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Archives: November 2, 2006

Amnesiac Americans (Car Buyers)

Bechtel Corp calls it quits after 3 years (SFGate)

"The Baselessness of Defeatism" - Greenwald

Hutton defends his report against whitewash claim

Vermont poised to elect America's first socialist senator

LAT: A violent month hits home-Iraq's deadly toll is mourned by family and friends

E.L. Doctorow: An Essay on our President

Bulgaria awards contract for 2 new nuclear plants to Russian firm.

Israel's New Arsenal

Israeli court issues home demolition orders without presence of affected families

Loose Change and Nazis. (9/11 conspiracies)

Is it possible flight 93 was supposed to hit Building 7?

Loose Change and The American Nazi Party (9/11 conspiracies)

Touchscreen Trouble in Texas (Newscast Video)

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and AP Defy Conyer's Request For Poll Data

red herring coming our way- race fixed for dem.

What will you do for Election Reform if the Dems win?

Wal-Mart's attendance policy criticized

Detainees challenge military trials law

Military alone can't win in Iraq -ex-U.S. commander (Gen. Sanchez)

Evangelicals (religious right) flex growing clout in Nicaragua's election

Many of October's war dead on extended, multiple tours

Disagreement Causes Uproar in Iraqi Parliament

Lieberman aggressively pursues GOP votes

U.S. officer: Iraqi soldiers are loose cannons

AP: WHO Blasts Chinese Government on Bird Flu

State Dept vetted speakers for criticism of Bush Adminstration

Pentagon Looking Into Leak of Classified Intel to New York Times (FauxNews!)

Keystone poll bodes ill for GOP (Santorum down 15 in Scaife's Poll)

Columnist Coulter in hot water over voting

Paris airport bars Muslim staff

Democrats Say Hunger Report Stalled

Lawsuit filed over south Georgia immigration raids

(Rummy's) Aide: As Iraqi army steps up, militias will stand down

Chafee Staffer Admits to Sending Email from Senate Computer

Lifting of Sadr City 'siege' divides Iraqis

NYT: With Iraq Driving Election, Voters Want New Approach

Allen, GOP seek to shift blame for attack on blogger to Webb

Venezuela Cites Accord With Guatemala to End UN Race

Study: Fat, boozing mice stay healthy

Syria switches to the Euro due to US sanctions

Investigations begin into whether Bush administration muzzled climate research

Reid: Boehner Blames the Military

Silas Simmons, former Negro leagues player, dies at 111

AP: Scientist Says Large Coral Disappearing

Nervous defense contractors watching elections

Man named Pro-Life seeks governorship in Idaho

Diebold demands that HBO cancel documentary on voting machines

Egypt poll: Israel, Denmark, US - enemies

After President Meets Reporters, Sullivan (Once a Bush Backer)..Suggests He May Have 'Lost His Mind'

First Lady: World Listening to Iraq Talk

AWOL Soldier Who Returned Flees Again (Kyle Snider - "I came back in good faith")

I request, nay *require*, tons of DU good thoughts!

Move over Rapture Ready, Here is the site

15 years and one day too late, but I found this today...

Anyone play Texas hold-em online?

Sometimes I wish sex threads weren't so illegal. I'm bored out the skull.

Ann Coulter Says She Won't Cooperate in Voting Probe

If this man is sober, then I'm straight.

Can anyone tell me........the significance...........

"Where could it be? North Korea? Iran? Anything's possible with Commander Cuckoo Bananas in charge."

Anyone know what the frack the "NEEAAOP" is?


Lost Spoiler

Oh No! I just can't take the pressure any more! This is it, I'm jumping over the fence!!

The Lesbian Toaster thing ....

Panko flake appreciation thread

My husband won a ticket to see Al Gore!

Any one shop at Ikea?

hey elad--is there a way i can change the background color

Today I discovered a 1919 S Wheat penny in my pocket.

John Oliver is just soooo funny.....

The Script Daily Show......

The people you love. When they are gone, how long before the feeling subsides?

I think I was scammed on Ebay - advice needed please

So I am in my hotel and cig smoke is pouring under the door

Where is Mary Cheney?

Andrew Sullivan

Today I learned that dogs don't lay eggs.

I am sick and tired of Republican buzz words -Nelson v Harris -FL

Watch your favorite tv shows on your computer.

I just had my performance review!

I just ate a family sized portion of Kung Pao tofu by myself, ask me anything.

I feel the opposite about this "views" thing than most of you.

I think everyone needs a moment to say AWW....

I am tired.

How come Robb gets all the dates and I can't even get one?

It's time for me to admit and the world to know - *I* killed Dietrich Bonnhoeffer

Countdown - Olbermann has another "Special Comment"

Weeee; Hamster Dance!!

why is my mouse double-clicking when I only click once?

Before you dismiss BORAT --- Watch what he does to this REPUKE Candidate!!

I'm opening up a bottle of red wine tonight. Would anybody like to have some with me?

"If I Can Dream...ohhh Why ...Oh Why Can't You?" Lyrics and You Tube:

This election is seriously wigging me out

Explain how this view thing works

OMG, Ruby Tuesday's now has Square Plates.... This is HUGH1111

Borat - He's exposing hidden anti-semities

Comcast can't install me til next FUCKING FRIDAY!

I had to share this... just got it in my inbox at work.

I have to sell my Dylan tickets for Boston BU concert

Why is DU such a madhouse today?

Now, replace any word in a movie title with "Boehner"

Cough syrup+ Non-tolderant MiniMandaRuth= Not a fun day.

So, how are you all holding up under CaliforniaPeggy's mod reign?

Cats exhibiting regressive behavior. . .

Can anybody please answer a Dr. Who question?

So what's your favorite color of M&M?

It's so hard to believe that the show "Friends" was about adults.

Who has seen the movie "Water", about widows in India at the

Funny story

What it is, DU Lounge?

HypnoToad, WCGreen, And Morgan Fairchild!

What was it that Kerry said, now?

Today I learned that almonds are part of the peach family.

Do we need a picture thread?? :o)

Who are the Famous People that You have Met

please help me out--with the demise of Reese & Ryan I need

I STILL know what ya'll did last weekend.

Over ear/noice cancelling headphone recommendations!

Can a religion include ideas understandable without supernatural referents?

Do elephants have souls?

If God exists, he should stop fucking around...

Drug Plan For Seniors In "Doughnut Hole" A Disgrace

Who will win the Super Bowl This Year?

So I had a vision of Hell. Maybe this is a little too out there for

I am glad the apology was worded the way it was

Kieth Olbermann Rocks!

Seattle-PI - Kerry's Remark: Right either way

OT: For those asking about Menendez

For people in PA - Kudos to Casey

It's good to be George W. Bush.

THIS is a video you have to see, rate up and spread around.

For no particular reason...

Pick the NEW NOVEMBER - CONTEST - theme

Noam Chomsky shoots down 9/11 conspiracy.

I Just Voted

this 'filmstrip' is more accurate than ever! a must view!

Only in America

The Main Reason For The JK Story: MSM Needs A Change Of Pace

There go those Republicans spreading freedom again ... Well, not really

Who is better qualified? Saddam Regime or the Bush Regime in Iraq??

It doesn't matter what level repubs are, they are cheap shot artists

Reid: Boehner Blames the Military

Man, what a liberal media bias huh?

Let's examine Bush's so-called "Freedom Agenda"

Has iraq become the US equivalent of the WW2 Germany's Russian front?

The blow up brothers have been released - Shouldn't the FAA apologize?

Scandal in Idaho? Bill Sali (ID-1st)

Did Tony Snow ever apologize for calling 2500 troop death toll 'just a number'?

nevah evah

Poll: (D) John Lynch, NH governor, leads 71%-18%, could this destroy (R) Bass?

It's not an Election it's an

Ok girls...anyone else think Michael Ware is the sexiest reporter on tv?


Trading Republican conservatives for Democratic conservatives.

Boehner's zeal to protect the WH from criticism may have just cost him the majority

Iranian war games to start tomorrow…

I met Jim Webb today!!!

Hitchens: "I've never seen anything as shamelessly distorted by REPUKES as Kerry's comments"

I think Bush needs to apoligize for the "comma" comment

Bush may stump for Ryun (KS-02)(They must really be worried)

DEAN Statement: APOLOGIZE-Our Troops Deserve Better

POLL: Since Ann Won't Cooperate in her ILLEGAL Voting Probe.....

BWAAAAHAHAH hilarious desperate effort by Ann Coulter to put happy face on defeat

Skinner I want to commend you on the new video forum good job.

Gitmo Detainees Challenge Torture And Detention Law

Olbermann just used my talking point from yesterday in his promo.

CNN: Commanders say infiltration of Iraq police force is "HUGE PROBLEM"

Does anyone know if the FLA debate has already been televised?

NYT/CBS poll: 80% see through Bush's latest Iraq cheerleading

Chicken Littles win again

A huge thank you to our "shock troops" in this election

Fineman on MSNBC: Kerry's comment "gave Bush a chance to AMP UP EMOTIONS in military families"

Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner!!!!!!!!!!!!

George finally shows his cards.: The truth about the Rush interview.


"Peace be With You"


The Iraq War is not the generals' fault

Detention Camps in the US... They're to "Stop Immigrants", yeah sure, whatever


Lets start calling the Capitol " The Boner Dome"

SurveyUSA Poll: HAYWORTH LOSING! Another big mouth biting the dust! Mitchell leads, 48-46%

Keith's SPECIAL COMMENT... A Preview:

Are you surprised AWOL Bush put U.S. troops under Al Sadr's command?

I wrote this book about the second world war.

What a difference a day makes, eh? Yesterday, Kerry. Today, Boehner.


Remains of First Right Winger Discovered by Scientists!

Keith Olbermann.: Bush and minions too stupid to know that the rest of America would

The Baselessness of Defeatism

CNBC Big Brother, Big Business


On CNN: Andrew Sullivan blasting Bush for Iraq and Boehner for blaming


Keith: "The insult IS you" (Mr. Bush)

Irony alert: "boner" used to be slang word for a mistake; Boehner blows it...

This is it. Dems have finally figured out how to fight back.

I Guess DUer's Want An Apology From Boehner, DU IT!!

Did Coulter just call mideast countries friendly to bush his bitches.??

Goodyear Union busting in Texas?

Why isn't anyone demanding Bush apologize for being on Pigboys

Revealed: One of first female US soldiers to die in Iraq killed herself

Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy Toons...

Need an elixer? Repukes whining about how we fight tough while they are pansies!

Again Skinner or Admins....Malloy Novacom Link....

Quotes of the Day

THIS is the document Dan Rather was looking for:

CBS Poll: DEMS lead congressional ballot 52%-34%

They're gonna get nasty - email from repub co-worker

I am so frickin' tired of living in the New United States of Umbrage

Coulter just called it "the war ON Iraq!!!"

Looking for a real leader ... Just watch Ned Lamont speak truth to evil ...

Did anyone see the Lamont goes to Washington Ad?

Great throwback bumper sticker I saw today

Cheney Says U.S. workforce is "not the best!"

Calling people stupid

LOL Keith didn't even toss to Joe this time. . .

When Olbermann video goes up we must email it to EVERY NEWS OUTLET

US now training the Iraqi Army in the United States

Bush Says Rumsfeld, Cheney Should Stay

c-span now - pickles in Pa. from Saturday

Reid: Start leveling with the American people and stop attacking brave veterans like John Kerry

Can You Picture a Terabyte of Data?

FINALLY: an honest media article about OAXACA

DeWine Completely Drowned Out By Brown Supporters (video)

Colmes, on FauxNews, just asked Boehner-boy about his "blame the troops" comment!

Two Quotes For Which George W. Bush Should Apologize To Families of Fallen Soldiers

Bush admits on Limbaugh that Iraq was about the price of oil. Desperation.

Wes Clark : Iraq is the real issue, not John Kerry

Scarborough reveals post-Kerry target of desperate pugs:

Ann Coulter Might Be Prosecuted For Voting In Wrong Precinct

CNN: Dems demand apologies from Boehner

Bush, The Constant Sorrow

Stop me if you've heard this one before....

Has anyone noticed Matthews discussing 1-866-MY-VOTE1 ?

I can't find any of the Kerry threads! Please help! House Predictions

Wednesday: 90 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 42 Iraqis, 1 Marine Wounded

Loose Change and Nazis. (9/11 conspiracies)

KO slaughters Bush

Call me a glutton for punishment.......

non-election related. Why no hedonist party?


Ah, today was Bush's botched joke - that he will keep on Cheney

Raw Story: Dean demands apology from Bush

OK - the Oct surprise was.. no Oct surprise! The "issue that shall not

Will Boehner try to execute a short, sharp non-apology apology?

OK, just to Re-Cap, The JOKE Is: "Stay in School or you could be President"

We're #14! We're #14!

New kick ass commercial from

The troops are calling for Kerry's help to save them !

My gut tells me this Kerry attack will backfire on this administration

Scene From A Bad Movie: Strike Force??? w' Mark F......

Bush was happy to be be interviewed by a "Person" that mocks terminally ill people

"AWOL Soldier Who Returned, Flees Again"

South Park currently making fun of religious intolerance

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Fla.)

It's time for the Generals to speak up about Boehner.

Why did KKKarl refer to the press as his "sweets"?

HELP! I'm having a brain fart, and need a list of Chicken Hawks.

Republicans Outnumber Democrats Online

NYT:With Iraq Driving Election, Voters Want New Approach

Must see campaign video featuring Iraq Vets and Wes Clark!

Rove & Lynne Cheney: Insulting Military Is a Kerry 'Habit'


Army Reg 210-35 Civilian Inmate Labor Program

How many KO viewers have you personally recruited? And does anyone know how many

Iceland left in the cold as whaling trade puts tourists off

Privacy and Google/YouTube

Interesting quote from Sun Tzu from The Art of War

How many have died in Iraq? (Analysis of the Lancet study)

Game. Set. Match. KO summarized the perfect storm of GOP hypocrisy.

Awesome campaign video featuring Iraq Vets and Wes Clark!

''Republican men make love like they make war:

Anyone have a link to the "Hey Ken(mehlman), call me" video?

Please write to MSNBC to express approval of Keith Olbermann

Florida Senatorial debate is on MSNBC

2,819 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the fact that Bill O'Lielly

Here's my last nervous-nellie post for this eletcion cycle. I promise.

Air Force: Need Additional $50 Billion To Transport Dead & Wounded

Number of veterans seeking treatment for stress has doubled

Krazy Katie Harris is debating Sen Nelson on MSNBC!

Boston Legal...Did They Write MJ Fox out of the.....

Rove's October Surprise. First, U.S. accuses Syria & Iran of plotting a coup in Lebanon

Olbermann's latest "comment" now posted

PNAC question....

Do you want a smart, strategic leader who wins elections?

List of states to watch for a steal

Harold Ford on MSNBC, Speaks About John Kerry

every dem should run the latest lamont ad - car crashing into the wall

I'm disheartened to see that some of the same people Kerry campaigned for

please oh please let the Florida Debate be on You Tube...I missed it

Anyone have a link to Clinton's full comments on Kerry, in context?

E & P: Reporter, Sullivan (former Bush backer) re: Bush "This Man Has Lost His Mind"

Bush said that "there's no question that October was a tough month.

Hope the RePUKES enjoyed their reign of terra that ENDS TUESDAY

Has VP Cheney apologized to the families of the troops that died after the 'last throes'?

Alec Baldwin's character on 30 Rock mentioned attending Coulter's 60th.

"It didn't sound like a joke to me," the president said.

Extra heavy thick dose of sarcasm from Colbert tonight

Relive the history of the "war on terror" via "Get Your War On"

Christopher Hitchens on CNN: Bush is "weird." Andrew Sullivan: "He's Lost his mind"

New on Ars Technica: Primary and early e-voting problems point to gathering storm

I'd Sure Like to Have a Rallying, Cut Their Heads Off Post from William Pitt.

Pat Robertson asks "What" Tammy Duckworth is

Wonder why it is that the only good Congress critters are always Democrats

My Kerry thread...

email from Repug pal was a pic of a 2-story outhouse ...

Daily Show is KILLING blivet** tonight

My local UTAH morning show read my email!!! AUDIO >>

One Year Ago Today: Reid & Durbin force closed Senate session re: Iraq

Yeah Baby !!! - GOP Cuts & Runs From Weldon, Beauprez & Ney Districts

"Voter fraud" prophecy

Questions about posting pictures I took

Why Most Southerners are Liberals at Heart

Bush credited Rumsfeld with overseeing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

NYT: Foley's FL district declared "toss-up"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Paranoid Cesspool pulling all threads mentioning Andy Stephenson

Religion in US vs Canada hotels

National Voter Assistance Hotline: 1-866-OUR VOTE

KEITH OLBERMANN TRANSCRIPT-"Bush Owes Troops An Apology-Not Kerry"

Better grades at Yale: Kerry or Bush?

Hey DU you want to have some fun on Boehner statement

Colbert just mentioned his Clips being pulled from YouTube!!!

It's just another fucking piece of data

Big Dawg in CA district 11 to support candidate running against Pombo!!

Bush to Pigboy: I'm doing great. I really am . . .

*******----------------------------- 6 DAYS -------------------------------*******

Put John "Blame The Generals" Boehner on the news cycle.

Stephanie Miller is going to be in heaven

Pray tell, what value is a media that would permit such a distortion...?

All signed up at Freeptardland for November 7 GLOATFEST

U.S. Rep. Dave Obey, D-Wis., defends U.S. Sen. John Kerry

CALL your local Democratic Congressmen: ask them to demand that Boehner apologize

Colbert is laying the smack down.........

How Many DLC Dems or even Well-Meaning Liberals DO NOT Understand Kerry's Remark?

US: Air America on Ad Blacklist? ABC document: Sponsors shun liberal network...

Fake Hippie mag a front for Christian right

"as Saigon goes, so goes Vietnam."

Hotline has picked up the "Blame the Troops" Boehner story...

Has Giuliani ever apologized for blaming the troops...

Final NYT/CBS Poll Before Election: Republicans Are Toast

GOP made Gaff, balming the troops for Iraq mess! ACTION needed

When they say "Do you want to WIN in Iraq?"

BushCo. Senator Sununu: "Constitution is not a suicide pact"

Dems Peaking at Right Time: Rasmussen

US Senate Debate Tonight!

Blue/Purple Toga Monday: Sending a Message to Red America

There is no such thing as Iraq or Iraqis. They don't exist.



New MSNBC Poll -- How do you plan to vote?


Keith Olbermann is making me gay

Onegoodmove has video of Hitchens and Sullivan calling Bush crazy

Bush's Worst Joke Ever...

Bu$h's Bechtel Buddies are a cut'n and a run'un from Iraq

Clark takes control of FOX interview re: Kerry and redirects focus to failures of administration.

new CBS poll: Dems hold largest single lead since 1980

Laura Bush: Americans discussing war should be careful what they say

Time to shift focus everyone: Bush Adviser: Today's administration Is Dysfunctional”

Thanks to Keith Olbermann I want to issue a serious "I'm sorry" for

Is there a batshit crazy virus going around?

C&L Video of Olbermann's "Apologize to the troops, Bu$h"

Is There A God? Forty-two Percent of Americans "Uncertain"

Where's YOUR APOLOGY to our troops, Mr. bush?

Bus Driver Fired After Flipping Off President

Ari Melber: When Republicans Implode - The Party of Fear Gets Scared

NY Times editorial: Bush hit "creepy low" distorting Kerry's words in Swiftboat replay

"This is not an election anymore. It's an INTERVENTION."

Update from Oaxaca: Eduardo Orantes Nov 2 2006

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and AP Defy Conyer's Request For Poll Data

I Had ENRON.COM Traffic on My Site Today!

Halliburton Scrapbook: "Anatomy of a Union Clusterfuck"

REWIND Bush liar

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution Project

The Bill Of Rights

Will You Be Able To Sleep Tonight?

Jack Cafferty Lays the Smackdown on Rumsfeld

Who Should Apologize?

What's so funny? (Bush's Worst Joke Ever, re: WMD)

Jack Cafferty: Bush abandons captive US soldier in Iraq

Bay Buchanan rips GOP House leadership over Foley sex scanda

Giuliani blames the troops for missing munitions in Iraq

Republicans blame troops for Iraq mess ("Blame the Troops" Boehner)

Boehner blocks sex scandal investigation

KO's Special comment on Kerry's joke part 1

KO's Special comment on Kerry's joke part 2

John Boehner is ignorant

Request Denied: A Woman seeks to end her pregnancy

Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens rip Bush on CNN

Jet Pilot - The life of Bush in music and images

Reid's statement

man on CNN saying the graph on Iraq being near chaos is correct

Jim Davis AND Bob Graham Coming To Sarasota THIS Sunday

Women's Rights (Abortion)

I'm Reading The Reviews Of Barak Obama's Book On

Those that read my working people stories, I'm asking for help for KLEEB

Please help me with this All Hat No Cattle toon.

6 easy steps for any Democrats that want to run for President in 2008

Iraq Continues to Frame Elections

FL Senator debate Nelson &Katherine Harris on NBC Florida Network right now!!

"It's the largest difference we've ever seen in that question."

Soldier Left Behind

Ohio's New Law Leaves Voters And Poll Workers Unclear About The Rules

My wife recently showed me something disturbing about the Insurrection Act

Dean comments on "blooper"

Bush and Rove must pay for this.

Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner!!!!!!!

Poll: 75% expect troops to be withdrawn swiftly under Democratic Congress

Election Polls - 11/01/06

Kerry Apologizes for "Stuck In Iraq" while Hillary "Spider" goes At Him!

Report From Cleveland: Working America's Elections Effort For A Working Family Friendly Government

In OH-2, Wulsin Moves Ahead of Schmidt

Pelosi: Bush's Vote of Confidence For Rumsfeld statement

Moderators!!! URGENT

Stand by KO is going nuclear on * DU meltdown

Kerry is a great guy.

This man is a dumbass and attention-deprived...

...Because of Iraq... Wes Clark and other vets need your help

It's not NICE to RAPE Mother Nature (then cover up the evidence)

Could someone please advise me as to where I can find

Wow same pattern as last night. Was down with Kerry all day today.

Things Aren't Going According to Plan for George Allen

will Cheney get mad if Iraqi insurgents water-board our missing soldier?

Cruella Harris-Bill Nelson FL debate on MSNBC---she's talking "victorious" in Iraq!

James Carville on Kerry: "He Didn't Owe Anybody an Apology"

Jeb Bush appointee defends wife's racist remarks about Islam; calls for resignation follow

GOP Exit plan

Ten types of republicans

Why are people here saying Kerry should of never said sorry

Newsweek' s R. Wolfe: "Hillary put the knife into Kerry's back"

KERRY's Remark: Right Either Way (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Let's post examples of Democrats on TV shows demanding Rep. Boehner apologize.

Kieth Olbermann is the most sensible man on the planet

The last time the Democrats gained more than 8 seats in the House was 1982.

Robertson - "Tammy Duckworth. What is she?"

John Edwards: "Vote Democratic & Give Workers a Raise"

Hitchens: Distortion of Kerry OBSCENE, NIXONIAN, FANTASTICAL

The Non-profit Menendez rented space to was Head Start!

Allen, GOP put blame for attack on blogger to Webb;Libby Dole demands apology

Another one bites the dust; almost like one a day

Wes Clark: We Owe it to Our Troops to Return to the Real Issue of the Election

God Bless Wes Clark

"And, Rummie, you're doing a heck of a job".

Kerry was right to apologize

If we lose campaigns simply because of Kerry's joke, whether it was

Joplin Missouri Headquarters Packed Full for Claire McCaskill!

The "conservative_YouTubers" and their leader Michelle_Malkin are flagging videos...

Rove already making excuses for the GOP's loss (and covering his own @$$)

Whats going on with this Bev Harris / voting documentary that Diebold is telling HBO not to air?

Joe Hints That Military Officers Have Political Motives

Why Do The Dems Cannibalize Themselves?........

I missed the Nelson and spunk and moxie debate is it on "the internets"

How long will Senator Kerry's apology be the top story at

Republicans cheering 9/11


Clinton to speak at ASU 'get out vote' rally Thursday

This is why the Repubs lose Tuesday

Allen, GOP put blame for attack on blogger to Webb;Dole demands apology

***OFFICIAL (?) FL Senate Debate Thread***

"Broken Government"

GOP blaming the troops research

Early voting in Denver, CO. A sexy excerpt.

Some recent quotes that Bush should apologize for

Let's start another Kerry thread because 100 isn't enough...

Can Paula Zahnn even comprehend what Hitchens & Sullivan are talking

Bill Clinton needs to speak out!

How Did Our Free Press Get Broken, And How Can We Repair It?

Voters are Doing it in Their Living Rms with People They've Never Met Before

Microsoft to Announce Linux Partnership

GIS Drop Smart Bomb on Kerry ("Halp us Jon Carry - We R stuck hear n Irak")

Last Gasps in Iraq

Crisis in Lebanon / Siniora's government on the road to collapse

"The Real War" & "November Surprise?" By Dan Froomkin WaPo

Exclusive: NRCC's Foley "Damage Control" by Ben Smith

Exploding Philanthropy: Moguls Spur a Rich & Unregulated Marketplace

Deconstructing Kerry (ABC piles it on)



Apocalypse No!

Joseph L. Galloway: Iraq sinks deeper into chaos as our 'friend' turns the other way

The more-than-two-trillion-dollar war

"Kerry's '72 comments mirror latest"

CNET: Does e-voting need paper trails?

Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques (FOIA)

Election 2006 – A Democratic Grassroots GOTV or Get Out The Vote Effort

Bush Admin Appoints Exxon’s Lee Raymond To Solve America’s Energy Crisis

Atlantic current (Gulf Stream) came to halt for 10 days in 2004

another stunning story from Rush/Bush interview

UK Considering Removing Traditional Light Bulbs From Store Shelves By 2009 - BBC

New Climate Protection Proposal - Hose Down Great Barrier Reef

Australia Unveils Voluntary Program To Block Illegal Timber Products

Estimates Of Anthropogenic Methane May Be Far Too Low - ES&T/Nature

UPM Prepares to Invest Strongly in 2nd Gen. Bio-Diesel (Finland)

U.S. Wind Energy Industry Completes World's Largest Wind Farm (735 MW)

No Fish by 2050

TVA to consider completing Watts Bar Unit 2 nuclear reactor.

October 2006 China's Warmest In 55 Years - Shanghai Daily

Sydney's Reservoirs Drop Below 40% Of Maximum Storage

Fortune - October Sales Of Big Trucks, SUVs "Through The Roof"

Most SC Justices Seem To Side W. Industry In Clean Air Act Hearing - WP

Australian Government Spends 2X As Much On Public Service Ads As On Climate

AutoNation CEO - Ford Unsold Inventory 105 Days, Not 75; D/C Totals 126 Days, Not 82

Censorship on Global Warming Alleged

Suburban Village Powered by 1.14 MW of Solar PV (Rohnert Park, California)

Sale of two Direct FuelCell (biogas) power plants (California, 600 kW)

1st Cyclone Hits S. Pacific 2 Mo. Early - An Aussie Farmer Kills Himself Every 4 Days

Oakland Mail Center Now Solar Powered (910 kW PV)

David Patterson (Spitzer's Running Mate) On Peak Oil, Efficiency, Alternatives

Officer and journalist wounded in anti-gay protest in Jerusalem

Israeli killings resume in Gaza Strip

PM: The 2/3 of Israel that wants Yigal Amir pardoned needs...

Minister Ben-Eliezer calls on IDF Chief of Staff Halutz to resign

More Palestinian missile strikes on Jewish settlements

Prosecution: Lieberman's anti-Arab remarks kosher

Court to state: Explain why Gaza students denied entry to Israel

Iran-Hamas Summit in Coming Weeks

Israeli foreign service takes care of Palestinian child

Are Israelis gearing up to bomb Iran?

the Decline of Israeli Democracy

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to Meet Latin American Jews

Cabinet tells IDF: Keep pressure on Hamas and ready for Gaza operation

Egypt rejects U.S. offer to deploy int'l force on border with Gaza

Chomsky, Cockburn & other gatekeepers are no concern to 9/11 Truth Seekers

Is Bush admitting explosives were in the Trade Centers here?

HBO Special "Hacking Democracy" about to air: times given.

ShoutOut! - Defend the Vote (Join The Ruckus Society Rapid Response Team)

nonpartisans aim to videotape voting woes

Ohio Consent Order suspends ID requirement for absentees

Great video link on MySpace home page!!

X Post C-Span Poll on Vote Accuracy, PLS DU:

Programmer testifies before Ohio House members about software!

Is this right? Much of "Hacking Democracy" Follows Bev Harris??

Verified Voting Message: Democracy Needs You!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 11/02/06

WAPO: Md. Democrats Say GOP Plans to Block Voters

Cuyahoga County Ohio Possibly Exposed Election System to Computer Virus

Idea: Paint Your Thumb Purple if you voted Dem

Interesting Comment by Dem Pollster Mark Mellmann re Repug Turn Out:

Democracy At Risk - one hour special - will be repeated FRIDAY!

NYT: Iraq War Frames ‘06 Vote in Last Poll Before Election (Good News)

Iran fires missiles in war games - TV

Nigeria gunmen kidnap American, Briton, in volatile delta

"Kerry's '72 comments mirror latest"

Iraq May Send US Force Home In 2 To 3 Years -Talabani

Foley's role in action flick unearthed

General: Abu Ghraib scandal forced me into retirement

Va. Senator blames opponent for scuffle (Whiny Macacawitz's sheer desperation)

Iraqi forces find donkeys laden with anti-tank mines near Iran border

Reuters: Cluster bomb victims overwhelmingly civilian: report

Fla. Lawmaker Charged in Slur Scandal (Republican Ralph Arza)

AP: 119 Iraqi Policemen Are Killed In October (UN says monthly Iraqi toll is 3,000)

Britain asks Syria for help in Iraq

McGavick criticizes Bush over Iraq war (WA Republican candidate for Senate)

Last Gasps in Iraq

Bush: Iraq troop level said sufficient

Halliburton cooperating with SEC in probe of Nigeria bribery scheme

Gunmen slay Baghdad University's Shiite dean of economics

NYT: Government Accountability Office to Investigate Oil Royalties

Syria says U.S. accusations on Lebanon "rubbish"

Scandals Alone Could Cost Republicans Their House Majority

US air strike kills Al-Qaeda kingpin

WP - Scandals Alone Could Cost Republicans Their House Majority

British officers involved in Brazilian shooting part of another fatality

St. Pete Times: FBI Questions Two More Former Aides To Harris

DW: German Court Rejects Civilian War Damages Claim (Serbia 1999)

Iran fires missiles in gulf war games

NYT: William Styron, Novelist, Dies at 81

Army Spc. Took Own Life After Objecting to Interrogations

E&P: Three Nat'l Geographic Journalists Hurt In Afghanistan (Roadside Bomb)

AP: Iraqi leader may reshuffle Cabinet

Reuters: Missing soldier still being held: military

BBC: EU abandons Turkey-Cyprus talks

Judge defends Iraq report against whitewash claim (Hutton report)

(Mass.) GOP icons lament party's drift, head for other side (endorse Deval Patrick)

Remains identified of Sept. 11 flight victims

BBC: Gazprom to double Georgia charges

Murtha on MSNBC

On Election Night, Networks Plan to Proceed With Caution

GIS Drop Smart Bomb on Kerry ("Halp us Jon Carry - We R stuck hear n Irak")

BBC: Egypt and Russia strengthen ties

BBC: Britain is 'surveillance society' (per UK Information Commissioner)

White House accused of stalling hunger report

Supervisor told new vote machines pose time-change problem

Senator Voinovich begs Ohioans to re-elect colleague DeWine

Experts critical of secret defense budgeting system

Court Blocks Order To Identify Cheney's Visitors

Coulter Refuses to Cooperate in Voting Probe (felony charge)

AP: Tower Error Blamed in Brazil Plane Crash

Halliburton ex-CFO paid $20,000/month for little work

Bush to rally GOP troops for key Nevada races

Cognizant to Invest Over $200 Million in India Infrastructure Expansion

BOE Says Some Close Races Could Take Days To Decide (OH)

US to set up consulate in Hyderabad by 2008

Seafood Population Depleted by 2048, Study Finds

U.S. cites talks to secure man‘s release (US negotiating with Sadr for GIs' release)

US Soldiers Massacred Iraqi Soccer Players

Indictment: Crooked deputies sold guns, drugs to public (Crooked Cops)

Ocean study predicts the collapse of all seafood fisheries by 2050

Question:: I am serious, here,

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 2

Hezbollah accuses U.S. of interfering Lebanon's national unity

Saudi market extends steepest fall since crash

Ford cuts salaried health care, 2007 merit raises

Miami Herald: Abramoff could be sentenced in Washington

Ex-Judges: Detainee Law Unconstitutional

Al-Qaeda confirms fugitive's death

Abramoff could be sentenced in Washington

Russia, China won't back Iran sanctions

Reuters: Iraq - Insurgents Using Children To Fight US-led Forces

Indictment: Crooked deputies sold guns, drugs to public (VA)

No toke about it, Canucks accept pot use for medicinal purposes, expert says

Rep. Paying Ex - Mistress About $500K

Bush says Dems soft on terrorists

Boehner refuses to apologize for faulting generals

Ohio GOP fights for its life in Congress

Breaking CNN TV - Oyler to be Charged Arson/Murder (CA)

Jury convicts father in genital mutilation of girl

FBI questions two more former aides to Harris

Haggard stepping down amid gay affair inquiry

AP: Md. Dems Slam GOP Voter-Credential Guide

Businesses may move health care overseas

Senator (Allen) won't scold backers for tackling heckler

Button on e-voting machine allows multiple votes

Medicare Cuts Payments For Many Services 5%

Britons: Bush threat to world peace

DeLay promotes his vision

(Carl Levin) Key Democrat: Bush 'Out Of Touch' On War

Florida Republican in Islam hate row

Mexican police surround university in Oaxaca

Offer of free flu shots halted at polling places (after GOP complains)

US general likens Iraq to "work of art" in progress

Scientists say White House muzzled them

Productivity slows to a standstill

Bus driver appeals firing for "flipping off" President Bush

Fox News ratings take a steep tumble (-24% from 2005)

'Only 50 years left' for sea fish

Army General Retires, Blames Abu Ghraib

Judge rules against Libby (not allowed to use a memory expert)

Kerry slip-up not seen hurting Democrats at polls

Moroccan wins first place in Iran Holocaust cartoon contest

More than 10,700 snared in fugitive roundup

Chavez angers opposition leaders

Top Evangelical Denies Gay Affair

Reuters: Vietnam charges 3 U.S. citizens with "terrorism"

S.D. struggles with its own page scandal

It's "beggars are choosers" day on Freecycle!

RONNYKMARSHALL - was that you on Stephanie Miller?????!!11

Did You Check Your Children's Candy After Trick or Treating?

Police Looking For Man Who Robbed Noodle Bar

How did the bouncers on Jerry Springer get their jobs?

Trendy Chicks Who Shop Online...Where do you shop?

Girl Finds Needle In Tootsie Roll She Got While Trick-Or-Treating

3 hours ago, I found out a friend of mine from high school killed himself.

"Dancing with the Stars"..... the TOUR!!!!


Ok, seriously about bushes visit...

I demand an apology.

I demand a Thank You!

You know, this fuschia tie only makes me hate Rick Santorum more

NaCl: Is it salt?

Why do gentlemen always open doors for ladies?

Don't miss Treehouse of Horror on Sunday, okay?

Any good jokes lately?

4 1/2 hours ago

Give me a normal life or give me a quick and painless death!

Give me an "AWWWW"

mom appreciation thread

Crazed Squirrel Attacks Postal Worker (Squirrel Shot With BB Gun)

Ex-Inmate Trick-Or-Treat's With Daughter While Dressed In Prison Jumpsuit (Costume)

I recieved a second ballot in the mail today (absentee)

Happy All Souls' Day!

Iron Man movie, Baby

If I have flirted with you and you missed it,

Helium filled mylar balloons

If you have flirted with me and I missed it,

USC great Marlin McKeever dies

Man, Unhappy With Car Wash, Chokes Employee Until He Passes Out

So in celebration of my good review yesterday

I'm back from my cruise, and my mother in law's funeral

I demand everyone send me $1

GD: Is It Safe?

Do you have a "junk drawer" in your kitchen?

We buried my Grandma yesterday.

So Bush is going to be on my campus Friday...

So no one told you life was going to be this way...

Wes Clark and Pete Seeger have both called me today

Man Finds Nude Photos Of 'Desperate Housewife' Actress In Trash (Marcia Cross)


George & the Parrot

Happy Dias de los Muertos!!

Dancing around in my gin to Underwear Blossoms

SCARY MUSIC! Post your favorites HERE!

Welcome Home, Colonel Angus!

"Wonderjock" Underwear Makes Men Look Bigger

Halloween is over

hot toddy, anyone?

Dancing around in my underwear to Gin Blossoms

So far, they are still living but no one (to my knowledge) has learned how to fly

Did you steal your Children's Candy After Trick or Treating?

Album cover of the day.

Favorite Friend?

I'd like to roll with the gangstas, although it's apparent I'm too white and nerdy.

My Wednesday night fun-with-fundies post...

What's in your wallet?

Ummm...Ohio Joe???

A little something for Buddhamama. :)

***Friends trivia!***

Overly aggressive military recruiter

Would someone please give W a blow job so we can impeach him?


Click here if you admire GEORGE W. BUSH!

Drunk Man Tries To Buy Gas At Nuclear Power Plant

Most bands have 3, maybe 4 good albums in them

OK, I missed the toaster joke...

Who is finished with their Christmas/holiday shopping?

I love watching reruns of Friends - got a problem with that?

What if the "hokey-pokey" IS what it's all about. Discuss.

Anybody else know about Mechanical Turk?

Mentos and Diet Coke

It's getting to the point where Jack Chick's no fun anymore

What is a "3 conductor cable"?

Why do people put pine straw around plants, trees, etc.?

I wish my weather radio had better judgment!

So near and yet so far.

Barbaro's vet says cast on injured leg could come off next week

Woman Dies Of Heart Attack Right Next To Her Own Grave

Can you recommend a good GPS system for a cat?

So, These Little Chocolate Donuts Are Really Crappy.

I am not in favor of a paper trail...

Hot Tuna is indisputable proof that Jorma walks amongst us


Death metal bands. Name some good ones for me.

I'm hungry, but I'll cook you the omelet first.

Nurse Charged With Cruel Prank On Ex-Boyfriend

Smart and/or informed people: Can a 16 year old get a car lease?

It's a Bat Shit Crazy Republican Show Down Contest!!!!

Who was the Saturday Night Live comedian

Wisdom from East and West

Error: You've already recommended that thread.

Time for yet another KITTY THREAD!

Just got "Free to Be You and Me" and "Really Rosie" for Tavernertoddler

Carole King. Tapestry. Rainy Day. Coffee.

Shit you do to fuck with people who fuck with you?

Does anyone here watch Nip/Tuck?

People who play mind games are evil.

PATRIOTS for everybody! Who wants a patriot?

I'm hungry someone cook me an omelette ..pretty Please :o)

Congratulations leftchick!! 30,000 posts

Congratulations w4rma!! 20,000 posts

In honor of it's 200th birthday, I raise a Martini to the cocktail!

Just a few things

It's SNOWING here! And I'm so very cold.

Fill in the blank:

Woohoo! I just got back from my first weigh-in!

Fill in the bank.

you better not complain, boy, you get in trouble with the man

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/2/06)

Congratulations wicket!! 10,000 posts

Where Is NWC? We Need Interview Updates!

Halloween BABY PICTURES. Josie the Giraffe. (8 pics)

Malaysia's 'Magnetic Man' Demonstrates Powers

Democratic Underground caused me to make a fool of myself.

Do you ever sit and wonder "WTF Happened???"

Forget Ted Haggard! This is the real Haggard

Going to Vegas!!! Ask me anything!!! Tell me anything!!!!

Everybody say "Hey, we want some pudding!"

Recommend some good (free!) podcasts.

It's 1000 posts, come on DU give me 1000 hugs

I'm Leaving DU...



I'm a victim of___________.

Well, that just tops it off.

Is anybody into that new show "Heroes" on NBC?

do you drink the kool-aid?

Shameless attempt at attention-whoring, ask me anything the "Lost" story is clear to me (spoilers)

I feel FAT...Ugh!

So what is your TV Brain Candy?

Thursday, November 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

OT: Ladies, I have designed a kitty cat thong. Warning: sexy underwear. Makes good gift too.

"The Look of Love" - who should remake this classic?

Hey, I just won a pair of tix to see Leo Kottke, guitarist extraordinaire, tomorrow nite!

I had such good intentions...

30 Years Ago Today, Jimmy Carter was Elected President

Inventions that never should have been invented?

Should I transition to 'Metric Time'?

Who all is doing NaNoWriMo?

Anybody need a writer or editor?

If your rent is due on the 1st of the month

When bad albums happen to good artists - you're worst example

Yesterday a high school in my city burned completely down to the ground ...

If you are not tampering in God's domain, then what ? (humor)

What job did you have when you were a kid? (I was the remote control)

Things you liked to eat or drink as a kid.

Things that you will never ever do again as long as you live?

Top 10 Ted Haggard excuses

Can you recommend a good GPS system for a car?

Canned Tuna is undisputable proof that Satan walks amongst us

Philly, NJ, Delaware: Come see me play in Dover, DE this weekend!

Greatest 70's-era Female Singer-Songwriter?

Have you ever visited the grave of a famous person?

Hill's Second Chance for Love Contest - Help a DUer!

Funniest Thing Your Pet Does/Did?

Marvel Superheroes Intros

My little dog won! Thank you!


If you have cats, do you let them run free outside?

If a thread gets more than 9999 views, what will happen?

Were The Founding Fathers Christian -- Part 2

Study: Men Need Earlier Colonoscopies

Political-genetic theory is studied

NJ legislators plan to rush discriminatory civil unions bill without hearings

Kevin McCullough..Anti-Gay Marriage pundant.

Dick DeVos = Star QB???

A thought re: A-Rod

Alex Miller-Mignone: Election Preview

The "Secret" On Larry King Tonight, Thursday, Nov. 2nd, 9pm Est.


Kudos to Harold Ford

Was it pay back?

More bullshit.

If I may, How about a list of acceptable places for a donation


Sorry to add to the fire

The Tennessean goes to bat for Kerry!

help - actual prewritten quote of Kerrys - what he was supposed to say

JK blog: Fighting words on You Tube

Jimmy Tingle on Kerry - From BMG

So I may get to come to Boston after all

Who the hell is Michael Schmerconish? He's on my list ...

This is hilarious!

OMG!! Andrew Sullivan just saw the light!


It's all politics

The media can kiss my ass.

New JK email.

Great Resource: HAVA link

The DC Democratic political machine at work

The Globe today

This says all you need to know:

According to Wikipedia...

another supportive article "Speaking of Apologies". .

Some people know the truth. The Veterans.

Let us take a moment to think of the Iraq people -- a life of terror and horror.

Lest we Forget: Who wrote this?

Mark at The Premise blows McCain and Clinton out of the water.

Really good post by Jane Hamsher on HuffPost

I need help finding a Kerry Sound Bite.

Trick or Treat

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on the 06 Senate races

"Donald Rumsfeld is a visionary leader."

Tony Snow has lost all credibility. He is now a big joke.

Are Israelis gearing up to bomb Iran?

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

Iran fires dozens of missiles in war games

George W. Bush owes the world an apology.

Top ten signs that election 06 is driving you crazy

Kerry's joke is top story but the press has already forgotten these dead

Now, even Bechtel is bailing on Iraq.

Now I am pissed off- how long has CNN had Kerry as top story now?

Letters to the Editor you really should see. Disgusted Republicans!

Hillary and Rush Trash Kerry - Casey Stands up for Him.....

George Allen to be questioned in attack on Mike Stark

Iraq-bound soldier goes AWOL again

Boehner: Let's not blame Iraq woes on Rumsfeld... Blame them on the Generals instead

Obama's shooting star to burn out. Real soon.

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel...

Russia keen to help Egypt get nuclear power

Halliburton cooperating with SEC in probe of Nigeria bribery scheme

Now we know why Bush ABANDONED A SOLDIER in Iraq...his name isn't JOE.

Russia defends sale of missiles to Iran

Latenight Talkshow quote of the week. :)

Liars never apologize, they just make excuses.

This is exactly why I didn't think JK should apologize.

there's at least one silver lining to the Kerry "botched joke" story...

So now that Boehner has perked his little head up for Rumsfeld...

Did Ann Coulter Vote Illegally?

Part V: Halliburton/KBR Cut and Run from Iraq: Cheney Running Like Hell (Again)

Are any high placed repubs campaigning for Felix Macaca?

Study: College-aged to vote in record numbers

Reuters/Zogby - Democrats Lead in Enough Races to Take Senate

U.S. Ordered to Abandon Iraq Checkpoints

The Crazy Kazakh Correspondent

Republican dirty tricks at NC early voting place--Watch out!

OH, my. How they just refuse to report on Boehner and his blame the generals

Democrats have shot at Senate control

So, will Bechtel and the other contractors who are "cutting and running"

RW columnist: "I should be supporting Allen. Instead, I'm leaving the party"

The Only Question: How Big Will The Dem Win Be?

What do Poll Observers do? How does that work?

Sen Allen To Be Questioned By Police Re: Scuffle With Stark

REAFFIRMED: House will be 254 Democrats, 180 Republicans

Wednesday November 8

Under GOP rule, even the wildlife is dangerous.....

Who are you?

AOL Poll needs help

The republican war of terror is a botched joke, just like bush himself.

Don't you think Americans need MORE TIME to vote?

Rummy Stays; Gets New Title ('TOON)

Scientists Say WH Muzzled Them-Docs Will Uncover Widespread Misconduct

The Fear Merchants - An audio essay by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Dean: "There's a lot of similarities between Nixon and Agnew and Bush and Cheney"

What ABCNNBCBSAFixedNoiseNutwork don't cover about Iraq.

Is it safe to come back?

U.S. confirms (missing) soldier married an Iraqi

Did everyone see the VOTEVETS ad on Cabal News this morning? WOW.

3 days of news wasted on Kerry's comment, how conveeeenient.

Bush Admin Delaying Release Of Annual Hunger Report Until After Elections

Iraq "Index Of Civil Conflict" Graphic As Seen On Olbermann Last Night

Chimpy's goofs set to American Idiot- video

Bill Moyers' America 101 -- A Must Read

Jack Murtha is on Stephanie Miller's show

AP: Chavez Angers Opposition Leaders (Christmas bonuses in November)

VA Paper Publishes Article on Assault by Allen Staffers

trailer for Dixie Chicks just on NBC!

What the hell is Bush talking about here?

My state has a referendum on the Death Penalty, so

Excuse Me ??? What's That You Say ??? I Can't Quite Hear You ???

More apologies due from rethuglicans.

My volunteer work today

Al Gonzales should be Impeached for his Voting Rights Act Violations.

Emily Kreider (D) For Ohio Sen.Responds to Attack Ads

If they want to make it about Kerry vs. Chimpface again...

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

LTTE from local "Reverend" about Michael J Fox & response

Nice to see the troops in Iraq are taking care of business

Who loses November 7?

Rove's November Surprise Is Here! "The Ds Must APOLOGIZE!!!"

Apologize Mr. Bush

Oh man, I'm almost about to give up

An issue every Democratic candidate needs to raise in this final week

More Byaaah and less Charlie Rose

Christopher Reeve's Children Take Up His Cause

Friedman of 'NYT' Finally Calls for Setting Deadline for U.S. Pullout in Iraq

Caption this picture from the sludge report

If the Repugs cry election fraud over Sequoia/Chavez connections

Sean Hannity Had Me Kicked Off of An Aircraft Carrier: Exclusive Story

A voter in my area said tonight he won't vote for an Iraq war veteran because of Kerry.

It boils down to this: Who do you trust to clean up this mess?

can people start using WMV please so I can watch?

California woman admits serially killing four babies

George Felix Allen blames assault on Jim Webb:

Undocumented workers and social security

Medic's bloody hand, holding sniper's bullet, on frontpage of NY Times

My eyes welled up because it’s difficult to write letters that you only want to be read if you die.

Yet ANOTHER Republican state senate scandal

Who of the Congress Critters should we not work for their defeat?

MSNBC homepage - Clouds of Scandal - pic

My first post (that isn't a reply) forgive me for my

Will Ann Coulter Go Down?


About B*sh's "road show"...

Theory: Why touch screens favor Republicans

Twelve vegetables with the highest amounts of pesticides in them.

Why does nobody ask this question of Tony Snow?

(Another) Top evangelical denies gay affair

Please DU this poll - Is Sen. Kerry's Apology Enough?

Anybody listening to Stephanie?

Where's the SLUT club this morning?

The unemployment benefit collectors rate.

I just voted!

Restaurant chain pays $50,000 for Colbert portrait tunes out scathing RFID privacy report

KO : Bush Doesn't send out Canes - he uses CLUBS

Words to remember from Ma Joad - Grapes of Wrath

Our failure to bring security to Iraq emboldens our enemies

Mike Webb praising Olbermann -- playing his commentary

Great Halloween sidewalk chalk art with a message for these scary times! (2 pics)

Keith Oberman made me cry tonight.

I'll bet Rove, Cheney et al are laughing their asses off at us tonight.

What's wrong with The Google?

Damn them all to hell...

15 Minutes until a replay of Olbermann's Commentary

In Dallas - Motorcade with bunch of cops and helicopter - help!

Travel weather to D.C. is not freezing, 10 day forecast includes 11-8-06

I hope EVERY Democrat on every ballot in the US WINS

What Happened To John Mueller On The Daily Show?

Macaca is blaming Webb for the incident the other day.

Vote Vets new ad in Tenn features Wes Clark.

Poll Roundup for 11/2/2006- Senate and House Races

In my opinion, Dick Cheney has a perfectly good reason to call the shredders to his house.

And the M$M's, Big Report Is About A Blotched Joke, All While

The only way we can win is to wage "Jihad" against the MSM

Will any Republicans change parties if Repubs win Senate majority by cheating?

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 2 Nov 06 VOTE!

PHX DUers! Big Dawg at ASU tomm!!!!

Developing: Bush admin under investigation for censoring climate change research!

I LOVE conspiracy theories!! Think there is a connection here?

An overview of the most recent senate polls

Kudos to Olbermann

Has anyone seen or heard anything of Condi in the last two weeks?

"I'm outta here!" Another republican quits the loonygoons show

Tell CBS what they've got WRONG

An honest, but potentially naive question.

Where are all of the Boehner Stories - Nothing in the media about

Found: Unit insignia of the 101st Keyboarders

OK California, what are you doing now?

So all the morning news is STILL about Kerry...even after the apology.

Polling Judges in MD Receiving Anonymous Threatening Calls

NOT AGAIN: 'Just Push the Yellow Button, Vote as Many Time as You Want' on Sequoia E-Vote Systems!

We Must Ask: What DO They Gain by Prolonging the War?

This goes out to Stephanie Miller:

Only 29 percent of Americans approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq

We need a constitutional amendment requiring a paper trail for elections

First Guiliani blamed the troops now Boehner

My LTTE regarding voting machines.

Nora O'Donnell: "Liberal Blogger Tried To Rush (George) Allen"

Political messages that never should have been approved. - Flash by Mark Fiore

Today Show Whoremongers!!!! Why did it take Kerry so long to apologize?

"The school had no link with al-Qaeda or Taleban - we were there to learn the God's religion"

Foley's role in action flick unearthed

Great flier: If you live in fear, you live in Republican America

Great works-anywhere GOTV flier: Choose Democracy Choose Democrats

Florida ballot terminals favor Republicans--Even when voters don't

Keep your eye on the 80 killed at Chinagai on Monday. It might come close to home.

Who is this Skinner poster that is having to too much fun in the video forum

Did I hear this right?? Bush apologizes for going on Rush Limbaugh show !!

Anyone getting robocalls from Compartners?

AP's Solomon continues Kerry smear: digs up 1972 comments about troops

Boehner Must Apologize

Barbara Streisand's website lists articles she thinks are worth a read

Bush Voted 'Weaseliest Politician' in Online 'Dilbert' Poll

Is it OK for a blog to suggest to it's followers to Google Bomb

Stupid recycling question and has there been a move to do something about this?

Guilt by Assocication....Bush on Limbaugh means HE SUPPORTS

Message from Howard Dean:

April 21, 2006 a Walmart in North Dakota lost its roof due to snow loading

Andrew Sullivan "This is not an election anymore, it's an intervention."

Bush Voted 'Weaseliest Politician' in Online 'Dilbert' Poll

Armstrong Williams on Air America radio

I went out and bought a new frame for Ann Coulters mug shot.

Rich man's war and a poor man's fight

Agree or disagree?

My official 2006 prediction:


Govt. Tells Singles, No Sex Till You're 30

CNN Teaser: Atty Gen Gonzales about to announce

NYT - Who Are You? - No, Really, Please Tell Me, Who Are You?

Question on video forum and youtube

Pentagon Considers Criminal Charges Against NYT For Revealing The Truth

Transcr. needed of Kerry telling joke before!

Sherrod Brown: GOP trying to deflect attention from Iraq failures

The View plugging for HBO electronic voting documentary

Glenn Greenwald: The Crime Of Exposing The Truth About Iraq

Commander Sanchez-FORCED TO RETIRE-Says Abu Graib Sole Reason For Leaving

***Kerry's slip toon***

Tax question: Hybrid Car Deduction

What ever happened to that MIami Al Qaeda cell busted last year? (real answers please)

Who's this a-hole Kneel Boortz?

Mike Newcomb (Malloy's network) just played KO's commentary

Radical Fringe TOON -Thursday 11/2/06 don't turn around?

Today I will do the following:

Bush Laments ‘Tone’ In Washington, Says His Opponents Want Terrorists To Win

It's the stupidity, stupid!

Absentee Ballot Problem (Idiocy)

Which empire would you choose to live in?

Last night's Daily Show a masterpiece

Dems. lead in 6 key Senate races

Remains of 2 identified from WTC /One Flight Attend AA Flt 11

Two sessions of torture were more than enough for this soldier

Mom votes early in Vegas....

San Francisco Values . . .

Dean's e-mail: take the day off? November 7th, does anyone have it?

General likens Iraq to "work of art" in progress

I will get to meet the Big Dog tomorrow in Milwaukee!

Is this how Republicans make themselves look presidential?

Got an anti-Democrat phone call in Missouri, is that legal?

Cuyahoga County, OH Possibly Exposed Election System To Computer Virus

Too Stupid to Know He's Being Called Stupid ---pix--->>>

Click here if you admire GEORGE W. BUSH!

Bush Shows True Reep Colors w/ Red, White & GREEN fireworks:

Doing the google - "worst president ever"

Why didn't this bombing make the news?

Is Saddam's Sentencing The "November Surprise"?

Troubled troops in no-win plight (kicked out for PTSD caused by war)

The Urge to Suppress

Cut the GOP some slack... (observation with jokes)

I hate to use Rasmussen but---he has Ford and Corker 1 point apart

there's an old shrubbery blowing through billings today...

Iraq May Cost GOP Congress

Front Page of Gulf Daily News: US WAR A 'LOST BATTLE'

DU have some fun in Chicago Tribune leave a comment on Boehner

Wired: DHS border screening system vulnerable to viral attacks

Show your colors. My Democratic yard signs

Hilliard A Strong Challenge To 5-Term GOP Incumbent (PA-5)

NYT - Who Are You? - No Really, Tell Me, WHO ARE YOU?

Has there ever been an instance of an unscientific poll being cited

The man of the hour just popped up in my inbox

Maybe KO's best "Special Comment" to date.

First Lady: Politicians should be careful what they say about Bush

Remember, Remember....

Just for fun: Resting in peace and prosperity

Do the Democrats need to focus more resources out West?

MOST media people are not dumb as a box of rocks, right?

The Shameless Hypocrisy of Recruiting (re: the Kerry controversy)

The Media, Howard Dean's Scream, and John Kerry's Joke....

E&P: Bush Voted 'Weaseliest Politician' In Online 'Dilbert' Poll


When was the last time we saw this? - * & Laura pics

DU have some fun leave a comment on Boehner in the Chicago Tribune

More poll results

Don't forget your local races!

Nova M Radio is adding another new show

My prediction: Webb wins

Another Bush "Brownie" Heading Construction in Iraq and Afghanistan

DSCC is buying all available air time in Arizona--Pederson's late surge

Howard Dean, David Kuo, Mark Halperin on with Charlie Rose

Murtha on MSNBC


Was Kerry Apology enuf being freeped at MSRNC

Daily life in Iraq.

On his website bio Boehner has the right way to say his name!!!!

RePUKES think the voters won't realize filthy Rove/Bush LIED about Kerry's comment

Honest Abe censored by DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lieberman will be a no show tonight at Quinnipiac debate

T-shirt and protest slogans (clever and funny!)

Lest we forget - The Big Lie, The Seeds of Fear

Focus on the Senate.

* in Montana today - pics

Does Mexico have National Healthcare?

Lamont/Schlesinger debate tonight. Any place we could see it?

Keith's Ratings Up 67% in one year

In Bush’s World . . .


White House accused of stalling hunger report

Violence rips Baghdad social fabric

Oil companies Trim Profits Before Elections

Snow on Kerry Flap: "We didn't raise it"

MSNBC Poll - Will Kerry's comments affect election?

Got a phone? Then you have what you need to tip this election over the top.

I Am PISSED OFF at the STUPIDITY of the Democratic Party.

Namecaller-in-Chief leads GA Reepers in call and response of lies

What if the "hokey-pokey" IS what it's all about. Discuss.

British Soldier Kept Abuse Diary of Iraqi Prisoners

GOP tactics are to 2006 as Brooks' tactics are to 1856.

What style of "justice" we can look forward to, thanks to Bush

John Boehner must apologize

Bill Maher: Roasting Chestnuts (some NEW RULES)

Los Alamos computer disk was 'traded for meth'

Howard Dean addresses Kerry's remarks

2,819 U.S. Troops dead in W's war of choice

Who has done more to harm US troops?

Kerry's Questions About Bush's Refusal To Serve Still Stand Unanswered

Who here really believes Hillary's THE ONE???

Discordant reality time warp (Hacking Democracy)

"stay the course" or "cut and run". . . how about another option. . . ?

see how your elected official voted for veterans

The BA. Make their lives HELL over HERE, in case there's no Hell over THERE

What are the tracking polls saying today?

Another UPSIDE. Debate about WHO is being targeted for recruiting is Page 1

What's a Thursday without a CAPTION???

This is a good indication of why Dean's 50-state strategy has paid off

caption this Pickles pic...

Tony Snow Just Said They Will Win House & Senate. Just Now. CNN

CAPTION the Cretin-in-Chief!

either couric is taking on too much, or she has not yet found her groove in the new news

Roll Call: Parties gird up for possible recount battles

Look for them to spend ALL WEEKEND lowering the expectations

Will anyone ever get up the nerve to spill the beans....

help...need that reverse kerry stupid bush picture to counter

Cross post for my GD friends - One Tin Soldier

Did anyone hear on Sam Sedar today the "repuke" who said women needed hit

Stark Tells His Side (video)

Randi has a live one

Finally, a picture of Bush where he doesn't look like a complete moron

Coulter Refuses to Cooperate in Voting Probe (felony charge)

Wisconsin is considering the Death Penalty in a referendum, prompting

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) On NPR now LIVE! On "Talk of the Nation"

Need: A short, concise, factual primer on Bev & Andy for our many Newbies.

Army Times: Boehner refuses to apologize for faulting generals

Mark Foley can't act!

BradBlog: Here We Go Again - Vote As Many Times As You Want On Sequoia Machines

Who is this 'Reverend Dan' on Randi Rhodes?????

The American people gave the Republicans 12 years to prove themselves.

Former White House spokesman warns oil prices to go up after election

Randi Rhodes time!

"On behalf of The American Legion, we accept the senator's apology"

"What Republicans Believe" (oldie but goodie)


President of National Association of Evangelicals...Read This!

Mike Malloy will be back on THE QUAKE RADIO this Monday.

A point we need to hammer to any GOPers or independents in these next few days: FOREIGN POLICY!

DU This MSNBC Poll: Is Kerry Apology Enough?

Christian Newswire: Concerned Women "EXPERTS" available election night

With the President calling a phone in talk radio show. Does this make the first

Vote and win the lottery??? I LIKE IT!!!

Putting The Rotten, Dysfunctional, Corrupt MSM Out of It's Sordid Misery

tweety and gergen on msnbc just now

Republicans want poor old people to get sick and die

Saying Good bye Lane Evans (D-IL) for veterans day and now for you

Idiot Son: "THE DEMOCRATS don't know how to win in Iraq" BWAAAAAHAHA

Learn this term: Fallacy of Accident

Media shocked that law enforcement involved in selling drugs

Bush: Thousands Of Registered Democrats Needed For 'Extremely Important' Mission

Michael Schiavo: Charlie Crist LIED in debate re: Michael's wife

Lynn Cheney's book review on Amazon - Was this helpful to YOU? the Kerry story now absent from the cable networks?

Bush's Fuzzy Math - October Edition

Johm Kerry should apologize personally to George W Bush ?

Tester leading Burns 58-37 in early voting in MT

I watched the Daily Show this afternoon

email the Allen campaign:

Senator Macaca - did anyone watch "The Daily Buzz" this morning?

It's not too late for Bush and Dick.

BREAKING: Actual notes from the "botched joke" discovered!!

I have an anti Bush sticker on my car. When I vote will I be able

Roll Call: Parties Gird for Post-Election Recount Battles

If we win both Houses, does that hurt us for 08'?

Hey Repubs, wouldn't it be SO GREAT if GOP won both houses Nov 7? NO LAME DUCK BUSH?

AWOL soldier says he deserted after witnessed a fellow soldier shoot an Iraqi civilian

DUers do you know that Fucker is real scum

Which race are you most interested in seeing the results of?

We have NEVER seen this kind of number before (Cook Polling) >>>

When Will The Republican Party Resurrect Collin Powell?

Being connected to Jack Abramoff is unpopular, War in Iraq is unpopular. So...

Last Night Keith O absolutely rocked!!!!

Two JK related questions: Are we losing any votes we had a chance of winning?

For those that need a reminder - Revisit this Documentary

Comedy Central back on YouTube, Viacom caves.

Do you think regular people really care about the Kerry gaffe story?

Harold Ford has Hannity 'moving on' ....

AP: Ohio Coin Dealer's Partner Takes Stand

New Meme: "The only way the Republicans can win is by CHEATING"

Wolf on CNN about to show the George Allen Scuffle

CNN Cannot Find any Democrats...

Will it happen this weekend? US and Iran on collision course

The Haggard Scandal Is As Good For Us As Foley

It's time to break authoritarianism, elitism, and aristocracy in America

Rep Sherwood Paid Mistress $500K Incentive To Keep Quiet Until After Election

Republicans Are Employing the Abusive Husband Strategy

What's going on..

Montel Williams was here in rural East Texas this week

Is this right? Much of "Hacking Democracy" follows Bev Harris?

I Live In Tennessee And The Corker Campaign Shames Me as an American.

Malloy fans using dial-up, good news re: podcasts.

Lurking Fundies: Who is the worse author -- Jim Webb or God?

Preview 2008 Senate contests

OT: Ladies, I have designed a kitty cat thong. Warning: sexy underwear. Makes good gift too.

There WILL be an IRAN invasion and DRAFT after Nov 8...

I don't remember Joe Lockhart or Mark McCurry on CNN/Fox/MSNBC all the time

Who has that great list of media outlets calling for "the president" to resign?

Lott: 'I kind of felt sorry for John Kerry'

"Cut and Run" Bush: "I’ve never really resorted to name-calling. "

Lou Dobbs: "No one has been thinking" about electronic voting

Who the heck is this John Solomon character? (AP reporter)

A Guy Walks Out of a Bar.....

Boehner Kicks It Up A Notch

C-Span caller blames Clinton for Mark PedoFoley

(FIORE) Ad Wars

Larry Johnson:Over the Rubicon, Into the Styx

Democrats receive better marks than Republicans from veteran's organizations

Tweety: "McCAIN-ROMNEY for '08 are starting to WARM ME UP"

Stupid CA State Rep Jeff Denham (R)

hilarious attempt by rw hack to respond to olbermann

Evangelical feminism a new path to liberalism (keep them women down)

Larisa has just seen tonight's HBO film on electronic voting; her preview here:

In the late months of 1863 U S Grant took command of the

Caption Laura

SUSA Poll: "Republican J.D. Hayworth is in trouble"

Iran test-fires longer range missile

Question:: I am serious, here,

Archaeologist cleared in Islamic scarf dispute (sheesh....)

So what about Automark voting machines? Lamar County-Texas

NYT: Lebanese women in aggressive display to attract rare men.

Are you ready to play .."Election Night Bingo"....(Bingo Cards encl.)

If Dems win Congress, Bush and Co. MUST BE IMPEACHED!

On MSNBC page: "Inside the Bush White"

CNN mis-labels Michael Steele as a Democrat!

Question: when you wake up on November 8th to discover fraWd prevented a two house control of congre

Corker opens up 10-point lead on Ford (TN Senate)

so do you think Minn. National guard guys thought up that sign...

Bush, Republicans, Using Nazi "Stabbed in the Back" Propaganda to Hit Dems

Tony Perkins still dissing Kerry on Tweety


White House Launches Campaign To Politicize Saddam Verdict Ahead of Midterm Elections

Tonight on Countdown - Thursday, November 2, 2006

Nah, he doesn't care about the troops.

Cheaterman (Lieberman) Campaign Caught Breaking Slush Fund Laws

Is it right for Boosh to campaign on Air Force One?

We need to worry about the Homosexual Agenda...

30 years ago today a great man was elected President of the USA

Christian Repub QUITS PARTY over SLIME MACHINE: Had Enough!

You know what REALLY pi**es me off!!!!!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Senate

EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter arrest pics!

Entire Third Division may go back to Iraq (20,000 soldiers for 3rd tour)

"I feel good that I have a president who gets down on his knees every day"

C-Span Poll: Are you Confident of Vote Count Accuracy? PLS DU THIS!

bush's yale transcript

OK, so what was the October surprise, anyway?

White House accused of stalling hunger report....MSNBC

Donna Brazille sucks. On CNN, facing the pathetic hypocrite William Bennett, she sounds like

Kerry borrowed a page from Rove's book

Why the f*ck is John "Blame The Generals" Boehner not front page news?

Ask a retired General to condemn Boehner for INSULTING OUR TROOPS!

Malloy Podcasts... I only got 37 min?

A message from Al Gore

David Horsey: Who has done more to harm U.S. troops? New Protest Movement Inside The Military - Including Active Duty Soldiers Back From Iraq

Rove's "November" surprise?

It may be good for the election, but what does this mean for the party?

If you NEEDED to find a Republican, where is the first place you would look?

Candidate ad tells it like it is to voters in WI-5

If it turned out that Chimpy has brain cancer affecting his judgment...

Republican Committee chairs often have 'horrific' records on science, matters they oversee..

ROFL - GOP flyer mistakenly endorses Democrat

Murder Victim Had Obtained Protection Order

Today, The People of Oaxaca Drove off the Federales

Democrats want the terrorists to win?

Mr. Abrams @ MSNBC: Hiring suggestions that will make us throw away our remotes...

Tucker Carlson Asks Mike Stark Why George Allen Spitting On His Wife Is Relevant

In Kansas, 9 former Republicans run as Democrats

Did we lose a lot of votes by some encouraging absentee ballot use as an alternative to Diebold?

Ode to the Democratic Party for the coming election day

Lawsuit seeks to expose federal ties to anti-abortion centers

Operation SAVE WALMART! Christianity "moving out of the closet"!!!!11

Marines Also Upset With Boehner

GOP MUST GO "American Conservative Magazine" NO On Bush Is Best Outcome!

George Allen: Striking Union Workers are "Morons"

The ultimate "we will lose thread". All defeatists please post here.

Caption Lieberman

John Harris begs co-author Mark Halperin to STFU

Olberman Links

Do you support the death penalty?

Wal Mart: Snow? Too bad.

Lets Face It - Lots of Important People are Gay.

That's it. No more Ms. Nice, polite rebuttals!

WARNING TO VOTERS: Bush's Neocons Want to Bomb Iran (Steve Clemons)

Inside the Shocking HBO Film That Rocks the Voting Process

"Still Waiting" Rep John Sweeney (R-NY) fails to produce police report

Ha! Ha! Olberman just P0wN3d every concern troll here!

800 Bush/Gonzales Fed robots to steal the elections?

OAXACA: Feds Now Attacking University Radio Station, Shooting reported

Exclusive: Reynolds Aides PARTICIPATED In Foley-Damage-Control BEFORE Scandal Broke

My mom died tonight.

Haggard Stepping Down

NOT AGAIN: 'Just Push the Yellow Button, Vote as Many Time as You Want' on Sequoia E-Vote Systems!

We need a 2 day National Holiday For Voting

Bush Lies - and Knows He Lies (makes him one scary dude)

Why does the media hate John Kerry?

Any of Our Troops In Iraq Read DU?

TOONS ... (collection of anti-Bush, anti-GOP) ====>

I'm optimistic that the right wing revolution is OVER

Chertoff awarded: "Horriffic Irony" Horrifies Award Namesake's Grandson

US Soldiers Massacred Iraqi Soccer Players

Something's happening here: The Great Republican Bug-out

CAPTION the sweet librarian lady whose actually a pretty nasty piece of work...

After we win, let us wage peace and serve the Greater Good

Rep. Ford Jumps To Within 1 Point Of Bush-Lovin Bob Corker 48% - 47%

Ed Shultz talking about 800 election "monitors" from Justice Dept..

The Freepers will finally get to see the man they harrassed, tonight

Army Times: Boehner Refuses To Apologize For Faulting Generals

Rep. (Sherwood R-PA) paying ex-mistress about $500K

Any idea what this "bombshell" that Wolf Blitzer is yammering about is?

Vermont poised to elect America's first socialist senator

Interesting chemistry

Will this holocaust be forgotten?

I think a big bar to our success is that the smartest liberals don't go into politics

Developing: Bush abandoned U.S. soldier behind enemy lines

US productivity grinds to a halt

HOLY CRAP have you seen "Because of Iraq" ad? Just on CNN

Research: Democrats Typically Drink Sprite

**** TOONS ***** Get 'em while they're h*o*t !!!!

Larisa Alexandrovna-HBO film takes on electronic voting just days before election

New Life Church's Pastor Ted Steps Down Amid Gay Affair! He Calls bush EVERY WEEK!!

Our Mission

When did "Feminist" become a pejorative?

Caption the Crapster in Chief!

Let's face it - You don't have to "compensate" being gay by being über-accomplished.

Brother of fallen soldier tells Bush, Cheney, Snow, McCain to "go to hell"

Is it even possible to re-educate a freeper?

Swiftboat Financier Robert J. Perry Right Here (pic)

What happened to Foley and Fitzmas?

Portland DU'rs! November Pre-election MeetUp Saturday!

Nebraska's 3rd District (OMG!)

Appeal Court Rules Women Can't Say No

7th Grader Beat Up & Killed At His Fresno School

Major Right-Wing Evangelical Leader Accused Of 3-Year Relationship With Male Prostitute

Do you live in an apartment?

Top Ten Bush Moments...

Pat Robertson caught dissing homosexuals

Olbermann interviews Mike Stark, blogger who was assaulted by Allen campaign thugs

Fox News Military Analyst Col. Hunt Endorses Jim Webb over George Allen

we the people...

World cant wait...

Terror and September 11, courtesy of the RNC

Anything Joes...

"Don't it Make My Red State Blue" (Based on that old song by Crystal Gayle)

Faithless Bombs

Bill Maher: America needs to start acting like the greatest country on earth

Iraq, Broken - American Shock & Awe

Pombo locks constituents out of his office

Wallace interviews Clinton #1

Wallace interviews Clinton #2

Wallace interviews Clinton #3

Stay The Course, truthiness.

New DSCC ad against Senator George Allen: An Administration Parrot

Another New Jim Webb for Senate Ad: "Ready"

23 seconds inside the mind of George W. Bush

DSCC Ad/Tennessee Senate: Bob Corker: He'd Fit right in

DSCC/Missouri Senate: Washington is broken; Send Jim Talent a message

DCCC/CA-04: John Doolittle and Forced Abortions, Sex Slavery, Sweatshops in Mariannas

Bush Makes A Sick Joke About WMDs

DSCC/Rhode Island Senate: We have to change the direction of the country

DSCC/Maryland Senate: Michael Steele agrees with George Bush: Stay the course in Iraq

Another "One Tin Soldier" (more pictures of Bush and Blair)

Abraham Martin & John

Missouri Stem Cell Spot (Yes on 2, featuring Rush)

Debbie Stabenow for Senate: "Jobs"

DSCC/Arizona Senate: Had enough of Jon Kyl listening to them instead of you?

New Lamont Ad: Mr. Lamont goes to Washington

Let's remind people of chimp's "joke" history, shall we?

Trailer for the HBO film, Hacking Democracy. Spread this far and wide!

Daily Show on the John Kerry Botched Joke Flap

DNC - Stay the Course ???

Let The Eagle Soar

AFSCME PEOPLE/Virginia Senate: George Allen versus Jim Webb

New Jim Webb for Senate Ad: "Reliance" -- Fellow veterans talk about Jim Webb

" The Corker Strikes Again" (pro- ford animation)

Criminal Republican Dirty Campaign Tricks

One Breath

One Tin Soldier

Rick Santorum Throws a Tantrum...

George Allen, "let's enjoy knocking their soft teeth down their whining throats"

New Ad: Paul Newman endorses Ned Lamont "Eighteen years is enough"

Limbaugh gets attacked by angry feminists

The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O'Reilly

The Bush-pilot. (German, but English subtitles; Satire from German TV)

Martin Luther King, "I have a dream." August 28, 1963, full unedited speech: 17:27 min

Andrew Sullivan sees Bush's real "character" in lies against Kerry

HALP US JON CARRY... & the wingnuts response.

Has Pickles morphed into the 40s? Caption.

Problems with Diebold machines already conceded in Vousia County, Florida!

Webb Campaign: Michael J. Fox and Gen. Wesley Clark event **SOLD OUT**

1-888-Dem-Vote...the DNC hotline. Register problems here.


Reuter / Zogby new Senate polls.

So, is there some documented proof about the dropped "us" in Kerry's speech?

Did the NY Times have pro-Clinton impeachment Op-Eds or editorials?

DU this poll, please

Let's be CLEAR why media is acting complicitly with BushInc against Kerry.

Al Qaeda wants Republicans to win--Robert Parry

GOP Losing It's Edge in Fairfax (VA)

Kerry flap not seen hurting Democrats at polls - analysts

Mark at The Premise blows McCain and Clinton out of the water.

CNN Poll: Obama now trails only Clinton on '08 list

If things go badly Tuesday, how close to losing it are you?

Hell has frozen over in western CT.

Tucker Carlson: "Actually, I DO think that they on the left HATE AMERICA..."

So Now Kerry is out of the running? Were Democrats behind this?

I have a suggestion...Countdown said Rahm was in charge of winning.

ABC Breaking on Ted Haggard's Sex Scandal

Major Right-Wing Fundie Accused of 3-year Fling with Male Prostitute

Why Bush is a scumbag, in a nutshell...

Tony Snow: "We TALKED" about Kerry, but "we didn't RAISE" the ISSUE. "It's all the rage"

Secretly, the Repubs have already given up on the House...

Election Day : Need Some Advice

" I Should Be Supporting Allen. Instead, I'm Leaving the Party."

Election Predictions: Third Round

"Fox Fans" discuss the Kerry situation: "Bush had a higher GPA at Yale"

Bill Clinton, Mark Warner, and Tim Kaine: Final Rally for Webb!

Which Senate race is hardest to figure?

JK blog: Fighting words on You Tube

Is the Winner of US 2004 Elections...Iran? (dragged post out of archive)

64 American woman have been killed in Iraq...

My two cents on "Dems hating America..."

oooooh, Mike Stark is kicking Tucker's bow-tied ass on his show.

Carol Shea-Porter; Running for Congress from New Hampshire

Why aren't those Dems who called on Kerry to apologize demanding that Boehner

Gerry Spence: "Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power"

More touchscreen sleepovers in California!

The Kerry thing and the Republicans: How the mighty have fallen!

Just now on Hardball - rumor about Senator Allen...

Leslie to Snowjob, "We've known each other a long time"

WaPo sez GOP clouded by scandal. Will Americans pretend that away?

Nelson vs Harris Debate

Tester leading big in early voting

Does Your State Allow Paid Time Off to Vote Tuesday? (Website)

Photo: Oedipal fake-ass cowboy A.W.O.L. monkey with Osama finger in Billings Montana...OOOK!

Crazy Zell tells PA radio station that if Santorum loses they will lose all the pork they get

Who has that great list of media outlets calling for "the president" to resign?

Dems gaining ground in Arizona senate, three house races

Don't call yourself a patriot

US Claims Syria And Iran Planning Lebanon Coup..........Here we go!

An online comic that USUALLY isn't political...

Drudge trying to milk Kerrygate for all it's worth.

What the hell is going on in Montana? Senate seat now a toss up?

Time to call or Fax Judy Biggert and ask her why she stopped the Ethics Report

Yarmuth ahead of Northup 52-44%(KY-3)

How far off was Kerry? Army recruit median household income is$48K

Reality based Economic Talking Points

*BAM* Cavuto brought out the big guns yesterday

Bush and McCain should apologize to the troops for their insensitivity in promoting a RW lie!

General Rules for Poll Observers

A once in a lifetime number (Good News ) Cook Poll >>>

GOTV in Tennessee.....

3 new Rasmussen poll. MT NJ MD

ACLU is working on Net Neutrality. . .

The unkindest cut of all: "Kerry... Political Punching Bag":

A mother-effing WARNING from First Loudmouth PICKLES regarding YOUR freedom of speech

Plan For Iraq

Pentagon Threatens Journalist for Exposing Cheney's Lies

Whether we win or lose, Bush will have a couple rough years.

We can learn tactical lessons from Rove/Bush...but will we?

It backfired

WP: Exit polls will be studied in a NYC Quarantine Room until 5 pm Election Day

Kerry Remarks: Let It Go or Turn It Around.

What Republicans Call 'Spin' the Rest of The World Calls 'Lies'

Wow! I just saw Wes Clark and Iraq vets in ad on CNN, "Because of Iraq." Very powerful stuff!

Sebato Predictions: GOP May Not Win Single House Seat From Dems ("Shut-out")

Just received a strange phone call concerning a poll.

NYT Does a Nice Review of "Hacking Democracy"

DemocraticUnderground makes it in AFP story

'November 7th is Not the End of Anything'

Look what's happening in Ohio with absentee votes...

Now That Kerry Apologized

How Americans View President Bush

Rude Pundit:Why Vote Against Republicans? Because Fuck Them

Election Polls 11/02/06

Well worth printing

Whose hand is Bush caressing in this photo?

A question about the Ford sleazy ad

Inflation picks up, consumer spending drops, stocks fall

Poll: 61% of Americans want timetable for withdrawal from Iraq

I need help finding this CD : Willie Nelsons "Whatever happened to peace on earth?"

Bad news for LIEberman?

Chafee staffer admits sending e-mail (Chafee denies knowing)

What do you think of Olbermann's spankings of Laura Bush?

NYT: Luring Lapsed Democrats in Kentucky

Rep. John Boehmer and I agree about Donald Rumsfeld

Hey, George Bush, you asshole... (A Rant)

John Kerry - Want to pay back Bush for his demand for an apology?

South Dakotans Likely To Reject Abortion Ban

what are you doing for Democratic campaigns between now and Tues. 8 p.m.?

Keith Olbermann. special comment. Smoking!

Bad weather (rain) predicted for Montana next Tuesday.

Productivity slows to a standstill

U.S. on par with countries like China, Russia and Malaysia in privacy laws

So now Rush Limbaugh is a victim.

Good little GOP doggie Mitt Romney on Imus: "Why couldn't it be a straightforward apology?"

Scandals Alone Could Cost Republicans Their House Majority

It's always the same here in the Texas 22nd (DeLay's district)

WP, Meyerson: How the GOP Lost the North (aided by timid "moderates")

Carville on the TODAY SHOW says

Why hasn't there been a Kerry thread in the last 2 minutes


Governor details discussion with Crist about Schiavo

Final NYT/CBS News poll before midterm: 19 point dem lead!

bush says many will try to get him to be a political consultant!


When bad things happen to bad people...Coulter

So will the current level of convicted Repubs cause them to seek

FBI questions two more former aides to "Not a Target" Harris

GOP victory the best thing for Al-Qaeda

DU a poll: J Kerry apologized for "a botched joke" about W's Iraq policies, Is his apology sufficien

Does anyone have that video of bush at the correspondents dinner about WMD?

Startling Claims Surface Of Pre-Election Tampering

Go to Youtube and set some of these idiots straight about Kerry

New 911 call released in Nevada Race

Comments from McGavick (R), WA State Senate Candidate, about Iraq

So what Republicans in this administration fought in combat

How Democrats ought to defend their voters--a real life example

GOP: ATTACK ATTACK....DEMs: Defend defend defend. Can't WE GET IT???

McCaskill Campaign Responds to Talent Smear Ads

So October's over and so is Karl's October surprise.

Settle down and get back on course, people. Yesterday is already old news.

So, does the public realize yet that they have been screwed by

The Ohio Voter ID Law-- still a mess!!

Since we keep taking it in ass with this "political game", isn't it time for us to start brainstormi

WP,pg1: Scandals Alone Could Cost Republicans Their House Majority

NYT op-ed: Political power skewed in favor of small towns; Rove is counting on them

Laura Bush should talk to John Boehner

Flier: My Election Day Checklist (comparing Ds v Rs)

Loose Change and The American Nazi Party (9/11 conspiracies)