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Archives: November 13, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 268

Dan Rather looks back while stepping forward (CBS tired of Murrow)

Dems plan to bring heat

The Times They Are a-Changin' (how this week looks to the other side)

Four soldiers die in boat bomb as Blair prepares shift on Iraq

WP: Why the FBI Is Coming After Me (re: Posada)

Father and son find common ground in defeat

Ascending to a national platform (Pelosi)

'Obscenity' of carbon trading (Kevin Smith/BBC)

"This is not your father's Republican Party"

'Obscenity' of carbon trading (xpost from Editorials)

UN urges end to 'water apartheid' (BBC)

Duty to save albatross - Charles (BBC) {19 of 21 species in danger}

Arsenic water safety breakthrough (BBC)

New Astounding Information re 9/11!

What is the other side to the vote count issue?

The Sarasota Triangle: Why America Needs to Examine the Election in Florida's 13th District

Democrats say will push for Iraq withdrawal

FBI: L.A. Man Mailed Threatening Letters

Blair under renewed pressure to deliver exit strategy from Iraq

Saudi Arabia: Iraq a Major Terror Base

WP: Lieberman a Wild Card in Iraq Policy

US senator outsources speech to India

Democrats Call on Bush to Support China’s Draft Labor Law

BPO cos not worried over Democrat win (Outsourcing-India)

California man arrested for mail threats to celebs (KO, Pelosi, Stewart...)

***Pelosi backs Murtha for majority leader***

This SoCal wind is KILLING me...I've sneezed 100 times in 5 minutes!

TBS is running How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Now! On Nov. effing 12!

Anybody see 60 minutes?

I always thought Lincoln Mercury was whack

Trivia events....

cute kitty picture

The Raven-EAP

Anyone see how the Giants just scored?

Funny how I've found myself,in love with you.

Didn't "American Dad" used to be in a wheelchair? What happened? (nt)

Donation time, will we see GrovelBot?

Well, just got back from Borat

Enjoy the silence


This isn't a thread...You are just seeing things..Your eyes are playing tricks on you

I'm in a 10 minute queue for WoW, ask me anything

I'm spending the night at a rest stop off of I-20 West in Texas

That big ship and crew was a bone to be chewed.........

Whatever happened to Bob Boudelang, American Patriot?

VH-1 just lost any credibility they had as a music channel....

(PHOTO) GoPsUx, binge-drinking and screwn!!!

Please watch this. From all of us piss-ants to all the wheeler dealers in

Tonic - If you could only see

I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me

the best of you

Time for a late-night snack (at least late-night here in Denmark)... anyone care for anything?

What the hell?

What's with the Text/Font size??

And the award for "Stupidest Criminal of the Week" goes to...

I believe that the heart does go on

Wine lovers....I have a question....

Anyone have XM? Are MLB games included in subscription?


Disturbed - Down With The Sickness

Heroes fans: Save the Cheerleader, save the world!

Replace a word in any book or movie title with "screwn"

Bears just returned a TD 108 yards

Anyone get tired of the college binge-drinking party scene?

Can anyone recommend a good sex ed./"your changing body" type of book?

Blech...I'm wicked depressed

When I start dating again, should I date progressive?

When you were a kid at Christmas...

The Killing Moon-Echo and The Bunnymen

Microsoft has released a cool black Visual Style to celebrate Zune!

I wonder if Chris Collingsworth is a republican

Where does the expression "to beat a dead horse" come from?

I need a favor, ASAP

Matter of life and death. If you had to decide:

Just donated to DU - ask me anything (nt)

I thought this was really neat.

Sometimes the simplest desserts are best

Why don't old men trim their eyebrows??

Looser? Looser?'s loser. LOSER! LOSER LOSER LOSER!!!!

"Don't worry, a big guy like you will be home much sooner than that!"

What kind of a name is K FED?

Guess where I was this weekend! (Pic heavy!)

Are There Any Good Cat Books?

Your worst credit card company? MBNA for me.

***The Autumn Photography Contest final round is up in GD***

Can you help? Our kindergarten grandson doesn't know his A-B-C's...or his numbers!

Damn it! I just went to the store and now I'm out of toilet paper!

What Do Straight Catholics DU'ers Think Of The Church's Institutionalized Homophobia?

What Was All The Skulking Around About?

Super scan reveals brain secrets (BBC)

Question for all of you here....

"The New Healing Energy" - Kryon channelling - August 19, 2006

***The Autumn final round is up in GD***

Friendship Oak

Hey! I think I was the first to donate!!!!

Bush will call for a Draft.....

Pay it forward! (Donation -> get a star!)

Anyone support McCains plan of increasing the military by a 100,000 and sending 20,000 more to Iraq?

Have A Little Faith.

What has prompted these "impeachment off the table" comments? Were

Return of the Hate Mailbag! Woo hoo!

7yr old son of immigration activist holed up in Chicago church heading to Mexico

Iraq Is FUCKED! Bring Them Home!

And for my 100th post in 4 years (LOL)... Paying it forward.

What pulses, grows, and takes over things?

"There's a problem? Let the government fix it."

A little humor from NOAA

So ...We Won!...Big Deal....We Need a Truman Commission to Prove It!

Horse Slaughter Prevention Act - make a call Monday!

Holy shit, Dobbs is showing military vets injured and talking to them.

More GOOP Dirty Tricks In Sacramento???

'Enemies of the internet' named (BBC, RSF)

The election victory newbie surge is unusually high this cycle

After watching McCain on Meet The Press today, I think any democrat can beat him

Dowd on MTP: "and Baker is the deprogrammer."

They Tattoo Their Thighs So Their Bodies Can Be Identified

Wow! I just donated to DU...

There are here many among us,who think life is but a joke..............

"Freedom Never Cries" 54F Lyrics for the end of historic week

Your dream Senate candidates for 2008?

Iraq Wrong War, U.S. Losing Ground, Say Americans

NY Times Frank Rich: "2006: Year of the "Macaca"

from Americablog - Potemkin Iraq Study Group

Supremacists attack 14th Amendment yet again

Weeping - CBS Tribute to Ed Bradley

Chavez opens air base for Shakira (BBC)

Smirky says we should be happy we held elections

SNL's First Nancy Pelosi skit

How would Bush reply to this statement?

Testicles of Terror

How a Freeper explains being wrong on Iraq

Obama DU Group...

If I lost a son or daughter in Iraq because a

Should marijuana/drugs be legalized/decriminalized?

So--how do you all feel about THIS?

What Do Straight Catholics DU'ers Think Of The Church's Institutionalized Homophobia?

Baghdad morgue took in 1,600 bodies in October

Florida authorities say photo isn't of (Johnny) Gosch

My 6 yo asked why the boxing glove not hitting **, I explained the

Neither Hoyer nor Murtha should be Majority Leader!

An Iraq mercenary reports checkpoint enforcement is down & shape charges are more dangerous

Bad Liberals!!!!! BAD!!!!

Question about Clark....

List examples of when "bipartisanship" actually worked, for real.

Anywhere I can get a DVD of Al Gore's 1/16/06 speech "Restoring the Rule of Law"?

Bleeding Heart Liberal At The Veteran's Day Parade

Poor Chimpy. He's catching it from all ends.

"Repent! Harlequin".said theTicktockman.

The stirring of the undead (BFEE)

Combatants to clear up deadly leftovers

Please try to call in to Washington Journal tomorrow

A thought about liberal vs moderate vs conservative politics and geography

Ok I donated

Bush only hears what he wants to hear

Rapture ready board calls new congressman "Gangsta", "security threat"

Army of the right hits the beach hotel

2848 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

When we leave Iraq there'll be no chance left for Bush to 'fix' it. The failure will stick

Fox News w/ Ollie North tonight "How we won Vietnam."

WaPo: Pelosi Endorses Murtha as Next Majority Leader

OK, I'll ask the burning question...

Florida Poll finds support for President Bush fading

UPDATE: I'm going to donate $2 for every thousand people who join the DU.

The Simpson's taking on Army recruiting issue. 8:00 PM ET

GOP chair in NH: "Bush is going to be the LAMEST of lame duck Presidents"

"Girl Politicians Have Cooties" Jessica Valenti on HuffPo

My partner just explained the Karma of the Rove situation.

Be careful at You Tube to have virus protection on...

Ain't alcohol great?

YOU KNOW ME... When Kerry,or Dean needed cash I posted... NOW IT'S FOR DU!

Once again, HW prefers Bubba over Dubya.

The hit and run presidency of George H. W. Bush's kid

Benedict Lieberman

Who is Phil Parlock?

Veteran for Peace published in AZ Republic

"Texas Town Considers Anti-Illegals Bill"

Democrats to push for Iraq withdrawal

Saudi Arabia, home to fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers calls Iraq a major terror base

Wonder who got the "duty" to show Little Lord Pissypants the Newsweek cover & article. Better have

who needs a sponsor?

January, 2007 -- A short pictoral essay.

There's a Democrat who irritates as much as Lieberman:

Hoyer versus Murtha for House Majority leader? Please discuss.

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act set for vote Monday - time to flood the phones

I just became DU Donor #51. What number are you (and why do you give)?

"V" to deliver War Crimes grevances to the W.H.--this is great!

Impeachment Video: New Amy Goodman interview - EVERYONE should see for better understanding

Racist sign from Louisiana

Limbaugh greets Democrats as liberators

So what have we learned about illegal immigration?

There's usually an -IC at the end of Democrat.

"Girl Politicians Have Cooties"

Cheney may go

It's time to pivot, folks.

Samuel Adams Says Thank You America

Why are there so many pot threads?

"FBI: L.A. Man Mailed Threatening Letters" and WHITE POWDER to Pelosi.

Please join me in welcoming 1,370 new DUers since November 1st!!

Dean gave credit to Rahm and Schumer on Fox today.

Get Them Home NOW Dammit !!! - War Stories From Ward 7D

Saw an interesting bumper sticker today.

Let's See If I've Got This Straight on "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION"

I think Howard Dean should be TIMES person of the year

***Come To Daddy**** (Monitor Spray Warning)

Impeachment Talking Points...from After Downing

Are you satisfied with Dean's job thus far as DNC Chair?

Okay, whats with all the threads meant to make DU look like

Pelosi Backs Murtha for Majority Leader

Teachers 'bullied by online grading' (BBC)


Screw all this nice guy stuff, impeach bush now!

Is It O K To Spank Your Child?

Two Heartbeats Away - Part 1

Robin Williams on golf

Work in Progress - when the president talks to God...

The Sound of Water - This is awesome!!!

President Bill Clinton: 'Politics of Common Good'...

The Democrats are dead to me

Watching Rudy G. on Road to the White House. Time to repost "Cashing In On Catastrophe"

Howard Dean to advise Brits on campaigning strategy ahead of key May vote

(WA) State Dems promise to show restraint

Boston Herald city editor criticizes Democrats on Iraq

So your congressional delegation and senators are still RRRs.

Were my "eqaul protection of the laws" rights violated in this election?

Remember when Pelosi sided with Murtha when he spoke out on Iraq?

For those of you who have't seen it, the new DU Hate Mailbag has a time capsule-worthy letter...

Roll Call: Nancy Pelosi supporting Jack Murtha for Majority Leader

2008 Senate Races

Since no one side is screaming and gnashing their teeth, this is a really good time

Why I don't think Leiberman will become a Republican

NPelosi "Every time you stick your neck out, they come around and cut it off."

Democracy or Demagoguery (On scapegoating in our society)

I Gave Your Address to a Friend

Do we have a dark horse candidate for 2008?

Baghdad's morgues so full, bodies being turned away

448,077 Voters Consistently Hate On Lieberman

Which sleezeball would you least like to see as the GOP nominee?

"Jon Tester truly is your grandfather’s Democrat — a pro-gun, anti-big-business prairie pragmatist"

Fresh Off the Farm in Montana, a Senator-to-Be (John Tester Profile)

Dems: Aipac Needs To Mend Fences

For my DU compatriots devoted to a Feingold run, I sympathize with your disappointment.

Clark, Gore, Biden, Kerry, Obama, Bayh, Clinton, Kucinich, Edwards - In That Order - DISCUSS

CIA Analyst Says: Gates is the Wrong Man to Replace Rumsfeld!

Who Won Secretary of State in Your State?


A Suggestion was put forth on how to deal with Lieberman that I kind of like

The hearing bone is connected to the.....

Interactive Undervote map Jennings vs. Buchanan, Sarasota FL

Rove didn't want Fitzgerald to get U.S. attorney's post.

Seven things we need to fix if we are to restore a functioning democracy in America

Throwing down the gaunlet; examples from history where decreased immigration raises wages!!!!

Wesley Clarke for Secretary of Defense

For Democrats, How Long a Honeymoon? (From the Media!!!) -Kurtz WaPo

Jack Murtha for Majority Leader...and "Person of the Year" by Arianna Huffington

She Survived Iraq -- Then Shot Herself at Home (Navy Medic)

A VIRGINIA WELCOME: I Am Macaca By S.R. Sidarth --WaPo

Fresh Off the Farm in Montana, a Senator-to-Be | NYT

Martial Law, Anyone?

Would a Dictator Graciously Relinquish Power?

GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy (Dirty Tricks File) --WaPo

I can't wait to see the new Hate Mail Bag now that we WON and they LOST!

'Innovate' a dirty word in Ottawa by Susan Delacourt THE TORONTO STAR

Operation Comeback By Joshua Muravchik

Finally - - Dubya & Dick Take a Fall for Katrina by Patt Morrison Huff Post

Dems: make student loans student friendly

HAHAHA, check out this Wiki entry on the CIA

Welcome to the Chávez revolution - where the rich keep getting richer

Global Pact to Clean Up Unexploded Arms Takes Effect (cluster bombs)

How Many Wins Make Up a 'Wave'?...Debate the Scope of Democrats' Victory

In New Middle East, Tests for an Old Friendship

Time To Get To Work!

The Pain Is Never as Bad as We Fear (Election Trauma) -WaPo

Don't Cry for Republican Lobbyists By Jeffrey H. Birnbaum --WaPo

Is America too Racist for Barack? Too Sexist for Hillary? -WaPo

Election Outcome Boosts Embryonic Stem Cell Work

A Giant Texas Utility Buys a $10 Billion Ticket on an Environmental Titanic

Great read.

History Could Repeat Horribly After Washing Of Hands.

Girl Politicians Have Cooties --Jessica Valenti --HuffPost

James Baker and his clientele



Whose Table? (Bill C. Davis)

Australian Prime Minister Announces Blacktown as First Solar City in New South Wales

12th ethanol plant announced or under construction in Indiana.

Renewable Fuels May Provide (Rand Corp. study)

France Announces Creation Of Domestic Coal Tax, Push For Carbon Tax - AFP

Investors Back Experimental Ethanol Plant

Scientists Probe Whether Zebra, Quagga Mussels Behind Lake Huron Fishery Collapse

Sweden Tops Climate Change (prevention) List

Norwegians Kill 546 Minke Whales in 2006

48 Climate Experts Speak Out Against "Forces Of Darkness" - Corporate Disinformation

Australia's Grain Harvest Cut By Nearly 2/3 Year-On-Year - ABC

Venture capitalists (including Vinod Khosla) fund new cellulosic ethanol plant.

93.6% Of New South Wales In Drought - Food Price Hikes Coming - SMH

Canada's Environment Minister Gets "Fossil Of The Day" Award In Nairobi

Bush Supports Hybrids, Flex-Fuel Cars - Spokesman - Reuters

Australia - Snowy Hydro Announces All-Time Low For November Water Levels

Rate Of Carbon Emissions In China Now 4X That Of 1990s - DPA

IPCC's Pachauri - Latest Update, Due In February, Wil Likely Have Big Impact

Report to Offer Climate Change Evidence (IPCC)

Ohio's now a leader in fuel cells

Cash row looms at climate talks (BBC)

PPM's 221 MW Klondike III Wind Project Builds on Success (Oregon)

Conergy Board Approves €250M Module, Wafer and Cell Manufacturing Facility (Hamburg)

Attitude adjustment: Facing our ecological predicament

Investors Back Experimental Ethanol Plant

Ahmadinejad: Israel’s destruction near

Fury as Israelis damage war cemetery

Nobel winners petition Israel to outlaw targeted killing

Blair urges White House to shift focus to Israel-Palestine conflict

Arabs lift Palestinian financial blockade

Palestinians Blame U.S. for Deterioration

Palestinian factions say close to deal on new PM

EU: New PA government must recognize Israel as peace partner

Olmert: We Would Love to Negotiate With Syria

Hamas official accepts Arab plan for peace talks

UN: Mideast key to bridging civilizations

Lebanon war worsened anti-Semitism

Oregon Newspaper-Calls On ALL USA Newspapers To Join In Demand For NEW 9/11 Investigation

Doubletree video to be released 21st December

Problem$ with Electronic Pollbook$ Lead to Long Line$ In Denver

Looking for some stats

Math & statitics whizes needed for election analysis...

Frivolous GOP challenges of absentee ballots of overseas voters...

Stat and math whizzes needed, please

The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY…Elections Forum News …

Why were Zogby polls so different from election results in IL 6?

Rangers investigate manatee mutilation in Biscayne Park (Miami, FL)

Fresh Off the Farm in Montana, a Senator-to-Be (John Tester Profile)

Upbeat Rove says GOP setback only temporary

Mitchell Still Leads Hayworth; Props 106, 107 Failing (vigilance still needed!)

Yankee Republicans on Last Legs (GOP is now ''the party of Dixie.''

AP: 16 Killed in Bus Bombing in East Baghdad


Iran TV broadcasts 'US ship spy plane footage'

SKorea Balks at Measures to Sanction North

Iran says ready to consider any U.S. offer to talk

ABC Radio News; Oil prices rising

US Christian Organisations to Reach Out to Newly Elected Democrats

Iraq allies urge Bush to turn to Iran, Syria (Blair and Howard)---unless

Wounded Bush meets rising China at APEC summit

Maliki authorizes 'extreme force' against militias

CNN/AP: Lame duck Congress goes to work amid intraparty squabbles

Marijuana crop ruins Mt. Diablo's rare plants

Gunmen kill Iraqi cameraman working for private satellite channel

WP: Dignitaries Gather for King Memorial Groundbreaking

War, pollution endangering Iraq river (Tigris a "stagnant sewer")

Dems: make student loans student friendly

Another Repug Arrested For Wife Beating

In New Middle East, Tests for an Old Friendship

Call to bridge West-Muslim divide

Mother of slain Marine wants mercy for 2

Anthrax hoaxer may be Free Republic poster

Insurgent activity rising in Afghanistan

Fuel shortages worsen in Baghdad

Iraq reconstruction needs more than $100B

Bush not keen on Iranian, Syrian help in Iraq

Bush vows not to prejudge Iraq report

BREAKING NEWS -- Jurors Reach Verdict in COINGATE Case

Bids Are Expected for Radio Giant (Clear Channel)

Bush skeptical of Democrat troop reduction idea

UK: AQ seeking nuke kit

BBC: Lebanon backs UN Hariri tribunal

Castro has 18 months to live, U.S. believes

MNF Iraq: Two Task Force Lightning Soldiers killed, two others wounded (Salahaddin)

Chicago Tribune: Bishops may OK new guidelines on gay Catholics

'Taleban law' passed in Pakistan

AP reports that Giuliani has taken first step for presidential run.

Lockerbie trial was a CIA fix, US intelligence insider claims

Japan confirms 30th mad cow case

Matlock Marine to plead guilty in probe of Iraqi man's death

Bush calls for global isolation of Iran

AP: 3 Danish Journalists on Trial (Iraq WMD documents)

N. C. Baptist Convention measure would oust churches that support gays

U.S.: Senior al Qaeda leader captured in Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 13

U.S. warns Iraq to stop Shiite militias

(NY Republican Senate Ldr) Bruno blames Bush for Republican losses

Bush Stands By Keeping Bolton as U.N. Ambassador Despite Opposition

Inhofe Attacks Children’s Book on Global Warming

NYT/Reuters: Bush Meets Members of Group on Iraq

(Sen) Clinton Outlines Legislative Priorities (Health Care Coming Back)

AP: Administration: Detainees Have No Rights

U.S. raids homes of al-Sadr followers

Bush's post-election approval hovers near lowest of presidency (33%-Gallup)

Top Marine: No Plan For Post-Saddam Iraq

Widows Sue Over Wicca Symbol, Headstones (I see congressional hearings

Bush May Get Cool Reception in Vietnam (ROFL love the first sentence

(Harold) Ford rules out DNC role

Jury Finds Tom Noe Guilty

Fla. Senator Mel Martinez to chair RNC

NYT: Administration Opposes Democrats’ Plan for Negotiating Medicare Drug Prices

India's TCS signs pharma outsourcing contract with Eli Lilly

CNN:Canada profs win right to smoke pot

Hershey recalls products over salmonella fears

Lula visits Chavez to show vote support

I really hate to sound so dumb, but

A question for a computer expert ?

Do you miss Grovelbot's Big Board?

Thank you to whoever sponsored me!

Anyone have a baby grand piano laying around you want to get rid of?

Check out this video

Iron Savior --- Starchaser.

I just totally don't give a damn

I'd never seen this Sherlock Holmes episode before-

Offhand, I'd say this laptop may be "headed for the glue factory."

I might be a naughty girl now... I just did something I have never done before!!!!!!!!!

How Good Are You At Parking A Car?

Yay Desperate Housewives!

'So I tried to think, then gave up.' freeptard sums it all up in DU hatemail!

I'm old, and tired, and I can't find Jeff Buckley, so

I was dancing Saturday night with a friend

Stupidest. commercial. EVER.


It takes talent to get complained about in LBN...


Poetry reading on C-Span.

"Borat" and Bob Barr cameo.... (spoiler alert)

Delta Flight From NYC to DC NEVER On Time In September

Zell Miller's Take On The Midterm Elections

"Guitar Hero" has invaded my home

The new Total War game comes out this Tuesday. Who will NOT be buying it immediately?

Dang Nab It!!

Yay! I got my first thread on the Greatest Page.

I got a massage from Skinner and I thought it was GREAT!

Where can I buy Festivus Cards?

I'm looking for something to keep myself occupied...

This is hysterical

I wonder how long it took Skinner to send all those PMs

Martin Scorsese's Sesame Streets - not for the kids!

Books or recordings with your kid's name in them: recommendations?

Pakistan is the new Afghanistan

My local mega-theater has drug dogs at the exit doors

Shiny happy people celebrating

Treehouse slide show:

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

What a righteous hangover I have....

Court Upholds Lap-Dance Ban

If you put Rahm and Dean together you get

Authorities Seeking Suspects Who Killed, Dismembered A MANATEE!

I'm bored, what movie should I watch?

Watch for Deer - It's Mating Season and car/deer encounters are way up.

Have you ever heard the term "Broken Glass Republican?

To each his own: New York Times prints "Scientology Vows" from the upcoming TomKat wedding

Hundreds Of Sheep March On Madrid In Protest

I am becoming the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion...

Without looking it up: Name a movie with the unlikely cast of:

Sniffa is the awesomest boyfriend!

Rules of Business

WHOOPEE! Happy 57th Birthday Caryn Johnson!!

Shining, the Jack Nicholson Romantic Comedy!

any advice for getting a cat used to a new home

'Borat' Victims Upset at Being Duped (fratboys sue)


'Borat' punched in street attack (NYC after SNL)

Anyone Here See Borat? How is it?

I saw I had a message from Skinner & thought I was toast!

Watch for DUer - It's Mating Season and car/DUer encounters are way up.

Initiate Project Y

Good morning

*Yawn* Wazzat?

Does Hydroxycut work?

“Letter” from Iraq regarding elections?

I added "screwn" to the DU glossary.

Has anyone here ever been to, or heard of, a "pants party"?

Ben & Jerry's American Pie Limited Batch Ice Cream.

Crap, I have a dilemma re: my job interview tomorrow...

Uh-oh - Rapture Ready Index is up +3 thanks to them damn liberals!!!

The two most important things I learned on Election day 2006

Sorry about the joke thread

CONFESS!!!! What interesting things would I find on your desk at work?

Favorite Freeper Word

Why having a 20gig MP3 player isn't necessarily a good thing

I'd click on ZombyWoof's 'serious' thread...

Hey!!! Guess What???((Cat thread))

Is a four-hour erection a medical problem ...

Ween...the greatest band in the world that confuses me

Study: Middle Aged Women (30-50) Less Likely To Be Happy

Kevin Federline offered $50 million for rights to four-hour sex video he made with Britney Spears

Ah shit. Going to need surgery after all.

Help! Need gifts ideas for 14 and 16 year old women.

Could I get somebody to comment on/ proofread my paper in progress?

When are the baseball writers going to announce the awards? MVP, Cy...?

Judge rules: Burrito is not a sandwich

Make me feel better- who else overslept?

Now, after brushing my very short hair, I look like a Chuzzle.

My son invited me to go play poker w/ him on Wednesday night--should I go?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/13/06)

Music opinion question.

Republicans blame election losses on Democrats.

Man Killed While Trying To Pull Dog Out Of Stump Grinder

My son has entered the "Terrorist Twos"

Liberals are a Terrorists

Buy vs Build a home


When is there going to be a "You Tube"

For God's sake stay in your homes!!

I'm listening to an old Bare Jr CD, ask me anything

Who designed this Disney ride?

Turduken is aiming low

A salute to the greatest athlete of our generation

Supertelevangelistic sex and drugs psychosis

Computer help? Any good free websites?

"What you people do is a sin."

I really want to thank the voter at Early Voting who had a really bad cold for coming to vote and

Congratulations sui generis!! 10,000 posts

Who likes wine?

Denise Richards named "Worst Bond Girl" in Entertainment Weekly "Worst 10" list


Learning from Mistakes: anyone ever do it?

I just reserved a car rental for Christmas.

Happy birthday Cobalt Violet

John and Yoko on the Mike Douglas Show...

Congratulations Old and In the Way!! 25,000 posts

Freddy Mercury had the best Heavy Metal voice EVER

Favorite James Bond actor?


Best book you were assigned to read in school?

I have to drink shots...several...and I'm scared!

Holy Mother of GAWD! They are selling the Playstation 3 on eBay For $1,800!!!

Final Fantasy XII is consuming all my free time...

***Tattoo picture thread!***

New thought on old topic: Rush, Viagra & Dominican Republic

Need help with an old cartoon quote

Monday, November 13. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Squeech plays live in Boston

Ex-Husband Shoots Woman 6 Times In The Head - Woman Released From Hospital Next Day

What one film convinced you that cinema is genuine art?

Mrs 2kewl's new music site ===>

Those 'perfect' breasts of her's can't be real . . .

Who would YOU rather see get punched by the Fund Drive Glove?

Thanks to all who helped plan my L.A. trip!!!!!

So, is brining the turkey out all ready???

Pls join me in wishing Shine Boy a happy 13th bd and pass along any advice for teenage-hood!

I have to get shots...several...and I'm scared!

good sites for children's dance clothes

DU, need your help. I'm thinkin of adopting another Chihuahua.

Bob Dylan is the greatest, period.

What movie are you embarrassed to say

Bigger than kudzu! More agreement than Olive Garden! In GD--NOW!

Do you know how to swim?

Why do people ever say, "You look great for your age?"

What could Free Republic have done differently?

First seasonal TURDUCKEN thread...we have begun!!

I'm Bullish on Screwn!!! it's Screwn up places.

So what're you cooking for Thanksgiving dinner?

So, what's the best thing to do in Paris?

Should I tell off my angry alcoholic college "friends"? If so, how?

The Average Shopper plans to spend $800 on Christmas this year...

Who is Ween most like?

Certain DUers know why.

Do we have a "who needs a star" thread going?

Your significant other is unfaithful. Do you forgive them?


Dawkins told an audience member: "I didn't insult you, I insulted God"

What is the value in Freedom of Religion if you are an Atheist?

Atheism and Liberation (Antonio Perez-Escalarin 1974)

Widows sue to get Wiccan symbol on military headstones

The psudoscience in this GD post needs debunking

A Monster Storm on Saturn - check this picture out!!!

Bishops may OK new guidelines on gay Catholics

So, there's this photo nagging at me.

Anyone watch the MLS championship match?

I guess Michael Vick will be the world's greatest QB NEXT WEEK

Heels to hire Davis.

more spiritual corroberation. . .

Not much in Hearings yet this week, however, watch Armed Services

What if Kerry doesn't run in 2008. Will you still post items about him in GD?

Oh, crap. Walter Shapiro disses JK

Here's another perspective on the election:

OT: So Webb and Gates are "old enemies"?

Mass Senators set post-election Agenda: Lowell Sun (Get out of Iraq!!!!!)

John Kerry Addresses the South Carolina Education Association (SCEA)

New Kerry blog post up

Blair echoes Kerry; British politicians echo Repubs!

perspective on McCain, Hillary, Kerry, media smears, etc

No speech this Saturday.

Bush finally goes to Vietnam

please help with a question about posting photos

Suggestion for a future contest

messin' with Picasa's Bag O' Tricks

Bush Daddy to the rescue! ...Sung to the tune of "Jim Dandy"

Remember when white powder was found in Bill Clinton's office?

Evangelical leaders knew Haggard was gay????

Sending fake anthrax through the mail is not a joke, it IS terrorism

Maine voters

was chad castagana really a freeper?

Bush to start with Middle East Geography

How long will it take for the M$M

Freepers Ponder the end of the conservative movement

Ack! People, please stop sending me over to Free Republic and Chad's Greatest Hits

Expect a Gulf of Tonkin incident in the near future.

Help with a link please DU!

Feingold Opts Out of 2008 Race!

US Bishops may ease up on changing gays.

If found guilty, what kind of sentence would freeper Chad face for the threatening letters?

Groundbreaking For King Memorial On National Mall

C-Span WJ - wendy wright - Concerned Bleached Blondes of America

Grover...Who's yo daddy?

Will the press ask presidential candidates about pardons for

Chickenhawk GOP'ers have lost it in the election

Boy..I've seen some Die-Democrats but I don't know about this. (Funny)


Moderate Dems Being Shoved Aside

Pulled by the poster, me...HAVA nice day;)

Bush to be Interviewed by Bi-partisan Panel on Monday

With more women in the Senate and a female speaker of the house

What is the status of the Foley investigation?

There's a hilarious sign in a front yard about ten blocks

A question for a computer expert ?

Poles apart, and melting

Hillary will only run if she thinks she will win (the hillary kitchen cabinet will decide)

Wounded Bush meets rising China at APEC summit

Fox News rocks off its balance

Strange things happening in space..

If the NSA wiretaps EVERYONE, why can't they find the Va robocallers?

2,848 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Will they now complete the U.S. super-embassy in Baghdad?

Election outcome boosts embryonic stem cell work

International Author's Congress/Book Fair: Miami

Another wonderful Dawkins can-o-whoop-ass on the difference between...

My Interfaith Alliance alert from October 24th

Iraq study group to confer with Bush Monday

Does George Allen wear a rug?

Is there any website that has information on turnout in this election?

Krugman's last column....

Novak: GOP Unchanged..."the stupid party"

Tony Takes Charge in Iraq: Will call on Iran and Syria for help.

Is there any way of knowing if Chad Castagana ever wrote something to DU?

Iraqi Journalist: "There is no progress. We are going backwards,"

Hillary will only run if she thinks she will win (the hillary kitchen cabinet will decide)

Time in Senate May Be Irrelevant if Obama Runs

Wanted to donate, but wait, what is THIS??

Quagmire. OK to say Quagmire now.

Bipartisanship for the Bush Administration STILL means what it meant post-9/11

How did Barak Get a Bigger War Chest Than Hillary?

American Fascist Party. Is this for real? I can't tell.

Reuters: 'Man mails DEATH THREATS to Olberman, Jon Stewart, Pelosi, Schumer, Letterman'

Grover Norquist on Washington Journal

Um, shouldn't we be working on our victorious jihad against Christmas right now?

Bush must call for reinforcements in Iraq

WIll we now have a real investigation into the anthrax terrorist event

Did Scarborough drop the "F-bomb" on Tucker Carlson?

Meet Speaker Pelosi

Feingold will not run in '08...

Freerepublic a terrorist organization?

Question: do you want impeachment, or...

How come Democrats don't make a HUGE issue out of John McCain's "Keating Five" involvement?

I don't recall re-electing Bush Sr. to a second term

W about to speak at the MLK ceremony

Hiding From Oversight (NYT Editorial)

Chad Castagana: SF Has No Space for PC

Man arrested in Olberman Anthrax case

Lame-duck Congress to reconvene

Repub reasons for losing the election

Howard Dean: 'We need to get out of Iraq'

Is it a "Drone"? or is it file footage?.....Iran Sneaks up on US carrier in Gulf..

"Bus Bomb Kills 20 in Baghdad"

Rove 'GENIUS' NO MORE - Instead Brought GOP Massacre (New York Post)

Where have all the Gentlemen gone? Is Honor a thing of the past?

So poppy has to bail his moran son out of another bungled venture.

Judge rules: Burrito is not a sandwich

Well, there goes bush's "role model" for Iraq...

Elizabeth Edwards will be interviewed at 11 am EST

ABC Radio News; Oil prices rising

Science Trumps "Intelligent Design" In Ohio

Conservative Ranter Touts Santorum, Allen as 2008 Presidential Candidates

We're the Freepers of the left! (According to a guy on

Rove Continues To Tout "The Math" To Rationalize GOP Losses

Maliki wants US troops in Iraq confined to their bases

US Christian Organisations to Reach Out to Newly Elected Democrats

is there a phone number where we can reach olbermann's producer????

Idiotic Talking Heads Obsessed With Negative Propaganda Against Dems

Why is it that we still don't know who sent the Anthrax?

Granny Bee – Who Won?

Mary Matalin- Please keep talking! The mental images are priceless!

An update to my "Republican Family Values" file

Only 8 percent of voters ranked immigration as their top issue

Wouldn't it be rich if this Chad dude is the one who called SS on DU?

Legal Question #2: Could freeper Chad's victims sue Free Republic

Those 'perfect' breasts of her's can't be real . . .

Dems win historic victory... and the State Media still puts Rethugs on.

Happy Anniversary, Josh Marshall!!!

When I Look At McCain I See "Puff Daddy"

CSPAN: Jay Garner just made a whole bunch of sense

gosh, I hope mark foley is still alive

If Islam is Peaceful, Why Are Muslims Killing Each Other in Darfour?

ANALYSIS-Bush Iraq policy stalked by specter of Vietnam

Sore Losers....Something had to be done.

Will CSPAN have Congress on today?

Rove 'GENIUS' NO MORE - Brought About GOP Massacre (New York Post)

New Democratic Congress may be most tech-friendly in history

God Sees the Freepers (in honor of Chad Conrad Castagana)

One of our biggest victories

Hey, RimJob, Have Fun Being Grilled By The FBI

Astroturfing DU: Will All Paid Politcal Operatives Please Step Forward?

Isn't it Odd - We Have a president Who Is Running Home to his Dad?

O'Reilly Lied About LA Times Article (Election/Ratings)

Does anyone know the name of the doc about the profits being made in this war

"President George W Bush has conjured up the undead. . . "

Bush lecturing Democrats: "With victories come responsibilities!"

Majority Leader - Murtha or Hoyer?

I don't want LIEBERMAN to have the Dems in the Senate by the short hairs!!!!!

oops -- dupe; please delete

Is there an '08 deal in the works? HRC and Obama

Wow, had never heard Monica Crowley on the radio before.

War, pollution endangering Iraq river (Tigris a "stagnant sewer")

Caption Condi...

We need a new column next to "views"....

What? No Snowjob Press Conference Thread?

Dennis Kucinich -"I'm going to become a Republican."

Caption Condi and Hadley

If letting a mass murderer go free could help improve the quality of life for others...

I'm a little puzzled

Looks Like Another Parlock Is Upset....

JFA (Justice For All, anti-abortion/choice group) at New Mexico State Univeristy today

Elections with Random Audits: Get It Straight by 2008

Time: Bush chipped in $12 million into midterms, would have gone to prez library

Can someone give me majority leader/ speaker of the house/ whip 101?

Free Republic is DOWN!

Castagana = "Can't Stand Ya"

Very sad news

CSPAN2: Sen Harry Reid - Incoming Majority Leader

Regarding the war on terrorists.......

Free Republic outage

Can anyone define "movement conservative"?

We Might All Re-Read This From Conyers. The I Card is Being Played


Castagna is the TOP STORY on AOL

Mitch McConnell the new Minority Leader?

Mutiny on the U.S.S. Free Republic -- MineralMan's take on FR's Captain Bligh (JimRob)

ATTENTION LURKING FREEPERS ! All your site are belong to us!

Shouldn't Bush be bombing freerepublic right now? They harbor TERRAISTS!

Meet our new Democratic Senators

Museum for Intelligent Design (Glen Rose, Texas)

Bush's wax head suffers 25K worth of damage in Las Vegas attack

Another Repug Arrested For Wife Beating

Krugman vs. Reich on Impeachment

Congressman Murtha: "Dear Democratic Colleague, ...." (focus = > IRAQ)

I hope that Frist runs for president in '08 and is nominated!

Why Does Rita Cosby Still Have Her Own Show?

BY POPULAR DEMAND.... some 'tamer' Bumper Stickers...

I really like Webb

DU this poll

Whole mess o Chad posts (Claims KO sent the powder to himself)

Katrina is over - Why do people insist on forwarding stupid emails like this one?

So, are the freepers trying to defend their thug terrorist?

Since FR is Now DOWN, Let's Say HELLO To The Imminent INFLUX OF FREEPERS to DU!!!

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel looking dignified as ever...

Daily Reminder: "Moderates" opposed to marriage equity...


How Much Lower Can The Polls Drop For Bush?

Do you know the population of Baghdad?

Helen Thomas tearing up Snowjob CSpan

How do we evacuate our soldiers from Iraq with the minimal amount of casualties?

'Borat' punched in street attack

A One-Minute Snapshot Into The Genius Of George Bush

Lame-duck session of Congress starting on CSPAN1 and 2

Well, that 'new era' of bipartisanship sure didn't last long

Your Congress - back at work for you...

daddybush isn't just now stepping in to help w, he's ALWAYS been there

Talk about a "Hanging Chad"!

Democratic Lawmakers Will Seek a Phased Withdrawal from Iraq

Holy Bat Guano. My health insurance premium went up by 15.6%

caption * and Bubba...

New Oxford American Dictionary announces Word of the Year: "Carbon Neutral"

Have you noticed that * is still wearing blue ties?

US Warns of Protests During Bush Indonesia Visit

Impeachment and the rule of law

This partisan loudmouth Olbermann is a demagogue ! Someone should find out where he lives ........

Sen Boxer - To FOCUS On Global Warming

2851 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Greetings! This White Powder is to remind you that the GOP keeps you safer!

Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition makes a Bushism

Bye-bye, bullies!

A joke about politics...

Cheney's post-election thoughts on the Iraq Study Group's Suggestions...

Two new House members being sworn in today

To Agent Mike

Why it isn't a choice to investigate and impeach, if that is where the facts lay

40 lessons Bush- co has "taught "America about itself..

The Moose Endorses Hoyer.

Before you sign up for the bike trip advertised on the front page

Howard Dean vindicated

What happened to the VIEW OPTION?

Blair is sucking up to Bush big time (live speech cnn International)

COINGATE - NOE Found Guilty On Numerous Counts

Political gamesmanship 101: A history of the use of "democrat party"

another Republican in trouble....domestic assault

WHY exactly did sr. give us jr. for a president?

Air America loses another Clear Channel Station

What is the difference between a "moderate" (D) and a "moderate" (R)?

Ultimately, Republicans Will Force Bush/Cheney Resignation

Death threats & blowing folks up are typical cowardly freeper responses

Why is gas going up again?


Interesting buyout/takeover rumor rumbling about XM

Adelman: Rumsfeld has been in "deep, deep denial" about the war in Iraq

I must Admit....I give credit to those

Maybe this election was another Diebold job after all?

My partners says the best speech today at MLK ceremony was Oprah.

UK: AQ seeking nuke kit

Do Republican politicians really believe the crap they peddle?

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Administration Is Pursuing Same Terrorism Policy Bush Trashed In 2004

Kucinich up on C-Span 1 NOW

today's freepin' fan mail -- I think it may be from bush

Cheer the Coming of the Godfather.

Can't WAIT To See Keith Re: Lame Freeper Ter'rist!

Two of my coworkers

"War" should hurt. It should hurt us ALL.

Affordable Health Insurance for Everyone - with action request

"It's nutty to turn an urgent issue of war and peace over to a commission."

This might be a useful link for DUers who want to check on Congressional bios etc.

Republican terrorist Chad Can't-Stand-ya

Increase In Young Voters Has Democrats Excited About 2008

The 'Eagle' has landed

Any rethug Senators on the radar that may switch to Indie or Dem?

Cindy Sheehan: To Pelosi & Conyers: We the People are Setting the Table Now

Freeperscum not at all happy with choice of Martinez as RNC *head*

Bush approval at 31, From here does he move up or down? ....

White House rebuffs call for troop withdrawal in Iraq (CNN)

Just finished watching MTP Pelosi and Reid declined to appear?

Gen. Abizaid tells Iraq PM to give a firm timetable.

New audit hunts Iraq's lost millions

Psychiatric problems in patients taking Tamiflu

So thats what they mean by "bi-partisanship"

I'll dance in the endzone the day bush is on his way out of DC for good!

let's not forget that the repukes are good

Limbaugh's "conservatism won" meme is unadulterated bullshit.

Is anyone else here angry and disgusted that Howard Dean hasn't

Bush Admin-Gitmo Prisoners Have NO RIGHT To Challenge Detentions

So Florida voters aren't stupid, huh?

Call me a selfish prick, but I do NOT want to lose the Senate Judiciary Committee

DICK MORRIS: Investigations "Will Be Devastating For Repubs & Their Prospects In 08"

BORAT punched by angry man in New York after asking to have sex with his clothes

Crackdown: Send terrorist FReeper Chad Castagana to Guantànamo!

Lockerbie trial was a CIA fix, US intelligence insider claims

AP reports that Giuliani has taken first step for presidential run.

Can a church distribute this "voter guide" and keep its tax exempt status?

The Democrat Underground Poll

Who did Bill Maher out last Friday?

Another freeper mantra goes down the crapper....

Did I just hear a CNN reporter saying Ahmadinejad didn't mean "wipe Israel off the map" literally?

(TOON) The Elephant's Graveyard

*Republican*: The New *Liberal*

DOJ: Detainees have no rights

So, Bush wants the man whose office helped politicize the Schiavo case?

Did the media somehow miss out on the recent election?

Can a state strip a child of his citizenship rights?

BREAKING: Ahmadinejad Broke Wind

Rudy G is setting up an exploratory committee


Take another crack at that cocaine law

New Zealand students may 'text-speak' in exams (AP/CNN)

Nothing here

Would you be a whistleblower?


Will Bush try to influence the Iraq Study Group's findings prior to final public report?

Yahoo helps man get 10 yr sentence

What are your TOP internet news and politics resources?

My trip to the library, Jim Webb

Need some educating here, re: Jack Murtha and coruption

Thoughts from a friend (emailed after election)

Bush with Clinton at Groundbreaking for Dr King's Memorial

fox news' shep smith said man in florida standoff has atomic weapon

Almost quit my job today (right in the middle of orientation)

Governor Howard Dean Delivers Democratic Radio Address

Do you think that Feingold was correct not to run for president?

OPUS gets it! A call for IMPEACHMENT!!!!

What's wrong with this poll ???

Do my ears deceive me? Just heard Rush Limpballs indicate he wants to call truce with Dems...

ERA Call to Action #2

It's gratifying that our Dem leaders finally have something to feel so good about.

Anthrax hoaxer may be Free Republic poster

A Du Angel I want to give recognition to

CNN bunch whoring for Joementum's defection...

CSPAN Now: MLK Memorial Dedication

Anybody pushing for impeachment is...

The reason I hate USA Today

I got called a 'leftist' this weekend!

Freeper threads: How in the hell do you read them?

Did you see THIS on C-SPAN today when the House was in session??? IMPORTANT!

Prepare your list of federally-approved methods of dissent

Freepers finally discussing "fake anthrax" mailer arrest...


BORAT exposes red state "rednecks" or just conservatives? A good thing???

Who else besides me thinks that Tester is adorable

Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be allowed to die

Chad Castagana's posts revolving around the "white powder"

Chinese attack sub stalks U.S. carrier group, enters to within firing range and surfaces

Is there any chance Specter could be flipped?

The country has beecome more conservative

Viguerie, Bozell, Bossie, & Wright gave a presser Wed. and

PACE: Bush Admin NOW Advocating Kerry's 2004 Terrorism Strategy

Focus on the Family Praises Democrats, Slams Republicans

John Dean On Impeachment: TruthDig Interview 9/12/06

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon 11/13 -- requesting a bigger shovel

I don't think bush is mentally fit to handle the next 2 years.


The Myth of the "Little Father"

Verified voting/paper trails are NOT the solution !!!

Chafee dissed BushCo in NYT!

Uh Oh! Connect the dots: Carlyle Group, James Baker, Dubai, US Port sale II, and more...

Should Ben Nelson be rewarded with any Chairmanship or select committee?

Unemployed Republican Terrorist who lived with Mom Arrested by Joint Terrorism Task Force

POLL: Will the Dems peg minimum wage increases to inflation or congressional salary raises or none?

Women in combat

Jane Harman's AIPAC connections

Halliburton Hastens to Complete KBR Spinoff: James Baker Drives the Getaway Car

Even thought it would cost us the Senate, Joe Lieberman should be

Pentagon is refusing to release Rumsfeld's resignation letter

An LTTE in local SC paper "Election Disaster" and my reply (kinda long)

Fix election fraud first! Before impeachment, Iraq, corruption, everything!

FREEPER is now synonymous with CHICKENHAWK.

Bush says at MLK memorial groundbreaking that Big Dog has become his 'fourth brother'

why does llittle shit act like a little saint now?

Hey, did you guys see this TruthOut article about * there's a link

Marc Castagana was a frequent commentor [sic] on DU???

Hey! Buzzflash published my "Poltergeists In the White House" commentary

The New Yorker Cover cartoon....for November 13, 2006.

Media Matters: A Study In Contrasts (Time's Election 1994 vs. 2006 Covers)

The president watched the early returns, and then went to bed

Well, I'm glad that's settled. Which party is better for the stock market?

What would you have proposed to Bill Clinton in 1993 if you foresaw a Bush2 presidency?

Barbara Bush II and a pocket full o' beer (three drinks, only two hands)

CNN keeps bringing up Clark as on their short list of '08 pres. candidates!

A proposal for Spitzer

Would you vote for a third Bush term if he ended the war today?

Lieberman celebrators like "shipwreck survivors clinging to flotsam"

The one time W told the truth, "I'll run the government like a business!"

GOP IMPLOSION - Blogosphere rage, Malkin, FR, LGF, Hot Air: All-Out-Civil-War

the bastards on NBC are saying that there have only been hundreds of amputees

Abnormal behavior may be linked to flu drug (TAMIFLU): 3 children dead


PIC: Newsweek cover--Baby Bush looks like Papa's Mini-Me (or his johnson)

Is is sexist/racist to keep electing white men as President - or is it just "normal"?

marc costanzo's profile

Who do you support for the '08 Democratic Presidential nomination?

Okay I'm ready to Impeach now, rather than have Bush Senior running the White House

Urgent: Tell The Senate They Must Take Action To Ensure Our Votes Are All Counted Correctly

Is it time to forgive Joe and move forward??

She Survived Iraq -- Then Shot Herself at Home

Were You Bullied as a Kid?

PHOTO: This is how MICHELLE MALKIN honors veterans.

What happens when unresolved scandals take a back seat to a domestic agenda?

Is Caning Appropriate?

Man arrested in fake anthrax attacks an avid free republic poster

Mel Martinez pocketed big money from Abramoff.

BREAKING on CNN: Mel Martinez (R-FL) Will Replace Mehlman, Stay in Senate

Daddy War Bucks, an indictment thread

Al Gore is Scientific American's Policy Leader of the Year

Should impeachment be off the table?

Pelosi - What the Defense Secretary must be forgetting...

Gen Odom: Bush's 9 reasons to stay are reasons to LEAVE Iraq...

George Bush Goofs

Schwarzkopf & SecDef Gates on not going into Baghdad in 91...


What Britons really think of the US election results ("The Late Edition")

Catapult The Propaganda

a classic - Lara Logan BITCH-SLAPS Rummy's Lies!

but, it's gubberment reccommended...flu shots

Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump

Even if victorious Democrats took conservative stands, they were economically in liberal mainstream

Inside the mind of an extreme Republican... scary!

The Architect's Faulty Specs (How Bush's Brain Got his Metrics Wrong)

Taken to task

AP: Lame-duck Congress to reconvene

(POST ELECTION UPDATE) Arguments Against Bush Impeachment...

Right Wing Authoritarianism - A serious disorder

DU Majority Leader Poll: Murtha or Hoyer?

BORAT running second to Mike Pence for Minority "speaker"


Evangelicals fixing to beat the sin out of haggard

Poll analysis = a populist mandate

What Does It Say If Hoyer Beats Murtha

'Tom Terrific' (executive director of the DNC) an architect of Dems' triumph

Newsweek poll 2008

The Bush Administration and GOP's new meekover regarding Iraq policy.

What would be the composition of the new Senate if Lieberman

SurveyUSA Head-to-Head 2008 Polls

It's time for all good Connecticut DU'ers

C&L: "Do the right-wingers still want to tell us he's 1 Special Comment away from being sacked?"

He's REACHIN' across the AISLE, Stretch! "Bush Meets With Bipartisan Panel on Course of Iraq War"

What's the worst that could happen if Lieberman switches to Repub Party?

Joe Klein is such a wanker

According to Howard Kurtz, the media held Bush to "tough standards"

A milestone! Newsweek poll: Bush disapproval more than twice as much as approval!

With Changes on Capitol Hill, California Is Set to Assert New Clout

Why are people labelled Democratic strategists on TV often so bad

The local news here in

csapn 2 NOW. post election coverage Women's vote made a difference

Any word on who is running to replace Emanuel at the DCCC?

Working Families Now Guaranteed a Raise From Democrats

"Bob Gates is a Morning After Pill"

I'll give Lincoln Chafee credit, he's a total class act

About Frist ..

"Anthrax letters" - a favorite terrorist activity for right wingers

Will the voters give us as much time...

Please explain the position Lieberman will hold on any committees he is on.

Increase In Young Voters Has Democrats Excited About 2008

Olbermans anthrax hoaxer a free republic poster?

Why we need Free Republic

Rove Continues To Tout "The Math" To Rationalize GOP Losses

Finger pointing contest pits White House against Congressional Republicans

Right time in Senate for 'Big Ben,' (Nelson) other centrists

Bush at MLK memorial dedication: that had to hurt the R's to see him there.

But for one thing, I couldn't care less who the House Majority Leader is.

If we put as much effort into changing this country as we do fighting Lieberman

(CT-02) Connecticut Race Tightens, Error Found - AP

In loss, Illinois' Green Party counting small victories

Does the Newsweek cover end any shot Jeb has at the presidency?

Lieberman Leaves GOP Door Open ("I'm not ruling out" turning Republican)

Wonkette: "Pretend Anthrax Nut (Freeper Chad Castagna) Loves Pretend Senator Nut (Katherine Harris)"

Science Trumps "Intelligent Design" In Ohio

bush to go to Vietnam tomorrow ..... 35 years too late.

Funny how that Carville stuff spreads....from a TN blog. Tongue in cheek?

Just coincidence? Terrorist Anthrax strain-->Texas A.M.-->Gates

Tucker Carlson no match for Barbara Boxer!....Must see TeeVee!

Raw Story: Anthrax hoaxer may be Free Republic poster

New York: Minarik to step down as state GOP head

Gee.. Who would've thought???

"Impeachment not on the table" versus "no war plans on my

Pelosi should go on the record now that the 110th Congress will

New York Post: Rove 'Genius' no more!

Navy confirms Chinese sub spotted near carrier

It's time for Hillary to make a decision right now on 08

Can we ship Tony Snow to the front lines in Iraq??? Can't believe what he said today!

What happens to Florida politics when Castro dies

Before The Flaming Begins... Let's Understand Something Or At Least

Doesn't anyone want to discuss the real war? We won a battle against the

Guiliani launching exploratory committee.

Frustrated Conservatives : "Boy, I hope there's another 9/11 NOW!"

Hoyer or Murtha?

About Steny Hoyer: By an ex-Marylander

poor, w. 60 years old, a two-term president of the united states

You're In the Democratic Caucus: Elect Its Leadership!

Conservatives in South LA backing Jefferson for reelection

Vendetta Accomplished - George H. W. Bush, couldn't stand Donald Rumsfeld

Gomer Norquist

Gore/Obama=16 years of Democratic presidents

Now is the time to move the county to the left.

Barbara Boxer just handed Tucker "Dancing With The Stars" Carlson his ASS! Yes, my friends! His ASS!

Why do senators rarely become president?

This Modern World: Republicans Explain What Happened

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) giggles through Iraq War segment, Tweety says "It‘s not funny, it‘s a war"

Yankee Republicans on Last Legs (GOP is now ''the party of Dixie.''

Dems look at Green Party and wonder 'what if'

Congresswoman Pelosi refuses contact.

Ehrlich, Steele bused in homeless blacks from Pennsylvania and Delaware for credibility

If George Sr's people are really going to run the WH will Rove be fired?

Building a grass roots effort--help here please!

Which progressive celebrity would have the best shot at running for political office?

Rove's October surprise...Iran?

Man, that Randy "Duke" Cunningham cried like a baby when he

Swift-Boat Revenge

Howard Dean for President (US News & World Report blog)

Did Bill Maher "out" any gay Repubs. friday?

We're Doomed! Doomed I Tell You! (An Impeachment Intervention)

Fox has the video up now of Dean's interview with Chris Wallace.

Lame Duck Senate Session Starts Today

Should Obama run for President?

Gore, Edwards or Obama