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NYT: Captain’s Journey From Hope to Just Getting Home

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush

Allawi shapes up as Iraq's iron man

Falling In Line on Israel

Generator Men Let Baghdad See the Light, but at a Price

Michael Smerconish A surburban GOP Manifesto

Syria and Iran - Axis of Evil or Brokers of Peace?

America remains the only country in the world that still prohibits hemp production.

Human Shield Deters Israel Strike (BBC)

Arafat: Far-flung riches

Falling In Line on Israel

Palestine: The Olive Picker

Report: PM orders killing of Hamas MPs

Immigration tops talks as new governors meet at retreat in W.Va.

Immigrants in Limbo 5 Years After 9/11

Padilla Case Raises Questions About Anti-Terror Tactics

Tripos falls victim to Indian outsourcing

Wounded Taliban treated in Pakistan

Judge Bars N.Y. Times in Libel Defense

Human Shield Deters Israel Strike (BBC)

Family: Army apologizes for investigation of Ohio soldier's death

Drug for Troops Labeled Dangerous

Ho Chi Minh shadow looms large over Bush

NYT/Reuters: Segolene Royal's Gender the Main Draw for French Voters: Poll

Plea deals pile up in Iraq murder cases-Experts surprised

Breast-feeding case leads to punishment

9/11 Autopsy Guidelines Plan Abandoned

CNN/AP: Gonzales attacks court ruling against domestic spying: Critics "grave threat" to security

Blair hit by Saudi 'bribery' threat

Anyone know about Peer to Peer Networking?

Exclusive footage of Tom Cruise's wedding

I guess the terrorist have won

"Who's on FEMA?" Abbott & Costello Rebuild New Orleans (funny)

Totally Boring Thread: Can someone help me resize an avatar?

I can't believe I missed this last week . . .

Okay, I love Robert DeNiro.

what is the best MP3 player under $50?

Has anyone noticed? The one exception to condemning the new O.J. book is Fox "News"

Back from Kroger's,the house is full of stuff to cook.

Uh oh, New Jersey...Rutgers is losing to Cincinnati.

I am so full of

I miss Keith Jackson.

COVER BANDS: If you've ever hired one, I have a question for you.

Shopping as an unappreciated but widely practiced sport.

I've been downloading music all day.

This must be a fashionable fight..........

Turn to HBO or TBS and watch this monologue by Billy Crystal.

Yaaaghh! Grammer Grype! (lame copycat)

Sweet dreams....I am to bed

Stay gold.....

I'm acutely bored, and nearing my 6000th, post...

"Heroes" fans, who is your favorite character?

So a woman at work makes a vague reference about suicide...

Goonight my brothers and my sisters...

Blast from the past: John Cleese note to the U.S.

Anyone ever see a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla?

Practical Star Ship piloting question

Hell i'm going back to bed

Why don't I ever have the bravery to just go for someone?

Hookers on the History Channel

You goddamn kids today, you don't goddamn know from funny.

What the &#($&@# hell?!

How can the Flintstones be so good, and the Jetsons be so not?

O.K., now what is THIS thing????

What Bo would have wanted ?

One of my customers at worked called me a "Fucking angel"...

Should rev post a new picture of her legs?

Quick -- Post a pic of what's on your computer desktop right now

We Met A GREAT DUer Tonight!!!111 He has been around for a while but is NEW to the LOUNGE!!


Tim Burton is a genius!

So what's everyone doing for Thanksgiving, if anything?

To Loreena McKennitt fans....

What is the name of the "main street" near your house?

Post # 200! I'd have a drink, but we're all out!

What actor didn’t deserve the Oscar?

"Atheists realizing the best defense is a good offense"

A message to my atheist friends.

Boise State!

Why do they call them 'Cal' or 'California' and not Berkeley?

"Effects of the 11:11 Portal" - Karen Bishop - November 19, 2006

New Moon in Scorpio - Monday, November 20, 5:19pm EST

Baker has ALREADY been talking to Syria about Iraq

John Kerry this Poll.

I'm getting sick of the spin here

OT: Do you believe this

Annoying new thing with my computer.

Silhouettes I didn't pick

Silhouette rejects

More on Edmonds, Hastert, Abramoff, GOP, Turkey, Israel, ATC, AIPAC, Feith, Perle, SunCruz, etc.

Afghan Women Commit Suicide by Fire

Fresh Leibowitz up

Do "Under 40 Somethings Really Get off on Cruise Castle Wedding?

CARE president says Canada has made a mistake mixing its military and aid

Taser sues Ohio medical examiner

What can we do to help the women in Congo?

Wordsmith: An Interview With Larisa Alexandrovna

Sunday Talk Shows

Regarding our military.....

Scummy Judith REGAN was LIMBOsevic's publisher, too !!1

The boy in the plastic bubble goes to Vietnam

Waiting on James Baker

Anyone else wondering about all the pro-Taser, pro-authoritarian

Think Bo. Think Woody. Imagine 11TDs, a FG, and a 2pt. conversion ...

Olbermann on the Fox Memo

NYT: A Tough Road Ahead for Rove

Fitzgeralds Case Independant Council Dems need to

We Owe Iraq Troops Proper Medical Care

Love Fest for Rush, Warning, Not For the Weak of Stomach...

Montana politician changes parties (From R to D)

Former WA governor tells how he recoverd from Parkinsons

U.S. airstrikes rise sharply in Afghanistan

NYT editorial: After Rumsfeld's departure -- "The Army We Need"

401k Plan or Pension? Which Do You Prefer?

Millions Of Nazi Docs Opened To Public

Isn't every single American entitled to some form of health insurance?

The Democrats haven't even taken over Congress yet but.....

Government-industry revolving door,what an incestuous set up.

The Republican Party reminds me of the George Carlin cat story...

A Tough Road Ahead for Rove

Tell me again....why is Bush in Vietnam?

Worker intimidation still ok in 2006?

Anybody have a link to that real estate site that tells you the value of you house?

Speaking of "Fair and Balanced"

Tucker Carlson lowest rated MSNBC show...

Plea deals pile up in Iraq murder cases

Comic Relief 2006 on HBO - For NOLA and Katrina Victims

Conservatives never admit that they lost.


I dreamed of DU Radio..

Allawi shapes up as Iraq's iron man

Hadley: Bush connected with ordinary Vietnamese by waving

Bush*t may visit New Zealand Next Year (yuck)

Jackson Browne, The Pretender. The lyrics and music below.

SNL: opening skit: We are now at war with Viet Nam.

Video: Daryl Hannah on a farm for residents of South Central Los Angeles, CA

Democratic House Majority Leader.........Bad Choice?

Fakes News at war with WorldNutDaily

The white supremacist who sodomized/nearly killed a Hispanic kid with a pole got a life sentence.

When you log into the internet, what sites do you go to to catch up on the day's events?

“A black Rush Limbaugh.”

I write this for tmfun; You done good, Pilgrim.


Senator Schumer: "The days when the Federalist Society would get anything it wanted are over."

Why Karl Rove wants to cause division in the Dem party

NYT: Democrats Split on How Far to Go With Ethics Law

Why is raising the minimum wage uncompetitive?


Obama: not your father's politician


On Vietnam -- "News flash George. WE LOST!"

Frank Rich:It’s Not the Democrats Who Are Divided

Houston Crackdown on Right to Peaceful Protest..44 Janitors Held on Combined $39.1 Million Bond

2008 Presidential picks

BUSH'S NEXT BIG SCANDAL-Missing Presumed Tortured

Michele Bachelet... appointed 50% of women in every level of government

Has Anybody Seen The Anti-War Movement?

I am against radical moonbat democrats. I am a moderate.

OMG...Just saw the movie BORAT..

WP,pg1: Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush

Anybody Here Digested THIS Yet ??? - FBI\Fitzgerald\Mob\9-11\& More !!!

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

Have you ever watched someone get arrested?

Whew! How about a gaming poll?

Why Did The UCLA Students Stand By?

GONZALES: Those Who Want To Uphold Constitution Present "Grave Danger" To US

Skinny Guy Gets Tazered by Cops and Cries

Tribute To Johnny Carson - David Letterman

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is

Boston Legal - Melissa Hughes Court Scene

Masters of War

America and the Third World War...

Unlike Clinton, Bush Sees Hanoi in Bit of a Hurry

Democracy & Censorship - Hyperbole

*'s Advisers Want Steele to be Black Rush Limbaugh get radio show

I guess the terrorist have won

Why Shouldn't Oil Companies Pay for Polluting the Air Everyone Must Breathe?

MSNBC: "Plea deals pile up in Iraq murder cases" - What's going on here??

An open letter to the Department of Homeland Security

The GOP/media can't get over the election

WP,pg1: Democrats to Push Pocketbook Issues: Minimum Wage, College Costs

For ‘America’s Mayor,’ Tips to Take to the White House (Matlin, Begala, others)

What do we do with Iran? by Kissinger

Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton went to Viet Nam?

So, I went to see James Carville interviewed by Stephanie Miller last night.

Glen Beck compares universal healthcare to Nazism

Here are the grounds for impeaching Bush/Cheney for complete

McCain Hires Key Falwell Staffer For Presidential Campaign

Who's the more honorable person?

OH MY!!!...Tester Lied To Get Elected....

Street Fight - Race for Mayor of Newark, NJ 2002

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Polls ... "Mayday! Mayday! Democrats have sprouted TESTICLES OF TERROR...Incoming Reality..."

Foley at dad's grave: 'I disappointed him so much'

Bitchfest: Maureen Dowd has a problem. She can't make up her mind.

Huffington Post's single...greatest...front page graphic...EVER. I kid you NOT. 10 on a 10 scale.

Healthcare: Do you have it? How much do you pay?

Class Struggle by Senator elect Jim Webb

Is Fox Flatlineing? CNN, MSNBC Gaining Post Election by Rachel Sklar at Huffington Post

Ideology Has Consequences by Jeffrey Hart THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE

Annals of the Culture War

All-time Stupidest Neocon Article - Brent Bozell

Darfur war spreads - Chad, Central African Republic hit - Reuters

Dark matter mystery grows - AP

War on Iran: Unleashing Armageddon in the Middle East

Bush Has Lost The War On Terror

Iraq's Shiite-Led Gov't Angers Sunnis

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush

Navajo Took Shelter Amid the Poison

Republicans explain what happened

A Somber Annual Meeting for Conservative Lawyers

Mr. President, here we use checks and balances


Oversee Family Planning: Someone whose clinics won't offer it --WaPo

Ranks of the rich grow in Mexico

Two Panels Urgently Seek Iraq Solutions

Mexico’s Dirty War

Newsweek:The Iraq Primary

North Carolina is well-positioned to take the lead on energy independence

Will there be enough corn?(ethanol to blame)

Building idealism with 'green,' affordable home designs (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

California to Restrict Ocean Fishing

Free downloads of European Committee on Radiation Risk Chernobyl book

Al Gore: My Ally Is Reality

Consumers again aim to beat the heating game (The Citizen, Auburn NY)

WP: Another Way (re: sustainable communities)

Ocean Circulation: New evidence (Yes), slowdown (No)

'Smart' homes to eat their rubbish (Guardian, UK)

Solar energy is the way to go (ContraCosta Times, CA OpEd)

Mars Hill's wind farm almost ready (Maine)

Dealing with Business -

America to regain lost paradise (restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley)

Palestinian rocket wounds 3 in Israeli town (Reuters)

Israel orders killing of Hamas politicians

Muslim leader sent funds to Irving

Israel developing anti-militant "bionic hornet"

Inquiry: Cluster bombs used against regulations

Bring back Kfar Darom (Gideon Levy)

Poll: Most Palestinians say Qassams detrimental

Israeli: No Order Given for Cluster Bomb

Palestinian shields foil Israeli strikes

Syria wants Golan in return for helping US

What about those 200 plus Israelis arrested and deported from the US since 9/11?

JFK and 9/11 - Insights Gained From Studying Both

Remember the guy who was in the WTC and saw the plane coming at him?

You Can Now Buy Election Reform T-Shirt's On-Line Here:

Florida Elections Division: Audit Plan for Sarasota County

The ballot box shell game

Landslide Denied author will be on the radio at 6:10 pm CST

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday Nov. 19, 2006

Malfeasance of election officials- current legal definitions and what should punishment be?

Voting Machines

So Connecticut is doing a 20% audit. How about your state?

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

Houston Crackdown on Right to Peaceful Protest..44 Janitors Held on Combined $39.1 Million Bond

Russia Issues Warning on Iran, N. Korea

Iraqi President to depart for Iran next week

Israel orders killing of Hamas politicians

AP: Major Battle in Iraq's Baqouba Kills 18

Why is every other topic on "Latest" a video? Don't these go in

Elizabeth Palmer Reports Iraqis Are Calling For Former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi To Retake The Helm

Democrats probe billions lost to Baghdad's corruption

Russia signs key trade deal with U.S.

IBM software will help workers at call centers improve English

Navy sewage flowed to (San Diego) bay since '04

Blair learns of Mideast peace plan from BBC report

Syria to US: Help in Iraq for Golan Heights

CNN/AP: Democrats to quickly target oil industry tax breaks

Pakistani Killed for Alleged U.S. Spying

Thousands of peace activists in Columbus, Georgia.

Rep. Frank offers business a 'grand bargain'

Arizona Amber Alert Sunday morning

Democrats Split on How Far to Go With Ethics Law

Minister's Own Rules Sealed His Fate (Haggard)

Top Syrian official arrives in Iraq

Montana Politician Changes Parties (He saw the light!)

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

British police probe ex-spy's poisoning(was investigating Anna Politkovskaya's death)

(US backed)Afghan army to strike Taliban in winter

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush

Civilian workers in Iraq suffering combat trauma

Indonesians protest ahead of Bush visit

Suicide bomber kills Sunni, Shiite day laborers

(Lame duck Alaska) House blocks gay benefits, adjourns

India test-fires nuclear-capable missile

Researchers discover security flaw in microchips

Nearly 100 dead in Iraq (Sunday)

Survivors of mass abduction recount torture, targeting of Sunnis

Houston Chronicle, Front Page: At least 700 Iraqis die in 8 days of unrelenting violence

Global Hawk to fly 1st mission over U.S. (First official Air Combat Command mission in US skies)

Sunni gunmen rampage through Iraqi city

More than 50 die in Iraq, 22 in bombing

AG Gonzales: warrantless surveillance needed

Cruise ship pulls into Fla. port with more than 700 sick people

BBC: Kidnappers 'seize Iraqi minister'

Dean: More gay, minority leaders needed

WTC's Freedom Tower starts to take shape

Republicans plot to bring down Pelosi ... and Clinton with her

Unlike Clinton, Bush Sees Hanoi in Bit of a Hurry

Iraq 'not a disaster', says Howard

AFP: White House dismisses Seymour Hersh "New Yorker" article

Kissinger: Military victory no longer possible in Iraq

CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive: report

Cuba, Miracle Operation for a Million Patients

After 50 years, Holocaust archive going public

Secret Service agent hurt in mall shooting (2 others shot including shooter)

Sen. Kerry still weighing ’08 White House bid

Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft

We just watched the movie "Cypher" from 2002. Lucy Liu (hubby likes her)


I love Robbie Williams.

Ok. Now I know wtf Guthy-Renker is...

Leonid meteor shower

My 12 year old daughter just played her first live acoustic set

So when you have an issue to bring up with the admins...

Has there ever been a foot picture thread?

Have you ever not been able to tell if you're drunk...


Please help me find a video...

Real Time W/ Bill Maher joins Lost in taking hiatus' till FEBRUARY !!!

Meat Loaf: 'Bat Out Of Hell III' - Anyone Heard It?

Dedicated to an old friend (you know who you are)

Did anyone get a Wii tonight?

Does anyone remember the movie "The Other"?

Suzi Orman is a phony


Arizona Amber Alert Sunday morning

Caption this lovely group...

North Dakota State wins the GWFC Championship beating South Dakota State 41-28!!!!

OK, how many of you knew the killer Santa in "Christmas Evil" was Fiona Apple's father?

Man found with head in luggage

Why in GODS NAME did I ever allow cats to adopt me

Memember Paula Prentiss?

can you figure out a song by a snippet of lyrics?

Oh my heavens. Look at this park! *blech*

which is worse?


I call my husband's name and my (male) cat answers. ?????

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/19/06)

Congratulations Whoa_Nelly!! 10,000 posts

Has anybody seen the movie Babel?

Worst Carpathian in History (lame copycat)

For my 53rd birthday I want to give 3 people who can not afford to donate a star.

I now have glasses.

I must be mighty slow. Just found out that Borat is Ali G

Anybody know how last night's Denver Roller Derby bout went?

Nighty night.....

Man found with head up his ass

What's your favorite "outsider" music?

Thank you Tom and Katie for your faux wedding in Italy. Now, can

Lottery Numbers Match OSU Game Score

In honor of driver8's birthday today, I give The Lounge one of the funniest DU posts ever:

Holiday gifts for co-workers?

da views are bummin' me out (stream of unconsciousness)

DU this poll - - Coulter

Bears v. Jets

So Tom & Katie are married, but technically they aren't really married

Anyone know a good site for pricing guitars?

No Longer Suffering From Carpathian Kitten-Loss

Kudos to the DU Admins for how they conduct the fund drive.

Iron Chef battle cranberry . Batali &Ray vs Giada & Flay.

Tell me your packing tips! Do you underpack or overpack for trips?


OMG!! My cat gave me a partial Mastectomy

I have no motivation today.

Need a laugh: Priscilla Riddy Sexual Abstinence Only Educator Tells Off the Liberals: VIDEO

It's snowing here in Central Illinois.

Van Morrison on Austin City Limits last night, new show

How long does it take to get a star after making a donation?

Seat #29E

What I learned in the movie theatres today: (no spoilers)

Warning - Do Not Turn on Animal Planet if you're squimish

HP printer rant

This is why cleaning is a bad idea!!!

excuse me, but have you seen my nap anywhere?

"Gimme Shelter" and Martin Scorsese.

Would you contest this?

Wings of glass...

I call bullshit on kudzu. It's going nowhere.

Greatest cat picture of all time.

I hate the RIAA - Or - What I intend to do RE: downloading music.

Anyone see "Battle Royale" this weekend?

OK - I am a complete and utter gaming novice.

"You Hold the Key" by Beth Nielsen Chapman

Explorer users:What do you NOT like about IE 7?

H.R. Pufnstuf:

Hmmph. Gone for two days, and not a single "Where's Rabrrrrrr?" thread.

George St. Pierre is the new UFC Welterweight Champion.

Concerning the word douchebag- I'm sick of it

Salon's #1 sexpot - Stephen Colbert!

Comic Relief 2006 (for Katrina)

Is it too early for Baileys and coffee?

It's Sunday, and I need to know...why each of you are,

Happy birthday texanwitch & driver8!!

Thanks to newyawker99, just learned of my 10,000 post milestone!

This is the most unintentionally hilarious Victoria's Secret outfit ever

Ralph Steadman's new book on his years with Hunter S. Thompson looks interesting

I want to dance like Shakira.

Two down, one to go. And then onward to finals!

I am stuck on Band-Aids

I've been convinced to slay

Sunday without sunflowers.

Do you like the change of seasons?

Anyone see "Casino Royale" this weekend?

It is midnight in California and I am now 44 freakin' years old!!

David Bowie in "The Prestige"

Winter is for suckers!

Would A Vacuum Cleaner Be A Bad Christmas Gift For My Parents?


Bad day for the Packers...

I have the flu and I have finals in 2 days!

Renaissance Festivals?

***What a huge relief***

billyskank artwork for the weekend - BarenakedLady

We must end hemlessness in the 21st Century!

My dog met an oppossum last night...

What's embarrassing about your state?

Stranger Than Fiction--am I the only one?

Recommend a book for a 23 yo guy.

Holiday Drama

I did it

Generation X: what was your childhood like?

German pastor's suicide seen as 'cry against Islam'

Hurting gays & ourselves

Unlikely couple forms gay, lesbian support group

these things are not the same.

Let's talk about sex

Are atheists persecuted in the United States?

A Modest Solar Energy Project

The Big Lie: Gay Marriage bans only "protect traditional marriage"

Romney Continues Pandering To The Bigots

IN DEPTH: Those lacking marriage's legal benefits need to get things down on paper

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for November 19

Spurrier rumored to be leaving South Carolina to coach Miami

Ray Lewis is a clown (with apologies to all clowns out there)

If you have some furniture

Hey folks. . . lookie over here. . .

The Stars This Week - November 20 - November 26, 2006

So, anyone else really curious to see what Uranus going direct today brings?

The beginning of the 'Fifth Day' of the Mayan Calendar: November 24, 2006

Iraq War Memorial

In my area, JK to be on Fox News Sunday momentarily

Joan Vennochi with a very negative article on Kerry: he is finished.

Take a step back from the pre-primary wars to witness what we're up against

John Kerry 100% on message...

A must-read: Premise Special Review: James Carville

Silhouette snap: blast from the past

Problems with Photobucket? Sizing?


I just bought a Canon A640

US Rep,Gerald Solomon, rest in peace A-Hole.

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury ( a re-run, but interesting choice to re-run...)

OPUS- Anagram this!

The insanity of W's war in Iraq

Inhofe is out as chair of Env Committee?

Reuters: UK security firm says employee killed in Iraq-paper

AFP: Iraq police deny Western hostages killed or freed

Why is Leahy hitting them so hard coming right out of the box?

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush - WaPo\MSNBC

what can you guys tell me about this term "Democrat Party"...

This needs a caption...

Tens of thousands of protesters stage anti-Bush rally in Jakarta

"Bomb Iran"

Bush keeps telling people the importance of Iraq

Vile lame duck governor Romney to lead RALLY against gay marriage today

Air Traffic Controllers: Short Staffing Contributes to Another Fatal Crash

Martines comment aimed at the Religious right??? Seeking political divorce?

Maybe we need to re-think how we treat cops.

I just have one simple question about the Iraq war commission

DOJ Will Not Investigate "Steele Democrat" Flyers

Abu Ghraib Paintings

When Was The Last Time timmy had TWO Democrats On MTP? (Webb, Tester)

God used a burning bush. Churches try free gas cards.

Why is this Necessary? (pics)

Veterans!! Wal-Mart doesn't care about us.

We're all living in America, America is wunderbar

Go to

Bill Gates praises US economy and stability


Contest* Time

Late Edition on now: Armed Services Chairman Levin coming up

PR WATCH- Help choose the winners of this year's Falsies Awards

KISSINGER Steps On Bush's Plans For Military Victory In Iraq. Troops Out Now!!

Blair Suggests Syria, Iran Could Play "Constructive" Role In Middle East Peace Process

"a group of weirdos...."

Kissinger: Military victory no longer possible in Iraq

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush

I guess the lesson here is don't make fun of Canada's foreign policy...

White Powder Terrorist Released on Bond

"Montana Politician Changes Parties" Montana State Senator gives Dems in State House the MAJORITY!

Should the National Guard be used to bolster the Army as it currently is

I met no less than 5 soldiers in the last two nights

Cheney declares Bush Administration to be above Constitution

Someone Tell Bush We Lost Vietnam

Any Numbers On How Many Mercenaries The US Has In Iraq?

Seymour Hersch coming up on CNN....On NOW!!

Potent carcinogen OKd for use in California furniture

St McCain flip-flops on abortion:

If Carville Is Part Of Hillary Clintons Election Team?????

Quiet hurricane season means big profits for catastrophe bondholders

No doubt about it - Jesus Camp is ritual child abuse

Need a laugh?

Where's John Howard's index finger?

American Middle Class: Endangered Species

Bomb Test Set For Nevada - A Prelude To Iran?

How much of an "elitist" are you?

Bush draws a line in the sand and asks for $127 billion more for his war...

Need Advice - Any loan/finance officers out there? My Mom is selling her

Who can give me a quick summary of our official military

Capt. Stephanie A. Bagley: I'm not willing to lose another soldier

American Luftwaffe has arrived-Global Hawk to Fly 1st Mission Over U.S.

Video:Hersh: Bush, Cheney Stovepiping Intelligence On Iran

Dems historic opportunity for ethics reform

Our "formerly" alcoholic president...

Reform on Detentions-Congressional Dems MUST INSIST On Accountability

4 Quotes From Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Luntz Converts On Global Warming, Distances Himself From Bush

Know the Stealth Neos: Frank Luntz

Frum on Wolfie CNN now n/t

Kondracke, The "Liberal" Fox News "All-Star," Calls Pelosi A "Wicked Witch" Based On Hearsay

I just love Sen. John Tester!

Has DUs YouTube Group been hacked?

Remember 4-5 months ago when White House called all the Repubs...

Can the Neocons Get Their Groove Back? (WaPo Op/Ed by a Neocon)

The Cast of Characters - One Year Ago: Or How the DLC Misread the American Public

I'm not prepared to tell other cultures how they should conduct themselves.

Killer elephant loses tusks

What do you folks thing of Clear Channel going private?

why the hell does the police need to wear military uniforms


Roy Blount is a lying sack of crap

Political Cartoon - Bush Arriving In Vietnam

Supporters of the war in Iraq should accept responsibility for their mistake...

Bush spent only 15-mins visiting the P.O.W./M.I.A. Command in Vietnam, unlike Clinton . . .

Tester 2008?

Welcome, DU, to the "Murphy's Law Roundup"

*AMAZINGLY* FUNNY- a must read

Democrats probe billions lost to Baghdad's corruption ("a pervasive pattern of cover-ups")

Has anyone ever seen an SUV pulled over by the cops? - ANSWERED

Got to ask .Did Bush talk about the Return

While driving last night I met like 4 soldiers

Exhibit looks at how slavery divided N.Y.

McCain flips on Roe v. Wade, touts his "record of being a conservative Republican"

Has there been a suitable explanation for the extortion

Stop Bush Now

Need a laugh? Watch Priscilla Riddy Sexual Abstinence Educator Talk about Liberals! LINK

McCain will be whoring it up for his '08 run on ABC's This Week today (Hoyer next)

Experts: Sekula-Gibbs hurt her chances for '08

Wooohooo DU donors!!! We punched * out in record time and the $$$s

Saudis threaten to break off diplomatic relations with Britain over "slush fund"!

MUST he always look like such a JERK?!?

Google Earth: Chernoybl, Russia question

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Drafted

Thank you Tom and Katie for your faux wedding in Italy. Now, can

George Will is clueless about the economic reality for many


more pj pics

(Frist's) HCA Exec Has Newfound Preference for Dems

dubya has a sister? I had NO idea!!

Coal to liquid fuel plant proposal in my little town

Why have we not heard from the media the

For Anyone Wondering How Best To Support The Oaxaca People's Movement....

Three Neocon stooges on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer

Let's Start A List: "What Ever Happened To . . . ." (Political People List)

OMFG!! I was just watching an interview with Anne 'The Mann' Coulter on FOX News....

I saw Joe Scarborough this morning

If Only the MSM...

caption this picture of the three so called most powerful men on Earth

Dishwasher confession thread

Pedophiles - I agree with 'Judge Judy' on this one.

Should they reinstate the draft?

Caption this photo of * in Vietnam in a silk tunic

God Bless the Medics of the US Military

Draft THIS!

Tom Delay - give me some insight...

About the Draft: How about this

Mitt Romey. He Was For Abortion Before He Was Against It

Reasons for failure vs Results from impeachment

Question Authority. Do not be sheep. Do not go gently into that goodnight.

I witnessed Nixon's terrible fall, now I want to see dubya's.

August 1974: 66% favored impeachment of Nixon.

Bipartisianship, my ass....

Blood clotting drugs given to soldiers...problems resutl may include death

CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive: report

Who 'won' the Korean War? Should the U.S. get out of Korea?

Stop overeacting about Charlie Rengel - he's only one house member, every caucus has their nuts

Wow... I Forgot About 'The Daily Bruin' (UCLA) - Article & Slideshow Here:

"They say there are a lot of sad Republicans walking around."

Is Project X on hiatus?

Amy Goodman on CSPAN2 *4:30pm* Politics Panel - Miami Book Fair

Isolate Cheney &give their girl, Condi”-Secretary of State-“a chance to perform” (Seymour Hersh)

Is there any democratic candidate for president we can't find issues with?

Bush Choice for Family-Planning Post Criticized

Fraud free voting - I am proud of my state - more states should try mail

Who's watching Comic Relief 2006? Proceeds go to Katrina

Good perspective: Don't be soft on crime--impeach Bush

It's a fact: All major presidential 2008 candidates voted for stronger gun laws

I just read what may be the greatest book dedication ever

It's time for GLBT citizens to assert themselves.

Democrats To Push Legislation To Make Fraudulent Election "Robo-Calls" A Crime

Separate appreciation thread for the Demopedia

Senator Tester's Kitchen

To call bush's war 'a mistake' is really insulting.

Jim Webb: Class Struggle - American workers have a chance to be heard.

LA Times Goes NeoCon - WE MUST Bomb Iran

What are our "inalienable" rights in 21st century America?

1974 A Reminder - Only 40% of Americans Supported Impeachment

Is it time for political correctness to die?

Gunmen rampage through Iraqi city killing dozens

Secret CIA report finds no Iranian Nuclear Weapons Drive

Condi: US Concerned With Chinese Military Buildup

Science v Faith--- Returning our schools to Science based education

Republicans using the Elephant as a symbol is outmoded.

I am troubled by some of the "advice" being given to young students :re dealing with police

The Latest from MSNBC: The Dems must solve the Iraqi thingy or the Pubs make a rebound in 2 years.??

Rangel for President!

Bush fascists want a Pearl Harbor on Iran...

"Who knew?"

Earworms, Decent Intervals, and Quagmires

those that defend police saying it is one or two cops. please explain

Refute: GOP is the cult of loyalty to the man rather than to the office, this Republic, and its

The Next Act - Seymour Hersh

Finally, some good environmental news: Hetch-Hetchy Valley May Return

Clear Evidence 2006 DU posters Never Check for Dupes

Republican Congressman Single-Handedly Prevents Anti-Cockfighting Legislation From Becoming Law

Pat Boone: Boycott Walmart! Because.... it's too queer-friendly!

Santorum Will "ABSOLUTELY NOT" Run For President In 2008

Did Nixon deregulate oil? And was it 12$ a barrel ?

Minister's Own Rules Sealed His Fate (Haggard)

Seymour Hersh: Cheney Says 'Whether Or Not Dems Win-NO STOPPING Military Option With Iran'

Leahy Asks Whether Ingraham Should Be Investigated

The sh*t hits the fan in the housing market

Unitarian Church in Maryland Vandalized for Being Liberal

Ok, I know who Wes Clark is, but I don't know a lot about him and

Playstation 3 Release Accessories: Violence, Greed, Stupidity

HELP! Confused about C. Rangel's draft talk. Crazy or smart???

Haven't heard about the Rapture lately

Bobby: a stirring reminder of how idealism can galvanize politics, people

***Caption this Bush photo***

O’Reilly: ‘Far Left Loons’ Linking Fox With O.J. Interview On Orders From ‘Their Internet Masters

Can we prosecute Ann Coulter?

I Still Enjoy The Smell Of Burnt Freepers In The Morning!

Local news just reported that there are more homeless children per capita


WHHOOO-HOOO The Waxman cometh for big oil, pharmas

I used to be a cop (Deputy). A little insight into my nights at work.

bush is SO SCREWN.

Houston Declares War on the Working Poor

You can help stop the Republicans from using the veto and the filibuster.

Indian boy wins world peace prize

Orgasm's for Peace

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush - You will love it!!!;););)

Forget electability; who would be the best president for the US?

To allow bush & the neo cons to go unpunished for their crimes would be criminal

Is Hell freezing over? Kissinger: Iraq military win impossible

I'm Old School American. I'm Mel Gibson's Patriot....

*** Sunday TOONs: Look What We Inherited ***

Radar Online posts UnaFreeper's Search Warrant Online

Conyers Identifies 26 Laws and Regulations Bush Administration May Have Violated

Fox News Memo: How to be "Fair and Balanced" (and still lie through your teeth)

Went to a HS football game the other night and a thought about the National Anthem/Flag hit me....

It's SURVEYUSA time! What's Bush's approval in your state? Come join the fun!

Real Fantasy Presidential 2008 Poll

Lou Dobbs speaks truth to power on free trade

"God Like Productions" has been picked off its platform provider.

Last known American Veterans of WW I

FreeRepublic • Anthrax Investigation (2001 & 2006) • FBI • WTF?

Scooter & the Civil Case

Rep. Rangel will seek to reinstate draft:Video just added

Elephants (real ones, not Repugs) going nuts and attacking humans

Anyone know WHY Bill Clinton waited 5 YEARS to counter RW attacks blaming him for 9-11?

I was in Wal Mart today....


Are you disgusted by puritan attitudes and judgments?

Rangel Renews Call For Military Draft

watch English Aljazeera TV online

FWIW, I think Rangel is brilliant and 100% correct

The whole idea of a War on Christmas

John Kerry is an august, silver tongued speaker of many, many words...

An "ownership" society is by its nature fragile, vulnerable, dependent on force

The real problem with impeachment: do we have enough time?

Google Video: The Death Squads in Iraq

Hil's camp sez Carville on his own in Dump Dean coup bid

An epiphany: I will never again refer to Coulter as "He" or "Mann".

Social Justice vs. Charity

All Democratic programs will fail, absent impeachment of Bush & Cheney

Calling out Carville

O.J.'s kids support "If I did it book" - book is one big fuck you to his critics

Fownews, Roger Ailes & The Disinformation Age...understand this if nothing else...

Why did some police stand by and watch/let their colleagues repeatedly tase?

20,000 protesting School of the Americas at Ft. Benning today

John Kerry is a wuss.

John Kerry-- 100% on message for Dems and OUR Issues

You Can Mutilate A Woman's Sense Of Self Just As Violently As Her Genitals

"Me Boom Boom Iraq Long Time!"

Profile: Alexander Litvinenko

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse for Poor George---pix--->>>

Next Installment Of 'Fear Of The Other' Fest Tonight - Iran, The Most Dangerous Nation

The Modern Draft -- Yes, we need it, but NOT just military

Random acts of kindness

McCain Flip-Flops, Supports Immediate Reversal of Roe v. Wade

For Christ's sake! The UCLA students didn't need to jump the cops! They had a cell phone and YouTube

Old Bill Maher clips from Feb. '05

UCLA student protest for taser incident

We Can't Use Deadly Force - Halliburton Driver

George W Bush Hates Bunnies

A pop war video on Fallujah, with a suspicious lack of bloodshed

Online gaming advocate blatantly co-opting civil rights imagery

Interacting with Brian Williams


Defending A Choice for Women

Congress threatening freedom on the internet part 2...

Clinton Global Initiative...

Republican fear mongering taking its toll

'The United States is Terrified' - Noam Chomsky...

Congress threatening freedom on the internet - 1

Barack Obama on Daily Show

Beck & O'Reilly:


Support our troops and bring them home....NOW

Muslims for Peace...

Peace & Justice Art Show, Sponsored by World Can't Wait...

Democracy Wins Again...God Bless America...

Lifestyles...of the rich and infamous...

Don't Shit Where You Eat - A special note to congressional republicans...

pft; Cheer Up Tom Delay...

Meet the Press: Webb and Tester Part 1

Meet the Press: Webb and Tester Part 2

George Bush Don't like Black People

Hegemony & Yellow Ribbons...

Priscilla Riddy, Sexual Abstinence Tells Off the Liberals (COMEDY)

John Edwards on the Late Show w/David Letterman

Human Rights in China

There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance...

Meet the Press: Webb and Tester Part 3

OMFG!!! You wont believe this sh!t....

Colbert at FSU -The Word - "State of Shock" (Florida)

Ann Coulter - Canada Sent Troops To Vietnam

Colin Powell was fired by G.W. Bush for Iraq war warnings...

The Daily Show on Troop Levels and Glenn Beck

Richard Dreyfuss Sr. Advisor Oxford University on Democracy

BUSTED - The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

What's the likelihood that Foley will eventually decide to "tell all" ?

Pelosi '07 bumpersticker

NY Times Compares bush's V-N Visit to Clinton's

Regarding redistricting - Does anyone know how many states have

The next census?

Well, this is really disgusting. An article in today's St. Petersburg

"The fact that you are even on FR means you are in the top 5% of informed Americans I'd bet..."

Republicans plot to bring down Pelosi ... and Clinton with her

Hersh: CIA Analysis Finds Iran NOT Developing Nuclear Weapons...What?

AFP: Blair indicates policy shift in West's "war on terror"

Is the Baker Report Worth the Cost?

Kerry "blunder" revisted

Is this what you resort to when no one agrees with you anymore?

Pelosi-Hoyer-Murtha A win in disguise?

African-American Dems favor Hillary Over Obama ... link

Insurgency make-up?

Face The Nation: Rangel to intro. legis. for a draft.......

Democrats should never let the people forget how the "conservatives" created so much debt

NY Mayor Micheal Blomberg might run in 08 as a independent...

Koppel on Press the Meat this morning talking about Iran .....

Women Swing 3 Senate Elections

Willard "Mitt" Romney Now Controls More Than 700 Radio Stations

The Bullied Pulpit--A Preaching President on the Ropes

When does the new US Senate start?

A 'can't fail' surefire way to counter the 'Tax and Spend Democrats' meme ....

GOP War Geniuses, You are Dismissed!

More GOP "Shoulda...Woulda...Coulda," The Special Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) Crybaby Edition

Hilary- Obama- recipe for a diaster

White House displays wrong Vietnamese flag on its official website

Post Election Paranoia

Syria says foreign troops' withdrawal key to a stable Iraq

Senator McCain on his age as running in 08 kind of funny what he said...

Dick, I mean JOHN McCAIN: Send more troops to Iraq or we'll get hit at home

Rep. Frank offers business a 'grand bargain'

Evidence Osama Wanted War In Iraq, And Bush Was Played The Fool By Bin Laden

A Tough Road Ahead for the President's Closest Adviser (KKKARL)

The Democratic Party - The New Place to be

Into the Future.....Count every Vote

James Carville on Marriage: I do what I'm told

Doonesbury and the case of two Presidents.

Duncan Hunter

Well, well, well... so Kissinger admits military victory in Iraq IS NOT POSSIBLE

Kristol: Republican Support for Iraq will Crumble in 3 Months

AP: Hoyer Claims No 'Bad Blood' With Pelosi

Iraq War Memorial

Sen. Kerry still considering 2008 White House bid

A Dark Horse Dem Governor? Whom Do You Like In '08?

Is this "information age"...

Felix Allen's Defeat Will Reverberate In '08

Crooks & Liars: "With all respect to his genealogy, Chris Wallace is a little shit."

Solar power reminds me of a cartoon I saw in a science

Feingold thanks the netroots

Obama will visit evangelical megachurch on World AIDS Day

Willard "Mitt" Romney Now Controls More Than 700 Radio Stations

Veteran's / international aid charities wanted

Charlie Rangel regarding GWB

Anyone know about this? From and alot to look at!

Caption hugging *.

"I believe the consequences of failure are catastrophic,"

Caption Lonely Boy * Pic

What's genesis of Pelosi/Harmon "feud"?

Rangel is WRONG about the draft.

Rangel on Face the Nation "I will introduce a bill for the draft"

This anti-Rangel hysteria is just so damned silly

Have you ever been able to get on the air on C-SPAN???

John Edwards signs books, discusses presidential election questions

"How the Dems Won" eye-opening op ed. Nice one.

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush

George Jepsen op ed: Lamont Helped Light Democratic Fire

Webb and Tester are the new face of the New Democratic Party...

Brass tacks. Who are the Dem leaders BushInc trusts will cover up their crimes of office?

I don't think I can see "Bobby" in a Theater.

FOX News Sunday - Bizarro World - Chris Wallace badgers Kerry on the botched joke!

Do we really want retreads for 2008?

I'm constantly amused

The Baghdad Billions --BBC report

Kerry makes it clear, it's still about Iraq

NYT Graph. Most Expensive Races of 2006

To Rangel re Military Draft: YOU WILL NOT GET MY CHILD

Rangel needs to back off of this or he's out of the party

Michigan affirmative action ban will re-segregate universities

A DU CALL FOR ACTION: Do not support the draft!

Will we be sorry for voting Democratic? My Son will be 19!!!!!!!

James Carville

A REAL Coalition of the Willing

LAT: The electoral college is morphing, bringing new states in range for Democrats in '08

The Donkey In The Room: Wes Clark 2008

Great Keith Olbermann interview in GQ December issue (page 220)