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Archives: August 22, 2005

Cindy in Huffington Post

The Guardian: Under US noses, brutal insurgents rule Sunni citadel

Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots Fights by Dav

Dahr Jamail's Address to VFP Convention - 8/5/2005

Gary Younge (The Guardian): Leaderless on the left

West Coast States Unite on Car Regulations

Concrete Core Of Towers, USENET Comments Show Many People Know Of Them.

Minnesota: DFLers question Kiffmeyer (SOS) contract handling

Krugman: Don't Prettify our History (2000 elections again!)

How's fire season going?

Around the

Run Mitt, Run!!!

There's a thread in the lounge with a picture of Katinmn at Camp Casey

Help with phone

Just got back from Crawford...

I'm down, folks: have they Swift-Boated Cindy, and dashed our hopes again?

"Saddam gassed his own people"........

Bomb Threat In Crawford

Cold Case using Patriot Act to pressure lowlife for info...

Anyone listening/watching the CNN special?

Let's clear something up right now about "bad intelligence," okay?

Anyone seen a good article(s) on Right Wing Iraq WMD Revisionism?

Galloway v. Hitchens - 9/14/2005

CNN Presents: "Dead Wrong: Inside an Intelligence Meltdown"

Sunnis WARN against Consitution draft

Fitzgerald Leak Indictments: The Horserace

Missed irony

Anyone Surprised? No one at FR is watching CNN tonight. nt

CNN-- Now!

CNN: Dead Wrong theory. CNN got a whiff of what Fitz is up to

Ok, DU this poll if you wish, "Is Hagel right that Iraq is like Vietnam?"

It's Nice of CNN to Tell Us This Shit Now...

Venture Capital fund for liberal version of Fox News?

OK, what do you DUers think? Was CNN Presents enough to get Bush

Not That I Give A Shit, But What Are The Freepers Saying?

The Tailor of Badgad (Inventing Intelligence)

Baez Performs Near Crawford War Protest

CNN's "Dead Wrong: An Intelligence Meltdown" IS worthwhile.

CNN...turn it on NOW.

Went to purchase Pres Clinton's book in Wilmette, IL & was SNEARED AT

PHOTO: ISLAM is our Constitution!

Bush speech at UN: "we fear an outlaw regime"....

"Since when does freedom/democracy" = lesser womens rights???

Has Donald Rumsfeld ever been right

hahahahaha -- freepers are "dead wrong"

Are we going to be spreading Freedom to Venezuela soon?

Fitzgerald has reputation for pursuing the man at the top

Meet the Press on MSNBC now

O.K. WHAT IS GOING ON (Dead Wrong)?

Question for the DLC

US allows Islamic lraqi state

I'm glad CNN is "coming clean"... however CNN helped Bush and was

Update in ACLU Torture FOIA Lawsuit - No Appeal

Sen. Feingold on Meet the Press Now re: Iraq Withdrawl

If women lose their rights in Iraq I will be outraged beyond belief!

Bush = Bigfoot >>>

Bush Installs Islamic Fundementalist State In Iraq

Hey, there's something I just realized,

Inside 9/11: War on America coming on now on Nat'l Geo chan (186 on Dish)

New BartCop posted.

"Matt" PUDGE Is Very Concerned abt Internet Violence & STONES

Former DNC chairman sells out to Diebold.

national geographic channel now. about 9/11. eom

anyone listening to Laura Flanders?

"Dead Wrong" Torrent (video file) is Online!

so if the right wing echo chambers calls CNN the liberal media

Senator Hagel, you bailed JUST IN TIME!

Do you think Cheney will get them to pull the CNN rerun at 10:00 CST?

some blonde woman better go missing fast. The Bush shit is

Why is wanting the soldiers home not "Supporting the Troops" I'm confused

"Dead Wrong: An Intelligence Meltdown" re-running on CNN now

Joan Baez plays concert for Camp Casey

We repeated Vietnam history because no consensus 'lesson' emerged

Who will Fitzgerald Indict and when (put your guesses here)

Bad news for bush on the evening news

Did anybody make an mpg of this CNN story I missed?

Cindy now knows Bush's "Noble Cause" ---Islamic Law and Less Womens Rights

I just returned from Camp Casey

Oakland beatdown/lynch mob video.

Anti-War commercials ... how to find out ...

Do the freepers think Vietnam was a good idea?

Raise your hand if you just put a blank tape in your VCR

INTEL REPORT: Bush&Bin Laden Ties Revealed, Bush&5Star Linked BUSH IS SUNK

So, what country are we going to spread Islamic Law to next?

Bushite Mentality

A CHILDREN'S book: "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed"

Bill Maher in 'I'm Swiss'. Our War strategy was : They will love us

I'm not comfortable with the name "Arlington West"

Iraq: The bad news is good news compared to the real news

Dems urge Iraq vets to enter House

Jon Stewart interview in Wired Magazine...

Carol Lin, CNN....can never figure out how to NOT come across improperly

Republicans Hate Jesus & Freeper Lurkers Spread Vicious Lies on DU

Iraq at the Gates of Hell--Atimes

Veterans praise Bush, say protests disrespectful

Protest Warriors site hacked?

Check out new DUer Billboardproject's Camp Crawford pics!!

Ohio GOP: What could be missing?

Crawford Trip Written Narrative

Why are the FReeptards so obsessed with Air America???

Should the South have been allowed to peacefully secede?

2000 soldiers slaughtered for the creation of an Islamofascist state?

Hey freepers, I know you're out there, looky here

Sirota: Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots ...

I am not old enough to really remember the endgame of VietNam

CNN "Dead Wrong" was pretty good. What was missed?

On a recent Bush statement about terrorism

Beyond Oil: The View from Hubbert's Peak on c-span2/BookTV

When will "Dead Wrong" be on again?

Social Security explained so even a freeper can understand.

I call for an investigative reporter to look at torture being ordered!

POLL: Bush/Iraq = Hitler/Russia or Mussolini/Ethiopia?

re: CNN "Dead Wrong" prefer 18 more reruns of "A Flyboy's Story"?

So I am sitting here watching CNN's Dead Wrong... and notice the headlines

Six Feet Under ends with some good Bush commentary

From ‘The Naked Capitalist’, A Review and Commentary on Carroll Quigley’s

ALMOST everyone has voted C'MON we need 1355 more votes for Cindy

People, you had better be planning for DC on 9-24-05!

repugs jumping ship? it's expected

Fuel Prices

Woohooo Hagel turns on Bushitler!

What Happens If Saddam Dies In US Custody


I'm still reeling from the shock!

Just got my comments played on CNN

Which is more important... gay rights or gun rights?

I'm blogging from Camp Casey II. Just watched Joan Baez. Ask me anything!

I think I know what is going on now....

Did Wes Clark admit he had helped the BinLadens escape the US on 9/11?

Most believeable Bush photoshop to date (from Thought

Caller on Peter Werbe's show claiming the Iraqis love US troops...

PHOTOS: Schwarzenegger met by protesters at Fenway Park Stones concert

I don't want Bush to be impeached

Were any Aaardarks on the ARK? or Platypuses?

Simpsons hits BushCo hard tonight

I just can't believe anyone's complaining about CNN's "Dead Wrong"

What bugs me the most about "Dead Wrong"

So Tenent is the fall guy or as Larry Johnson put it

"Global warming does not exist. It's something made up by the left..."

"I have to live with that." Colin Powell..

I know this isn't political, but six feet under just made me cry!

CNN's Dead Wrong not a Slam Dunk

WTF? Fox says Cindy supported convicted terrorist?

Watching "Dead Wrong?" I have a question. Imagine you're not a DUer...

Who doesn't have TV anymore???? I'm doing a survey.

Bush was right! 9/11 and Iraq war REALLY are connected.

my girlfriend's comment on the CNN special...

Why Does The GOP Ridicule Modern Protestors But Laud Dead Ones?

Want some good news? "Redacted" Govt Arguments to be released-Abu Ghraib

I take it many of you didn't like "Dead Wrong"

What is the point of having a "paper trail" re. electronic voting?


'Dead Wrong' CIA report on CNN Now!

Cindy's Protest Is A Milestone On The Graph ...

More Comments/Questions Needed on A-Hole Ebay Auction

CNN's Dead Wrong: Report your converts here!

Wanna know why CNN ran "Dead Wrong?"

How heavily does military vote Republican?

Cons....News not going so well? Consider "Rent-A-Blonde"!

58 Soldiers Have Been Killed While Bush Vacations

Krugman does it again: "Don't Prettify Our History"

Is Rightwing Radio KLIF's Ankarlo the bubba behind Ft. Quall?

Frist backs "intelligent design" and I have to say, I'm behind him on this

Who are these dreary, dreary people?

And Americans here who have moved to Canada??

Montreal film festival backs out of screening 'Karla' *thank goodness!*

Is it raining in Newcastle? (Bush cartoon enclosed)

WTF? Fox says Cindy supported convicted terrorist?

WP: Iraq Militias Push Voter Sign-Up

Russia to field N-capable MiG-35 for India tender

Guardsman claims Iraq service led him to lose custody dispute

Don’t vote for ‘dictator’, Muslim Brotherhood tell Egyptians

Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk'

Portugal Burning

China-Russia drills entering third stage

NYT: G.I. Death Toll in Afghanistan Worst Since '01

NYT- Success in Iraq Depends on Services and Jobs, General Says

Teachers Accused of Anti-US Bias--SMH, Australia

NYT: Democrats Split on Tactics for Roberts Confirmation Hearings

Ten years of Litigation Could Cost Pharmaceutical Company $50bn

Millions Embezzled at Iraqi Ministry (Several Hundred Million$)

NW States Unite on Car Emissions(sts. on both coasts in env. squeeze play)

US website names MI6 officers

Visitors Rush to Glimpse Vanishing Glaciers

WP: Democrats Split Over Position on Iraq War

Under US Noses, Brutal Insurgents Rule Sunni Citadel

WP,pg1: Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells

BBC: Iraq deadline looms without deal

US relents on Islamic law to reach Iraq deal

Anti-war protestors fault city police (Pgh, PA)

600 Million Asian Children in Poverty, Group Says

Monosodium poisonate and partially deweaponized plutonium

Am I going insane(er)? Watching the Simpsons, and hearing the...

kitty clones ..

SIX FEET UNDER: Who's your favorite character?

Six Feet Under finale up 8pmCT - now! nt

Six Feet Under Discussion Thread (SPOILERS HERE)

The Dude Abides: Yes or No

Yay! My favorite Family Guy scenes ever are coming up...

Going to buy some George Carlin tickets

I need cat help.

Favorite James Michener Novel?

Sitting here with my mother....

This is NOT what is meant by the term "scrubbing the hard drive"

is this photoshopped or is Bill Frist an alien?

Just watched two good lesser known DVD's

Vintage State Shirts

MeFI slow to glom the Pandacam. But they got there.

Ah! Steve Earle has Kim Wilson on his show

The Song is BREATHE ME by SIA

Ifway ouryay oinggay otay eakspay inway odecay ywhay otnay ytray

Six Feet Under - SPOILER!!

Six Feet Under - MORE SPOILERS!!

Gang war in progress (horrid, frightening pic)

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!

"40 year old virgin"

Please make me laugh...

BREAKING: Avril Lavigne gone blonde now!!! and what is she eating????

Rejoice! Glory is ours!

Gas fireplace logs?

I wanna be an internet DJ

Raise your hand if you just put a blank tape in your VCR

Is Bouncy Ball still around?

ah, my son is at his grandparents- where is that evil movie list?

Post your favorite Spam subject line here

chat's open

Did anyone watch Big Brother last night?

Freepers taking charge of organized sports (pic)

Why do people post messages like this?

Attn ZombyWoof

What fruit season do you look forward to the most?

Please, just come a LITTLE BIT closer...... (pic)

do the RIAA and MPAA go after Universities more than the BIG ISPs?

Anyone in the Lounge want to hear Steve Earle sing at Camp Casey? (video)

Just watched Real Time from Friday night....

Sexing the Smilies

Click this link to expand my ego

Funny thing KW spawn said

I gotta talk about computer games and their prices, someone help me...

my lord, it's been ages since the last post your nekkid pic thread

check out this email from a repuke

Any beer fans?

who here doesn't have a clue about Six Feet Under

Any home winedrinkers out there?

One pretty good explanation of Democratic Christians.

Check out this picture taken by the crew of Columbia...

My boyfriend's computer has a nasty spyware prog

Andy Capp's Hot Fries

Do you wash your window screens?

Apparently, girls are not supposed to go outside in winter (RANT)

The Gratuitous Star Trek (any TV series or movie) Quoting Thread

ROFL! You have GOT to watch this video on Bush speech blunders!

Do 'friends with benefits' say "I love you"?

Iced coffee

An old psych game

What did Claire's bumper sticker say on Six Feet Under?

It's safe: The customer of the day

Starfish Orgy!

"Amatuers built the ark. 'Professionals' built the Titanic"

shrub supporters...a good laugh

Any Bjork Fans?

Anybody else throw their loose change into a container every day?

Are you "afraid of heights"? This will cure you or kill you....


When will sundog understand that putting my name in a thread is DUicide?

Favorite DU feature

Why do Romans have British accents in the movies?

Six Feet Under: One of the most satisfying endings ever for a TV show

What's on your key ring besides keys/remotes?

Any home winemakers out there?

40 Year old Virgin sticks it to the competition......

Lounge: Why can't I divide by zero?

DUers at Camp Casey

OK, I'll admit it.


who watched 6 feet under? ***spoiler****

Intelligent Design - a fancy name for Superstition; & words for Dr. Frist

Did I see something about Tom Brady getting injured?

Is there such a thing as 'too old to train' ?

woo hoo, I'm back.

I need some help here

"Dead Wrong" on CNN now


A Kerry Pic thread in GD. (Honest. Not on drugs)

Link to SWEET NEOCON by The Rolling Stones

2 Great Articles you might LOVE

Joan Baez comes to visit Camp Casey today...

The Greater Good vs. The Greater Greed...

Was there really an "intelligence failure"?

Bill Gates Funding Intelligent Design Center

"...and a life-size cardboard cutout of Bush..."

Ouch... no... OUCH... Toledo Blade LTTE's sure the GOP says they won't

Allen Says U.S. Police Have Same Loyalty Problems As Iraqi Security Forces

The freepers are in denial

Idaho = no safe haven for liars

Conservative Pundits Bailing by the Busload - Daily Kos

I watched young college "Conservatives" on CSPAN have a book Review

Karl Rove - The Architect (PBS Frontline - watch online)

Something Durbin Said In CNN'S "Dead Wrong"

A question for those who know me here: Do you think I am a DLCer?

Newsweek CW "Dog Days Edition" Bush gets a DOWN arrow

Remember, Clinton warned Bush about Bin Laden

front page,, WP - Iraq war dem's fault for no alt policy

Get ready for the RW talking points if Iraq approves an 'Islamist'...

CNN Special Reports on IraqWar...I'm Chicken..can't watch...are you?

Gas Violence: It's starting......

I was impressed with Russ Feingold this morning on MTP......

Madison Wisconsin, October 2004.

"The swift boating of Cindy Sheehan"

No, I'm not quitting; i'm kicking the right-wing hawks out of OUR Party

Divided we fall.

Nationwide poll on Cindy linked to local TV sites

Can Democrats get smart?

Abu Ghraib, Satanists, And Spoon-Benders

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew on China, the "Asian Century", and more

Hope and Turmoil: Why Afghan elections may not stop the violence

Dead Wrong, Then and Now (Bolivia)

Sirota: Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S.on Iraq; Grassroots Fights

NYT: Bush and the Protester: Tale of 2 Summer Camps

Sheehan breakthroughs, unbridgeable divides, and taboos unbroken Finally, Mr. Bush Realizes 'Ostriches Cannot Fly!'

Killer Bees on to Cindy Vigil?

If He Only Had a Heart... Bush's Emotional Incapacities


Draft Hagel for Defense

Gore Vidal: "We Are the Patriots"

The Iraq war 'tipping point'?

Throwing mud at Muslims

Sean Penn in Iran - San Francisco Chronicle.

Krugman - Don't Prettify Our History [2000 stolen election, Iraq

The Mother of all Protests

Out of Step with the World

Cheney vs. the Peaceniks

Sunni Iraqis offer an exit plan



Bush’s Option to Escalate the War in Iraq

Shoe, Meet Other Foot

Pew Research Poll shows increased support for marriage equality

Troops in Europe say long U.S. stay in Iraq may thin force

Drug researchers leak secrets to Wall St.

CNN Makes News with WMD Special, But Press Deserves Blame, Too -E&P

the US just threw (Iraqi) women's rights down the toilet

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

Reviving Jim Crow

Ten Things Congress Could Demand from Bush on Iraq :Juan Cole

Jason Leopold: President Bush's Big Secret

YO !!! - Great Idea For DU Activists By New Poster !!!

Please DU this survey in the St. Pete Times, protesters/barricades

How DO we find out how many Activist Corps tasks we've completed?

Candle in the wind for Sheehan and stop the war movement

I just got NBC news (SF) to remove the word "patriotic" from freeper story

Skinner - can I suggest this as something EVERYONE can do?

Rightwing Radio personality behind creation of Fort Qualls! (link)

Unions open new anti-WalMart drive

It is a real outrage that a former DNC chair is shilling for Diebold

Contact Homeland Security Personally for Du activist corps?

MSM = MCM Main Corporate Media. A better term

Debate over internet censorship coming?

From paradise to paradox in Aruba (Arubans sick of U.S. Media/Volunteers)

How China Delays a Plunge in U.S. Treasuries

Chinese Workers Torch Factory Buildings, Police Cars In Pollution Protest

As Politicians Look On, Alaska Slumps, Melts, Bakes & Burns - Guardian

South (East Valley) sites plagued by growing fissures (AZ)

Yucca to cost Clark County $2.5 billion

Gulf of Maine bluefin tuna not as healthy as before

Chemtrails, Out Of The Closet?

Coca-Cola Distributes Free Cadmium-Contaminated Sewage Sludge To Farmers

San Francisco Municipal Railway Orders 56 Hybrid Electric Buses

Breaking Point - Maas In The NYT On The End Of Easy Oil

China Oil Co. to Acquire PetroKazakhstan

Greenland's Ilulissat Glacier Recedes 7 Kilometers In One Year - AFP

EU Nations Send Aircraft As Fires Rage On In Portugal - AFP

Here comes the big squeeze...

Florida Gulf Coast Red Tide Now The Size Of Delaware - Miami Herald

Scientists - Oceans On Edge Of Extinction Tipping Point - WP

For Sharon, Gaza was just the latest act of a long war

Four Americans flew with "Air Bin Laden" 9 days after 9/11

Summary of NIST’s Estimate of Interior Damage to South Tower

More HAVA law to be used against DREs

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY 8/22/05[

Minnesota Legislation addresses security issues of optiscans

Computer experts to review voting machines

Special prosecutor subpoenas election workers

Any protests planned in the US for Nov. 2, 2005? The one

Agenda for National Summit to Save Our Elections, Portland, 9-30 to 10-2

How many Gore 2000 voters do you know who voted for Bush in 2004?

Sacramento's KFBK radio turns further right

Daily Kos on CA-48 elections and Steve Young

Westly Camp Calls Angelides 'Slimy Developer'

Win or Lose in Next Race, Delgadillo Fixes on Future

LA Times Editorial Response about Cindy Sheehan

Governor reverses course on donations

Attention: Absentee Voters: What I Got in the Mail Last Week . . .

Hey! Somervillians! Let's talk about the Special Election.


Sen. Lourey Returns From Texas Protest

CSM: Hacker underground erupts in virtual turf wars

monitor won't turn on (Viewsonic A91f+)

I helped a friend clean up her PC and secure it. Did I miss something?

V 92 dial up modems...insights?

Does anyone have a suggestion on a good combination

Please help and vote in this Poll,

Wake-Up Ohio Presents, Goodman and Donahue live....

Good LttE in the Portsmouth Daily Times (from a veteran)

Gallego endorses Bell for governor

Determined to go to Washington

My report from Camp Casey

Does anyone remember the HBO Fake documentary on an oil Crisis?

Just Received A Live Report from Camp Casey

How will we know just how much Islam effects the Iraqi constitution?

WP: They Are Stardust, And in Texas Growing Echoes of Woodstock

More great Cindy/Camp Casey coverage on the local 10 PM news

JUST FYI -- Dead Wrong is on again

The shrub can kiss my lilly white ass - goodnight - nt

Ok so is it Tenent or Tenet

Do people still make moonshine in this country?

I saw this technological advance, but do not wish to offend

Riyadh's new envoy just the US ticket

Der Gropinator may be in trouble for scalping Stones tix in Boston...

If Iraqis' make Islam the law of the land, fundies are gonna be pissed!

I finally saw most of "Dead Wrong"

Our pornographic war in Iraq

Went to Camp Casey. OK. Now what do we do? Anyone? Anyone?

Bush in a Box

Going away for a few days!

What are people's reactions to the CNN segment?

interesting... this mayor needs our support!

Standing outside the box.


Double-dog Dare Ya to CNN, et al

With his vacation in shambles, will he be 'ready" in the fall?

NBC's Today Show...hmm...criticism toward the Propagandist?

CNN: Bush Speech Today - Will Compare Iraq To WWII, Invoke 9/11 At VFW

The Iraq War is a Used Car

TALKING POINT: When Reichwingers use the WWII talking points....

TOON : Homer J.Taft

"prison journalism" in baghdad

MTP: Sen. Lott Confirms DSM Info

thank you to all who refuse to live mr. bush's insanity ...

thank you to all who refuse to live mr. bush's insanity ...

How many righties are sleeping in downtown Crawford?


Gold Star Mom on GMA

Congratulations Mr. Kucinich!!!

What Time Will George Finally Emerge from his Waco Compound? >>>

?? for Clinton and Biden: How can the US invasion of Iraq be a "success"

2-Second Marketing (Peace Sign)

We took down a secular state to create an Islamic fundamentalist state

I bet after bush's big speech today, I'll be completely convinced

Bush Is First pResident In 75 Years To Have NEVER Visited San Francisco

Damn those 'Cut and Run' Liberals!

The Cindy baseball is gone

Iraq: U.S. corporations maintain a stranglehold

Hey Democratic 'Leaders', you don't support us, we won't support you

Little Boots speech: the preview

How can Jesse Holland be so stupid. Who is watching C Span?

Army Fights to Sell Itself to the Parents of America

Even On Sports Forums The Iraq War Is Unpopular...

Bush won't meet with Cindy and here's why.

Remember from history when Poland invaded Germany and Germany

So, when are we protesting again?

Bill Clinton should go to Camp Casey

Don't miss DemocracyNow this morning...

had a run-in with a total neocon: need info

Raw Story: Live feed from Crawford this afternoon

When does the national debate over "Is the Earth Flat?" begin

How much will it cost us to polish the GOP's newest pet tu?d?

Our Crawford Trip Written Narrative

W went to Kennebunktport over the weekend?

You know what would be really cool?

Regarding Bush and those WMD

AP: Power Cut Shuts Down Iraq Oil Exports >>>

Bush responds to Cindy Sheehan...

Check out THIS account of military thuggery in Utah

As Iraq gains a constitution enshrining Islamic law , where are the Dems?

Group that parachutes water to illegals in desert rescued by Bruce fans...

Has Bush ruined America?

60 of America's Finest have died during the asshole's vacation

Now let's not Fly Off the Handle and start a Revolution here....

2 more soldiers dead in Iraq, another HumVee Rollover,

Look what the U.A.R. has to say about us!

I only do this every once and a while, calling out PunPirate. Will you

a harange contra fascism and the AEI

Are cracks appearing in the American empire?

The underlying issue concerning ALL our "problems"

Wayne Madsen Special Report. Bush family ties to Bin Laden reveled.

Suitcase Nukes -- Already Here!!! ...Freepers know

Did Lance Armstrong drop in at Camp Casey?

Let's Be Fair And Grade Bush By His Own Promises

Dennis Kucinich got hitched > > > > PHOTOS!!

Breaking: Bush's War Installs Muslim Theocracy in Iraq.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

VIDEO (CBS NEWS EARLY SHOW): Bush's Iraq Policy/War Protests

Quotes from when President Clinton committed troops to Bosnia

Guardian UK: "(USA is) Leaderless on the Left"

Quick Crawford Update And My Brief Explanation Of The Tent Thing.

VIDEO (CTV NEWS): U.S. Iraq policy draws a 'Vietnam' comparison

Bush family chooses a new coat of arms for the family crest

Did anyone watch American Morning on CNN?

Excellent post on the difference between "us" and "them"

Edwards signals shift against war

Here's a little background on "Dead Wrong"

You folks are going to love this one

Whore media: How can there be "a deal" if "not everyone is on board?"

They (Bushcos) must be scrubbing the Internet. Link to Iraq constitution

Video: ABC News - Protesters prepare for Bush visit in Utah

More today from Mike "Are we still doing the Kool Kid thing?" Allen

VIDEO (CNN): Protesting the Protesters

CNN is all anti-Cindy pro * supporters all morning on tv

I saw this in yesterday's paper

The Best Shot I Took At Camp Casey. Tragically United In Death.

Captain May And Ghost Troop, A Character I Met In Crawford. Credible?

News Hounds - They watch Fox so you don't have to !

This freeped poll in NC is still going--we are now at 52%--please vote now

I think we should write CNN to thank them for a job well done on their show

Iraq "Pop Idol" offers escape from daily grind

Bush now at 36% approval rating.

Is anyone watching Democracy Now? If not,

another excellent commentary by the rude one

Cindy Sheehan candlelight vigil slide show

Here's a link to a BEAUTIFUL belly landing of a Navy plane.

What time today is our Lead Chickenhawk scheduled

Okay everyone. Here I am. I met Brad from The Brad Show late last night,

Local LttE Apologizes for Twice Voting for Shrub

My favorite quote of the last couple of years. Guess who said this

CBS News: Anti-War Mom Opposition Mounting

Thank you Skinner for placing the Velvet Revolution link on DU Homepage!

Casey Sheehan's combat boots sent to Crawford today for display.

Email from DNC, Must respond today (FOIA Roberts)

Elderly shut-in boarded up inside foreclosed house (yes, she's dead)

New FBI Spokespers Was Pals with WTC John O'NEILL

DEAD WRONG: Did the Freepers ever bother discussing the actual content?

In regards to the war, why not just say?

** admits failure...sorta (Quote from 2003 speech)

Caption this * pic...

Eminent Domain gets even nuttier

Juan Cole's 10 point plan for an Exit Strategy.....what do you think?

any word on Salt Lake City anti-Bush protest?

I don't agree with some of what this guy says--but some of it is spot on

I wish there was a

Bush Accepts Iraq Fundamentalist Theocracy To Get Constitutional Deal

JUST RELEASED VIDEO---What Bush was up to all last week on vacation...

Iraq vet Eddie Boyd spoke under the Listening Tent at Camp Casey

A cop's gotta do what a cop's gotta do

PHOTOS: Joan Baez "All the weary mothers of the earth"

"Researchers Fuse Skin and Stem Cells"

"Folk Singer Supports Anti-War Protesters"

Does a DU screen-name influence whether you read a thread?

U.S. Rejects UN Internet Takeover Scheme

No wonder why Nader hates the Democrats. They're useless.

So what's Bin Laden still got against us? We pulled out of Saudi, we

Trying to watch Dead Wrong and sound won't work. Anyone else have :Resource Clearinghouse for Sept. Protests in DC

"Gay Rights TV Host Welcomes Pat Buchanan"

Half of all Asian children in poverty says BBC

"Bush Urges America to Stay Course in Iraq" (Note accompanying pic)

1900 Democracy

What is Bush doing in Nampa Idaho tomorrow?

"They poured cold water on me and electrocuted me several times" *CAUTION*

Are there actually 6500 members of the VFW in Salt

Hey..MODERATORS..could you post a link to "The Brad Show" on the main page

LOOK Who Just Came Out of His Hidey Hole after NINE Days -PIX->>>

George W Frawd you are a fuckwad corrupt douchebag fratboy cheerleader

Protesters Ready To Greet Bush (both for and against the war - pics)

"The Brad Show" is broadcasting LIVE from Camp Casey NOW!!

The danger of yellow ribbon patriotism

Howard Kurtz demonstrates that he's an ass. Arianna spits on him.

No CAPTION needed

Cracking the Case: An Interview With Sibel Edmonds (new)

Salt Lake City Mayor calls for "the biggest demonstration to greet Bush

Would you send your son to die to create a new Islamofascist country?

WP highlighted Democratic divisions on Iraq; ignored Republican split

Literally, Has Organized Crime Taken Over the U.S. Government??

Is there any American living who could challenge * & not be slimed?

Idiot Son keeps saying "Woor Own Turrr" is that?

"Bush Plans Sept. 11 Reminders"

"Roberts' Writings Reveal Self-Confidence

Propaganda Tour '05 (and this isn't from U2's old fanzine)

Sign the Petition on Iraq!!!! - John Kerry: They Deserve Answers

"Ah Preshate ...." to tepid applause

In The Bush Pro-War Speech Today: Iraq/ WWII/Iraq/Sept.11/Iraq/Al Q

"Ft. Qualls" father hugging Cindy on August 13

Picture of "Fort Qualls" posted by Proud2bLib yesterday!

We need to be louder and stronger and respond to this bullshit. (crawford)

George Bush emerging from an unexplained EIGHT DAYS of seclusion >>>

What's the smear from the RW and WH about CNN's "Dead Wrong" ?

Abu Ghraib, Satanists, And Spoon-Benders

"Win n faht n faht and win the woor own terr!"- lapsing into cheerleadese

Singapore's Prime Minister discusses China

BradShow radio LIVE from Crawford at 1PM ET, Joan Baez and more...

Any pundit analysis available yet on *'s speech?

Joan Baez LIVE Interview from Camp Casey coming up!

Pretty good photo of Cindy.

It's deja vu all over again - here comes The Silent Majority

forgive my ignorance: significance of freeper sheets to bush?

CNN/TIME Viewpoint: The danger of yellow ribbon patriotism


"We will defeat the hateful ideology".......BWAAAAAAAAAAA

"Dead Wrong" One Day, VFW Speech Next Day

"Truth in Recruiting"

NYT gives Al Gore's "Current" network a good review --

Did the CNN special last night talk about OSP and PNAC?

Senator Paul Hackett?

UK Observer: Mother Tips the Balance against Bush

"Our nation has accepted the mission of spreading freedom?"

More Statesmanship, Less Salesmanship, Please . . .by Rep. Lynn Woolsey

"Bush's Option to Escalate the War in Iraq"

Song "Takin' My Country Back"

"What Boneheaded Design Guides Dubya's Moves?"

CNN Has A Hard-On For Eric Rudolph Today

Help. someone posted a link to an on-line version of "Dead Wrong"

anybody watching humpty dumty speak to the vets

Should Democrats tell truth about Iraq War motives?

Some of my LTTEs - comments please

"Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots Fights Back"

THAT lame ass boring speech was supposed to rally me to war?

Global Warming is Frying us

MSNBC: Bush Blathers to VFW, fails to mention Cindy or Salt Lake protests

American Turkish Council

Let me just point this out: If you deny evolution, don't you also deny DNA

"Scarborough Won't Challenge Harris in Fla."

Joan Baez to appear on ron reagan show, 'Coast to Coast' today

Has anybody heard from Cindy ?

"Could it be Bush's Watergate?"

Working with the Angels in Crawford

Pearls of Wisdom from Ken Mehlman

Creative punishment time: What do YOU think should happen to Eric Rudolph

Which pundit deserves to be fired for committing mal-journalism?

Hear Joan Baez at Camp Casey

Hard core neo-con hawk re-thinking W vote

Cindy: Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids

Where is Powell?.. never comes thru when we need him!

msm wants you to know, it's taboo to protest this war

Utah Ravers treated like Terrorists (for real - shocking)

Is ROVEr asleep?

Take Your Defeatist Attitude and Go Join the Democrats, Chuck

msnbc talking of the protests that increased throughout the county.--

Snail mail response from Kay Bailey today

Pray for Eric Rudolph

Ok, here it is, my LTTE .....

The problem in Iraq is the same as the problem here. It's a failure to....

Florida Pest Control Company Training Its Employees To Spy For Police

GOLD! CBC radio zero starts up!

LIVE VOTE MSNBC: Do you support Bush on Iraq?

Salt Lake City Rally - News reports 2000+ -- we stopped counting at 3000

A Toast to Hugo Chavez for Superb Governing

Drudge tries to move attention away from Bush's problems in Iraq:

Missing White Person( Hey this time its a man)

RWers say it's fine that Iraq is becoming an Islamic state, except for

Utah Rave crack down

I just got NBC news (SF) to remove the word "patriotic" from freeper story

Thanks to a Du'er for pointing out the Chimp's symptoms during VFW speech

I don't understand something

Put Your "What Ever Happened To" Question Here:

Sundance/Tim Robbins Heads-up.

protesters on CNN

check out this CNN poll

A thread for posterity: Jonah Goldberg is a fucking pig

This is quite strange. I was expecting a huge outcry today about...

Everyone, listen, tune into The Brad Show. He is live in Crawford all

Yay Bushturd!!

Conservatives explaining Iraqi constitution... [pic]

Youch! Who lives in Long Beach, CA? $3.49/gallon

Just FYI, the Iraqi constitution is not a done deal yet...

Heard a rumor Paul Hackett might run against DeWine in OH?

Man Dies In Attempt To Prevent Gas Theft

New ARG Poll: Chimpy In FREE FALL (Approve 36%, Disapprove 58%)

Did you know GHWB's Zapata Oil owned United Fruit when Arbenz was deposed

U.S. concedes ground to Islamists on Iraqi law (so much for womens rights)

Gag - the asshole from MTP who said it doesn't matter if women in

I need the MIHOPers and LIHOPers to explain something to me...

Right Wing Children's Literature: Present and Past

Capitolhillblue rant - no fan of the Prez

Breaking: Iraq constitution received, no vote for 3 days

What's supposed to happen if the Iraqi's don't agree on a constitution?

My 200th post: Use of the "R" word.

Brad Show from Camp Casey streaming NOW!

Did anyone else Limbaugh predicte massacre at Camp Casey?

Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan as backdrop to Arlington West

Help! These polls are being freeped.

anyone watching Bush speech to vets? on most cable now.

Is Powell a good guy?

Lance: "That old boy can go" >>>

I need to finish this. Last week I tried to help with vans from Randi R.

What's next in the "When ____ the insurgents will stop" timeline?

The Chimp is Back -PIX->>>

Fiore: Victory is...

Was Bush punk'd by Iran?

smut talker Garrison Keillor banned from Ky. radio

Unintelligent Design

Hey Cindy here's your noble cause: ISLAMOFASCISM (or TALIBAN ll)

More '60s antiwar lyrics...

Holy Shit, Rocky Anderson, Mayor Of Salt lake City On CNN

Terrific Digby blog entry re: Iraq and the left

You listening to Randi tackle this recruiter

The Bush fans make up reality

(VIDEO) Daily Show exposes Kevin Trudeau

PHOTO: "Veteran of a foreign War!"

Chimpalicious >>>

A Penis is such a Precious Thing

SLDN Renews Call for Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

WTF??? Fox is blasting new Iraq Constitution

All Sunni Muslims in Iraq shall immediately be enslaved

Isn't "The Weekly Standard" basically Neocon Central ?

Pelosi: 'President's Words Honoring Veterans Ring Hollow'

Ten Things Congress Could Demand from Bush on Iraq-- ideas from Juan Cole

The Chimp - Extreme Makeover Edition -PIX->>>

Anyone hear Bill Mahr re Bushitler ride with Armstrong?

A funny thing happened on my way to the post office today

"Dead Wrong:" Anybody got any stories about the aftermath of CNN's

Do we have a Bush timeline?

Since we can't go negative on Dems--I encourage repuke lite to take ....

So how many terrorist "New Iraqis" will gain entrance to the US?

This recruiter on Randi Rhodes right now...

Best Left Wing Blog

"I Can't Afford My Gasoline" Video -- Must See

Wanna Bet?

Attaboy George

Camp Casey 2 Blasts "No More War" into Bush's Bedroom

No Breast for the Wicked

The Repug's always blame Clinton for everything wrong with the

CNN had ALL that same info LAST ELECTION YEAR and chose NOT to air it

Chicken George Protestor in Salt Lake City Today

the commercial they wouldn't air in Salt Lake

Has Bush ever mentioned the 1993 WTC bombing?

The president has an obvious exit strategy: Escalate.

Before the Iraq war, Christians, Catholics and Jews worshipped freely.

Truthout (Reuters) : Protesters Will Follow Bush War Tour

Bush At 36% Approval, Nixon Was At 39% During Height Of Watergate...

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, left, greets protestors >>>

1868 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Cogito ergo sum.

Poughkeepsie Journal: Winter looking GRIM for heating oil users

"Women have no rights..

AAR on my iPod? How do I do it?

Anone here who just learned of DU from visiting Camp Casey?

The Anatomy of a Battle for Public Space in St. Petersburg, Florida

DU This Poll.........Needs Help

Fighting for every voter

For those of us who did not see the CNN broadcast of "Dead Wrong"

Well, did they or didn't they?

M. Rectenwald, L. Price reply to Reichwinger who wants Allah bombed

Iraq constitution is patterned after Ottoman Empire, not democracy

You know; He may actually resign.

He Can't Hide in Crawford, He Can't Hide in Washington

Question: Did the terrorist/emergency exercises sponsored by

I am still a "noob" so to speak...

Bush is tanking. Must we put Armageddon and the Rapture on hold now?

Join the MSNBC Universal Panel. Have y'all seen this?


Coleen Rowley on Hardball

"pathetic creaters like this woman and cindy Sheehan"--msnbc talk

NOTICE: To users of my free proxy service.

Anti-Bush humor sites?

U.S. Says Terrorists May Pose As Vagrants

Recycling. Who recycles? Do the recyclables get recycled?

Collen Rowley kicking ass on Hardball

How do you ask someone to be the last person to die in Iraq?

Norah McDonnell is subbing for Tweety again. Has MSNBC

Do Iraqis really give a rat's ass about what Americans think of their war?

Anyone watching this crazy WINGNUT on MSRNC right now?

Did 1,868 US Troops Die For Islam?

Revive "Chicken George" in Boise, Idaho on Wednesday

Does it matter if you call it a civil war?

Christians plan boycott: Morning-after pill "takes the life of a child"

Randi Rhodes just mentioned Democratic Underground (RE: SLC protests)

RIP Robert Moog, inventor of the synthesizer

Utah Station Refuses to air Sheehan ad

Question: How does Bush figure to change any minds about

"Onward Christian Soldiers!!"

Quick, I need a list of quotes from the ** junta from the early

Did I miss something? Did Chimpy's approval rating dip into the 30's?

Tom Hayden to Appear on O'reilly tonight...

Did I just hear Schultz say CNN had "Dead Wrong" last October

How to find the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values for your cell phone.

Peter Maass (author of NYTMag Peak Oil story yesterday) on OPB

Bushy at 36%

Anyone own a hybrid escape?

Every town has a Cindy and Casey

Petition to Kos: Don't wait. Go to Crawford & launch the attack. This week

Who Else Emailed Larry (Gun The Crosses Down) Northern Last Week?

Is It True??? CNN Covering Chimpy's Dismal Poll Numbers????

Use more plastic bottles!!!! Landfills have plenty of room!

This is why I love a good Bush speech about terror

Day After "Dead Wrong." Why Did CNN Air This?

A great reference site for BushQuotes...not just Bushisms

At the first sign of Premenstrual Syndrome, post with reckless abandon!

I had no idea you couldn't say "Penis" on DU

Bush Is Right For The Wrong Reason

Americans are gas guzzling pigs. Too bad if the prices are high.

Palindrome from freeper colleague:

Is Cindy back in Camp Casey

Lou Dobbs show today is really scary!!

Unable Danger. "Pentagon finds no evidence Atta identified before 9/11"

Just in case you might need to have a laugh @ the chimp

Before you party hardy, look at today's Rasmussen:

Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I don't think "the tide is turning."

Interesting, people are getting nervous

Gosh, it's hard to Sell this war, what will it take to convince Americans?

What is all this "Rave" invasion about in Utah?

Ladies: Be careful who you choose to conceive with

Christian Coalition Urges Senate to Delay Embryonic Stem Cell Vote

Inside 9/11 from NGEO channel on right now

Has anyone brought the idea up of Crawford National Cemetary?

Tilting the economic scale: Supply & Demand meet Open Borders.

Utah station refuses to air anti-war ad

Why All This Fuss Over Cindy??

First Impressions From An Office

What I DIDN'T see at Camp Casey

"86" 36 from Office - Impeach the Chimp!

Bush: Less Popular Than Nixon During Watergate

CSM: Why a booming economy feels flat

Reid, Biden, Hillary Clinton REJECT Cleland/Feingold re: Iraq pullout

Even The Sports Crowd Is Criticizing Bush's War

Say what? The oil companies call the United States a province?

Everybody seen LBN re: Pat Robertson wanting to kill Chavez ?

High fructose corn syrup is good for you!!!!!!!

Can we make the U.S. more competitive?

Eric Rudolph closet case????

Really Great Site!!

Nix aye on the paper trial aye language OK aye-

Great Salt Lake City Anti-Bush/War Protest photos. Thanks Sean!

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

regarding the Latest 'activist corp' mission

Don't you LOVE these oil company commercials about the environment?

My comments to CNN

So I emailed my local NBC tv station's website...

Eating Dogs in Korea!? A Controversial Cuisine...

Would you rather see Taft resign or be impeached?

Update from 2 girls killed in fire on Friday

CNN Bush to portray Iraq in context of long wars like WW2

HOw many 2000 BUsh voters couldn't stand the basturd in 2004?

DU this poll on Camp Casey (sorry if a dupe)

Will Americans Continue to Guzzle Gas and Pretend Everything is OK?

CNN Poll: Can Bush* rally support for the war?

I ask again: what constitutes victory in Iraq?

ROFL - WHo heard Janeane Garofalo blow a gasket on AAR?

Iraq is dead!

"Gordon Randall Jones is shocked with a Taser 14 times"

BREAKING: Olivia Newton John's boyfriend has been missing for 7 weeks

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #4: H. Lee Scott

Inside 9/11

A question about Bush's mouth

Model ourselves after the 60's?

Botox, or Not? ->>>

If bush were in the Twilight Zone, what would his Punishment be?

Bush is at 36%, I just popped open a bottle of white and a bottle of red!

Noreen ODonell is a GD'ed SOB (Hardball)

Caption This Caption! >>>

Italian Blogger exposes war pictures for sex pictures site

"Women's health clinic" NOT "abortion clinic"!

So Bush Lost a War

Help Mom, there are liberals under my bed????

Why should Iraq have a Constitution before we leave?

Police fought with protestors on the sidewalk. (WOW!)

America outes 74 MI6 Agents (sorry if this has been posted)

On this Date August 22, 1791- Slave Revolt Sparks Haitian Revolution

Will W's legacy leave him to be known as Great Fabricator or the

3fer Limbo Threatens, Uses a Vulgarity, and Shows Ingratitude

Women in Afghanistan marry < 16 yrs old

Is Rush Limbaugh ashamed?

my local npr is asking --If/and or Why--is this a tipping point-anti-war

Looks like eBay took that disgusting baseball auction down

Bush at 36, Bush at 36, I having big fat par-ty, Bush at 36!

A Crawford miracle.

People are smiling & returning the Peace sign in--gasp-Sugar Land, TX!

This is UNACCEPTABLE! WTF is going on with these war criminals?

Jerry Springer

The Gravity of the War is starting to show on the President's Face...

a little break for all the seriousness.... a few good bumperstickers:

There is NO SUCH THING as the Holy Land

Can you spot Karl Rove in this picture (weirdest picture ever)?

* * * New Cindy TOONS* * *

*** Random TOONs to start the week ***

We're in very serious trouble environmentally. It might soon kill us all.

The Ilulissat Glacier, a Wonder of the World Melting Away

"Crash near Pine City kills 2 women, unborn child"

What are our Senate and House chances?

VIDEO: Mayor Rocky Anderson at Salt Lake City Bush Protest

Michael Graham Canned/Quit, DU Conservative Idiot 2003

American Women: Look to today and learn your lesson

Peta and Hippies and Naderites, OH MY!

I am not liberal enough to get sent to hell in an atomic fireball

anyone hear rush limpballs talk about (gasp) vagina's on air today

8/22 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 16

76 Soldiers Have Been Killed While Bush Vacations (Afghanistan & Iraq)

DU Proposal: "Recommended Podcasts"

Limbaugh runs away from Limbaugh (Keith Olbermann)

Lucky OSAMA, today he hits the TRIFECTA!!! re: another Islamic ME STATE

My Camp Casey Report, with photos. (LONG - and dial-up warning)

I never served in the Military. Does my opinion count?

SLC Peace Gathering Pics

Freeper heads exploding over Iraq Theocracy

Now this just blows my mind!!

Oh God damn it.... our neighbor was just killed

Reading Imperial Hubris and now i'm ambivalent about Iraq.....

Bush in 2003: "Every day Iraqis are moving toward democracy."

MSM has been trying to create stories about Dems being pro/anti war...

Please be coherent when you post.

An odd email from John Kerry seems to imply War should continue

Poll: How many Gore 2000 voters do you know who voted for Bush in 2004?

My Award-Winning Political Cartoon!

OH! OH! Geanine Garofalo had a breakdown on AAR.

OMG....You must see these comments on "womens rights" from the WH

How HUGH is this?

The mother of all moran polls.

My Second Day Pics And Some Video (Joan Teaser Vid) From Camp Casey

Citizen spook:TREASONGATE: The Challenge of 18 USC 794...

TPM: Hackett's going to challenge Dewine!!!


Police/National Guard raid Utah Party..

"strategy of eternal baseless war for corporate profit and greed is bad"

September 24 march attendees-PLEASE READ!

Cracking the Case: An Interview With Sibel Edmonds

Crusty bread - what is your secret?

Time to redefine ties with U.S.

James Jerome, Commons speaker in Trudeau years and senior judge, dead 72

Ice Cream

London shooting victim's pathologist could be struck off

Islamists accuse BBC of being pro-Israeli

What are you?

Anyone catch newsnight tonight?

The nauseating crap you can stumble across on the internet....

(Guardian) US website names MI6 officers

(Times) Staff say Stockwell Tube shooting was caught on camera

Canary Wharf prepares to offer wireless internet access for all

NYT: Bush and the Protester: Tale of 2 Summer Camps

1300 Indon troops leave Aceh

Mexican Environmentalists Rethinking Sexy Posters

U.S., S.Korea hold military drills ahead of nuclear talks

Gaddafi invites Bush to Libya

Saddam says he'd sacrifice his life for Arab cause

Echoes of war haunt Nicaragua

Insurgents kill eight policemen north of Baghdad(& 3 civilians)

Brazilian officials to question De Menezes investigators (London tube)

Sunnis ask to delay constitution again, say they have little input

Congratulations Mr. Kucinich!!!

Iraq: Deputy Minister Warns Al-Zarqawi is Set to Strike Europe

Two Soldiers killed by vehicle roll-over

Taliban say will not attack Afghan voters

" Prime Minister backs beleaguered Met chief"

Iraqi abductors free 11 Pakistanis, three Egyptians, two Indians

Brazilian officials to probe London shooting

Summer of Scandal for Politicians in U.S.

Some Convicts Freed by DNA Not Compensated

LAT: Firms Hit by ID Theft Find Way to Cash In on Victims

U.S. and Afghan Forces Kill 40 Militants

Mothballed choppers will be updated for war

'Mayday' calls from doomed jet (Greece Crash - Wrong Frequency)

Washington warns citizens not to travel to Aqaba


War stress blamed for shootings by vets

Couple accused of selling teenager for packet of cocaine

1900 Democracy

Report: North Korea Reactivates Nuclear Reactor

Rebels target Iraqi security forces as 24 killed in attacks

Oil Exports Stop From Southern Iraq (again)

Moderate earthquake rattles Italian capital

Parties reach deal on constitution

LAT: Google Is Set to Bring Web to Users

Lott Demurs on Frist Character Question

Computer experts to review voting machines

Northrop wins lead role in U.S. Army unmanned program

Pill access could usher a new era of choices, moral rifts

Kurds to offer no concessions on federalism: envoy

Iraq draft says laws must conform to Islam

Drug suicide risk fears renewed (Seroxat / Paxil)

bush speech: same old rhetoric

Italian Blogger exposes war pictures for sex pictures site

Poverty on the Rise in the Netherlands

U.S. says 105 militants dead in recent Afghan action

West Coast States Unite On Cleaner Car Regulations

Widower Speaks at Rudolph Sentencing

Police/National Guard raid Utah Party..

Iraq Militias Push Voter Sign-Up

Synthesizer innovator Moog dies at 71

Bob's Body Leaves Us [Bob Moog dead at 71 of brain cancer]

Draft Iraq constitution calls country "federal"

Clones can reproduce! (cloned kittens in new orleans)

North Iowa Guard units called to active duty

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 22 August

Join the MSNBC Universal Panel. Have y'all seen this?

More Humvees ordered (Now to be armored at Factory on H1 Line)

Ex-Polish leader apologises for Czech invasion

Bush 'very hopeful' about Iraqi draft constitution

Hugo Chavez to Visit Jamaica to Discuss Oil Deal

US Relents On Islamic Law To Reach Iraq Deal

Top-selling drug linked to increased suicide risk

China's CNPC secures big Canada-Kazakhstan oil deal (AFP)

Survey Ranks Wisconsin School Tops in Drinking

Experts warn Army may face decline in quality

Coast Guard Looking for 31 Cuban Migrants

Islamist militants impose will in some Iraq towns

As term winds down, Bush's allies tout governor's legacy (Jeb)

Jordan arrests suspect in rocket attack

Merrill analyst sees housing price fix

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico spoke volumes with one provocative word.


Syrian arrested in Jordan explosion (Iraq-based terrorist group)

Justices Protect Children Of California Same-Sex Couples

Bush promotes Iraq war policy to vets ("We're not yet safe.")

WP: Draft Constitution Would Fundamentally Change Iraq

Coke plant ordered shut in south India

Connecticut Sues 'No Child Behind' Law

The Iraq war 'tipping point'? (C.S. Monitor)

Special prosecutor subpoenas election workers

No 10 ends blackout on PM's holiday

Golf gave partners access to governor;State contractors, donors took part

Bush to face protests as he defends Iraq policy


NYT: Navy Officer Affirms Assertions About Pre-9/11 Data on Atta

Canada Flexes Its Muscles in Dispute Over Arctic Wastes

House GOP leaders backed Able Danger plan

Pentagon says it has found no evidence Atta identified before 2001 attacks

Scientists Fear Oceans on the Cusp Of a Wave of Marine Extinctions

Bush administration opens door to full relations with Libya

Kucinich, Briton wed outside City Hall

Rising fuel costs for buses pinch school districts

Talk Host Fired Over Controversial Comments About Islam

(John) Edwards signals shift against war

Feds: Terrorists may pose as homeless for surveillance

[Pat] Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuela's president

ARG: George W. Bush's Job Approval Ratings Drop (36%)

Iraqi constitution final draft ready, according to CNN

Here's an earworm for you

Zero7 Featuring Sia Furler

Saved by Zero.

Anyone else becoming addicted to ESSN?

I have good news

topic and thread deleted...

UPDATE: about the disgusting sign in my community

Spent the weekend painting the living room. I've earned a bit o' rest.

Please help with this computer question - when I double click on a drive

Just finished "Bonnie and Clyde"

I'm having a problem with activesync (connecting via USB)...

An avant garde poetry thread and castles.

Is this cute, or what?

How does your favorite popcorn rate?

Chicken or Tuna? Take the test

Check this site out...very entertaining

you have got to be fucking kidding me....

Ever been dissed by an old friend?

A treat for aching feet

Squirrel Flasher..Make your own messages..send to friends

Musical oddities..clips..

My father has fallen and broken his hip....

What To Do? Parent Cuts You Off From Best Friend Because She's A Lesbian

What's The sexiest profession for males, females

Singapore Hosts First Sex Expo

Woman Finds Mountain Goat In Her Garage - Jumps On Hood Of Her Truck

Cat Survives 25,000 Volt Jolt, 40 Foot Fall

French Snipers Target Frogs

Researcher Convinced UFO's Exist

It's the third week of school

Is anybody out there?

Armed Man Enters Home - Eats Bowl Of Cereal

Just went over 1000!!

Workaholics Make The Best Lovers

It is time for..... Boohbah!

"Blake...da Musical"-murder musical based on the life of Robert Blake

Can someone recommend a good cat pee stain remover?

Pity me - my boiler was condemned


Animal collections

F*#@!ng* SBC/Dish Pop-up ads

I just had an argument with the dry cleaner...

Goalie goes to music concert-Soccer team loses 50-1

It's Monday morning

Hey progmom, what's your flight details for DC - you need a pickup

So, I can't sleep and will be at class all day......

progmom....? Did you happen to notice if I left my cell phone on the table

Happy B'Day- Tori, RHODA, Yaz, Stormin' Norman, Bradbury, John Lee Hooker

Six Feet Under Discussion thread: Yes, there will be spoilers

Just HOW MANY of us are Dial-Uppers?

progmom revealed the smilie of the day a day early yesterday (sunday)

Hey....where did my sigline go?????

progmom? Remember that thing we discussed about that person? Is it true?

Another Six Feet Under Thread: I WANT Claire's Boyfriend!

Sometimes when I'm real down, I click on this link

progmom? When we get to D.C., can I have the bed furthest away

CONFESS!!!! Post your private message to progmom here!!!

Best Dilbert Ever...

LynneSin, I think you should give progmom another chance.

The 23rd Qualm...

BTW, progmom, in response to your PM - antibiotics should clear it up!!!

I got the papers, progmom, I don't think a restraining order was appropria

who died & made progmom lounge queen?

'Piano Man' discharged from care. Says 'I'm German'.....

$175 for CRAP at Wal-Mart?

O M G !

matcom is a brazen hussy

I am having fruit fly issues in my house

Missing jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux has been "found"

Mysterious "Piano Man" a hoax, could "hardly play a note"

Poor GOPisEvil - he's going to be stuck at the CapHill Suites...

Since you're all so damn schmoopie, this is the smiley of the day...

Purple Panda

Tell a funny/cute story - I need a little pick-me-up this a.m.

You're all schmoopie. Discuss.

This Just In....

Good Morning DU

Two reasons why Baboon is superior to Creed

This Just In.....


Private messages: a great way to contact someone privately...

Good Housekeeping tip o' the day-BABY MOPS

i'm nicer than progmom!!!

Does it anger you that Coldplay ripped off the hook from.....

this is a friendLy reminder to the Lounge Lizards

Paypal scammers really should learn how to spell

Synthesiser pioneer Dr Moog dies

Wow! These Nigerians are just giving money away!

There are no holiday events on record for this day

TAKE THE QUIZ: Which Democratic Senator best represents you!!!!

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Hunter S. Thompson's cannon

Amazon is selling a Nextel phone for Negative 150 dollars

I missed you all while I was gone

Women soccer - goalkeeper goes to pop concert. Team loses 50-1

Happy Birthday to Johnnie a/k/a "Lord Elgin"

Americans fed up with Shrub - Chimp's approval stands at 36 percent

Protect yourself from mind control with a mental firewall

Oh man I'm a sick puppy, I just did some christmas shopping

Leftover questions about Six Feet Under

Who here *got* the hopeful note Re: gay marriages on SFU last night?

I'm outta here

I am going to Climax for my birthday!

Oh No----another Republican counter-Cindy demonstration to begin!

The Acapulco appreciation thread

What season is your birthday in?

Now how does THIS happen? (Two people on foot hit by train)

The Harvest Gold appreciation thread

My attack of schmoopiness has worn off - new official lounge smiley:

Bob Moog, R.I.P.

Sunday pics from Camp Casey 2 (dialup warning)

Tap Tap Tap waiting waiting waiting

"Cheadle Visits 'Hotel Rwanda' for 1st Time"

The Avocado appreciation thread

What all cats see when they look in the mirror:

Don't you love it when W voters complain about the price of gas?

I hereby claim "Birthday Immunity".

Why does Mrs. Grumpy never answer my PMs

Test Your Knowledge of African Geography

"Garofalo to Guest Star on 'The West Wing'"

Am I the only one sick o DS1's donation animation domination proclamation?

Yes! I was called 'disgusting and inappropriate' in GD

now this is some dumb shit

Introducing Snickle Pottyhiney!

Am I the only one sick of the donation animation domination?

First day of school!!!

Table owners: Dog scraps or no?

How's the progmom smiley pogrom going?

Hold your nose and please read: "Iraq TV's 'Cops' Breaks New Ground"

Politic Explained

Web site where you can post videos so family can watch...

MatcomNews Update: Man Who Had Sex With Rabbits Has Mental Problems

Trident gum with Xylotol, aside from tasting nasty,

Here lies David St. Hubbins... and why not?


Do you ever actually get mad at a poster for a post?

want to see a freeper mass suicide?

A teacher I know, in her 60's is experiencing ageism...

i just removed the Lounge from the front page

Bertha's summer has just been made. Woo hoo!

I am a Christian.

I saw the movie JFK for the first time last night.


Just got 2 hours of mandatory workplace sexual harrassment traning. ask ME

MY GOD I'VE BEEN STUMPED: Chinese Provinence Geography Quiz

should it be "jpgray" or "jpgrey"?

Holy crap - I think the baby panda is twice as cute as he was last time

The wintergreen, the juniper, the cornflower and the chicory

Here's a cartoon of our Dear Leader for the Lounge Lizards....

I should post this on freeperville.

Pssssst. New moran poll in GD.


Tonight on AMC: Moonraker

Dun dun dun dun dun. Dun dun dun. ...


Don't they also make the case for a Committee of Intelligent Designers?

Guys? What is so Wrong with Overalls with Only One side Snapped?

Need help...what's another word for Thesaurus?

Question: How do you throw away a trash can?

I got a new corset this weekend. Ask me anything!


I think the cute Pakistani guy...

Check out this poll...

Question about international laundry instructions


Now *this* is a Spoiler Alert!

THE official non progmom/sundog Lounge smiley:

All Right Guys - What are Subtle Turn-ons for Men

What kind of computer do you own?

your favorite font?

your favorite foont?

ah, jpgray, the apple of our three eyes, progmom being a cyclops

Question about international boundary disputes

More Six Feet Under: Favorite "death"

Does it anger you that Bowie ripped off the hook from.....

Does it anger you that Smee ripped off the hook from...

If you could illegal-fy as many bands you want, would you take vacation

Video of Utah rave-raid posted in GDP by aion===>

A lucky cat was jolted, frazzled and dazed but otherwise OK after he fell..

The Chimp is Back

Nebraskans creeped out by mysteriously appearing Barbie dolls

Do you ever just want to weep when you hear Karen Carpenter's voice?

This Valerian root tea shit better make me sleepy.....

Strawberry Milk

What's your favorite Funt?

I got part of greek history

Berserk sports fan to die for wife's slaying

I saw Shaun of the dead last night

Claude Allen : WH domestic advisor on CNN (gaydar?)

BREAKING - Natalee Hollaway would be starting college now

question for women or dressmakers

What's you favorite c .....

Do you trust Whitney?

Today was spaghetti day in the cafeteria at work

University of Iowa visitors' locker room has been painted 'Barbie' pink

Okay, I have this weird anxiety isse RE:reading emails and forum messages.

Meet the new kitty -- (Awwwww warning: pic)

Pookie Alert: "New Jack City" gets the 2-DVD "Special Edition" treatment

You can blame Bill Clinton

Who didn't like 6 feet under? Who doesn't like mortuary based shows?


*Spoiler Alert*

I got part of geek history.

I'm signing up for basket weaving classes...

I'm up next on Thom Hartmann! n/t

Just rented "I Love Huckabees"

What's a "snow-dog" to do in the dog-days of August?

What got me banned at a conservative forum...

Poll: What do you dislike the most about relocating...

Does it anger you that Ministry ripped off the hook from...

Prank Phone Call to Visa

anyone have any idea what this smiley is hugging?

Mountains are the coolest!

My yahoo acct hasn't gotten spammed in over an hour - what could be wrong?

RIP Robert Moog, inventor of the synthesizer

slim/petite women - where do you find nice clothes?

Great article on SPAM (the "meat") taking a hit for SPAM (junk e-mail)

Last 3 albums you've heard

BREAKING: Olivia Newton John's Boyfriend Missing!

What are your favorite kinds of threads?

Cool flash animation website

Pat Robertson abusing his nonprofit status with "age-defying" diet shake

I think I might have tonsillitis.. questions..

OK, ho else has a dubya key that orks intermittantly due to the current

$1000 Reward For Lost Chihuahua!

What's the deal with Photobucket image links?

Since I won't live to age 65, how can I get MY MONEY out of SS and PERA?


DETGEP Industries Gas Saving Device (eBay)

don't use no doubLe negatives

Fad (present or past) that should be considered illegal.

Saw a square bumper sticker at student parking registration today.

College football stadium's new visitor's locker room painted pink

Excellent Video (short loading time)

First time in my life, I have spent MORE time reading the Freeps than DU

TV station for sale on eBay

Papparatzi photogs Barbara Bush at State Fair while son speaks in Utah

Time for the Lounge to be heard!

My friend came back early from her vacation this year....

Share with the lounge some unsolicited advice

A HUGH picture of HUGH

My EYES MY eyes! MY EYES!!! That stupid Scarlett thread had THIS....

Rabrrrrrr has possessed my soul!!!

I just rented "The Munsters-Season One" on Netflix DVD

Guy dressed as Stormtrooper almost gets arrested! Funny picture.

Sharon Osbourne calls Maiden's set "unpatriotic" at Ozzfest

Who needs a roommate in DC

How many pets sleep on your head?

Bleach or Montanism?

Pizza delivery for I.C. Wiener

Scarlett Johansson crashes car while dodging paparazzi

Photo: Former A.W.O.L. National Guard member yuks it up in Utah

You can leave the beer out of the 'frig in Wisconsin tonite

mmmm caesar salads -- but are they safe??

Cool. I can get access to my money ONLY if I end/lose my job.

Incoherent post,


I have a friend who works at Starbucks

So - the old FOX series "Firefly". What are your thoughts? I LOVE it!

You change the sheets on your bed

Where does your kitty like to get scratchins'?

help!!!! computer screen is extremely dark

One of my employees is four hours late to work.

Which movie should I watch tonight?

Food cravings....what's yours?

So I'm seriously thinking about going to the DC protest...

With schools starting up again..

Write a sentence using the word "brandishing," or some variation, but . .

I think my car has finally been fixed. Ask my anything.

I love the smell of GRAPEFRUIT!!!

When a person you are trying to pick up asks you what do you do.....

LOL! My FwB hasn't called me today!

My lovely wife of 33yrs...

Flamewars: A great way to stir up animosities, old rivalries and alienate

Cell phone manufacturers marketing phones to kids

New linens---Oh happy day.

NAME THE KITTY - suggestions wanted

Someone in GD needs a spanking

Post here with a question, won't you?

Who digs Barney Miller?

How many pets (animals) sleep on your bed?

How many DUers do you have on your ignore list?

I made the front page!! I made the front page

Heh heh. ZombyWoof just stole my trachea.

Beach or mountains?

Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda

Hey baby, what's your sign?

What I Learned At Sexual Harassment Training Today

An experiment in child birth.

I, am overusing commas, because, I can.

Tacky things you used to do when you were young..

Is it just me or has GD been pretty mellow the last week or two?

welcome to alaska

Progmom wants you to PM her about private stuff but she doesn't answer

Let me say one thing about my pick-up Thread......

How to spend 100 bucks on absolutely nothing !!!

Papal scammers really should learn how to spell

whats up with you guys? missed me yet????

Does it anger you that samplers rip off the music they sample

Only two weeks til.....

Do you hate those frigging Yellow ribbon magnets?

How many books are you reading right now?

Nighthawks V (dial-up warning: these threads get pretty long)


Marching band members past and present - roll call

"I hope it burns when he pees, a fiery rope of lava twisting from his...




SpeakSpeak News is the blog about Free Speech and The Media

Sniffa is cooking me dinner...

The Very Very First Daylight Saving Time: The Sun Stood Still !!

progmom's jaded, cantankerous tip of the day:

I don't know what it's called but it sure was good.


Dog owners: table scraps or no?

What got me banned from FreeRepublic

Should people ask your permission before exhuming long-dead threads?



Basic Classic Rock Test

I once had pierced ears and now ... :(

Just so everyone here knows - I was evil when I drank

This is a thank you to my puppy Albert.

Guilty pleasures: TV shows you love that you would never admit to

How would you describe yourself in one word?

News about 5th gen. Democrat.....

Someone said, hey WC , what do yo look like... Time for a pic thread..

And the #1 party school in the USA this year is.....

September 24 march attendees-PLEASE READ!

"3 Nails + 1 Cross = 4given" bumper sticker . . .

Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury

Seeing the world differently

Einstein manuscript found

3-D TV will let you watch, sniff and feel the big game

First kittens for cloned wildcats

Dutch & Arubans At Odds Over Gay Marriage

Once Denounced Gay Film Wins Ovation At Sarajevo

Report: Iran Executes Another Gay Man

New Challenge To Calif. Gay Partner Law

Cali. Senate votes to clarify that civil rights law applies to gays

Calif. Supreme Court Upholds Gay Co-Parenting

Florida Anti-Gay Amendment Moves Forward

Weld No Show At gay Event


KV Mechelen 50 -- SK Berlaar 1(goalie went to music concert)

How Do You Spell Hypocrisy? E-S-P-N

Worst high draft pick of modern times? Wait, you might want to consider

Great weekend for our rescue

Is there an "Amber Alert" type thing for missing or stolen pets?

"Allergic" sores

New Kitty has a name - Calypso (pic)

name that kitty! suggestions wanted

Attn: Northern VA dog guardians: Charity Dog wash this saturday!

So what is going on???

Ray Bradbury birthday tribute thread:

They've framed it again - we're the "anti-War" activists - uh, the correct

New Email - John Kerry: They Deserve Answers

Oh no. Cotnoir charged with attempted murder.

Posted about Kerry's email on Kos

I woke up this morning and DU was replaced by "I Hate Democrats" &

It's the corruption, stupid

JK's speech to the DLCC last Friday!!!

So, who else in GD needs a star?

Exhibition presents Senator Kerry's ancestors

Submit your "Reflections" August contest entries here (No comments)

My first photos in this forum...

Post your comments here (August Photo Contest)

Countdown Newsletter: 8/22/05 -- Deadline Looms; Stem/Skin Cells; Mysteri

GD discussion is paying tribute to Keith !

New Blog: 8/22/05 -- Limbaugh runs away from Limbaugh

Crawford thread & pls explain to me how photobucket works

KOEB 8/22/05: It's Open Mike Night at the Chuckle Hut!

10 Most Influential Democrats...

Report on Camp Casey from AfterDowningStreet

Y'know, Bartcop, on his latest show, makes a great point

Why they hate us

Just back from our second Camp Casey tour...I love the smell of victory

DLC lists not "members" but those who've participated in DLC events? Huh?

Project Jackass: finally, a real plan to "win" in Iraq ...

Conservatives Rarely Refer to Angry Right

Just Curious - What Do You Think Rush & Hannity Will Say About....

A Summer of Scandal for U.S. Politicians

Students, prove David Gergen wrong! He doubts you will be forming protests

Bush to rally Iraq support. Portray quagmire in WWII terms. Link to 9/11.

Just wondering about something...

Joan Baez at Camp Casey: "If I can do anything, talk, listen, I'm here"

Salt Lake City Mayor calls for "the biggest demonstration to greet Bush

Raw Story's Brad Friedman broadcasts LIVE from Crawford, 1-5 p.m. ET

Has Joe Wilson ever referenced PNAC in commentary, written or oral?

I'm Flabbergasted...Just Got Back From Northern Wisconsin and....

A few uncomfortable realities

W going to Idaho? Let's see 13 years ago today......

Anyone see this website?

Oil prices spur interest in manure as fuel

dupe LOL lost by a minute :)

No Evangelical GOP votes "if Iraqi constitution enshrines Islamic law?"

Dems "split over war, the wimp thing, and how to win"

Neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party is united for war...

Lets not forget these quotes...

Column in Philly Inquirer: Dems: Try civility, candor

I'd think US cops would be pissed at Sen. Allen

A real SLAM on Bush** (you want to feel good today?)

Steve Earle: "We've become an entire country of victims' family members"

Gerecht of AEI said women's rights in Iraq didn't matter

Bush's poll numbers August 22, 2005

Is this a video of Bush drunk? Found on internet.

Coleen Rowley's Editorial on the Occupation.

Irony so thick it can be sliced ........

What If We Begin Protesting the MSM Outlets?

KILLER IDEAS that came to life....Genocide, Induced Famine,

SL City mayor calls for "biggest demonstration this state has ever seen"!!

Your guess on Bush*s reception at VFW convention?

C.S. Monitor: Boom in corporate profits has not created secure job market

NY Post: Secret (illegal) tapes of Pataki: "Shocking Peek Behind Scenes"

Bush plans bid to rally Iraq support; will invoke WWII & 9/11

Was there a good demonstration in Salt Lake City at the Prez's

RNC Ken Melman on NPR right now.

Disconnect: No answer from chimp or freepers to the Question

Casey Sheehan's Combat Boots to Leave PA for Return to Cindy in Crawford

Senator Hagel was awarded two purple hearts and is telling the truth

Question for someone who knows **facts** about VA funding .....

Interesting thoughts on Hagel...

Wesley Clark: NATO Forces Needed in Darfur

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a blow job?

If You Liked CNN's "Dead Wrong" and think

August 6th, 2001 changed everything my fellow Americans.

Let's allow for a christian theocracy in this country

CA-48th: Hackett OH-02 Team Hits the Ground for Steve Young

Less popular than Nixon during Watergate's peak. Hmm...I smell a MANDATE.

W. H. transcript: Bush "comprehensive strategy to win," Salt Lake City

gas prices hurting Bush numbers

DUers! I need help to defend Hillary against Filegate charges

Peace and Prosperity

very, very disturbing

Wait for it ..... ..... it's Jimmy Carter's fault (freeps on Iraq)

These LaRoucheites

"People die in wars................that is what is supposed to happen."

Iraq gets "draft" constitution: can civil war be avoided ??

"Inside 9/11, Part 2" on National Geog channel tonight at 9 pm

God, I hate Wolf Blitzer!

Melanie Morgan's "Truth" Tour. Call in, show up, give her some feedback

Christians screwed by bush; go on singing his praises

uh oh - did Malkin FLIP FLOP?

Who is that on Randi now, 5:43?

Welcome to Paradise President Bush under $2.65 Gas Price Sign

Constitution and democracy, in itself, won't avoid Iraq civil war.

Alternatives to Raising taxes include:

Meet the Press guest host Gregory sat by while Lott issued falsehoods

Kerry's Speech to the DLCC Friday, 8/19

Would you welcome Kerry's support if he called for "near-term" withdrawal?

UTAH Rave Video -- PLUR meets HEIL

So how many US casualties were there in Kosovo and Bosnia?

Blair on a nice beach vacation in Barbados

So "Success" is now defined to be a Constitution? They had a

A Veteran of Empty Rhetoric Takes Broken Promises to VFW Gathering

I have a question: with **'s numbers totally in the shitter,

Yes, that's right! FREEDOM IS ON THE MARCH

Tammara Rosenleaf speaking at Camp Casey - powerful !!!

Kerry Email: They Deserve Answers - We Do Too - Sign the Petition!!!

Bush May Really Be Going Down

The DLC is NOT a Democratic Party organization

Bush tells Vets to stay the course to honor the 1800+ already killed

The sad part about Bush's speech is that there actually parents who

Radio talking heads blistering Hagel today - Infighting among inbreds

Keith Olbermann: Limbaugh "doesn’t believe half the junk he spouts"

New ARG Poll: Chimpy In FREE FALL (Approve 36%, Disapprove 58%)

What One Honest Man/Woman Could Do? One Congress? ...

Careless People: My talking point for 06/08

Better to Fight Them Over There?

BBC: Today's speech "a chance for Bush to seize back the centre stage."

When congress reconvenes, will we see Dems throwing elbows???

Crooked politicians like Bush always take advantage of religious people

A self-confessed Liberal gets the "Welcome Mat" at Freeperville

What Does Recycling 10yr old helicopters from desert tell you?

Pat Robertson calls for assasination

Anybody else hear Janeane just LOSE it over a Kool-Aid drinker?

CNN program on the Iraq War shown last evening - .amazing

John Roberts: A Bork in Sheep's Clothing (part 1)

Anyone watch Part 1 of "Inside 9/11" on "National Geographic Ch." Sunday?

Iraq war is now similar to the Vietnam war?

New thought on Hillary.

German police baffeled by Bush poo-flags

Newsweek: "So far, John Roberts hasn't held back on charm or humor."

The swiftboating of Sen Hagel (R-NE)...

CNN poll "Can Bush rally support" currently at 80% NO!

My new CT: Iraq War part of secret deal with Iranis

Former Clinton Press Sec: Smartest thing for Dems to do is be supportive

Oh Doctor laura...........

Women’s rights? Bah…who needs ‘em

I think Randi said this a while ago, but it just hit me now

Why is not solar and wind power being developed for base load?

This Poll needs DU help!!! We are sinking fast!!!!!

It's the corruption, stupid

Kos to declare war on the DLC (DailyKos)

Poll: How many Gore 2000 voters do you know who voted for Bush in 2004?

David Horowitz Thinks That I Am Janeane Garofalo (Yes, He Is a Moran)!

NOW Iraq is about "honoring the fallen"

Bush was right! 9/11 and Iraq War REALLY are connected.

NPR "Morning Edition": Wes Clark on the On-Going Tragedy in Dafur

Pissing off the right people and making enemies

Harold Ford appears to try to tie Saddam to 9/11 and Osama.

Photos of today's Bush protest in Salt Lake City (warning LOTS of photos!)

CNN - "DEAD WRONG" documentary on Iraq intelligence is posted ONLINE!!!

LTTE in The Day: Sheehan And Left Wing Take Moral Low Ground