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OK... I am sorry.

Obama, Bush, Clinton: Who's Worse On The Deficit?

Welcome to the Pure Michigan Republican Dictatorship, coming to your state soon

Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs

Do House Republicans realize they just endorsed a higher debt limit?

A personal story about Planned Parenthood

HA! "See Below The Fold"

HA! "See Below The Fold"

Recall One Tough Michigan Shithead

Former employee sues IBM for bullying

Commercial ad space sold on school buses...

Commercial ad space sold on school buses...

Would the rich taste good?

Would the rich taste good?

Las Vegas officers honored for 'heroic' Costco shooting

Bolivia protests challenge Evo Morales

Hey, Media! Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests

I dare not say anything against Ron or Rand Paul here -

Democrats Fear GOP Probes Are Muzzling AARP In Medicare Fight

So why isn't anyone talking about the most logical reason behind Trump B.S.

Today was my first day driving a cab!

Obama Administation: Threatens To Prosecute State Employees Who License Medical Marijuana

Live animals sold as key rings in China

Bullet proof clipboard

Rep. McCarthy(r) introduces bill to roll back Clinton-era rule protecting 60 mil acres of wilderness

Obama Tells Congress He's Keeping His Czars (advisers)

Bill Maher is on in one half hour. Guest is Ed Schultz from the Ed Show.

Bill Maher is on in one half hour. Guest is Ed Schultz from the Ed Show.

LOL at BEST Reason - Trump Is FAKING It

Trump's new line is that everytime a reporter asks him anything about any of his deals he is going

Not all small businesses deserve a tax break

idiots mad that Obama was elected burned a church

Some bacteria in grocery meat resistant to antibiotics: study

Maine Man Pleads Guilty To Making Threats Against NPR Hosts

"Family Friendly" Machine Gun Festival Welcomes Neo-Nazi Extremists

Another great toon about vouchers.

Why can't we just challenge Trump to get the GOP to impeach the President over his birth certificate...

Busted! Mysogynist Gilbert creator pretends to be his own biggest fan online

Miss. tornado caught on video today.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!

Blue Cross/Blue Shield denied needed medical tests, Senate finds

Cons in Canada don't like it when college students vote either.......

Performance pay at schools Obama, Duncan picked for their children?

Help please. C-Span 4/15 1:59 minutes goes black.

Hey Republicants - this is the man you are now supporting

I am disgusted at people who try to justify murder.

Insurer denied needed medical tests, Senate finds

I need some help on a Journal thread that I cannot find.

I need some help on a Journal thread that I cannot find.

Surprise Surprise - the only paper to give a positive review to "Atlas Shrugged" - New York Post..

If sh*t could take a crap, the product would be Rupert Murdoch

Anti-Sharia bill author: What on Earth is a 'Sunni'?

Spy summit fails to resolve U.S.-Pakistan differences

Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs

Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs

The government forgot to shut down most of the online gambling sites

Big Ed keeps stomping the crap out of Michael Steele on "Real Time"

Thanks Lawrence - that's exactly how I feel about

1 in 4 voters would vote for Christie again? Let's get this recall started in New Jersey

Florida Republicans push to cut early voting to single week

So does a presidential candidate in AZ just walk in and whip it out?

Why do Republicants want a 25% cut in education?

TRMS: Chris Hayes talks taxes and (eventually) Anthony Weiner talks tax truth!!!

US House of Representatives votes to abolish Medicare

Evidence of this country's demise

Evidence of this country's demise

There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life

Horsey Toon:Rummaging in America's Attic

The architect of today's brilliant dem move in the House was

...and now, the musical stylings of Sharron Angle, Tea Party favorite.

“Sleeping on the job” scandal reveals exploitation of US air traffic controllers

A pack of snarling wolves, just waiting for the kill

A pack of snarling wolves, just waiting for the kill

Michael Moore: This Tax Day, Make THEM Pay

Blogger "northernwis" details the Walker plan on

Foes of (Ohio) SB 5 complete first step for ballot challenge

Those poor eagles--snow in the nest

Toon: The Paul Ryan Weight Loss Program!

Death toll up to 16 from Southern severe storms; 7 dead in Alabama


Mom Sentenced For Using Facebook As Son Drowned

91 victims and rising: Met police admits scale of phone hacking

snort-Non Sequitur and twitter and the MSM

When will we learn from war...

Detroit to send layoff notices to all its public teachers

Don’t Betray Us, Barack — End the Empire by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

Don’t Betray Us, Barack — End the Empire by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

Nice shooting

Tornado deaths...Tropical Storm Ida in April? Is this video for real

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames The iPad For Killing Jobs

Lugar Responds to Mourdock Criticism / Facing Teaabagger Challenge

This man is the poster child for political w****

This man is the poster child for political w****

Playboy Mansion illness traced to hot tub bacteria

Workforce in U.S. Drops to 27-Year Low

Neil Young at the DPAC last night. Were any of you there?

The media, a pile of horseshit, and a rose...

Students arrested for occupying Detroit school

Just so you all have it too. The outright lies are enough...

ain't that the truth...

Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions

I'd like to suggest we e-mail/call/fax as many House Dems as we can (or at

Kasich lying; says bond rating companies threatening to lower Ohio’s bond rating if SB 5 is repealed

Republican Fantasyland: No Actual Medicare, Tax Cuts For Millionaires

Can a supermarket be sued for

The GOP's big gamble

No pat downs on this airline..just petting

Republicans vs Nature

Something just occured to me re: birther issue

G.O.P. Pushes to Deregulate Environment at State Level

Tea Bagger's poster reveals the real reason they're targeting Latinos on immigration.

Teabaggers are so shortsighted

The carbon footprint of Cannabis

Reported Denver Airport Sex Assault Captured On Security Cameras

Who Rules America -- Wealth, Income, and Power

Munster Bawl

Brave Tea Party protesters risk it all this Saturday at noon, outside the Capitol.

The Class-Domination Theory of Power

Humpback whale song spreads to other whales / beautiful link

TSA singling out for groping those who grumble about TSA procedures.

Pension Fund Capitalism or Wall Street Bonanza?

President Obama meets young climate activists

Gas prices surge toward $4, threaten economic recovery Goldman Sachs to speculators: Take the money

Three Men Charged in 1969 Massachusetts Murder Case

Our unconstitutional war in Libya undergoes a transformation.

Is that what you think?

The absurd argument that Corporations don't pay taxes, they just collect them

The absurd argument that Corporations don't pay taxes, they just collect them

CEPR on David Brooks: Brooks Bemoans the Lack of a Free Lunch for Representative Ryan

Scientific research: today operating under a straitjacket of non-absolute, subjective rules?

Dear President Obama: Do you get it now? (Or did you get it all the time?)

Hahahaha Alex..."stay tuned for another MSNBC Docu-mystery "

Our Phony Budget Battles Are All Smoke and Mirrors

The Pentagon controls the civilian government.

Hydrocarbons in the deep earth

A thought about Italy and Germany

HR 609: New Rules for Democrat (sic) "citizens"

No, The Gulf Oil Spill Is NOT Old News

Does Obama Fear the War Complex?

Is anyone not able to view MSNBC clips? Suddenly, I cannot watch...

Anyone here know how to get a job with the State of California?

Kloppenburg will make up her own mind, and you'll live with it.

Self-deleted by member

I wanna know where these people are right now - (pics)

Our entire screwed up future deficit problem is due to health care costs.

Another Paul son mulls a Senate run....


Wisconsin Democrats MIA as Election Stolen by Repub Thugs

GOP tramples OBAMA

Russia looks abroad for web laws, including to China

Unemployed in Orlando? Here, have a shiny red cape!

‘Pro-Life’ Alaska GOP Kills Health Bill To Insure Thousands Of Low-Income Women

‘Pro-Life’ Alaska GOP Kills Health Bill To Insure Thousands Of Low-Income Women

Weiner: There is no ‘bill fairy,’ GOP budget plan won’t work

The reviews are in for "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1"

Kapanke challenges recall petition:

Kapanke challenges recall petition:

Five seconds of Fox News

The Government Is Not A Household, And Shouldn’t Be Run Like One - Ezra Klein/WaPo

Madison Statehouse Live Stream?

Radiation release will hit marine life

Open Piracy For Plutocrats

China imposes de facto ban on Japanese food imports: sources

ALERT: Philadelphia Orchestra files for Chapter 11

Are you surprised or is this predictable?


Fresh report from the Capitol

I love the dollar tree

Jon Kyl Should Be Forced To Apologize Publicly To Planned Parenthood.

15% of American girls hitting puberty by age 7; doctors unsure why change is coming sooner

If left-wing bias is the inevitable outcome when there's a free market in media ...

Today's President's Address:

The Tea Party agenda is crippling entrepreneurship and precipitating the death of the American dream

Tea party Madison live stream

'It doesn't matter who you vote for. You could vote a 100 socialists into office and we couldn't

Look Out Raleigh... Tornado Coming Your Way... On Weather Channel Just Now

The Vermont Legislature went full tilt progressive agenda this session

The Half-Life of Disaster

I believe I know why the republicans are again pushing the birther issue:

US and Pakistan struggle with 'unhappy' alliance

Failed experiment: Misplaced faith in tax cuts and other economic myths are destroying the country

A letter Edgar Cayce sent to President Roosevelt~Video~ very interesting~very PROPHETIC..

A letter Edgar Cayce sent to President Roosevelt~Video~ very interesting~very PROPHETIC..

Obama Weighs Deployment Of Sternly Worded Letter To Bahrain, Congressional Approval Uncertain

Bolivia grants nature same rights as humans

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail...

As "D" Party individuals....keeping up the truth on the missing corp stewardship of our nation

oh great..25 mph wind and snow....

Trump/Palin 2012: You're Fired/I quit

food prices + gas prices + clothing prices

Jack the Ripper was a German sailor, detective claims

James O’Keefe’s Endless Flirtation With Disgrace Continues In New Playboy Feature

I am a federal employee. About three years ago, my organization required a change/update to our IDs

TORNADO (big one) Heading Towards Raleigh (Central) NC

President Obama Issues “Signing Statement” Indicating He Won’t Abide by Provision in Budget Bill

If the Michigan GOP can take over towns with fiscal woes can Obama takeover states with fiscal woes?

Heh heh

Heh heh

Hey fat cats, want to throw a party? money burning a hole in your pocket? Rent a country for the

As a statistical average, Americans' income are growing again!

Using New Emergency Financial Manager Law, They Start Dissolving Governments in Michigan

Record Americans Live On Food Stamps Amid Record Number Of Millionaires

Here is where TMobile got their idea from.....

Big Ohio news: SB 5 repeal petition approved, signature gathering can begin

Environmentalists: "This President Is Just Not Into Us"

Pope served with court papers in molestation case

Delicious: Labor protesters surround tea party at Palin rally

Go Granny

More Proof The Tea Party is Racist. Marilyn Davenport's Mass Email (Obama as a Monkey)

Cenk Uygur a former Republican

"No nation has ever benefited from prolonged war."

Fashion icon Bijan dies

Former Bishop Excuses Self: "I was never naked" and the abuse was never about "real sexuality"

Progressive Lawmakers Warn A ‘Significant Portion’ Of Gas Prices Is Due To Speculation, Call For

Cut THIS guy's Social Security and Medicare

Sarah Palin to GOP: 'Fight like a girl'....

Teabagger Fail in Madison, with Half Governor and Breitbart..

5 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Ohio


Republican Underground?

Trump Tells Crowd He Can Oust Obama

Environment: What if Your President's Just Not That Into You?

Environment: What if Your President's Just Not That Into You?

La Rage

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids

Smoke coming out of ANOTHER TEPCO nuclear plant

I think the President should work at forming a 'coalition Government' of sorts

Angry parents drive Bobb from Town Hall (Detroit)

Friend posted this on another blog. LOL!! What an inept idiot

Libyan Revolution Day 58

Senate gives SW suburbs OK to take over water company

Sun News Network (aka 'Fox News North') premieres Monday in Canada

Why Am I a Peace Activist? Why Aren't You?

Cesium in Hawaii milk

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! (On Saturday)

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! (On Saturday)

Gator on the lam from the Gov. Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center (WTF?) in Ark.

FBI: JDL extorted rap stars, including Tupac

Modern Budget Cutting Hooverians Want a Return to the 1930's

Modern Budget Cutting Hooverians Want a Return to the 1930's

Glenn Greenwald: Mission Transformation in Libya -- Now It's Regime Change

After Pledging To Not Raise Taxes, Walker Proposes Hiking Taxes And Fees On The Poor


Should Detroit Become The New Amsterdam? YES! (MOXNEWS video)

Nasty, nasty stuff heading towards Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

Is your chair (& sitting in it) at work and at home in front of a computer a curse?

Aborigines to block uranium mining after Japan disaster

Senator Sanders says that not raising the debt ceiling will hurt wall street the most, which means

Help me out - the bailout vote and the debt ceiling vote are kinda the same

Just for fun : that infamous 2006 Stephen Colbert roast of Bush.

Dismissal of EMU counselor who refused gay student draws GOP fire

Sad story from the storm devastation in Alabama

Hearing to repeal DeCoster overtime law stirs strong emotions (Maine)

Hearing to repeal DeCoster overtime law stirs strong emotions (Maine)

Reps say Obama will win in 2012

Not Intended to be a Factual Reality

Madison Teabagger rally was organized by Koch brothers front group

Why is a 3% tax increase on the richest considered "socialism" but a 14% pay cut on the middle class

Why is a 3% tax increase on the richest considered "socialism" but a 14% pay cut on the middle class

Ideas for Government cost savings - lets hear them

What should be the Democrats strategy going forward from today?

LOL's for the week-end - pics

Sexist review from the NYTimes: A Fantasy World of Strange Feuding Kingdoms

BP says it's not responsible for paying to reseed oyster beds

US Bombs US Schools

Global Links changes trucks to bio diesel

About 37,000 North Carolina residents lose jobless benefits

rape is rape

I don't understand how this can be legal. I'd appreciate it if someone could explain

Scarborough, who lied about his intern's death, lies about Obama's speech. SHOCKING & UNEXPECTED!

Pink Floyd - "The Wall" the whole thing, wide screen. Teabaggers from 1:20 on.

what if you couldn't get contraceptives in some states?

Caption The Donald

GOP: Entitlements Bad, Corporate Welfare Good

Want A Budget That Produces A Surplus By 2021 Without Cutting Services For The Poor/Middle-Class ???

Breitbart tells counter protesters in Wisconsin to go to hell.

There has been a shift in the force. I felt it last night.

Wow... “Army Security Is Like A Band-Aid On A Sunken Chest Wound” - EmptyWheel

Seattle suburban Tea Party holds first meeting; total attendance = 8

Santorum Backs Away From Campaign Slogan When Told It's From Famous Langston Hughes Poem

High school girls charged with assault over fight posted on YouTube

Bloomberg article say Kloppenburg is entitled to a free statewide recount.

When...(not if) Marijuana is made legal...will all those folks in prison be released?

OC Republican Circulates Racist Email: Obama and His Parents Are Apes

the Republican's agenda is to privatize everything

Found: A Political Music Gem - Richie Havens Doing QSM's "What About Me?"

Russia to open marijuana retail chain

Well well well.. Maybe doctors don't make the huge salaries we have been led to believe.

" Entitlements" I really think there should be a concerted effort to get rid of that word

Something to cheer you up after a string of bad news.

Palin's contempt for human beings never ceases to amaze me.

If only all the Royal Weddings could be like this...

The Race Card: Benton Harbor is 92% African American and their votes no longer count. RACISM at its

My Dog is Dieing

Well-Endowed Apollo Statue to Be Re-Erected in France

Foreclosure leaves North Palm couple's belongings on street for thieves

'Eco-burial' turns bodies into compost

If Ryan's plan is so good, let's test it in his district

If Ryan's plan is so good, let's test it in his district

KRUGMAN: "It’s not nice to say this (but the truth is rarely nice)"

Happy 122nd Birthday Sir Charles Chaplin!!!!!

Please eat Fukushima’s veggies, Japan tells radiation-wary nation

If someone robs a 7-11-they took $500 & they were able to settle the next day for $50 & no.......

the debt ceiling was raised SEVEN TIMES during the bu$h* administration

Pick your nomines.

Belgian bishop dismisses child sexual abuse: "I was never naked"

Japan report: “Nuclear fuel has melted in three reactors” — Risk of “massive radioactive release”

Fascism/Racism Alert: ...They Start Dissolving Governments in Michigan - EmptyWheel

Fascism/Racism Alert: ...They Start Dissolving Governments in Michigan - EmptyWheel

It's Never too Early to Take Back Congress in 2012 - Candidates We Can Support Now

Cenk Uygur spends an hour w/Bob McChesney - LIVE Sun 2pm EDT - calls taken

Compromise Is Bad!

Marilyn Davenport's Racist Email Denounced By OC GOP

We the people request your presence

So Lady Blah Blah and her teabaggers were outnumbered

Ok the birther law is funny, BUT it is hysterical

Chinese women "hold the cards" when in comes to marriage now, males can't get a date

My Teabagger US Rep weighs in on Medicare.

Senate Energy-Speculation Bill Is Blocked

Welcome! Welcome, One And All! Welcome. To Your Future.

Dumb Plain Dealer: Really, it's OK to LIE in the Newspaper, kiddies!

Nicholas Cage arrested

Nicholas Cage arrested

NC DU'ers. Has the row of tornados hit you yet?

Will they ever work again?

Michael Moore: "The joke's on us, folks."

Video of Palin being drowned out in Wisconsin - this is GREAT!!

Why Threats to Medicare/Medicaid for Younger People Fail: Grandma is Taking Care of the Kids

Campaign idea: The 2012 campaign as Blazing Saddles.

Tea Party Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Adopts Soviet-style Authoritarian Powers Over Michigan Citie

The Billionaires TEA Party - Grassroots? Hardly!

Wolves to be killed because of Obama and the Democrats

Libya conflict: Gaddafi 'cluster bombing Misrata'

After Pledging To Not Raise Taxes, Walker Proposes Hiking Taxes And Fees On The Poor And Students

WI State Investigation showed that in 2006 Waukesha County had tallied 20,000 more votes than there

"VegTimes," the nation's leading vegan magazine, uses stock photos featuring meat in its recipes

My signs for today - Madison

Men are evil and deserve to die; women must be mentally ill or victims of abuse

P.T. Barnum Lives! Atlas Shrugged movie number three for per screen $

99 years ago today (April 15). The RMS Titanic sunk and took 1500 or so

Libyan Revolution Day 59

Flashback - Trump: "I’ve said if [Ivanka] wasn't my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Here's a picture of the weather in the US for the next 48 hours from

Water wars? Thirsty, energy-short China stirs fear

I Have an Idea for a New Law

nearby grocer sues food pantry for giving out free food

Dan Kapanke challenges recall filing--Repubs now trying to get signatures/recall thrown out

Facebook status - God, grant progressives the serenity to...

Retired general being recruited to run for U.S. Senate seat in Texas as Democrat

Retired general being recruited to run for U.S. Senate seat in Texas as Democrat

Medicare costs 14% higher when run by private insurance companies.

green goddesses: 5 amazing women

green goddesses: 5 amazing women

Man brutally attacks wife during divorce hearing.

We need a counter culture. We need to build institutions

Dilbert Creator Pretends to Be His Own Biggest Fan on Message Boards

Costco To Sell Home Solar Panel Kits

I like when President Obama visits Chicago because I am proud of him.

Obama address was surprise attack, Ryan and other Republicans say

Would you agree to any changes to Social Security or Medicare?

Corporate taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and fees should be eliminated from all government.

Two other things the rich don't want you to know about taxes

The low attendance at Thursday's Teabagger rally in Lansing (~200) was blamed on high gas prices ...

Watching "The Kennedys" on the Reelz Channel. Flawed but compelling, with great performances.

Feds Charge PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker Sites

What did air traffic controllers just start sleeping on the job lately?

What did air traffic controllers just start sleeping on the job lately?

The Cat House on the Kings

Current Tokyo radiation readings from personal geiger counters

How long can we keep going with this "lesser of two evils" philosophy?

Colorado man claims he was 'sexually assaulted' by TSA

I'm shocked! BP plotted to influence what scientists said about oil spill’s impact

When I was in college, I got three chapters into reading Mein Kampf to try to understand

Well this is depressing: Mortenson's "Three Cups of Tea" inaccurate

Three largest online poker sites indicted and shut down by FBI

heartbreak, TN

Would the rich taste good?

PHOTO: When is a SNACK not a SNACK?

Me and brother Bill was goin' fishin' down to the river one day

Hi. I'm feeling a little better.

What are you reading tonight DU? Me? "The Atlantic Privateers" by John Leefe.

watching youtube and an odd thought about cleanliness occured to me

Oh... I think he speaks VOLUMES.

Proud Papa:


MiddleFingerMom has FINALLY found a diet he just LOVES!!!!!

Now, that was more than a little bit creepy.

The Watchman

Cutest kitten video I've seen so far...

What You See when You Click on a Trending Topic on Twitter

"DRIVE, damn you... DRIVE!!! I think I hear our can opener!!!!!"

HANKIE TIME! "Story of Nanako the Rescued Cat and Her Brand New Life" (w/ photos)

Alfred Hitchcock's wife -- most relationships are built on common interests.

It is snowing on the eagles, right freezing now!

Heartwarming story: Creator of Nazi cake bakes bun adorned with Jewish and Christian symbols

Man attacks wife during divorce hearing in judge's chambers

Oh, yeah. He's stoned.

Call Me Wesley is considering buying an iUke.

Wanna share Facebook/Twitter info?

Listen, I have had a little bit to drink.

Hey! I got a promotion and a raise today

The Decorah eagle that snow in it and around it?

Thief uses stolen card to send 'thank you'

Those poor eagles--snow in the nest

Nyan Cat... how long can you take it?

I love the dollar tree

Ra Men's Hair Salon -- Haircuts 6-for-a-Dollar

You're going to HATE this song, unless you already do. But the Melody is Stuck in My BRAIN!!!

PHOTO: Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Raise your hand if you think DU needs a cat smiley

2 ELO covers - Edvard Grieg and Jerry Lee Lewis

Well, at least the driver ran into the right building.....

Take a look at Google's Logo today

MiddleFingerMom is not the FIRST to explore the frontier boundaries of true love.

Check in here if you HID the "Check in here if you DON'T have Bake on Ignore" thread

What is that in the eagles' nest?

i got my own place today

Ummm, why does Phoenix have an NHL team in the first place?

Transcontinental train rides can be SO romantic.

I'm still on teh West Coast. Washington State to be exact. It's not raining

Today was my first day driving a cab!

You're not the boss of me.

I've noticed many people here often post stuff that I disagree with

Listening to Wagner while high it dawn's on me ...

Good Friday Earworm - what's yours?

Uh-oh...I might have crossed the "how cute is too damned cute" threshold....

Nic CAGE can't act even for really getting arrested


I just went over 10,000 posts and I did not even

Ooh man, dig that crazy chick.

Playboy Mansion illness traced to hot tub bacteria

Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder

FBI: JDL extorted rap stars, including Tupac

Star of Egyptian Revolt Blasts World’s Elites as “Partners in Crime”

Obama signs 2011 budget deal into law

Insurer denied needed medical tests, Senate finds

Libya: 'Recall Parliament to debate regime change'

U.S. bank failure tally hits 34

The GOP's big gamble

Man guilty of Mass. Obama church fire surrenders

Libyan rebels advance on key oil city (Brega)

Egypt court dissolves (Hosni Mubarak's) former ruling party (& orders liquidation of their assets)

'Prince of Pot' denied transfer to Canadian prison

Your Daily Squee: Doggy and Deer

First Day in her Forever Home. Meet "Patch"

Syria emergency law to be lifted next week: Assad

Water wars? Thirsty, energy-short China stirs fear

Water wars? Thirsty, energy-short China stirs fear

5 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Ohio

NC showdown forces Gov. Perdue to accept budget cuts or stalled unemployment benefits for 37K

Chad denies officers fighting Gaddafi troops

Slim's cellphone subsidiary hit with $1B fine

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

Nigerians Vote in Presidential Election

President Obama: GOP budget vision 'is wrong for America'

Tea Partiers Oppose Malloy's Tax Increases On Traditional Tax Day

North Queensland rocked by 5.4 earthquake, 124km southeast of Townsville

Demeritt, citing ‘unresolved business’, resigns as LePage aide

M5.9 earthquake jolts Kanto region

Syria to lift emergency law

Palin draws a crowd at the Capitol, and not all are friendly

Rescue Operation Underway At Lucky Friday Mine In Mullan (collapse)

I was so lucky to be a teen in Detroit in the 60s. Motown, Beatles and Stones. Perfect.

BP says it's not responsible for paying to reseed oyster beds

Deadly storms strike US south

Bob Barker asks Toronto zoo to shut elephant exhibit

Job training programs cut in budget deal

Obama Tells Congress He's Keeping His Czars

Thousands of Yemeni women protest over (President) Saleh remarks (about them)

Military realities bind NATO in continuing Gadhafi fight

Accept £100,000 or get nothing, Murdoch lawyers tell Sienna

Neo-Nazis, rival groups rally at NJ Statehouse

Sharron Angle rallies Tea Party supporters, breaks into song

Labor protesters surround tea party at Palin rally

Your vote is needed! Help Zeldy win a KatKabin!

Haiti again postpones presidential vote results

Judge unseals Review-Journal/Righthaven contract (DU Case)

Gov. Scott Walker Reportedly Planning Financial Martial Law In Wisconsin

Gabrielle Giffords Supporters Donate $358,000 To Her Re-Election Campaign

Castros embrace reform at Cuba's communist congress

Toxic Chemicals Injected Into Wells, Report Says

Medusa story.

State Department and former adviser to Uribe are pressed for information in death squads case

Least favorite movie by Quentin Tarantino?

Discuss THIS...

Merkley, Kirk, Harkin, Collins Introduce Legislation to End Workplace Discrimination

et tu wbez

Dog gets OWNED by cat: "Look out honey, cause I'm usin' technology..."

And today's official White House "Photo of the Day" is....

Obama assesses GOP budget: 'Wrong for America' (AP)

Stop whining about Obama

Mr Obama Can Not Be President ...

The Rethug agenda is to redistribute wealth from the vast majority

Obama hits Ryan plan once again in weekly address

I haven't heard of any more Democratic presidential primary candidates.

Civility is the Last Refuge of Scoundrels. Truth is...the parties ARE different. (Krugman)

The Republican budget eliminates taxes on dividends, capital gains, interest, and inheritance.

Trump Warns Cantor Not To Give Up Birther Fight: 'People Love This Issue' (VIDEO)

Why do pundits go to this racist on racism

A little History Lesson

Uh Oh....>>> Karl Rove: Trump Is A "Joke Candidate"

Photo: Paul Ryan before and after the President's speech

Remembering When Paul Ryan Worried the Debt Was Too Small

RNC Chairman Reince "Priebus is engaged in a little something known as 'lying.'"

Jon Huntsman is the Obama opponent I tell us why he shouldn't be...

POLL: Support for Ryan's plan plummets as people learn more about it. From 48/33 to 36/56.

Trump takes on Romney - "Mitt Romney's basically a small business guy...a hedge fund guy..." (VIDEO)

Rob Redding: Trump,Birthers,and Tea Party would have killed MLK

My Goodness don't they ever stop and the tea party says there not racist

what if your president's just not that into you?

Why Democrats Could Take Back The House in 2012 (Rasmussen)

The grief the GOP just brought on itself

I used to like the RT Facebook page...

Young CONservatives want their sheep to stop using gay and substitute

Kucinich: Obama Libya War Violates Constitution and UN Resolution

Why The Fed Is Responsible For The Pension Crisis

Abandoned Cattle Lay Dead and Dying Near Fukushima - April 10, 2011 - Sad :(

Weekly Address: America's Fiscal Future

Dr. Kaku on Real Time last night

Nicholas Shaxson: "Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking & Tax Havens. 1 of 2

SB1316: Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's Crooked Greenbelt Bill For Campaign Donor

Obama's off-camera comments

Rand Paul "Come To A Tea Party"

Barack Obama is a Proven Citizen, but Birthers Won't Shut Up

Chris Hedges on the influence of the war lobby

Counting the Cost - America's mountain of debt

Chaos As Dems Trick GOP Into Almost Approving RSC Budget

Bachmann: God Told Me To Introduce Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage In MN

Video: US troops fire on Iraqi detainees - Press TV News

US taxpayers unhappy to pay for wars - Press TV News

The sad legacy under Rhee: a DC community speaks out

Americans protest tax hikes to fund wars

Arizona Legislature Passes 'Obama' Birther Bill

Al Gore Speech from Power Shift 2011 Summit for Renewable Energy - Full Speech in HD

The Last Word: Trump Bumper Stickers and Late Night Comics

Gonzo Calling with Hunter S. Thompson

Obama's broken promises kick-off campaign for 2012

Cop Watch: These Streets Are Watching

MSNBC -- Matt Taibbi Explains How Wall Street Works

Ellison Stumps Republican On House Floor By Asking When Paul Ryan’s Plan Would Balance The Budget

93 year old recounts her childhood during Great Depression as she prepares a breakfast from the era

TYT: Tea Party Candidate Rips Minimum Wage

TYT: Civil War Not About Slavery - Republicans

John Fund and Andrew Breitbart at Wisconsin: "Go to Hell"

NYPD arrests a guy for making a wisecrack about them pulling over a bicyclist

Ed Schultz and Bill Maher vs michael steele on the budget Real Time

Sarah Silverman, Matt Taibbi, Regina Spektor, Only Son at Citizen Radio Live

Elliot Spitzer to Goldman Sachs: You Lied to the American People. You Should Be Prosecuted.

When Dummies Forget Why They Have Handlers

British TV coverage of UN investigator denied access to Bradley Manning (ignored by US TV)

Trump: Bill Ayers Wrote Obama's Book! & "Look, he was born 'Barry Soetero."

55 bird species in danger of being wiped out of Panama

UNL Drought Monitor - 12 April 2011 - Drought Spreads Across S. Plains - Midland Driest Since 1930

3 Months+ After Indonesian Deforestation Ban's Scheduled Start, Nothing In Place Or Enforced

Bill McKibben - What If Your President's Just Not That Into You?

Air Pollution Hits Up To 70X Legal Limits In Iran As "Unprecedented" Sandstorms Rake 20 Provinces

Fraser River Salmon Mortality Rates @ 40-95% - Scientists Suspect Leukemia-Like Virus Is One Cause

Uh, Mr. President? It's About Those Young, Environmentally Aware Voters & Activists . . . .

Under Attack from the Right: G.O.P. Pushes to Deregulate Environment at State Level

Arnie Gundersen with Deepak Chopra: Nuclear cautions & parallels: Fukushima & Indian Point

Radioactivity detected in Japanese fish, veggies

Marine Life At Risk From Radiation In Japan (UPDATE)

San Francisco Passes Most Progressive Urban Agriculture Policy in U.S.

Radioactivity Increases in Fukushima Water, TEPCO is out of Storage Tanks

Fukushima Daiichi Is a 'Ticking Time Bomb' (Democracy Now! interview)

Al Gore:Solar Surge

Geiger Counters Unlikely to Detect Radiation in Food, Water

NS - Corals Grow Well @ Aragonite Saturation Of 4.5; On GBF, Current Levels In Survey 3.5 And Below

19 House Dems Voting To Cut EPA Got Nearly As Much Energy Campaign $ As All Other Dems Combined

Food and Fuel: Biofuels Could Benefit World’s Undernourished - WorldWatch Institute

Fires Across 655 Sq. Miles Of Texas - Firefighter Killed, Dozens Of Homes Destroyed

Asking the Obvious, did Reactor 4 have a Hydrogen Explosion 3/15?

NCDC - Antarctic Ice Levels 2nd-Lowest On Record; Global March 13th-Warmest On Record

Radiation release will hit marine life (

Obama To Climate Activists: "I Can't Do This Alone" A: "What Does He Think We're Doing Here?"

Stuart Staniford - Saudi Arabia Did Not Make Up For Libyan Oil

Germany to speed nuclear energy exit - (replace nukes with renewabe energy)

New engine sends shock waves through auto industry - 3.5 times more efficient than typical ICE

Defend the Commons! - It’s Our Earth Too

Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan Nuclear plant (April 16)

Skeleton Dance (James Howard Kunstler)

Fission industry reveals plan to pilfer public purse.

DCCC chair Steve Israel: Vote today on Paul Ryan proposal will cost GOP the House

Cap Times editorial: Walker should follow Palin’s lead

The Pirates of Capitol Hill (great read!)

Paul Ryan is loud, bold and wrong

The Magical Economy, Brought to You by Paul Ryan and the Heritage Foundation

Tax Day 2011: "The More You Make, The Less You Pay"

Emotional Resilience In Traumatic Times (Carolyn Baker)

Let me bomb you in peace by Pepe Escobar

GOP Budget Bill Named The 'Paul RyAyn Rand Paul' Act

Yemeni women stage massive protest

Tea Party Jesus: Koch's Americans For Prosperity Sidles Up to Religious Right for 2012 Campaign

The Neo-Colonial Land Grab in Africa

Friday Talking Points (163) -- The Ads Just Write Themselves

This morning I shot photos & video at the funeral of a 21 year old Marine killed in Afghanistan

Economist: goal of debt reduction to lower wages 20%, free up gov't spending for bailouts

How Not To Win Wars By Fred Reed

Dear Newt Gingrich, Your Ally John Hagee is a Jew-Bashing, Demon-Casting Exorcist

More Indians going to US universities: Survey

Hearing set in challenge to Los Alamos building

The total cost of the Libya intervention (CS Monitor blog)

The Legendary Weekend Economists! April 15-17, 2011

How Money Based Economies Subvert Self-Sufficiency (Part 1)

Nicholas Kristof: The Power of Mockery

Dear President Obama, I got me a bad dose of the "what ifs?"

SAF Sues Over Massachusetts Gun Ban For Legal Alien Residents

Anyone else watch "Best Defense" on the Outdoor Channel?

Evil, greedy gun dealer sells multiple guns to straw buyers for Mexican gangs while our heroic law

North Dakota: Governor Signs Employee Protection Bill. (Allows Guns In Car In Parking Lot)

I was wondering why I hadn't seen this guy for awhile ....

Top 10 accidental deaths reasons, age 1-17

National Rifle Association Receives Millions of Dollars From Gun Industry "Corporate Partners"

(Open Carry Wannabe) Gun scare at Tamaqua grocery store

Good outcome to home invasion......

I just watched the HBO documentary "Gun Fight"....

My opinions on the issue of gun control (for what they are worth) …

"Open Carry" gun bill heads to Florida Senate floor

U.S.-Backed Programs Supplying the Firepower for Mexico’s Soaring Murder Rate

Saw my first open carry in town the other day.

(Firearms Fishing Advocate) Green Bay gun dealer cited for violations (guns -> mass shootings)

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles...Ingteresting reading.

YouTube pulled Apple's "It Gets Better" Video due to "policy on depiction of harmful activities."

SEIU Political Director and Progressive Maryland Board Member Calls Trans People “Circus Freaks”

Catholic priest to be tried for abuse. How many does this make now? More than a hundred?

Are Overly Religious People Affected by Stress from Biological Parasites?

New book challenges views on sex in the Bible

Loopy Christian college kid stabs himself at atheist gathering to prove God exists

Young mum, inspired by the Bible to mutilate her son, faces assault charges

#42 Day >>

State Department and former adviser to Uribe are pressed for information in death squads case

What's with Carl Crawford?

Chile Orders Exhumation to Settle How President Allende Died

Honduran Carbon Emissions Project Is Evaluating EDF Contract Termination

Cuba's party congress: The road to reform?

Haitians to wait 4 more days for election results

Lenny Dykstra charged with embezzling

Jerry Remy needs to take the marbles out of his mouth

Bolivia protests challenge Evo Morales

Why (Pete) Rose should be in Hall of Fame and drug cheats should not.

Peru election: No country 'left' behind

The JR Chess Report (April 16): Dubai Open, Russian ChT and US Championships

‘Matter of Policy’: Gaza War and Goldstone’s Moral Collapse (Ramzy Baroud)

Abbas: Iran orders Hamas to block Palestinian reconciliation

Ramallah fashion show draws condemnation from Hamas

Car sales race ahead as Palestinian economy purrs

Haniyeh says no to Shalit compromise

Spain’s crown Prince Philip in Ramallah

Israel's 'fantasy island' off Gaza's coast - Suhail Khalilieh