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Archives: November 23, 2006

The Military Interest in Hawaii Superferry (we must stop the superferry)

Terry Nichols: I Have Evidence Of OKC Conspiracy

Democrats' Victory Is Felt On K Street

Reid leads Mormons into D.C. mainstream

Democrats' Victory Is Felt On K Street

10 lessons from the toilet presidency of George W. Bush

Former Guantanamo inmate tells MEPs about his rendition and detention

Top Tips for Healthy Aging

"A Dose of Reality for the Realists" - frightening stuff... will neocons never learn?

Do we really support the troops?

Populism's revival

Oregon's Renewable Share Fell After Trojan Nuclear Plant Was Shut and Replaced With Fossil Fuels.

Protest against Coca Cola unit in Ahmedabad (India)

Japan aims for self-sufficient housing (BBC)


Fred Phelps to protest at funerals of girls killed in Hunstville School Bus Crash

Call for expanded AWB probe

Lame duck congress could threaten federal court order to halt Hawai‘i military expansion

Blacks gain power in new Congress

Democrats' Victory Is Felt On K Street

Presidency falling apart at the seams for Bush and his entourage

IAEA to deny Iranian reactor request

Guantanamo prisoner describes alleged botched medical procedures

BBC: Vioxx class action claim refused

AP: Kerkorian to Sell 14 Million GM Shares

Under fire, US marines hand off battered Fallujah (only 300 Marines left)

Protesters in southern Mexican state of Oaxaca briefly raid radio station to transmit message

VOA: Dutch Center-Right Christian Democrats Ahead in Polls

Genetic breakthrough that reveals the differences between humans

World Law in Cuba Probes Terror (against Cuba)

So it's almost Thanksgiving.

Truth or Dare....

Techie question: External DVD writers

does anyone know how to take down a blog at

You all know there's a Madonna concert on tonight? It's on NBC

I waited my entire adult life for LOTR to be made

Just made my FIRST Skymall (yes, the airplane catalog) Purchase

Bread Heads don your tie dye and party! Rock on billyskank!

I really like Columbia Crest wines

I HATE it when people call it "Turkey Day"

It... Has... STARTED!!!!

Wednesday, November 22. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I keep hearing this song at like 6 in the morning on the radio.

Who wants to have a HOT teddy?

E-rectal thermometer:

The Regis Philbin has a dangerously sexy thang going on thread.

The vacuum cleaner broke, the washer is acting strange,

Who wants to have a HOT toddy?

Who's wearing a hot teddy?

Who wants to have a HOT affair?

Should most stars in the universe be turned off to conserve energy?

Who is the next big CELEBRITY who will blow their career?

My jaw has dropped.

'It's a major award!'

There was a post a couple of weeks ago about sending gifts

Apparently, traffic control for cats involves

Question for practicing homosexuals:

So who here has a MySpace?

Texas: Persistent Vegetative State?

How did you survive Crusty Wednesday?

Doris Day

Truth or Dare?

For Billyskank:

Did Dumbyass pardon a turkey yet?

Dammed kids

Wanna go laugh your butt off at some freepers?

Mexico vs. USA (Womens soccer....LIVE, FSC)!!


One for Matcom

I'm going to make tomalito for tomorrow

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant!

If DU were to add a new smiley, what should it be?

Special little friend here--Wants to wish The Lounge HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

How many of you are making your Thanksgiving dinners right now?

Anyone else out here on DU an artist?

Hey, Billyskank!

I want a big pionus!!

Not a single loaf of bread left at the store. Fess up now.

Elementary school love stories.

Whitesnake's favorite hood ornament busted for coke

How ironic. The bread I've been working on since 7:00 flopped.

My friend in Bali is dying, and I want to share.


How do goats make you feel about capital punishment?

Is this proof for wind on the moon?

What in the hell are "giblets"? Does anyone know?!!

Earnestly hoping for a bit of Thanksgiving good luck.

Absolutely post images of your artwork here

Help a girl out?

East Coast DUers...Be careful out there!

post a pic of a cool animal

Radio Lady Reviews: "Déjà Vu" (Opens Wednesday, November 22, 2006)

Did anyone watch the Madonna concert tonight?

Whew! I'm glad I didn't have to write the Eigenvalue entry at Wikipedia.

My Guilty TV Pleasure: "Deal or No Deal" -- and I don't know why.

Police detain Turks protesting Pope at Aya Sofya

Telescope captures double blast (BBC) {Two supernovae caught by SA amateur!}

Genetic breakthrough that reveals the differences between humans

Tomb find reveals pre-Inca city (BBC)

Wow! A Baptist minister weighs in on the side of the GLBT community

A Thanksgiving Prayer perhaps . . ? Let's consider trying a little co creation with one another.

Newsweek - "How Iraq will affect 2008" - Kerry NOT mentioned

does anyone use film?

Vietnamization redux? Deja vu all over again?

Should the House open up a new select committee on assassinations(re: JFK)?

Dammed kids

To all who are so upset about Rangel and his draft proposal

Are folks prepared for the political discussions tomorrow?

LaLa_RawRaw Has A New Blog (Larisa Alexandrovna)

Dobson coming up on Larry King

Kennedy's vs. Bush's

Per the 60's assassinations: Can America handle the truth?

Should we give the losers another shot at being President?

You know, I think the * Voodoo curse worked.

Moral status of your fellow citizens?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rangel is marketing for Democracy and political party change.

Lame duck congress could threaten federal court order to halt Hawai‘i military expansion

(TOON) Steve Bell: Go Big, Go Long, Go Home

Feds Won't Prosecute Firefighters' Noose Case - unsure if hoax or hate crime

An Inconvenient Truth Educational Downloads

{UK} Motorists to give fingerprints (BBC)

Online Legal Scholarship: The Medium and the Message

I waited my entire adult life for LOTR to be made

'Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot,

Is freedom of information on the internet in danger of becoming extinct?

Is reform of the election/voting process on the Democratic legislative agenda? 2 years is not a long

Lawrence O'Donnell on Countdown talked about Rangel's draft proposal.

Who is this Years Biggest Turkey?

DoD Looks at Soldiers Mental Health

Chimpy always has to run behind a skirt

Iraq war was good for Israel: Olmert

(Snicker) Fox to Launch "Daily Show" for Conservatives

AP: Crowd remembers JFK assassination

Why is Joe Scabrous having a go at Jimmy Carter?

Coming Soon... The George W. Bush Presidential Library!

whos watching Tweety?? Gen Batiste has really drank the koolaid

In Case You Go To Oaxaca or Oaxaca Comes To You

Simpson: I did book project to pay bills

Remember the Eighties?

John McCain's vast knowledge and experience in Foreign Policy....

Cheney to visit Saudi Arabia.

Bush achieves the Vulcan Mind Meld....

Today is not too soon!

The case for impeaching the president

James Dobson is on Larry King live. He's yappin' about Terri Schiavo.

Savage: Michael Richards' "tirade" demonstrates "what liberalism really is"

Gen. Abizaid now officially a liar

The playbook is open:

Marcy Winograd: Hire Harman for Chair of Intelligence? No, Nancy, No.

Here We Go Again. We're About To Pick A Side In the Iraq Civil War.

Can we stop with the prison rape humor?

As our Pentagon Plans Increasing Iraq Force by 30,000, Brits Are Planning Troop Cuts

Identities bought and sold in online underground

Right now on C-Span, what's wrong with America Specter holding hearing on football coverage!

Criminal Minds on CBS - About a terrorist attack

Marine Corps May Need to Grow, General Says

This has to be a old article, but I'm still speechless. It's a parody

Erin Aubry Kaplan: The O.J.-Kramer discrepancy

"Richards is just a comedian who has gone wild, but Lott has real power,"

THANKSGIVING 2006: President's Sincere and Heartfelt Prayer of Thanks to America's Official God

How To Stop Panda Extinction? Try Porn

October Deadliest Month Ever in Iraq

Arizona Vigilante Found Responsible In Civil Trial

What in the hell are "giblets"? Does anyone know?!!

Let me make this post on this important, controversial subject

Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving, Skinner, Elad and EarlG!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11-22-63 "If they don't find out who killed John Kennedy, this country is over"

Who, in your opinion, is most responsible for the war in Iraq?

Thanksgiving with the religious right

MS-13 gang member speaks exclusively to NBC2

Thank you John and Robert Kennedy...

Fox News looking to produce right wing "Daily Show".....BWAAAHAHAHAH

If BORAT "victims" can sue, why can't Kramer's tirade targets sue?

Screwed By Bush (Not Safe For Work, or if you have kids present)

Shut down all the hospitals!

Jonah Goldberg is a brainless moron.

Freeptards defying description.....

How is it OK for Ann Coulter to say this?

Gay obsessed Romney cuts funding for gay suicide prevention

Turkey and Chucklehead ---pix--->>>

Vatican may relax rules on condoms

Which of these fine Democrats would you most likely vote for ?

Presidency falling apart at the seams for Bush and his entourage

How do I avoid shoving mashed potatoes in the face of rethugs tomorrow?

Feingold plans habeas corpus hearings; mulls '08 VP role

NAACP condemns racist frat parties

What is WRONG with some of you ? ... SHEEESH ! ....

DAMNED STORES! (Mervyns opening at 5 AM Friday.) Who the hell shops at 5AM?

November 22, 1963

Happy Thanksgiving

Officer Tippit was from my town. Interesting article I found.

John Connally, shot with JFK

Should the Michael Richards hecklers get financial compensation?

*********************** HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! ***********************

The Biggest Tax Scam On Earth

Was it a hate crime? (Last one, I promise!)

Learning To Hope: Thanksgiving 2006

Bombshell Dropped On Cholesterol Medication Companies

"Waiter, there's still a gadfly in my soup." Alachua activist gets respect.

Wait a minute!!!! I can SUE someone for calling me, um, 'that name'?

What is wrong with some of you? - Responding to your message. roflmao!!

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

Bill O'Reilly On The Daily Show

Immigrant Success Stories - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bush Speech...BRAVO!!!

Great Moments In Presidential Speeches

john f kennedy assasination newsflash dallas

Closeup of Kennedy assassination

Blacks gain power in new Congress

Israelis push back into Gaza town

Edwards, Obama gain popularity on tours

Why did KO just say it would be "impolite" to ask certain questions

Who Here Has Read Obama's Books?

Military recruiters ignoring "gay" rule

One man away from WWIII....

The winning ticket?

Savage blames Kramer's outburst on liberals

Bush is a great campaigner and Rove sold Bush's policies perfectly.

Morgan putting her "bull's-eye" on Pelosi

Coming up on Scarborough...Doro Bush: "Why my father is the greatest man I've ever met!" WOW!

It's time to admit it's over in Iraq

Shays on Iraq: The buck stops ... with the Dems


Candidate loses by 1M, but seeks recount

Slate: Dean's a "blowhard", but he's "gotten better at behaving himself"

Why Bush won't work with the Democrats

Rudy "9/11" Giuliani moves closer to White House run

CNN's Glenn Beck - Keepin' America Safe From Fanatics

Why do the Neocons keep insisting democracy will work in Iraq?

George Allen's classless exit

Sen. Clinton sure can raise and spend money!

Edwards/ Obama


Barack Obama's Experience/Accomplishments Part 2

Who Are The Republicans Most Afraid We'll Nominate?

The How and Why of America's Polarization: Republicans Declared War

John McCain – Continuously and 'Critically' Wrong on Iraq

Priorities in the wrong ballpark

Richard Cohen busted by E&P! Cohen on Cohen: Vietnam & Iraq apologist.

Crush, Kill, Destroy: Why Bush needs to be impeached

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Thanks—No, Seriously

Firefox Vulnerable To Password-Stealing Attack

Fasten Your Seat Belts For Global Warming (Mickey Z.)

Please proof/factcheck my oped before I send it (on Roy Blunt)

EPA Is Hastily Disposing of Its Library Collection

U.N. drive for ban on ocean bottom trawling fails - Reuters

Cambodian court jails eight for illegal logging - Reuters

EPA to Regulate Nanoproducts Sold As Germ-Killing - WaPo

Human Rights Group Slams Palestinians' Use Of Human Shields

Palestinian Women Pay Health Toll at Checkpoints

Palestinian sources: Saudis have severed ties with Hamas

PA gov't spokesman: People are to blame for situation

3 IDF troops wounded by 64-yr-old female suicide bomber

Barenboim condemns 'Palestinian suffering'

Iraq war was good for Israel: Olmert

Prisoner exchange talks in Egypt

Some Blackstone and Clear Channel news

Fox news and 911 conspiracy

the plane that hit the Pentagon

More Questions Arise About Competence and Impartiality of Sarasota Voting Machine Auditors

interesting little read on a JP race recount and Sequoia's role in NV

Major machine problems and dirty tricks in Maryland election; TS switching, glitches, long lines,etc

Diebold Ballot Programming Errors and Election Corruption in Utah 2006 Elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 11/23/06 Happy Thanksgiving

Touchscreen Switching, machine problems/long lines, dirty tricks in Virginia

VotersUnite: The biggest problem is privatization of elections. VVPAT doesn't resolve DRE disease

Bush to meet Iraqi PM to discuss security crisis

Most Americans Believe Iraq War Resembles Vietnam

Reuters: US forces fire on Iraq minibus, kill 4 - witnesses

LAT: Lebanon crisis reflects fading U.S. clout

Gunmen attack Baghdad health ministry

Deja Vu Dancer Says Strippers Beat Her Bloody and Police Did Nothing

Sacramento anti-war leader accuses federal government of withholding surveillance information

NYT/Reuters: Rep. Alcee Hastings (D., FL) Seeks to Head House Intelligence Panel

AP: NATO Soldier Killed in Aghanistan

HoneyBaked Hams and Turkeys Recalled; May Be Contaminated With Listeria

Officials deny reports of Cheney in Iraq

Iraqi PM plays host to insurgents

Iraq oil watchdog says $24.7 bln potential exports lost

Court to Hear Google-Newspaper Fight

Tibetan Activist Sets Himself Afire

Bush Calls 10 Service Members on Holiday

Feds: Couple Stole Millions From Schools

Pakistan Moves to Amend Rape Laws

Cheney visits troops in Iraq for Thanksgiving: Iraq TV

Bloodiest day in Iraq since US-led invasion

Three Marines killed fighting in Iraq

NATO to Consider Boosting Pacific Ties

Fresno to Stop Junking Homeless' Things

BBC: Baghdad blasts 'kill 132 people'

NYT: This Thanksgiving, Bush Team and Iraq Leaders Face Range of New Realities

US forces fire on Iraq minibus, kill 4 - witnesses

Turkeys try to catch train out of N.J.

More Katrina Victims Are in Trailers

BACKLASH: Pahrump flag ban won't fly:Sheriff refuses to enforce law targeting immigrants

Hastings says he's fit to lead intelligence panel (attacks critics who have cited past troubles)

Rwanda's Kagame lambasts French judge over warrants

President-elect of Christian Coalition resigns

Doctors Are Reportedly Fleeing Iraq

Canadian PM declares Quebec a nation

(CNN Nancy) Grace to air Biloxi's recovery

Ex-Russian spy dies in hospital

Music Trivia: Of what is it a question, and what do balloons have to do with it?

Give a man a loaf of bread,

"I celebrate Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way.

I want a big piano!!

Where can you go in California to get some lutfisk?

In case I forget to tell anybody else...


Don't fall asleep on the couch while baking squash....

Are you holdin'? Did William Holden come to the party?...

Not Ready to Make Nice

I have dinosaurs in my living room.


Biologists and thanksgiving enthusiasts: a new bird!

any pro photoshoppers still awake? i need urgent help.

Don't fall asleep on the couch while blowing Sasquatch...

Happy Thanksgiving ... Alice's Restaurant

Everything's okay. Mostly. It's a long story. I'm going to bed.

I want a big pinata!!!

Wish You Were Here

Remember Our Soldiers


To all those traveling today be safe ,be careful, and try not to

Listen Up: HoneyBaked Hams & Turkeys Recalled (Listeria!)

A salute to our service men and women, vets, families, etal!

What i'm thankful for:

So, I'm posting nekkid and BAKING BREAD, BILLYSKANK!!!!

anybody know anything about arrowheads?

Fight breaks out in the stands of high school hockey game.

Did you ever hang up the phone & sit there for a moment wondering if you sounded like a

I would like to wish you all a ...

so, what color are your meat sweats?

Dreeeam, dream, baby! (One of the weirdest I've ever had.)

This whole Michael Richards incident feels vaguely like a bad Andy Kaufman prank.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Kirk Douglas and others serve Thanksgiving eve meals to 3000+ at Los Angeles Mission

CNN Reporting From Butterball University - They Have A Hotline

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/23/06)

Help! Turkey cooking time question.

Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're at a store at 5AM tomorrow, and you don't work there,

I'm down with OPT (I wish)

Happy Thanksgiving, DU! (Classic "WKRP In Cincinnati" turkey drop episode)

How to Stuff Your Parrot on Thanksgiving

Do your kids like to hunt up and sneak a peek at their x-mas presents?

Show me your turkey neck

Hmm. Where's haruka3_2000?

So I'm watching Jerry Springer

My side dishes for tomorrow........

Found something better to watch than football, this afternoon.

Opinions on Black Friday sales

How's this for a gadget you can't do without?

My wife is sick on thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Loungers!

I hereby declare for the benefit of the Lounge People a new holiday rule!

You can get anything you Alice's Restaurant.

So what happened?

There's a big ol Turkey on my counter....

I guess I should go to the store and get the Thanksgiving dinner stuff now.

I got chocky chip cookies in the oven

What is your best feature?

Alice's Retaurant

Happy Thanksgiving and I want to let you know

teach billyskank to bake bread & he'll always have bread...

So what will be the star of your Table today?

Asshole cop shoots 30" tall miniature horse.

Culinary SOS!!!

ATHF: The Handbanana dog rapist episode....

One thing I am very thankful for: My friends on DU!!!!

Benched!!! I think i have the Flu and I can't cook.

The Great Thanksgiving Turkey Fry Off has begun.

how do you get high without drugs?

Me: Circa late 1971

Who else has started drinking?

80's rock stars!

That doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo bit in the Crosby Stills & Nash song

Show us your breast Pic

I am wearing yoga pants, a tank top, no bra. Coated in flour. And the doorbell rings. Guess who?

evolution is bogus - proof


30 Years Ago Today: The Last Waltz

Yay! The snow advisory for my area was cancelled!

Take Out

10,220 Days...that is how long I've been is my birthday!

Remember MST3K "Turkey Day" (1981)?

Rutland Weekend Television!!!

Happy 21st wedding anniversary to Mr & Mrs Bzzzz!!

And now for some good news: Dinner will be done in 20 minutes!

First thing I heard this morning was a tremendous explosion and the power going off.

Academy Award speculation thread

Any guess on Survivor tonight

I just sliced my finger on the cutting edge of the aluminum foil box.

OMG! How cute, Squirrel Wars out in back!

"Maggot Brain"- Funkadelic

Best Dating Web Site?

Question for practicing heterosexuals:

What time do you eat Thanksgiving dinner?

Me... naked in the bathtub

The Lions are doing it again.

Mom was the best cook, but there was one thing the SO's mother did better. What?

Hugs for AirmensMom!

Me: Circa late 1974

Help me deal with a know-it-all New York in-law


Find me a boyfriend! :)

Today I'm thankful ..

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family,

PITY PARTY! Table for one!!!

This is the buddhamama appreciation thread

I woke up with a 16.5 lb cat on my head this morning

S/O's mother horror stories?

Show us your best Pic of yourself

You are a child of the 70's if...

Me: 2006

Today's Menu...Share yours!

Fresh-baked sourdough bread, ETA 2:19 CST

It's time to post a pic of yourself in a swimsuit!!!

For all of you classical music lovers....

How many times am I gonna get called bad names tomorrow?

I had a very distinguished male dinner guest

I need to buy a used car. Any advice?

OMG! MrSeattleGirl has NEVER heard Alice's Restaurant!

I have to confess I have a thing for women wearing glasses

BWAHAHAHAHA! this is some dumb shiznit!

i got into grad school!!!

How do my fellow atheists handle Thanksgiving?

Learning from Gandhi

Gay Marriage in Israel: Worse than Holocaust

Serious Question - Should the Lions have the Turkey bowl?

Happy Holiday Spiritual Ones...!

Really Great Affirmation Site

Any thoughts on dreaming of ex's....??

Lawrence O'Donnell quoted 1971 Kerry on Olbermann, then cried

A rational commentary:

Kerry chides Mitt to seek aid from feds for stricken town

JK supports vote by mail with Wyden

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Even the Damn Autralians are picking on Senator Kerry

November Silhouettes Preliminary round WINNERS

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you creative people here.

********* November Silhouette FINAL ROUND is up in GD ***************************

Fox cancels the OJ thing...

Schools adopting tasers/17 yo killed by police with taser/video of tasering

Zoo poisons lion cubs to cut costs

How to survive Thanksgiving dinner

How would YOU solve the terrorism problem?

How about a new "Celebrity Groupies" group on DU?

Is there a virus on DU?


TOON: "Bush" the sound you make when you flush a retarded dictator wannabe done the toilet

how to survive thanksgiving with your conservative family

I didn't realize there were a lot of ASSHOLES on DU.

FCC FU My country used to be

Happy Thanksgiving Cheney, and btw,..."Go **** Yourself"

Find me a boyfriend! :)

Fresh Leibowitz up: Samantha Bee helps us understand necrophilia

Highly abridged version of OJ's book just released on the internet

So the Prez and VP are out of the country right now?

MSNBC Reporting Cheney's in Baghdad doing the Plastic Turkey

Sadly, some people DO NOT approve of how I celebrate Thanksgiving :(

Secret Service stand by as Bush twin has purse stolen in Buenos Aires

Great. Just who I want to see on Thanksgiving in Baghdad, dick fuckin' cheney

Please proof/factcheck my oped before I send it (on Roy Blunt)

How many more turkeys will * have to pardon before he leaves office?

Can we just lock up Camp David,

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant...Excepting Alice

Video of tasering of hand-cuffed, non-violent woman

Wow, I Got Through To Washington Journal TWO Days In A Row!

None of the Iraqis threaten our nation's security, or threaten us at all outside their own borders

Turkey in the Straw

Sorry to make ya' cry mr. bush 41 ya' big wimp, but your son SUCKS.

Happy Thanksgiving to DUers

So today is a day to be giving thanks

Where's a journalist or an attorney when you need one?

One Of The Most Famous "Undelivered" Speeches In American History

mother russia is back. and how. what is the impact on IraqNam?

We really need to stop doing this

Officials Deny Reports of cheney in Iraq. WTF?

Heavens to betsy! A gay marriage performed on television on Thanksgiving.

OJ Simpson Says He Already Spent Book Advance ($3 million)

The Uncovered War: Air Power in Iraq

Never fear, The Decider is still decidin' - Mark Fiore Flash

We need more self-pics posted over in the DU Lounge.

Alice's Restaurant mp3

Is your dog a Democrat or a Republican?

A debate over Peace or Safety.

CAPTION::::What's Bush saying?

Blessed Thanksgiving/Click On The Link

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 11/23/06 ... no gravy?

Does the war on Xmas start today or tomorrow?

This soldier gives thanks for his new home.

Conference on Math Education and Social Justice

Passing along Pinkers sentiments for thankfulness

I'd rather spend Thanksgiving with the repub side of my family

So many thanks. Family, friends, those who care, and . . . . . . . .CAPTIONS!!!!

Saudi Girl Sentenced to More Lashes Than Her Rapists

Turkeys Try to Catch Train Out of N.J.

Happy thinksgiving to all

Craig Crawford On C-Span Talking About Potential '08 Prez Candidates

Ex-State Sen. Mossey (R-NE) Misses Hearing, Faces Jail Time

Which of our radio shows are new today?

Happy Thanksgiving from one who appreciates the good people of America...

A BIG Thanksgiving laugh! ! ! ! !

Do we have a veto proof majority in Congress for stem cell research?

Dear DU-- For Your Thanksgiving Listening Pleasure -- "Thank You" by Alanis Morissette

Gunmen attack Iraqi ministry in central Baghdad

"Even Vice President Dick Cheney is said to be profoundly disturbed by Rumsfeld's treatment."

EPA to Regulate Nanoproducts Sold As Germ-Killing

On Thanksgiving I always think about the poor & the homeless.

Was an actual hit man for a rich RW'er executed before he could explain what he was talking about?

Why is Cheney in Saudi Arabia and Bush1 in Abu Dhabi at Thanksgiving?

A Thanksgiving Memory

Barbara The Younger's Cell Phone Is In Buenos Aires. What Calls Will Daddy Get?

Freeper admits to not taking his meds like he should be.

I love this country more than I can say and it distresses me...

I Have To Be At Work At 4:45 a.m. Tomorrow

My cousin gives interview before being shipped off to Iraq....

I will be Thankful when:

(TOONS) Steve Bell's Thanksgiving collection

I'm watching the Forensic Files marathon

Top Marine: Troops under too much strain

War on Christmas: new weapons released

anybody who says 'food insecurity' instead of 'hunger' should be

Want to see something cool? Wombs with a view

Warning:The following holiday poem was written by a career cynic.

some words for today

The Spectacle of Bush in Vietnam (Cont.)

Just a small hint for my fellow DUers on the AAR boycott crap:

A page from my travels

Identity theft Ebay/Paypal ($1 million worth)

My days with Rocky

Bush Serves Plump, Juicy Turkey to U.S. Troops in Iraq! (From the "Stupid Bush Tricks" Files, 2003)

Dobson's greatest nightmare.....

2871 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

When will Bush reach 8%like Carl Sheeler did? You know, the guy who ran for Senator for RI

Report: Data Agency Broke Privacy Laws

Pelosi's Next Big Call

Trapped Patriot.....


Problem with IMPEACHMENT: PELOSI is NOT a solution to our National Crisis

I have a question for anyone who watches "Law and Order" often.

Yikes!!! There are some truly gullible women in this world

Limbaugh Re-Interprets Thanksgiving. Get Ready For Other Holiday Re-Interpretatons

David Swanson: The Melbourne Minutes: New Downing Street Memos from Down Under

Poll Says Majority Of Christian Left Won't Vote For Romney, A Moron

Seeking 3+ iconic Iraq war photos...

How Safe Is Iraq? Bush Schedules Meeting With Iraqi Leader ... In Jordan

I had a very distinguished male dinner guest

A wonderful Thanksgiving to all

Thanks for the gravy--please pass the guilt

Oh man, the killing just goes on and on over there . . . and we want folks to feel good here at home

Michael Richards’ hecklers want to sue him

"Global Threats in the 21st Century" c-span1 3Pm PST replaying now

Should the Leibowitz tackle the Michael Richards thing?

Be afraid, be very afraid;

Neil Cavuto is a Dope

HELP!: Looking for a toy doctor kit for a little girl

Cingular SUCKS anyway

Now, "contrite" Michael Richards hires black P.R. "crisis" expert

Yes! Feingold!

4-choice Poll. Nancy Grace...Innocent, Guilty, Innocent Scumbag, Guilty Scumbag.

What is Cheney up to ???

Dems Find Backbone re "Free Trade".....David Sirota

Just heard.....that Russian spy just died

Bush Transforms Into Avid Mountain Biker

CNN Program-Wounded Warriors-I am amazed by CNN's coverage

Forget the Homeless on Thanksgiving!

Daniel Webster 1814: The Draft is Unconstitutional

If there is a Draft, I'm joining the Texas Air Gaurd

Michael Shermer is having a ball.

Just WTF is so honorable about an "honorable" exit?

To our American Friends..HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Another facet to the Michael's story

Hey...were posting self -pics over in the lounge....come join us.

Ron Wyden: Vote by Mail; Fairness Doctrine; Net Neutrality.

Clean Hands

Kucinich: Cut Off Iraq War Funding

Alternet: No Thanks To Thanksgiving

Next stop for Michael Richards?

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: END THIS WAR!

Happy Thanksgiving!

WKRP - Thanksgiving Turkey Drop!!

Germany's first Nazi Comedy: Meet Hitler, the Bed-Wetting Drug Addict

Poll Says Majority Of Christian Right Won't Vote For Romney, A Mormon

Christmas Lights use Saudi Oil... Don't Twinkle for Terror

Happy Fascist Pilgrim Day!

a Thanksgiving prayer. . .

Divisions Within Baker's Iraq Study Group

A Thanksgiving movie for all open minded DUers

Ronald Reagan was a great president(True of False)

"Lawrence O'Donnell was in tears ..." As we all should be ...

I have no doubt michael richards is a racist, but the hecklers who want to sue him is BS

Has the PNAC been knocked off track, or is it full speed ahead?

Thanksgiving TOONS

"My son is an honest man"

What Really Happened in Plymouth in 1621?

If we can't bring our troops home this Christmas...

Wow! The kitchen's bustling. Smells rich and warm fill the mind. Then come all ye and CAPTION!!!

Bush: Having Fun, Wish You Were Here . . .


bush did not look too good yesterday.

Rush Limbaugh: The REAL Story of Thanksgiving

One Option to the War that is never mentioned

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Sales, sales, sales....

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Norway fourth best democracy

Squabble Squabble

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SURREAL: on CSPAN 2, Grover Norquist did stand up comedy with joke about rigged voting machines

as a southern white male, what do I owe?

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Does anybody know what is?

How Can It Get Worse Than This? 11/23/06: "150 die in deadliest attack of Iraq war "

NYPD installing skywatch patrol tower in Harlem?

European settlers to Native Americans: "Your shit is mine. I'm taking it all."

Madonna: "go to Texas and suck George Bush's


Bush famly, Rev. Moon, Paraguay, and other good stuff.

Hope and Humanity

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Grapski speaking to Alachua City Commission....about election problems.

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Nation's First Statewide Observation of an Election Audit Completed

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Marine Corps commandant: Marines stressed need to prepare for "long war"

OK, the state of the union is mandated in the Constitution but is the date?

It's T'Giving.. Can't we please show some humanity & not bash Bush today??

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Presidential Prayer Team: "Pray for the Bushes as they enjoy Thanksgiving at Camp David"

Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday

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Florida's 'national model' for fair elections now under scrutiny

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I'm thankful for the gift of political awareness. It was delivered in a scary package.

"the brouhaha over Kerry's remarks has obscured a very real problem"

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Paul Krugman is a Racist

Who's the blowhard? Just asking. Just talking out loud.


The Political Matrix (different than compass).

"Vice President Dick Cheney is said to be profoundly disturbed..."

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