now, see, I actually like Creed.

Shopping Tip Number 3: Know how much money you have PRIOR

I heard KISS described this way last night......

Oh boy. Red Dawn is on SPIKE tv tonight.

People living in Seattle: answer me a few questions please?

Pandas, big deal. I have 5 of then at home

Busted! Chesty mermaid splashes debate...

Well we have a hippy hate thread. How about a hippy love thread?

Today in San Jose CA, I bought 3.3 gallons of gas for $10.

Where is my new car?

Would you like to hear Mr. Ron Burgundy play some YAZZ FLUTE?

Hey, Canadians! I found two other ways in which you guys rule that I

The Gratuitous Rush Limbaugh Complimenting Thread

I just pre-ordered the Rolling Stones Bigger Bang

Man Blames Dr. Phil After Locking Wife In Trunk

Tonight's Munchie: Puffed Wheat, no milk, no sugar, right out of the bag

bush*'s exit plan (new toon 8/10)

Hi all. New here.

BLOW OUT Moment:Kim Sanchez (Blow Out) did my hair ! Nice cut!

Need some good vibes

This just isn't the year to send your child to Boy Scout camp... continues to amaze me!

Important Stuff I just got in an EMail....SERIOUSLY...



"I can drink rum all night & not get sick", said Becky right before she

Where was DemMajority disrupting? Anyone know?

What's Your Typical Buying Routine At The Gas Station?

Tonight's snack

Damn. The guy that told me about snow days when I was growing up died.

Bath sheets or regular bath towels?

Have You Eaten @ The Elephant Bar Restaurant?


you all are boring this evening



Hi all. Gnu here.

Jagger Says Song Not an Anti-Bush Tirade...

When it rains, it pours


It's official! Hanging with Boy Scouts is bad for your health.

It's official!!! I get to see the baby panda in person!

I think I might get in trouble...

the squid stole zuni's crack pipe out of his top dresser drawer!!!!

What shows were you banned from watching as a child?

I always wanted to start a short story with....

Right now, listening to Mazzy Star's "Fade Into you"

I've heard of, and seen dogs chasing their tails, but a cat?

What kinds of cancer have you had in your family?

Today-ME one week smokeless

Avacado help

Stress - What is your definition?


How to drive a hybrid

Brothers And Sisters - "Ramblin' Rose"

Happy birthday, Guinness! Post your puppy pix!

OK! Here's my dumb question for the day: The word "props".....

May I get you something?

Hailarious - play this and try to not get caught

Lohan: "I Tried Pot" (claims she didn't like it)

Well, I'm assuming the Homeowners' Association will be after us now

Harris "We're progressive conservatives," isn't that an oxymoran?

Who wants to go in together to buy Abercrombie and Fitch?

I am about to begin a Distributed Bathing Project!

I am going to get your name tattooed on my ass

Who would you want to have for Secretary of State, Bill O`Reilly,

can I send this to the * ranch? At times, it has been the perfect gift :)

Liberals look at the glass as being half-empty

Should I use my student loans to go to the DC meet up?

should I complain about a coworker for emailing this?

CONGRATULATIONS to MissHoneychurch on reaching 3,000 post!


The docs gave me 7 mg Hydrocodone

Poll: Hippie vs Yuppie.

Movies NOT to watch on a first date.

What will be the last straw that has you seriously considering Canada?

So, if you had $100,000,000, would you go to the moon?

Sirius, Air America, Randi, and Schultz... A rant!

What is the best compliment you have received recently?

Can someone give me a hug right now?

I got a callback...

Yale undergrad George W. Bush punches face of rugby opponent

Anybody with experience fixing a squeak in the floorboards under carpet?

Enough Already--Stop Re-Making GOOD Films, damnit!!!

Have a problem? Let me give you advice which won't help.

Funnier MSNBC mistake?

CAPTION Dear Leader dressing up

I really LOVE cherry vanilla diet Dr. Pepper!

Happy Birthday Ecuador! (cool pics!)

It ain't over 'til the fat kitty sings

I saw a woman with a NAZI tattoo yesterday in the grocery store!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the most horrible, disgusting food on the planet?

New people and lurkers: Please stop in so we can say "hi" to you!

Highly Skilled Propagandist Appreciation Thread

Are anyone else's cats having a Hork Day?

What's your (Chinese) sign, baby?

What is your favorite beach? Beach lovers check in!

thing that scared you the most as a kid

Washington DC check in thread Sept. 2005


Is it just me or is bacon in EVERYTHING lately?

Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet (new t.v. series!)

Why does everybody hate me? (Great article on pit bulls)

Pastor Concerned Over Fallout From Kentucky Minister's Moral Breach

The siblings of Jesus?

Personal reflections on health insurance:

People With Intellectual Disabilities Forgotten By US Health Care System

Team is now #645 on the top teams

Mindful of Symbols

Scientists Crack DNA Code of Rice

Mars Hoax Circulates the Internet

Remember -- Perseid Meteor Shower tomorrow night

'Hangover' Gene Holds Clues to Alcoholism

New Lemurs Found in Madagascar

Aussies announce immune system discovery

Bulimia - Brain's opioid receptors may hold key to treatment possibilities

Here! TV gay/ lesbian cable network Launch Friday with Pat Buchanan interv

Spain Opens Door To Foreign Gay Marriages

Despite Threats & Intimidation Gay Couple To Marry Today

School's Gay Book Decision Declared Legal

Church & Baptists Part Over Anti-Gay Amendment

Iran Protests Spread to USA; Demo Planned for San Francisco Aug 11

Thailand OKs Gay, Transsexual Soldiers

Anti-gay bigots whine that Avis promotes homosexuality

Radical right goes after starbucks.

New Appeal Bid By Matthew Shepard's Killer

BeelzeBabs gets first pitch honors at Fenway!

TO has left the Eagles training camp after words exchanged with Reid

MLB Giants Flagship Station/Fired Radio Announcer

Kapler was just ROBBED!

I didn't realize NHL hockey was often played outdoors.

Anyone see the moran jump into the net at Yankee

Stupid pit bull ban - why it makes no sense

Civil War's Dog Jack saluted after 7 score, 4 years

I am thinking about fostering again.

I want this on a coffee mug, minus the church-y talk

Would you like a little jesus with your sushi?

Thanks everyone for the optimism

I volunteered to do phone calls starting in Sept

In case there are any Kerry staffers checking in...

I received a somewhat sad e-mail. Kerry related

Was this covered while I was gone?

Some good media news for JK supporters

Hang on, haters, I'm not done yet!

Kerry and McCain going out to Lunch together is enough to make news.

“Hot Days of Summer” Challenge Submission Thread

"Hot Days of Summer" comments, questions, rants thread

Day Two of Alaska adventure - dial-up warning

Polarizers: the most useful and most costly filter (esp. for Reflections)

A few from Day One

I'm back from our mini-vacation

Should I use this as a reflections entry?

Oh, folks...this is NOTgood...we need to circle the wagons!!!

Rick Kaplan's email addy

KOEB Meeting -- 8/10/05

Carpe diem. Seize the day.

Must See Daily Show! (or at least the Rob Courdy part)

`Reservation shopping' spurs casino backlash

Alternet's story on Cindy is up with audio

Anyone going from Tampa to Crawford to give Cindy support?

"Historically, impeachment has been the recourse of lawless Congress...

Maybe it has nothing to do with Casey Sheehan's death...

Roberts Papers Being Delayed: Bush Aides Screen 50,000 Pages

Maybe it has nothing to do with Casey Sheehan's death...

Save the Humans

Tell me your suggestions: goin to Crawford tomorrow

Has Hillary Clinton finally met her match?

The Peaceful Occupation of Camp Crawford (Day 4) (Cindy Sheehan Letter)

Let me guess: RW is in full "It was Clinton's fault" mode (NYT article)

Harris is SUCH a Bimbo!!!!

BREAKING: George H. W. Bush takes full responsibility for 1993 WTC bombing

Will cindy be in DC on 9/24?

Veterans and Military Families Turning Against Bush

OMG!! MSNBC is doing something on the known pre 9/11 guys.

Roberts offers a sign that maybe he is reasonable and acceptable


Here is a cartoon we can all agree with...

At least Nixon had the balls to

Roberts - Not fascist enough for one group of conservatives

BuzzFlash: "Add Cindy Sheehan to the list" (Plame, McCain, Kerry, Clarke)

Malkin to Young Repub meeting: "We are all Minutemen now!" Uh, no.

Did anyone else send enlistment papers to the Young Republicans

Hillary faces a little local difficulty

Afghans to consider legalizing opium production

What's the deal with the Akaka bill?

Bush's ratings and reputation is suffering badly. New info on 9/11

Amazing Quotes by Katherine Harris on H&C

Time for the media to wake up and tell the truth about Bush and the war ?

"US encouraged the pro-Western shah of Iran to develop nuclear power..."

Are there any Cindy Sheehan flyers floating around?


Polls:Bush's approval rating dips to 34%

White House: "This President is not someone to rest on his laurels"

This speaks volumes

A Soldier wanted to get into Politics (Fallen Heroes)

Even Newt Gingrich thinks the energy bill is much too costly.

Baghdad Coup

Pentagon Announces September 11-Iraqapalooza!!

I apologize if this is a dupe. Cindy Sheehan Blog Call: Bill O'Reilly an A

Joe Trippi: Cindy Sheehan Needs Our Help

BluntNews: Windows Media clip of Imus calling Rumsfeld a "son of a bitch"

Mail postcards of support to Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

Curt Weldon (Lying Asshole) On C-Span Blaming Clinton For 9-11

Can someone explain to me about the "energy bill?"

Bush About To Break Record For Vacation Days

Just like the Bushies kept hammering 9/11 and Saddam...

I'm thinking, John Conyers for President in 2008. Why the heck not?

Are you registered for ze Freedom March?

New Donkey explains Bush's economy in a nutshell

What happened to those right-wing talking heads going to Iraq??

Wow, Akron Beacon Journal published my LTTE....



repubs; NLRB expand rights of employers to control worker's private live's

Bush: $286 billion highway bill (incl. $24 billion in pork) "creates jobs"

ReformOhioNow may have succeeded in meeting ballot requirements

email from paul hackett

The Freepass must love us

Anti-Bush Vandalism BS on CNN

Bolton in bar brawl

Colonel accused of defacing cars bearing pro-Bush stickers

Governmental Reforms.

The Ed Shultz Show covering Cindy-Crawford situation

wolfie about to cover stone's song slighting bushco

Presidential War Chests

9-11 on trial- UK Daily Mail on new book that raises disturbing questions

WSJ: 'Vacationing' Bush Controls News Agenda

Is it possible the we (the USA) aren't the good guys anymore?


Schwarzennegger's Gerrymandering Effort Struck Down....hee hee

Camp Casey Day 5: Cindy Speaks Candidly with the Blogosphere

Mayor of Bagdad got run out of office at gunpoint. Where is the outrage?

M$M --disgusting amount of pork in highway bill. But that seems like....

Will they even notice if we invade Iran?

Bush speaking at Caterpillar factory in Chicago

jagger coming up on cnn to talk about the song....

Ahem. Rummy's 9/11 "Freedom Walk" has sponsors.

So how did Camp Casey/Aurora go?

critics of Ohio GOP start battle to change election process

Is there a "blackout" by the MSM of what is going on in Crawford?

No impeachment attempt: Democrats are foolish &/or spineless. Big mistake.

Bush Vows To Eliminate U.S. Dependence On Oil By 4920

Katherine Harris describes herself as a "progressive conservative," DLC

Al Franken said on his show today

A Yellow Rose for Cindy & all Gold Star Families

One thing I don't get about liberals and gun control.


Bryan Kennedy will be on Mike Malloy tonight

If I were Wolf Blitzer, I would resign in shame....Situation Room

NY Democrats have finally gotten it together

Dean: President's meeting with economic team was a meaningless gesture.

David Horsey's cartoon nails bushie about avoiding Cindy

Alright- one more '08 poll?

Saw a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk today,

Major Hackett is ROCKING on Hardball !!!!

ClearChannel Stations to Host Anti-Sheehan BBQ

Campaign 2006

Anyone else notice the MSM hype over Iranian Nuclear Weapons these

I know Lou Dobbs has his fans on DU...but he's making me SICK!

Bush vows to veto Transportation Bill if over $280B. Signs $286B bill

Bob Woodward predicts 2008 Presidential Election: Hillary vs. Dick Cheney

CAFTA and Energy Bill-as unpopular as Bush's SS plan. How come no...

Pentagon announces 9/11 concert: Linking the day with the war in Iraq?

Tell Congress to protect your identity. Consumers Union action.

Mehlman's Response To Voter Fraud Report By The Am. Ctr. For Voting Rights

Rumors of a McCain - Kerry ticket in '08

Anyone else having a political family feud?

AUDIO: O’Reilly and Malkin Smear Cindy Sheehan (

Iraq To Forge Alliance With Iran

Which 2008 Presidential Candidate has the best hair?

Hillary: The Nomination is Hers to Lose

The yellow rose as a symbol

454 days until Election Day 2006 - what are you doing to help Democrats?

Dean in NH. Good news video about NH and primary, and his stance.

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