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Archives: November 9, 2006

Chris Floyd: Election 2006: Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

Democrats Won Union Households by 30 Points (CNN)

Losses on Ballot Measures Jolt Religious Right

Fred Kaplan's take on Gates

TIME: Behind Rumsfeld's Fall: The Perils of Hubris

Dems Complete Election Sweep of Congress

After six long years, it's almost safe to watch cable news again

A Bulk Rate on Printing Subpoenas?

Gates....He's Back!.....Commentary by Larry Johnson

Check out the 'boy'/Photo Link-He's Pissed

Is it just my imagination running wild, or have you noticed as well

The Israel Factor: Ranking the presidential candidates

First order of business in Jan: Constitutional Amendment requiring Hand Counted Paper Ballots.

Think the 2006 Mid-Terms were clean? Think again…

BradBlog : Three Cheers for Francine Busby!

Paperless DRE could bite back in Virginia

New Ohio DEM A.G. PROMISED to Investigate Ohio 2004 on 9/30/06, Cleveland

FL CD-13: Hacked or just unlucky for Democrats?

Democrats Won Union Households by 30 Points (CNN)

BP denies jury-tampering in Texas blast trial

MSNBC calls it for Webb as well! nt

Allen expected to concede tomorrow

Losses on Ballot Measures Jolt Religious Right

NancY Pelosi LIVE on Cspan now. Damn, they said LIVE one second ago.

Democrat urges tougher stance on trade with China

Breaking News, CNN Anderson Cooper reporting wins of 2006 !!

Stem cell opponents to continue seeking restrictions in Missouri

Israel Develops Laser to Destroy Roadside Bombs

Rumsfeld Still Expected At KSU's Landon Lecture

US was warned of Iraq chaos, says ex-diplomat (plan for war as early as 4/2002)

AP: Iraq Lawmakers Extend State of Emergency (Again)

Bush takes blame for GOP election losses

Peace mom Sheehan arrested in Washington

Two years after U.S. assault on it, Fallujah returns to insurgent hands

Allen set to concede

Kissell Preps For Re-Count, Chance To Beat Another GOP Incumbent

Democrats take control of the Senate

ABCs of Plan B: 'Morning-after' pill available in drugstores next week


Obama to Reveal His Plan for Iraq

Sid Davis, 90; producer of dark, cautionary films for classrooms in '50s, '60s

BYOB and "liberal" agenda: I'm bringing Cointreau and a comprehensive

George Bush has been stood up. He no longer has a "man-date".

So now that America has spoken and said "We want a Jesus-like agenda",

Fun with Fundies (and Photoshop)

What kind of freaky thing is Andrea Mitchell wearing? It's scaring me... n/t

Tigers and bunnys together at last

A word of consolation to Rummy and Republicans everywhere

Freeper Genius :o)

It's so nice to be the SCREWER, rather than the SCREWN


What is that stuff screwn all over the highway?

We have two months before the next congress - who else resigns?

Count the votes!!

what does "We hardly knew ye" mean?

Upcoming Movies (or those out now): What do you want to see?

More Photoshop...Respect my Majoritaaaaaaaaay!

I'm taking the TFI test Friday....


KO says we have the Senate!!!


What happened to the views...

So, (cough) I want (ack) to extend (choke) an olive (gurgle) branch (urgh) to

Did Anyone Else

What the hell is airing on FOX network right now?

I couldn't sleep last night.

Wh..where am I? What happened? Am I dreaming??

I'm smoking a churchill and drinking a Bar Harbor Blueberry ale!

Okay, I can't stand it--what did Limbaugh say today?

I stole Mel Brooks' cheese today.

And how are you tonight my lovelies?

Fellow archaeology buffs: History International is running a show about the Sea Peoples

Best Front Page

Now that I am a Judge, I need a trophy husband.

Oy! Are you a 'home sexual'?

The grown-ups are in charge!

Hey! DU's fun again!

It's so nice to be the THUMPER, rather than the THUMPEE

One thing to say re: VA Senate to Webb: "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN."

The question on everyone's mind:

Ahem. WE TOOK THE SENATE, BAYBEEZ! NBC called it 5 minutes ago!

South Park spoofing 'Buck Rogers'

Now that I am a trophy husband, I need a judge.

Some graphics

Lidia Bastianich makes me feel guilty every time I watch her show

What assignment do you want for the Gay Agenda and/or the War on Christmas?

I'm really truly sorry everyone, but I have to post this

Yippee! My new BLUE friend came over to celebrate! (PIC!)

Check out my new desktop!

A Report From the Front Lines of Democracy

I hate this shit

Anyone have a link to that Santorum phone photo?

With Rumsfeld gone, what about the Flying Monkeys?

Wait til you see what happens to Kate & Sawyer. It's.......

I'm positively GIDDY tonight...

Colbert is KILLING me!!!

in a funk....

Hugs and kisses to all my fellow DU-ers! You and Jesus Christ have been my source

Dear DU friends, I implore you:

I am SUGGESTING a thread...and a Dare...

Let's Pick Out Some Curtains!

Should I have another drink?

Wrestling Match: Norm Coleman vs. Al Franken

Would you understand this?

I cleared my ignore list tonight, time for a fresh start

"Screwn" takes the cake.

Need Help finding name of Song from 60's 70's ??

I needed to share this

Rumsfeld: 'My Half-Assed Job Here Is Done'

My 11 year old cat is running around acting like a kitten!

Nancy Pelosi - first woman President of the United States

giving to street people - a question (NOT a "yay me" thing - give me NO

Excuuuuse me, but just exactly how the *f* happy are you today?

Are we screwn or are we fuct?

In all the celebration, don't forget this guy (or gal):

WannaBeGrumpy was giving me the daily school briefing...


"The cornhole season is not over!"

Where's the center?

I come to you begging for advice. How would you handle this?

"I Love You"

The Bar's open

So Robert Gates

I think I might be evacuated soon.

Is this the lamest excuse you have ever heard or what?

Mrs R has been playing games with me.

I'm thinking we need an old-fashioned DU gathering somewhere

Anyone here like old graveyards and reading old headstones?

Would mid November be a good time to visit Virginia?

BEAUTIFUL Hubble images! And there will be more.....(dialup warning)

Anybody watch LKLive tonight? Bill Maher outed Ken Melheman tonight.

Vatican urges Israel to ban Jerusalem gay parade

I posted this reply in response to a post in G D and feel that I need to repost here:

"Finally...The Shift Has Arrived" - Karen Bishop - November 8, 2006


This ought to be interesting

I'm going to take a break, guys.

Troops Not the Only Ones Deserving Apology (Kerry mentioned)

Boy, is this interesting.

Democratic take over dance!

Wyoming House Still Close

Remember the Take Back America conference where both Hillary and Kerry spoke?

Kerry victory videos up


Need the list of the 13 senators voting for Kerry-Feingold.

What Democratic Plan are they talking about?

Screw Bush

Glenn McCoy was oh, so close yesterday

So what did Allen say about the 2000 Florida recount?

Are the MSM outlets still refusing to release exit poll results?

Actually, Rumsfeld looked like one relieved MF, today.

We plugged the drain in the Norquist's bathtub. What next?

When do the Senate and House sessions begin? They've been OFF campaigning

CNN: FL 13 (Buchanan v. Jennings) will get recount

The real bottom line on Bush...

Racheal Maddow Having Jim Webb Campaign Manager On: It is 6:58

"war on terror" still in Iraq? ****** PLEASE READ******

Did we forget...

Hotline: Republicans will pressure Allen ....Soon

So John McCain! Do you now love George W. Bush or hate him?

Compassionate Voters reach out to poor, environment, the world - Angry Voters Punish Bush...

This will end great for both of us!

Startling findings in probe of Tillman's death

Gore Vidal coming up next on Air America nt

What is a "cornhole"?

So, what did Limpballs have to say for his drug-addled self today? My friendly

We need to make signs that say "Sore Macaca-man"

Allen needs to "man up" and concede.

WHAT CAN WE DO to ensure the recount in VA is monitored and accurate?

Bush Still Doesn't Get It, he thinks taxes & the economy was going to...

Way Premature..but observing Webb these past months...

How about Sherwood, the guy who beat his mistress? Did he win?

So...can we talk about 2008 now?

I stayed up all night, had way too much caffine, went to classes in the morning...

Did Michael J. Fox make a statement today?

Were Any Iraq War Vets Elected?

So bush kept quiet about rummy because of the election...


So will the new congress work a normal work week, instead of 3 days

Now they will compare Bush to Clinton post 94

Bush Snipes At Rove:

Republicans Will Pressure Allen... Soon

What is the average Emotional Age of a Freeper?

So... what's next for Tammy Duckworth?

Dear Soon-to-be-Unemployed Republican Congressional Staffers,

I was half afraid to go to sleep last night

At IHOP customers said bush supporters are brainwashed...

A New Direction for America The Book: (From Pelosi's web site)

Dr. Dino Kent Hovind is a tax evader

"Fairness Doctrine " Can we get this back?

Here's to DIEBOLD!


Hey, Bill O'ralley (as Olbermann says): Pelosi has nothing to do with


(PHOTOS) The British Press delivers it's verdict

What will Rummy do now that he can't kick around our troops ?

(TOON) Steve Bell: The Ascent of Chimp Part 2

Begging. Can I get one more nom for this one, please?

senate committee chairmanships

Bottom line on Rummy's *resignation*...

Ann Coulter: Was she allowed to vote yesterday?

Crotch lice, premasticated news and the Wisdom of Fred Barnes

Any So Cal DUers know the turn out of CA-50?

I can't watch Keith. Hubby has the Celts game on

WOW - Check this out!! Res 287 list 2248 names of soldiers killed in war

Remember "Sorryeverbody Dot Com"....

Rumsfeld, Wheels of the bus, Wheels of the Bus. Rumsfeld

So, I Wonder When We'll Have An Election 2008 Board?

So what was the voter turn-out last night (over-all election)?

First Female Sheriff in Maine, is also a Democrat

John Kerry celebrates Democrats’ victories

Just Face Facts, Jesus Wanted The Dems to Win

DU this poll!!!!

Nancy Paloci was impressive on the CBS news tonight.

A Most Excellent Day

KO calls out bush on his lies

Can we decriminalize marijuana now?

something is happening in update in a while at this site

I smell a little more freedom in the air today

Robert Parry will be on FlashPoints tonight

Election turnout rate tops 40 percent

Election 2006...It's Not Over Until All the Votes Are Counted (and Verified!)

How's the Madrid-Wilson Race Looking?

Remember when Repubs Pushed 'White Water' Investigations EVERY DAY??

Will we no longer hear "stay the course" PLEASE

Would win have been even bigger without the illegal robocalling???

OK, Who Was Feeding Rove the 60-70 Polls Ea Day w/Bad Data??

Independent Cover: It's The War Stupid

We can't let Bush 'punish' himself by dropping Rumsfeld. He needs to be directly confronted

(VIDEO) If Gates doesn't get confirmed, here's Shrub's 2nd choice

Wyoming House - 40 votes deflecting recount

Are we 100% sure Testor isn't Meatloaf?

I See Dead Elephants thread

DUers, or whatever your name is, welcome to America.

Tweety! You don't look well AT ALL!

Did Keith just belch loudly??

Ya know - I remember now what this feels like...

I See This Election as a Progressive/Liberal Mandate

**** over ***

Republicans Will Pressure Allen... Soon

I think Shelley had Rumsfeld in mind when he wrote "Ozymandius"

The new rightwing mantra: "It was CONSERVATIVE Democrats who won."

Any News Yet From The AP About Webb?

Laughing my ass off at the 7 AP posts within 30 seconds

KO - AP calls VA for Webb

Associated Press Exit Polls: A Third Of Evangelicals Vote For Dems

MSNBC: AP calls VA for WEBB!!!!!

AP calls VA race for Webb

EJ Dionne on KO!

Has the rest of the world give us their thanks? n/t

AP calls VA for Webb Macaca may concede tomorrow eve

It almost seems like we have three good options on how to deal with Bush

AP calls it for WEBBB!!!!!!!!

A Lame-Duck Without A Congress Should Not Be Allowed To Set The Nation's Agenda

AP calls it for Webb!!!!

Gates: 'We Need to Stay' in Iraq

Olberman and AP Called Virginia for Webb 7:30 pm

What happened to the prop in SD about judges?

Just a year ago Allen was the presumptive 2008 nominee

Ricky's kids dad lost a US SENATE seat, he's not going off to WAR

John Conyers.....

I have never been so glad to be wrong.

PA sllac ti rof bbeW!

Rep. Cubin (R) of Montana (I think)......

I think other peoples' TVs are faster than mine.

Shouldn't the spell-check function on DU FINALLY recognize Cheney

All together now.. PHEW! *relieved sigh*


Give Howard Dean a Medal of Freedom. NOW!

Democratic victory may kill surveillance bills

There's A Single Webb AP Thread In Latest Breaking News

Allen to Concede Tomorrow

So, What Does This Mean For The "Gang Of 14"?


Looking ahead to 2008

Um...did the AP call the Webb-Allen race yet?

Did Webb ever win in VA? I can't find a post!

I find it curious when Rove was interviewed a week ago he said we would lose

SORRY! I'm starting a new thread anyway!!!!

Karma's a Bitch!!!

It just flashed on my cbs station that

Breaking: Associated Press gets Jim Webb's party affiliation correct!

If you were appointed "In Charge of the Mess In Iraq" what would you do?

CNN just said that Allen will be making a new statement....

AP: Democrats Take Control of the Senate

Breaking-AP Calls VIrginia For Web


Amid thoughts of reconciliation, I have often seen the following:

Even with the wave apparent last night, I've been hesitant to say it

HEY BUSH! I GOT YOUR MANDATE RIGHT HERE! (feel free to caption this)

The Freepers are revolting!

We many need to "stay in Iraq" but how many need to stay? My plan.

NBC Calls for Webb! n/t

An Oldie but a Goodie


Do you think Lieberman realizes that all those Republicans who voted for him

Ariana on larry king

Lookie here...A reasonable FR Post!

Karma bites Freeper re vote audit trail

"Americans voted with their middle fingers"

Wisdom from one of the founding fathers

All they can get on Fox are criminals tonight!

Doesn't it feel great to see GOOD FINALLY PREVAIL?!


Watching the Sunday talk shows this week will be a PLEASURE!

Is our win part of an enduring shift to the center-left, or simply a blip?

Skinner, EarlG, and Elad

WITH Webb Taking VA, Does this mean we can relax on JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS?

I'd Just Like To Say...

Just uploaded Queen's News of the World...

Now We Will Be More Prepared for Global Warming

They Should Change The Show To Colmes and Hannity Now.

HEY! Bill Maher on Larry King in next few min. ........

what will Dems do about bush SIGNING statements? hold him accountable for

I don't want Hoyer OR Murtha for Majority Leader post

If YOU Are Aware That We've Won Both Houses Of Congress, Please Say So !!!

Just thought I'd tell everyone...

DU Typing/Posting Contest

PREDICTION: Cheney gone before end of the year... new VP

Howard Dean to be on the Daily Show tonight!

Republicans can't even beat a deadbeat

NYT graph: Look at this, political realignment among youth voters (graph included)

Today is my 2-year anniversary here

Great line from last night with KO and Tweety...

"Losses on Ballot Measures Jolt Religious" Bwahahahaha!


Time For a Little Rudeness

Maybe if Gates doesn't get confirmed, Bush will nominate Paul Wolfowitz

MSNBC:Election leaves Bush to bob on blue wave

He got rid of Rumsfeld because he didn't want to see him as a witness

Dear Dem leaders-a simple plea

Brilliant line from Bill Maher on Larry Ling:

Submit Your Ideas For Bumper-Sticker Slogans Here:

First We Honestly Survey The Damage, Then We Repair, Then We Govern

Dems take control of the Senate

Dear GOP: You lost. Get over it.

DU's who made GOTV vote calls to Virginia report in here!

Allen disinclined to request a recount!

I am SO happy that insane Senator Inhofe will lose his chairmanship

Hey! Who's buying our ports THIS year? Hal? Carlyle?

NancY Pelosi LIVE on Cspan now. Damn, they said LIVE one second ago.

Where can I find new blue/red maps?

Like many i started this 2 years ago today

FAUX website still won't acknowledge Dems taking the senate!


Today's Darwin Award Winner

(VIDEO) Olbermann's roundup of election night moments

Who's Next? (To "Resign")

Speaker Pelosi had a beautiful smile today

At this rate, Zell Miller might "redeclare" himself a Democrat

I just thought of something "Net neutrality"

Have there been any cases of Freeper-types getting violent yet?

I would just like to express my deepest gratitude to the DU'er

Could you guess corruption would be so big in people's mind

100 hours / 8 hours/day = 12.5 days

Any body? Who was Mehlman's Date at the inaugural?

Mrbush Press CONference transcript up, here

In Wake of Husband's Senate Win, Schultz Resuming Column

Hey, what gives? The White House videos aren't working...

Good News is so much sweeter when KO delivers it! Where were

How many more House Seats have we picked up since last night?

Bill Maher / Larry King thread

Is there a way we can make a group effort to get The Fairness doctrine back?

Lurking Freepers-Who's Your Daddy?

Dean Statement on Yesterday's Elections

Can I say that the Blue Storm has come?

Check out the 'boy'/Photo Link-He's Pissed

Political Epitaph For Senator Macacawitz Thread

We have more important things to do than to impeach

Bush Sr "Texas A&M" comments from October 8th.. weird?

May I Just Say This... (Milestone for Women!)

Free Republic suicide watch continues (re: Virginia Senate declaration)

Anyone have victory songs to share?

CNN: Sources say Allen "won't drag this out"

I especially relish the right wingers reactions

republicans failed to heed this warning!

What's Next for the Peace Movement? - Confront the Democrats ... Now

Post Your Comments To Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

I am not going to rub this election in anyones face

Hey did you CNN watchers just see the 'Bobby' trailer?

every piece of legislation we pass should say "no signing statement

Official John McCain suicide watch-Day One!

Looks like holy Joe gets all the power

Such a Happy, happy day... Might is say, gay???

A Second Night of Bubbly (it doesn't get any better than this!)

rummy out AFTER the election?? what were they thinking??

Bush, Rove, Rummy, Rice, Hastert.....they are all SCREWN!


Do we now have veto override power?

The definitive picture of the Republican loss.

Tweety reminds of Floyd the Barber on the old Andy Griffith show!

It feels like a holiday. It really does.

Which Ed Gillespie is which?

Democrat win makes minimum wage hike likely

Who will Chair Which Committees?

It's funny. Perhaps if Bush hadn't sucked like no president ever sucked before in modern history,

What will our dear Whorah O'Donnell do now that dems have control of house and senate?

Bush makes "THE CALL"

Know THIS: Kephra & Andy Are SMILING Today

"Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia." Mr. Allen

Did anybody see right wing nuts Citizens United on cspan tonight?

I would like to thank the Founding Fathers for putting together a

Jeff Cohen: How to Turn This Election Into a Progressive Mandate

Ahhh. Everyone smell that fear in the air...

How much of a frickin' bummer is it ...?

Republicans just got pwned!!!

Hey right wing cluckers!! If this election was not a victory for liberalism,

Stop murdering Arabs

Allow me to be the first to reach across the aisle...

A DU screenshot for your scrapbook. Enjoy.

To me, "conservativism" simply means "license to be selfish jerks"

I am an asshole. It was all bullshit, and I fell for it.

Separated at birth????I knew Jim Webb reminded me of someone

Cooper: "Keep'em honest"....WTF????

Meanwhile on Faux, "Man Clinton Pardoned Found Murdered"

Top Ten Issues for Democratic Party

"She ran away with it like a hobo with a sweet potato pie" :>)

Why the master tactician had to fall on his sword


NOW will advertisers want to be on AAR? nt

I really would like to see Ned Lamont elected to something in the future

Richie tax cuts GONE! Conservative SCOTUS APPTS. GONE!


Rumsfeld's resignation today was their Plan B ... if they lost control

So now we have to govern...

Would Paul Hackett have given us the same net result as Ned Lamont?'s got music!

An important message for republicans

For your viewing pleasure

Cheney's fondest wish: David A. Smith in the stocks (repost)

Now we have to fix these two charts

CNN Susan Malvaux (sp?) is a moran

I'm going to keep saying it until it sinks in

Where is our red-blue flag????

Is it safe to come out yet?

Situation here back to normal. Not SNAFU. Thanks DU!

Borgman cartoon that says it all (Ohio)

The Silver Lining to 6 long years

Wasn't the Webb/Allen race one hell of a ride last night?

NO on Pelosi for Speaker!

I Just Made A Pan Of Brownies

Hey, CNN, about those "blogs from the troops"

delete please

Juan Cole is spot on....

Just saw this on my local FOX News:

Huge win for women--NYT:

I have to do it. I turned to Fox News.

Wow! O'Reilly, Dick Morris and Geraldo are about to tell us....

Yesterday I saw a story about O'Reilly being investigated for having abortion records

Today, I can honestly recommend right-wing radio for entertainment.

Stem cell opponents to continue seeking restrictions in Missouri

Best headline I didn't think I'd see for a long time

Some choice Rummy quotes--lest we forget--

My lame little election day story (and analysis)

Since we now control the majority of state legislatures.....

Email from Chuck Schumer THANKING US for helping them win.

The talk of "conservative" freshman Dems doesn't worry me at all

Hannity is shaking his head "they won an election without an agenda"

Who cares what Pelosi thinks about impeachment....


What is "screwn"? A screw'n?

So Harry Reid is the NEW MAJORITY LEADER in the Senate

please delete, got the info, thanks.

NEW Chairmen of Senate Committees! WOW!

So what's this I hear about another *bush social security push?

MP3: For Nancy Pelosi "San Francisco Treat"

We need to expand upon the 50 State Strategy

Post your favorite Republican "sore loserman" tales from last night and today

Wow we really kicked their butts!!

What is the average Educational level of a Freeper?

Anyone seen this??

breaking: House drafting bill to rendition POTUS et al to the Hague

So, anybody hear druggie Limpball's take?

"I'm a Liberal"

OMG Just saw Jon do in Katherine Horsefaces boobs!

The Dems Have a CLEAR INDISPUTABLE MANDATE, So Why Doesn't the Media Report it As Such?

Bush's face looks like he fears prison sex

Go Dems!

Lanny DAVIS "knew (Shrub) for many years, compassionate conservative..."

Wonder if Dennis Miller regrets hooking his career to Dumbya now?

My Suggestion for the New Democratic Congress

So how can I hear Malloy on line?

Iraq exit the No 1 priority

Please post your pics of republicans in DEFEAT

Breaking News, CNN Anderson Cooper reporting wins of 2006 !!

Flip Flopper! "I supported Rummy before I kicked him out the door."

Can I share with you something Jimmy Carter said at the 2004 Dem Convention?

Congrats to all at DU !

Why is Rummy smiling?

The Dean Scream Has Different Meaning NOW!!!!!

How do you extend a hand to those who've all but called our party a terrorist organization?

Meanwhile.......over at FreakRepublic.....

How does MAJORITY LEADER CLINTON sound to you?

Freepers using Nixon's cut and run speech, for "comfort!"

Does Nov 8th, 2006 make up for Nov 3rd, 2004?

The Supreme Court Of The United States is now SAFE!

"Memo to Republican chief Ken Mehlman regarding recruiting black candidates: Try again."

I just went outside and screamed. It felt good.

"Daily Show" Thread (w/ Howard Dean)

Ava Lowery appreciation thread

how will baby bush handle non-rubber-stamp congress?

Is your high as high in 2006 as your low was low in 2004

My Brother

Daily Show is on n/t

What's Your Dream Sunday Talk Show Line Up?

anyone see Matthews and Scarborough's little cat fight last night...

We're gonna beat 'em in Rhode Island, and we're gonna beat 'em in Ohio

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Crummy Rummy went because of this


"Listen to the tide slowly turning"

"Hello, President Jeb"

Wikipedia on Robert Gates. Lies about Iran Contra--when did he know?

How best to keep the boot on their throat?

So it seems that Poppy Bush may have laid down the law..

Let's give him his Employee Evaluation.

At what point did you know we were going to spank them?

Anybody have that enlistment form that I can send to freeper?


I'm not drinking absinthe tonight. I'm drinking chocolate milk.

Dean Scream

Dreaming the American Dream forward

Santorum, his kids, Pennsylvania and my two cents


Confession - I am responsible for 150 straight ticket republican votes

So, now that there has been a shift in power in Congress, will the MSM start to shift from their a$$

So my 6 year old asks me today...

Turn on the Colbert Report right NOW!

Seriously, who do the neocons have now?

CNN has emails on "How did you vote and why" up

Colbert's "Word" sketch tonight is genious!

How long before Freepers start cursing in German and start screaming "Heil Hitler?"

I wonder how many Industrial Shredders are running at full speed right now?

Hannity thinks Dean and Pelosi should apologize to the President

We wanted it back. We took it back. Sleep well DUers, sleep

I Agree With Randi Rhodes!


How long do you think it will take Conyers to make one of the Repubs pee themselves?

The Reign... has passed.

Fiore, anyone?

Reminder.... the 5 sequential stages of grief

What happens to the Punditocracy now?

"I earned political capital in the campaign and now I intend to spend it"


Where is Condoleeza?

How much sleep have you had in the last 24 hours?

You need a widescreen TV for Howard Dean's smile

John Hall & Colbert harmonying Natl Anthem!


This is HUGH, those freeper morans are screwn!!!!!!1111!!!!

I hope all of our friends who passed on this year somehow know

Colbert is hilarious tonight.

Pundits pissing me off re: Pelosi calling * this, that or the other

CW11 says Virginia is decided.

It hasn't sunk in for me that the GOP is going to be the minority party

I know avatars aren't back on yet, but I have a suggestion

Somebody needs to tell Lanny Davis...

The Good News About the Tennessee Senate

Who has a music mix of great victory songs?

What have your gas prices done?

Republics are terrified of a Grandmother!

Anyone want to bet gas prices will go down more?

Anti-Bush bloggers and sites...what are your plans?

Are we forgetting one little detail?

Tester and Webb look like they could the snap the necks of every Republic in congress

A somber e-mail from Ken Mehlman--

Wednesday Night Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Here's a Thought: If the International Court CHARGES BUSH WITH WAR CRIMES

Today is my two-year DU anniversary...

Does anybody else here feel like they are in shock?

That once a chickenhawk,stricken with a dart,said,when he saw the fashion of the shaft

Nancy Pelosi

For Sale: One bathtub, like new. Contact

freepers already protesting

Anyone else amazed this pic is on the Poppy Bush prez website?

Maybe there is a God after all

Conspiracy Nut Curt "The Screamer" Weldon bit the dust too

Forgive me if this has been posted before (Rummy & Saddam):

CA: Federal judge blocks proposition (83) on sex offenders

* Fired Rumsfeld, remember as the Librul Mediah spoon feeds you untruths!

Phase One of Project X complete...

Terra Terra, Fear Fear, Terra Terra, Fear Fear

Can somebody please explain this Rush "I'm tired of carrying water" thing?

On the outside today, my middle finger was blue and on the

Contagious George, or The Masque of the Red Death

"Fresh Eyes" and Word Pitchers: Rummy Toons and link to Haiku Thread

This is even more impressive than 1994, isn't it?

Is it time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine?

Tweety still badmouthing the Dems

Rush Tells His Audience 'I'm Full of Crap'...Seriously!

Oh, the irony...

Picture thread of the winners

Is Bush's nickname for Rove still 'The Architect'? If not, what's his new nickname?

"Fanfare for the Common Man" playing on my radio today on the way to work; how appropriate!

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi Will be on Nightline tonight.

Gates was heavily implicated in a 'secret' progam in the '80s providing satellite info to Saddam

87% of Jews vote Democratic FreeRepublic:How dare they!

I'l bet Norm Coleman is feeling less than comfortable about 2008.

Howard Dean - He deserves a room full of roses...

How many 'terrorists' did you invite to your celebration dinner?

*** TOONs: We Won ! ***

Democrats need to start working on dumping William Jefferson (D-LA)

Rahm Emanuel: "liberal wing cannot be allowed" to shape the agenda

Na na naa naaa (Official, pic heavy, GLOAT THREAD )

WaPo: Dems must "partner" with Bush, "govern from the middle"

Webb wins! We win! We took it ALL!

Our leaders are backpedalling, and the wingers are jumping on it

Tim Russert is in Shock.

Send a congratulatory card to your new or old Dem rep or senator

The House AND the Senate are Democratic. Can the healing now begin?

My son's 5th grade fundie teacher...

Starting tommorow I am getting a brand new American flag

We GLBT folks deserve an *immediate* apology.

Tenacity, toughness, feistiness, intelligence, willing and able to carry large burdens

Does anyone else find it interesting that Cheney is MIA?

TOON: Insurgency in its last 'throws'

(M)Anne Coulter's Sister (brother?) Loses Election

Bill Maher Outs Ken Mehlman on Larry King Live

Karl and Cheney are going to be next: Baker's choice of Gates for S.o.D. says it all

Debra Bowen an Important win for CA Sec. of State

Cindy Sheehan arrested in Washington

What if LIEberman becomes a Republican?

What can the current freaks sneak in in two months?

We are safer now than we have been at any other point since 9/11/01

2 Questions, Anyone got images of the headlines today in some

Man jailed for interrupting Fox News live shot

One of the first things the Dem congress should tackle is Global Warming!

Jane Hamsher: "... but this "triumph of the centrists" meme is a Rahm Emanuel ....

Dean AND Rahm Emanuel Both Deserve Credit. It's Sickening How Many DU'ers

amy goodman, ralph nader on election results

Job was his -- and Emanuel delivered

Simon Rosenberg: Conservative movement has shown itself to be a failure

MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD IN FL-13, Jennings (D) behind 368 votes, 18,000 votes "lost" in DIEBOLD

Gut-wrenching sobs

Hey everyone please check my fiance's myspace page! it is dedicated to our victory and hard work

How are YOU going to celebrate the holiday on Saturday???

$20.06 to - Thank you, Howard Dean!

The Guardian: Thank You America!!!!!

CONFESSION: I DIDN'T VOTE!!! (REALLY! My Election Day Experience)

DU This Poll

I want to see an investigation into Jeff Gannon's White House access

NOTE TO WHINY BUSH BASHING FREEPERS: What the hell were you thinking?

For those in the Pacific Northwest area

Iraq War Song - Culture Club

Keith Olbermann on Decision Oh Six

"I'm a Liberal"

Bush Replaces Rumsfeld, part 2

Jim Webb's victory speech

Bush Replaces Rumsfeld, part 1

I had to do it - Gloat that is

Bush Post Election News Conference Volume 2

Bush Post Election News Conference Volume 3

Bush Post Election News Conference Vol.1

how Bush does it!

Rush Limbaugh Admitted He Has Been Lying To His Listeners

Dean Scream! Yeah!

What IS it with MSNBC's Hillary fixation?

Please Allen stop making this harder than it is

Bin Laden....

This should not be considered a liberal win?

So has Burns conceded? I've been burning up the remote for news

Anyone have the exit poll numbers for Jennings & Buchanon in FL?

scummy rummy - a cut and runner

Webb campaign official says Webb up by 8200...

Obama to Unveil His Plan For Iraq

Out of the undecided House races left, what are our chances of

Tweety speaking with NBC's Mike Viqueira on Murtha's chances: Don't count Murtha out!

Question: Why does CNN have the Senate as 49 R, 50 D

2 minutes

What is Burns' thinking?

This just in from FOX...

SSSSHHHHH I could get in big trouble for this (secret photos from last night)


Nov. 8: Why Union Members Voted

From Maine: A heartfelt thanks to Howard Dean

Why have they not projected Virginia yet?

Biden Calls for Hearings as Head of Foreign Relations Committee---MSNBC Tweety

DU CNN's Quick Vote,, lower right, on shift in power.

Buchanan spouts new party line to Tweety:

So glad Ron Jeremy lookalike Richard Pombo got

When I saw Tom DeLay speaking on CNN this a.m. about Elections....

Change To Win: Labor Will Make Sure Politicians Work To Restore American Dream

AFSCME's Gerald McEntee Says Labor Will Hold Politicians Accountable

president pro tem

Because framing matters...

hmmm...wonder where Ann Coultergeist (voter fraud felon)

Slave Labor Products From Latin America Used By Major Corporations (companies like Toyota, GM, Nissa

Voters in Six States Approve Minimum Wage Increase

BOOYA!! I'm not one for public displays of emotion...

Oaxaca Struggle Continues In Wake Of Several Civilian Deaths

Tony Trupiano

How much time will Bush spend in Crawford with an unfriendly Congress to work with?

I've got this feeling

Seriously we have to demand

The biggest disappointments in last night's election.

Raise a Glass to those who lost last night!!!!!

I really like this Hillary photo

What upset victory are you happy about the most

OK George "51% is a mandate" Bush! Will you comply with the peoples' wishes?

Dean is on C-Span 2 right now according to the schedule.

We need to focus on making House gains in '08

Where is the discussion of the quiet Paleo-Con revolution last night?

C&L: "Odd similarity" between questioning styles of CNN's Suzanne Malvaeux and Jeff Gannon

Gates (Rummy's replacement) is member of Iraq Study Group with Jim Fixer Baker

I am going to have a happy hangover tomorrow (and i'm not drinking)

Exit polls- more proof of stolen '04 election

Idaho goes deeper red, not Boise, however. Read This!

Tom Delay on CNN saying "Negotiating with terrorists" goes against * policy

Do you think Democrats should pursue a full investigation into pre Iraq war intelligence,

Arianna: Election not a mandate for Dems to run to middle, but to elect Murtha majority leader

No More Buyer or Craig Veterans Victory

Give Lieberman the position of Secretary of Defense.

I'm late to the party

So would this be considered a mandate?

AP calls it for Webb

Fearless prediction for Republican strategists

Senate President Byrd!


House and Senate to reconvene tomorrow. Any guesses

Freepers in state of denial on Webb victory: "This is a bunch of Mokocka!"

Bumper sticker sale

Just for Snicks... I turned on the Christian Hate Radio tonight...

Allen to concede

Senator Jim Webb

AP and Reuters: Democrats win control of the Senate

CNN trying to confirm that the Dems took the Senate

This is what Obama said about the Iraq war BEFORE it started

2nd fearless prediction - RE: Election fraud

Mike Malloy is on Novam right now!!! WOOOOHHOOOO!

Who regretted not impeaching Reagan??

Between the Devil and the DEEP BLUE SEA, that's where * is

11 House Races still undecided. Perhaps there will be more icing on the cake? :-)

Dr. Dean was on the right track. GRASSROOTS Party building is needed and

Election could be good and bad for Wal-Mart

I'm so proud - Sherrod Brown, Connie Schultz and campaign staff

Let's make a Real Deal.

This is sooo great to look at.

* Press Conf.: Petulant 6 Yr Old or "Life's Not Fair" 7 Yr Old?

Bwahahahahah! Michael Steele for Republican National Chairman?

Poor John McCain hopped on the DOWN escalator when everyone else

"This electronic voting with no audit trail is wrong"

DNC website ( Dems take house and Senate

WE MUST not feel we have won.

Youth turnout in election biggest in 20 years

here's Nancy's email addy - put IMPEACH BUSH in the subject line

Update on Darcy Burner race

Hannity: Apologize

OK! I'm convinced--Wikipedia sez it!

Hannity and Colmes - DeLay, North, Hannity bawling their eyes out

Freeps in mourning: "A great roaring economy, a war where no battle was yet lost..."

How Did Women Do Yesterday?

Saw a video on Keith Olbermann tonight

Did any incumbent House or Senate Dems lose to a Republican?

NO EXCUSE NOW!! PAPER TRAIL IN 2008. Please don't allow ourselves to be complacent now.

Malloy is on fire! n/t

Elections. Have. Consequences.

Paul Hackett who?

Will Rumsfeld be waterboarded for his exit interview?

Puckcanon is on Hardball - STILL blaming the dems for the war

Bush last week said Cheney and Rumsfeld were staying on after the election

Fox: Just "a standard election"

Sock Puppets on tv giving us all this "Bush will reach across the aisle" BS

How many Whistleblowers are going to come out into the public?

Wulsin (D-OH) still won't concede to Mean Jean

Should incoming Dems trust Baker Commission (Iraq Study Group)?

More freeper stupidity

Why Did Rummy Resign Today?

WOW, this is gettin' good! Russert reporting Poppy is bailing out W!

I love you all, bless you, I love Pete Ham

Thank God for Howard Dean and the 50 state strategy.

Dean: "It's a sign of respect to ask people for their vote."

We got the control we wanted. It's time to walk the walk, & talk about leaving Iraq

After the 2004 election - I couldn't watch the news for a week

Who deserves most of the credit?

Screwn is the new Morans

We have won...BUT

Did Mean Jean lose?

Attn: Bush family. Keep me the fuck out of your family bullshit

The 50 State Strategy, that's why we won

What should be the priorities of the new Democratic congress?

Media Rehab of * beginning

Dean said the Democrats got 75% of the Hispanic vote. 12:02 C-Span 2.

Will Gates be confirmed?

Senate "Majority" Question:

I want to say thank you to all of DU, especially those with whom I have sometimes disagreed.

Whose microphone do you look forward to shutting off?

Bush was for Rummy before he was against him!

If Bush is impeached, it'll cut Cheney's balls off - THAT'S why we much impeach

Anyone gotta link to that Santorum phone photo?

Do you get the feeling that pundits & repukes are all in shock?

A Message from Jack Carter

happy to point out that smear and fear does NOT work anymore

So, we own the Flag now.

Democrats are going to have a Senate majority for a while

Does Justice Stevens retire now?

If the Democrats win Virginia does that give Lieberman the balance of power in the senate?

Will some Republic Senators vote with the Democrats?

Why Paraguay

Most bizarre/scary moment of the press conference:

It just dawned on me ........

Real Idaho Values. We turned the reddest in the nation

Suddenly, the word of the day is "bi-partisan".

Grover Norquist Advises No Compromise, Predicts Governing Via Exec Order

Daddy Bush Does It Again

An old classic of Olberman owning O'Liely

Nancy Pelosi will be 4th in Order of Succession for Presidency

Out of all the races we lost, I hate that Tammy Duckworth didn't win the most.

My wish list

Gov. Dean rocked on TDShow tonight. Awesome.

Stand up, fellow Zonies! Gay marriage ban DEFEATED in Arizona!

Time for The Kill

Gas prices shooting up today.

Pro-Impeachment People, What is Your Goal?

So, I've been thinkin' and I think Allen should concede, you know

Robert Gates and Iran Contra

Why It's Over For George Allen: A VA Election Law Primer

Great photo on MSNBC's homepage!

Here's how the Fighting Dems did:

The "I feel liberated from carrying water" graphic from Limbaugh's Web Site

For all the peple who preach that we shouldn't impeach Bush

Deja Vu? Probability of VA and MT Senate Exit Poll Discrepancies : TIA

Did the let us win so they can blame the failing economy on us? read this!

Mark my words, before it's all said and done, sooner or later,

CNN called Rove a FAILURE

Congress should do TWO things immediately

The battle for W's shriveled soul has begun.

No Impeachment for Bush

Dummy gets rid of Rummy today, tries to show Scummy he's

Can DUers post results of ballot measures in their states?

Bill Clinton believes it's a mistake to view the election as a shift to the left

A GIANT thank you goes to Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth

Question for the "Impeach Bush Now!" folks

Check this out. How cool is this? Powerful Pictures of brooms

Did the military media take down Rumdum?

Leno Joke

Let's get a few things straight about impeachment .....

Why demonize Lieberman?

Ralph Nader on Conservative Democrats, Corporate Power

2006 Election "Still Undecided" races, Local News wrap-up thread! Post Local News!

U.S. vote not a shift to left, Bill Clinton says

Being pro-impeachment gave democrats edge!


Meet the 'New Bush' (Froomkin / WaPo)

Fineman: The Boys Are Back in Town (41's Boys)

The New Southern Strategy By Bob Moser, The Nation

Dowd: A Come-to-Daddy Moment (41 spanking 43)

my weekly newspaper column: Women, jokers and crying kids

LTTE: Rumsfeld's legacy: Arrogance, self-deception

An Open Letter To Big Business

John Pilger: Now let's charge Saddam's accomplices

The Guardian: "Thank you, America"

Old Names, Old Scandals: Robert Gates was a controversial figure in the Iran-contra affair

On Midterms, Mandates, and Murtha --Arriana Huffington

The Secret World of Robert Gates (Robert Parry)

Changing Pattern Of Norhern Va. Voting Cited as Pivotal

Japan energy: Goodbye Iran, hello Iraq

Ron Perlstein: Netroots, Not Emanuel, Drove Big Dem House Gains.

Robert Gates and Iran/Contra (Lawrence E. Walsh)

Restoring the Good Nation

Bush points fingers at everybody but himself, Iraq

Jefferson Lives

LAT: Election shows state's true colors: pastel

Republicans Pay for Scandals, Inaction on Ethics Law

Gates’ CIA Past Could Haunt Him in Confirmation Hearings/Good Read!

Plebiscite on an Outlaw Empire

Iraq Wins the Election, What Now? - Tom Hayden

DW: Artworks Looted by Nazis Contribute to Record-Breaking Auction


Richmiond Times-Dispatch: Congratulations (Webb!)

Election 2006 – Aftermath, Deconstructing the Results and Perspectives on the Democratic and Republi

How I woke up and smelt the coffee (a former supporter on Ortega)

The code of the Callboy

Iraqis Cheer Rumsfeld Departure

US ready to face the world anew - Let's make a deal!

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Post-Election Etiquette

Kyrgyzstan caught in US-Russia squeeze

Sea change washed Hart, Santorum into office, then out again

Republicans squandered gains made among US Hispanic voters (AFP)

Joe Galloway's defense to-do list for the new Congress

OK, so what the hell should "they" do to prevent global warming???

Researchers Link Ocean Organisms With Increased Cloud Cover And Potential Climate Change

Hey Look! GM To Unveil Electric Car Prototype!

AIEEEEE!!! Barbados Invaded By Giant Snails - ENN

United States acting unethically on global warming says new report

Exxon & peak oil

Okay, here is a werid question...

Australia's dry horrors 'worst for 1000 years'

World risks 'dirty' energy future (BBC)

Australian Car Makers Pressed To Invest In Hybrids - ABC

Merkel - EU Must Lead On Climate Issues Despite US Foot-Dragging - AFP

Cheap, Superefficient Solar (Concentrating PV, MIT Tech. Rev.)

Examining the Impact of Renewable Energy on the Electric Power Grid

10% Of China's Arable Land Faces "Grave" Problems From Toxins, Pollution - AFP

Taking the Senate: Idiot Inhofe is no longer Environment Chair!

Solar Film Operation to Expand (Tucson, Arizona firm)

Canadian Opposition Sending Reps To Nairobi To "Hijack" Climate Talks - AFP

Media: U.S. Should Throw Billions of Dollars at Global Warming

Discovery Of Fossil Reef In W. Australia Sets Benchmark For Sea Level Rise - SMH

Big Oil Will Answer Energy, Environmental Concerns With New PR Campaign

House energy chief's (Pombo) loss opens door for energy policy shift

Sharp "to ship GaAs solar systems in 2007"

Blue Ocean, Earthjustice Press To End Bluefin Fishing In Gulf Of Mexico - ENN

"The Great Warming" and converting Evangelicals to environmentalism

UK 'failed to save gas reserves'

Nairobi climate talks split on CDM carbon burial (Reuters)

Environmentalists Warn of Shark Troubles

Tests show Idaho mercury not coming from Nevada

4 Qassams hit western Negev, causing damage but no injuries

Israel 'apology' as Palestine grieves. (18 civilians/8 children dead)

Report: Anti-Semitism on rise in Venezuela

French troops almost fired at Israel jets: minister (Reuters)

Police approve Jerusalem rally in lieu of gay pride parade

PM to Abbas: Willing to go far in peace talks

A military failure and strategic vacuum

Olmert in autumn

A cease-fire in Gaza (2)

Non-violence assembly brings Middle Easterners together

ANALYSIS: Beit Hanun is the Palestinian Kfar Kana

Billings Montana ELection official make mistake, restarts count.

Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15) not conceding due to high # Absentees + Provisionals:

OOPS! I Meant To Post This In GD and Will Do So. Mods Delete This If You Must

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Thursday 11/09/06

A simple federal law: "All elections are required to use voter readable paper ballots"

All your election fraud headlines on one page. Enjoy!

Verified Voting: We need you, RIGHT NOW

Whose Smiling Now? Not Rove...This one's for Bleever

TruthIsAll/Autorank: Virginia & Montana Explained - Fraud Model Works

FL -- Sequoia machines hinder vote retrieval

How do we get summaries of reported election problems for our states FAST?

Denver and The De-polling-place-ification of America

This is good: GOP asked PA state officials to impound machines in 27 counties

Robert Gates' Involvment In The "VOTE COUNT GAME"

Lieberman, Seniority Sure, Has No Plans to Join G.O.P.

WP: Misleading Maryland GOP Handouts Called a Political 'Low Point'

66 die in Iraq (Wednesday)

AP: Startling findings in probe of Tillman's death

Cut cable delays LAX landings

U.S. automakers turn to Dems for help

Israel 'apology' as Palestine grieves. (18 civilians/8 children dead)

In Nevada, GOP dodges a bullet, Democrats plea for patience

Republicans blame their party leadership for Tuesday's losses

Nevada senator rises to top leadership slot (Harry Reid)

Nevada's 'none of these candidates' makes strong showing

(San Diego) Voters reject Miramar site

Haggard Begins Spiritual 'Restoration'

Iran wants Afghan refugees to leave by 2010

Iraq Hopes U.S. Vote Means More Security

Changing Pattern Of Norhern Va. Voting Cited as Pivotal

Republicans Pay for Scandals, Inaction on Ethics Law

Astronomers' Treat: Mercury Crosses Sun

Group Can Seek White House, FDA Records About Plan B Pill --WaPo

Reuters Talk radio hosts lick election wounds (te he)

Democrats’ surge in US puts IT, BPO firms on edge

Senior U.S. official: We don't expect Israel to strike Iran

BBC: NYSE to Slash Fifth of Workforce (Oh, the Irony!)

World welcomes shift in U.S. politics

UN urges end to 'water apartheid'

Democrat Vilsack to launch run for White House

Vilsack will launch bid for presidency

Austrian Airlines announces regular flights to Iraq

Hand-wringing, soul-searching as Republicans mull their future

AP: Startling findings in Tillman probe

DW: Artworks Looted by Nazis Contribute to Record-Breaking Auction

AP: Startling Findings in Tillman Probe

DW: Russian PM arrives to China for trade talks

BBC: International court in first case

Stem-cell transfer breakthrough raises hopes for blindness cure (WOW!)

Iowa Gov. Vilsack to run for president

Arsonists attack Jewish school outside Paris

Dann's corruption fight gets him elected Ohio attorney general

Anyone got a list of how many Secretary of State posts we won?

DW: Former East German spy chief dies (Markus Wolf)

Cincinnati Enquirer: Wulsin not ready to concede (Ohio 02)

AP: Bomb Attacks on Baghdad Markets Kill 16

Iraq corruption 'costs billions'

150,000 Iraqis killed by insurgents (Iraq Health Minister)

Australia's dry horrors 'worst for 1000 years'

Bush lowers partisan tone after election losses (ironic-The Dems will

Senior staffer: Allen 'not emboldened to fight this'

BP agrees to $32 million settlement in blast (Story that was on 60 Minutes)

Rangel's itching to evict Cheney

Lindbergh Field looks at next steps after Miramar plan rejected

CNN: "Sources: Allen to concede, giving Senate control to Dems"

Leaders seek to kill gay marriage ban

Nazi speech played before H.S. game (by Students - Charlotte, NC)

Justice to Push for Surveillance Legislation

Recall: Store brand acetaminophen.

Pastor says disgraced minister has brutal road to recovery

Allen conceding NOW

MSNBC: Allen to concede at 3:00 pm eastern.


Nonpartisan Election Protection Groups Urging Allen Not to Concede!

Justice to push for surveillance legislation

Bush to make a late morning statement (11:35 a.m. ET)

Evangelical Leader: GOP Abandoned Voters

Rumsfeld acknowledges rocky turn in Iraq

48 killed in Iraq (at least)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 9

Smoking 'may block embryo's path'

DW: France tests new ballistic missile

Iraq president says Democrats reassuring

ABC: Mine Deaths Blamed on Company Run by Major GOP Contributor

Outsourcing is good for US economy: Ballmer (Micro$oft)

Mehlman is gone!

DW: Smaller Number of German Peacekeepers to Stay in Bosnia

Gas prices begin to tick up

Brown vows to help Senate move on

Iraq President Says Democrats Reassuring

Iraqis cheer Rumsfeld departure

MSNBC: Burns Concedes in Montana

Mitchell's Apparent Win Over Hayworth May Take A Long Time To Verify (dirty tricks!)

Crude futures end at two-week high above $61

Bush says open to suggestions on Iraq

AP: Expert says oceans are turning acidic

More Resignations Expected at Pentagon After Rumsfeld's Departure

Water Flow in China's Yellow River Hits Record Low (China out of water by 2030)

18,000 votes in US House race lost!-Jennings(D) replacing Kath. Harris could lose because of it!!!

BBC: Munich opens landmark synagogue

Iraqi official: 150,000 civilians dead

Legislators again delay gay marriage vote

Army officer to be court-martialed (Lt. Watada)

Australia to urge Bush to stay the course in Iraq

Ed Bradley dead

U.S. Army ad slogan shrinks by half ("Army Strong")

Steele may seek to head RNC

Wyoming's Sen. Craig Thomas has leukemia

Dispute Over Gay Outing on CNN Reveals Promise, and Perils, of Online Video

Experts: Amendment to spark court battles (ban of civil unions/gay marriage)

(CNN) White House resubmits Bolton nomination

FL Attorney Gen's Race-Dem candidate omitted from some ballots in heavy Dem districts!!

MSNBC: Iowa governor to make White House bid

John Bolton Likely to Depart U.N.

Tony Snow Explains Why Bush Fibbed to Press (re: Rummy)

CNN: Mehlman likely to leave RNC

AP: 11M Bottles of Acetaminophen Recalled (store-brand)

NYT/AP: Bush, Pelosi Hold White House Talks (Cheney "sits glumly")

George Allen concedes live on CNN! Dem's control Senate!

Chafee unsure of staying with GOP after losing election

Wal-Mart: We're not afraid to say Merry Christmas

Feingold closer to decision on presidential run

Iraqi official estimates at least 150,000 Iraqis killed by insurgents

Tampa , FL Tollway Chief Quits, Linked To Porn Sites

Venezuela's Chavez likely to win re-election -poll

Former Talk Show Host Could Be Sent To Prison

I suppose it's a stupid question to ask what I missed...

A salute to the election!

Look out the saints are comin' through

Um, is GD the new Lounge?

My silent prayer to an infant last week

Is this how you feel?:

Rumsfeld will no longer be giving the President his daily briefing

Serious question for those who care about their fellow human beings:

I'm bullish on Myself. I'm going places!

Limbaugh admitted on his show that he's been lying.

Go to the 3:15 mark in this video clip:

What would happen if you combined Rutger Hauer with Willem Defoe?

Wow... Hubble's still got it !!

stray never see them. (lame copycat)

Oh happy happy joy joy

Square pieces of poop.... you never see them.

At Caraba's Tonight.... A Loud Cheer in the midst of Freeper Land...

If we could communicate with the dead, clearly and all we wanted to


"suppress your esophagus"

Please post all new graphics

In 2 years...

I won't be going to Wal-Mart any longer, pretty soon.

Oh shit!

This cat is using me=)

I don't have sex with Republicans.

I am so tired of hearing about Haggard , Foley and the other holier than thous.

Dems Take Virginia!

OK, help ME figure out a song...

Man, when I finally crash


Congratulations Warpy!! 20,000 posts

MORE good news!!Studio 60 Picked Up For Full Season!

Doo doo dum dee dum dee dum...

Does DU still have the site to get dem gear? of my friend's mom is now a congresswoman.

I'm a bit confused..

Just out of curiosity.... has Ann Coulter made a public statement about the election?

Now here's a unique way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day

Man Throws Cat Out Of Third-Story Window - Arrested

But the mother and child reunion...

Ok I'm curious?? Did Tuesday-Wednesday really happen?

THANK FUCK! My DU is working again!

Does Claritin D make you irritable and snappish?

The aging of the "mad" boy ... *WARNING GRAPHIC*

Swallow your food or drink, supress your esophagus, and look at this:

At Olive Garden tonight . . . a loud child in the smoking section

I have no private messages

Oh boy!! I got to get one of theseon a coffe mug for work!!!

"You may be sure that the Americans will commit all the stupidities they can think of, plus some

Oh, crap.

I wish to to send this message to all the Republicans that are still in or out of Congress.

Any LSAT tips?

The Right Was Right !! LMFAO!! WooHoo!!


If a person's spirit could haunt living people, is there anybody

What WON'T make a conservative become gay?

I've never been a Democrat when we're in power before. What do I do?

Thanksgiving family politics - help needed

CONFESS!!!! How did you spend your Tuesday night??

BREAKING: George Allen Press Conference at 3 PM with Webb to have

It's been a good week!


My Peace Rosebush bloomed today

Missouri jail painted pink, with blue teddy bears

DU Secret Santa

I have no private massages

Founding Fathers.. What Would They Think About The Current Times?

Can You Feel It? ****YouTube Vid****

What's in your pasta butter?

2006: The best year EVER!

Man Speeds Through Jail Parking Lot - Arrested

what's in your butt paste...

cube rat avatar/sig line image

Federline wants full custody of the kids

Portsmouth Sinfonia mentioned on Franken just now

Fondling Fathers.. What Would They Think About The Current Times?

Foo foo foo bar baz

So, It's Thursday Morning...Tell us how you've been subjected to Terra

Has anyone posted the "K-Fed possibly dumped via text message" video yet?

So, are they blaming Clinton for the victory on Tuesday yet?

Other states should be jealous of new york. we have spitzer. you dont.

Why is the latest Onion headline on as breaking news?

Did your family build a fallout shelter in the '50's or '60s?

I'm thinking about becoming a Repug...

My cat is addicted to whipped cream in a can.

YouTube's Underground

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/9/06)

.... and the horse you rode in on...

Gay never see them.

Rant on Christmas Tree Hooks

Two-legged dog. Must see video.

Okay - Inquiring minds want to know ...

sadly, Google image search has let me down

The wall came down this day in 1989

anybody seen that soft scrub commercial

What's in your paste buffer?

Mmmm....the creamy goodness!

They're creepy and they're kooky...

Highway Chief Quits - Ran Gay Porn Business

This article brought tears to my eyes

Hey, I ate at the Olive Garden last night. So crucify me!

...with Vice President Dick Cheney sitting glumly on a couch...


I went to the Christmas Tree Shop today....with my husband.

Confused. If we're bipartisan am I still a terrorist?

I want your meat loaf recipes

Know your 'Governor Goodhairs' - can you tell these 3 repukes apart?


Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Did we win something?

Ha HA...watching John Warner deliver the Eulogy right now....

Don't you hate it when a hard...

I am swearing off of the impeachment threads in GD

Breaking: Allen CONCEDES!!!

Hah! I knew gas prices would rise after the election, but sheesh, this much? (photograph)

I'm in the mood

FReeper Lexicon

Is DU druggy for anyone else?

Don't you hate it when a hard drive fails?


This is the picture on my calendar...

The Iraq War and the election were just skirmishes...

Did "Dumbfuck Mcdoesn'texist" get elected?

Diet Update! 7 more pounds this week!

My mother sent me this. Filial duty forces me to post it here

Is DU draggy for anyone else?

I just heard on the noon news that 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died

Now I have a dilemma ...

Hey, what's all this I hear about Nancy Pelosi being the first woman speaker???


I think this song is very appropriate for today: "Mr Blue Sky" by ELO

Best lyrics EVER:

Oh no! Another wardrobe malfuction. Hilary Swank injured.

Will Pitt - I got you a Senate for your Birthday!

Here's a trick I learned at work.

What do you think of people making up their own political party?

My sister's having a baby today!

A warm, fuzzy family moment with Sesame Street

To Catch a Predator

Official euphemism thread

How many politician signs are still up?

In celebration, the chin whiskers had to go!

I swear to god, if one more person tells me I'm supposed to be freaking out, I'm gonna hit somebody.

What should I cook for dinner?

heh, caption

Wanna see something cool?

Anyone remember sheet music catalogs in music stores

Lousy end to a great day. Company web conference: 2 f'ing hours!

Make up a movie to describe the post-election Rs

Need advice on my trip to London

Damn. I'm CRAVING shrimp fried rice.

I set up a flickr page

I'm glad the guy in VA conceded. I was afraid they'd pull a trick and we'd be...

If you could choose, what would you like to be doing when you die?


Denise Richards throws a laptop at a senior in a wheelchair

Remember this moment forever - what were you doing right now when Allen conceded

Everyone born in Spring or Summer, please log off

I LOVE my NBC affiliate's news department. Why? Their lead story:

How stupid are you?

Help - I have a partial earworm ... need to complete it.

BREAKING: Leahy decision on IMPEACHMENT!!!!

Small rant, nothing important!

Boy who lost his dad on 9/11 is facing a tough future.

This just in: Burns & Allen conceded today

Know your IQ? Post the total of the digits.

We've lost the War on Christmas: Wal-Mart brings back "Merry Christmas"

Replace any word in a movie title with the word "Macaca"

Thursday, November 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Adrienne Shelley was murdered. Police have obtained confession

Question RE: Rights of Seniors at the workplace

Now that we have the Senate...

rove arrested!

I'm listening to Michael Savage for the first time - quite informative

Happy birthday WillPitt & Pat Cake's son Jackson!!

Who here likes chewing gum a lot?

GD back to normal

Gun and games forum (gun enthusiasts) in foul mood today.

Yep, you MN bunch are scaring some North Carolinians.

My liberal homosexual agenda is destroying the fabric of YOUR country! HA HA!!

Could someone please politely tell my dog to shut up?

If I were a spiteful, psychotic, vindictive asshole like Shrub, I would -

Who, in your family drives you nuts?

I'm giving my husband a booby for Christmas

Today marks my 2 year DU anniversary!

Federline's attorney: "Kevin is prepared to go the distance" in seeking spousal support from Britney

Buddy of mine got kicked to the curb on one date

Macaca Python's Dying Caucus presents: "Dead Campaign Sketch"


I saw Death Trish 2000 walking downtown.

Good morning to a bright future!!!!

If you're not sick of hearing about Richard the Peer, read on:

The Crocodile Hunter meets his match - Hilarious...enjoy

Thanks to the internet.

Today in history 11-09

Buchwald: Still Going Strong

Pasta or rice?

Who here eats macaroni & cheese, rice, or pasta as a meal unto itself?

If DU was like a bar that played one kind of music, what would that music be?

Gray cats.... you never see them.

If you could go back and live in a Hunter-Gatherer society, would you?

Man Tries To Launch Firework Out His Ass - Hospitalized

Words that sound naughty..but aren't... (I'll start)


Radio Lady Reviews: "Stranger Than Fiction" (Opens November 10, 2006)

Post pics that illustrate how you feel right now

Thanksgiving fun.

Do you ever wonder if ,besides Skinner, If that Freeper Crowd...

I keep remembering that we won

On Buddhism and Finding Religion

Will victory calm things down in this forum?

Is there a bias in favor of belief?

Could our big brains come from Neanderthals? (Reuters/CNN)

They are going to suicide one of the Rovers :(

Silver linings?

Mexico City legislature approves law recognizing gay civil unions

South African panel OKs gay marriage

Photos and Videos from today's Marriage Equality Rally in Boston

JASMYNE A. CANNICK: Gay Marriage Is Not the Threat to Black America

Houston Landscaper Accused of Bigotry

If Louisville beats Rutgers tonight...

Mario Williams 4 1/2 Sacks

Can somebody send Rangel a room cleansing kit?

Pomeroy: Blessings of Gratitude Will Tie Up Unfinished Business

I usually take this to the lounge.

Many thanks for those here who helped push Webb through in Virginia.

lemuria, land of Mu rising?

My kitty is finally sleeping now.

HELP! What does this mean?

East Birthday Card: who's left (outside of MA)? who's next?

Gee, John Kerry has a 'history' with this new DefSec

OT: Interesting

Totally OT - musical interlude - Cast YOUR vote

08 race officially opened - Vilsack leads the dance.

Kerry Statement on the Passing of Ed Bradley

Macaca concession speech on CSPAN2

If Kerry does decide to run,

New JK Blog post:

Will John Kerry Run In 2008?

So, what does that Chairmanship in Commerce sub-comm mean?

Hey fedup!

Article in Broadband and related issues in WaPo today.

John Kerry left out of this article

Dead flash

I miss you guys...

I missed something. Is there a Nov. contest?

Hey, is that the GOP down there?

***The Autumn prelim round is up in GD***

Would be great to share this elation with each other in person: let's party!

Bush electoral rebuke celebrated throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia

My message to all my friends

Oh, so NOW it's time to "work together" "stop partisan bickering"

Joe Scarborough just lectured Dems to make-nice

I just heard Dem's are going to contest Katherine Harris's old seat in house

Dems Need To Address This As A First Priority ..... IMPT

World welcomes shift in U.S. politics

OK Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell - come clean

Repudiation of Rove, Bush, AND MATT SLUDGE

Email from Mehlmann

Robert Gates - one of most consequential CIA operations: Funneling $ to Mujahhadin

What is Tony Snow doing in this pic?

Dear Republicans: You don't get to tell us how to act.

I received this from FL Democratic Party tonight ...


Wow!....Fox News still has Montana and Virginia undecided...

It has been thoroughly exposed how he lied today.

Tonight we sleep the sleep of the righteous

ok - now I just feel sorry for them. They are turning to Nixon for comfort.

Freeptard asks if Jews are "homosexual, global-warming pedophiles"

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that Saddam deserves the death penalty

I love the smell of Rethugs burning in the morning . . . it's the smell of VICTORY!

In the pocket of the MPAA and RIAA?

Dems Should Work To Fracture The Rs In Congress

We should work in a bipartisan way with them--NOT!

Colbert Calls it Quits

I just got an email that said Cindy Sheehan was arrested

The big other branch questions after the election (law)

Why does Bush have to say "Democrat Party" ?

ABC wins election-night coverage sweeps

well this should make Fitzgerald's work just a tad bit easier

Please help my thread...

Dear Mr. Rumsfeld

Flip-Flopping Liar in Chief at it again

How Many House Seats Did We Gain?

Thomas Jefferson, Atheist or Agnostic?

MCain was months away from being the senate armed services committee

The Republican Party of today = the Democratic Party of 1972...

New republican anthem.. Like a Rolling Stone...

A nice note from Bryan Kennedy, challenger of Sensenbrenner

Can I have my "CIVIL UNION" now Madame Speaker??

And the Republicans begin sobbing...

Is it too early to draw up subpoena lists?

Marine Missing in Action from Vietnam War is Identified

Dead Campaign Sketch

Because of us, the USA is still a democracy.

Great Webb behind-scenes victory party video here

Here we go already-Vilsack is running

It's been long enough.

I'd like a list of the Dems who will now be taking over as committee chairs

John McCain hasnt killed himself, has he?


Beat the Republicans, not one another...

How many live in an area where many people are only dimly aware of the transfer of power?

Remember what happened in Clinton's sixth year?

In Iraq, New Calculations of the U.S. Role/ NYT

JD Hayworth still has not conceded, WTF!?

We got our avatars back!

"Let's Impeach The President For Lying"

An alternate theory on Rumsfeld lie...

2,839 troop dead in W's war Fallujah in insurgent's control again

Where can I find Al Gore's e-mail address? (2008 Presidency)

Interesting punditry tonight from Tom "screw the south" Schaller

I think the next round of polling will show very good news

Dick Morris: Allen Surging, Kerry clearly helped GOP, Dem Senate "highly unlikely"


Rev. Haggard starts "long term restoration" project; in danger of selling cars.

How many days until Rummy appointed to board of Carlyle Group?

Say goodbye to Senator CACA!

Poor "unpopular president" bush. When you even lose Rush...

Bush should resign, Rumsfeld should go to jail - Chavez

Feeling so good...want to challenge Zell Miller to a duueelll

Planetary alignment

The Youth Came Through For Us This Time!

our own terror artists(Bushco) have lost and Americans have won!

What becomes of Ned Lamont?

CNN just edited out Bill Maher's "outing" of Ken Mehlman.

Did CNN edit out Maher's "Ken Mehlman is gay" comment?

Nice to see the Freepers dealing with minority status

George cannot fly on his own ...

"Some people" think that Rummy got dusted so he would not get subpoenaed

Ruh Roh This turn of events may hurt right wing radio

I was fired today.

The internet saved America

One word on the Foley investigation.. STALL!

It's just a small thing, but ...

Worst Possible Presidential Tickets Ever?

North Dakota ain't as red as you think - Conrad (D) and Pomeroy (D) win.

It's sad to see the Republicans so screwn.

has anyone heard or seen Dick Cheney since the election results ?

Viguerie is going to "war" with the republican party.. Popcorn?

W knew it was all over when he gave his presser Monday

Censorship report

w would fire cheney too if dick wasn't his superior.

Carnival of the Liberals #25: The Meta-Political Edition

Impeach or Probe?

A Look At The Past 4 Years (In Headlines)

Do you think * would have rubbed Rumsfeld head

Iraq, not election, is on troops' minds

First things first. "Media Fairness Restoration Act" with

Do you almost feel sorry for bush & the repubs? Don't.

Post-election *****TOON***** from Tucson

Hispanic Voters Shift Allegiance to Democrats

U.S. Taxpayers Continue To Fund Iraqi Freedom Fighters......!!

Immigration issue doomed GOP

GOP Accuses Dems of Orchestrating 'Rampant Voter Fraud'

Where has George "macacca" Allen been hiding out? Rehab?

AP: Startling findings in Tillman probe

Young Voter Turnout Up for Second Major Election

What did I miss?

HEADLINE: A "bitter" Vatican urges Israel to ban Jerusalem gay parade

Woman dies after being bitten by snake at church

just how STOOOOPID does bush think we are?

Will Rummy receive the Congressional Medal of Honour?

'57 plymouth buried in '57 in Tulsa Ok. Waiting but not holding my breath

So can Foley leave Rehab now?

Great election, America!

Saddam to be handled by the rule of law...... meanwhile,

TRANSCRIPT: bush's presser 11/10/06

Misleading Fliers May Hurt GOP Among Black Voters

Ky. Poll Worker Charged With Choking Voter

A happy song for yesterday's Democratic Victory:

It's the GOP's SCOOBY-DOO moment!

US says 38 suspected insurgents killed in Baghdad fighting

I think that the words of President Gerald Ford have never rung so true

Heart attack patients will be injected with their own stem cells in new treatment

So how accurate and fair were the elections?

Charlie Rangel on Washington Journal now n/t

Bartlett from the WH: We need to be the party of change. te he.

So...WE are the deciders now?

Australia to urge Bush to stay the course in Iraq

So...... are we still Underground?

why George Allen will not push the recount too hard

My 1000th Post - Thank you DU! I found my way here

wow an earthquake just shook northern California

How does it feel freepers? Frustrating? Scary? Painful?

Bush’s puppet Iraqi government has yet to comment on Rumsfeld’s resignation

Rangel on CSPAN now asked about repeal of the estate tax

CNN-Consevative/Coroporate News Network refuses to call it for WEBB

Skinner, Earl -- Could you pin a post to the top of Greatest

Rumsfeld: 'My Half-Assed Job Here Is Done'

After Democrats, the biggest winner on Tuesday was...

my stocks just soared overnight again for two days straight since Nov 7

"I GOT OVER IT -- Nov. 7th, 06". (bumper sticker)

Good Morning Democratic Underground, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Heads are spinning in DC. neither Repugs nor Dems saw it coming.

No one could have imagined

Can someone get a final national count.....

Bush adviser: President will be eating crow during lunch with Pelosi today

Does anyone have a picture of Howard Dean on election night?

More than 600,000 dead Iraqi men, women and children. I am not in the forgiving mood

Who Are The New Dem Senate Committee Chairmen

Why Joe will turn republican.

Iraqis cheer Rumsfeld departure

laughing so hard - my face hurts

A shout out to the magnificent Helen Thomas.

Imus, fucking old fool, looks like Nick Nolte warmed over

Those wacky RW talk show hosts...

Reach out to republicans? Reach out to THIS assholes.

On Snake Handling and drinking poison...

Mommy, why does the president look like he has a corn cob up his ass?

Democrats sweep US Congress in election triumph

Has Rummy's departure freed him from being subpoenaed?

The wingers are eating their own... I hope they enjoy the meal

Hey! Look at this Wikipedia page.

So, a "Hugh" news item - Dems take House, Senate, Governorships -

My 6-Year-Old: 'Will George Bush Give Their Toys Back Now???'

Now that Cheney has had his battery pack removed,

We're an empire now....

Hey George - How's about in the spirit of *bi-partisanship*

"Let's Work Together -- Help us investigate Bush's illegal deeds"

Does Paul Hackett Have a Political Future?

Top 10 things I want the new congress to pass or work on.

229D 196 R 10 undecided

Don't let the Dems neutralize the issue of Iraq.........

America Chooses Enlightened Pragmatism

rummy's resignation like all other neocon moves, is a hollow gesture

Bush should have no trouble negotiating with the democrats

Future senate committee chairs as it stands now

GOP Congressman Chris Cox - SEC Chairman - Must Go

Check this out the wins and losers of the election

What I will miss most about Rumsfeld.....

C-SPAN WJ: Chris Shays...I'm Really A Nice Guy, Really

Congrats on the election result everybody!

Need some pix of Rethugs

Stephanie Miller: Still in "full gloat mood" this morning

Colbert was absolutely hysterical on 'The Word'

Why are there still 14 undecided

Disgraced Minister Begins 'Restoration'

Don't wee on my Gloat Parade

The only major shift in US policy that will make a difference in foreign policy is

What Dems are singing this morning

Chris Shays on CSPAN now. Sees the value of working together now,

Wheres kkkarl, is his absense an indication of vote tampering in Virginia and Montana


Some more good news!

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Goddammit!! John Kerry ruined everything! And Howard Dean will be a disaster for the Democrat Party!

Chimpster Quiz: Which things in this article do you think are real?

Where has Rice been hiding out lately? At the ranch?

Ousted Karl Rove Takes New Job With Hugo Chavez

Looking to '08 it won't matter if we in the interim get zilch done except gridlock

As if we didn't get enough good news these past couple days

What's that sound I hear coming out of DC?

"I told Momma that I was gonna wear my boobs a little higher today in honor of Speaker Pelosi. "

First on our agenda should be...

Dems favor small businesses and labor in the US

How many Items should be First on our Agenda?

Heads up! Lame-duck Senate session to dump bills on us

Bush will be a better President the next two years.

CSPAN caller: "Vote was media-induced against the war....

Worth remembering, next weekend the Deserter finally makes it to Vietnam

Do We Have A Big Supreme Court Nomination Fight In The Near Future?

Robert Gates: Oliver North's Cohort In Selling Arms To Iran Through Hezbola

so how scared shitless is Bush???

What happens to K street now?

What does the term "San Francisco Values" mean? I have never heard that expression until the

So can we get the new congress to vow to bring glastnost to the US

The 800 pound Elephant in the Room

Robert Gates was part of the Iran-Contra affair

No doubt about it, Bush was lying at the press conference today

My gas prices went up 3 cents last night

More Icing On The Cake: Bye-bye John Bolton.

Come on CON-rad. and MaccaGeorge.......

CNN Just Can Not Say "Democratic Majority in the Senate"

Waterboy Limbaugh

caption this * pic...

New Orleans After the Flood - 20 photos in exhibit at NYC's Met

Speaking of Robert Gates and Iran-Contra affair....

We were called like-minded in another thread. Does that mean I have to like the Patriots?

Citizen Duty Call!! Don't miss Democracy Now - Gates Rumsfeld.

Power Cleaning

Caption CON-rad Burns....

The House should formally rescind the two impeachment articles against Bill Clinton from 1998

11/9/06 SLUT club Stephanie Loves us Totally ..... Bring on the gloat.

Did he get it?

Brave DU'ers. Please help. Redneckhunter

"the democrat party" - will repubs get away with renaming us? I think...

Democratic swell buoys attorneys general

How long in to first meeting will Pelosi and Bush declare all out war?

TWO Roves lost on Tuesday — one was a horse. There is justice in this world!

what will the unemployed Repubs do now?

Does a politician have to concede before it becomes official?

Who should be the new Republican Minority Leader?

The more shrub vetos, the better

AP: Negroponte was rebuffed by al-Maliki regarding disbanding Iraqi militias

any media say what was bleeped out yesterday at bush's

Senate Democrats to declare majority @ 2:30 p.m. ET news conference

Gloomy Brit picks Charlie "Sweetness" GIBSON as the best anchor


Preserving History from Bush's first 100 days

Where is that S.O.B. CHENEY?

The New Democratic Agenda Must Include The Following:

BushCo. Visits to My Sites

I really like Tony Harris

Defense sec'y nominee Gates: Mr. Fish Gets it- Will the Senate Democrats?

U.S. firm's anti-gay e-mail sparks online fury

CSPAN has good program on impact of mid-terms, now, 10:15amCT.

How many Progressive Caucus members can we expect now?

Biden says U.N. envoy Bolton "going nowhere" ? WHAT!

I wanna see more demoralized, formerly arrogant, R's on T.V.!

Now that we're the majority - House, Senate, Governorships, can we

Who is this guy Cliff Schecter?

Why I LOVE DU!!!

Cheney's Back - pic

Now, just what should be done about that weasly AG


Election's over, time for gas prices to go back up

Why is the pResident speaking at 11:30 today?

BREAKING: George Allen To Concede At 3:00 pm ET

Why I'm Leaving DU

Have you seen the VIDEO of O'Reilly's analysis of Iraq and his plan for their country?

Ever since the Election, Dow has been going up and down

Wal-Mart: We're not afraid to say Merry Christmas

Known Known Unknown, Known Known Known Known, Hey He-ey, Good Bye

TOP PRIORITY: re-instate the Fairness Doctrine

League of Conservation Voters "Dirty Dozen" Dumped.

this will make you smile

Bush and company just on CNN no one was smiling

Now that we control both houses, are we still Underground?

DEM CONGRESS MEMBERS Presser LIVE at 3 eastern time

Gloating Poll

My New Bumper Sticker Design

Now is the time to increase our presence on Talk Radio

If DU was like a bar that played one kind of music, what would that music be?

HE LIVES! Cheney on the tube right now standing behind The Decider

"Not Ready To Make Nice" This should be the Dems

Time to tackle * signing statements

A question and olive branch to conservative democrats.

If Skinner Had Been in Charge of Katrina Relief...

RWer's Post-Mortem-- Defeat Blamed on McCain and his Gang of 14 (!!??!!)

Remember the tantrums of the RW'ers?

Elections Over - Gas Just Went Up!

Limpballs admits to lying

OFFICIAL THREAD! RUMMY LIVE PRESSER ALERT 12 ET. Transcript already released:

How can we fight terrorism?

Musings of a Skeptic - Bush is Too Damn Happy.

Has O'Loofah made any statements since we won?

Caption *

Bush was a GREAT Governor of Texas??????

The BFEE is up to something with the Gates appointment.

Elaine Chao Must Go

CREW Sends Letter to AG Asking for Investigation:Hastert

Anyone got a list of how many Secretary of State posts we won?

Rs will try to push Bolton appt through in Lame Duck session...CNN

Bye Bye, Felix: MSNBC Says Allen Conceding At 3:00

A BIG SHOUTOUT to LibDemAlways and 11Bravo....

Please help! Where can I find the video of Chimpy's presser yesterday??

Nice win, now can we have a real right to organize?

Old Guys Dispatched To Discipline Juvenile Delinquent-Bush (Maureen Dowd)


The Little Boy With The Big Blue Vase

W Stands for Woodshed

wh press conf with tony snow coming up! (soon---it's 12:16 eastern

I think we now have Christian fascists.(this from the GOP)

so, um, let me get this Allen thing straight.....

Beware of False Choices Between Progressivism and Appealing to Moderates

Did Macacawitz concede yet?

He was a "Great Bi-partisan Governor"

CNN-Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes has died of

World welcomes shift in U.S. politics

I'd like to be the 1st to say "HELLO!" to all our new DUers...

The stupid things that Tom DeLay said about the election ....

A word of advice. Remember how pissed off you were for the last 6 years?

UK Man (Soldier just back from Iraq) injured by launching firework from his bottom

Hayworth is going to try and steal AZ CD 5!!!!

What's Your Favorite Schadenfreude?

WaaAllen to make a statement at 3 PM - per CNN

Looking for pre-election quotes from republicans ...

Congrats & thanks: Rahm, Chuck, Howard, Harry, and Nancy n/t

Now is the time for the New Democratic Congress to take a stand on Iraq.

OMG! Ed Bradley...60 Minutes, has died.

CNN and MSNBC Breaking: Tom Vilsack will run for White House in '08

"That's it! Gonna hafta go after Osama myself...."

Videos of Democratic Victory speeches

The Beacon Shines Once More.

I can't find stats on how women voted in 2006

We clearly fell into one of Rove's traps

Since CNN and CBS have a working relationship when one of their own

Dems plan to force change in Iraq policy - bringing troops home!

bush on CNN now

Freepers flipping out over speculation of Bolton being on chopping block

Hmm. a "love letter" to Mark Foley..(with pics too).

GOP must have finally learned one of it's Katrina lessons.

Ex-diplomat: US was warned by UK diplomats of Iraq chaos,

Just in case there was any doubt that Al Franken was a DLC shill

In retrospect, has Karl Rove been a great gift to Democrats?

CNN..."Waaaallen WILL NOT CONCEDE." ???? What

Breaking: Montana goes to the Democrats

So what's with OSAMA Bin Ladin now that the election is over?

You need to be in touch with reality to make it better: Part II, Progressive Edition.

Tonight's Mike Malloy Show with John Laesch

Allen will NOT concede, says CNN.

How Good Were Your Predictions For The Election's Outcome?

Australia - Howard Boasts Of Bad Relations w. US Democrats 1 Day Before Vote

Is Global Warming on The Democrats Agenda?

Are you in contact with any Democratic Senators or House members?

Hey ... did Ed Bradley die?

Are Democrats still complaining about e-voting?

OK folks it 's time to MOVE ON already


BREAKING NEWS~!!!!! Conrad concedes....MSNBC

Oh lord, Tony Snowe said one of the reasons Bush lost was because of "Macaca"

Rapture Ready is freaking over MN's new Muslim Representative

IMO the corruption has already begun

my bring-a-smile photo of the day :)

Rahm Emanuel was reportedly "quick to credit other Democrats"

MSM whores talking over Rummy press conference

Allen to concede at 3PM

The most racist thread ever?

Let's all send "Welcome to America" telegrams to Allen

Can DU change its name to Democratic Uppergroud?

No sense of humor in freeperville

Are the terrorists here yet? Is Cheney underneath his desk?

Conservatism has been tried, and it failed.

Shout out to LibDemAlways

What are the thugs going to do in the Senate before...

WAAAAAAAAAAllen gaffe may have cost G-O-P the Senate

Bill Hemmer-Roid

In the 2006 Midterm Elections, the Republicans got...

Regarding MacacAllen, do I have this straight?

Who do you want as Senate Majority Leader?

Using their own words against them....hehehe

Question about DU Meetup at The Hague trials. 2007 or 2008?

Prediction: Cheney Resigns In The Next Few Months 'For Health Reasons'

WaPost: Allen to concede

We Have Gotten Used to Defeat......Lets make an effort to not be used to it anymore.

Pelosi w/ Bush : She sounds so articulate and strong!

What was that about bi-partisanship Bush?

Nancy On CNN Now With Some Barely Trained Chimp Sitting Next To Her

Rev. Ted Haggard Begins "Restoration" With Laying On Of Hands

This picture is BEGGING for a clever caption . . .

Bush is incorrigable. Despite the "new era" they're up to their old tricks.

Everything changed on 11/7

Why isn't Bush holding hands w/ Pelosi in the Rose Garden?

According to Hotline Allen will concede at 3:00pm

"Let's make a deal!" - U.S. foreign policy shift

Oh boy, everybody's favorite cnn commentator Candy Crowley will be on Real time

Anyone got a list of Secretary of State races we won?

Congresswoman Sue Kelly hires elections attorney.

Iraq's taking too long.


Was FDR the last "truly liberal" Democrat in office ?

JIm Webb is giving a press conference at 4;15 today

Another thing i want the congress to address-Veterans benefits

Thank you, Rush

How about a Nancy Pelosi avatar?

Pelosi triumph bad news for beleaguered Bush (Irish Examiner)

Bush's speech right here! ;)

Why should we work with Bush?

If we can't impeach, can we repeal all the crap * has enacted?

THE NUMBER ONE REASON given for the Congressional upset

Radical Fringe toon Thurs. 11/9/06 ... fightin'em where?

Impeaching Cheney

Why I Love The Pathetic "Conservative Democrat" Spin

A couple of after election comments from a military post

Red State Rebellion: Ballot measure losses jolt the religious right (They partly blame the GOP)

Some out-of-work GOP staffers may face unemployment

Sally Smith on GWBush: "I remember we had a beer. That's all I remember."

Are we going to be just as vigilant in holding the Dems' feet to the fire?

remember "Optimist in chief"?

I think there is some sort of rift between Bush and Cheney & that's why

Remember that crying after the 2004 "win"?

Which DEMOCRATIC Senator is now less likely to run for President

It would look nice to see a Big pile of DU roses behind KO

Only 7 Moderate Republicans left in the Senate

Nancy Pelosi avatar - my contribution

Why in the hell is this goon on CNN comparing Haggard to Clinton?!

Hartmann's got the MO pollworker who saw the screens flip

A heads up to Veterans

Michael "Democrat" Steele Wants to Head RNC

Ortega is elected. Another BEFEE returns from internal exile.

CNN...Waaallen WILL concede at 3:00 ET.

Cheney found! Makes first comments about election...

Look, you can see his lower fangs.

I don't think Allen is going to concede because...

Rumors on FR that Cheney will resign- update: thread deleted

Maybe it's time to let somebody else drive.

"Baby put your clothes on .."

Does any DUer have DIRECT email addresses for members of Congress?

Allen to concede in an hour

All these "conservative" Dems who have won!

There have been many races where people have never conceded

Lest anyone be tempted to "forgive and forget" at any time in the future....

The perfect GOP storm for 2008...

The House Clerk just read Ney's resignation letter.

Rummy out - Gates in -- your thoughts?

Which Reps are going to go Dem rather than be in the minority?

So the LTTEs start rolling in now...

The deconstruction of Iraq

LOL "Heckuva Job, Turd Blossom"

The Congressional and Senate vote was America's way of saying...

Were we just too much for them this time?

B* fights dirty... We need to at least fight back hard... he loved to kick us when we were down

Hatred (of Gays) Unites Jerusalem's Feuding Faiths

When fascism visited America.

The point is one party cannot run on nice sounding words and phrases

Religious right a big loser on ballot measures

Who might run in 08?

The Democratic majority should not be trying to find common

Folks, Burns and Allen are a famous duo.

Will he or won't he? Concede a CAPTION...

Olmert blames'technical error' for deadly shelling

Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi.....

There is a specific way we can invesigate without backlash

Google Video Blog Apologizes For E-mailing Kama Sutra Worm

I just figured out why Scarborough was so intent on the Repugs losing!

Dems Have Bush By His Little Balls

The republicans have no plan for victory in Iraq.

Ahhhnuld sends his regards, says Dem win healthy for politics

Please bookmark this thread so there are no more mistakes on this subject.

So, how long do you keep your yardsigns out?

I wonder if Barney Frank's got anything up his sleeve.

With a Democratic House and Senate, Al Gore may seriously consider...

RIP, Ed Bradley. You were a giant and a trailblazer.

Pelosi meets with * - pics

Watching election-night coverage was like watching a toilet bowl that didn’t flush completely.

caption Bushco...

Caption * and cheney

The Boner and Mike Pence are both running for minority leader

Vaya Con Dios, Republicans! LMAO

Democrats held house 60 out of 64 years 1931-1995, GOP, 1995-2007

We why do I feel like crying?

Can we all finally admit that the majority is LIBERAL?

Hey Repubs--- ya might not want to mess with our jr. Senator from Montana!

Nearly 6,000 American families and countless Iraqis deserve impeachment

3 cheers for the Du moderators!

The "Bipartisan-shit"

Avtars are back ...... can we get a new Nancy Pelosi one?

Scarborough: If Dems want to help working class people, they need

Can't wait to take the gavel out of his slimy hands...

Did Voters really change?..or Was the elections not stolen this time?

They don't take defeat well, do they?

Allen Concession on NOW

Just saw Nancy Pelosi's interview by that woman Katie Couric.

Is George Allen going to announce his candidacy? right now?

George Allen - And thank you to my mother

D Street Real Estate - Cheap, Priced to Sell!!

Rangel (D-NY), has his eye on "son of a bitch" -- office

7 Questions Regarding What Repubs Taught DEMS on Running Congress:

Speculation is that Schwarzenegger will challenge Boxer in 2010

Hey! Impeachment? I've said it--

Yipeee Divided government again

Note to GOP. Ready to compromise. You only need to meet us 1/4 of the way.

Support Janitors' Strike in Houston for Increased Wage

Hearings first. Hearings and witnesses produce more evidence, THEN Impeachment.

Murtha speaks at HuffPo on Shrub's "Rhetorical garbage"

Now that the election is over, how about another blonde teacher sex story?

Pelosi to start rooting out the DINOs

dog and pony for a concession speech? give me a break.

Bob Barr Proves Speaker Pelosi's Stance Correct

again with the footballs....bye now.

The GOP Will WISH Bush Was impeached When Conyers Is Through Them

BushCo Hate Crimes... The Terror of This Administration


I'm elated at the election outcome but on overriding vetoes . . .

" I would like to thank my mother, she brought me life" ???

Did Voters change?...or is it just that the elections were not stolen?

the new bipartisanship

And it is BLUE DRAPES all around!

George Allen > Joe Lieberman

Vegas has even money that Haggard gets a boner during the "laying on of hands".

CNN: Allen sequesterd, "shell-shocked."Should we surround his house & chant GET OUT OF WEBB'S OFFICE


Everybody relax about the impeachment thing.

***allen's concession***

Saddam Hussein's Trial was a sham.....

I need that wonderful picture of Bush* et al "Support Out Oops!"

With Dems in power, can true 9/11 healing begin?

There's something more important than John Bolten's confirmation

Who should Republicans blame for Tuesday?

Senate Dems celebrating on MSNBC now n/t

Some interesting tidbits about the election

Please explain Macaca's football thing? WTF?

Ed Bradley passed away

Bernie Sanders interview.

Durbin/Schumer holding a Press Conference (CNN/MSNBC)


And in the end, George Allen gets the shaft repeatedly!

Little baseball history

Could Tweety do ANYTHING to hide his pissy mood? Crikey!

Do not fall for the new bi-partisan rhetoric.

God Works In Mysterious Ways

Please tell me that Allens kids are crying their asses off on stage.

Old buddies Saddam and Rummy had a rough week

I don't think the GOP understands that people don't like their extreme social positions

Post election homophobic hypocrisy.

Allen's concession speech on C-SPAN 2 right now

Did anyone hear the rummor that Tom Joyner discuss this morning?

blah blah blah. get the f*** out of Webbs office already

More Resignations Expected at the Pentagon After Rumsfeld's Departure

Does anyone think the GOP will trash their offices after they leave?

This election was a mandate for change in the direction of liberalism.

It's funny--but isn't Impeachment putting the Cart before the Horse.

WE GOT THE SENATE!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you missed it: Three of the far-right's biggest darlings went DOWN!

I hate to be so silly, but I have to post this after watching Allen concede...

Cry Me A River Time: "Out-of-Work GOP Aides Face Tough Road Ahead"

The young macacaette

One more nutjob firmly in the "I don't get it camp"

Iran finishes wargames in Persian Gulf

What the hell was Bush talking about yesterday when he mentioned the "indian problem?"

"Rove you magnificent bastard! We've READ YOUR BOOK!"

Another toon in celebration of our win!

Showtime! George Allen about to concede

DNC has interactive map of state results...Democratic Revolution

There is one thing George Allen ought to be given great credit for:

CNN censors Bill Maher during Larry King repeat

Pelosi et al are playing it SMART re: impeachment

CNN: Ed Bradley died.

PHOTO/LYRICS: "Side By Side"....For Kate.

God Works In Mysterious Ways

I'd like to give a shout out to the freepers.

Kos: Tester and Webb proved the power of the Netroots Dems

An Army officer responds to Rumsfeld resignation

It's time for healing........

how many Senate Votes needed for Impeachment verdict?

What's with these conservative family value politicians. All of them seem

Declaring victory when you have the lead--brilliant.

How long to impeachment proceedings take?

dems conference online live anywhere? nt

Can you spot the irony?

enough with this "Democrat Party" bullshit...

Why does he kiss his wife on the cheeks???

Why I love DU and know we are the good guys

What the heck has Jonathan Alter been smoking? On MSNBC now

I LOVE the sh*t eating grins on Durbin, Schumer and Reid right now!

Dick Cheney: Would You Like to Buy a Vowel?

Ahhnold..hails Democratic Victory as "healthy".

How Long You Think Bush Can Keep This UP? He will cooperate..LOL

Why are there no Dems on the cable news channels today?

Gotta love this in-fighting

To All the 18 - 30 year olds....

Another cop beating

Faux News: Its official

Dr. James Dobson: Republicans Abandoned Values Voters

hey George,

What the fnck does this mean?

21 US soldiers have died in November - DU we need to "stay the course"

Kerry statement on the passing of Ed Bradley

Bush Will Push Bolton Nomination in Lame Duck Session

The Big Republican Defeat offers a great opportunity to push for verified ballots.

I'm thisclose to taking Kerry off my Google Alerts

Just had an incredibly sick thought.


Controversial Religious Summer Camp Closed

when can we put Medicare back the way it was?

Jury Duty

Webb about to speak....

Do we get to look into all those signing statements now?

Do you like my new avatar?!

Why can't they interview Democrats and ask Dems what they are going to do

Fred Barnes's Formula for Permanent Republican Rule: Religion and Terror

Let's say goodbye to the Poet Laureate

George never looked at Laura that way?

Original Prensa Latina article about Bush's Paraguay land buy

Doesn't Pat Buchanan have something to start

Jon Tester is on CNN

What a week...

Here are my modest expectations from the new Democratic Congress:

Dual meaning to Times of London headline

Another macaca caption thread...

Help! I need the quote from Bush within the past 10 days....

Will The Rest of "Phase II" Senate Intelligence Report be Released Now???

Actuallly, we don't need impeachment. We need a War Crimes Tribunal

"[Your ads are] just ridiculous."

Change, and mostly for the better (my weekly newspaper column)



Dr Dean: You say you want to straighten up our elections?

There's simply got to be consequences for their misdeeds. Agree?

Hannity doesn't know what to do or say!! LOL

Has anyone checked the rapture watch, since we won both the house and the senate?


Michael Steele for RNC Chairman? (That was fast!!)

~ This is how we win in 2008 ~

What will a new minimum wage do for those jobs that Americans

Polosi said, when asked what the term "Drain the swamp" meant....

Need some LTTE help on Iraq

I just thought of something! We can now fillabuster, and the

I've been waiting to say this for YEARS and YEARS:

"Sen. Burns Concedes Montana Race" Burns just conceded today?

ALERT!! Sarasota County Florida... We Aren't Done Yet!!

Irony alert: Dems win senate, thanks to Burns and Allen

Bolton unlikely to win Senate approval

Will anything change for Sennsenbrenner and Hunter...

As Senate president, Is Cheney required to attend Senate votes?

For the dead US servicemen from Iraq.

{Listen} to Howard Dean's 6 Point Plan

Whats going to happen to Turd Blossom now?

Stay alert, Stay vigiliante.

Cindy Sheehan on going to funerals vs. Bush going to rodeos

I would give up every single win we had on Tuesday to have never

Yesterday at the press conference...

ok, who else is having a hard time believing what they are seeing?

President Pelosi 2007

Memo to Democrats: Don't buy into Bush's act

New we can finally win the war against Christmas! Majorities in

Listening to Randi

Celebrate now, but still, be on guard!!

Bush work with a Democratic Congress? Tell me another Fairy Tale.

I think we have the "Political Capital now to IMPEACH...

Before we have an impeachment we need an investigation

I hope my fellow DUers will do their best not to become freepers of the left

Whistleblowing against Bush...saving America


tucker: "bush is more liberal than people perceive"

Anti war activist douses himself with gasoline and sets himself ablaze

It feels like a weight has been lifted off of me

George Allen's Speech: Analysis

Bolton unlikely to win Senate approval

Internets effect on the election? Wolfie will tell us on CNN next...

The Four "i's" of George W. Bush.

IT'S A GIRL!!!! Are these GREAT OR WHAT???

I was a BAAAAAD winner. I pissed off repubs all over yesterday.

I had a nightmare last night about Santorums kids doll. Scared the shit out of me

What the people want..

The Presidency and Single Party Democratic Rule

Is there a national map anywhere, showing the red/blue House seats?

So what are the wing nuts going to say after all their predictions of how America will be going down

Rush Limbaugh Admits to Lying to His Audience- "I no longer am going to have to carry the water"

How many here think Cheney will be having a major heart attack real soon.

NEXT SCANDAL: "Still In The Shadows: DP World"

Tony Snow On Election Results: Bush "Doesn't Absorb A Rejection"...

Freepers doubt that Arabs have here

Comedy Central Blog was first to break Rumsfeld story (no kidding)

Has the new Steve Bell cartoon been posted yet?

They said it couldn't be done--Elizabeth Dole: Great job proving them wrong.

Dangerous Lame-Duck Session in Congress about to start

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.. It tolls for thee

"Thanksgiving in Crawford" a tragicomedy in seven lines:

Why the Dow is irrelevant. (sub-topic: The irony of health care costs)

Miracles Do Happen

The Hill: K Street Sizing Up Soon-to-Be Ex-Lawmakers

CNN: Mehlman likely to leave RNC


Fast forward to next year's State of the Union address:

Lets give OURSELVES a hand DU.

To those want impeachment.

"I thought that when it was all said and done, the American people would understand...

Re; the issue of impeachment (should we pursue it or not) -

Impeachment IF/WHEN it it is SUPPORTED by the populace.

Bush gets away with saying, "Everything's on the table including war," but we can't get away when...

Mann Coulter weighs in on election...sour grapes galore.

True Christians and Patriots won this election day

How long will we go before we call our new Senators DINOs?

How much crow do you suppose bush ate during his lunch with Pelosi?

Supervisor says voters apparently just not interested in voting in the Sarasota Congressional elect

Roger STONE, master of disinformation: Shrub was "INCREDIBLY SELFISH"

Followup Topic: Does Impeachment being Off the Table mean No Investigations

Not conservative. Not liberal. Mainstream and Main Street.

Let's say you're Pelosi...

this from Sen. Boxer:

Gaming it out?

GOP wondering if it is time to give the 'christian' Right the boot

George Jr: Bully in retreat. Failure of a son.

Barbara Boxer=New Chair of Env. Comm.-Will hold global warm. hearings!

Is it just me, or is anyone else still in post election shock?

Has Rim Job Made A Statement Yet?

So when does the Ethics Comm. report on the Foley scandal?

Saddam was a horrible man. But, it wasn't in our country's best interest to

One of the best episodes of CSPAN Washington Journal

The Investigations That Are Coming Will Unearth So Much Shit

Didn't several new reps run on impeachment platforms?

Lincoln Chafee says the impossible...

Best election 'toon!

Dems to Corporate Media

I wonder what will happen to the 104 Acre US Embassy,.....

Is there such a thing as an "innocent" casualty of the Republican party?

Ken Melman As RNC Chairman - To Leave Before End of The Yr

I just shot my neighbor two doors down (Impeachment Satire....)

DUers look sillier and sillier to me compared to Rahm Emanuel.

Tony Snow on Medved radio today & i paraphrase, 'Democrats won by...

New Congress: What I would like to see

A few more post-election toons....

This one says it all

Bushbot says: "This election is proof that 2000 and 2004 not stolen"

First 2008 Rasmussen Poll: Hillary-29%, Obama-22%, Gore-13%, Edwards-10%, Kerry-3%

A time to heel....

I have a question

Something To Ponder Re: Impeachment

Pelosi and Reid must NOT repeat Daschle's mistakes from 2001-2002

Michael J. Fox

I just heard that the Hayworth (R) v Mitchell (D) Congressional race is still

If Cheney and Bush Gets impeached and convicted.....WHo becomes President?

LOOK OUT! New Pundit Pap... "Razor Thin Majority"


(Counting the pro-stem cell pubs)Do we have the votes needed to override the stem cell Veto?

You CAN'T go in with the IMPEACHMENT guns blazing...

Freepers weigh in on gay parade controversy in Israel. (Yes, they're hateful asses)

Two Republican LOSERS Refuse to Concede - Why Is This Not MAjor Headlines?

So Why Has Cheney Gone Mute Now Post Election???

Magnanimous in Defeat: Lame-duck Chafee to oppose Bolton nomination

Robert Gates (Rummy's Replacement) = bin Ladin's Teacher and Protector

The Horseface Cometh (Coulter's got a post-election column)

Bush Got That Smirk Slapped Right OFF His Face...

Can we retire the phrase "keeping our powder dry"?

Is it "we" or is it "them?"

To all Lurkers...

Ken Mehlman OUTED as GAY...un-officially

I'm sending this all over the country--LTTEs

Tuesday's GOP electile dysfunction was a blow against criscofascism.

The media is trying sell our Dem win as a win for "conservative values?"

We are NOT going to get a 2/3 majority in the Senate to impeach Bush

Justice, not Revenge. But justice requires investigation.

NYTimes front page right now, check it out

We should go west for a VP candidate in 2008

I can't shake the feeling that they are up to something

Florida orders audit into 18,000 lost votes in FL-13 Congressional Race

Funny how the innuendo just flies when Rahm Emanuel's name comes up

What's more important? Stopping the killing in Iraq or impeachment?

Which Bushie's gonna get the first subpoena from a Dem-chaired Cong. commitee?

I'm gonna catch hell for this, but I predict zero subpeonas

Dear Media: It was NOT just the war!!

Let me help you caption this one...

Petition for Democrats in Second Life group

Lampson Poll Watcher (me) illegally ejected from Polling place on Tuesday:

Minimum Wage Question

the MOST important thing the dems can do in the lame duck Senate session:

I'll be darned! I have yet to see 1 friggin "W" sticker on a car this week!

Steve Cambone-Top Intell Official To Hand In Resignation

Nov 9, 2004 vs Nov 9 2006.

Why did 60% of the voters stay home?


Is anyone surprised that 'Ahnold' won his election in a heavily Democratic state?

It isn't about "winning"

Politics has always been a SOMEWHAT dirty business. But the Rove/Atwater eras

Strange feelings

Biotech Rice Saga Yields Bushel of Questions for Feds

Fighting on DU? For the first time, I'm REALLY glad to see it.

I believe the "moderate conservative Democrats" might be GOOD for gay rights, etc.

It's weird, but I think this might be all the revenge I need

Thank you to the Republicans who voted Democratic this year!

NEW CONGRESS vs. OLD CONGRESS: more bipartisan, less bisexual.

Broken Dreams - Part 2 (Orginally, "My Wife's Diagnosis") and a rant

Rangel Intends to Take Cheney's Office

First there was "the math".

Dean's Strategy Won the Day: Independents and Rural Voters Gave Dems the Victory

Surprise, Surprise!!! Exits polls once again "biased" for Democrats!

where are we at with Mean Jean???? Wulsin won't concede.

So now can we get an effective, unrepressed 9/11 investigation?

We need a Mighty Mouse picture with a Poppy Bush head

Exit polls and the House: how big the win really was

To all of you NOT calling for impeachement...

The Rush Skit Scat Shuffle

Has anyone else heard that Mehlman will be outed?

It time to heal. As we reach out to Republicans, ask Democrat leaders to reach out...

PICTORIAL: George and Laura's Magical Campaign Rally!

SENATOR ELECT Webb about to speak! CNN

Fox News Makes Up New ‘Minority Speaker’ Position For Defeated Conservatives

Impeachment is not important. Production by Democrats is important

Falwell: Hilary, Pelosi are UNGODLY!

OMG! The Freepers at LGF are really EXPLODING! And HOPING we do!

Massive GOP fraud could still explain all those "tight" races!!!

Rapture Ready board: "Everyone knows IMPEACHMENT is coming!"

Jesus Camp Closes: "Right now, we're just not a safe ministry"

Felix showed more grace than I thought he possessed in his concession.

Be bipartisan: Impeach Bush (Washington Monthly)

I am calling for an american invasion of Europe

People should understand this from the get-go: There will be NO impeachment hearings

I just want to point out the historical ramifications of our win

"Murtha comes out fighting" - Declares Candidacy for Majority Leader

Oy...political idiots in my training

Someone please define "Moderate" and "Liberal" for me

T Shirts Needed!!!

How Conservative are the new Democrats in the Senate? Not very.


Welcome to DU's newbies!

DEMS LIKELY TO GET ONE MORE SENATE SEAT to 52 majority (sad news actually)

More Victory TOONS - dialup warning


Carlyle in bid to buy IN Toll Road, PA Utility, Midway Airport, NJ Turnpike...

Christy Hardin Smith: "I was on a conference call yesterday with Speaker-to-Be Nancy Pelosi ....

ALERT in Alabama! !! 6 Dems Senators seek to coalition with rethugs -AGAINST OTHER DEMS??

Why can't people understand that IMPEACHMENT is a WASTE OF TIME!?

Once again, DU Beats The Press by 2 Years or More

Moderals and Liberates - check in here....

Where did Conyers say impeachment's "off the table?"

Pelosi and Conyers are right: No impeachment.

Webb is at a press conf. saying he is for SOCIAL JUSTICE and against

Impeach Bush: Do it Yourself

How about we thank Keith Olbermann for helping the cause?

Fairness Doctrine

51 Years Together, 2 Years Married - pic

Impeachment Poll

Should Bush and Cheney be impeached?

"If you're a conservative ... you have to be a Democrat."

THANK YOU non-USA DU'ers for being so patient with us !

I'm getting skeptical here again. Do you think the RW let us win?

Rumsfeld will be charged with war crimes in a lawsuit to be filed next week in Germany

Here's To You, Senator Chafee

I'm confused... Just what makes a person "ungodly"?

A moment of gay.

Can or will the tax cuts be repealed in the new Congress?

Reep email chain letter. Comments, please?

Iran/Contra criminals were not held accountable and we are now reaping

We need to go ahead and drive a stake into the heart of the PNAC!

Why I'm NOT Leaving DU (Unless Skinner Says So)

What Pelosi REALLY said was...

GOP already starts the 'blame game' over its big losses

McCaskill on voting to confirm John Bolton: "Probably"

Robert Parry: The Secret World of Robert Gates

Morale on DU has never been higher


can everyone chill out a little regarding Impeachment???

Tolerating Shame

Do you think a person's life is worth shit these days?

MSNBC: John Conyers has taken impeachment off the table...

I just want to thank you all for making Project X a success

Attention!! Attention!! My Son Is Back In The USA

On Impeachment

Count Your Blessings: NeoCons and NeoLibs Take a Big Hit

Elderly harmonica player arrested for performing copyrighted songs at bar

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.. Let's THINK this time, 'kay?

Lou Dobbs: Electronic Vote.. My District 13 - Electronic Voting PROBLEMS!

What should the Congress' number one priority now be?


Now that we won both houses, can we address these things?

Bush MUST be impeached!

This election was not a mandate for liberalism it was a mandate for change.



James Addison Baker III Is a Big Part of the Problem - He's Not Part of the Solution

Want to make Rahm Emanuel very nervous?

Payback from a Clear-Channel-owned AAR station? In San Francisco:

MSNBC Olberman Election Eve Commentary

I had to do it - Good bye (with corrections)


ASK A REPUBLICAN: Brokeback Mtn, Stem Cells, Death Penalty

Bush and Dell Computers

Police brutality

The Colbert Report on 8 Nov 2007 The Word

Stewart tells Dean you are SO not taking back the house and the senate

They are dropping like flies

Hallelujah Democrats

Keith Olbermann - 4th Story On The Countdown

Bush administration has governed worse than Watergate...

Bye Bye Rumsfeld

Newly released FBI surveillance video of Cheney's response to Tuesday's election returns.

Creepy: Scenes from the Abstinence Ball.

Rumsfeld Gets Cute At The Podium

How Does It Feel, Republicans?

Youth activists took out Fitzpatrick

First order of 110th Congress the first 100 hours.......


Did Santorum triple his Prozac dose today?

Democrats, with growth and momentum, recast U.S. political landscape

Victory surreal

Here's their Play: Cheney Retires...

anyone remember this photo of Rove under the plane wheel?

Impeach CHENEY now!! Endless corruption hearings about Halliburton!

***Who's your PICK? First to be put under oath for testimony?***

Who will Bush nominate to replace Cheney?

What about some love for Sen. Evan Bayh?

How Long Before Cheney Resigns, or Has An 'Accident'

Check This Article Out About The Rummy Resignation - see link...

Since I'm Democrat, can I have terrorists over on homestay now?

WARNING! The lameduck House & Senate resume meeting tomorrow.

Anything Good We Accomplish...

Is Laura Ingrahm In Jail Yet For Her Phone Jamming Stunt ?...

How My Repug Friend Is Justifying This Big Loss.......

Bad Timing?

The Republicans Even Lost to a Dead Woman

Message from Clark: "A Time to Lead"


Given that Rumsfeld has resigned?

So, my husband asks, "whats the protocol for a 'MANdate'? Flowers? Candies??"

AFP: Cash-for-honours scandal closes in on Blair

what happened to posting on freerepublic?

Reynolds Blames Losses on Lack of Negative Campaigning

I sent this letter

FOX NEws Refuses to Concede Virginia

Dems Get Landslide of Voters With College & Advanced Degrees

My American Flag is FLYING in GERMANY today

Democrats control Senate MSNBC finally calls it

It's the SOTV effort, stupid! (Snuff Out The Vote)

Today, when Buxh admitted "responsibility" for the Repubs defeat....

An Unexpected Surprise: US Supreme Court now safer from fundamentalist judges.

Botched: Stand Up Comedy =Animation by Mark Fiore

So Poppy and his friends bail Junior AGAIN!

Now is the time for decent Republican Senators

DU a poll: Do you think Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation was the right thing to do?

You know if the GOP had won on Tuesday, Rumsfeld would

New acronym for GOP

It's official!

Why are results for WA-08 taking so long?

So will Bush try to ram through all kinds of insane policies before the changeover?

In Statehouses, Too, Democrats Post Sizable Gains

The Twelve Year Reich

So let me get this straight.. Laura and George Fly to Crawford

Presidency is on Feingold's mind

I sent this note to Russ Feingold today

Dick Morris applauds the "new leadership" of "Gingrich Republican" Mitch McConnell

Rumsfeld and the Insurgents

So, What if they DID Rig the Vote?

AP: Republicans Hold Onto the Base (but lost everybody else)

Has anyone seen Cheney lately? Time for an amber alert?

A Come-to-Daddy Moment

TX-23 - Can Ciro Rodriguez beat Bonilla in the runoff?

May I reccommend a really fine article from Lou Dobbs

Boy Are the Republicans Turning on Each Other.

Fox News Makes Up New ‘Minority Speaker’ Position For Defeated Conservatives

I'm glad Bush has been defanged, but I'm afraid dems still too spineless.

Speaking of Ken Mellman

Thank God for John Murtha. Too bad Pelosi isn't consistent like he is

I'd like to nominate Bill Clinton for Speaker of the House.

COULTER speaks! (Make sure your jaw doesn't hit the desk on the way down)

How do you respond to this crazy statement? "The Iraqis needed

Will the Repug government force through a bunch of crap in the next two months?

Earn it.

CAN we accomplish anything in Congress?

George Allen campaign senior adviser: "He has absolutely no intention of dragging this out"

11: 35 ET Bush and his Cabinet Live "comments" (cspan 2 announment)

Any one else see Maher Out Mehlman on Larry King?

It's unreal....CNN and Fox still have not

Rummy accepts no Resposibility--he blames it on Dumb Americans:

I would worry about Gates

Help me understand the timing of Rummy's resignation

Cong race in Ohio still in play - rally today. COUNT EVERY VOTE.

Boston Globe: Pelosi to bring 'a velvet glove and a fist of steel'

Italian Newspaper Headline About Pelosi

Hey Rove- that sure was one SHORT 'generation of rule'

Yesterday's Bush Press Conference -- The Politics of Expediency

Robert Gates is a bad guy. -- Focus on the problems before us

Grunwald: For GOP, new issue is whom to blame

Why should I vote for Vilsack in the primary

My 97 year old friend.

Great post by Booman, one of my fav bloggers..progressives did well.

Who is going to guard the Bush family secrets now that Gates has left?

Now let's make them actually do the fucking work!

The nuts are angrily rattling their cages

bush and his posse for a voto op

A Hint of Possibility in the Air

Isn't Bush trying to influence who the Democrats choose as our leaders

Lieberman - you have two choices: Democrat Majority or Republican Majority

Is this a winning plank for 08 that any one of our potentials can adopt? (Class war)

Free trade is the real election casualty

Enough already will the Bushies meeting halfway olive branch crap

Bright morning star arisin'

What did you do in the war, daddy?

It's not January yet, and the Democrats need to out Bush!!!

More vote tampering in Florida 13

Allen press conferece at 3pm (EST)

Republicans lose the monopoly on "redneck" culture

Need motivation not to become complacent? Read this -- Safire.

Has Bush committed High Crimes and Misdeamenors?

Gilliard-the benefit in Lieberman returning to the Senate

I think Rove will leave now! Any bets?

Sad that eight (maybe 7) of Rolling Stone's Worst Congress members are still with us.

MSNBC reporting that Ed Bradley (CBS/60 Minutes) died today

Oh lawdy! The morons, the morons, the morons...

Can we start a "drive" to repeal the MCA?

*sigh* Where for art thou "Golden boys"????

why the R lost the senate ...

DU: Stop with the doom and gloom over Joe Lieberman! It's getting silly.

Should Lieberman retain seniority as a Democratic Chair?

Reconciliation, bi-partisanship - like friendship and love are offered

"The Citizens of the United States Are Humans With a Conscience"

Have we heard from Wes Clark yet?

MSNBC: "With Democrats rising, next 2 years will be tough for lame-duck president"

Corporate media: Dems are mud-slingers with no agenda..

Interesting Idea: What would Bush look like w/o Rove & Cheney?

ES&S Voting machines unreliable in various counties in Florida



wh press conf with tony snow coming up! (noon---it's 12:09 eastern

from my troll--dems MUST solve iraq, media MUST report good news in Iraq

Sen. Obama linked to accused fundraiser (so the '08 mudslinging begins)

Iowa governor Vilsack will formally announce candidacy for POTUS Thursday.

The only pity...

Is anybody concerned that there will not be justice?

Shays on C-SPAN now, dare I say Brilliant??

"We've made history. now we need to make progress."

MSNBC: "Bush, Pelosi pledge to work together" (right after he pushes Bolton confirmation)

There is no pill, no therapy, no surgery that can cure genetic assholery

Can BushCo establish martial law now to prevent the Dem Congress

White House: Republicans to move for Bolton confirmation before Democrats take over Senate in '07

Here's why Rummy's gone

A question from the desperately cynical....

So Finally 41 Is Serving Out His 2nd Term That Clinton Deprived....

Thank you CT Republicans!

Who should be our House Majority Leader and Whip?

New Brooms to Clean Up Bush's Mess

who has video

Scary Words from "Blackjack Bill "Bennett: They Want Santorum for President

"They will have to govern from the center" says the corporate media

It's not about taxes, it's the IRS

Conservative blogger: Democrats Outclassed Us!

How About an Immediate Cease Fire?

Don't overestimate Lieberman's power or Republican tilt

Does anyone think that the GOP defeat will

Bush will make appeal to Lieberman to join with Republican Party...

Still A Democrat, Joe Says, To Preserve Seniority (hasn't learned a thing)

Ex-Senator Allen CONCEDES!!!!!!!!!

Is Evan Bayh the best chance to win the Presidency?

AP: Burns Concedes

Fellow Virginians, how about Sen. Mark Warner, not John Warner!!!!!!!

So who will be the new Senate MINORITY Leader?

Allen just conceded!

Is this how you feel today?

Pic: Bush celebrates "thumping" at breakfast with Frist, McConnell, Cheney, Blunt, Boehner, Hastert

Three things Democrats can do to convince America they are serious...

Bill Maher Outs Ken Mehlman on Larry King transcript

Great cartoon

Bush In Rose Garden Setting Agenda For the Democrats

Kendrick Meek (FL) and Tim Ryan (OH) are backing Murtha

??? If you lose the run for senator in your home state , you can't run for President?

A democratic incumbent congressman may lose his seat

LOL! Listen to Freepers on why they lost and how they wish they'll win back Senate in '08...

OK, on to 2008. Who is vulnerable in the Senate?

Do People Buy Interview Spots on Faux News?

Man, I just can't believe it.

I didn't expect to burst into tears today

What bugs me the most about the Joe Lieberman thing

Thank you, S. R. Sidarth.

He swaggered in, now he's slumping out.

All those Blue State races that we were supposed to be worried

Speaker/Maj ldr should be real opponents of GOP: Kucinich, Waters, Lee, Woolsey

Source: Allen to concede in Va. Senate race

One little word that you heard your mama use and your bright political future is in the twa-lette.

Is everyone here aware we're on trial? Will we have the guts to throw out Bush?

2008 poll: Dems line up; McCain still the Repubs pick!

Did Trade Play a Role in Mid-Terms?

Want impeachment? DIY!

PREDICTIONS SCORECARD - who predicted correctly, and who didn't?

Hey! That's MY table they're taking things off of!

Stan Jones, Libertarian, 10,324 votes for 2.6 percent...THANK YOU

Dont worry about Lieberman, after 2008 he will be irrelevant


Inside Baseball Question re: Democratic Strategists in **this** campaign season

Its everybody's fault but Limbaugh's

Sen John McCain was last seen.....(feel free to add your own)

FOX news has just picked up another viewer

Oh Oh Anne Coulter alert!

Interesting exit poll of Ohio voters deserting the GOP


Populism: the unmentioned meme from this election.

Will Bush get a bunch of legislation passed before January?

Deluded Harris didn't have a concession speech ready because she thought she'd win.

Franken thinks Kerry won't run in 08 now that Vilsack is running

Clarkies: Rep Rangel's ascension could be good news for General Clark...

Effect of Robocalls

The more I hear 'bipartisan' the more convinced I am its all for cover ....

An update from Mary Jo Kilroy...Still counting the votes! Take that Deborah Pryce!

need help, please. why are the people on ;my boards saying felix

The Final Count (update on undecided House seats)

MSCorporate Media Watch: Kumbahya is the Theme.....and it's cloying!

Rhode Islanders: Regarding Lincoln Chafee...

Can someone explain TX-23 House Race to me

150,000 Iraqis killed by insurgents

Bush renominates John Bolton for UN Ambassador.

A coworker asked me to desscribe Pelosi, politically. Well?

Can we get ENDA passed now?

The Activist/Protest agenda: what tops your list

Can someone please tell Tom DeLay to STFU

Schwarzenegger said the DEMS takeover of Congress is HEALTHY for Democracy.

It's the HUBRIS, Stupid!

Impeachment = Deterrent

Can we hear again from the people who said "Harry Reid was a crappy leader."

Now is not the time for cowardice on the minimum wage

Buchanan on MSNBC: "Pelosi didn't win a mandate. She's a San Francisco Democrat"

Is this true? Pelosi appointing Hastings on intel committee?

Patriot Action Plan

HOLY CRAP!!! ROBERT GATES pushed electronic voting!!!

One Dem's greed/arrogance may cost party majority in PA House

Personally, I nominate Russ Feingold as Majority Leader

E-Voting After Action Report (LA County)

Impeach or increase the minimum wage, end the war? I'm conflicted

GOP's defeat in elections may boost McCain's chances for the White House

Sore Loserman Burns!

What happens if Bush were to resign?

I have some questions ...

Conyers says "Impeachment is off the Table!"

re: Those 10 undecided US House races- are we favored in any? Thanks.

Why no outrage over spoiler Lieberman?

Helen Thomas: The Voters Want Out Of Iraq

Chaffee: It's a good thing I lost.

AFP Photos: "A chastened Bush" (and Condi, looking like her job took the form of a mushroom cloud)

A New Day Dawning - Lay Down Your Vision

Unusual 08 poll

Whoa, Nellie! WE don't control the Senate, JOE LOSERMAN does!

Al From claims Joe's win shows how inclusive and centrist Dems are. .

Majority Leader - A big decision to make

Wonderful blue map up at the DNC...interactive, check your state winners.

If Rahm Emanuel gets the House Caucus Chairmanship it means someone likes him up there

Aren't we all conservative - moderate- progressive Dems?

Real Clear Politics: Eight House Seats Remain Undecided

PDA Joins Coalition to Press ‘Mandate for Peace’

Howard Dean: Choosing 2008 Pres. convention city "my next big decision"

Well that didn't last long - Bolton nomination dead, Chafee will vote "NO"

GALLUP: Democrats' Election Strength Evident Across Voter Segments

Kerry celebrates victories

Another obvious stolen election in Florida

so is it Allen v. Warner in 2008?

Election results illustrate the case for Clark '08,

Time for the Dems to govern from "The Center"!!!!!!

"Wyldwolf" is probably right. The "Blue Dog Coalition"

Anti-impeachment? Think we shouldn't investigate the administration?

Impeachment may feel good, but it's stupid

High fives at the beauty salon!

Meet your new senators of the Democratic Senate Majority!!


The Democratic Agenda: what tops your list?

If Bush wanted to be 'bi-partisan' he'd stop calling us "Democrat Party"

Jews gain in U.S. Congress

The Democratic Storm! or Blue Power! (Photo)

Why we should not impeach

Retorts for Democrats to use on Republicans...

HR 810 - the Stem Cell bill that Bush veteod, we can override the veto now

Lieberman: Is he conservative/Republican, or is he just pro-war?

Electronic Voting Problems In Katherine Harris's District - Lou Dobbs Reporting!

ALERT!! Sarasota County Florida... We Aren't Done Yet!!

NYT: Evangelicals did not desert Republican candidates and did not stay home

Pretty good response post on HuffPo by a Repuke:

Western Iowa Republican Meltdown - This is BIG!

Do Dems need a STRONG-MAN to FIX the PARTY? Could Dodd or Vilsack or Obama do?

FLA Dems need cash NOW to help with legal battle re: Harris's (former) seat - donate now!

For Santorum, what comes next?