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'Death Tax' repeal: 18 families who would save $71.6 billion are

Lieberman Might Jump Ship

Iraq Is Hopeless, But Not Afghanistan .... It's too late for Jim Baker

Minimum wage, friendlier rules on labor's agenda

Rich Countries blocking Cheap Drugs for Developing World(UK)

Colorado park dweller Betty Dick dies (Fought Congress & Won)

UAW Wins Court Victory For Card-Check Organizing Agreements (can’t use the courts to overturn democr

the people are screaming, the powers and principalities refuse to hear them

Chickenshit is destroying Oklahoma's water.

Israel wants war on Iran

I voted for a war criminal

List all of Rudy Giuliani's noteworthy accomplishments here

A question from a newbie to the Election Reform forum

ES&S – the Midas Touch in Reverse

Georgia: Lawsuit Over Election Data (It belongs to the People -- NOT Diedold!) K&R!

What voting machines does north carolina use?

UAW Wins Court Victory For Card-Check Organizing Agreements (can’t use the courts to overturn democr

We have conditions too, say Iran and Syria

Arabs Accused of Sowing Discord in Iraq

Al Jazeera English all set to launch

Minimum wage, friendlier rules on labor's agenda

Zune install screen raises eyebrows

Saudis plan Iraq security fence

ACLU Seeks Again to Block Wiretaps (government says are necessary to fight terrorism)

Democrat (Joe Courtney) wins U.S. House seat in Conn.

Veteran lawmaker makes 1st court appearance on abuse charge (GOP State house rep--MN)

Judge Says Crack Sentencing Goes Too Far

Murtha Charges that Hoyer's Iraq Position is "Stay the Course"

CNN: Some freshman Democratic Senators land plum committee assignments

DeWine(Son) scuffles with heckler (remarks about father)

German Prosecutor Asked to Investigate Rumsfeld (NYTimes)

Cheney Asks Judge to Toss CIA Leak Suit

Mom says she couldn't nurse on plane

Poll gives Chavez over twice support of vote rival (Reuters)

CNN: Senate Chairmanships Announced

Hayworth concedes to Mitchell

It's cowardly and juvenile to attack people who aren't here to defend themselves.

Any "Gaelic Storm" fans? Or "Karan Casey"?

Here's my way of settling the "Cats vs. Dogs" argument.

Celebrity Jeopardy!

YOU GUYS!!! matcom's gonna be a dude!!!!

You know who I miss?

YOU GUYS!!! Skinner's gonna be dead...

My dad saiz I spend too much time on DU... What should I do?

Good thoughts and prayers are needed, DU Lounge.

Republican Values--what do you call it when you have a two-word

Favorite Pizza Topping (this is important)

My walls are freaking vibrating!!

My eye hurts.



SHOCKING!!!!!111 Dancing With The Stars Ends In A DEAD TIE!!!

I don't want no commies in my car.

So here I am, posting again on DU...

Need some help. I went crazy

My sugar walls are freaking vibrating!!

That's it! I'm NOT leaving.

I miss when we didn't have threads about missing people.

I'm leaving too!11!!! For series!111!

Ann Coulter's Playboy pix: not a hoax, here's an unfortunate link:

Ok! I admit it! I'm an old hippy!!!

So, I just donated to DU for the first time

Nine-year-old Mexican boy may be youngest bullfighter ever.

I'm leaving DU!!! for the night..try to be good to each other

Who's my googly woogly baby dumpkins? *Who's* my googly woogly baby dumpkins?

The grocery stores all have asparagus now.

Google on Google.

i LOVE my History Professor!!!!

i'm not leafing...

Ha! I have you all beat! I'm not even here! I don't have to leave or not leave!

Among those who leave DU, the ones I admire the most

the coolist hotel in the entire world--those crazy germans........

Misc Info Dept: Answer: The Lounge, General Discussion, GLBT

Hey, SeattleGirl!!

yes just were they thinking?

YouTube down??? n/t

Will somebody please send me a pm?

I'll send a kiss to anybody who posts here.

When was the last Nigerian scam you fell for?

What games would work well in the lounge?

A question about airport/airline security (domestic flight)

Is it possible to create a thread that NEVER SINKS?

Test thread, please don't respond

GAME! Six words...

i have a game idea for the lounge...

GAME!!! Sex words...

Behold the scientific discoveries unfolding! (Alcohol vs. Marijuana Use)

I'm bullish on marijuana. It's going places!

Okay. I am just going to ask. Who here currently smokes pot?

Can someone send me a PM and tell me what's going on?

My mom is sick and I'm worried

Did you know that the Industrial Revolution was terrible, because....

I caught Roseanne Barr on Larry King. I know two things now.

Can we have that marijuana v. alcohol discussion?

I have to get this off my chest - please help me decide what to do

I have to make an entirely frivolous decision.

I've just tasted Heaven.

Zune install screen raises eyebrows

Who here currently drinks alcohol?

Bob Knight (basketball coach) makes KO's "Worst Person In The world!"

Is it Okay To Say That I HATE The Beatles?

O.J. Hypothetically Confesses on FOX

I'm not leaving!

I'm ready to leave DU, too. I can take the heat, but gotta get out of this kitchen.

I guarantee to continue making you miserable - I promise not to leave.

Playstation 3 (after all the madness dies down..)

I'm back. Miss me?

In defense of (some) "I'm leaving DU" threads

Most Influential Rock Albums of the 20th Century!!!

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

What celebrity have people told you you look like?

Your Religion Is Sillier Than Mine: The Hypocrisy of Theistic Thinking - An Essay

South Africa on the verge of legalizing same-sex marriage

Aren't there any OUT Gay REPUBLICAN senators/members of congress?

What a sad life, that West guy had.

Michelle Rodriguez & Kristanna Loken in love!

Iran hangs gay man in public

"Oh there anything that can't be fixed by hating you?" Just heard....

Post BC Horse Racing Updates

"Tis the season...

Actual torture memos exist of Bush giving orders for torture

WTF is this about?

Senate Passes Kerry Amendment to Increase Critical Funding for America’s Veteran Support Centers

Photos from a Travelogue I am following

This thread under construction


Will you wait until the primary debates to decide upon your favorite candidate?

Dem Congress may scrap border fence

How long must we suffer the media's constant babbling about 2008?

Had a long talk with my dad yesterday...

Lawrence O'Donnell: A Permanent Majority?

Is Vilsack a Stalking Horse for Hillary?

Poll: Most Happy, Many Wary Post-Election (1 in 4 Republicans are pleased)

Burner (D) 49%, Reichert (R) 51%, 75% of precincts reporting

Fortune magazine had an article suggesting health care vouchers for all.

Fantasy Congress Game

ACLU at the Crack-Powder Cocaine Hearing

Are republicans truly happier than Democrats?

Baritone Charles Robert Stephens, Soprano Signe Mortensen in "Mackris v. O'Reilly: The Opera"

More on Supermax, human dignity, and public safety

Is it a sin to smoke marijuana...

AmeriCorps - NCCC Anyone done this?

Dear God is AB Stoddard the new pundit "It" girl?

Al Jazeera English to launch tomorrow

Olbermann will report more on the FREEPER TERRORIST tonight!

Courtney (D) leads by 91 votes in CT-02

How The Deal With Bush Could Play Out

Members of the Iraq Study Group

Are the Freepers freaking out about a possible Olbermann mention tonight?

Does anybody else not want Hoyer or Murtha for Majority Leader?

Post GOP responses to the election which you've witnessed

Lawrence O'Donnell: A Permanent Majority?

"He knows too much,"

Radio silence

Okay, just how does McCain have any bona fides as a 'expert' on military

Pat Buchanan says we will lose the war and it will be a "national calamity"

Scarborough ditched the specs real fast

Some things never change

How did "V" day go today?

About that Iraq Study Group that Will Save Us All...

Remember the 14 of November! Did anyone see what happened today in DC?

But, nada on FreakRepublic as of yet.

By the time I finish typing this, there will be 100 other posts about...

And in answer to a few critics

I challenge DU to a version of an old drinking game...everytime "they" say something stupid,

So what is wrong with W?

KO: did it again...

Real Bushmen Don’t Cry, At Least Not for Anybody Else

oh, the heartache! A "save draft" function under post would be a godsend

Better to "legislate" from the bench than from the pulpit...

Dartmounth 'comic' supports rape of drunken woman

Holy Joe to chair Homeland Security Committee


Please tell me why

Olbermann is going to cover the UnaFreeper and his connection

Israel wants war on Iran

Dems to question Abizaid on violence in Iraq and what it means for the 152,000 U.S. troops there

Any else watching Frontline.

Rudy had it wrong. Chimpy is more like Churchill's son

If I were a Democrat in Congress I would read DU every day

I'm ticked at the my state's Dem Party

Is it pointless to keep obsessing about Joe Lieberman?

Not Ready To Make Nice... Taking MommaT To The Dixie Chicks Tonight !!!

Where were you last week at this time, I was still at my polling location still voting people

Radical Right's Sean Hannity Allows Gay Matches On His Dating Website...

Can any DUers give me any advice or tips to buying software

Global Warming- Most Helpful/Least Helpful Nations

Thanks to the VFW and American Legion older veterans getting left behind

Something interesting on Frontline tonight (PBS) -- "A Hidden Life"

Pope calls meeting on married priests

Say Hello To Mel Martinez, Our New RNC Target

Frontline: A Hidden Life,

Isn't about time for the FBI and HLS to shut down RimJob's Web site?

Send a card to a soldier courtesy of Xerox

Caption this Michelle Malkin photo

Fox News reporters freed after $2 million random paid to Palestinian terrorist group


How to counter the "Terrorists are glad Dems won" meme...

The SBOBU Economic Index - October 2006 update

So we are taking sides in Iraq. Looks that way to me.

Zune install screen raises eyebrows

I caught Roseanne Barr on Larry King. I know two things now.

Reid Says Bush Will Need to Be Pushed on Iraq

I know I'm from a dumb ass state

Murtha Swiftboating/Triangulation is Attempt to Neuter Anti-Iraq Defense

O.J. Hypothetically Confesses on FOX

On KO: The Freeper terrorist loved man coulter, malkin, ingram.

The Daily Show tonight: John Edwards ! (Tues.11/14)

Abramoff offers up Dem Senators?

So, have we crushed

For those with children: would you be afraid to live near a convicted pedophile?

BBC: Physics promises wireless power, an age of literally unplugged appliances

Housekeeping question: How best to stop NEW threads on WORN OUT topics?

The Colbert Report - The Word is "Womb Transplants"

If you aren't watching Colbert right now, you are missing one hell

How are you feeling right now (the political situation)?

Kucinich says thanks

Giuliani compares Bush to Winston Churchill

Reid Pledges To Press Bush On Iraq Policy

Mike Malloy Truthseekers thread 11/14/2006

Caption The President!

O.J. Simpson to discuss killings - "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."

Would Chad Castagana have stopped at borax and baking soda if he wasn't caught?

Man your battle stations! Get ready for the annual war on Christmas!

Obama hires guy that did "Dean/Osama" Ad as his Communications Director!

Get Out Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say

"Illegal" humans banned from Farmers Branch, TX

AOL Poll - Poppy crushing *

The News And The Truth Are Not The Same Thing

What's up with Murtha?

Let me get this straight... 25 years ago... the FBI caught Murtha NOT accepting bribes?

I know that Progressive web sites need to sell advertising... BUT...

Frist's survey. Are you a) knuckledragger; b) Neanderthal; c) Neocon asswipe

IRA may be behind Omagh bombing

If you think a 2 billion dollar fence will keep out illegal aliens, you might be a redneck.

Anyone ever heard of Michael Ramirez?

Vermont: Only 7 Repub State Senators Left (out of 30)

December Surprise?

Md. Man Admits Burning Kittens to Death

Fox News Reporters Freed After $2 Million Was Paid To Terrorists

Although this might sound like a stay at a Soviet gulag in the 1930s,

Senator Kerry Calls on Administration to Comply with U.S. Climate Change Law

I am sick and tired of the Bush family.

72% of American troops say we should exit Iraq within 6 months.

How Long Do You Think It Should Be Before DU Gets A 2008 Politics/Elections Forum?

Well, this is interesting... George Galloway

GOP led Congress raises taxes on teachers

Abramoff off to prison tomorrow after informing on Dem Senators -- and before informing on Rove

A distinct difference between Skinner and RimJob.....

Federal inmate No. 27593-112

F*ck the poor, starving kids of the world--send your money to Bolton instead!

My views on impeaching Bush are much like my view on the death penalty.

So why are we supposed to care so much about this Borat guy?

Boehlert dissects and eviscerates the media's Rove idolatry

NYT editorial: Release the Bush prison/interrogation documents!

Will someone please tell me what is the Republicans' plan for Iraq?


Bow Down before your Lord

Jack Murtha for Majority Leader... and TIME "Person of the Year"!!!

Freepers covering their ass -

I Know The Wose Person on KO Tonight.....


A request for at least a minimum of respect.

A Novel Idea for Education

Friday is Howard Dean's Birthday - here's a great idea to celebrate

My Ned Lamont Postmortem

What on Earth Did Schumer Say to Kerry?

More Civil Liberties Abuses / "Paypal thinks I'm a Terrorist"

Why didn't a third Democrat decide to run for Majority Leader?

kpete appreciation thread!

Well HOLY SHI'ITE color me amazed!!!

South Africa approves gay marriage

Cheney & Libby request

FOX NEWS INTERNAL MEMO LEAKED: Look for Iraqi Insugents "thrilled" by Dem Victory

The chickenhawk flew under the bus. Project X final update.

Did Michael Moore's "Letter to Disheartened Conservatives" plagiarize a DUer?

How is BORAT any different than BLACKFACE?

Happy Song "everybody sing along"

Tom Cruise attacks Oprah!

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis

Keith Olbermann - Anthrax Hoax Details

Dean speaks to don't win because you are right.

Did Tweety just tell Congresswoman Eshoo she works for Sen. Reid?

Leach recommended as UN ambassador

Placing a "Counter-Insurgency" in Iraq is a euphamism for Forever War.

(AP) Poll: Most Doubt Dems Have Plan for Iraq

IF Iraq Study Group comes up with a good idea, it could solve Sore/Loserman

Striking Houston Janitors Protest Chevron refusing to ensure janitors paid more than $20 a day or in

Tentative Senate Committee Assignments Are Here!

AFP: US denies rift with Blair on Syria, Iran

As we watch the Republic Party eat its own, who'll be needing the toothpick?

"Poppy's Last Rescue" (and the Mess Chimp Leaves for Dems)

Murtha slams 'swift boat-style' attacks

Musing about Barak Obama .....

G.O.P. House Leaders Withdraw Vietnam Trade Bill, "deep disappointment and embarrassment" for W.H.

Edwards to Jon Stewart (and us): come to my website in 2 weeks

Andrew Bard Schmookler - Waging Battle, Building Peace: The Paradox Confronting the Democrats

Who were the most pugnacious Republicans on the 109th

NYT: Elections Also Cued Change of Guard for Lobbyists (Help Wanted: Democrats)

For all you praying people here. Can we start praying for the people

Is Alcee Hastings (Impeached Judge) Still Set to Chair Intel?

Former Senator John Edwards on The Daily Show Tonight!

Ok, I'll admit it, I prefer candidates that hold 'superficial' qualities.

Newsweek hunch: Dem convention in Denver

I support no Senators for President


SSSHHH! (Memo Smuggled out of the WH!!!)

I think as a lifelong Democrat, I'm leaning for a republican Prez in 2008

Chris Shays ........

CT 2 - WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CREW on Murtha

Senate Passes Kerry Amendment to Increase Critical Funding for America’s Veteran Support Centers

Plain And Simple, Has Bush Committed war crimes??

Who's the smartest elected Democrat you know or know of?

Why is our congress so old?

The hypocrisy and double standard on the DU is disappointing

Real unemployment likely around 10 percent or possibly higher

Hippies still trying to ruin the country

Rep. Kucinich: America Needs Iraq War Hearings

Jesus Has Been Commercialized!

Jim Webb: Class Struggle

To Hell with Centrism: We Must Reclaim the Inspired Edge

Unofficial John Murtha Compendium--Day 2

Bush Administration – Condoleezza Rice Where Hast Thou Been? Condi?

In Medicaid, Private HMOs Take a Big, and Profitable, Role

The latest wisdom from Joe Bageant

Stem cells help dogs with dystrophy

American Prospect, Sam Rosenfeld: The Way of the Hammer

THE definitive election analysis

Stupid White Cracker Racist Xenophobic Paranoid Nutcase Thieving Mogambo Pig! (SWCRXPNTMP)!

Jesus didn't say, "Love your neighbor as yourself through Senate bill 184."

Internet Regulation Threatens Carefree Browsing and Web Freedom

Gene Lyons on Restoration

Children's Book Tackles the N-Word: Author Describes Her Choice to Teach Children Controversial Word

SEESHOLTZ: 'Come Senators, Congressmen, Please Heed the Call...'

By whom the toll is counted

Baghdad: The New Saigon?

A Funny Little Story About The Media

Detroit Auto Chiefs to Meet With Bush, Press for Aid (good gawd)

??? Seattle defeats referendum prohibitting lap dances


Think Tank Will Promote Thinking --WaPo

Saying 'Get over it' with creative gloating

Unfit for Majority Leader

Murtha's No Lefty, But He's Right

Florida banning fishing over 261 square miles (AP/CNN) {Crist objects!}

Enviro Groups Sue Bush WH For Release Of Federally Mandated Climate Study

Argentine Chemists report method for reducing the cloud point of biodiesel.

A win all the way around (haiku)

CERA's Petro-Prozac - 10 Counterpoints & Much More From ASPO-USA

Spokesman for U.S. Sen. (Inhofe) says global warming skeptics are 'demonized'

Britain aims to take lead on aggressive (60%) carbon cuts (Nature, news)

Japanese Chemists Report Catalysts for Supercritical Gasification of Wood.

North Sea Temperatures In October Hit New Record - 2.3C Over 1963-93 Averages - AFP

Conrad brings Senate to a halt. (demanding drought relief)

World's First Sun and Wind-Powered (600 passenger) Ferry

GE surpasses 5,000 installations for its 1.5 megawatt wind turbine.

American Chemists detail ways to improve ethanol yields from grains.

Chinese Chemists Report the Upgrading of Biooils.

Irony alert:"UK's first vegetable oil trawler"

Melting Ice, Shortened Ice Road Season Cut Off Remote Inuit Villages In Canada - SciAm

With Environment, Elections On Horizon, Howard Meets With Coal Industry - Reuters

Annan - "Frightening Lack Of Leadership" Globally On Climate Issues - AP

9 Of 13 Major Automakers' Fleet Fuel Averages Today Lower Than 10 Years Ago - Detroit News

US GHG Emissions Up 32 Million Tons YOY - New Record 7.147 BMT - Reuters

Why Roots Matter More (local & organic foods, NYT)

Ambrose In Nairobi - Canada Doing A "Fantastic Job" On Climate Issues - Sun

At Climate Conference, China Defends Its Record On Environment, Emissions - Reuters

Yucca Mountain plan gets warm welcome at hearing

REC Solar Completes PV System on Social Security Administration Offices (CA)

(Maine) Ski areas to offset electric use with wind

Wind turbine availability not keeping up with demand

Kunstler's advice to new Dem Congress

Australia - Keppel Island Coral Reefs 100% Dead - Even Anemones Bleached

China’s Richest Man: A Solar Magnate

A Climate Change for Renewable Energy? (Business Week)

Irish raise renewable energy target as EU debate heats up (15% by 2010)

Biomass on the front burner (UK domestic biomass CHP generator)

From Photosynthesis Basics to Renewable Energy Breakthrough

European Renewable Energy...Expected to Double Market (Eur14.5 B by 2010)

Tony Blair's video link with American Advisory team

Abbas: Israel must resume negotiations, leave Arab lands

UN General Assembly plans special summit on IDF Gaza action

Israel vows to respond to rocket attack

One dead, 1 seriously hurt in Sderot Kassam attack (JPost/AP)

Hamas deputy tries to enter Gaza Strip with 2 millio euros

Hunt the Boieing III-- WTC2 Edition!

Alex Jones.. Egotistical? In it for the $? Disinfo agent? Censor of things he dosn't like?

What is the melting point of a substance?

Does Anyone Know What's Going On?

Is anyone else surprised that Burns and Allen are not requesting

NC 08 Recount Seems Likely, Details and Deadlines, How You Can Help

News Flash (Maybe) If You Haven't Heard Yet! Jennings District 13 Race!

Rep. Rush Holt Urges Congress To Approve Measure Requring E-Voting Paper Trail

Sarasoto Vote Snafu Figure Involved In Bribe Scandal

My favorite site for the big picture.

NAACP hears horror stories of earlier elections

Telemarketer pleads guilty in phone-jam

Something Fishy with Ohio 27th District State Senator Race?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 11/15/06 We The People Are Still Fighting

What does the Democratic victory mean for Election Reform?

Kucinich Calls for Paper Ballots on PBS

NYT: G.O.P. House Leaders Withdraw Vietnam Trade Bill: Aim was to pass bill before Bush trip there

Senate Vote Favors Iraq Reconstruction Watchdog (would reverse Bush law closing office)

U.S. automakers to press concerns to Bush

WP,pg.1: Newly-elected Senate Majority Leader Reid Pledges To Press Bush On Iraq Policy

Coalition's Afghanistan policy bound to fail: Musharraf

Tehran Times: India's ONGC Videsh strikes oil in Iran block

'Jenny' Stamp on Ballot Is Likely a Fake

Journalists killed in Iraq

Leading Democrat calls for 'open skies' rethink

Breaking: Tsunami expected to hit northeastern Japan after 8.1 magnitude earthquake

Iran wants 60,000 atomic centrifuges - President

Top Al Qaeda operator 'arrested' in Iraq

Reid challenges Brown with secret terror review

Bush Reappoints Overseas Broadcast Chief (Ken Tomlinson)

Jack Abramoff reports to Md. prison

House Panel orders close door meeting with Lucent-Alcatel execs

Al-Jazeera service in English starts (I heard it is accessable via the

Iraqi govt at odds over missing hostages (utter chaos within the Gov)

Bush, Putin eye World Trade Organization deal

Cuban exiles get prison for stockpiling machine guns, grenade launcher in Broward

Iraq minister resigns in kidnapping dispute

Militants carve up Baghdad into sectarian war zone

Bush Initiates Iraq Policy Review Separate From Baker Group's

Gore sees (Australian) PM as man on emissions (pressuring Australia & U.S. to join Kyoto successor)

Telemarketer pleads guilty in phone-jam (Republican phone-jamming)

Cluttered ballot may be at fault, expert says (Florida recount)

Abramoff set to turn in Dem senators, Rove

NYT: Enter, Pariah: Now It’s Hugs for Lieberman

Iraqi Minister says 70-80 hostages still missing

Bush Vietnam Trip Revives Iraq 'Quagmire'

27 Arrested in New York Gambling Bust

WP: U.S. Commander in Iraq to Face Democrats Eager for Troop Cuts

(Mitch) McConnell picked as Senate Republican leader

Soldier in Iraqi gang rape case pleads guilty

U.S. commander warns against Iraq cutoff (Abizaid at Sen. Hearing)

WP: Bush Initiates Iraq Policy Review Separate From Baker Group's

Blair tells key US panel to focus on Palestinian issue

Maine Activist Cited for Bin Laden Stunt

Gitmo detainee's lawyer fights procedure

O.J. Simpson to Tell FOX How He Would Have Killed Slain Wife Nicole

AP: Wyoming's GOP Rep. Cubin wins 7th term

Counts Still Under Way in 5 House Races

U.S. Soldier Admits To Rape and Murder In Iraq.....

US prepared 'in principle' for Iraq talks with Iran

Ohio University council wants Ney's name taken off building

UN: Somalian Islamists fought alongside Hezbollah in Lebanon

As Guard Changes in Congress, Lobbyists Scramble

StemCells' product transplanted in early clinical trial

U.N. Says Somalis Helped Hezbollah Fighters

NY Observer: Exultant Senator Schumer Says He'll Veto the Next Alito

Report: Scarlet Fever Spreads in N.Korea

Probe of non-news news sought: KGO, CBS 5-TV say they improperly used corporate tapes

Kabila named DR Congo poll winner

89 dead in Iraq. Media does not report it

2 incumbent Dems (Barrow, Marshall) keep House seats in Ga.

Travelocity outsourcing 55 jobs to India

House member wants e-voting paper trail

Global Warming Increases Species Extinctions Worldwide

Prosecutor: Teen's beating race related

Iraq partition 'unacceptable' to US

Iraqi PM plays down kidnap as "militia dispute"

Police found senator's(PA State-R) son 'deceptive' about shooting

‘TCS gets $100m deal from US firm’ (Kimberly-Clark)

Democrats Used Databases In Election Wins Over GOP

Japanese whalers leave for slaughter mission

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 15

NYT/Reuters: 3 Powerful Democrats (including Lieberman) to Bush: Greenhouse Gas Limits Needed

US study suggest Bin Laden not top Islamist thinker

Iran complains to U.N. over repeated Israeli threats

Tsunami warning issued for Japan

4 U.S. soldiers die in western Iraq

Report: Hunger has more than doubled in low-income areas

Oaxaca’s APPO Forms Permanent Government, Announces Escalation of Resistance

Bush doesn't fear attack on Iran: Israeli envoy

WSJ: Democrats May Eliminate IRS's Use of Collection Agencies

Freshman Rep. Ellison Chooses AFL-CIO Reception Over Meeting President

U.S. rejects Annan call to cut greenhouse gases

Stem Cell Injections Help Dogs With MS

Senator Trent Lott is elected as the Republican Party's number two in the Senate by a single vote

Rice says 'no magic bullet' to fix Iraq

Murtha Calls Ethics Bill ‘Total Crap’

Jamie Oliver takes aim at 'fattest nation in the world'

Sources Tell ABC News Senator Harry Reid Is Implicated In Abramoff Lobbying Investigation

Editor&Publisher: Editor Leonard Downie Announces Major Shifts at Washington Post

Nevada town enacts English-only law, bans immigrant benefits

Reuters: Soldier in Iraqi gang rape case pleads guilty

Lieberman: Withdrawal would be a 'very serious mistake'

Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law

Pelosi pulls out the stops for Murtha for Majority Leader: Not just loyal letter of support

Get Out Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say

Carville Says Dems Should Dump Dean over “Rumsfeldian” Incompetence

San Francisco school board votes to dump JROTC program

McClatchy Newspapers: Senator Boxer Plans Senate Hearings on Global Warming

A New Push to Raise Cap on H-1B Visa

Student tapes teacher proselytizing in class

Second-Grader Fights Mom's Deportation

Cuban democracy funds spent on Game Boys (and other expensive stuff)

How many condoms have you broken?

Replace any word in a movie title with "flvegan's breastmilk"

It's brave and mature to berate people on the internet.

Sweet baby jesus, I hope the power stays on.

Wouldn't you say video games have improved? A little?

Come on, everybody... LET'S STUMPF!!!

My brother does not appreciate my karaoke skills...

Great Days in Lounge History: Biblical Bumper Stickers

The latest French Quarter tacky t-shirt

Update! Everything went fine! Lounge vibes work again!

Feeling out a putter

My Mom is at the Oncologist with her MIL today. She (MIL, not my Mom) has skin cancer.

Want to make your afternoon groovier? Try some XTC!!!

It's been 10 years since I rode Greyhound for a girl

My house is shaking from the wind.

And People Magazine's Sexiest Man alive is......

To all scientists out there who think humans walked on 3 million legs, 2 years ago:

Yuh guys need tuh be good tuh me now that I'm back, a'right?

Have you meet Ms Dewey???

"souvenirs" by Michael Hughes. (Great photos! check it out)

For those of you that don't go to GD ...

Just cuz I happened to notice.... This is my 10,000th POST!!!

And I raaa-aaaannnn-nnnnnn

List your favorite reason why public breastfeeding should be mandatory.

Verdict from the March 1, 2009, RICO trial of the Republican Party

So I have a dog now... *pics*

Post a youtube video that you are embarrassed that you like.

My blood pressure must be HORRIBLE.

I'm so desirable

Is today backward day?

?yad drawkcab yadot sI

Can't we all just get along?

I can't leave DU because someone stole my car last night

I would vote for John Edwards based solely on his annoying laugh

All these music/band threads...

I want to leave DU

Vote for Emmett 8008683405 !!!

Great A&E Channel Movie Titles!

"One day a real rain is gonna come and wash all the scum....

Here's an intense 3D Flash game -- good way to kill some time.

What if Skinner's son becomes a Republican?

I hate identity politics.

So last week I posted about a problem at work.

I'm melting, I'm melting

Do you know Jack Schitt?

Lick and Stick

Take your clothes off for-free? Think again...(lame Copycat)

If you have diarrhea so bad you FAINT.. please see your doctor

Death Cab for Cutie....

Blood Stains the Sand

'Jenny' Stamp on Ballot Is Likely a Fake

A question


Who's participating in Global Orgasm day?

Teacher stuffs ballot box to get niece elected Homecoming queen

What would your Christmas card say?

Please help me find this Time magazine photo.

Ok, who celebrates their "Conception Day"?

A contest... How many e-mails has my mother sent me...

Happy Hump day

Hey Lounge! Let's Be GRATEFUL

Ghosts are fiction.

Anybody use 3M Command strips?


I thought Elad was Skinner's love child

Gynecologist Ordered To Pay Child Support For Botched Contraceptive Implant

Mary Christmas

i saw britney spears sex video...

I want to leave DU...

I'd like to comment on some of these threads before I leave..

How to Prank a Telemarketer

The -"What NOT to name your kid" thread for DU'ers

Has anyone seen my Idiot's Guide to Getting Organized?

Look a here girls I'm telling you now

Happy office jitters

Something is wrong with my 13-yr-old son.

Have You Ever Driven While Over The DUI Limit?

Kissinger is briefing Nixon

LBJ Just walked into Starbucks

Gents: how far away are you from your ideal television size?

Gift idea- Flavored golf tees

Why can't you be more like I expect you to be and less like you are?

Come on DU - help name Baby Skinner!!!

Why do SW companies try to market themselves as Mother Teresa?

ForrestGump sighting in the Lounge

Okay, Lounge. I need some Thanksgiving help.

E-mail/suffix question for tech-heads

People should not drive with their brights if they can't use them

Sigh.... Sometimes it seems as if the peeps in GD and GDP...

Please may I ask for some light & love..

Now playing in LBN. "Breasts on a mother-fuckin' plane"

Baseball's mad new world

I need some good vibes, DU

Are there any specific thread topics you always post on?

Quick, what song would a high school marching band paly at a thanksgiving day parade?

Next time I fly, I'm bring a baby and breastfeeding the whole damn way.

Am I too uptight if I don't want to go to a nude beach?

Kraft To Place Scratch 'N Sniff Ads In People Magazine

Adding graphics to a car: Airbrush or Wrap?

I'm no longer a deadbeat

Potted Bunny

Aw crap, looks like LeftyKid inherited my skin

Beatles v. Jesus v. America: the Battle Royale!

How many condiments have you broken?

Most productive use of an hour:

Man tries to kidnap teen -- shoots himself instead.

For all you animal cutsie crap people..

My son marched in the SF Veteran's Day Parade

Putting out a feeler

John Ashcroft has taken over Delta Airlines!

I wet my pants

I want to love DU

"Oh there anything that can't be fixed by hating you?"

Anyone mind if I crow a little here?

#523 here.

i know it's too early but....SKINNER FOR PRESIDENT '08....

To all scientists out there who think humans walked on 2 legs, 3 million years ago.

I still Love you

List your favorite reason why public breastfeeding should not be allowed.

Celebrity look alikes. English ones... in bathrooms

I, LynneSin, hearby extend an olive branch to haruka3_2000

Rented "The Da Vinci Code" last night - what a stinker!

The 365th RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/15/06)

Migraines are a pain in the ass.

I pet my wants

My son's history teacher is an idiot and it's really bothering me.

Congratulations RobertSeattle!! 10,000 posts

Y'all are a bunch of boobs!

'Cause I'm a Blonde

Have you ever looked over a wheat field and thought" I just don't feel to fresh"?

Oh NO! ______ doesn't agree with me 100%!

"Can't stuff this..."

George Bush's US Navy recruiting video!

What does it mean "to be a member of the Mile High Club?"

The Dead Schembechlers!!!

Why did I click on that breastfeeding thread in LBN? Why?

Defintiely ... Wapner definitely 87 today ... November 15th 1919 definitely

K-Fed (Fed-ex) writes loving message to Britney on House Of Blues dressing room shower door

Ah, what the hell! Who here's a drunk?

Good thoughts for my cousin, if you have some to spare please...

I'm kinda disappointed in you guys for all the negativity.

The scrolling New York Times ads on DU are making me dizzy

Wednesday, November 15. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What would you camp out overnight on the sidewalk to buy?

Fill in the blanks: I like ________on_________.

Nice jugs!

Today in history 11-15

I'm getting a raise and an assistant

Got a job. If you know me from my posts, how can I pay it forward?

how many of you are there?

Ah, what the hell? Who here's an alcoholic?

What's the matter with this picture?


I need help with my dating site profile...

I'm thinking of volunteering at the local homeless shelter

Don't EVER start smoking again! NEVER pick one up again. Help!

So it seems Aaron Sorkin was a bit prophetic....

i knew i recognized carviLLe and mataLin from somewhere...

Anyone else going to the Indo Jew Bowl in Skokie on Thanksgiving?

Kindergartner Suspended For Having Pocket Knife

Oh goodie. The queen is coming to visit Georgie**

How can I improve the draw in my water cooler?

How are you today?

What are we serving for lunch in the lounge?

How many commandments have you broken?

The confessional is now open for business.

Ladies: how far away are you from your ideal clothing size?

Congratulations havocmom!! 20,000 posts

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child...

Are there any first names that would make you say no to dating someone?

Is your Religious Point of View historically inevitable?

"Soul" Searching - The Bankruptcy of a Pervasive Concept

Quiverfulls: In a new movement, Christians 'open their wombs to God.'

What is your view on the presence of the divine in history?

Regarding Mr. Harris and Mr. Dawkins, What's The Big Deal?

Religious observance may keep older people healthy

How did Jesus Christ suggest that we celebrate his birthday?

Scientists Mapping Neanderthal Genome

A Sea Change for Wind Power

Physics promises wireless power (BBC)

Going for a blast into the real past (quantum retrocausality)

What is going on with Floyd Landis?

BOOYAH! ear pad, mouth piece, helmet go in different directions

any views on Bob Knights latest episode?

Is it possible to remove OJ Simpson from the Hall of Fame?

Pacquiao v Morales

Dang! I don't know what to do about this cat fight.

Your Feelings on the Dem Win

This must be cat thread day. Here's my problem.

Any experiences /opinions of AMVETS?

Kerry in support of the India deal

OT: Webb and Economic Fairness in the WSJ (Wow!)

Well, it's becoming obvious to more that Clintons and Carville are targetting Dems

Anyone want to tell Chuck Schumer what they think on dailykos?

Reid capitulated on Gates

I think I will go to this March in Jan

New JK blog post on Carol Shea-Porter:

Need a little JK research from 2000.

Freshman Senators Committee Assignments

Andrew Sullivan leaning toward the reality that Iraq is lost

Kerry-related fun.

Images from the Ozarks....

Silhouettes silliness

My default, back lit image

Today's Puppy Sitting Gig

Some silhouettes...

List all of Rudy Giuliani's noteworthy accomplishments here

O.J. Simpson to promote "If I Did It" on Fox

Wall Street Tosses Support to Democrats

U.S. Commander in Iraq to Face Democrats Eager for Troop Cuts

Senate Dems threaten to go nuclear today.

Transcript of Keith Olbermann segment on UnaFreeper Terrorist up

Anybody know anything about the 100 or so folks who were

Question about about criminal convictions against BFEE

so fox news can be charged under bush`s new laws?

Just Watched "The Da Vinci Code" on DVD. I Give It A C+ - B-

Boxer plans Senate hearings on global warming

So when should we start destroying Christmas??

John Tierney no longer to eat space on NYT's Op-Ed pages

The Darfur madness is crossing into Chad. When do we say NO MAS?

The Environment Faired Well...citizen activists & bloggers outed Pombo

(TOON) Steve Bell on President Tony and the Baker Commission

Karpinski willing to testify at Rumsfeld trial.

Chris Shays is now New England's only Republican congresscritter.

What's W going to do for his last two years in Office?

Let's talk corruption/waste in the military procurement/spending process.

Seeing Edwards on TDS: what is he preparing?

Tsunami to hit northern Japan this morning

Tricks, lies, mumbo jumbo to stretch the war out as long as possible.

Has Ann Coulter Commented on the Castagana Arrest Yet?

Spinning Themselves In Circles

APEC ministers rebuff U.S. free trade zone idea

Bring down the curtain on the ‘puppet show’ in Iraq

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D) Mississippi on now talking about Homeland Security on C-SPAN.

Question: Are there any examples of corruption from the Greens or Libertarians?

============= MARK MORFORD'S NOTES & ERRATA =============

Baghdad Universities are CLOSED Because of Kidnappings

Bush Deploys to Vietnam 34 Years After He Ducked Service


Now they're all for bipartisanship....Newt Gingrich, champion of civility?

WH Seeks Dismissal Of CIA Leak Suit

Tsunami warning for Japan

E-mail received from my boss - Do you think this is appropriate?

When we invaded Iraq they stated goals, Which one's have not been accomplished?

OK, big smile for the camera (***caption**** gwb and Putin)

$2 Million Ransom Paid to Release FOX News Reporters Last August

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed. 11/15 - who decides the decider?

Sweet revenge for 2000: Who's in favour of "hanging Chad"?

So where is Mark Foley?

C-SPAN Rush Holt now

Norquist's Takeaway from Election 2006: Sherwood would have won if his mistress hadn't "whined"

HEADS UP! Rush Holt ... EVOTING voter verified PAPER TRAIL! on C-SPAN 1 NOW!

Conyers comes out in support of Dean, oversight & accountability:

Ben Sargent: "Stuck in Iraq"

Moscow Site Traffic: Bush Cruising the Internets?

Great TOON on Democratic women by RJ Matson

Lest we forget, Part II: Posts to right-wing blogs on the Olbermann fake-anthrax story

All the Islamofascists are out to kill us!!!!!

Pakistan votes to amend rape laws

Help me with Clinton/Gore history please

Another one bites the dust! (CT-02 official!)

Nobody hurts like Rush and Rove

If Cheney is forced to resign, I don't think * will replace him with McCain.

Putting Last Week's Victories Into Perspective

Kucinich on CSpan 1 live

"O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," on Fox

Bush to write new book, "If I Didn't Show Up For Guard Duty, This is How I Did It"

Polish Exchange Student Spends Six Months In Hell

What Would YOUR Iraq Study Group Recommend?

Bush Sets Up Panel To Counter Baker's Group

New Meme:

Will Madame Speaker Pelosi be able to keep the Blue Dog Democrats united

We're #53! We're #53!

Dean, Schumer, Emmanuel and UNIONS made this win possible, thank you!

Caption Time *****

Already, the Repubs are starting their personal attacks rather than...

White House Sued for Not Doing Report on Warming

Dumping Dean would be like firing the trainer after your horse won the Triple Crown

Oil Giant Subject of Nationwide Protests for Turning Its Back on Hard-Working American Families

delete- dupe

What time is the vote today?

Democracy Now! Kucinich really letting moron from AEI have it. (Iraq)

As Bush Goes To Vietnam, WH Website Displays The WRONG Flag

Treat time!

Illinois Justice Awarded 7 Million in libel suit against small paper

Has anyone seen stats on OVERSEAS MILITARY BALLOTS

Operations in Iraq CSpan2

FUNDIE Religious people are ruining the sanctity of my future marriage

How did Jesus Christ suggest that we celebrate his birthday?

News Flash (Maybe) If You Haven't Heard Yet! Jennings District 13 Race!

Why the heck do people (at least the ones polled in these things) still like McCain this much???

Wouldn't it be nice...

No Exit: The Baker Commission and the Trap of Reality

The Bushlers Visit the Pootie-Poots ---pix--->>>

Trent frikkin' Lott confirmed republican minority whip-- oh brother

So the election is over, when we do we see the Foley report?

where is the DU picture Gallery?

"A sickening set of statistics"

Just who is responsible for the mess in Iraq?

My resolutions for the New Year - early edition

ABC Seems Intent On Stirring Shit Up (Abramoff/Dems and Schumer vs. Kerry)

If Abramoff knows 6-8 corrupt Dem Sen, How Many corrupt Repub Senators?

News Flash (Maybe) If You Haven't Heard Yet! Jennings District 13 Race!

Sam Seder interviewing "Senator Katherine Harris" now...

If there is no magic bullet (Rice) that will fix the Iraq problem,

I remember when we had to fight the Communists over there so we didn't have to fight them over here

A great post I saw yesterday, about how the media is totally

Reuters: McConnell picked as Senate Republican leader

Trent Lott wins GOP's #2 position in Senate

Lest we forget: How some right-wingers originally reacted to the Olbermann anthrax hoax news

" and the winner will be the euro."

Oaxaca Fights Back

Global growth in carbon emissions is 'out of control'

Gates' - Halliburton Connection ..... LINK

Where the Bombs Are

John Murtha vs Steny Hoyer - who would you vote for?

Is It Possible To Not See Things Through The Prism Of Politics.

"I'll call Jim Baker"

More Proof that Smart, Funny Democratic Men are the Sexiest Men:

I haven't seen a stated position on this yet, so I'm wondering what DU feels

Vote for Your Top 3 Human Needs Priorities for the New Congress

How are Dem senators shaping up on the Robert Gates confirmation?

Freepers Not Pleased With Trent Lott

Wal-Mart Charged with Selling Nonorganic Food as Organic

Meant to ask this a few days ago

Another SORE LOSER: Conrad Burns (GOP ex-Senator from Montana)

Health question. Has anyone here ever taken Zyvox?

Kos: Black Box Activists....Help 'em out

Baseball's mad new world

My Phone Doesn't Ring Anymore

They have made America represent Hypocrisy instead of Freedom

Uggh just had a terrible thought

Bush's Approval Reaches A New Low 31%- Cheney at 19%

Repub switches parties, gives control of MT State Senate to Dems

The US wants to export our drug prices and our TV drug ads to the UK

What in God's name are we actually gonna do about Iraq?

"Benchmarks" immediately forgotten?

Smackdown at work regarding illegal immigration

I'm looking for info Re: Habeas Corpus and how the new "laws" affect US citizens.

Let's savor this: Byrd now 3rd in line for Presidency (after Pelosi).

Gen. John Abizaid before the Senate - C-Span2 Now 1:14 p.m. est.

So does Swift-Boating John Murtha open McCain's Keating Five rap sheet?

AP: "Abramoff Reports to Prison" - no mention of ABC allegations re: Dems

Why is it that....

OK, So gimme some Healthcare!

Why Free Republic KNEW Chad Castagana was their poster and deleted his

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel pointing at __________

CSPAN...Hot Afternoon commin`

oops--delete, thanks mods

1,012 votes from winning the WY seat

Murtha: Dem Ethics & Lobbying Reform Bill is Crap

Repubs, in an effort to reflect the diversity of America, elect

Remember Carville's Hard Ass Criticisms of Terry McAuliffe?

So who are the 'new' cops?

Lawmakers from gambling states, especially Nevada get $$ from Casino owners

When is Dean going to let Carville have it?

More Bush 'bipartisanship' - Bush renominates crook who unsuccessfully stalked 'liberal bias' and

Coulter vs Hitler quiz

Sen.Dobb giving grand speech on Irag on Senate floor right now.

Is it just me or has FOX started race baiting 24/7 ?

More Delusional FR Ramblings -

First order of business for new Senate - sign the Kyoto Treaty!

November 15 1969

What's the current tally in the House?

They are saving the vote fraud............

DLCers- you know Carville is fucking up, right?

It's Not About "Winning"

Randi reading that faux memo.....

Gynaecologist must pay child support - failed contraceptive implant

2859 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

"Hispanic Family Values" - Most Disgusting Piece I've Read

FNC denies hostage payment

"As President of the United States, George W. Bush is in very far over his head. "

You Decide, Full Videotape of Murtha in Abscam... LINK

Poor Lamar, he lost .. (Shoulda worn the lumberjack shirt, Lamar)

Refresh my memory, please. After the elections in 2002 and 2004

Liddy Dole Took an Ax...

if you're interested in stemcells and the stock market.....

Did anyone else watch Dan Rather?

I think it is time for this thread: What's your beef/joy here RE: DU/DU'ers in general?

Increase Resources to Combat Child Sex Tourism

Randi is talking about the kidnapped soldier in Sadr City. Bush*

The roller coaster that is DU is a good thing, not a bad thing.

MORE CARVILLE-He Wanted ZELL MILLER To Be Gore's VP?!?!?!?!

WATCH THE ABSCAM VIDEO: Murth Displays A High Degree of Ethics

Michael Ventre on OJ & society - EXCELLENT article!

Turn on C-Span 2

Poll said only 7% want Dems to work with Bush on Iraq, ONLY 7%

most urgent request, you help please we all ok (parody of nigerian scam, ala bush)

Dems Kill GOP Law Allowing Big-Game Hunts On Park Service Land

Will the next GOP "star" come from a governors mansion?

I propose another candidate for Majority Leader, let's draft Rep. John Lewis:

Today's GOP: Out: "Evangelicalism." In: "Segregationism!"

Her Name Won't Show On The Official List Of American Military Deaths

It's WEDNESDAY, ya bastids!

A great idea for a 2 yr strategy for us - tagging all (R) with the bush name.

after watching the ABSCAM video, I have concluded that

DU video's discriminate against dial-up users

How Did Hoyer Become DLC When His Voting Record Is More Liberal Than Murtha's?

PUKE ALERT: Traitor Carville will be on Situation Room bashing Dean!

Great catch by Raw Story

Bush's approval ratings plunge, disapproval rises after elections

General Abizaid Smacks Down McCain’s Plan To Send More U.S. Troops To Iraq

Cheney Orders Motorcade To Gun It Over Half-Open Drawbridge (The Onion)

Could someone with no political experience still be a good congressman?

Democrats stall Senate!

Did we mess up with Lieberman?

Wing Nut Daily Reports Fox News Funds Palestinian Terrorists

This is hilarious (re: Ledeen and the Neocons):

Chris Shays is the last remaining GOP congressman in New England!

"Former Guantanamo Prisoner Reveals Extent of Torture"

O.J. Simpson is one vile individual

WalMart Gives Cars Away

Watching Tucker Carlson made me think.

The 3 thousand G.I.'s, what exactly did they die for?

Candy Crowley's happier than a...

DU rules about duplicate threads on the same subject. "Good


Not everyone hates Bush.

Courtney won in CT-2! I phone-banked for him

CNN: There's a fire in LA. It's burning hot.

I've decided I don't want Bush impeached, just committed to an insane

That's gonna be one COLD Turkey at the bush Thanksgiving dinner

This quote from Bakersfield paper just sounds...well awful, or am I being oversensitive?

Lawyer disputes claims of 'overt sexual activity' on plane

CNN: McCain announces exploratory committee...

What was your favorite youth sport?

Your next pResident?

Thought for the day.

Doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart to see the losers 24/7?

What an ordinary Iraqi thinks of the election results.

Why is James Carville Given a Megaphone?

Landis lab made 'administrative error'

Abramoff Reports to Prison; Officials Focus on Reid

It still knocks my socks off!

Six More American soliders died in Iraq today

Look why Senator DeWHINE lost, on CSPAN 2

James Carville is a corporatist shill who is afraid of Dean and Latin American leftists

Levin's not buying it...

Reid to accept that Gates be confirmed during lame duck session. is a terrorist cell....make no mistake

Dear 85% of US troops in Iraq; newsflash for ya re Saddam & 911;

Coming up on CNN: Carville will be talking about Dean

(VIDEO) Crooksandliars on Lott's infamous words

Send Carville to the Vet's office.

CNN: Leslie's Playroom Show - Carville coming up to trash Dean.

Would you tell Hillary not to run in '08 if given the opportunity?


If you want to know where Murtha stands on a variety of issues...

Where's Bush's clock?

AP reports former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson also plans to join the race.

Tucker Carlson on Bush's 1976 DUI arrest: "[I]t's not like he was wasted"

The facts speak for themselves

A question for those that oppose impeachment (a clarification)

Only one way to put the Repubs and the corporate media on the defensive...

Speaker Pelosi

E Mail from John Conyers

40 US soldiers have been killed this month as the Iraq Study Group dithers

We need to flood CNN with demands that Carville be dropped

This war is now longer than World War II


Can I just say something? We ARE united...we are NOT divided.

Is there any video of the Conrad/Dorgan fireworks from today?

89 dead in Iraq. Media does not report it

I'll say it: so far the Democrats are exceeding my expectations

Memo to Carville: how did Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell get to office?

Update on my "War on Christmas."

Will now find out what the real unemployment numbers...


Now Daddy Bush Slams Bloggers

BushCo's EXTREME arrogance: Yesterday RE-nominates 4 far RIGHT Judges!!

i just heard Neil Boortz on th radio.. he is crazier and more dangerous than Ru$h

Sigh...not even 7 days after our tremendous win and we are

Hearings on Iraq progress with Gen. Abizaid and Satterfield (CSPAN) are a joke

What is the difference between the DLC and the Blue Dogs?

Why have so many DUers declared war on so many Democrats?

Take an AOL poll on what plan is best in Iraq

Oooo...Carville beat a guy with a 29% favorability rating in 1992!

The Education Of Lt. Rushing--Marine featured in "Control Room" now at Al Jazeera

Should John Murtha Withdraw His Nomination In Light Of The Recent Revelations?

I think Hoyer may now win Majority Leader....

Anyone else completely unimpressed by this bit of trivia?

Hartmann talking about Corporatists vs. Populists, Iraq Nam, Gates.....

The Most Candid Assessment of Iraq Situation Ever

I see things are back to normal around here.

If you want to know where Hoyer stands on a variety of issues...

Scientists have reclassified(downgraded) the Bush White House.

WOW! It sure looks like Murtha would have gone down if not for Tip O'Neil.

CARVILLE Re: DEAN - "I would describe his leadership as Rumsfeldian in its competence."

How am I supposed to remember how we got here? Just help me get rid of these bottles before Dad sees

Who is that woman on MSNBC with the weird voice? I'm tv challenged.

Personally, I Find This To Be An Opportunity To Prove We Value Ethics In Washington.

BREAKING: Denver Election Official Resigns! Will Others Follow Shortly?!

I can visualize bush stepping down, even see it as a possibility.

Is Carville the lapdog of Hillary? What's behind the public Dean backstabbing?

Truthout Editorial: Impeachment and the Table

Have you seen the new official Bushco Government Seal?

Murtha is as anti-choice as they all knew that, right?

Sex and kids

Tom Delay posts at RedState - Lays out game plan

Hanoi George is going over to the Communists

Caption Bush, Rove and Rice!

Heteros, good chance your marriage sucks....

We've got to get the hell out of Iraq.

God wants Bush to be impeached.

Censored - What the media is not telling us

A peek into Mitch McConnell's hidey hole

"Telemarketer Pleads Guilty in Phone-Jam" BASTARDS.

My proposal for a Third Party

U.S. Commander Now Says Iraqis Will Stand Up If Our Soldiers Stand Beside Them, Not Down

If DU was around at the time of the Civil War....?

Woo Hoo! Dorgan's blocking all business until his amendment

When or why isn't Norm Coleman gone....

Does your generation have a romanticized view of that of your parents'?

Way to go Lou Dobbs! You have to read today's commentary, I don't have a single issue with his views

Can we revisit this creepy picture?

Howard Dean or James Carville?

CNN's Beck to first-ever Muslim congressman:

The sun sets. Will the Senate remain shut-down?

Carville: "I had lunch with Newt Gingrich today..."

Schumer Praises 50 State Strategy

Woodamnwhooooooo! Just found out Hayworthless threw in the towel yesterday!

Murtha or Hoyer?

Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law

FOX News paid $2M to free hostages, could be held liable for funding terrorists

Conyers Accuses Carville Of Aiding Republicans

Anyone watch the Frontline report on Mayor Jim West??

Time to think positive - how about health care?

NEGLECT IN CUSTODY: Fix prison health care now, judge says

Oh man, this is a GREAT story!

OMG! Lou Dobbs Supporting and Sucking up to John Bolton on CNN!

ABC: Abramoff set to turn in Dem senators, Rove

The Lost Message from the Electorate

I haven't seen a stated position on this yet, so I'm wondering what DU feels

Me & the young Republicans.

Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Rumsfeld

Toys for Tots declines talking Jesus dolls


November 20 "New Yorker" magazine cover

Carville is OBSOLETE and he should STFU! Never thought I'd

Plame Attorney to Use Paula Jones Precedent to Force Cheney to Testify

If anyone who is in contact with Howard Dean is on this board

Freeper response to Olbermann covering "Chad's Story"

You Might Think That Carville's Frothing Attacks Are Too Obvious To Be Hillary's Handiwork...

If the UK can hand count 27 million paper ballots overnight

Murtha's being swiftboated, MSNBC just debunked smear

Nancy Pelosi's first mistake as Speaker?

People: Enough with the Murtha "scandal" BS

Murtha / Hoyer... all you need to know

The Iraq war has made America less safe

When is a Win Not a Win? When It's Democratic

Mark Levin Claims "60 or 65 percent" of Americans Are Conservative. Stats Say Otherwise

It's hard to watch Katey Couric.

****List of supporters for Hoyer/Murtha:****

Man driving 103 MPH arrested for child abuse

Fuck corporate media.

We have to remove people like Carville

C-SPAN-2: Conrad brings Senate to a halt. Fireworks!!

Bush Reappoints Broadcasting Chief Who Used Public Funds To Promote Conservative Programming...

Regarding Impeachment and Ending the War

Did you anger DSCC and Dem senators when you called/emailed them over DSM? Alito?

Soldier: I raped Iraqi girl, then helped kill her

Want to know who Carville is working for? Follow the money...

I have doubts about John Murtha

Carville even looks like Satan

Democrats have a responsibility to pull Bush's nuts out of the fire?

The Medical Patriot Act-BARDA

Halliburton Heist Hangs by a Thread: James Addison Baker III Breaks into Flop Sweat

Anti-Gay Bigots Still Calling After the Election? Who Is Still Doing This?

In 20 or 30 or so years...

Lieberman and his ilk are out to kill my 13 year old son.

Hunger? No. Now it is called suffering from 'food insecurity'

Now I get it. Hoyer is DLC; Murtha is non-DLC; That is what this fight is all about

HR 550 vs HR 6200

Senator Reid Implicated by Abramoff

Why should John Edwards be counted out in '08?


I have heard that "redepoyment" is dangerous and all that.

Delusional Write-In candidate lays out ambitious agenda for one-month term

Baptists ban gays from churches

A Pregnant Woman's Musing on Abortion

Let's drop the "what do we do about Iraq?" hand-wringing

Howard Dean responsible for our win far past his 50-state strategy

If Dean left the DNC, would you support his nomination for PREZ in 2008?

Media sets Democrats agenda

Dobbs: I'm a populist, deal with it

Are "authoritarian personalities" born or made?

Kucinich: "there's one solution here, and it's not to engage in a debate with the President"

CIA Admits Existence of Bush Directives Authorizing Torture and Detention of Terror Suspects

Carville is carrying someone's water.

CALLING NANCY PELOSI-The People's Case for Impeaching Bush

Man this is gonna git ugly.

Farmers markets help the poor to eat better & local agriculture to survive

Bill Clinton laid a smackdown

Goodbye Republicans!

The Ground Truth Trailer

The Making Of a Chimpzeldent

Distorted Morality - Noam Chomsky (2002) 2 of 6

Distorted Morality - Noam Chomsky (2002) 3 of 6

Distorted Morality - Noam Chomsky (2002) 4 of 6

Distorted Morality - Noam Chomsky (2002) 5 of 6

Distorted Morality - Noam Chomsky (2002) 1 of 6

Distorted Morality - Noam Chomsky (2002) 6 of 6

Poltical Ad: Wake Up!

Bill Clinton laid a smackdown part 2

John Fogerty and Bruce Springsteen- Fortunate Son

And some might think times should have changed. Vietnam war footage. (2:12 min) SLIGHTLY GRAPHIC.

Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex

What a difference ten years make

Billy Bragg - The Price of Oil

Coulter calls Dean 48th in line to lead Al Qaeda...Fox analysts attack her.

Melissa Etheridge/An Inconvenient Truth

Stephen Colbert: "Back Off, Old Man!!!"

Rush Limbaugh - A Concentrated Pile Of Human Waste

Inside Freshman Orientation on Capitol Hill

The women of the Senate.

Murtha or Hoyer?

NBC 6 video of Arlington South in Miami. Tombstone tribute.

Swift-Boat Revenge ( a good story)

Want to kill the meme "Democrats won because they went to the center"?

Senate leaders are a family...we are not part of it at all.

Alex Jones.. Egotistical? In it for the $? Disinfo agent? Censor of things he dosn't like?

Bush: Nation Should Be Proud Elections Were Held in Time of War

Rumsfeld, Subpoenas and Democratic Congress Question

Yes, the GOP loss was all Rove's Fault. What he did wrong.

Roy Blunt is on cspan (WJ)--saying how Dems will slow economy (tax

Grassroots witch hunt of Nancy Pelosi already starting

Protests directed against Arroyo gov't to go off in 8 countries, 13 cities worldwide Nov 16

Little Jackie Goes to Jail

Great political bumper stickers magnets etc on sale

Menendez, outspoken war critic, gets seat on Foreign Relations

Video: OBAMA at the Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication

Choice of Martinez to head RNC draws sharp criticism from conservatives over immigration issue

Michael Reagan explains

Please help me find a website...

6) The election WAS a decisive victory --- for REPUBLICANS

Feingold Pushes Again For Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Condi: Historic parallels Iraq and Vietnam aren't 'very helpful,' and aren't accurate

Hey, DCCC is suing DIEBOLD in Fla

Strange GOP TV ad

When does Randi replace Limbaugh on Armed Forces Radio?

Blackmail & Bobby Gates

Gore-Clinton... and why I support them

Gallup: Obama gaining on Clinton, McCain trails Rudy "Cashin' in on 9/11" Giuliani

IS Murtha crooked?

Maybe the Democrats don't even need the South anymore

Between now and 2008, Democrats should work on GOTV...

German Court Orders Doctor to Pay for Unwanted Baby

WP, Dionne: To Democratic centrists and liberals: STOP ancient feud; it's no longer relevant.

A nice attaboy for the State of Kansas

Liberalism vs Conservatism ?

Murtha is untouchable since he served in the military

AP: Ohio Ballot Counting Agreement Reached

Watched the hearings. Disappointed with most of the Dem followup, if any

POLL: If the Dems lost in 2006, would the fraud be too blatent to hide from Americans?

Vote smart is your friend.

The Antiwar Movement Continues: Join Us In Washington in the New Year!

Dems to Investigate Jeff Gannon/Guckert Affair?

Who is the smartest Dem - elected or not?

We're #53! We're #53!

Here is the little twirp Al Franken had on just now from Brookings.

murtha's no lefty, but he is right

Question for clarity: Are we swiftboating Murtha here?

Murtha decries 'swift boat-style' attacks on ethics

The Party of Lynching elects a racist as Senate Minority Whip

157 troops dead since Senate last in session say Lautenberg on Floor

Doesn't the fact that we're having these leadership debates piss you off?

Immigration has to be on the table quick!

Steney Hoyer should go

Abizard should be canned. No time table? No way

General Abizaid Smacks Down McCain’s Plan To Send More U.S. Troops To Iraq

Pelosi's choice

Democratic progressives, moderates, and conservatives all won on 11/7.

Murtha/ Hoyer ? what does the outcome mean?

Farm Disaster bill on CSPAN2 - Conrad threatening to stop Senate business

"Who the hell wants to live in Mississippi" - Charlie Rangel

When is the House Leadership vote?

Murtha just said he's going to win...

Now that Courtney has offcially won his house race in CT what races are still undecided?

Teamsters Cripple FortWorth Buses on Election Day for Perry (R) Part III

Oh geesh, Tommy Thompson has filed paperwork to form an

Repugs want to adjourn the Senate for the day and continue through the

Diebold Voting Systems Used Successfully in Many Parts of the Nation?

Email to a freeptard re Presidential hopefuls!

Fox News loves terrorists

Will Hillary overcome the political damage the DLC is doing to her?

I hope all the Republican farmers take note of what the Repubs...

Drug Makers' Politics Produces a Bitter Pill

Judy Miller opines on the bloggers (cartoon).

Robert Scheer: Murtha's No Lefty, But He's Right

Bush, amnesty, and the Repubs in Congress who oppose it

Murtha the Clear Choice for House Majority Leader

Would every Republican who is NOT running for the presidency...

Updated: MSNBC reporting Murtha told the Blue Dogs that the ethics package is "total crap"

Murtha's 'Crap' statement may well NOT be what it seems .....

If "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results...

TIME: Pelosi's case for Murtha as Majority Leader: "It's looking pretty good for Jack."

Photo: "Russian President Vladimir Putin kisses US First Lady Laura Bush"

It's interesting to see all the "I hated him all along" threads now...

Does Carville have a point about Dean?

Robert Gates. Arms for hostages. Drug money. Reagan.

Nader served green lemon-lime Flavor Aid in Conneticut (there is a connection)

My Question for the General...

Thank You to the netroots from Chuck Schumer

I need help with a freeper response...

My DD: Pelosi, Dean, Schumer approvals way up, Emmanuel... not so much

James Carville wants Howard Dean's job.....

I'm going to see Corporal Cueball on Friday night. Weigh in, DU'ers.

Action Alert: Please call Sens Dorgan and Conrad and express support for the filibuster.

Conservative Democrats seek larger role

Your prognosis for the 08 Democratic 'ground game'?

Does Anyone Recall the "Pre-funding" Social Security Plan?

74,000 VOTES Rove Talked about????

It's the equivalation, stupid

NY Times on Murtha...

Election Review: San Francisco Impeachment Resolution

Has Rahm Emmanuel cleverly maneuvered himself so that if

What on earth has gotten into James Carville?

Man, Talk about sore losers!

White House mulling preemptive strikes.

DU this poll for Murtha!

*'s Moscow stopover for 1 1/2 hrs - Pics.

Harold Ford = Republican Lite, DINO, Murtha=Mr Democrat...

Carville's Rage-Filled Attacks on Dean: His Own Idea?

Cardin and Whitehorse are added to Senate Judiciary. What do we know about them

Republicans care more about Christmas than Democrats

For those who have dissed me for not advocating Impeachment.

Impeachment By Spring: Here's The Plan

Wait, Murtha opposes abortion rights?

Who will be the GOP presidential candidate?

Bill Maher has a most interesting take on what is THE impeachable offense

Revote of Florida's 13th Congressional District Election Called For by National Voting Rights Groups

Why is Pelosi a done deal?

Cheney knows that the story about a “Democratic sweep” is utter nonsense.

Sen. John Kerry got the Small Business chairmanship!

Isn't it disgusting that as usual , in spite of a Dem victory, women are

Okay folks, if you want to stop another Lieberman fiasco....

I think my dad is finally starting to see the real McCain

62 GOP-held House seats: Actual results vs. Forecast Model : TIA

Carville = Hillary

"I would describe his leadership as Rumsfeldian in its competence."

I don't want to dump Dean but why is Carville wrong about supporting

Kucinich Calls for Cutting Off Iraq War Funds

Rockefeller Statement on Senate Intelligence Committee’s priorities in 110th Congress



As Bush Goes To Vietnam, White House Website Displays The Wrong Flag

Last night a Dem. strategist named the Dem. "dark horse candidate"

James Carville wants Dean out despite his success because he's...