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Feedback on OpenSource political party?

Why Americans Are So Easily Conned

Bill Maher on Rachel's Show Tonight PLUS a HILARIOUS Tweet from Bill

simple messaging for Dems: “Republicans want to destroy Medicare and we don’t.”


This day in Space History:

This day in Space History:

Late term abortion banned in Kansas...

Money Problems That Never Seem To End: 25 Reasons To Be Absolutely Disgusted With The U.S. Economy

Another in the series of "Do I have this right?"

More Twists and Turns in Wisconsin

Obama helping out the American car industry with loans

Kloppenburg for Justice -- What's Next

Is Pills reading a teleprompter in this clip ??

Just once I'd liike to hear a Democratic candidate call out the Republicans

Barack Obama as colonial master

" discuss idea and not other members". I apologize, didn't mean to start the idea of

good ex of reframing for masses: NC Dem Senate leader blasts NC GOP

"Shared Sacrifice" seems to be the next mealy mouth, mean nothing phrase the media will not question

Conservative Brains Fearful, Unable To Understand Complexity, Science Shows

Another Decorah Eagle thread; anyone wonder where Dad is all the time?

"They Are Afraid Their House Could Blow Up": Meet the Families Whose Lives Have Been Ruined by Gas D

Feeling Depressed? 27 Depressing Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Will Make You Feel Even Wors

"Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Education Advice From Peter Thiel"

Drug wars - 116 undocumented migrants in Mexican mass grave

Revolting editorial - Pittsburgh sportswriter blames victim in near fatal attack @Dodger Stadium

I cannot wait until the primaries are over so the most hateful will have to

New Plan for Social Security and Medicare:

Two Questions: Do You Plan To Watch The President's Debt Speech Wednesday Night, And...

Decorah eagle question

A Hug Helps - pic

love Ed Shultze new format

LBJ response generator for Obama. What would he say?

Great. Just great.

Shame on you all... here's the "REAL" Christian news

Shame on you all... here's the "REAL" Christian news

April 12, 1861: The Civil War begins.

Ole' Boone Ain't Gonna Like This...'(Natural) Gas From Fracking More Damaging to Climate Than Coal?'

Ole' Boone Ain't Gonna Like This...'(Natural) Gas From Fracking More Damaging to Climate Than Coal?'

"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote"; Bad Idea

"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote"; Bad Idea

"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote"; Bad Idea

There are two ways to study what makes Michele Bachmann's district the way it is

Jay Wright, Kentucky Miner, Finds 300-Million-Year-Old Shark Fossil

Jay Wright, Kentucky Miner, Finds 300-Million-Year-Old Shark Fossil

Trust me, you will rec this.............(video)

Japan Cuts Its Economic Assessment as Earthquake Damage Mounts

U.S. funds, Arizona effort help Mexico trucks pollute less

Should we be afraid of this bill?

how did that piece of crap Joe Walsh ever get elected in a state like Illinois

Koch-funded group teaches Tea Partiers guerilla internet tactics

Will his kind survive? - pic

I finally met someone who gets that call for austerity.

Anybody Else Feel Like They're Fighting A Two Front War ???

I just started rewatching Obama's 2010 Q&A with the repubs

Lawmakers urge Obama to accept mandatory restraints on spending

Lawmakers urge Obama to accept mandatory restraints on spending

Gullible, gullible, gullible!

Wisconsin - Republicans Now Hiring Out of State Felons – Canvasser Arrested in Crime Spree

SF Bay Area gas prices soar 26 cents a gallon to $4.22

Watched "Inside Job" this weekend....

Officially creeped out by dating site ad: You're Christian.. your single..

A different take on Boehner....

First three reviews posted for Atlas Shrugged, pan it

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's Space Kitty

The Congress shall have Power [. . .] To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts...

I think tomorrow is going to be a busy day here on the DU!

OK, so if we end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, NPR, Planned Parenthood....

Which statement offers the best description of John Galt.

What kind of confirmation is needed before drone missile strikes are ordered?

In Letter, House Dems Tell Obama To Leave Social Security Alone - TPMDC

Sign petition gas regulation for Delaware River Basin ! please!!!

Kentucky State Rep & teacher in critical condition slugged breaking up school fight

I love hearing the older conversatives say, "We'll take the financial hit for the next generation!"

It's official: God Hates Wisconsin



Child Porn Search Focuses On Top Miami ICE Agent

TOON: the teachers who get the axe with corporate backed education reform

When the President gives Americans the bad news tomorrow,

When the President gives Americans the bad news tomorrow,

Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal

Before freaking out over the proposed budget, read it. Its in PDF form on

Democratic senator wants Internet sales taxes

Union supporters regroup after stunning election reversal

California cat shot in head with arrow, survives - story w/pics

Humerous CNN quick poll running....results so far -

Bernie will vote against Budget

2008 Obama campaign workers tell him not to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Idea: Change Planned Parenthood's name to Jesus' Patriots Center for Freedom and Lower Taxes

Dems and Obama at Odds On Debt Fixes

Live fish and reptiles sold as keychain fashion accessories

Bank customers can expect new fees for using ATMs, talking to tellers, transferring money

Brazil lawmakers to propose referendum on gun law

China arrests its leading artist as political dissident. You can help him.

Eureka !

IMF Urges U.S. to Be Explicit on Housing Finance Guarantee

Here is the thing...

New dinosaur species is a missing link

New dinosaur species is a missing link

Mary Tillman: Stanley McChrystal's Yale Appointment 'Insulting'

KY gubernatorial candidate & Sen. president David Williams is a former ALEC Legislator of the Year

quit frackin' around

Inflation Actually Near 10% Using Older Measure

Morning Jerk advocating increasing taxes on the middle class

New memo: Doctor wrote in 1944 that FDR was not healthy enough to serve another term

Over half of students in three area districts use free lunch program

Smells like Utah, tastes like Holland, By Mark Morford

Flying to Vegas next week

Ice, Ice, baby...Porn found on Ice chief's computer.

HELL NO!!! - Prosser Campaign: Kloppenburg Should 'Avoid The Unnecessary Drama Of A Recount' - TPMDC

Laurent Gbagbo capture footage emerges

Emails trace hiring of Univ. of Texas adviser (more GOP jackassery)

Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand: Courtesy and Class Struggle at Jimmy John's

San Jose council votes to sharply limit marijuana dispensaries

Big Think - Cote D'Ivoire: Another UN Success

One of the reasons "60 Minutes" is no longer credible.

iPhone or iSpy? Feds, Lawyers Tackle Mobile Privacy

Budget Battle- not Armageddon & pretending otherwise doesn’t do much except wreck our credibility

Toon: I think I will

Durbin Renews Push For Campaign Fundraising Reforms

Pacific Homeschool Super Conference Presidential Straw Poll Results Released!!!

Yemen versus Egypt

Protesters demanding more jobs for local workers (FL)

401(k) Plans Are Designed for Mediocrity

GOP Presidential Race: Let the infighting begin:

Billionaire will pay 20 kids to leave college and start a company instead

Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal

Graffiti Art in Tunisia

Beware anything by PC Tools (Spyware Doctor)

Boehner and the pukes have drawn a line in the sand on taxes.

Anagrams for "Republican Party"

wait. wut?: Fake pilots give India flying jitters

The Rude Pundit: An Email from the Grandson of a Former RNC Chair

The Rude Pundit: An Email from the Grandson of a Former RNC Chair

How much of your monthly income goes into your housing costs?

Cure for cancer found!

Madoff Judge Maintains Seal on JPMorgan Banking Secrets

Mainstream Media IGNORES Matt Taibbi's explosive article about Wall St. Wives

The Refuselican Party

hey republicans....where are the jobs?

Dear Mr. Tweety

What the president should have said about the budget deal

Bill on transgendered restroom use draws heated, emotional debate (with a poll)

Bill on transgendered restroom use draws heated, emotional debate (with a poll)

Is there any way for Republicans to assault/destroy SS & AVOID the wrath of voters....

Russian Art Group Paints Giant Penis on Drawbridge

10 Countries With The Most Billionaires

Why so much coverage for Bachmann?

Labor Party

"Good God Mom, what is it you're clinging to? He's like a cheating

Maine Egg Farm Workers Allege Labor Violations (DeCoster, again)

Bad Metaphors by Dumb People: Michele Bachmann compares Planned Parenthood to LensCrafters

Could some of you offer your opinions on something

The Nostradamus Award Goes To...

Podcast: Dennis Kucinich on Libya

Last fall the Bush tax cuts were due to expire and Obama

Pakistan to CIA: Get the Hell Out

"Trickle-down theory - the less than

So what will be the Obama-bot excuses after the speech tonight?

Bank customers can expect new fees for using ATMs, talking to tellers, transferring money

Some Senate Dems willing to consider Social Security reforms

Jon Kyl's Office: Kyl's speech (on Planned Parenthood) "not intended to be a factual statement."

Paul Ryan's Would-Be Challenger Launches Hands Off Grandma Site

DC Mayor arrested

A different kind of homeless?

Tell Obama: Keep your word on the world's dirtiest oil

GE to return $3.2 billion to US Treasury

NYC airport collision shows risks of huge planes

NYC airport collision shows risks of huge planes

Anybody here have any idea how many other nuclear plants are on the coast of Japan?

Call to Consciousness: The Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World in Geneva 1977

The Paul Ryan Plan

When do you think the White House will notice the price of gas?

As Other Income Sources Shrivel, Social Security Is Even More Indispensable

I just got done watching the Red Pony for the first time...

Remember the post about that asshole chef who lied to customers about gluten-free pasta?

The Cadilac and Lexus dealerships musty be pretty pissed at Republicans about now

Discretionary spending will be reduced by only $14.7 billion

Has anyone seen Jon Kyle?

I'm just so tired of the crazy

They're not laughing with you ...

Walker launches national fundraising tour (for his WI repug poodles), including Florida stop

GE Responds to Public Outcry – Will Donate Entire $3.2 Billion Tax Refund to Help Offset Cuts and Sa

A GREAT response to the question of why the wealthy should pay more taxes

Bahrain ARRESTS CNN when they attempt to report "DISAPPEARED" PROTESTERS

US Kills 6 Suspected Militants Despite Pakistan's Demand for End to Drone Attacks

US Kills 6 Suspected Militants Despite Pakistan's Demand for End to Drone Attacks

Republicans Now Hiring Out of State Felons – Canvasser Arrested in Crime Spree

Before School Ends, Time to Make the Matzo (Religion in Education)

Bohner's Corporate Masters are telling him not to screw with the debt ceiling raise

The future evolution of Health Care in America

Smirky's Revenge

Smirky's Revenge

Looking forward to tonights speech?

Minnesota Live Cam Bear Cub Dies

Minnesota Live Cam Bear Cub Dies

600 year old stone slabs warn: "Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis."

Obama needs to start from "I will veto anything other than a clean bill on the debt ceiling".

Obama needs to start from "I will veto anything other than a clean bill on the debt ceiling".

Oh, don't forget to set the revolution back an hour

2nd adult arrested in lemonade stand robbery

Could Donald trump Obama?

Live web streaming of state budget public hearing (Walker, poodles

Live web streaming of state budget public hearing (Walker, poodles

This is bad: Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters

Meet Rush Limbaugh's future ex-wife

Tea Party Leader Slams Lindsey Graham For Whining About $50,000 Cut to Home State

2012 Presidential Poll

Am I the only one who has trouble telling Rand Paul from Paul Ryan?

The great train debate on CNBC

Any DU'ers need a few bucks? Let's put together a Cayman Island

Lieberman flushes toilet during live interview

"KY's elaborate practical joke" Rand PAUL sermonizes Senate about Ayn RAND

Nasty 'fracking' feuds divide towns

Ohio Gov. John Kasich :hearts: Diebold

Which Obama Will Show Up to Deliver Today's Budget Speech?


Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Ryan

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Trump

What to do about the radioactive poison.

Salon:.."But still, no smoking gun." (RE:WI-SC found votes)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Economy/Gas

Where is the Dog and Pony Show over gas prices?

FAIR Criticizes AZ Ruling

Japan's nuclear plant operators admit no blueprint to solve crisis after a month

Obama's "bad negotiating" is actually shrewd negotiating

OH Kasich gives appointee UNCHECKED POWER to contract ANY state service to who HE DEEMS qualified

5 Medical Marijuana Activists Arrested in San Diego

Want to know our TRUE financial condition as a Nation?

Hey Donna Brazille and Andrea Mitchell: Stop with all the fluffy talk about "our children's future"

12 Tax-Dodging Corporations Spent $1 Billion To Influence Washington

Happy Birthday, Thomas "Wall of Separation" Jefferson

Obama is speaking at 1:30, I thought it was tonight

Graham Vows To 'Tie Senate In Knots' Over $50K Left Out Of Budget Deal

The Big Winners of the Budget Deal

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Left’s angst grows over Obama’s shift to the political center

The unique world of my perceptions on Pharmacology...or, "Why do people take these things?"...

State investing $56 million to keep Diebold in NE Ohio

Greece, Ireland, Portugal......the United States?

Victoria Jackson Sent Gloria Estefan a Anti Obama/Liberal Letter in 2010

What do you think about putting Vitamin D in tap water in some states?

Now toddler is served SANGRIA at Olive Garden restaurant

How many times will Obama use the word "Sacrifice" in his speech today?

Level 7

A CEO, a Union member, and a Teabagger are in a room where there are 12 cookies...

live online site for President's speech, in a few minutes

Live feed of the podium now from TUNE IN NOW! (LINK)

9 Things the Rich don't want you to know about taxes

US defence spending up despite drawdowns - RT (VIDEO)

RACHEL is on the MSNBC panel for O's Speech. Here's ****Clio's**** link:

Obama risks losing liberals with talk of cutting budget

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Caving?

"Time for the Rich to Leave Tokyo" (Japan has 55 reactors)

I am finding, and am a little disappointed, that some like to just tell a lie and post it to stir up

All Sides Blamed After Close Call on Government Shutdown - Pew Research

A Real and Progressive FY 2012 Budget

Bank of America dwindles in U.S.

Time for a sanity break (unintentionally funny church signs)

OMG! Really? Clinton lip biting?

Solution to GOP clerk's vote miscounts? Why, Voter ID, of course

I'm pacing the floor waiting for this speech.

Counterweight BRICS

Call your local Walgreens to schedule a pap smear today!

Generous and Optimistic!

Email congress.......

Should We Gut Medicare Like a Trout?

An illustrative trip to the 1st world

Anybody who's listening to Ed -- what is his take on O's speech? Thanks. nt

By increasing the standard deduction, more and more of my tax clients

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Budget

"The Democratic Party is formally relinquishing its historic claim to represent working families"

The Yes Men! You know, the guys who just punked GE this morning? Watch their movie FREE!

What the next ten years looks like from here

The Bramaged deficit reduction package

How many will not listen to the speech, but

Significant part of revenue shortfall is the lack of capital gains in housing and stocks.

Big banks are operating as an 'oligopoly'

Let's remember, we're not here alone....

Obama just said he wants to convert Social Security into "personal investment accounts" and medicare

Can somebody explain to me why congress is waiting until the last minute AGAIN?

So... who will admit to having egg on their face?


Reuters FACTBOX: Obama Sets Goal Of Reducing Deficit

Obama to propose tax hikes: I think he will focus mainly on working people by ending

Border fence in Nogales to be taller, see-through

Deficits don't matter.

Deficits don't matter.

tweet from Bernie

Walker, Dismisses State Protesters for mythical out-of-state Influences, all the While attending Her

President Obama put it right when he stated that those who make a lot of money

First call on CSpan called the president a commie.... NT

So-Called Budget Cuts include Non-Existent “Czars” and an Unused Reserve Fund,

Don't want to sound like a broken record, but Progressives are missing a golden opportunity

Dumb question about SS/Medicare and the deficit

Dumb question about SS/Medicare and the deficit

Thom Hartmann on Obama's Speech:

WHOOPS: AP Falls For Hoax Press Release Saying That GE Will Repay Government $3.2 Billion Tax Break

WordPress Hacked, Source Code Stolen (not good)

WordPress Hacked, Source Code Stolen (not good)

Wisc. Senators Diss Citizens at Walker's Statewide Budget Hearings

anybody want to help an idiot with an old ms "works" database problem?

anybody want to help an idiot with an old ms "works" database problem?

UPDATED: Your Confused Wingnut Technique is no match for my Crouching Dog E-Mail Fu!

Remember please regarding repubs, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink

"Patriotic Millionaires": Raise our taxes, please!

60 day jail sentence for Youtube video

Tea partier on MSNBC.

It was apparently a great speech. Now, the ball is in our court?

I wonder if Chuckie Todd already had his comments written out last night. nt

I've been waiting for the President to frame the progressive argument, and I think he succeeded.

Liberty University blocks newspaper website for reporting on its federal financial aid haul

Obama appointee dissents as 4th Circuit panel rejects widows survivor benefits

Link: Transcript Of President Obama's Speech

Head Pentagon Lawyer Compared 19th Century Native American Resistance to Al-Qaeda

Boehner "hearts" Paul Ryan budget© with an enthusiastic two orange thumbs up

CNN follow-up to speech

OK - Let's go what if here. What if Obama couldn't really do much?

Sparkly's Easy Two-Step Solution for Solving America's Economic Problems!!

Stand up America...your President is speaking! (...let's do it, let's listen, one more time)

House Republicans Boast They're Leading President Obama to the Right.

Worth knowing: Who Owns the U.S.?

Caption this pic of the House Republican leaders

The goal posts keep moving

Ok so our choices in 2012 are going to be "The Concessions Guy" or "The Batshit Insane Guy"

To those mentioning Grayson, Sanders, Dean, Kucinich et at....

First tar-sands mine approved in U.S.

The overwhelming sentiment on DU re Obama's speech is one of distrust

When do we get to hear about the bounce

Did Ralph Nader ever give his Republican contributions back?

Eugene Robinson - Demanding the impossible.

"Don’t Punish the Poor!": Economist Jeffrey Sachs slams Obama deal with GOP

tax day is coming up fast and I have a question

New life springs from despair of tsunami

Nice words....said all the right things

Words, words and more words

Rand Paul is now giving Ayn Rand book reports during Senate committee hearings

My friend's facebook status

"partisan broadsides...making it hard for the Parties to come together"...

The more the media focuses on the Birthers, the more apathetic America will become

$38 Billion In Cuts? Make That $353 Million

AP mistakenly reports on fake GE press release

Rep. Weiner: 'You lie' congressman probably at it again

On this date last year, home heating oil prices in NY state were $3.03 a gallon, today $4.10

Good Effing grief!! Mom drives van into river, killing self and 3 kids

It is not easy to find news about Obama's speech

Kathy Nickolaus.

Ryan’s Budget Gives Obama What He Wants /DAVID FRUM

What would you have liked to hear in Obama's speech?

What would you have liked to hear in Obama's speech?

Sen. Inhofe 'Scared The Crap Out Of' Airport Workers-Landed closed runway

RE: Obama's Speech: My take on all Presidential Politics is always driven by results

The Top One Percent

Democrats want a scalpel and Republicans want a machete.

The Speech and The Outcome

The Disconnect: "We don't believe lack of revenue is part of the problem..."

"Economics of Happiness" - Excellent Documentary

Tea Party name change

GOP Response on Now

The speech - video and text

My blood pressure . . . .

Discussions with a college libertarian...

Houston Doesn't Get A Shuttle?

Marsha Blackburn: "It's a spending problem, not a revenue problem!" Tweety: "That's a lyric!"

GOP senators propose raising age for Social Security benefits

RNC Chair to Trump: Shut up!

The breaks I'm needing from cable news are getting more frequent

Anti-pornography politician resigns… for watching porn in parliament

So many here claim they support the Unions in this country, so many buy foreign cars

OMFG - Obama has a Pennsylvania Problem!

Barry Bonds found guilty of Obstruction of Justice

Tweety is going to have that thrill again

Fukushima Daiichi during and after tsunami, some picts I hadn't seen before

My money is where my mouth is.... care to join me?

"Dems launch super PAC aimed at House races" FIght fire with fire, I say.

Deposed Côte d'Ivoire dictator receiving support from C Street fundies

Of all the enemies to public liberty...

Gymnast's amazing skills make him web hit (video at link)

The Texas GOP's War on Gay Sex

So let me get this right: Obama thinks he has the power to actually end the tax cuts for the rich?

Cuban Communist Party congress looks to future

I Feel Ashamed To Live In A Country and Be Part of a Party

How the hell is Obama going to end the bush tax cuts for the rich but not for the middle class?

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877, A Free Online Yale Audio/Video Course!

Tom the Dancing Bug: It's Class Warfare!

I call him Ayn Ryan

Has anyone posted the dolphin-kitty video?

Hoyer joins Obama in calling past vote on debt ceiling 'a mistake'

West to critics: Beware whom you target

Barry Bonds Poll Question #2: Will Bonds get sentenced to more time in prison than Mike Vick?

Lindsay Gragan blocks judicial nominations over port funding issue

I, For One, Am Relieved

US missiles hit Pakistan despite request to limit

Some water treatment plants refuse to take fracking fluid!

No warnings in US for radioactive fallout--but Europe is warned!

Is now the time for the USSR to be resurrected and invade Vietnam?

Don't believe anything you read about what the President is going to say until he says it.

Obama eyes Petraeus as new CIA director

The self-importance of being Darling+*

How to make a buttload of money giving away a novel you wrote for free

Thousands of union workers storm the Michigan state Capitol

My Birthday Wish For Thomas Jefferson: An End To The Religious Right’s Lies About Him

Barry Bonds Poll Question 1: Is what Bonds did worse than what Mike Vick did?

Cenk Uygur just started his show saying that today the President "sounded like the man we voted for"

Tweety, Here is the answer: The Rich are saddled with having

I Lied To You / I Told You the Truth

On the top 2% not itemizing anymore...

Bernie Sanders on MSNBC NOW

Video: Bill O’Reilly Debunks Obama Myths: He ‘Does Have A Legitimate Birth Certificate’

Taking Back The Discussion - Everywhere

"Unpaid Jobs: The New Normal" WTF?

Japan determined to reopen schools

The vicious circle of conservative propaganda

Airstrikes by U.S. in Libya continue despite announced shift to support role

How many of you would be happy if

Tsunami hit more than 100 designated evacuation sites

And here they go: Arizona lawmaker just called part of POTUS speech

Limbaugh: Idea That Tax Cuts Must Be Paid For Is"Kind Of Thinking That Gets Us $14 Trillion in Debt"

There's an even worse problem with these Japanese Nuke Plants...

Breaking - Barry Bonds guilty of obstruction of justice

An excellent speech, IMO.

My favorite part of the speech was that Biden is going to be in charge of the budget committee.

I liked the President's speech. Now it is up to the Democrats to get behind him.

Penguin chicks released after their rehabilitation from severe injuries - pics

So How are Moderates helping?

Bill Allowing Teachers to Challenge Evolution Passes Tennessee House

Don't Like What's Going On?...Think About Trying This...

NorMan GoldMan kicking butt today

The upcoming debt limit debate and the Ryan Budget Plan...

Here's another one!

Tea Party cruises to Alaska

Durbin to JPMorgan CEO Dimon: Stop whining

US lawmakers seek to ban chimp experiments

Are you a 1954 Republican?

L-7 nuclear disaster...

Get Your Ugly Solar Panel Off My Pristine Utility Pole!

I listened to the Ag Report today. They listed all the Ag cuts in

Has being mean become an entertainment?

CNN Video: "And I...have become...comfortably numb, during President Obama's speech."

How much of this shortage of air traffic controllers on the job a la snoozing on the job is

Am I the only one who thinks Tom Brokaw is completely worthless?

FACT SHEET: The President's Framework for Shared Prosperity and Shared Fiscal Responsibility

JPMorgan's net jumps 67 pct on investment banking

*****Official President Speech Thread, Part Two*****

It was a damned fine speech, if only we could believe a word of it.

Grade the Speech

3 reasons why we need a landslide victory in 2012. House, Senate and White House.

The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence And It's Breathtaking

Teaching of evolution under siege

Been watching the local cbs newscast and not one word about the Presidents speech today

We Can't Afford Both ::: Security

George W. Bush vs. Bradley Manning:

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Obama’s deficit speech: worthy of a president

Joan Walsh, Salon: That's what it means to be a Democrat

Gundersen Discusses Lack of US Radiation Monitoring Data

OK - The Obama Administration dips into Social Security to pay for our wars

Hey weren't we supposed to wind down one of bushitler's wars here soon?

The president's speech is

It is rumored that Mr. President is going to address the richie riches @1:35 EDT about kicking their

I just got back from the grocery store. $1.99 for a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese

Krugman: Obama, Ryan, and the Shape of the Planet

Bill Clinton has 527,709 Facebook fans. The George Bush has 937,310. Can we do something about this?

The Problem Now Is People Vested in Obama's Failure

LOL. Shep Smith on Fox is questioning Andy Card's defense of tax cuts for the rich

Starve the Beast

Starve the Beast

Ariz. sheriff office accused of misspending $99M (Arpaio)

DU this poll. "Governor Walker Says First 100 Days Was B+ Effort."

Libyan Revolution Day 55

Stephen Colbert's 'not factual' hashtagging--John Kyl

Why? - REALLLY - Why? I want to know . . .

Why? - REALLLY - Why? I want to know . . .

The food Nazis are at it again in schools...

FAA: Sen. Inhofe 'nearly killed' airport workers by intentionally landing on closed runway

Oh Wow... This Paragraph From From Digby...

Why don't I hear this said every day? Supply side economics is a load of crap

Wisconsin Update via Dkos (WineRev)

Waukesha County clerk Kathy Nickolaus's error

Obama's big Budget Speech - A Sellout to the Neocons?

#NotIntendedToBeA FactualStatement

Big Turnout at Public Budget Hearing In West Allis Wisconsin-over 1000 protest - VIDEO

Virginia Thomas builds tea party network (Time for Justice Thomas to resign)

Fukushima: A Month of Media Disinformation

Forget Obama being a communist, you know who really is one? Jesus!

NBA fines Kobe Bryant $100,000 for derogatory comment

NBA fines Kobe Bryant $100,000 for derogatory comment

Barry Bonds found guilty of obstruction of justice

Excellent speech and presentation from our President! I like what I heard, it was 95% PROGRESSIVE!!!

What is your single biggest monthly cost?

Remember When...

Republicans May Stretch Out Debt Limit Negotiations Until July

Hey GOP, u mad?

Obama wins. His critics lose.

So...the repubs aren't going to do anything about raising the Debt limit until July?!?!

I'm pretty sure "far left activists" are among the most likely to show up and vote Democrat.

Never before has any Democrat, not even LBJ, merited being dumped more

Never before has any Democrat, not even LBJ, merited being dumped more

COUNTERING "ARAB SPRING": How Sweet it is! Bahrain, Libya, Yemen: Different Strokes for Diff Folks

For how long should a copyrighted work be legally protected?

If Obama keeps his word and elimiates the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy 1% he will win 2012 ...

If Obama keeps his word and elimiates the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy 1% he will win 2012 ...

In 20 years will a 401K be considered an entitlement?

Here's how to help President Obama succeed.

Radioactive Strontium Detected Outside 30km Zone

Great Facebook Post

There is an absence of leadership saying this:

"My mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of 53, and in those last painful months

THAT was the guy I voted for in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama's speech makes it official. Social security cuts and medicare cuts will take place

Obama's speech makes it official. Social security cuts and medicare cuts will take place

Temperatures rise at No.4 spent fuel storage po

This one has been spreading around Facebook, in case you haven't seen it:

This one has been spreading around Facebook, in case you haven't seen it:

Jess King (D) announces candidacy in recall challenge to WI Senator Randy Hopper (R)

Screw the TSA!

Two more incidents of air traffic controllers asleep on the job

Audience grows testy, ignores applause ban at Wisconsin Budget Bill Hearing in Neenah

New car suggestions?

New car suggestions?

Job Openings Rise To Highest Point Since Sept.'08

Heads up, procrastinators! Your taxes are NOT due until Monday the 18th!

Al Sharpton and Cornell West face off

Al Sharpton and Cornell West face off

Exclusive: Early Christian Lead Codices Now Called Fakes

How do we force congressmen and senators to be more productive?

Progressive Group To Supporters: Withhold Donations To Obama If He Cuts Medicare, Medicaid

CNN is covering Libya -- on the ground reporter. More than MSNBC has been

The speech was carrots for the bunnies.

It was more than just a "speech".

As someone whose taxes will go up, I say....

Residents eager for Wal-Mart’s blue vests

Parents of 6-Year-Old Girl Pat Down at Airport Want Procedures Changed

Legalize Marijuana = More Jobs = More Money = Better Economy = Less Crime (cash is king)

Minnesota next up to pass law banning undercover farm videos

Amid all of the instant analysis

The 'Meat' Of Obama's Budget Speech ("I Refuse To Renew" Bush Tax Cuts Again)

Hey! Let's have us a basketball game on an aircraft carrier!!

What I heard at my child's school stopped me dead in my tracks

My Grandma told me that around the times of the Depression

Catholic group: "Children raped by priests were ‘homosexual’ participants-not victims"

I have cracked the wingnut/TeaBagger code: Constitution/"freedom" ONLY FOR ME & my race

TSA, Congress to review screening procedures after pat-down of 6-year-old girl

I just turned 52. Paid into the system my whole life. So FUCK ME.

Falwell's Liberty Univ. got more government money than NPR and is blocking websites saying so

Obama Vigorously Defends Social Programs, But Then Buckles on Deficits

Bernie Sanders Says No to Latest Budget Deal, Calls It Robin Hood in Reverse

be sure to say SOME. Ashley Judd apologizes for hip-hop remarks

U.S. to Have Largest Deficit of Major Economies, IMF Says

Donald Trump Donated Hundreds of Thousands to Democrats Including Harry Reid and Rahm Emmanuel

Something Smells In Waukesha County, Wisconsin– And It’s Not The Cheese

It was a damned fine speech.

Who do you think would be the toughest challenge for Obama?

Mummy, mummy, there's a nuclear monster!

Jesse Ventura: Letter to the Ruling Class

I applaud the TSA.

TSA - worse than I thought

I am a PROUD UAW member. I support Union brands.

Please purchase "Quakebook". ALL profits going to Japan.

Democratic Left & "Extremism"

Ken Feinberg tells judge to keep out of the oil spill claims fund process.

Akron's White Hat Charter School being sued by 10 of its schools for lack of accountability.

Geiger Counters to Find Radiation in Meals May Be ‘Meaningless’ (and how to make it work)

Why isn't memory taught more in schools?

Oh WTF, Mr. President

Cute or creepy?

She's always in my hair

Dream BIG!!!!!

You only wish you could pose for pictures HALF as good as these two can.

MFM has an extensive & JOYOUS sexual history, but wonders if he weren't just used as a piece of meat

Total Win

Springtime drinks

Can you find the bird in this picture?

I hate country music.


My DU won't stay logged on anymore. I had a meltdow and restarted my system frm scratch but...

To succeed in life? Who'da thunk that all this time the answer was...

'Oo's a good goggie? Kali's snookums Dumbass is a good goggie. 'Es 'e is!!!!!

Cat juggling -- NOT for the squeamish (though it is SQUEEmish). -- (MAYBE a dial-up warning)

Drunk dialing:

Funny story

Rave music in 3...2...1

"Today, heroes were villainized; villains were lionized..."

This is tough - Which Band had the better earlier issues? The Rolling Stones or The Beatles

Why jams seemed so much better

broke my thumb at work yesterday, but couldn't go to

Early on, bluesbassman made a pilgrimage to Robert Johnson's "crossroad" & made his own deal:

Finally a day we can all celebrate: Saturday is Record Store Day - celebrate Vinyl Records


Strawberry Letter 23

Suggestions Please...Video Editing Software...Novice Level (shareware/freeware)

I think my cat is an atheist. In the morning before work, I hold her on my lap

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's mailman complains about having to answer 3 riddles before entry is granted

Ennui cat says: "Sure... (sigh), I'll have some more noms."

I'll have some of what she's having.

Ok, who's watching "The Killng' on AMC?

I'm sure _The Bluest Eye_ is a wonderful book. *spoilers* and *sensitivity alert*

Will teh Lounge in DU3 have a cash bar?

ugh. bad day yesterday.

Badass Badger

Rolling Stone: 8-minute behind the scenes video, Rush @ Madison Square Garden

Rolling Stone: 8-minute behind the scenes video, Rush @ Madison Square Garden

Will teh Lounge in DU3 rock the Casbah?

Sweet sounds

And now... a kayak air boat!

aarrggghhh I'm a moran - help with old database anybody?

Flying to Vegas next week

Beware of this online scam

Phrase origins?

Twin brothers left mother's body on the floor for months, police allege

Since my original post was locked, I'll rephrase and repost.

Burger King Japan introduces "All Heavy" & "Meat Monster" with the exclusive "Online Meat Builder"

Do you think my avatar makes me look too old? How about this NEW babyheadshot?

I'm a pretty honest man (my complete and utter honesty compels me to add the "pretty" modifier).

1001 Records you must hear before you die - yikes I only have about 150 of them

F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!!

Dammit. TCM is showing Ray Milland movies all night, but not The Thing With Two Heads!

Does this belong in Religion/Theology?

LOL, Accu-weather's digital display shows wind at 165 mph

Theoretically, if one person hasn't worked in 5 years and spends every dime the other person

Dan the Manly Forest Man squeals like a girl in 3...2...

Wednesday - It's HUMP DAY!!!!

What's in a name?....laughs..lots of 'em

:They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" is only clever the first 7 times she sings it.

The... GUESTLIST for... the... NEW... Willam Shatner... ALBUM.. is... un... be... liev... ABLE...

New Winter Olympic Event - Cross Country Skiing......with Polar Bears!

Which early 90's sitcom character would you vote for as President?

Ya know, "Their Satanic Magesties Request" by the Stones wasn't half bad

Fail. (Perhaps a re-post?)

New mattress suggestion

MiddleFingerMom wants an avatar that makes him look YOUNGER. I am here to protect and serve.

Al Roper on the Weather Channel just called people "nitwits!"

Post one favorite website.

Not sure which is stranger: The fact that someone wrote this book or that I bought it

MiddleFingerMom just took your picture.

Body of man killed in tsunami washes up 500km away

Berlusconi facing his 'parliamentary Vietnam' over bid to end prosecutions

Libya: a walk down Misurata's Tripoli Street

Taal Volcano residents must move out permanently

Money, taste, blah blah blah

Dems and Obama at Odds On Debt Fixes

Going to the opera tonight

Man arrested in theft of 400-pound brass ship propeller

Cantor admits Social Security and Medicare ‘aren’t going to be there’ when he retires

Yahoo Answers

Mexican investigators find 28 more bodies in border pits

San Jose council votes to sharply limit marijuana dispensaries

Rolling Stone magazine writer Matt Taibbi unveils unfair investment practices by wives business bigs

Prosser Campaign: Kloppenburg Should 'Avoid The Unnecessary Drama Of A Recount'

Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal

Republicans Now Hiring Out of State Felons – Canvasser Arrested in Crime Spree

Progressive Group To Supporters: Withhold Donations To Obama If He Cuts Medicare, Medicaid

GOP gets its turn on Medicare hot seat

Union supporters regroup after stunning election reversal

Japan Tries to Explain Delays in Reporting Radiation

Mexican man convicted of murder for killing Border Patrol agent with drug-laden vehicle

Egypt detains Mubarak and sons

Mubarak's sons detained in Egypt investigation

Evacuees slam Japan nuclear plant operator

(Wash.) Senate budget cuts teacher pay, raises tuition

El Monte resident arrested for creating phony U.S. Army unit in Temple City, recruiting Chinese...

El Monte resident arrested for creating phony U.S. Army unit in Temple City, recruiting Chinese...

(Houston schools) could shut or merge 17 campuses

Irish police arrest 2 over killing of British spy

1 killed, 7 wounded in latest Yemen protest

Wanna race?

I had a colonoscopy today. Ask me anything!

Obama just said he wants to convert Social Security into "personal investment accounts" and medicare

Mitt Romney to birthers: Barack Obama was born here. Period.

Bill voiding city (Milwaukee) sick leave approved

(Hundreds of) Syrian women march to demand release of men held in security swoop

Ivorian leader vows to prosecute Gbagbo

Do any of these "extreme couponning" jackasses ever donate what they buy

Do any of these "extreme couponning" jackasses ever donate what they buy

(Calif.) Assembly committee approves 'open carry' ban, rifle records bill

Judge set to hear arguments in Wisconsin union lawsuit

Bernie Sanders Says No to Latest Budget Deal, Calls It Robin Hood in Reverse

Ex-NY mob boss makes history with trial testimony

5 Medical Marijuana Activists Arrested in San Diego

U.S. Gasoline Weekly Draw Biggest Since Oct '98: EIA

Pawlenty: ‘I’m running for president’

My doctor wants me to start seeing his wife.

Report: NBA cancels summer league

Obama Would Cut Deficit by $4 Trillion in 12 Years

House Republicans vehemently opposing tax hikes

Loungers, do me a favor. Take about 30 seconds to check this link at the Clinton Foundation

News Corp. Expects MySpace to Lose $165M in Fiscal Year 2011

Transcript Of President Obama's Speech

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Obama pivots, eyes Medicare changes, tax increases

Mayors group fights back against recall elections

TEPCO still working on plan to end Japan nuclear crisis

Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters

Judge will decide fate of lawsuit challenging collective bargaining law by week's end

Airstrikes by U.S. in Libya continue despite announced shift to support role

Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Foreign Minister, Faces Corruption Charges

WHOOPS: AP Falls For Hoax Press Release Saying That GE Will Repay Government $3.8 Billion Tax Break

Bond Market Relieved at Size of Obama Deficit Cut

Exclusive: Early Christian Lead Codices Now Called Fakes

Residents eager for Wal-Mart’s blue vests

NBA fines Kobe Bryant $100,000 for derogatory comment

FAA: Sen. Inhofe 'nearly killed' airport workers by intentionally landing on closed runway

ESAB Welding & Cutting to close Ashtabula (OH) plant, relocate to South Carolina

(Canadian) Corporate tax cuts fail to help economy: study

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walker signs bill rolling back auto insurance minimums

NFL's Rookie Pitch: Divert 300M From 1st Rounders

The Country We Believe In

Bonds Found Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice

Rick Santorum expected to Jump in tonight on Greta van Susterenenenenen

Gun Control Advocates Win A Rare Victory In Budget Deal

Collective bargaining reform plan gets public airing (Ne & Omaha Steve)

Pennsylvania voters sour on Obama ahead of 2012

An opine I've opined before; feel free to ignore. I want weed.

TEPCO: Radiation From Fukushima May Be Worse Than Chernobyl

Audio Pioneer and Newsweek Owner Sidney Harman Dies At 92

TEPCO confirms damage to part of No. 4 unit's spent nuke fuel

Unilever and Procter & Gamble fined Ł280m for price fixing

Reno Air Controller Asleep as Plane Carrying Sick Person Tries to Land

Yale University Student Killed in Lab Machine Shop Accident

Bill for concealed guns in bars advances in (Ohio) state Senate

For no reason, here's Cosby

"Yes Men" claim hoax GE tax press release

Match Game: "Inez and Gina went to a water park, and after a few beers ____ the shirtwaist factory"

Thousands of union workers swarm (Lansing) Capitol in protest

U.S. doing limited airstrikes for NATO in Libya

High school students earn more credits than those in the past

High school students earn more credits than those in the past

Hey, is the world still scheduled to end on May 21st?

Yellowstone supervolcano fed by bigger plume

Mom Drove 3 Kids Into NY River, Surviving Son Says

40% of Americans say they can't afford retirement

GOP Senators: Raise Retirement Age To 70

Brookfield Election Results Verified, County Clerk Won't Resign

Human Centipede: The Musical

Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System

I Remember America

With their Latest Big Win Republicans Say They will Now Push Debt Talks to 11th Hour Too

"Who do you think the GOP nominee will be?" "Predict the GOP primaries now." Whut?

National debt by party

You need to let Republicans and their big business supporters know you may move $$ out of stocks..

President Obama Said to Call for Curbing Entitlements, Increasing Taxes

Duplicate OP. Showing up in the same dress as someone else can be so embarrassing. nt

Skeleton Dance

Red Bloggers: "It is becoming more and more clear that Republicans got played in the budget deal."

The Reid Report: Facts lost in ‘hair on fire’ budget compromise headlines

MSNBC contributor Melessa Harris-Perry pictures of friends and family

How big is this speech tonight?

When you're talking about $250,000 AGI, you're talking about the top 1.5%

Mittens: Obama born here, period

Obama Team Is Oddly Quiet About Evidence That Renewable Energy Beats Nuclear in Job Creation

Imagining the End of the Bush Tax Cuts

Republicans scramble for votes as top GOPer bails on budget deal

If Santorum runs for Prez in 2012 ...

Dean Baker: Dana Milbank Missed the Health Care Reform Act

Pennsylvania’s looking like it could be a very tough state for Barack Obama in 2012

That Stanley Ann Dunham was one amazing woman...

Please help me settle a "birther" argument in my family.

Will someone keep us that are working today, appraised of the press conference? n/t

Why are the Republicans have a PREACTION press conference to Obama's budget speech as opposed to. .

Analysis: Budget deal only reduces real discretionary spending by around $15 billion

Oh, that wily Obama.

My worry is that any speech the progressives like will never get by the house!

Obama Team Is Oddly Quiet About Evidence That Renewable Energy Beats Nuclear in Job Creation

I'm confused - is the speech tonight, this afternoon or are there two speeches?

GOP Chair Reince Priebus with the 'small businesses will be hurt by the $250,000 tax threshold' lie!

Just saw McConnell and co say that tax increases are a no. Why can't Obama just call these people

Ezra Klein: The president's budget proposal


**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Fiscal Policy, Live 1:45pm EDT ****

Obama, Ryan, and the Shape of the Planet / Paul Krugman

The market liked the speech.

Looking at MSNBC w/ republicans and I just don't understand them

You have egg on your face cuz for the Millionth time You told us what he would say before he said it

Political cartoonist Tom Toles on Mitt Romney

A spirited defense of a progressive vision

Point of English: Is it the "Seven Dwarfs" or the "Seven Dwarves?"

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray Arrested Protesting Dem-GOP Budget Deal

I'm trying to like this speech, but..

We are unprepared for the retirement of the baby boom generation.

The professional left reminds me of my neighbor's dog.

If outrage were energy. DU would classify as the world's first perpetual energy machine.

"Most full-throated rhetorical defense of American liberalism I think I've ever heard (Obama) give"

Rate Obama's Speech

Chris Matthews made a point the other day that I feel is relevant.

Moving the goal posts...

Which Obama Will Show Up to Deliver Today's Budget Speech?

Krugman on "The Budget Speech": "Much better than many of us feared"

Asleep on the Job: What Was Vice President Joe Biden Doing During Obama's Debt Speech?

What can't we afford, Mr. President?

Andrea Mitchell is really pushing this "liberals are going to revolt..." line...

Talkingpointsmemo: Highlights of the President's budget proposal

Dana Milbank (on msnbc): The president is moving toward the deficit commission plan...

Obama destroyed the GOP. The 38 billion in cuts turns out to be less than 15 billion.

Marsha Blackburn gives me heartburn.

If the guy making that speech today stays around until election day 2012.......

How do we band together to help Obama meet his Fiscal Proposal?

How did Obama do? (MSNBC)

I thought it was a terrific speech

White House: No Social Security crisis

NYT: Ryan's budget cuts spending by $4.3 trillion while cutting tax revenues $4.2 trillion

Tim Pawlenty makes it official... he's running for president

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama’s Speech On The Deficit " The Country We Believe In"

"This president...."???

Robert Reich- Mr. President: Why Medicare Isn’t the Problem, It’s the Solution

Could people PLEASE stop pretending Obama might cut Social Security and Medicare?

Can you produce your Birth Certificate?

BREAKING ON TWITTER: Anthony Weiner has seen Obama's plan and "LIKES WHAT HE SEES"!!!

"I was in love with the idea of Obama"

Kerry: GOP’s Premature Condemnation of the President’s Plan

There's a word to summarize this approach to government. It's called "liberalism."

ELECTABLOG: Preemptive whinging is the new norm for the "professional left

Someone tell me why I watch General Speeches in House

Mr. President!

The SWEET SMELL of COUNTER-REVOLUTION - How the Powers are Controlling "Arab Spring."

Un "freep" this MSNBC poll.

"America I know is generous and compassionate". Obama slams GOP agenda, pledges to protect Medicare.

Release: Sanders on Obama Budget Speech

Arise, Ye Workers From Your Slumbers

WTF?! Obama will endorse plan that would cut feds' benefits

PPP: Bad news for Congressional Republicans

David Frum: “Whatever you do, don’t serve to his backhand.” Guess what? They just did.

(CBS News) It's on: Obama takes an iron fist to the GOP


Activists protest US military budget

Understanding the President's Medicare Proposal....

Mubarak, sons detained for 15 days

"The scary thing about Fukushima nuclear radiation is that you can't feel it" -- Japanese journalist

2011 Goldman Prize for Europe: Ursula Sladek, Germany

Ayn Rand on Religion

"I'll wait and see what happens" is not Activism!

SIDESHOW TRUMP Can't Take The Heat

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura ~ Great Lakes/Worlwide Water Conspiracy

What do you think this Obama quote means? (on Social Security)

Rep. Hank Johnson (D GA) Calls for Probe into Chamberleaks Scandal -

The Fix: How Obama used Paul Ryan

Ryan Sorba: Stop using the word 'gay'

Hypocrite Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Earmarks


Thom Hartmann: Fukushima - is it Chernobyl or worse?

ITN Correspondent John Irvine and Cameraman Sean Swan in Misrata, Libya (GRAPHIC WARNING)

The Last Word interviews Fiancee Of Giffords Shooting Victim

Close Up Raw Footage Of The Critically Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant (Filmed By A Drone 04/10/11)

TDPS: The AT&T TMobile Merger Will Only HURT Consumers

He Went There! Obama Attacks the 1%

The Who-Won't Get Fooled Again

'Worst-case scenario: Fukushima fuel pool with plutonium catches fire' Nuke Scientist Gundersen RT

TDPS: REAL "people's budget" would address actual issues, not ones made up for political gain

Libya - Great Man Made River Project

The Power of Words

President Obama Speech on His Budget

The Fundamentalists are coming

President Obama Speech on His Budget (Part 2)

Noam Chomsky on the State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom and Survival

US planes still bombing Libya: Pentagon

BRIC to stop war in Libya?

Thom Hartmann: Must see! Proof the Chamber has secret plans to sabotage liberals?

Bernie Sanders will vote against the budget deal: Robin Hood in Reverse

Professor Chris Busby on infertility risk around Fukushima, Japan

Kucinich: Obama Admin Transferring Wealth to the Few

America loves debt!

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow Show

Fukushima Severity Level Raised to 7 - Gundersen Discusses Lack of US Radiation Monitoring Data

Pres Obama lays out plan for balanced approach to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction - FULL

Fasting to bring attention to republican cuts

TYT: PCCC - No $ For Obama 2012 Campaign (If He Cuts Medicare, Medicaid)

It was a speech that progressives should very much appreciate....

French resident of Tokyo expresses despair as catastrophe in Japan is deemed "7": the highest scale

Obama attacks the rich? Ho hum.

MSNBC: Con Job - Cenk Busts The Fiscal Conservative Myth

The most racist teabagger ever!

Navy laser used to light boat engines on fire

US Mega Dairies Going British

I thought Obama was going to announce huge cuts in Social Security and Medicare?

Lincoln vs Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump

Cryin Ryan Mad at Obama for Bashing His Dopey Plan

Rick Joyner:What's wrong W/Gov. (Must See!)

Shock Doctrine: Break The Economy, Lower Wages By 20 Percent. Doesn't Sound So Farfetched Anymore

BBC show laughs at how stupid Sarah Palin is

Maher last Friday -

Japan's battle for Fukushima is far from over, one month on

Germany's E.ON to Add 300MW Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Federal Agencies Ramp up US Hydropower Initiatives

Gov. Brown signs law requiring 33% of energy be renewable by 2020

Small Hydro Emerging as Viable Sector for Renewable Energy Development

Small Hydro Emerging as Viable Sector for Renewable Energy Development

Drumbeat: April 13, 2011

Japan’s Reactors Still ‘Not Stable,’ U.S. Regulator Says

Temperatures rise at No.4 spent fuel storage pool

Shift to dry storage sought for U.S. nuclear fuel

Where is Saudi’s excess capacity when you need it?

"Alarming" Sea Lice Levels @ Scottish Salmon Farms - Bold New Law Would Allow Unnanounced Inspection

New Kenyan Plant Clinic Helps Farmers Identify Emerging Pests, Crop Diseases - Reuters

‘Permanent relocation’ of villages around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

2.6% Of Continuing Resolution Cuts Consist Of EPA Municipal Clean Water Programs

Quake-Prone Taiwan Halts Nuclear Expansion as Japan Struggles at Fukushima

Excessive radioactive cesium found in fish caught off Fukushima

Marcellus Shale gas drilling divides communities

The DOE SunShot Initiative

'Skunks of the insect world'

Highway to Hell: Why Shale Gas Fracking Is Worse Than Coal for Climate - HuffPo

Teenage Girls Propose City "Earth Week" Designation, Watch As Council Goes Nuts For 1 Hour+

Migratory birds run afoul of green buildings

Safeway, Vons top Greenpeace list for seafood sustainability

Dear Mr. President, Forget The Poor, Lose Your Soul...

Dean Baker: Some market discipline for economists

In Honor of Fox & Friends, Walgreen's to Sell The Steve Doocy Douche

Japan's Prime Minister Kan: "Evacuation Zone Will Be Uninhabitable for 10-20 years"

Grant and the Lessons of Appomattox

Robert Scheer: The False Debate on the Debt

NYT Editorial ..Budget Battle, Tax and Spending, Myths and Realities..

Naturally, the common people don't want war...

Mark Lynas pens error-riddled, cost-less nuke op-ed

AP Exclusive: FBI thought Demjanjuk evidence faked (Nazi crime news)

Nuclear plants are expensive to build. Why?

Special Report: Taking on the real Miami Vice: healthcare fraud

Budget Battles: Tax and Spending Myths and Realities

Gov. Rick Scott's reluctance to make legal claim for oil spill spurs outrage

Why Our Broken Political System Falls Prey to Right-Wing Extremism

Stiglitz Calls for New Global Reserve Currency to Prevent Trade Imbalances

Justice Goes to Not-War by Scott Horton

Amy Goodman: Barack Obama must speak out on Bahrain bloodshed

Fracking nightmare destroys small farmers

GOP's alleged interest in deficit reduction hasn't deterred their efforts to help tax evaders...

The Military's Secret Shame (male on male rape)

Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal

Celebrating Human Sacrifice

San Onofre nuke owner seeks $64 millon for seismic study

Hedge Fund Gamblers Earn the Same In One Hour As a Middle-Class Household Makes In Over 47 Years

Do We Really Believe We Should Pay For What We Buy?

Catholic group claims children raped by priests were ‘homosexual’ participants, not victims

The Men Behind the 'Draft Donald Trump' Movement

Why the Christian right is backing a brutal despot (The Family frm of C Street)

American Politik: Endgame: What The Corporatists Really Want To Do


The Death of a Rodeo Clown (Goodbye 2 Beck)

Education: the key to fighting ignorance in the concealed carry on campus debate

Senate sheds (stupid republican) lawmaker gun privilege clause (OK)

Another example of failed journalism - "Grenades seized by border fence in Mexicali"

Illinois House defeats "One Gun a Month" and "Lost or Stolen" bills

Gun store employee accidently shoots himself

Democratic lawmakers push to outlaw carrying guns in public

Gun Shop Owner Accused Of Selling To Convicted Felon

Ohio Senate passes bill allowing concealed firearms to be carried in Restaurants/Bars (SB17)

Oppression of a civil right. Gun ownership minimal cost compared.

Alan Gura on recent Gun Rights Litigation

Do the police have a duty to protect the average citizen? ...

Pediatricians Back Away From Evers’ (R-moran Doctor 1st Amendment killing) Gun Bill (FL)

Bill would allow easier gun access for abuse victims

Here is why the anti-gun battle is a lost cause and the Democrats should give it up......

Va. Tech shooting survivor at heart of HBO documentary

The Unconstitutional Anti-Gay Law That Just Won't Die

Writer Compares Glee to "Puddle of HIV"

Gay candidate with defaced signs wins Florida council seat

Has anyone seen the movie "I Love You Phillip Morris"

UPDATE: Ill. introduces anti-gay adoption legislation

Brazil's flag: Made in China

Colombia: workers, students protest FTA, privatization

Poll: Many Romanian teens rampantly intolerant of gays

MoD and military scrutinized over luxury prison controversy

The Repression Continues: An Inconvenient Truth in Honduras

Palm Oil Predators ..... UN backed Carbon Credit schemes linked to violence in Honduras.

Police Charged for Role in Bagua Massacre in Peru

Child finds loaded gun in bathroom at Wal-Mart

Haiti’s leader criticizes UN military focus

Question about the entrance exam to get into heaven

Georgia pastor plans prayer gathering at gas pumps (for lower gas prices)

Venezuela: Nurses decide to go on six-hour strike on Thursday

Mika talks to Thom Hartmann about Chernobyl disaster victims and cleft palate damage.

'El Tuso' says DAS let him fly to Panama the day before extradition

Improved Pascal's wagers

Peru's Vargas Llosa: I won't vote for Fujimori

Well don't that suck raw eggs! Josh Hamilton broke his arm.

About Golinger, Wilpert, venezuelanalysis and the Venezuelan Consuls in the US, Mark Weisbrot , etc.

Government to complete in two years 100,000 houses unfinished under past plans

Kobe Fined $100k -- 'Offensive and Inexcusable'

Kobe Bryant caught Using the F Word

New look for ASU athletics

24 days 'till The Derby, Mike Battaglia's early morning line

Barry Bonds Found Guilty on One Charge

Gaza tunnel collapse kills 4

Could some of you offer your opinions on something

Lieberman flushes toilet during live interview

Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Foreign Minister, Faces Corruption Charges

Fayyad to request $5 billion to launch Palestinian state

Lieberman flushes toilet during live interview

As of 04/12/2011, Worst. Record. In. Baseball.