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Archives: November 6, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 267

They marked this as humor but I believe it is crazy enough to work

Investigators: Political Phone Messages May Be Illegal In N.H.

End of the Neo-Cons by David Olive - The Toronto Star (long read)

Concerns over voter suppression in Arizona (Arizona AFL-CIO)

Abu Ghraib documentary planned

GOP Must Go - The American Concervative

Accused of witchcraft, children kicked to the streets in Congo

Far from healing Iraqi divisions, this trial has deepened them

Daily Interlake (Kalispell, Montana) Takes on KO

Analysis: In Ottawa, brazen lie starting to feel like truth by Susan Delacourt

former President Clinton's call to overcome fear and vote for change

Iraqi Sunnis Urge U.S. to Fight Iran Influence, Not Insurgents

Striking Goodyear workers encouraged to vote for working family

Economic Report: High paying factory jobs continue to be replaced by low paying service industry job

The Independent: Republicans prepare for the worst as disaster looms in midterm elections

Can we save the climate without nuclear power?

Given Their Respiration Patterns, Boreal Forests No Refuge From Climate Change

I wish Nanosolar ( would give tours of their fab site!

Canada - Harper Hurriedly Backs Out Of Meeting W. EU Climate Critics - AFP

Australia's Drought Threatens Economy - Howard Calls Emergency Summit Meeting - AFP

Despite Data Avalanche, Nairobi Climate Talks Promise Glacial Pace - NYT

International Red Cross says Israeli forces hit clearly marked ambulance workers


Something new for NIST to dwell upon...

Bruce O'Dell and Jonathan Simon on Monitor, up now

Hey ERD, Please give this thread a little love over in GD pol. Thanks!

MD Diebold report out: Pentagon Papers of e-voting. (X-Post)

I knew this was setting it up for fraud (x-posted from GD)

Global Warming Could Trigger Insect Population Boom

Kleeb (Dem-Ne) hits campaign trail hard in close 3rd district race

World Reacts To Saddam Verdict

Western firms doing business in N. Korea

Concerns over voter suppression in Arizona (Arizona AFL-CIO)

Iraqi Sunnis Urge U.S. to Fight Iran Influence, Not Insurgents

(Buckshot) Cheney to hunt on Election Day

Striking Goodyear workers encouraged to vote for working family

Iraq Shuts Down 2 Sunni TV Stations

Economic Report: High paying factory jobs continue to be replaced by low paying service industry job

Bush Stumps in Red States to Save House

The Independent: Republicans prepare for the worst as disaster looms in midterm elections

China, Africa end summit, pledge greater ties

Report: Feds Refusing FBI Terror Cases

NEW MEXICO DIRTY TRICKS: Judge Enjoins State GOP From Making Targetted Disinfo Calls!


Iranians mark US embassy siege

AP: Evangelist Tells Followers He's a 'Liar'

World opinion divided on Saddam sentence

Pakistan Air Force officers tried to kill Musharraf

Republican "fake phone call" scandal spreads - now in Philly too

Turkish Official Warns Iraqi Kurds

Stem cells fill in for liver in mouse experiment

Nicaragua chooses new president (latest vote count)

Bush rallies GOP faithful in Grand Island (Ne)

NYT: Bush Trumpets Hussein Verdict to Rally Support

US accused of breeding extremism in Iraq ("17,000 detainees in Buka camp")

Round-the-clock curfew keeps lid on Iraq (2 US troops killed)

Kleeb (Dem-Ne) hits campaign trail hard in close 3rd district race

Gayle Haggard's letter to New Life Church

Two Marines, One Soldier Killed in Al Anbar

Pakistan offers to fence Afghan border

Unsuccessful GOP candidate arrested at Bush event

NYT: New Telemarketing Ploy Steers Voters on Republican Path

Pew Research Center: Republicans Cut Democratic Lead in Campaign's Final Days

FBI willing to go undercover in Congress if necessary


Breaking : Saddam has been Hung!!!!

Hugs needed. I had to help really stupid people vote Republican at

Once again the Browns prove how much they deserve a

I have been EXTREMELY lazy today...

Realistic Headlines You Crave

Anyone out there doing National Novel Writing Month?

Have a question for the Mods...Califpeggy you there?

Who's fault is it?

Apple's iTunes music store SUCKS ASS!

I haven't used a 3" floppy disk in over 2-1/2 years

So where do the double-posts come from?

Ohmygod, I thought work would never end. Why was I so excited to have a job again? Oh, money.

The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horrors XVII Coming On!

How I met my wife.

what ARE the 23 flavors in Dr.Pepper?

'American Dad' thread

There's two kinds of people in this world...

OMFG, who's watching American Dad?

In this thread, try to get in before the lock.

I'm going to an advanced screening of "Bobby" Monday night.

One of the biggest disadvantages of living alone:

It sounds as though "Wham!" is John Madden's new word...

I don't care what any of you clowns say.

Is there a site with an official pledge for ppl to sign to not marry until gay marriage is legal?

GAH!!!! So that's what that smell was!

Yay Broncos!!!

your favorite podcasts and/or music blogs??


Lock or nuke?

My experience with gay rights

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow

Borat says....

A question about Californiapeggy as a mod?

Norwegian Salmon

It seems like it should be three hours later than it is.


Attention DU Facebook users who are friends with me...

I can stand beside...

Hello. How long before I get over this depression? (Not a health thread)

If you are into classical music a terrific site

Tsk tsk

No one ever went broke underestimating the American Public...

If you want to laugh like an absolute freak, go see the Borat movie.

the bumper sticker " who would jesus bomb"

Party pic thread.

Full moon tonite!! Go outside and take a's rising magnificently.

The Book of the Dead....from Cheney's personal library....

"Family Guy" thread (new ep)

Do I sound American or Australian?

Where the HELL are my friggin' CAR KEYS?!?!

"OK, first of all, I'm not 100% in love with your tone right now."

I think I've decided I need to make some changes in my life.

Just finished watching Syriana.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you had to pick the three most

I'm sore, I'm tired and exhausted to the bone. I'm gonna take a bubble bath now

You know it's going to be a good story when it starts with...

Will the REAL DICK CHENEY please stand up... (Rap for the VP)

So I live in an apartment complex

I took some PIX of deer that were swimming across the Intracoastal Waterway.

I had to call the police about a threat left on my voice mail..................

Animated gif one :o)

The Largest Digging Machine In The World

(whine) I don't want to do my Physical Therapy stretching!

I thought I'd just say hello

'Operation Enduring Occupation'

So, primate1

Who does Ted Haggard resemble?

Knock knock.

Radio Lady Discusses: 'Borat' phenomenon! Join the topic here...

Anyone else being railroaded into family Thanksgiving plans?

Oh, fuck. NO! NO! I just looked up that "Honey" song on Youtube...

As someone who's been here for almost two years...

a n x i e t y is eating my brain

What the fuck is agapanthus?

Interesting philosophy quiz

Marx's Critique of Hegel

Skins, Ravens, Terps

On MTP, Schumer couldn't even take the time to honor Kerry's service to this country.

A few explanations about the latest polls.

Kudos for the smackdowns

Robert Parry's latest article - it is worth a read and it will probably disappear soon on GD.

This is likely another Kerry was right

Welp... we're gonna lose now

Fall photo poll wannabee

fog - Garden Hwy...


Driving in Sandy, Utah... saw this bumpersticker: God Lied to Bush

It is happening...repukes are jumping off in droves

Mother Goosing the cons....

Pat Buchanan: Santorum a VP candidate if he keeps his Senate seat

A referendum on the intelligence of the American people

the little man is speechifying

Bill Mahr Disgusted Me

Urban Renewal Plans Render Millions Jobless (Delhi)

Idea for a last minute national advertisement for Democrats.

Problem With Having A "Plan To Win" In Iraq

Some things you may not have known about Saddam Hussein

A weekend of lit drops in Sensenbrenner's home town

Hang Rumsfeld right along with Saddam- He's every

Anybody watching Nick News with their kids tonight? It's about civil debate.

Is it just me, or does it seem to you that

Pick the New GOP Campaign song

C-SPAN: A guy just called in on the Democrat line

Don't forget to top your tank off tomorrow or Tuesday!!

Hacking Democracy FULL VIDEO

Robert Fisk: This was a guilty verdict on America as well (Saddam)

I'm amazed at Fox...

What news from the Nicaraguan election?

Is there a web site to check and see if you're registered to vote?

A message from this old veteran to you guys

DUers are missing the bigger issue re: Haggard.

Family Guy killing tonight.

"ABC poll stands alone in showing Republicans closing in

"Big Brother; Big Business" - docu on CNBC now

"Bush is a Punzer Pants"

Will BushCo increase the troops and violence in Iraq after the election?

Apparently today's good news from Iraq is an upcoming hanging.

Interesting pair of movies tonight on a local (LA) UHF TV Station

How lucky you are in the UK, you may get to lock up your freepers

'I am a deceiver and a liar'

Bush left out some things when critizing our court (Gay marriage)

Right-wingers seem to be awfully interested in election fraud of late

Saddam Hangs For Things He Did In 1982

If you are into classical music a terrific site

Good news!'s Call For Change has an answering machine option!

All of you folks who are good internet hunters, I need your help

GOP takes another torpedo. This time from "The American Conservative".

MSNBC's HARDBALL is doing GOP dirty work

Another Poll: FL Gov (11/05): Crist 49, Davis 47 - within MOE

Colorado PRO-Marijuana Ads Call Bush & Cheney - DRUNKS

Food for thought from firedoglake Re: Lieberman

Drinking Liberally

Senate president Pro Temp

I think the polls are pretty much meaningless because of EARLY VOTING

The Choice

Anyone watching the show about Choice point on CNBC right now?

Ted Haggard

Simpsons Treehouse Of Horrors: "The Day The Earth Looked Stupid"

Fred Barnes: 'Dems pick up 22 seats', Kondracke, 'Dems pick up 30 seats'

American Dad is hilarious tonight

"When Joe LIEBerman Calls" .... Be, very, very, very afraid ....

new TIME poll - Dems up 55 to 40 among likely voters

So will Ted Haggard be going to one of those "reparative therapy" camps now?

KirstenGillibrand endorsed: Times Union! NY20

Pastor Ted Didnt Blame.......

Tell me you saw the Simpsons.

Gallup Poll #'s

Iranians mark US embassy siege

For me, the Senate isn't the most important thing on Tuesday.

Tweety's brother is Lynn Swann's running mate, Tweety must be sad they're losing so

I thought we could all do with a little inspiration as we GOTV

Bad Choice on the Right

will bush complete his term?

There is no doubt of significant tightening. So what to do about it?

Fundies are just pissed off because we evolved and they didn't

It would be mighty helpful if my friend Jim Casy could talk to Haggard....

I have a request for the Video Forum for those in the know...


Soup to Nutz on Diebold (toon)


New Gallup Poll Is Better For Dems then ABC or Pew Polls

REPORT: FEDS Increasingly Refusing FBI Terror Cases

Conservative idiocy on another board - I hope to God this is sarcasm

DU prayer thread - in response to freeper one

Matt PUDGE is playing on the radio STREISAND/GARLAND & PELOSI

The Use Of Air Force One.....


Did Haggard advise Bush Every Monday?

Cheney to go hunting on Election Day

Pew shows Republicans with momentum. In the generic ballot, Dems lead by just 4 points.

What do you all think Bush's nickname for Ted Haggard was?

Not enough doctors?

GOP leaning pollster announces "new" OH poll results tomorrow

CSPAN: Bill Clinton stumping for Ford

Once Safe, Public Pensions Are Now Facing Cuts

CNN: Do you think Saddam Hussein received a fair trial?

where's bush going to be on election day? crawford?

Crist Won't Appear With President - AP

X-posted "Missile Man Reminisces"

1999 War Games Predicted Chaos In An Iraq War

How long do you think Bushco has known that Pastor Ted was gay?

Cheney re: making fun of Kerry: "Well, it still is great with the crowds."

16 Troops Dead in 5 days (5 today alone)

Spc. Carl Eason died last week

OK let's settle this -- Re: discouraged/passive voters.

FBI might go undercover in Congress?

Remember 1994 ??? - Check This Out !!!

The tightening is real. So, how to proceed?

Fundie explains why Haggard's transgressions are his wife's fault

Barbara Streisand Interview in Chicago Tribune

Everything you wanted to know about 2006 exit polling

Heard an Amy Goodman speech on alternative radio tonite.

CNN is about to interview Hunter from CA and Murtha

Top Gingrich Lieutenant Predicts GOP Will Lose 25-30 House Seats

Abu Ghraib movie planned

Why I think election fraud won't throw the election this time.

NYT Op/Ed: Bush Overreached In Calling Saddam Trial A Milestone


Best website to follow election results?

Republicans on the Rebound!!! Its official...

Republicans: Then & Now

Gallup: Dems' lead slightly smaller but still strong and historical

November 14th In Germany There Will Be An Attempt To Prosecute Rumsfeld

How did O'Reilly get an abortion clinic's records?

Why I see every race breaking for Democrats.....

Filiabuster calls for votes

Bush Stumps in Red States to Save House - (Check Out His Quote !!!)

Rahm Emanuel: "Tightening inevitable," but "making me nervous"

*Woot* Is the DU Community ready for Election Night ? *Woot*

'The Simpsons' Unofficial Iraq Commentary Tonight -- WATCH IT!

Poll Shows 26 year incumbent Repuke Clay Shaw losing by 10pts in FL-22

Does anyone know ANY Democrats who will vote Republican Tuesday?

An enemy of the state.

HEY! Anyone ever hear of this "Project D.U." before?

Before the election on Tuesday, I would like to thank every DUer...

Recruiter willing to bet "more people have been killed in the U.S."

Has there ever been a public figure with the audacity to lecture us

How will Dems do on Tuesday?

(Buckshot) Cheney to hunt on Election Day

ROFL! Larry, Moe, Curly


Bush Fascism Video...Please K&R!

May I make a humble suggestion for Tuesday night?

NEW MEXICO DIRTY TRICKS: Judge Enjoins State GOP From Making Targetted Disinfo Calls!

Anyone think that tomorrow's surprise will be the firing of...

They actually believe there's an alternative to the "reality-based world," and that they live in it.

The smell of victory (and sulfur) in Topeka today

Oh boo-hoo-hoo Sandra Day O'Connor, enjoy your LEGACY

What the real tragedy has been the last 5 years.

BBC's Katty Kay: The world is watching the US midterm elections like it has never ...

2nd Chance to see Pres Clinton NY20

From Lieberman's website, the Democrats who are supporting him.

I knew this was setting it up for fraud.

We need a DU Curse thread to counteract the Freeper prayer thread!

The REAL DICK CHENEY... please stand up

"Duty, Honor, Country: What Our Leaders Are Lacking" - A Story

Does Howard Dean Know About All The Robo-Calls Being Made???

Rove's last 48 hours...

Caption *

New Repub dirty trick; please spread the word.

Gayle Haggard


I Think That All Of You Need To Realize Something.

Robert Parry: America's Point of No Return

HAHAHA - Watch this slapdown

Nationwide GOP dirty tricks campaign: Robocalls

Who Canvassed Today? Who Phone-Banked? prediction:

Robo calls to blacks in TN: "If you voted for Ford in August primary, you don't have to vote again"


Need help. Time for Kids propaganda problem

World opinion divided on Saddam sentence

Special Commentary By Keith Olberman--Links Updated

Republican "fake phone call" scandal spreads - now in Philly too

what have you done for the biggest election in our lifetime?

Bernie Kerik last week sneaked into Iraq for a 2 day "security visit"

Thanks HBO!! The buzz while I was voting today...

The Self-Defeating Prophecy


(((HEY!)))) We have the ***ULTIMATE*** trump card for every GOP debate (ONLY 1 DAY LEFT)

REVEALED: Republicans Are Actually Demons In Human Form! (Tom Tomorrow)

DSCC refusing to give aid to Lamont? Is this true?

11 of America's Worst Places to Cast a Ballot (or Try)

I still wear his jeans

USA Today/Gallup: Corker 49, Ford 46

"Lockheed Lynne" Cheney: Impeachment Not Necessary before Indictment

Political Ad: Nuclear Secrets

Bush State Of The Union Address...

Bruce Springsteen "No Surrender"

Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Hang

Bush jokes about not finding WMD in Iraq

Vice President, above and beyond the call of duty...

Die for Oil sucker by Jello Biafra...

Some Call It ‘Botched’ — Kerry Played the GOP

New Rule for Democrats after the election.

I'm sorry I questioned Nancy Pelosi!!!!!!!!

The American Conservative: GOP Must Go

Simpsons Halloween XVII ends with an Iraq War slam.

I'm amazed at how dopey these MSNBC "political analysts" are.

OMG Pastor Ted staked out gay bars! too funny...

There's something happening here: A new protest movement inside the military ...

What are you doing to bring in 5 voters on Election Day?

Pro-business, conservative and military candidates may be key to victory

Use this to counter GOP spin on ecomony going "gangbusters"

DUers Continued Denial about Election Fraud is DANGEROUS

Okay - okay... Get your Shakespearian Insults here. For any election bully

Senate Predictions?

I'm phonebanking for the next two days/nights.

Joe Piscopo -- Turncoat Democrat or what?

Coultergeist...The First Republican Apologist

The spin on polling!

NPR: "Republicans are making strong gains!"

I see the circular firing squad has already started taking aim.

Will post later after election.

Voting Right Harassment - Intimidation?

Gallup Polls put Dems in good position to win Senate.

Same Sex Unions

Major irony alert: 'I am a deceiver and a liar'

I'm terribly DEPRESSED......just saw "Hacking Democracy" on HBO

A late appeal to Democrats in Connecticut...

Are there atleast 15 House that are almost guaranteed pick ups?

The real biggest gaffe of the campaign year

new TIME poll, Dems up 55-40 among likely voters

Dole Remarks

Democrats 'poised to win because of Iraq'

Two Guys & Bush visit Gerlach (R, PA-6) Campaign HQ ((really funny video!!))

President Carter on NPR. One comment on the US election system

General Huck

Modern Media

Connecting Some Dots

"MissileMan" Reminisces

Rep. Frank Is Flexible On Sarbanes-Oxley, Tougher on CEO Pay

Survey USA: Davis within 2 points of Crist in FL Governor's race!

HEY FLORIDA- EARLY VOTING -Check if you're on the voting list - See link...

An open letter to Hugo Chavez

I am in an extremely upbeat mood about the election right now. And I want

Bush is running like there are bloodhounds on his trail...

"All the President's Men" is on the "I" (Independent TV ) channel.

Enough of this!

Fraud Or Treason? Pentagon Arms Iraqi Insurgents. Could it be?

May I suggest the [h1] text here [/h1] codes for all positive DU postings!

this is the kind of graphic (columbus dispatch final poll) we need:

GALLUP: Dems' lead shrinking, but still strong (51 / 44 - nearly identical to 1994!)

Finally a Minnesota CD 5 Poll

Will Exit Polls Win On Election Night?

So what will we do if

Need help in New Jersey - Need help with the state and county issues to vote on

O.K., 5 calls in NJ from Kean supporters to "my italian american friend".

Just a thought: Could Karl Rove win a race from the center...

Pix from the S.S. Republican 11/5/06

WA PO: Democrats, on the Offensive, Could Gain Both Houses

'We are facing a massive assault on our liberties'

Cheney told Stephanopoulos that he'd "probably not" appear before Congress if subpoenaed

New Slogan instead of "Stay the course" and "cut and run" to:

GOP Must Go (American Conservative Magazine)

Facing cavernous deficits among political center, GOP's reliance on base may not be enough this time

What Have The Democrats Ever Done For Us?

Cheney Would “Probably Not” Appear If Subpoenaed Crooks & Liars

50-state bizarro world Daily Kos

Fool Me Thrice: A Two-Time Bush Voter's Apology

Will the Hussein death sentence

Is Bush Next? (PCraig Roberts)

San Francisco Values


An ideology of lying Alternet

U.S. wants U.N. measure to say Iran is threat to peace

Is 2006 Another 'Year of the Woman'?

BBC: Editorial opens fire on Rumsfeld; (Snow:"shabby piece of work")

Dashed Hopes for Black GOPers

N.H. makes GOP stop some automated calls

Saddam Trial: GOP Sacrifices Justice for an 'October Surprise'


"Bible Belt" boosts Bush, Republicans (moran alert)

War simulation in 1999 pointed out Iraq invasion problems

American Democracy: A Eulogy and Requiem to a Convincing Dream Dissolved

White House Windup - The Washington Note

The Race Between the Right Wing and the Right Thing (MMoore)

Hastert May Face Post-Election Unrest - WP

Hotline: a Republican's Take (dailykos)

The Senate Races Already Done by Bob Geiger HuffPost


Welcome or Not, Bush Campaigns By Robert D. Novak/WaPo

4 years ago ....think back

Robert Fisk: This was a guilty verdict on America as well

Army weighing policy shift to more involuntary tours

Vatican, Catholic officials say "don't hang Saddam"

NYT: As Drug Prices Climb, Democrats Find Fault With Medicare Plan: Windfall for drug companies

New York Times calls for deferring Saddam's execution

NYT: Once Safe, Public Pensions Are Now Facing Cuts


Today's Doonesbury: Bush*'s Benchmarks

Robert Fisk: This was a guilty verdict on America as well

Jordan press sees link between Saddam verdict and US Congress polls

SEESHOLTZ: Another Hypocrite Exposed: The Ted Haggard Saga

Part II: A Suicide in Iraq (Female Soldier Suicide over Torture Objections)

Joint-use airport won't work (at MCAS Miramar)

Nuclear power will 'worsen drought' (OZ)

Silent plane would cut airport noise (AP/CNN)

Rupert Murdoch Now Believes Warming A Threat - But Will Not Support Kyoto - AFP

Space Sunshade Might Be Feasible In Global Warming Emergency

Indonesia's Fires Killing, Starving Orangutans - About 1,000 Dead So Far - ENN

Nuclear Cleanup Site Has Cities Cleaning Up Financially (Hanford, WA)

Estimated U.S. drilling activity hits 21-year high

ChimpCo's Answer To Kyoto - $450 Milion In DOE "Pledges", No Emission Limits

Emissions Efforts Going Into Reverse As Nairobi Climate Talking-Shop Convenes

Corn, globalization, and an election in Iowa

Why Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE and shouldn't have nuke power.

Snow Crab Catches, Numbers Of Fur Seals, Seabirds Collapsing In Bering Sea - ADN

FTSE 100 Companies Put 0.79% Of Pre-Tax Profits In Climate Research, Mitigation - Down From 04

Africa 'will be worst hit by climate change'

British Government - N.Sea Oil Production June - August 2006 Down 12.1% YOY

Aus - Murray River Could Be Dry In 6 Months, But Irrigation Water Untouchable

Israel refuses to ban gay pride parade

Palestinian women victims of systemic violence

Syria hints at resistance vs. Israel

Ethiopians protest: You spilled our blood

Palestinians protest Saddam death sentence, threaten reprisals

Jerusalem gay parade gets go-ahead

Israel frees Pakistani suspected of involvement in global Jihad

West Bank outpost residents handed eviction notices

Gaza: Suicide bomber blows herself up near IDF force

GANNETT NEWS SERVICE National voter concerns center

San Diego county CA: Slowcounting ballots AND DELAYING PRECINCT RESULTS

Got Democracy? If not, Got Pitchforks?HCPB NOW!.... or Fascism FOREVER. Vote Nov 7 and if fraWd

The Voter Confidence Committee Secures Greater Election Transparency For Humboldt County

Hacking Democracy is now on Google Video >>>>>>>>

Now I am really concerned

Send this to all CANDIDATES: What they should do tomorrow to protect our votes

Elections done right: Verifiable voting systems.

Hey Autorank!!

what are the odds

CA: SOS finally posts registration statistics 10/23/06

Media Trolls Starting Up - Robo Calls - Fun;) Election Reform News 11/6

Have you wondered why we're getting all this publicity about e-voting and the potential for fraud?

Poll watchers; no recording devices allowed, including cameras.

OMG! Diebold whistleblower tells all, ON CAMERA!

Abu Ghraib movie planned

Democrats 'poised to win because of Iraq'

Syria hints at resistance vs. Israel

NYT: Once Safe, Public Pensions Are Now Facing Cuts

Iraq Asks Iran to Meet U.S.

Abortion Doctor Wants O'Reilly Probe

Bush stumps in red states to save House

Iran ready to share missile systems with others -TV

Parties pour 11th-hour cash into close races

Hospital reports Ariel Sharon out of intensive care

Daniel Ortega leads Nicaragua election

Sen. Obama stumps for Ford in Tennessee (McCain for Corker)

Israel refuses to ban gay pride parade

GOP pundits former this and former that

I just heard on the Ohio Toledo News 13

(UK) Families of dead Iraq troops press for probe into war

Woman suicide bomber blows up in Gaza Strip

Iraq to lift curfew on Tuesday morning

NYT: As Drug Prices Climb, Democrats Find Fault With Medicare Plan: Windfall for drug companies

Google Mail running links to

Iraq war has Florida Republicans shifting alliances

Republicans - Time for a Change!

NATO chief urges end to "beauty contest" with EU

Explosions in Mexico City damage political party's headquarters

AP: U.S. envoy to Iraq likely quitting post

(Richard) Armitage tips Democrats to regain House

Israel Refuses to Ban Gay Pride Parade

31 killed by bomb in Baghdad market

Two US soldiers die in Iraq crash

Polls: Dems' lead shrinking, but still strong (but TN & Virginia are.....)

DW: Germany's EU Presidency Plans Marred by Turkey Dispute

BBC: Madrid train bombs suspect jailed

ABC News: Analysts Predict Split Congress, Political Gridlock

Outback sells to investor group for $3.2-billion (Repug org owners buy it back

AP: New Poll: Half in N.J. Back Gay Unions

WP: Soldiers say Iraq pullout would be devastating

State GOP Candidates Avoid President (Florida)

FLA. GOP Governor Candidate Crist, Snubs Bush Visit

AP: Ohio absentee ballots scanned early

Roadside bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

(Fort) Carson loses high-ranking officer in Iraq (second-in-command officer)

Palestinians protest Saddam death sentence, threaten reprisals

Defense rests in coin dealer trial without calling witnesses

Ohio Poll shows Dems winning(Brown by 11.4%)

Lieberman (backstabbing repuke-wantabe turncoat - CT) Says Win Won't Be Debt to GOP

Voters may usher out Gingrich followers

Saddam will be hanged 'by end-January'

Indian tribes seek labor law exemption

Iraq Law May Reinstate Saddam Supporters

BBC: Editorial opens fire on Rumsfeld; (Snow:"shabby piece of work")

Ohio Democrat(ic candidate Dann) sues over workers' comp audit

Pacific wildlife 'threatened by sea of plastic' (The Guardian)

Corruption index hits Iraq and Washington

(CNN) Poll: Bush approval rating dips to 35 percent

Iraq law may reinstate Saddam supporters

U.S. defends itself on global warming

WP - Webb: Democrats Will Take Back House, Senate

Florida GOP Candidate Snubs Bush

ABCNEWS Breaking! Dems send cease-and desist over robo-calls

USS Intrepid sail stalled as vessel gets stuck in mud

Webb surges ahead of Allen

Allen greeted by Sheehan, anti-war protesters

‘Eye for an eye’ in Saddam death penalty wrong, Vatican official says

Republicans end calls Democrats claim were misleading

Jane Hodgson, 91, Supporter of Abortion Rights, Is Dead

CNN Poll: Americans favor Democrats on the issues

Marines in Fallujah confiscate toy guns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 6

GOP seen keeping U.S. Senate, online markets say

DW: UN climate conference opens in Nairobi

BBC: Man 'planned massive explosions'

Bush, Israel's Olmert to meet next week

Be Prepared for Election Day on DU: Make Sure You Are Registered, and Know Your Password!

Iran tests new automatic cannons in war games

Web sweeping election coverage (Web will be offering the most coverage ever for an election)

Most Americans Favor Comprehensive Sex Education

AP: First HIV Gene Therapy Test Encouraging

Hispanics may swing some close elections

Survey says Iraq, poor nations most corrupt

(New CNN) Poll: Democrats hold 58-38% edge over likely congressional voters

Blair opposes death penalty for Saddam

Democrats (Bill Clinton) assail Republican status quo

U.S. voters enjoy cheapest gasoline of 2006 - govt

A Sip Of Beer In N.Y. Now Worthy Of Intoxication

U.S. helicopter crashes in Iraq, two killed.

Missouri SOS asked for Photo ID at polling place(despite court ruling striking down requirement)

White House says Bush targeting Dem voters

Rice: Better to have Hamas in power than in streets

Democrats Send Cease-and-desist Letter to Republican Congressional Committee over Automated Phone

Fired Evangelist Slams Gays in New Movie

Sec. of VA State Board of Elections Finds Widespread Incidents of Voter Suppression

Texas governor's religious remarks slammed

3 blasts reported in Mexico City

Murdoch says US death toll in Iraq 'minute'

NJ voters oppose calling same-sex unions "marriage"

State legislatures could shift to Democrats

Ortega WINS Nicaraguan presidency....

BBC: Plan to create human-cow embryos

At this rate...

Slivovitz! I'm entitled tonight, I felt a cold coming on.

The Idiot Test :P

Where is your favorite place to hurt?

Hell has frozen over

I just found Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band among my vinyl

Wonderful news for ClayZ!

I think I caught a cold canvassing today

Booty is in the thigh of the bee holder!!!!!!!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Can I please speak to Rug Uglisson?

Good night, DU, for I shant sleep tomorrow night

I spent HOURS today tweaking and hacking my browser.

whoooo!!! I found my iPod!!!

Fuck you Artie Lange !!!

Twilight Zone vs. Outer Limits

Hot Pockets!

Have you ever tried democracy? If so how and where?

Mouthful of cavities

'Who put the tribbles in the quadrotriticale?'

I was supposed to do something tuesday..hmmm what was it i forgot?

What would be a proper response to a sweep of both Houses?

How is it possible that I haven't gotten any e-mail for eight hours?

I just saw a beer cooler you can ride around on -HGTV.

CARTOON: Martin Rowson in the Guardian on Bush, Blair & Saddam

Craig's List Personals That Baffle Me

Tuesday I am meeting my SO's mom in person

SPAM e-mail or existential poetry?

Judge Orders Man To Wear 'Sex Offender' T-Shirt


Does this work on your computer?

H-E-L-L-O? Calling all Republicans......

Soup Recipes......Have Any?

I have an earworm of the Pina Colada Song.

I am a combination of courageous hirsuteness and empathic truculence!

I don't think this kid is going to come out any time soon.

It's about coming up, and staying on top, and screaming


IMVU - safe for pre-teens?

No school today or tomorrow.

Anyone else feel like a kid before Christmas?

Looking for a band for wedding/corporate/private functions? (Philadelphia, New Jersey, etc. area)

I'm bullish on pollution. It's going places.

Car of the future

Blockbuster vs. NetFlix... thoughts?

Who's in the Monday morning BLAHHH club with me?

la di da di or lodi dodi

I feel so out of the loop with all these popular teevee shows!

It's been learned that the National Association of Evangelicals have a nickname: the Crystal Method

When kudzu grows in Minnesota,

Hotels To Promote 'Procreation Vacations'

Really, what's so wrong about Integral Equations?

Really, what's so wrong about Internet Explorer?

Really, what's so wrong about Internal Exploration?

Scariest. Gargoyle. Ever.

rock the house y'all

Looks like Cheney's going duck hunting...

What would you tell people of other countries

I just voted.

The viewing count has been hacked!!

Chinese Sex Experts Draw The Line At Wife-Swapping

Headline for Wednesday, 11/8?

Lyrics/song help, please. I have a snippet going through

Atlantic Records' Founder Ertegun in a Coma from a Fall at a Rolling Stones Show

Name a song that would make both the best and worst top ten

So what are you watching?

Republicans Are Actually Demons In Human Form!

post your election day weather forecast here

A love story in 4 pictures

Really, what's so wrong about Yanni?

Most Indian Men Want Virgin Brides - Half Of Indian Men Had Sex With Prostitutes

Is it true that you shouldn't press 90# on your telephone?

We've got a funny gifs thread, how about a funny picture/caption thread?

I just got my Eliza Gilkyson CD

Monday, November 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

How are we going to cope with an election without Dan Rather's folksy election calls?

Youtherekid is sick..

Really, what's so wrong about Industrial Engineering?

I have the day to myself...

My wife shook Bill Clinton's hand on Saturday!

Remember Gerardo?

I just updated my avatar

Teachers Now Escort Kids To The Bathroom At High School

"Accidentally in Love" is Most Grating Song of Last Few Years

a thinking person' disneyworld

My local repub candidate for state house is an EXCEPTIONAL dipshit!

How many CDs should be in my best of 2006 list?

My six year old just voted for John 'something' for president of her school

Excellent News! Marianne Faithfull recovers from breast cancer

From a thread in GD - funniest picture in a long time:

Sometimes, when I go to GD, it makes my eyes burn. Other times, it cracks me up....

Do We Have An Avatar For Voting?

Oh how twisted is your logic, sir. ("Jesus Is A Liberal?")

District Attorney Caught In NBC's "Dateline" Predator Sting Commits Suicide

So now I must correct MrsGrumpy's allegations against me.......

As always, I come to the Lounge for advice.... chime in and let me know what you think!

A warning if you're going to buy a pre-cooked turkey.

I bought new jeans and they're one size smaller!

Lance Armstrong robocall for local Dem candidate

We need a disrupter scorecard for tomorrow night

I have the hay to myself...

Hey! I gotta go rake some leaves!!

The Christmas Tree is being erected in the Daley Center

Why would a web page shut down my browser?

The best Jennifer Lopez movie ever is on TNT!

Tell hfojvt how great he is so he'll make his 10,000 DU post

Freedom (YouTube Video)

iMac addicts, talk to me about apple laptops!

Anyone else having a problem with gmail right now?

Wikipedia used to spread malicious code

There are customers who need to be beaten, and we're not allowed to

it made me smile

What's your employer's policy on paternity leave?

19-year-old construction worker confesses to killing Adrienne Shelly

My song choice for Wednesday....

My Internet was down for twenty minutes

Okay everybody, this is YOUR say!

How can you tell if a person is baiting you or playing games with you?

So my doctor tells me to avoid stress

10 what number comes next?

What are you reading?

So what did you have for breakfast today?



Who would you want on your Red Rover team: MrsGrumpy or WannaBeGrumpy

MrsGrumpy and I just shared a peaceful snack.....

Official Heartache Thread

Actress Adrienne Shelley was Killed

I just got called a Troll for the very first time...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/6/06)

The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance... the best Queen

Who took off work tomorrow to canvass or whatever?


Silicone Cleavage Bounces Back

Was at my doctor's earlier....

So.... Is Brian Eno a genius... Or a quirky guy who likes being weird..

Happy birthday jrandom421!!

I need help interpreting a dream

So I have been gone a while from here.

Working for Oracle? Bad? Good? Please share your thoughts . . .

Advice: If you post a "gay joke" in the GLBT forum, be ready for a beating.

That Borat Guy...

DU Panic Room

Do you ever get a Pineapple Express where you live?

My sister just called to tell me she is leaving her husband of ten years.

How about a Bombay TV thread for election day?

I hereby invite you, the DU Lounge, to thrill me.

i never knew paul anka did a swing/lounge version of black hole sun

Be Prepared for Election Day on DU: Make Sure You Are Registered, and Know Your Password!

Mid-life crisis

Here's one for the Bono fans -- "Bono: tax avoider."

Anyone have a yummy gingerbread recipe?

New James Bond movie coming next week???

Let's Play Word Association Today . I Say Bu$h You Say _______

It Is A Gnome Invasion!!!!!!

I've got to help my daughter make carrot cake for her Girl Scout troop

Any limburger (or any stinky cheese) lovers out there? Fess up!

I'm freaking out, there's another DUer in my neighborhood

1-2-3 Aw, how cute!

Kirstie Alley looks awesome, she lost 75 pounds

Ho do I make my wireless network "secure"?

What should I wear when I go vote tomorrow?

What do you like to share?

I hereby invite you, the DU Lounge, to kill me.

If you had all day and wanted to cook a great meal for a group of friends, what would you cook?

Fave Unsung Vintage TV Babes (Sharp memories required)

Say Hello To My Little Friend

LostinVA is a total dork.

When do I give up on the bike thing?

Holy crap! Just watched "Treehouse of Horror" XVII

*********Official DU Election Prayer Thread************

Anybody know about the organization Answers in Genesis?

I have a few serious questions about religion:

Croak Addiction (Time) {dozens of new frog species}

Posts that will make your skin crawl and your head explode

I just sent the following to the wingnut behind ""

Anyone know the current polling of the amendment in Wisconsin?

Anyone interested in prurient idle speculation? What say you,

Melissa Etheridge - "Silent Legacy"

Pastor welcomes church trial for lesbian marriage

ok I'll admit it RE: Haggard

Anybody know how the Steelers are doing this year?

I have to do a little praise a thon

bedpanartist from the lounge needs some help

Welp I finally did it. . .

The Stars This Week - Nov. 6 - Nov. 12, 2006

Chris Matthews said the most amazing thing about Kerry on his show

The prediction thread

When all is said and done, it's about us.

Does this name ring a bell for anyone

What We Really Owe Our Troops

Short message from Jimmy Webb from Iraq (this got to me)

Nice diary about a Kerry rally from '04 with pictures

All systems go: I WILL be in Boston 12/10-12/12

Lieberman apparently plotting revenge on Kerry

Another expose on Moon in Chicago Tribune - mentions RW connections

Mr. Kerry and Mr. Bush

Has anyone seen a download version of Maher's Feign-Feign ad?

Also looking for Hotline piece where reporter had heard joke before

The problem in front of us:

Now this is desperation spin!

AWESOME video about FREEDOM!!

Digby - A perverted reality.

No excaping: this time Glenn Beck calls Kerry un-American!

New post on the Dem Daily - Vennochi Got It Half Right

A slght boast and a word of encouragement to "newbies."

Nikon D80. Is it filtered against IR?

I was so close to Bill Clinton last night that he practically fell on top of me

Please help me pick a Autumn photo.

I live in an obscura circular box

Sight of the condor: Calif. boy captures history in a photo

red sand

The Haggard Story: Not Just Hypocrisy, But Lack of Self-Knowledge

They're hanging Saddam

If you see a slashed sign, please please please don't slash to opposition's...

Would a Regime that TORTURES Hesitate to CHEAT?

American Conservative: "GOP Must Go"

This afternoon I listened to fundies reviewing the voter guides

I'm concerned by threads concerned about threads concerning concern trolls

The Rape and Rot of Graft, and Stealth, and Lies, We, the People, Must Redeem

Some village has lost its idiot (photo)

You make me hard, bitch

Well the election please happen

Automated calls accuse Democrats of being pro-sodomy, terrorist rights, research on unborn babies


What the #@#@!!!! is going on in Rhode Island? Chafee within 3 pts.

I just watched big dick Cheney on THIS WEEK, and I swear I was this

if I see one more poll, I'm going to officially rip out what little hair I have left

Enough is enough!

Hell Froze Over

Santa Barbara to fingerprint elementary school students

The Democrats have to work the phones tomorrow!

Think Positive, Be positive. Let's DO this

Forget the damn polls, just get out and vote, and tell a friend to do the same

BEWARE of concern trolls on DU trying to discourage you from voting

Which campaigns should we send $$$ to at this time, and will it matter?

2,834 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

I predict Dem's end with 237 house seats and 51 in senate

U.S. 'Bible Belt' boosts Bush, Republicans

has Nancy Pelosi ever been speaker ?

a canvasser for John Hall (NY-19th) stopped by today . . .

Clip from Simpson's Treehouse 2006 [YOUTUBE]

Mike Stark Gets Shafted Again

It's all about Iraq. Human cost of 'staying the course'.

I don't see a tightening in individual polls

Fed.Prosecutors Decline To Try 87% of FBI Cases

Let's look at this

Beware the flamebait trolls calling people out as concern trolls.

Vote Republican

Season of bitter verdicts is upon US

A little midnight project...

Love to see election count down clocks for the different time zones.

Action Alert: Upload Repuke Robocalls to the Internet!!

The true root of ignorance...

Who plans on taking a camera to the polls?

OhOh expect more terra terra tomorrow

Sabato's Final Picks: It's All Good.

Morning DUers


Vigilantes attack 'God-fearing' man . . . (Australia) . . .

I got a call from newt gingrich! I bet you're jealous.

Election Day TV. What Station Will You Watch/Recommend?

Republicans Surging, Blah, Blah Blah.

Thanks to all that have helped!!!

Pew poll says Republicans making eleventh hour gains...

SURGE!-Rove has circulated the memo to all rethugs and media whores!

U.S. helicopter crashes in Iraq, two killed

RE GOP dirty tricks discussed on this board. ATTN: DNC

Some of the things to remind your republican friends about before they vote tomorrow

Prosecutors reject 87% of FBI's terror cases: report

Morning thought about Hate and Love

my axis of evil are, bush, fox news, and Limbaugh. .whats yours?

Atlanta Companies Track Gridlock Via Cell Phones -- Privacy Implications

Problems with voting? VIDEO IT. K/R this for 48 hours please

Dick "The Toesucker" Morris Throws In The Towel

GOP pundits former this and former that

The hypocrisy of forgiveness and the religious right.


I would like to ask a couple of questions:

Buchanan's Iraq remark draws skeptical laughs from veterans

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid-Cheney to hunt on Election Day

Anyone know the real deal about mercury levels and tuna? Salmon? Is it all overblown? I am having

(TOON) Rowson on the Saddam verdict

bin-laden tape? day before the selection

Dirty, last-minute Republican tricks in NH.

"We Democrats are locked in a battle for governance of the United States."

Crist won't appear with Bush in Pensacola today. Thanks but no thanks

Saddam's Verdict is not Playing Well in Some Places Around the World.........

Quote for the Day before the election...

If You Get A Republican Call Stay On The Phone

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - VOTE 6 Nov 06!

Bush can kiss House goodbye -- Sunday Morning Herald (Australia)

Are all the evangelical leaders gay? Their conventional wisdom is


CBS Morning Show: Diebold machines are safe

This Election is about Iraq and Corruption, everything else is secondary...

"we are losing only 2 soldiers a day and they have democracy in iraq

House Republicans already fighting and blaming each other

(VIDEO) Cliff Schecter roasts a flying monkey

Heh - I pissed off the freepers it seems with my video (terrorist propaganda?)

ATTENTION: Had trouble in early voting and/or received robocalls? POST HERE:

Gatorland Zoo Is On Fire

My Fearless Predictions On The Most Competitive Races

Is there a prevailing RW opinion about electronic voting machines?

LMAO! Borat on CNN, regarding GW...

John Conyers' email: One More Day Until Victory

Rep Blunt: world is safer because Saddam not plotting to harm millions of Americans and Iraqis

Saddam was "our man in Iraq:" US made him, supported him, broke him,

Google Mail running links to

Here's a pass around article to your Republican friends.

Perverting Reality - Digby

Ratings Dip Has Ailes "Pretty Agitated", Brit lies and insults troops.

Here's an idea for a voting study: success of male candidates with "girl" names.

Limbaugh makes a great point

GOPU Caller On CSPAN Says Gays Bring Disaster To Nations....

Five more casulties in Iraq in the last 24 hours.

Michael Moore: The Race Between the Right Wing and the Right Thing

It's hard work being the president isn't it george? There's a tough road ahead.

Hard to defend allys' action (Warning: disturbing photo)

Stephanie Miller saw that the post from Keith ...


from DailyKos: Hard data on voter-suppression robo-calls

Wall Street Journal: A New Breed of Watchdog

Keith O. is working on a "Commentary" book!!


I have a few serious questions about religion:

Maybe if Bush had Fox news replay the video of Saddam's dead sons it would help?

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, It's only a day away. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE

So if Congress is the only body that can declare war can they also undeclare war?

Let's Play Word Association Today . I Say Bu$h You Say _______

Michael J. Fox endorses Jerry McNerney for Congress

Republicans - Time for a Change!

Everything I needed to know about politics, I learned on CSPAN.

CNN Poll Gives Democrats 20-Point Advantage Among Likely Voters -- 58% / 38%

Averaging The 5 MAJOR Polls, and DEMS lead by huge 12 point gap: 53%-41%

Mallard Fillmore - "Dont Vote!"

Please vote. We are going to, even though ...

Bush cult PR hack unmasked (J. Edward Carter = James E. Carter)

"Rove, The Architect of the Repub Party Corruption/Implosion"

Assimilated Press: Bush To Personally Execute Saddam Hussein

Americans can not accept a major mistake was made in their name

Remember the U.S.S. Stark incident?

Best way to make republican heads explode

It Looks Like We're Stuck With Joe - (-:

Marc Maron on Springer: Cardinal Milfington coming up

Is Ahnold's heavy accent an affectation?

CALL THE DCCC, AND THE DNC NOW! Tell the about lying robo-calls!!!!

Chris Bowers on the Pew Poll bias (turnout model)

"Why Vote?" (read)

Are there ANY rethugs who are NOT evil?

Listening to Laura Ingrate-ham and you can hear the desperation in her shrill voice.....

Last night's Family Guy

"In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart

Little Lord Pissypants - The Official Portrait ------>>>

They won't replay All that Saddam said at the verdict ~ Why?

Tom Tomorrow's finger is on the pulse of the American voter

The NYTimes editorial is an amazing statement against Bush and the republican party

Republicans love you until you're born.

Oh shit, we're fucked! Dick (Toe sucker) Morris says we're going to win tomorrow.

What's Up With MSNBC?

Don't let them fool you that the trend is heading toward the Repubs.

Election day time line

Stem Cell Cr*p being spewed over email in Missouri....

I just heard on the Ohio Toledo News 13

secret nuclear weapons documents found in N.Mex. drug raid

Great Pic of Asshat "Energizing Base"

You know who you are....

Webb "surges" ahead of Allen!!

Marking the FIRST year of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

U.S. Army's new recruiting strategy: Tell youth Iraq war is over.

Last pre-election polls from Electoral-Vote

Ortega wins Nicaraguan presidency

`Hypocrisy problem' may cost GOP votes

An Essay on pRESIDENT Lord Pissypants

did andrea mitchell just interview katherine harris from an

This poll really disgusts me!

Abortion Doctor Wants O'Reilly Probe

Scientific proof of republicon's origins

The Depressed Fundamentalist Vote Will Hurt GOP Bigtime....

Pollsters are diddling with "Likely Voter" models.

"Don't gloat if we win"... Yeah right...

New Political song "A Good Day for the Media" by new group Allied Radio

Have fun with this one: Is Don Sherwood gonna have to ...

My new avatar for today and tomorrow.

Everyone voting, Insure that you vote registers the CORRECT CANDIDATE

Who do you think will come out with the next " Inside the Bush White House" book?

Whatever happened to Kerry pursuing the impeachment of Chimpy

Top Story In NY Times Says "GOP Gaining In Final Hours"- HMMM?

People Hold On!

Predict06 just added 15 more House races -- Join the DU pool

So Are The Bush Base Christian Fundies Happy To Hang Saddam?

Sometimes you see a headline so mind-bogglingly stupid...

(Arabs) Reaction divided over sentence

Mario Andretti called me

We must stem fed cell spending!

KGO Archives - stuck on Wednesday 11/1/06

"Voters Could Toss Out Gingrich Disciples" The repuke revolution IS OVER!!

Former Deputy Secretary of State Armitage Turns On Bush's Republicans and Predicts Dem Sweep

CNN Poll: Are You Voting In The Mid-terms?

The GOP base is energized enough to respond like trained seals in polls

Big Pharma, having made a killing with Medicare Part D, now fears Dem Congress


Former Agent Says Google and CIA in Partnership

Polls, Polls, Polls - momentum shifts vs. transitory reversals

Saddam verdict lacks details (details delayed until Thursday)

USAToday Gallop Tester 50% Burns 41%

If new Dem House could have only ONE hearing (other than Iraq).....

neo cons trying to interfere with Scottish independence

One chance....

This robo-call tops all the others...

Morgan Stanley's Trying to Take Over the NYTimes

Know your BFEE: The Fellowship ‘Preys’ for America

waterboard shawn hannity!

My painful duty: listening to Limbaugh

"Too Young to Vote - What's your excuse?"

Most republicans are depressed and will spend election day pouting at home in the dark

Networks ignoring pro-Dem CNN, Gallup polls, contact them now!

When GOP is doing GOTV calls in MY COUNTY...

FOX NEWS: Dems explode to 13 point lead! CNN: Dems explode to 20 POINT lead! HAHAHAHAHA IT'S OVER!!!

Why Repubs often appear to close in Late Polls

Tenn. weather will favor Harold Ford tomorrow- MSNBC


Ford - Corker Tightens

A question about Saddam Hussein's death sentence

WH weighing bringing in senior army officers from Saddam's regime into new gov't

A freakin' Chomsky treasure trove! Chomsky vs. Perle debate.

International DUers: your thoughts on midterm outcome

email from about rove dirty tricks and robo calls

Saddam and the Republicans

Sort of good news electronic voting and public awareness

Money men behind disgraced John Rowland helping fund Joe Lieberman

The Original version of last night's Simpson's

GO VOTE, it's important

18 US soldiers killed in Iraq this month

Why did Saddam's sentencing come before the verdict was ready?

Well crap: 2007 recession has already begun...

CNN International

President Bush Job Approval 35%

The Evangelicals & the repubs, what a rocky marriage it's been

Mea Culpa by Richard Pearle is BS..

President Bush Approval 15%

OMG, Bush just convinced me the Democrats want terrorists to go free.

So we are hanging someone after accusing him of crimes against humanity?

Request for Comic Strip Deconstruction

I must admit RI worries me a bit. GOTV. Don't take it easy, please.

Final Q-Poll has has Lieberman up 50-38 over Lamont

Pres Bush Job Approval-- his mom and 4 freepers. (nt)

President Bush Approval -10%

House and Senate come back in session on November 9th

President Bush Job Approval -30%

Who has the list of states rated according to level of voting security?

caption this Rove and Snowjob pic...

Schlesinger will be Lamonts best friend on Tuesday.

GOP mailer is subtle as a sledgehammer...

Rove Gets 'Uppity'

President Bush Job Approval -45%

DailyKos now blocked on USAFR bases

President Bush Job Approval 25%

Office Election Talk: The Right-Wing certainly is downtrodden today! (TN-SEN)

Bush approval rating hits 35%

Individual Polls show slight Democratic uptick

MSNBC Trying To Make It A Horserace, But Their Guests Tend To Differ

FOX POLL: full third of Republicans say "most Republicans in Congress do not deserve reelection."

What riles the GOP military base (great cartoon)

What are the laws governing "citizen's arrest" in your state?

I just lit dropped all morning

Republican ROBO-CALLS: Monday's NY Times story on who is

2836 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

te he. NPR reporting Roves sarcastic remark---he wondered how

I like the way Rahm Emmanuel operates

NEW HAMPSHIRE makes GOP stop using automatic calls

Ha! The More Bush Campaigns, The WORSE It Gets For The Rs!!

Lucifer Falwell on Congress: "Great and godly men" vs. HRC and Pelosi

In July of 2004 when Bush said that God speaks through him, was he hearing

Mr Tester is requesting that you email the

Latest Poll Results

A very easy way to help on election day

What happens to the news media once dems take power?

Rove gets "Uppity" re: Crist snubbing the Bush in Fl.

An actual sign in Greeley, CO

When will all 96K DUers get to make their official predictions? and where do we

Larry Sabato predicts: +29 Dems- House and +6 Dems- Senate

For those without HBO...

Official "I will not post tomorrow" thread

DOW soaring in anticipation of Democratic sweep tomorrow!!

I'm sick as a dog, but I can't wait to vote!!

Why is Nora O'donnel repeating Mehlman's memo word for word all day?

I'll bet 99% of the 'robo-calls' get the big hangup...

Santorum Poll Released by Indicted Repuke Operative

OK WHY is Pelosi so scary to the Reps?

All the polls for the last couple of days mean little...

Iraq has sentenced Saddam to death and his party back in power

Nancy Peloci ate her baby!

So which polls will the media pay more attention to today?

NY-20, NY-19: Dirty Trick NRCC Robo-calls turn off Gillibrand, Hall voters -- Rove's latest

Did bush voters who now hate him really not see this coming?

The Dems need to run a tv ad today and tomorrow

It's exhausting...has anyone gotten this rightie email yet?

A Giant THANK YOU to DU members !!!!

Don't Buy The Spin. We will win EXACTLY BECAUSE We are Liberal Democrats

Politics & Fairy Tales (an email forwarded from my grandfather)

Who will be the messenger?

CNN.COM very stupid poll, please go vote there, it is amazing "Get Ready for the Glitches"

The election is fixed. So there is no use

In less than 24 hours most of the restrictions will be lifted

Does anyone know of any polls we can vote on...

How about a secretary's of state link?

Bob Casey will win tomorrow.


Yeah! I think my Representative (D. NY) is going to squeek this one out!

ex-Bush media adviser re: Rove: "He's seeing things we aren't seeing"

I'm having a problem reading the DU postings.

The markets sure seem happy

This morning I watched OUR President on CSPAN with Harold Ford

How Do You Win a War that is ALREADY LOST?

GOP Candidates Run FROM BUSH... hmmm the last time this happened was...

I hate to be a buzzkill, but...2,827

Caption contest - what is this picture REALLY saying?

American Politics Predictions...Democratic Tsunami

Is this true?

When is Saddam's execution supposed to take place?

"The war is over." Army recruiters lie to young men and women!!!

Kean embarrassed on Fox...

Well i don't anticipate any problems with this--sarcasm

******Official DU Election Predictions Thread*************

Another song you won't hear on Clear Channel

Gut check: What do your instincts tell you about tomorrow's results?

What is "bipartisan orientation" supposed to mean?

"Signorile interviews fallen-evangelical-leader Ted Haggard's male hooker"

To my beloved friends on DU.

(VIDEO) Robocalls scam hitting the media

Oh, and everybody fill up your gas tanks tonight

There was a pic of Sean Insanity at a strategy meeting at the White House

Are You On The "Do Not Call" List But Are Still Getting Republican Calls?

Fox News Correspondent Gets Waterboarded

I voted absentee today - Muskogee, Oklahoma

To the Freepers - The Rapture is tomorrow!

Tony the Tyger (apologies to Wm Blake)

Cafferty: Rumsfeld's an obnoxious jerk and a war criminal!

Sometimes little things give me hope for the South

Gotta cut and run we are under a tornado warning for the next half hour

Bush at 60%!!!!!

What are these two up to? Caption Rove and Snow - pics

The shape of things in a mere seven states.

Bush: "My attitude is, we're going to respond before we're attacked"

What does the word "liberal" mean?

Nancy Pelosi Will Sit Next To Dick Cheney at Next Year's State of the Union.

AAWWW... Big Dawg Bill Clinton Just Called My Land Line!

can we have a sticky note with the DNC vote assistance number?

Texas Republicans Campaign For State Rep ... Fail To Mention She Died Two Months Ago

100% of U.S.-funding for Iraq education projects has been spent

How long will it be before Haggard is re-instated as Pastor of his church?

Why Is The Democrats Lead Being Reported To Have Fallen In NZ?

Humor for all of us stressed people

Robo call #7 this afternoon - Laura Bush

Fox News Correspondent Gets Waterboarded: See the video!

FYI, truthout will have a running blog of election coverage tomorrow

Repug GOTV is strong in Muskogee Oklahoma

Thank you, John Kerry

Just asked CNN to investigate * and the Paraguay land

LOVELY I just received a singing hatemail

Robocalls and dirty tricks a cover for voting machine fraud...

Odd. There is a huge silence re: Haggard Affair in KC

A Chicago radio station just dedicated this song to the voters tomorrow

Robocall--Granholm favors mourning dove shooting law and sand mining

EVERY vote counts! A good anecdote

I feel little strange sensation.

29 aproval for Bush

I have to give Haggard some credit...

Say it: Evil AWOL POS Frat Boy FraWd Monkey. Bet he starts shitting his pants in 24 hours. Cheney

caption the Bush bros...

Help! My Mother-in-law just recieved her Absentee Ballot today...

January 3, 2007, right after the swearing-in ceremony--time to unleash John "The Pitbull" Conyers!!!

Candy Crowley in her B & D outfit...

"(C)ataclysmic fight to the death" - WH strategist YIKES

It's not too late to gather more votes.

another female soldier comments on Peterson's suicide over torture

VA Reepers using personalized robocalls to try to suppress the vote

Shepard Smith - Viewers Depressed so Not Watching Faux

Light a candle to fight the GOP darkness.

Good election day quotes:

Upstate NY robocalls advising Dems polling place has changed

Somebody please tell me that some GOP dirty tricksters have been caught redhanded

Thousands of lawyers mobilised for US poll

OK, who will we watch for Election Night Coverage?

Armitage: Republicans will pay the price

Tomorrow, Massachusetts will elect it's first Black Governor

heads up to republican Lieberman voters

A Friend Lost Her Son to Iraq. This is too sad for words.

Jesus to heal Ted Haggard...News at 11:00

Question: Polling times, results etc

MSM: Sherrod Brown Republican Robocaller ????

I had chinese for lunch today. My fortune cookie said.....

Wolf said Liddy was unavailable to appear on the Situation Room

I NEED YOUR HELP... I swear I won't mention Kerry, chimp, or Downing Street again sheesh!

Hang em' High!

Who do you most want to see on the unemployment line Wednesday?

Vote Republican, America is at war: Bush

HEADLINE: Fired Evangelist Slams Gays in New Movie

Easy Site to Find Your Polling Place:


Chris Wallace Lies About Missouri Initiative; Could It Hurt McCaskill?

OH NO! BIG Dick going hunting tomorrow!

Want To Know Why The DOW Is Up?

Lou Dobbs Poll: Do Dems Have a Plan to Win Iraq?

Do you think that fights will...

Why am I getting robo calls

It is funny, in a way - that right now Rove is seen as a political

Bush land deal in Paraguay story is gaining legs - recall this post from Oct. 2004.

Why am I getting

A question about Bush's deviation from a "Stay the Course" strategy in Iraq

Robert Fisk gets it so right about Saddam verdict.

Mo. election chief raises concerns

Pelosi's #1 Priority? Investigate the GOP Propaganda Machine!


~Pic~ Katherine Harris stuck in the stands at FL GOP rally

Haggard: Why is it all about the gay sex, and not the meth?

***Cartoon*** Fondue -- Dip In - There's plenty to go around -


Ann Richards. Paul Wellstone. Paul Tsongas. Feel free to add your own...

Super Size Me: Did You See It? David A. Smith Went to High School with the Director

So where's my apology?

Reeper Robocaller doesn't want you harassing them with phone calls.

David A. Smith/Halliburton Google News Search 61 Entries!!!! LINK

An open e-mail letter to family and friends

Tomorrow In History

"No haven for the criminal Bush family" - Paraguay land article

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Non-Christians are condemned to spend eternity in hell

My VA carry concealed permit came in handy yesterday.

DROPPED SHOE ALERT: Tribune Special Report - Rev Moon and the Black Clergy


Washington State--Take a boat to vote

Exit Polls? Will We Trust Them This Election?

This mailer is blatantly, flat out, no holds barred, in your face RACIST

It bears repeating: VOTE D even if it is for a DINO. HERE'S WHY:


Fucked Up Priorities - Tomorrow Should Be A National HOLIDAY

Last night I saw a history of the Roman Emperor Nero

Cheering From The Sidelines thread:

The sun will come out tomorrow

Vote!! Vote!! Vote!!.. and be prepared to take to the streets.

NEW CNN POLL - Dems up by 20 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this post...I think...

Chuck Todd Is A Moron

Tampering with vote in any fashion should be akin to treason.

When Dems. had Congress and the WH (1993-4), what did they accomplish?

illegal activity - sometimes it only takes one hand

It cannot be said often enough: Thank You, Democratic Underground.

All Their Sins Remembered


Nancy Pelosi Will Have To Introduce Bush At The Next State of the Union

President Bush Job Approval 45%

Be Prepared for Election Day on DU: Make Sure You Are Registered, and Know Your Password!

Congradulations DU

Psychologist Shortage Puts Mentally Ill Out on Street

I'm ready.... to win.

Why is MSNBC still asking if the Kerry comments will hurt?

Let's say we take Congress back, both houses, are we home free yet?

Pic of Bush energizing the base.

Post techniques/suggestions for fraudbusting at the polls tomorrow

What famous people are robo calling you?

Cheney to disregard Congressional subpoenas

Republican "fake phone call" scandal spreads - now in Philly too

Attention Freepers

Just a reminder to fellow beer swillers: Buy your beer today

Know anyone who needs motivation? This is definitely worth repeating

ENOUGH! No more "cutesy" insult names! I'm going blind!

This is what makes Ted Haggard a terrible human being.

Keith Olberman AND Joseph Wilson shootin' the shit over at FDL!

Predict Americans Will Be Shocked When Dems Pull Back Curtain & Reveal

"IF Dems Take Control Of Congress-Our Values Will Be Destroyed"

Why Clinton Is Such A Great Spokesman For The Ds And Most Others Aren't

"Laura chose this week to give up her place as the last decent Bush"

You can always spot the freeper in the locker room.

Idiot On C-Span Calls Thirty Year Old Woman "Little Girl"

U.S. Customs wants to decide WITHOUT A COURT ORDER whether U.S. CITIZENS enter or LEAVE the USA

Today's Cafferty File questions ... WOW! ... simply WOW!

More signs Republicans are luke warm to Lieberman and may stay home

Free "Times Select" for a week

Democrats Leading in 33 House Seats Currently Held by GOP


The Rat Pack

Here's a way to use Google that even a few "Pros" don't know about.

This IS IT! Ohio GOP implodes! Brown pulls into 24% lead, more than 1/3 voting straight Dem tickets!

Two Major New Polls BOTH Skew Toward Republican w/o Mentioning in Results

dKos: If you have been robo-called ... reporters are eager to hear from you


If you wonder why LGBTs need ALL rights of marriage...

"Bible Belt" boosts Bush, Republicans

Seeing RED!!! Please read.

A new sun rises tomorrow. God Bless all those in or now out of uniform.

just got back from a Duckworth rally with Durbin & Obama (lots of pics)

HOLY SHIT! Why did all the ocean water just get sucked waaaayyy back from the seashore?

Big Mama Rummy Sings the Kleptocrat Scat (Again) for the Mid-Terms

DAILY OAXACA NEWS THREAD Monday Nov 06 06 Issue #3

Gawd, turned on "Meet the Press"

Rep Conyers: "On Tuesday, the American people will be on our side."

Humor to relax our stress: DICK CHENEY RAP! And he dances too!!!

Pop Quiz: What is the religious difference between Jimmy Carter and Jerry Falwell?

WOW! CHECK THIS ORIGINAL ANTI-WAR SONG OUT! it was created at DU by two members and it's pure magic!

2fer: So much for Alberto GONZALES's prosecution of "terror" cases

Poll: Which bottle of Champagne will get opened first?

From Kos

Talking Point--No terrorist attack in the US in 5 years:


Daniel Ortega wins Nicaragua presidency

"The Internet may be fairly regarded as...

It will feel SO GOOD to wake up Wednesday morning knowing the rest of the world

BTW, DU, it's been an honor to post with so many dedicated to ending a great evil

nbc eveing news: 5 more dead US troops today-Iraq

Temper, temper! Sen. BURNS trailing; pulls press credentials for reporting poll!

testing.. I set up a new chat (just in case) If you are on AIM

Escort says Haggard's apology "hollow" - Jones got 2 Death Threats

Blair opposes Hussein hanging

* jokes with his brother - Caption this pic

Cheney autographs anti-Kerry "Stuck in Iraq" picture

24 hours before election Michael Moore wants you to do this

We’re going to lose the war in Iraq. *'s Legacy: Loooooooooser

WP: "We are beyond full employment" "Allen has enthusiastic black support"

Positive Vibrations

POLL: Military Times Newspapers Say Rumsfeld Must Go

Connect the dots: Republican robo-calls begin by offering 'important

Some amusing pictures about the last-minute GOP "surge"

WARNING: Do not use Sharpies on your ballots! -- They bleed through.

Jim Cramer (CNBC's Mad Money) Pimps a Halliburton Go-Private Scheme

I hope tomorrow is the first step in GETTING YOUR COUNTRY BACK

There is a clear and coordinated conspiracy

Latest Survey USA Poll (11/5) has Webb up by 8 pts. YES!!!!!!

Hey, trolls... Come on in here

Take Five Minutes....

Bush=Paraguay story getting legs - DU memory lane post from Oct2004.

Well, well, well! ANOTHER Republican voter BITES THE DUST!

I have a voting question...

This is the coup de grace republicans don't even see coming.

Do you think that bush will work with the dems if they win or..

Question about "the" ad - Osama BL.

I've finally found a Human Animal Hybrid


Does this look like a future president?

I was promised a stable, pro west democratic Iraq

School bus injuries send 17,000 kids to ERs each year (AP/CNN)

NRCC ROBO CALLS now hitting 20+ districts! Desperate last gasp tactic.

illinois gov race.......

I think there is something starting in the north of Iraq.

Oh come on, Oprah!

Challenge: Say something positive about GWB (or 'damn w/ faint praise' contest)

Concession speech's you're looking forward to??

My response to the oh-no-we're-gonna-lose demoralizers:

Durn. I haven't felt this way since I was a kid on Xmas Eve.

I heard on the radio that Bush compared himself to Churchill and Truman in FL

As many DUers have noted, please keep this man away from babies

LMAO! Crist skips his OWN rally because of *

Now they want to talk alternative fuels...

What really tickles me, is the Price of Gas can't even save 'em!

Has the Democratic Party screwed up again?

(VIDEO) Robocalls story hit CNN

Have you been robo called?

Video: BlogActive's Rogers attends Christian Def. Coalition & hands out names of closeted gays

BOB HERBERT: We All KNOW Gore Got MORE Votes Than Bush In 2000

So Couric and Schieffer

Election Protection Information

A question

Stop obssesing over Diebold! The robocalls are the REAL problem!


Some Call It Torture-Bush Admin Calls It "Coming Into Possession Of Classified Info"

High-yield investment opportunity: middle class need not apply.

Crazy Fundies "forgive" Ted Haggard-with commentary by Mark Morford

Tuesday: Not a good day to be a Freeper.

Juan Williams: Misinformed, disengaged, searching for a clue

Britons wary of Bush more than Kim Jong-il: poll

Pssst--- don't tell the lurking freepers, but the election is being held on Wednesday this year.

My supervisor is a saint--really, she is

Critical info on Robo Calls. What to do if you're called.

ABC showed Boyda and had "Jim Ryun- R under her.

And this is how a lame duck flies

"Let America Be America, Again" a song for this election

Do Not Vote If......(free pdf for the uninformed)

what is the best phone number for someone to call about 'robocalls'

"Crist SNUBS Bush" ho ho--nbc evening news saying this.

Election eve Mike Malloy with Nancy Skinner and Steve Sinton

A proposed new avatar for tomorrow:

Run through the fields and houses

These robocalls hit NJ four years ago

Street corner politicking

How I avoided politics this weekend.

James Dobson, and Two Other Ministers To Offer Haggard Counsel

Panic at "The Corner" (The National Review's Blog)

It's going to be fun, in a way , to watch Prince Pissypants

"If they're fed up with the bullshit, they'll get out there and vote"

Elections done right: Verifiable voting systems.

Rice denies suggestions that the Saddam verdict was timed with US elections

gene therapy shows promise in early AIDS trials

Robo calls finally mentioned on Wolf Blitzer's show...

Mommy, there is a very scary man on Hardball!

Probe sought into how Lil O Leilly TV host got abortion records

Police: Rapist Attacked 8 Women

Just got a call TODAY telling me that my polling place was changed (in PA).

As the torch is passed

I can feel it coming...

"Democrats should accept victory humbly"

Bush’s carnival of blood

Cafferty: Bush energized the wrong base. BWAHAHAHAH

Molly Ivins' opinion of Texas Republicans.

TX Dem gets GWBush robocall & sasses him back. LMBO!

Part VIII: Cheney May Ignore a Congressional Subpoena, But I Won't

Hey Greenies! An Honest Question

"If they can rig 'em. . .maybe we can fix 'em. . ."

"We've Analyzed Their Attack, Sir..."

Rothenberg Predicts Democratic Senate!

Donald Rumsfeld lies about Soviets wanting to attack USA...

Democracy Now! on Fox?...

Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On

What tommorrow really means

Senator Clinton Calls for Secretary Rumsfeld to Resign...

The importance of the blogosphere...

This guy is very angry at Ken Mehlman, takes up for the troops.

It's hard to get answers from a bush

Conservative? (30 sec UTube Video)

Need a Reminder? Monday morning inspiration

Dick Cheney's Very Own Classic Definition of a Quagmire

Liberal? (30 sec UTube Video) Protests Capitol Payer Vigil

Ann Wright on Bush's War Crimes - Camp Democracy...

Great Opportunity - Aasif Mandvi...


Greg Palast story: "How They STOLE The Mid-Term Election"

Iraq Veteran has wanted an apology from Bush administration for more than 3 years

Subpoena Power? So What?

Yes! Magazine: 12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote

GOP extends anti-troop smear to Murtha, Rangel, Conyers, other Democrats

Jim Webb surges 8 points ahead of Allen

Photo: Yes, Bush DOES rock when your parents clothe and feed you. Hard lessons ahead, kid...

Keith's going to do a special comment tonight!!!!

DKos: Webb did file complaint. Links to saved voicemail

More Republican Dirty Tricks, as heard on Ed Schultz

Santorum ‘Closing Hard,’ New Poll Says

Voter anger threatens Karl Rove's playbook

What republican are you most looking forward to getting kicked out of office

Post your predictions for outcome of Senate races

The GOP/MSM 2004 Election Checklist

Breaking News from ABC! Dems send cease-and-desist letter to NRCC over automated phone calls!

forget candidates & issues--big picture, what are you voting for?

Robocalled? Reporters waiting to hear from you. & A cool way to record your calls


Katherine Harris On MSNBC...I Have Put My...

Al Franken: Bush will NOT attend 2008 GOP Convention!

Now CLINTON tells a joke

Which state Dem senate win will be the biggest surprise for Democrats?

Maryland turning red yet many states are turning blue?

Photos: Bush at Topeka "Victory Rally"...does this look like "victory" to YOU?

The Final Analysis: How The Senate Looks After Tuesday

Anyone from Colorado? Will Colorado turn Blue tomorrow?

Be Prepared for Election Day on DU: Make Sure You Are Registered, and Know Your Password!

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: If you don't want your vote hacked tomorrow!!!

What about this Pew study the wingnuts are trumpeting?

I predict Dems get the majority of military votes this election,

USA Today/Gallup - Ford only down by 3

How will Bush be on Wednesday?

Great job, Howard Dean, on MSNBC earlier

Patriotic "Florida Victory" Photos! JEB hugging JUNIOR! LAURA! It's like FREEPER PORN!

Republicans listed first on ballot (Arizona)

Phone calls in the Coleen Rowley race telling folks they can only vote for her during limited hours!

After the election, will Bush swallow his pride or call Dem voters terrorist-enablers?

* snubbed by FL Republican governor candidate

AWOL Marine to return on Election Day, ask Bush, Congress to bring the troops home...

Michael Steele can ONLY win if he is able to...

Anyone notice? This election is no longer "political"!

Webb and Allen Dead Even

Democrats should adopt these ideas from the Greens

This repuke post just found on an Ohio Dems message board

When the time comes to hang Saddam

Maryland: Should we be worried?

Jill Porter GOP 'robocall' tactics make me sick

Hacking Democracy is now on Google Video >>>>>>>>

"Because of Iraq" ad (Wes Clark)

2 million buck$. A campaign finance rant.

I just heard more about the "printouts" test in Georgia.

At least 70% of all evangelical preachers hire male prostitutes

David Schuster on Hardball just said Webb's campaign filed

Chris Wallace Lies About Missouri Initiative; Could It Hurt McCaskill?

How to sue the auto dialers. (Robocallers - from slashdot)

YOU decide 2006

From SlashDot: HBO's Hacking Democracy Available Online

I am a worrier. These robocalls have me worried, esp. the ones that make the

Bob Fitrakis on Lou Dobbs Tonight

From SlashDot: Republican Robocall Pretexting Campaign

Shared Republican Values

What are YOU going to do for Democrats over the next 24 hours?

They are predicting a 60% turnout in our county, 40% nationwide.

Propositions weighing down the ballots=voter suppression?

N.H. Makes GOP Stop Some Automated Calls

4 new MO polls. 11/05-11/06

Hey just saw where McCaskill is 4 points ahead of Talent.

Post your predictions for outcome of House races

I Had To Turn My Phone Off - so many Republican calls yesterday

the myth of GOP "confidence" (talk is cheap)

How to read a poll Fox style. 28 >36 because you see 79% of the 35 is....

Clinton was bigger than life here in Rochester today.. n/t

NRCC chickenhawks drop $1,066,400.61 in final days of attacking Duckworth

It look like an half an half vote for Duckworth

haggard's transgressions are all his wife's fault

Possible Iraq Deployments (7000 Troops) Would Stretch Reserve Force

Un-suppress the vote! Work like hell. Get to your Dem HQ now!

ABC News: Analysts Predict Split Congress, Political Gridlock

Howard Fineman fights for the GOP...

PLEASE DO THIS: E-mail everyone on your list re: robocalls.

Congress Going DEM, so FBI Now Vows to Clean Up Congress....

So. Is that what all the stolen laptops were all about....robocall data base?

Mellow Out, Dudes! You might want to go to Yahoo and vote this up....

Did American Conservative take down their site? Or is it just overwhelmed?

which polls are not biased either way? Does one exist?

which polls are not biased either way? Does one exist?

did rove really say "it's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes?"

Diebold worry - Maryland

Republican at the door...

MD robo-rethug dirty tricks...

I just finished with my last round of leafleting, and I just want to say:

Texas Republicans Campaign For State Rep ... Fail To Mention She Died Two Months Ago

Weather Forecasts: Mostly clear in Memphis, Rain in Chattanooga

Daschle say's new poll will show McCaskill up by 7

Pulled the poll. Didn't work right. Will try again.

Lighting a candle for my DU brothers and sisters.

Robo-calls in PA. >: (


the latest acts of republican desperation signal something VERY GOOD

"We need more troops" - MAJ General Batiste

Another Editor gets it right: Mr. Kerry and Mr. Bush

WEATHER on election day

BTW, how's Bernie looking in VT?

Great video! One I hadn't seen before.

5 U.S. troops killed, Baghdad lockdown continues

A little Repuke Paranoia

Help someone find their polling place--a message from Micheal Moore:

If republicans and free republic members vote their values

The new House will be controlled by Democrats, but not by liberals

Anyone else still a bit reticent and reserved?

Democracy Corps: Democrats with 5 point margin in named Congressional ballot

Karl Rove's current dirty trick!

Helpful Election Info(flyers to download, find your polling station, etc)

Will there be unexpected Wins by Blackwell and DeWine in Ohio?

Polls will start breaking today

Know your voting rights....and the DNC hotline. 1-888-DEM-VOTE

Cokie Roberts explains

Politics gets real ugly - Warning Graphic Content

Anyone Else Noticing the Rising Spike In Energy Prices ...

It so telling. While we are urging a big turn out for democrats

Best .Yard Signs. Ever.

Interpreting Voting Laws in Ohio?

Don't get your hopes up, but don't get discouraged. GET BUSY!

GO VOTE, its important

Chuck Todd (Hotline editor/MSNBC pundit): Wife works for Webb campaign

Did Bill Maher mention where we can get bottles of Feign-Feign?

DUers Continued Denial about Discouraging Trolls is DANGEROUS

Next on Animal Planet: The FOLEYMANDER!! (Florida's 16th District)

Please help: If repukes lose what kind of laws are there to limit

In hindsight (always 20/20) I wish that Kerry and other Democrats

The Whole WORLD is Turning BLUE

Vote for Change....

Kathleen Turner is matching pledges today-PFAW

Poll watcher question..

Just Released: Secret 1999 War Games Foresaw Problems in Iraq

Monday Poll: Corker 49 percent, Ford 46 percent

Which is it: was Kerry's response effective or the RW smear ineffective?

Latest poll shows Lieberman holds lead

Texas Freedom Network newsclips has an email from Pat Robertson

How will the weather effect turnout on Tuesday?

POLLS: McCaskill up by 4, Tester up by 9, Menendez up by 10, Whitehouse up by 3

Saddam Hussein to be hanged tomorrow

The "polls " are manipulative...

Watching Noron on MSNBC, you'd thing Pew was the ONLY poll out

Why Don't The Dems Rent A Sound Truck And Wheel Around Neighborhoods.....

Governor Dean's TV schedule today. Also check out Demcratic Flickr photos.

A Peek Inside Karl's Vaunted Voter Vault

Ok put up or shut up time. I say Dems will net SEVEN Senate seats

LOL- Sen.Macacawitz *hounded* by protestors

An Unholy Alliance - Republican Voter Guides Target Churches for House Gains

FauxNews POLL: Dems UP by 13 (49 / 36)!

Well its time to go door to door for Duckworth

Don't Be Influenced By The Polls - My Repug Friend Confided That......

Prominent republican dies in Prison

Poll perspective. The latest polls are the BEST case scenario for the R's.

If Democrats win on paperless Diebold machines ...

Query: Sites - news and polls - to watch during the day and night

No political bump for Bush from political timing of Saddam's verdict

Don’t Let the GOP Continue to Dump on America

Bill Bennett, the Blovating betaholic, has blown up to blimp

Did anyone else hear this blowhard on NPR this morning?

Interesting GOTV call from a Repub

'Notes & Quotes' - about Rummy and Saddam

Protecting the Vote - One Precinct at a Time

Charlie Crist's fall TV ad blitz is heaviest in the nation (FL Gov's race)

Setting up the polls for tomorrows's election and what a surprise.

Remember to support your local Legislative and statewide candidates!

Oh that narsty Left-Wing Press:

TPM Muckraker: NRCC Robo Calls Hitting 20 House Districts

Illegal Aliens and Social Security



Op Eds: Mehlman, fear and terror. Dean, hope, change, optimism

The Evil republican Hag Elizabeth Dole on MTP yesterday

Howling Oedipal A.W.O.L. Frat Boy Monkey challenges Dems on Iraq: "I broke it! YOU fix it!"

Why in the hell are you reading THIS?!

Dems have won every generic ballot poll for 14 months

A New Breed of Watchdog at the Polls

No new numbers from FauxNews?

Republicans "content to lose" the election

Read this now: stress break

Ohio absentee ballots scanned early

Jim Webb

How I know the Democrats to win!!!! - My own Poll

The GOP's obscene phone calls

VIDEO: Tweety's smiling - thinks "it's going to be a wipe-out...a big victory for the Democrats"

The Worst Challengers of Campaign 2006

How soon will we find out if Dems take the House and Senate???

Larry Sabato predicts Democrats will take control of the Senate and house

Look at this unbelievable article by NRO (it's on the front page of

Hispanics May Swing Some Close Elections

Military Families - I Heard A Sad Story The Other Day....

Harold Ford Jr on Imus states he's winning early voting

CNN Poll: Chimp approval rating dips to 35 percent

BlogActive publishes "The List".

Republicans sure do get testy about the truth

Philly Columnist: Give the NRCC a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Hey, exciting, NYS elects a Democratic Gov.(Spitzer) tomorrow..With

I Heard It Myself - Drudge Says He'll Retire If Dems Take The House......

The baptists swayed me on the alcohol vote

Back to the 80s: Saddam Guilty of Genocide in 82 / Rumsfeld Deals with Saddam 83 (photos)

NEW CNN POLL - Dems up by 20 points!!!!!!!

CNN Pipeline free all day today

Karl Rove's LAST Dirty Trick: RoboLies

Repub platform: I'm getting screwed; It'll never work; Be afraid

Astonishing hypocrisy and

Pubs spreading FEAR ...askin what the DEMs will do??? inferring its all bad...

Anyone have "I taking my country back" link?

FIGHTING DEMS - The Crest of the Blue Wave and the Deep Blue Sea

I'm going with common sense Today , No Ambiguous reasoning ,Just Facts

Dems in Tight Races Should Run the Jim Webb Iraq War Ad Attacking the Incumbent

Evil Dick's Election Day plans: "AP didn't identify what Cheney would be hunting"...

Any early voters need a USEFUL place to be on Tuesday??

Psssst: Coming Wednesday to a Congressional Office near you:

VP wife slugs it out about lesbian sex while promoting a kids book

Bush brings in Osama Bin Ladin to attack Dennis Kucinich

Coal baron seeks to buy WV legislature for GOP

Harold Ford's Tennessee Senate race could have political, racial implications beyond election

MO Senate: McCaskill by 46-39 Reg voters, 49-45 Likely voters

1,000 supporters show up for Boyda (D) rally in Topeka

Two Major New Polls BOTH Skew Toward Republican w/o Mentioning in Results

NATIONAL USA TODAY POLL finds U.S. sentiment similar to '94

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: see how your senator/congressman rates

Just a note on Gallup

Where do the right winger come off from saying "entitlement"

BEWARE of concern trolls on DU trying to discourage you from voting (cross-posted from GD)

Lamont "will have accomplished more in defeat than most campaigns do in victory. "