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Archives: November 29, 2006

Be All That You Can Be: Leave the Army

Radical US Approach for Radical Leaders

Russia Is Not Prepared to Restore the Empire

The "Gaza-Solution" and the Ongoing War on Islam

Israel eyes deal without joy the Toronto Star by Mitch Potter

'Happy Feet' Not So Happy - ABC

Abbas sees talks with Hamas at "dead end": official

Jimmy Carter discusses his latest book, "Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid"

Red Cross: No signs of life from abducted IDF troops in Lebanon

Request: Can someone find video of Pres. Carter with Larry King Live?

Lieberman skeptical of Iran Syria talks

Carter says Clinton "not accurate" about Arafat missing opportunity to resolve Palestinian crisis.

Anyone think maybe they just LET us win this time?

Help recount Washington's 8th Congressional District

46 dead in iraq today

Official warning on Mac code bug (BBC) {DMG bug}

Witnesses detail Iraq burning deaths

Gingrich raises alarm at event honoring those who stand up for freedom of speech

Immigration files missing

Agency outlines plan in Vegas for nuclear arms component plant

NYT - Bush Adviser’s Memo Cites Doubts About Iraqi Leader

Sudan's president against Israel

Panel Recommends Firing Gay Fire Chief

WP: As Iraq Deteriorates, Iraqis Get More Blame

Mystery illness hits former Russian PM (in Ireland)

California Sea Lions Attack Humans

Thirteen Iraqi battalions can operate alone-UK

EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon Considers Moving Troops From al-Anbar Province to Baghdad

Pfizer to cut U.S. sales force by 20 percent (2200 jobs)

"Another day, another fall in the dollar" Guardian/UK

EU report says secret prisons were known (by 11 countries)

NYT: Castro: Not Well Enough for B - Day Bash

NYT: Bush Adviser’s Memo Cites Doubts About Iraqi Leader

CIA "abduction" case in appeals court

Lieberman skeptical of Iran, Syria talks

Homeless man rescued (9yr old) girl in North Las Vegas crash

Police Say Mother Microwaved Her Baby

Jeb Bush will move into Gables condo (Miami, FL)

Scientists develop male birth control pill

Judge strikes down part of Bush anti-terror order

Son also rises in testy Webb-Bush exchange (wanted to slug Bush)

My cool, socially hip thread.

Too sexist!!

And now.. for some completely classic bits:

My proof that the Rapture is near

Waaaaahhh ......


Ahh, doctors.... they really give me a headache, especially tonight

NOVA - Dogs on now on PBS

I'm wasting time and killing threads.... maybe yours will be next!!

BREAKING: * intends to WRITE a book! . . .

I just ate the most disgusting chicken dinner of my life...(rant)

Help me out with an email question?

Now I KNOW I'm losing it...

Someone...anyone....flash me.

Hypnotoad...Large banana or crunchy in milk?

How does one go about getting assistance for an elderly person ?

Someone...anyone....fawn over me.

The Budgening

PORCUPINE TREE appreciation thread!

BTW, "Clerks II" is out on DVD, and it's hilarious.

REV, tell everyone here where you got your new do.

Tom Waits on THE DAILY SHOW tonight

To find a large image of a Hawaii Five-O-style wave - FREE. Possible?

Is anyone here a 'Secret Shopper'?

Someone...anyone...snuggle with me

How about a non-sequitur FLAMEWAR?

Because I was small and cold and hurt

Movie Snob Rant: A Prairie Home Companion

It's snowing in my mountain town! Yippee!

Warning to those DUers living in Southern California: I will be there this weekend!

As much as it pains me to admit mother was right.

Superman II - the Richard Donner cut

my boyfriend had me french his ex in the middle of a Chili's restaurant

Afternoon Delight

My challenge to all DU'ers!

Ice predicted Friday and Saturday!!!

Hey're more talented than you realized!

Any Mitch Hedberg fans?

I think I owe the Lounge an apology...for my post Sunday night

Rush Limbaugh - According to Bill Hicks

Lobsters the size of canoes? ........ I'm Jack the Ripper.

Post pics of a person who is dear to your heart.

So, ladies and fashionably inclined men of DU, what do you wear with THIS?

File this in the "be careful what you wish for" folder

Do any DUers realize how much fun you can have

Why is it that EVERYTHING Bath & Body Works sells has the same underlying

Someone...anyone....fight over me.


I need some of those famous lounge vibes

Apartment dwellers, if you owned an aquarium for a while, would you get rid of it?


Superman III?!

are you a procrastinator?

"HUGH" DU get-together in Key West next week!

Paul McCartney. "Wonderful Christmastime."

In the spirit of GD, post a pic of a place that totally OUTRAGES your heart

I just realized there IS no place dear to my heart. Anybody else

I want to build a website for myself

John Lennon himself thought Yoko Ono was better than the Beatles.

Someone...anyone...fake it with me

Why is Pluto called a dwarf planet and not a comet?

(Canadian) Tories plan December vote on (ending) same-sex marriage

OMG!! I really am beginning to (dare I say it) LOVE Jim Webb

A lot of poison ivy right now

AOL Poll now (also trumpets Quinnipiac crapola) -- vote for JK

POLL, The media's next Democratic smear victim.

A new blog on the web. Check it out!

Senator Kerry's language skills

Opinions, Mass. people: Many MA House Democrats now don't want Kerry's Senate seat

President Carter- "Gore Is Best Qualified To Be President & Dems KNOW He WAS Elected in 2000"

Dems who've been here since 2001-02...Who has supported your Petitions?

Online video 'eroding TV viewing' (BBC)

Video - Colbert catches the Bushies lying on his Tivo & deletes. (Crooks & Liars)

I HATE WOLF BLITZER. I can hear him in the other room giving the 3rd degree

Clark wants to avoid late campaign start

Wanna read a really cool, inspiring story?? Not political

"150,000 US soldiers cannot secure protection for their president"

What's Wrong with the Democrats?

Carter says Clinton "not accurate" about Arafat missing opportunity to resolve Palestinian crisis.

Jimmy Carter discusses his latest book, "Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid"

who is this sexist @sshole subbing for Tweety??

$100 laptop set for launch (BBC)

This Ed Rogers guy on Hardball?

NOLA blogger takes on "hippies ruining the country" woman head to head!

Is it just me, or is Bush back to his "my way or the highway"

"President looks delusional." Scareydale! Woot!

Independent Frontpage: Truth and Reconciliation (Northern Ireland)

New! Fool proof voting technology! replace the machines!

No Need For "National Service" D-R-A-F-T When You Create Social Programs

So the American Legion called up asking for money....

TV commercial for "The Nation"!

Who is going to be Intel chair now?

*** Tuesday TOONS: Civil War ***

A Bush power grab hand slap - maybe some good news

Does Bush EVER run out of crooked cronies? Every time

I applaud Cindy Sheehan's stance against a possible draft.

China, North Korea, U.S. have secret talks in Beijing

Is anyone else expecting catastrophe before the 110th Congress takes over?

OK, I'm ignorant. What's going on in Mexico?

Officials say F-16 belongs to New Mexico-based fighter wing, but all its pilots are accounted for?

Doctors: Face Transplant Was Successful

Pope Benedict begins four day tour of Turkey

Los Angeles passes 'living wage' law

please delete; link now not working

Another Gandhi Quote

how about a kerry thread?

Congressman calls Miami a `Third World country'

Vietnamization is not going to work this time either...We've already lost.

Ew! I understand reading Webb's book, but Rumsfeld's?

Bill Hicks on HBO Comedy channel tonight...

Mystery surrounds F-16, pilot in Iraq crash

AP: Judge refuses to kill Katrina suit against insurers

Pentagon considers leaving Al-Anbar province in Iraq.

Text of the National Security Adviser’s Memorandum

Was JFK's the last presidential motorcade?

Rumsfeld leaves DOD revamps mental health policy

So the American Legion called up asking for money....

It's the holidays and guess what's back?

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp at the NATO summit

Hungy Freaks, Daddy

Michael Richards: Jewish by association?

TV: Iraq militants claim downing U.S. F-16

Happy Birthday, Jon Stewert

Leading anti-immigration vigilante ordered to pay $100,000 to victims

Who said this? No fair Googling.

Funny Opus Cartoon

True or False: Might Makes Right

Majority of senators oppose deep Social Security budget cuts

HEALDINE: Bush NIXES suggestions that Iraq is in civil war

Just had an ephiphany George Bush and his drinking

Math lesson: there's about 500,000 troops in the US Army. 2000 of the Iraq war fatalities are army.

Please help my thread...

Harry Shearer is the guest on The Colbert Report tonight! NOW!

WAKE UP!: The Rio Grande Will Not Protect You From This Explosion!

Crimes Against Humanity or "Just Following Orders"?

Scarborough is on a roll. NBC Hidden Camera Investigation on

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

looks like nancy Grace get to bitchout another mother wth a dead baby an cause her to commit suicide

Etiquette QUESTION: How best to deal with a rethug spy on DU?

OMG Cheney is hunting near here!!! I'm not going out til he leaves

Tom Vilsack to announce presidential run Thursday. . .

OMG! Jason Jones just did ANOTHER great piece on The Daily Show!

Is anyone talking about passing the previous Senate immigration bill quickly?

Historical, Hypothetical 08 Presidential Poll

...there was "no way" there could be more than 65,000 or 100,000 deaths...

As Iraq Deteriorates Under US Occupation, Iraqis Get More Blame

OMG, have you seen the Stewart on O'Reilly show clip lately?

I eat meat shapes.

Jeb Bush will move into Gables condo

Models, body image, and realism...

Full Text of My Pet Goat

OMFG>>>>>want to laugh your arse off????? ClICk HeRe

Tom Waits on Daily Show right now!

Wow... Get A Load Of THIS Right-Wing Horse Puckey !!!

Netroots drive to get Obama to run

Stunning graphic demonstration of coalition casualities

Boy Accused Of Molesting Toddlers Returned To Neighborhood

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Tackles Healthcare

What's with Scarborough and Jon Stewart?

"Bush: Determined or Delusional?" Anyone got a screen shot?

Would Democratic Underground exist today if Gore won in 2000?

Sometimes DU just makes me laugh.

Breaking.....Utah bans same sex polygamy.

A ring shaped sunspot..weird..

Ed Schultz is a pig

how can CNN let nancy Grace cover another child murder,after maybecausing a suicide of a mother..???

Gary Hart in '08

Newt Gingrich admits he hates freedom

PHOTO: Bush "wells up" at conclusion of speech in Estonia


Republicans appeal to the stupid

BFEE used to eliminate brave Dems with bullets, now media just uses YOU

Webb thinks of Bush the way WE do!!

Shadow's Taxicab reports: DHS bait or a revolutionary in the ranks?

It's Now Too Late to Call It Civil War: Now It's Bush's Genocide.

Check this out

Edit this is a dupe because the OP is an Asshole!!!

POLL: Would the Shrub ever confront Saddam face to face?

Here an odd fact! I just found this "Google Trends" site and you'll never guess who...


Alaska/Diebold Shenanigans Again; Arkansas Mayor Watches Votes Flip; AP Says FL a 'Meltdown'; MORE!

Men: Would you take a birth control pill? n/t

Just how much experience does a presidential candidate need to have?

Can Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) be convinced to jump from R to I or D?

Gate-keeper to Cheney's War

About damn time (paper money)

Jonathan Alter just said on Olbermann that Kerry is "through"

A proposal: ANY Repub who switches parties gets ALL of Lieberman's stuff.

Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting pig-beast.....

Do humans have an intrinsic right to kill animals?

2001 A Space Odyssey...

The Bush Twins story MOCKS every dead and maimed US soldier. I am OUTRAGED.

"I'm not gonna pull our troops off the battlefield before the mission is complete."

WEBB: "Wanted To Slug Commander-In-Chief" Over Bush's Rude Statement About His Son

"I didn't ask you that. I asked how he's doing." (Bush to Sen-Elect Webb, re: Webb's son in Iraq)

Guns 'n Roses. Odd how prophetic this song is. Civil War an ode to Iraq and the 21st Century?

Nancy Pelosi is ............

How do they keep the audience from asking Il Dunce' questions

Hannity claims credit for no Murtha and no Hastings.

Want to know why Tancredo can get away with outlandish statements?

Nationwide House vote totals

David Shuster filling in for Mathews on Hardball

Biden would be surprised if OBAMA runs... he is on "everyone's number two list"

Interesting: Crazy Wingnut Radio Barking Head Calls For Bush Impeachment

"WAGING WAR (for Dummies)"

AP: Bush Touts Estonia's Flat Income Tax

Vote for which politician you like the best

Right-Wing Bloggers Wrong About AP Story - Will They Apologize?

Jeff Christie questions.

I don't care whether a potential candidate has been a Senator, Rep., Governor, General or not

Don't you all realize?? Kerry WON in 2004!

Senator-Elect Webb wanted to slug Bush

Women Democratic Group by-law examples?

You do realize Kerry won in 2004, don't you?

CNN's Dangerous Blowhard (Glenn Beck)

Got to meet Jim Webb this evening...

Line up, Democrats. Let's see who is next.

Wesley Clark Eyes 2008 White House Run (CBS News Politcs Headline)

Dear Kerry Worshippers

Why are the same questions of "experience" not raised about Clark?

Taser 'Em All

Apple Mac OS X patch plugs 31 vulnerabilities

Blunt and corruption

Five Years After Enron, Firms Seek Weaker Rules

In Following His Own Script, Webb May Test Senate's Limits --WaPo

Liar. 'Liar?' the Liberal media by Eric Alterman

Rethinking the Draft ( Reps. Rangel and Paul)

Neil Bush's family values

Hunkering Down In Iraq

TIME: Bush Takes Charge on Iraq: WH wants to make clear Baker is not calling the shots

Is the Flip Side of Penguins Political?

The Case of the Poisoned Spy (Eugene Robinson)

Bush Nuts

Iraq's oil industry in grip of despair

Saudis Will Fill Vacuum Left by US in Iraq and Challenge Iran's Pretensions by Steve Clemons, Huff P

Lessons from an Immoral War

What will the Democrats do about the Big Foot problem?

Three 'more' options for Bush and Maliki by Dan Murphy at CSM

U.K. tests nine for radiation, Italian security expert who met poisoned Russian under protection AP


Don't Impeach Bush -- Impeach the President

WP,pg1: Now, we're blaming the Iraqis: "It's their fault, and by implication not ours."

David Horsey: The USDA finds a way to redefine reality....

LAT op-ed: What else do you call a conflict in which Iraqis kill 3,000 of their own per month?

We Must Do What? by Karen Kwiatkowski

In Order To Teach, We Must Impeach!!!! By Dale Hill

When Failure is Better than Success: (Iraq War) By Andrew Bard Schmookler

Rumsfeld's Abuses Must be Investigated By steve young

Gene Lyons on Punditry

Retirement in a Foreign Country By Timothy V. Gatto

Tell Our Congress To Rescind Bush's War Starting Powers

Clueless in America: Feeding the tapeworms of desire


Republican Rehab

Russia: The Enemy

Britain accused on secret CIA flights

Gates Warns Against Leaving Iraq 'in Chaos'

James Lovelock - Warming On Pace For 8C Increase, On Track To Kill Billions

UK - Met Office - "Virtually Certain" That Autumn 2006 Warmest In 300 Years - Guardian

Plan Developed for Solar-to-Electricity Glass Windows

75 Ground Zero Workers To Date Confirmed With Blood Cell Cancers Likely Linked To Dust

GM: Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid coming (Reuters/

Massive ice shelf 'may collapse without warning'

Oakhurst (Dairy) trucks head to biodiesel (largest commercial fleet in New England)

Study: Beetles May Reduce Wildfire Risk

Advanced composites for 40% lighter cars. very interesting link:

Beijing's Fourth-Biggest Reservoir Unfit Even For Irrigation Water - Reuters

Scientists' Study Finds "Extraordinary" Changes In Plankton & Marine Life Around Britain - Scotsman

California "Green Tuners" Clamor for Plug-in Cars

"When is the predicted cataclysm?''

Hurricane Season Ends Quietly

Anyone here have opinions/knowledge about coalbed methane?

Without Shakeup In Energy Sector, Spain Will Miss Renewable Target For 2010 - Reuters

West Point Instructors Presentation On Peak Oil - Energy Bulletin

EU Announces Provisional Acceptance Of German Emissions Plan - Reuters

Butternut Canker Wiping Out The Tree That Dyed Confederate Uniforms - NYT

Vacaville's (CA) First Solar-Powered Community Opens to the Public This Weekend

IRAQ: New dam threatens agriculture and marshland

How bright is the future for solar power in Germany?

EU cuts allowances for 2008-12 CO2 plans by 7 pct (Reuters)

Warmer oceans storing climate change dangers

Going further than a cease-fire

Al-Aqsa Brigades present new rocket

Hamas minister freed by Israel-witnesses (Reuters)

Get real, Hamas

Ahmadinejad's letter to Americans

One State or Two?

Cease the fire in the West Bank, too

Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu to head U.N. rights mission to Gaza

Terror in the Mind of God: Mark Juergensmeyer (video)

If Brad Friedman wanted volunteers to keep the election news coming

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 11/29/06 STILL - No Confidence My Vote Will Be Counted

Clark: Help Christine Jennings fight for electoral justice!

County-$17 million touch screens can't handle big elections


Extremely high undervotes in Kilroy/Pryce Cong. race in Ohio in many precincts

EIEV Exit Poll shows reluctant GOP responder but not enough to explain Dem 7% higher than reported


Judge strikes down Bush on terror groups

WP: Chinese Police Detain Wife of Blind Activist: Woman Dropped, Sobbing, Near Home

Bush wants more countries in visa-waiver program-- ("come to our country" )

Report: Syrian network planned to kill Lebanese officials

(Mentally ill) Man sentenced for threatening Bush

AP Stands By Story of 6 Iraqis Set on Fire -- Finds More Witnesses

Panel backs legislator's complaint

Shi'ites, Sunnis amass arms

BBC: Nato 'to ease Afghan troop rules'

Ahmadinejad to Address a Letter to Americans Today

BBC: US forces kill two women in Iraq

Reuters: Rome court adjourns U.S. soldier shooting case

Pakistan test-fires Hatf-4 missile

U.K. Citizens Disfavor Jobs Moving Overseas: Survey

Anti-Clinton Donor Reported as Donor to Giuliani

Secret White House memo shows doubts about Iraqi prime minister

Complaint filed (by CREW) against (anti Castro) Cuban lobbying group

On day 1 of vote test, numbers don't add up

Al-Sadr loyalists boycott Iraq government

Annan urges UN rights forum to deal urgently with Darfur

Wal-Mart Big-Boxed Out of SD (San Diego)

After Mid-Term Elections, Bush's Job Approval Drops (31% Approval - Harris Poll)

Report Assails Collusion in Europe with CIA

Cuyahoga County Commissioners want new voting machines

Pentagon seeks $150B emergency funding (budget memo guideline: Let her rip--Anything goes)

Embassy denies asking Bush twins to leave Argentina

Moscow points the finger of blame at billionaire exile Boris Berezovsky

MNF Iraq: One Task Force Lightning Soldier killed, one wounded

Defense nominee (Robert Gates) criticizes Iraq planning

Man Mistakenly Abducted by C.I.A. Seeks Redress

Republican Frist will not seek White House: source

Bush Faces Legal Action over Global Warming

Richards isn't really Jewish, publicist admits

CNN: Colin Powell says Iraq is in 'civil war'

Ecuador to refine oil in Venezuela: Correa

Sunnis would be ‘biggest losers’ of Iraq civil war: Shia leader (Al Hakim)

Vote Disparity Still a Mystery In Fla. Election For Congress --WaPo

LAT: Pentagon takes broader view on emergency spending($150 Billion More)

Fierce fighting shuts down Iraqi city

Is the U.S. citizenship test about to get tougher?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 29

U.S. bans sale of iPods to North Korea

Iraqi Sunnis put faith in Jordanian leader to represent them

U.S. Army to deploy more ("aerostat") balloons to Iraq ($77.5 million contract)

Iraq, Iran Reach Agreement on Security

AP: Army contractor to pay $8M in claims (Halliburton/KBR)

GOP senatorial committee in the red

DoD Announces Air Force Airman as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown

NY Daily News: Senator Schumer: Reaganism Is Dead

Bomb-Like Device Found Near I-71; Traffic Stopped, Buildings Evacuated (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Saudi will intervene in Iraq if US withdraws-aide

Attempt to sue Kevin Shelley comes to end--California

Homeland Boss: We Erred in $tiffing N.Y. (Chertoff)

Ford: 38,000 Workers Have Taken Buyouts

Iraq Study Group to issue report December 6

Frist won't run for president in 2008

No room in the plaza for `Nativity Story' (Chicago)

Radiation found on 2 British Airway jetliners

Former AIG boss eyeing NY Times takeover: CNBC

Hagel visits to test presidential waters

A 68 Percent to 14 Percent Majority Believes That There is Now a Civil War in Iraq

Al Qaeda says Pope aims to pull Turkey from Islam

U.S.-Iraq Summit Put Off Until Thursday

Rice begins new push to end Arab-Israeli conflict

Defense eyeing more deployments to Iraq

Al Qaeda tries to foment Iraq civil war - U.S. general (Pace)

Breaking CNN: Letter from Iran to U.S.

Pro-Peace Symbol Forces Win Battle in Colorado Town (Peace Signs All over the Town!)

Cuban exile's lawyers seek secret files

Accept defeat by Taliban, Pakistan tells Nato

U.S. to pay $2M, apologize for false terror arrest (Portland atty.)

Ex-Illinois Governor Ryan Wins Bail While Appealing Conviction

Powell: Iraq Is In A Civil War And Bush Should Stop Denying It

Price of oil up on surprise decline in inventories


Indiana May Turn Over Welfare System To IBM Under $1.6 Billion Outsourcing Deal

Top Marine general says Americans like troops, maybe not the war

McDonald's puts patent on sandwiches (in UK)

WP: Freshly Baked Handouts Forbidden in Fairfax(VA - to Homeless)

AP: FEMA Ordered to Resume Katrina Payments

How often do you 'update' your dictionary/ies?

Donny Osmond's superhero alter ego: El Prup

My brain is melting.

"Y'mean that girl's your cousin?"

I have an invention in mind - and have absolutely no idea how to even

Are the Cameron Crazies really crazy?

Canadian man climbs highest mountains on seven continents in 187 days (plus small rant)

I have two things to say tonight:

I have been cleaning out the junk room all day, why did I buy any of this crap.

I am reading The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers.

Every once in a while it just hits you...

Latest Law & Order invention... the Ho-Jack

...and now a picture of Donald Trump

Need help from Excel experts

John or Paul?

Driver tries to swallow keys, bites cop


Double post

I've just come home from a gay bar where I tipped the stripper

So John Kerry, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Wes Clark, and Howie Dean all got together to

A big thanks for the turkey help.

This is my only post today

Room with a View

Sad day for comic book geeks

So I was watching A Charlie Brown Christmas last night and wondered ..sheesh where was Santa??

There was ice on my fucking car again today. It built up in little dew stalactites an inch high on

Man Stole Car So He Wouldn't Be Late For Court Appointment With Sheriff

Bloody Jesus Float Deemed Too Graphic For Christmas Parade

Man Accused Of Spray-Painting Goats

Morning all.

Man Crashes Into Auto Thief - Leaps On To Roof Of Moving Car - Phones Police While Hanging On

I blame my parents for stalling my writing career

Lets go caroling

There's a fly in my damn beer.

My Doc: Xanax?! Absolutely NOT

World Chess Players To Face Anti-Doping Measures

This is why I love marketing:

Oh-ho-ho-hoooo Oh-ho-ho-hoooo ........ Oh-ho-ho-hoooo .....Oh-ho-ho-hoooo

How About This For A Coincidence?

how do i put a picture on my signature..

Add horror to your Christmas holiday...Monster stockings - With PIX!

Man Dies 1 Month After Court Awards Him $1.1 Million (BTK Serial Suspect)

Why is it that

Can Barbara Bush recover?

Saw the ugliest/racist encounter over the weekend in Williamsburg

Tell Me About Yourself.

"I'd join a band with John Lennon any day, but I wouldn't join a band with Paul McCartney."

It's too cold to go to work!

Happy birthday wishes to............

Seinfeld: the Lost Episode (National Lampoon)

Reports: The Wiggles' lead singer may quit

Ever have a "Final Destination" experience?

Man Arrested For Threatening Girlfriend With Samurai Sword

Do you believe in satan?

If you really love me...

Does anyone else see the word, 'huge', and automatically

So I had to eat a huge dookie sandwich this morning...

Um, help. My DU has switched to a larger font, unprompted.

Don't you hate waiting for the cast list to be posted?

What is the sound of one Language Checker clapping?

I spit on ye peasants!!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen. George Harrison Sings.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/29/06)

Right now, I think I could kick your ass!

Company Claims New Jeans Hold In Your Stomach & Lift Your Buttocks

Which is more entertaining?

Shuold I burn a few hours of sick time to go kayaking?

So help me, I'm pretty sure Principal Skinner has a rug

Well, I finally did it

Delilah is playing nothing but Christmas songs

sick ..can't talk..stuffed up..coughing,,would somebody

Were you spanked as a kid? If so, so what?

oh no SNOOP!!!!!... Damn!

Anyone else had this kind of cell phone experience??

What kind of conspiracy is associated with animal crackers?

'Borat' Proves Unlucky For REAL Kazakh TV News Crew

Trail Mix...youthere style..

Feds Collect Giant Rats In Florida (3-Pound AFRICAN RATS)

What is this I hear about secretarian violence?

Stallone marketing latest, saddest "Rocky" movie as religious film...

Were you spanked as an adult? If so, with what?

Were you tanked as an adult? If so, with what?

Do you believe in santa?

Why did I just do that?

Creeped myself out:

Need help from DU "outdoorsy" men and women...

Subtle Insults

Merry X-mas! HA!

Child rapists and murderers more likely to vote for Bush

Score one for Oasis

Wednesday, November 29. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Well, that was different. I actually alerted early on a someone that was then TSed.

Women: How much do you pay, on average, each month for personal care?

the official honey flavored corn dog appreciation thread

Told wife that Canadians do great at keeping streets snow-free

hav an emergancy.. how do i put i-spell or spell-check on my Word page, i have Aspergers Syndrome

it's not over yet

Is Gale a pretty common name for a guy

To all who have been so supportive of me lately:

Wow. You guys seen any warm front like this?

Wow. You guys seen any cold front like this?


Are all garter stockings pieces of crap?

Long-distance love: tell us your story.


Gotta love fair and balanced news.

Add flavored coffee to the Flame War Hall of Fame, right beside

Oasis vs. Yoko Ono

I habba code.

OK, so we are almost ready to feed a cat - a question

Momma don't let your babies grow up to be ...........

Is a legitimate site?

Kid Rock & Pam Anderson were named GQ's newlyweds of the year (picked before divorce)

Colbert fans need to see this thread

Favorite and least favorite "novelty" holiday song?

Yum! It's what's for dinner!

Cover letters?

I'm paying for Clay Aiken...

This PSA brought to you by Midlodemocrat

Do you send holiday cards or letters?

Damned Snow- AGAIN!

Du'ers in relationships in which you dont live with your partners...

Beware of prepaid long distance cards

My daughter had a biopsy today

Dumbest. Traffic Ticket. Ever.

How annoying are people in lust?

How annoying are people?

5 years ago today, George Harrison passed away

Anybody using Automatic Shower Cleaner?

I just got a "Holiday" catalog of Zen Buddhist supplies!

theres nothing more lonely than a airport...

Public service announcement: It's PETA week in GD

'Happy Feet' is librul propaganda.

OK, so we are almost ready to eat a cat - a question

I posted back in September about a Rabbit who came to visit....

Sucky coffee alert CODE RED: Millstone Cinnamon Gingerbread Coffee

Greg, the Yellow Wiggle, is going to quit

OK, so we are almost ready to get a cat - a question

What do I want for my birthday?

Kids, want to find out that your daddy isn't your daddy?

Last night's 'Boston Legal': No, no, NO!! (Warning: spoiler within)

A wittle wabbit walks awound:

I saw a white deer

You know who is Glenn Beck's guest tonight?

I'm so frustrated taking my autistic son out in public.

Is it me or is DOG the BOUNTY HUNTER the most hideous thing on the Planet?

Okay, how I came to be posting about Britney Spears is beyond me, BUT.... Because it's been too long.

Is Gale a common pretty name for a guy?


What should I get my mom for Christmas

This statement is false

Minnesota versus California!

Can someone please explain PayPal to me?

An enigmatic person ....

How's this for a CGI animation made by just one guy?

transferring vinyl albums to Cds

Could use a smoke right now......

A question about love

My kids doubled over laughing at the American Girls web site


Rejoice with me!!! I've just finished Schumann's "Papillons"

Did we ever get an explanation on Elvis's one-piece jumpsuit thing?

A Christmas Letter from God to His Children.

Here is a pic. Of Mr. Harry rabbit.

PARENTS: Do you and partner do good cop/bad cop with kids?

Yoko Ono on Fox News

A 12-pound orange tomcat will fit in a Priority Mail box

I'm playing for Clay Aiken...

Acoustic Jam tomorrow - Help me pick some good songs

To break off ties or not to break off ties?

So, tell me about your root canal.

Cat Lovers - I need your help (and so does Abbott)

I'm going to run this one up the flag pole and see who salutes:

Convince me to spend some money on me

You have no class if you microwave coffee

Trying hard not to be an alarmist here, .. NEED good vibes

Do Cats Have a Sense of Humor?

Were you spanked as a kid? If so with what?


which DUer wouLd you Like to..

Uh Oh - Britney's Underwear Incident Riles Rosie

TV Shows You're Ashamed To Admit You Watched/Still Watch.

Steven Pinker objects to Harvard's proposed "Reason and Faith" requirement

teenagebambam has the ultimate "War on Christmas" response.

Terror in the Mind of God: Mark Juergensmeyer (video)

Prehistoric fish had bite stronger than a T-rex

An Ancient Computer Surprises Scientists

I hope this will amuse some people here.

Ohio receives first bowl bid since '68--Go Bobcats!

Congratulations Rice Owls - first bowl game in 45 years

Interesting info from

Daily Tzolkin 11/29/2006

I'm back...!

I need agreements, please!



The Silent Language of Peace

OT: Wow!

JK on Larry King tonight?

It's time for another one of these - what kind of Kerry Worshipper are you?

Kerry media appearances

New JK blog with pics

Delete -- may be a phony diary

Who saved transcript from Iraq withdrawal debate? Warner mentioned a new resolution

BLM -- you're right. First warning shot sent against Webb!!

John Kerry on Massachusetts vs. EPA

Mass-souls are not just snarky to tall people. Read this

Much love due to Elias

An excellent editorial by Marie Coco about the lessons the public should

God Bless the Iraqis: Their sense of humor is still intact

OT, sorta: Pakistan tells NATO to surrender to Taliban

So, in the next Congress, what changes?

The distraction is part of the denial that

current John Kerry threads.

From a Lounge person:

My husband was taking some pictures of the dogs

A few thoughts on better photo contests

Art project: Rape of a live baby kitten! Wrong, or not?

Extraordinary of European Stopovers of secret CIA flights

Bush's economic "brain trust" backs Mittens...

Breaking:Iraqi lawmakers and cabinet

Iraq Nears the "Saigon Moment"

Oh boy oh boy, can we leave Iraq now?

GOP Plan - Sex Will Make You Go Blind - By Mark Morford

What Jim Webb should have added:

We should show our support for B*sh policy on CO2

US Soldier In Iraq: To ALL Dems Saying - "Gradual Drawdown - STOP THAT SHIT NOW-LET US COME HOME!!!"

Let's be honest about the liberal bias in the media.

Freepers discuss a possible "Second American Civil War"

Caption this pic of * and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Peace in Pagosa

A friend's son is going to Iraq in January ... thoughts.

New neocon propaganda term: DEFUNDING THE TROOPS

IHOP changes policy of asking for IDs

Beanies for - I never really know how to feel about this kind of thing.

Caption our NATO summit team

What happened to all the schools, hospitals, etc. in Iraq....

Saudi will intervene in Iraq if US withdraws-aide

Pakistan tells NATO to surrender to Taliban in Afghanistan

Those folks that continue to cling to their kool-aid glasses...

Yep, all the experts agree. Iraq is a totally un-winnable disaster.

"So, on what basis, exactly, are you proposing shooting your fellow citizens?"

Gore: 'I would have heeded 9/11 warnings' (Raw Story)

Freeper talk of civil war - Bush/Cheney plan to keep power?


Back Off, Bumstead! ---pix--->>>

Judge: Money Must Change To Aid Blind People

Secret prisons: Sign of a vibrant democracy or a declining empire

We need to keep pummeling them, until they see their hypocrisies, as

SLUDGE: Dem Chair Dean's Former Webmaster Wants To Work For McCain...

Doesn't Lieberman know that violent video games are a good way to train future soldiers?

Events of the 1860's

The Great Diplomat ---pix--->>>

Good Morning America welcomed "talk-radio host" and racist prick Glenn Beck to discuss Islam

Bill Frist Will Not Be Running For President-MSNBC

WashTimes: A Sunnis 'Tet Offensive' in the works ?

So Is This Meeting Between The Chimp And al-Maliki Like The Scene

Sen. Elizabeth Dole: 'Help Us Retire Our Debt'

As a teen, I have a couple words on 'The Bush Twins'

I could swear I saw the exact opposite headline on CNN

POWELL: "Bush needs to face reality of civil war in Iraq"

Treasury told to make bills friendlier to blind

Attn: Christians: You do not own Christmas-China Does. (Quick rant on this and globalization)

WOOHOO! "Clark Wants to Avoid Late Campaign Start"


The Look of Love - - - - pix!

Q For New Congress: "Are We Ready To Air ALL THE DIRTY LAUNDRY?"

Choice? Except for Cuba, not in Latin America

So is Gore running or not?

Grants & money to be available to "study" the effects of video on children

Anyone watching Lieberman save the world

Heres who is behind the curtain controlling the big flaming head

Why Not REQUIRE All Tax Exempt Organizations To Publicly Disclose All Receipts/Disbursements?

Is South Korea over-reacting in killing all these animals?

A quote from "Starlight News"...

Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution

I had to choose my healthcare coverage for next year

Caption this * and Condi pic...

Frist will not seek presidency in 2008

Head of Family Planning is anti-birth control.....Democrats can't stop appointment.

Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser?

Someone Please Tell Me, WTF Is So Funny???

Okay Class.. The Vocabulary Builder words of the week are:

CBS5 San Francisco Exclusive: Evidence Obtained In Unabomber Case

Republicans Hijack VA Funding

I've seen this really disgusting commercial for a Navy Seal war game

Is it possible that if we shaved Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice's heads

Crimes Without Victims

Iran president Ahmadinejad gives a word of advise to Dems

Xmas Trees: Are You A Real Tree Person, Or A Fake Tree Person?

Most evil of the evil businesses?

Do you get the feeling the media really wants Hillary to be the candidate?

When evolution is outlawed...

Mother accused of microwave death

Evo Morales wants to bring back public whippings

McDonalds Files 55 Page Patent On THE SANDWICH- 'Method and Apparatus'

* has everyone scratching their head - pics

"Civil War:" O'Reilly Says NBC Is Trying To Woo Left-Wing Viewers

4 yr old boy saves family by morphing into Power Ranger!

TOON Microburst: Modern Times (Corporate Style)

The Wronged Man (re: U.S. secret prisons)

creating customers for the pharma barons

The likelihood is that we will face McCain or Guiliani in '08

If dems win big in the next election, I fully expect some right-wing violence. (Not a civil war!)

Warner, Feingold, and Frist are out...

RW Wiki update

US setbacks see dollar plunge to near 15-year low

ANYONE Who Supported the Campaign for a 2nd Bush Term Who is Currently

A DU exclusive!!! Leaked artist's conception of the Bush Library

my brother is watching The 700 Club right now


The "passion" of "The Nativity".. Vatican premier of the movie

The 500 MILLION dollar * library. Why is there no outrage?

We are dropping bombs on families and claiming we killed insurgents.

"Gingrich calls Iraq war a 'failure'". The rodents are jumping ship.

MSNBC reporting that Bush's talks with al-Maliki have been postponed

Breaking on MSNBC - Talks with Maliki postponed until tomorrow

Have any B*shco 'insiders' admitted that his presidency

Bill Moyers: 'Soldiers Cannot Sustain In the Field -What Cannot Be Justified In the Constitution'

I hope that these next two years of Pissy Pants' presidency

Is this woman nuts or what?

Interesting take on Murdoch, Fox and OJ

OhOh! The meeting has been postponed until

Ohio county may junk e-voting machines

Johnston's sister-in-law, said she suspected police "were lying all the time."

Great Exit Plan! Maliki spurns B*sh meeting- B*sh says "Then we're Leaving!"

An interesting silent protest to the war.

Jesus! Obamas middle name is Hussein....


Man Freed After Bush Castration Threat

Sen Biden plans 6 weeks of Iraq hearings

If Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, who should be her running mate?

Kelly O'Donnell finally says it

Abandoned O.J. Project Shows Shame Still Packs a Punishing Punch

Buh-bye Fristypants! Which almost-candidate is next to drop out?

True or False

US will pay $2 million and apologize for terror arrest

Is the Nomination Hilary's if she wants it?

Freakers Freakin': Repukes lose Bible Study Room in Congress

Connect the Dots .... Iran & Iraq sign treaty & Maliki blows off bush.

Everybody Matters

What's your take on PETA?

REMINDER: Al Gore guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight 11/29

Jimmy Carter coming up on Al Franken Show

President Carter on Al Franken

Gore/Obama 08

Colin Powell calls Iraq a civil war

U.S. to pay $2M, apologize for false terror arrest--Imagine if he had no habeas corpus?

What Will Katie, Brian and the Other Newsreaders Do Now? No Iraq Summit for Them to "Analyze"

The Saudis, Iraq, and Iran (Steve Clemons)

Speaking of conservation........what is YOUR thermostat set on?

Does Anyone Know Anything About The Human Rights Campaign?

I spy nincompoops (p m carpenter)

al-Maliki snubs Bush, decides to dine "with someone else''

Randi says the Congressional Dems are pissed at Webb

Bookmark: List of Our New Democratic Leaders/Committee Chairs

Matthews: Dems "don't want to be policymakers -- that's grown-up stuff"

Texas Ethics? Uh, No. Commission Allows State Disclosure Laws That "Condone Bribery"

White House denies that Maliki snubbed Bush today

2000-year-old analogue "Moon computer" described

I MUST cross post this thread

DU has a new crush: Jim Webb

New Children's Book Teaches Intolerance & Xenophobia

What positions of Obama's are you unclear about?

Bartlett On Cancelled Maliki Meeting: ‘It Was Going To Be More Of A Social Meeting Anyway’

A few timely Sunni/Shia factoids - which I find scary

Has the US ever "spread democracy" like in Iraq and it worked?

Headline for Bush's Meeting With al-Maliki

Encourage voting: vote in 2/3 or 3/3 elections and get two votes in the 4th election.

Now Saudi Arabia Steps Up To The Plate in Iraq .... LINK

Barney Frank to confront Bill O'Lielly tonight about Fox News bias in the GOP-Spin Zone

So who leaked that top secret memo regarding Maliki?

A reminder - Mike Webb is back. Listen here:

is it true that Glen Beck is associated with DrugRush Limpballs..buisness wise??

I sure hope georgie brought his adapter with him

If looks could kill

Jimmy Carter on the Al Franken show this morning.


MoPaul sighting in Jordan

So, the DU Primary Wars have started already?

Stockpiles of weapons lost by US - well supplied Sunnis, Shites, Kurds.

Pope "considering" allowing condoms in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances

Is it me or is DOG the BOUNTY HUNTER the most hideous thing on the Planet?

Terror threat?

I am so sick of

"My country, right or wrong."

Feds process immigration paperwork despite missing background check info


Our nation's response to tyranny is pretty sad.

bush's failed war will be blamed squarely on the Democrats

Seinfeld : The Lost Episode

Does this not demonstrate what republicans are all about?.....

The Onion's at it again

Wages--Congressmen, Staffers and the politics of elitistm

Reuters: Saudi will intervene in Iraq if U.S. withdraws: aide

PHOTO: Georgie interrupts the adults discussing the Iraq situation

Are George W. Bush Lovers Certifiable?

A Freeper's wet dream ...

'Bobby' makes only $4.8M in first week

"Magistrate resigns over gays"

I think this leaked Hadley memo is crap.

Need feedback on my new anti-meth poster...

Any Weatherbug users having problems with it? Trying to watch a storm

US failure in Iraq MUST be Maliki's fault !!!

MPAA wants your "home theater" to have a licence (and spy tech)

WJ this morning: The tone of the discussions

You've found a cell-phone....what do you do?

BBC: Dollar plunges on world markets

"I don't care what you asked me you rude MF, you never answer

Group wants Hastert deal investigated

Your "hypocritical statement of the day" from GWB...

Not an Onion story ---- Bush cracks down on Kim Jong-il - - - no more ipods - - -

civil war = Merriam - Webster - just for the hell of it

A question about love

N.K. denied unaffordable luxuries (AP) - that'll show 'em!

Bush Administration goes Hard Line on North Korea

Elizabeth Edwards is Live Blogging at Blue NC

Just looking at job posts

ABC POLL: " Do Bush's Words Reflect Reality in Iraq? "

Bush says he will stay in Iraq to the last drop of someone else's blood

help ... need Air American stream from a local affiliate

Judge rules insurance covers New Orleans homeowners

Cheney Chickens Out

The Iraq Study Group: let's see it for what it is--

TX: Diocese unsealed records: 7 priests w/ 2 decades of sex abuse complaints

DU can you help me to understand how BushCo can question Malikis ability?

C-SPAN caller: right wingers should forget the ballot box and break out the bullet box.

Bush foreign policy: "If it feels good, do it."

Was man's last act message or madness? : War protester's violent public suicide ...


Enjoy This! (Scary, but science confirms what we've all thought.)

When Dick Cheney is no longer VP, what will he do?

== Sex Will Make You Go Blind = Mark Morford

Christians against Walmart!

Activism can cost you your next job.


Do animals have an intrinsic right to kill humans?

Surely he didn't mean this ! Rahm: Hillary's a Lesbian

Anyone see John Asshole.. er.. Stossel this AM on ABC saying

Why couldn't we start a war with a country that has easier spelled names?

Bankruptcy king: more defaults coming (Reuters/

Rangel: Preserve Millionaire Tax Cuts, Consider Soc. Security Cuts, Pass More Free Trade Pacts

Clintonites dreaming of a Hillary Clinton-Wes Clark ticket in '08?

Will Al Gore run in 2008? Wolfie seems to think so. Up next on the Situation Room.


DuPont Agrees to Provide Less-toxic Water

Question.... Where is the Outrage in FLA....

I love Tom Waits! He was awesome on TDS last night. Does

"Happy Feet, is “the darkest, most disturbing feature-length animated film ever offered"

The Iraqi ambassador to the U.N. can kiss my ass

Break time! Meet & Greet ! Hugh Moran time.

Coal mine closes. 600 big-paying jobs...

Bush Presidential Library

Big Oil hires big PR firm to "educate" new Congress on record profits, ties to Cheney ...

Giving away money on street corners instead of asking for money

A suggestion to future democratic speakers-of-the-house

Yum! It's what's for dinner!


Ha! American Corporate Media goes Soft and Kissy to Ahmadinejad !

Learning to live with the ayatollahs - SF Chronicle

Terror Alert suspect fingered by Mohamed Atta's American girlfriend ...

Is Bush the ONLY Post WWII President to be Snubbed by Jordan&Iraq?

71 this morning 37 now, looks like a storm a brewing

"Purpose Driven" church distances itself from Sen. Obama speaking there . . .

The Iraq Summit Is Now Termed "A Courtesy Call" by the WH!

Let's have some new bumper stickers to start off 2008!

I'm getting really concerned about the dollar dropping.

Sex Will Make You Go Blind (Mark Morford)

So far I've heard the MSM discussing the missed meeting with al Maliki, BUT

I Want Names

Peace wreaths in Pagosa Springs should be Christmas cards...

CNN Shills Pump "Bomb Sniffing Bee's" Stock! Says this technology

Would you join the military as a Commissioned Officer for $100,000 (or more)?

Is it just me, or are things Really This Bad?

Applying for a job tomorrow

Holiday job cuts gain momentum

Look up "Loose Cannon" and there's Ahmadinejad's picture...

CNBC Report: Greenberg Intent on Buying 'NY Times'

How about Colin Powell for Republican candidate for President?

Bumpersticker that Pissed me off!

i saw a friend of family that has 4 SONS in the army

Apocalypse Now was on Bravo again last night

If Gore does run in '08 do you think he will be nominated?

All Hail the Culture Wars

Sibel Edmonds: Highjacking of a Nation. Part 2

Remember the "white powder" incident (Freeper-Idiot)? Not the first fiasco

The meeting's off because:

NEWSFLASH: Universal says Radio APPO "handed over"

A few afternoon toons....

President Pissypants - Rejected, Rebuffed, Rebuked ---pix--->>>

Interesting Question: Why Leak the Maliki Government Memo?

Science Teachers Org responds to Laurie David

((((TOONS)))) to help you hop over hump day. No lip smacking or licking your fingers, please!

Rumsfeld Said that the Plane that Crashed in PA was "Shot Down"

Stunning Revelations: The Untold Story of Taser Related Deaths

ABC News in San Francisco obliterates Hoover Institutions Peter Schweizer about Pelosi and the Union

Full text of Iranian President Ahmadinejad's letter to America as supplied to CNN

Just a quick acknowledgment to the SCOTUS for foisting Bush on us and chaos throughout the world.

X/Obama, X/X, or Obama/X?

When a child sees a rabbit,

of the Kennedy brothers who would have been the best president?

Ouch! Rangel: Preserve Millionaire Tax Cuts, Consider Soc. Security Cuts, Pass More Free Trade Pacts

Oh Jeebus! Lieberworm to grandstand about video games on CSPAN today

Colbert's Satire Goes Completely Over Catholic Blogger's Head

*Picks up DU... SLAP, SLAP, wake up!*

Anyone else get this "Merry Christmas" e-mail??

Ok , so American's can't talk French......

XM & Sirius Merger? RoscoT do you know anything about this?

Anyone else have that strange feeling something is going down?

Lou Dobbs: "Thank God the Dems won and can check BushCo's arrogance."

Powell yes, Carter no, to Iraq civil war

Do y'all remember when Jimmy Carter told us to turn our thermostats

Give the Gift of Impeachment for the Holidays

Is there any way to ban Limbaugh, O'Reilly and their ilk from the airwaves?

Wow! Jay Severin just read impeachment demand on Imus right now.

Video game simulates mass-murder at best buy

DU a Brother Veteran need your prayers

Oh, you silly Americans!

Iranian President Ahmadinejad pens letter to U.S.

Anti-Peace Symbol Board RESIGNS!

Jim Webb delivers a face to face smackdown on the chimp

A look back at the weekend events leading up to Houston janitor agreement

IWW EZ Supply Workers Win Huge Victory!

VP Dick Cheney talks to the CFR 1:54 min

Jimmy Carter answers Christiane Amanpour

New ad from William Jefferson's Democratic challenger, Karen Carter

Are Goodyear Tires Safe?

Wal-Mart's Values

Ministry of Truth Double Speak

Al Franken's SUPPLY SIDE JESUS: An animated comic strip...


What are Your Three Favorite '08 Tickets?

How many people heard of Bill Clinton in 1990?

Police state is here!!! and plans to imprison Americans en mass

Aaron Russo's Freedom to fascism documentary


WSJ op-ed describes as "cowards" those who trash a "beleaguered" Bush in "demonic" tones

Is any likely "major" Democratic candidate in 08

Al-Sadr loyalists boycott Iraq government

The Washington Post won't call it a Civil War because the little prince says it isn't

Unconventional/non-discussed VP candidates.

The backpedal on the "War on Christmas" has begun

The news media's hesitancy to call Iraq mess a "civil war"?

Does the US have secret plans to support the Sunnis in Iraq?

It's the fault. of the Iraqi's..

Does someone have the Mission Accomplish pic?

Democrats will revive stem cell bill, supported by majority of Americans, vetoed by Bush

Conversation between Bush and Maliki...


Sen. Bill Frist announced this morning he would not run for President in 2008

Gingrich: I don't want your freedom

Have the cock sure RW media pundits lost their stiffie?

What's the deal w/our top leaders all being out of the country at the same time?

Bush's quagmire

Bush faces legal action over global warming (independent UK)

don wildmon's Christmas Shareathon is underway

I exposed my butt for all of you to kick, and there wasn't one taker.

WP: Vote Disparity Still a Mystery In Fla. Election For Congress

Jordan protesters are ready for * arrival, Pics.

What Our No 1 Job Should Be Right Now - Effective Dossier on Giuliani

CNN Obama headline seems rather misleading

Excellent Bumper Sticker on a Military Base

Congressman Meek tries to figure out what to do with the Republican Rubber Stamp

Marie Cocco: Public isn't blameless in Iraq War debacle

Iran gets the best Christmas gift ever - Iraq!

Jim Webb Sure Answered Bush's Question, "How's Your Son?"

A reminder for everyone currently backing someone for '08...

Have you heard: The Bush admin is against a timetable!

Federalist No. 4 -- John Jay

International Agency Says US Has Insufficient Number of Labor (OSHA) Inspectors-Confined Space

Denver Democratic Convention bid gets major backing

CARTER all over MSM talking QUALIFIED candidate with CREDENTIALS. WTF didn't he get the memo:

Frist not running for President

MSNBC reports Frist will NOT run for Prez

WP,pg1: In Following His Own Script, Webb May Test Senate's Limits

The Beginning of the Endgame for Iraq

U.S.-Iraq summit put off until Thursday

Big Employers Plan Electronic Health Records

GM Hopes Engine of Future Sells Cars Now

U.S. Pays $2 Mil to Settle Oregon Terror Arrest Suit

Will GOODYEAR tires be safe for your family?

Texas Ethics? Uh, No. Commission Allows State Disclosure Laws That "Condone Bribery" millionaires and major political wins

I only have smiles for you, * Pics.

And the 2008 candidate..

2008 picks .... from 2005

Friedman's new units: 10 months or 10 years


Economic Report: Hunger On The Rise In New York City

Can't resist - who's your favorite Dem US Senator-Elect?

I Will Be Supporting Wes Clark If He Runs for President.

Dodd Urges Bush to Delay Implementation of Torture Bill

Just when you think that Bush followers cannot descend any lower : 2 items

Howard Dean opens Liberal Party convention

Where the hell is Condi?

My response to a pro-Iraq war veteran

Who are your top three choices for 08'? Mine are Clark, Gore, or Obama.

In the chaos of Iraq, one project is on target: a giant US embassy

Larry King has Sen. Kerry on tonight to discuss, surprise, Iraq

Amy Robach on MSNBC

MY union files lawsuit against my employer the City of Omaha

TIME Person Of The Year - VOTE!!!

Is there a place where you can stream the Lionel show live or

Rangel: Raising Soc Sec retirement age or reducing benefits can't be ruled out

Clark: US must stay in Iraq

Is there a handy resource listing who's going to be chairing committees?

Let's revisit Dean on "White folks who drive pickup trucks with Confederate flag decals"

Clinton versus Obama: Is there any difference?