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The movie "TOP GUN" - how it still resonates today & how it didn't

Chemicals Were Injected Into Wells, Report Says

Southern California Republican Party official Circulates Racist E-mail Targeted At President Obama

Sunday Talk Shows

I'm betting their record on US job creation tracks pretty much with their tax payments to the US

Have You Guys Seen This Housing Bubble Chart ??? (It's Been Updated)

New Foo Fighters Album - Hawked on DU ....

Minnesota Tax Day rally numbers way down from last year

More shelling in rebel-held city in western Libyan

More shelling in rebel-held city in western Libyan

Recognize Your POWER, Dammit!

The Best Of Anthony Weiner Being Awesome

Get your barf bags ready: PepsiCo Says Cut U.S. Taxes on Foreign Profits to Boost Hiring

James Fallows -Undoing Medicare: The Real 'Death Tax'

Flashy GOP House Fundraiser Party Stars LeAnn Rimes, Nets $59 per ‘Critter

Sorry About Making A Post About A Recent Post of Mine, But I'm Curious...

Someday this will be funny. Rick Scott word cloud first 100

Palin crawls out of her hole, drops new catch phrase, sees shadow, six more weeks of winter.

any suggestions for Cold War books?

Defiant U.S. ambassador rebuked for faith-based writing asks to resign

Why do fundamentalist Christians prefer the King James Bible?

"The Great Recession"

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Pity the Nation.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Pity the Nation.

It's okay because she has black friends....

In what other states are elected officials voided by the Governor?

House GOP budget worries lawmakers (Hawaii)

Republicans need to follow the lead of Sarah Palin, she has valuable advice they need to hear

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over App Purchases, 'Child Exploitation'

an utterly intolerant and dogmatic person who did a great deal of good"Milton Friedman on Ayn Rand.

"Its not fair that our children have shoulder our debt,

Missouri bill limits lawsuits, awards against animal agriculture operations

House Democrats Say Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Contain Toxic Ingredients

"Wake up, America!"

"Wake up, America!"

Just as a reminder, Bradley Manning is being tortured while Obama bails out

Economic inequality and human life cannot coexist

James O'Keefe encourages tea party members to conduct investigations

Boredom or apathy?

Brazilian Criticizes Wealthy Nations’ Policies

I know what is right, but I got one life

Hilarious Palin-related headline:

When is the new version of DU going to be up and running? Does anybody know?

Coachella LIVE on YouTube - Bright Eyes and Arcade Fire coming up

Amazing that this piece of website talks more about Ayn Rand than Neil Young

I watched too much TV when I was young (this is why I don't have a TV today)

It is really time to start taking our country back

Thread-lock ...

Orange Crush: Obama

Legislation to give terminally ill Montana man opportunity to hunt antelope

"Why do you have the right to take people's money?!"

Why don't liberals seize among fiscal conservatives?

If you don't know who Alvin Lee is, then I question you;.

"Bill O'Reilly is actually a moderate."

The Koch Brothers' Big Club.....

I received this in an email and so I am passing it along - Let's Fix Congress

Empathy & humanity in the face of adversity

What was with the temporary dividers protecting Palin?

Illinois could teach Ryan how to fix a budget

Palestinian PM hails UN ''birth certificate'' (UN endorsement of readiness to govern)

Monopoly and Competition in Twenty-First Century Capitalism

Breitbart spews lies in Madison, tells Wiconsin citizens to "go to hell".

Breitbart spews lies in Madison, tells Wiconsin citizens to "go to hell".

John Tanton - The Anti-Immigration Crusader

Total Nail from "Sicko":


Help me understand this:

Dilbert on offshoring

Brown rounds up support to stop GOP on Medicare

Another sleepyhead Air Traffic Controller


State fair vendor abused workers from Mexico

Let's get rid of the EPA! Carcinogens injected into gas wells, report says

couple of Ryan toons

Hazardous Chemicals and Known Carcinogens were Injected into Wells by Oil and Gas Service Companies

Candy Crowley is trying her best to minimize Anthony Weiner. Weiner needs to click on her. She is

More CAP clap trap on class size reduction; who are they trying to fool?

Committee Democrats Release New Report Detailing Hydraulic Fracturing Products

"The Taxman Cometh"

New climate change case headed to Supreme Court

who here has seen 'lifting the veil'?

"The Kennedys" on now on ReelZ. Heads up.

(Grrrr)Reuters: Palin faces "extremely hostile, expletive hurling government union rowdies"

Students should fume over smoking ban (reg cigs/e-cigs/chewing/etc)

I see the smoking threads are making the rounds this morning...

Meet John TANTON, most powerful Unknown: anti-immigrant "centrist/Lib"

The Finnish Nationalist Party is posed to win today's general election

Arrested. Charged. Incarcerated. No investigation. No corroboration. No conclusive evidence

Your tax dollars at 'work'

Rep. Kucinich says 'Obama Libya war violates US constitution'

I Would Like To Thank Warner Brother's Cartoons, And Not Just For Part Of My Childhood...

Shopping at Macy's and I run across a Donald Trump branded dress shirt----

Republicans saying Trump is working for Hillary?

Consider this...

Ukip (UK Indpendence Party) attracts anti-immigrant vote as polite alternative to BNP

Self-deleted by member

Is there a catalog of conservative factions somewhere?

DC Teachers Unions Protests The Washington Post

yahoo users liked atlas shrugged, however reading the comments I suspect

Pueblo attorney's push for nuclear plant draws a lot of heat

Self-deleted by member

Radiation rises near the plant

Ben Stein just did a bit on CBS Sunday morning show against

Libertarian version of the New Testament

Dear Mr. CEO,

Self-deleted by member

Trump is being trumped today..

Ok, so Palin's crowd was a bit thin in Madison. Hey -- it was cold outside!

Metric Fan saves the band from Glenn Beck

Egyptian people forced Mubarak to resign. People of Wisconsin, are you gonna WAIT for months...

I have a friend who is a republican school teacher in Florida

Introducing new board game - Tea Party Monopoly

UNHCR:Poor countries bordering Libya, Ivory Coast and Somalia have taken in hundreds of thousands of

France blocks Italian trains carrying North African migrants

8 NATO Soldiers Killed Saturday in Afghanistan

Ironic That We Observe The 150th Anniversary Of Fort Sumter Being Fired Upon...

It is a right-wing strategy to define whatever position they hold as "center".

Goodbye, wolves

Van Jones: ‘While They’re Stuck On Stupid In DC, Your Generation Is Rising’

Trump's other (besides Roger STONE) campaigner, Michael COHEN

Only a Republican would think you can cut a foot off the top of a blanket,....

Oh, what the hell. (Pictorial essay)

Gang of Six’ in the Senate Seeking a Plan on Debt

Colbert vs. Kyl and spread of 'misinformation'

Raleigh, NC area tornado footage.

How CIA Spies Deal Death From The Skies

About that "present" vote by the Dems the other day...

Local CBS affiliate labels tea party members with "join or die" flags "patriots"

Michael Dell: The Making of an American Oligarch

Chernobyl exploded on April 26, 1986. By December of 86, it had been entombed.

"I hate New Jersey Nazis" - Blues Brother Jake

Bwahahahahahaha !!!

How come all the dead beats confiscating all the money don't have any money?

SUNDAY INFOGRAPHIC - "The Current State of Social Networks"

"Spillionaires": Profiteering in the Wake of the BP Oil Spill

Sarah Palin Bombs In Wisconsin

Just a reminder: Trump pals around with Terrarists rented a tent site to Gaddafi in his own backyard

Sorry Trump - "nobody actually likes you"

My grandparents'and great grandparents' generations were stupid

How should Congress vote?

Buffalo, NY: Move on Protester dragged onto private property and maced:

Genes from algae allow blind mice to see (Most excellent scientific discovery :0)

Death total for latest storm system at 40. These deaths, many of

New Teabagger approach: news outlets edited footage to falsely demonstrate that pro-Palin peeps were

Why on earth did hack Gregory have Greenspan on

"Racist, hatred, fear."

Why would you vote Republican to run government when they don't believe in it?

Auto Insurance Industry Ass Kissing Ad.. Oh Sorry... Story

The Truth About Paul Ryan-He has even made Atlas Shrugged required reading for his staff

The Truth About Paul Ryan-He has even made Atlas Shrugged required reading for his staff

Funny/interesting Dental Story on a dopey day...

Were there any aerial views of the Madison Teabagger rally yesterday?

Do you think the Pentagon has ever considered Wall Street a threat to national security?

Sunday Talk Shows and Trump

"ALEC saw a golden opportunity with the economic downturn of 2008 & the rise of tea party sentiments

LOL- Trump needs a running mate!

Spiritual Abuse? The "Prosperty Gospel"

Israel chief rabbi says Obama must free Pollard if he wants another term

Promise Keepers. What do you all remember about these people?

Mystery Illnesses Plague Louisiana Oil Spill Crews - Agence France-Presse

Vietnam Government Accused of Financing Forced Labor…in U.S.

Comrade Snyder looking to raid Michigan School Budget Surplus

Would you prefer a 1st or a 3rd Round Knock Out?

Go USA. we are #1 The United States imprisons 760 of every 100,000 citizens

Comrade Snyder Voids Elected Officials Of Benton Harbor, Michigan

Late Night Snack: Booing the Koch Puppet Palin in Wisconsin

Lowest bidder for lawn service rejected

S. Korea finds trace levels of radioactive particles in air

Another GOP Official Caught Forwarding Racist Obama Email

My Southern Strategy.

"Property Of Florida Legislature"

The Democratic Guide to Talking Points 101

A question about the addresses for videos from Youtube

Pics from yesterday's Tea & Counter Rally in Madison :)

Heads up! - Matt Taibbi coming up on CNN now - nt

I'll ask again: Is it POSSIBLE to entomb the reactors in Japan now? Thanks. nt

The Conspirator - An Important Movie for Our Time...

Hillary meets the Empress in Tokyo.

"Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically" (AP report)

Belly Dancing Sinks NYC Woman Dorothy McGurk's Disability Claim

"From now on, depressions will be scientifically created."

DU keeps eviscerating copyright trolls Righthaven.

Million Dollar Idea

Atlas Shrugged Pt. 1 opens to just under $1.7M on 300 US Screens

You Have Learned That

Trump lodges barking objection over deluxe golf resort

Trump lodges barking objection over deluxe golf resort

Self-deleted by member

Who is John Galt?.........A bomb

"You're not going to make a big deal about this are you?"

What the wealth gap and tax cuts are giving us - Mansions with secret rooms and elevators for cars

New York Times profile of anti-immigration activist John Tanton

Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically

Winter Soldiers Outshine Sunshine Patriots as Palin's Madison Rally Is Overwhelmed by Protest Crowd

Dog the Bounty Hunter bails out Nicholas Cage

Well. Watched "The Kennedys" today. Well. Sharing a memory, from 1968.

Teabagging For Jesus: Religious Right To Team With Tea Party For 2012

Fundraising by GOP House freshmen off to slow start / more buyers remorse

Southern CA Republican allegedly sent offensive Obama email

GOP official defends Obama chimpanzee email; party leader calls it 'racist'

Rightwing candidates...

"Top Secret America" Washington Post Investigation Part 1 - Democracy NOW!(video) MUST WATCH!

Earthquake relief: Little people doing big things

Do things cost less now than in 1980?

Where would our leaders and party's stand on the political compass

Can we discuss predicted 8.0 quake in Japan?

US, Japan to Create Partnership to Rebuild After Disaster

California has borrowed $10.8 billion for jobless

Creator of premium support says Ryan has ‘vouchers, not premium support’

I wish more info would come out about Gabby Giffords' condition

To Japan quake survivors, temporary homes feel like heaven

To Japan quake survivors, temporary homes feel like heaven

Who'da thunk it? Scott Walker has ties to the Koch's and the Tea Party.

Only one question for Donald Trump ...

D.C. voting rights proponents’ faith in Obama sinks

One Year Later: After BP Disaster, No Tight Regulation of Offshore Rigs

surge update: 8 NATO troops killed in one day in Afghanistan

OH YEAH, I almost forgot, Re: Madison

Lawyers, guns and money, but no jobs (North Carolina GOP)

Bankers,CEOs,Stockholders, and other titans of industry I have a request. Please Go Galt.

Judge Reveals Secret Righthaven Copyright Contract

Some objective MSM reporting of Tea Party rally

A Cloudy Day...

Let's have a Sunday morning shout out for Ichingcarpenter

Let's have a Sunday morning shout out for Ichingcarpenter

radio station aired ethnic song parody: "30 Hmongs in a House"

X-post from DU: Photography Group

Donald Trump is pretty shady re: Obama birth certificate

Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines

Yesterday, Brunch with the Girls Turned Political (again)

28-Year-Old Key to Offensive Against Internet Poker Sites

US museums face financial woes, get more visitors

Paul Ryan made a surprising comment this morning on Face the Nation..

List of actions for a nuclear-free world throughout the Spring - state by state

Republicans believe in "local control" & "small government" as much as they believe in. . .

Los Angeles Porn Industry Stonewalls Health Investigators

Rainbow: Family shaken to the core (Japan)

New rules for Air Traffic controllers

What the Founding Fathers Intended

Staff of Koch-funded Northwood University co-authored MI op-ed piece with ALEC task force director

Republicans Now Hiring Out of State Felons – Circulator Arrested in Crime Spree

Republicans Now Hiring Out of State Felons – Circulator Arrested in Crime Spree

If third-party votes gave us more progressive policies, you would not be complaining right now.

Did You Just Call Me a Socialist?

Fukushima Operator Lays Out Plan to Control Nuclear Plant

I am compiling data re. big box stores vs. locally owned stores. Does anyone have any good links?

So Bill Oreilly is a moderate, the teabaggers have been added to the right wing and liberals are

Put out your OWN damn fires, Rick "John Galt" Perry!

Slow start raises concerns about the GOP in 2012 race

"No Notice" - Was the Waukesha Canvass Legal? - DailyKos

What is going on with American banking?

City develops dress code that bans cleavage in the workplace

Kiss My ASSessments: Tales of Testing from a former charter school teacher

Minority rule.

Any psychologists here? Do you think Donald Trump is a true sociopath?

I would like to know why .. the state gov't in MI

Madison Tea Party: Palin Introduced by Breitbart Screaming 'Go To Hell!' (video)

Would we be better off if the Chinese or Indians started surpassing the US in medical advances?

NYC DUers.I have a geo question about N.Y.City. Can you help?

Just noticed a teabag 'friend' defriended me.

With shelters full, Salvation Army directing families to live in the woods

Madison Rally: 500 of them, 5000 of us!! Walker lies:There is NO Silent Majority (with Video)

The White House Has Put Out A Calculator To See How Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent...

Right Wing NeoCon Radio In The Dallas Area......

One month on, debris fields barely dented (JAPAN)

Single pine tree a sign of hope amid devastation in Japanese city

Single pine tree a sign of hope amid devastation in Japanese city

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "The Trump" (and You All Remember How Much Trudeau Likes Him... Right?)

BRICS countries ditch US dollar for issuing credit

BRICS countries ditch US dollar for issuing credit

Is it normal for police/agents of the state to touch our private areas?

New York City’s Deadly Game of Nuclear Roulette

Robin Williams nails Trump on CBS Sunday

Dems recruiting General Abu Grahib to run in Texas for U.S. Senate

Re financial martial law: a 2009 SC ruling that ALEC praised & was involved with makes it easier

FL in the news : Florida Senate Judiciary approves repeal of church state separation

Greenspan is going to lose his club access if he keeps this up

Ben Stein is a liar

Our Public Schools Are Churning Out Drones for the Corporate State (Chris Hedges)

"The United States has always maintained a white underclass .." Joe Baegent

To The American Media: Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging

To The American Media: Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging

Ohio senior senator Sherrod Brown is introducing a tax cut for working class families only

So why is it the Republicans have such a poor roster of candidates?

'Atlas Shrugged' Derails?

Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests

"the day abortion becomes an unquestionable right"

"During 7 of the 8 George W. Bush years-the IRS report on top 400 taxpayers labeled state secret"

I have seen "Atlas Shrugged." Ask me anything.

Big money goes toward our furry friends

Ebert: "Does Anyone Want to Be 'Well-Read'?"

CIA Sued For "Holding History Hostage" On Bay Of Pigs Invasion

Robert Parry: How I View the American Crisis (4-17-11 Consortium News)

Trump says he's "a much bigger businessman" than Romney...

FDA: "We have not been doing any testing."

Have you ever run out of gas? (Out of gas calls on the rise)

"I was gate-raped by my Government" - from Shannyn Moore

Air traffic controller scheduling changes coming


Is it time to show up at every Tea Party Event? In huge numbers?

Finally, after days of howling winds, rain, snow in the nest this

Are Stock Exchanges Unconstitutional?

MiddleFingerMom's response to Sarah Palin's Taxday Teabaggin' Address... & you can quote him on this

When PWB pays more taxes than G.E. we have a tax problem.

High Res Photos of Damage at Fukushima

Don't let it happen here. Urge your Reps to co-sponsor the Nuclear Power Plant Safety Act

Spitzer to Eric Holder: Prosecute Goldman or Quit

I talked with a Tea Partier yesterday

Can we have a forum for coverage of local protests?

Stand Up for Women's Health

Could riding the bus fund your retirement?

Smokers Vs. Drinkers

Chevy Volt Owners Going 1000 Miles Before Refilling?

"18 years after Waco, Davidians believe Koresh was God"

Mail Carrier Suspended for Defecating on Job

GREAT NEWS!! WI-Harsdorf Recall Effort Has 110% of Signatures Needed For Recall, Working Toward 125%

Was life really that different prior to 9/11?

U.S. Ranks Dead Last In Overall Social Spending

A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin. (MUCH more info and some pretty hard to ignore proof about the

Palin does it again. This time it's "Fight Like a Girl".

French Catholic extremist destroy famous Piss Christ

COMEDY! "Paul Ryan's Quest"

Rochester ed superintendent on Rahm's short list for CEO had no confidence vote by 2,713 to 140.

"Dry your eyes my little friend....."

Chick Norris is a bad mutha...HUSH YOUR MOUTH... I'm just talkin' 'bout Chick... well, we can dig it

How to tell if your pizza is really, really, REALLY good.

Mr Lucas of Are You Being Served has died.

The Sex Pistols didn't know the HALF of it.

Rock out to the Coachella Webcast! (3 channels!)

Sweet Home Alabama. Damn You.

Call Me Wesley's first ukulele music video (Caution: nekkid ukulele tushes)

Julia Sweeney tells her eight yr old daughter about sex.

OK, this doesn't suck as bad: Lady GaGa releases Judas.


Favorite type of sex thread.

Favorite type of sex Fred.

Wanna go away for a long weekend? A short vacation? MFM is available to babysit your children.

Sibling revelry:

Think of a three digit number -- got one? -- okay you just created Stoner Food...

ha ha - this one made me laugh. remember this oldie?

wind chimes or yappy rat dog?

Coachella LIVE on YouTube - Bright Eyes and Arcade Fire coming up

Badass cat

Number 1 song this date in 1966? Stay seated if you can (hint: Give me a little bass on those 88s).

Favorite current scientist

Other little girls were happy playing as Dale Evans, but Li'l Skittles was happiest as Genghis Khan.

You never know when and where you'll need to have an emergency meeting.....

Kids (of all ages) would LOVE sticking their hands into this!!!

S'up, Dawg?

Now, from a clean slate, I will get to see what health care is like here

Fish stories:


I'm going to Dublin next week.

So I've decided to fall off the wagon and watch a tv show tonight.

Penguin tickling (Squee Warning!!)

Listening to Monster Ballads

Psssssssssst the eaglets are alone

Just efiled my federal taxes for the first time

I can manage to keep my rational and thoughtful attitude

Advice needed for the terminally confrontation-phobic.

Remember the cars that the Wolf would always drive in those old Merrie Melodies cartoons?

Ah, the sweet taste of kosher for Passover Coke

Tell us about the most boring day you ever had. Give as much detail as possible.

Fish Sticks or Thai Sticks?

Sick dog - ER vet or wait and see?

Canadian dollar has risen to above par with the US one. So why are we still

Well, I just watched the worst movie ever made.

Tornado missed my mom's house and my little girl by about a 1/4 mile yesterday

Important user tip for Mac operators with scroll wheel mice

So here's a light-hearted DU story for you.

Just finished watching Law Abiding Citizen. *spoilers possible*

Have a job interview tomorrow...

I don't like it when people ask me

Funny/interesting Dental Story on a dopey day...

MFM's birthday is coming up and (hint/hint/subtle fucking hint) he has found his dream computer.

I found a tv show that ..always ..yes always makes me smile...

In Seoul, Clinton quiet on North Korea issue

Chemicals Were Injected Into Wells, Report Says

Brazilian Criticizes Wealthy Nations’ Policies

Groundwater radiation level at nuke plant rises: TEPCO + Japan may move capital from Tokyo

Report: Michigan 'fairly' prepared for possible radiation emergency

State fair vendor abused workers from Mexico

Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa calls for UN report rally

D.C. voting rights proponents’ faith in Obama sinks

Pueblo attorney's push for nuclear plant draws a lot of heat

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fuzzy Green Meat Edition

Spitzer to Eric Holder: Prosecute Goldman or Quit

Wilson child killed in accidental shooting

Gang of Six’ in the Senate Seeking a Plan on Debt

From Stephen Fry to Hugh Grant: The rise of the celebrity activist

Question about those one-hour photo shacks in the seventies and eighties.

Egypt's ex-premier charged with corruption

Has anyone seen the movie "four lions"? Is it any good. It is supposed to be

Air controllers to get more rest between shifts

Trump lodges barking objection over deluxe golf resort

Winter Soldiers Outshine Sunshine Patriots as Palin's Madison Rally Is Overwhelmed by Protest Crowd

FAA says another air traffic controller fell asleep, plans to alter scheduling

Fundraising by GOP House freshmen off to slow start

TEPCO aims to achieve 'cold shutdown' for reactors in 6-9 months

OK: Silly kid rhymes, games, and taunts you remember

Ai Weiwei arrest protests at Chinese embassies worldwide

Mexico gang leader 'captured over killings'

Misrata becomes Libya's Stalingrad

‘Gang of Six’ in the Senate Seeking a Plan on Debt

2,000 protest Chernobyl benefit cuts in Ukraine

Steak Advice...Help!

What's your favorite appetizer?

Official: 5 troops killed in Afghanistan bombing are all Americans

2 dead in Iowa train crash

Defiant U.S. ambassador rebuked for faith-based writing asks to resign

Rescuers work through night to find Idaho miner

Raul Castro proposes term limits in Cuba

Nationalist True Finns make gains in Finland vote

Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically

Rebels Flee Key Libyan Town

Bill to allow guns in Maine State House advances

Oil market oversupplied: Saudis

OC Republican official allegedly sent email of President Obama that depicts him as an ape

New Foo Fighters Album - Hawked on DU ....

Daily Kos:A very good week for the Democrats

Facts about ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)

President Obama Issues “Signing Statement” Indicating He Won’t Abide by Provision in Budget Bill

The Empty Pulpit: The Obama Problem

The Buzz Blog: Pelosi comes to Orlando, Florida tomorrow to bash GOP plan to overhaul Medicare

WAPO: Pelosi Loses Her Spot at the Helm

Racist Orange County Teabagging Republican Email: President Obama and His Parents Are Apes

"It's almost like trying to negotiate with a suicide bomber."

Pelosi names two to Biden debt talks

Leaked UN report indicates Sri Lanka war crimes

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Rep. Schakowsky on Debt Commission, Obama Budget Speech

Sarah Palin Tea Party Appearance Announced on Vicki McKenna Radio Show 4/14

Mike Malloy - Nasty Little Narrow Republicans

Trump Brags of Screwing People Out of Billions at Teabagger Rally

Radiation Poisoning at Fukushima

Hi Def VIDEO of inside of Fukishima #2 spent fuel pool.

I Am INSPIRED, Let's Make the CONS CRY!

sans freedom

African Drum and Dance Circle - Power Shift 2011 - Clean Energy Summit - JTMP.ORG

What Was Cut In The 2011 Budget Deal? 4/11/11

Sarah Palin gets a boo in Madison

Marijuana will ruin your life.

Keith Olbermann-The First Guess: Glenn Beck

Sarah Palin in Madison 4/16/11

Mike Malloy - Bet Your Ass Is Class Warfare

Mike Malloy - Every Single Republican Is A Liar

Horses of War Celebrated - Amazing Puppetry & Story

Mark Fiore animation, "Pretty Please"

What The tea Party rally in Madison "really" looked like~

The US, Gulf Kings and Brutal Repression in Bahrain

Offshore tax havens: the way Wall Street rulez the world!

TDPS: Insane anti-gay bill says teachers can't say or refer to homosexuality, gays, lesbians...

Madison Tea Party April 16th - Vuvuzela Edition

Austerity Is the Last Thing You Want During A Recession

Eat THIS, Andy: Palin, Breitbart booed by 3,000 pro-labor supporters at teabagger event

Legal...Illegal, little political ditty, sung by a lovely Irish Lass

Song A Day #833: Wall Street Wives (+ link to Matt Taibbi article)

NASAleaks ("Comet" Elenin)

US Uncut "Pay Up!" Flashmob at Bank of America 4/15/11

Mark Fiore animation, "New Nation"

Worst Persons of the Day for April 13, 2011 Keith Olbermann

Reid Report: Bradley Manning's Father says his son looks good

Matt Taibbi on a Government "Shadow Budget" that benefits Wall Street

Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin in Madison with Real Full Audio of Protesters

Full Core Meltdown In Japan Will Send Radiation Over United States

Governor asks feds to declare Texas a disaster area due to wildfires

Nikkei : Tepco Continues Desperate Struggle To Block Contamination

Cloak of Secrecy "They Kept Trying to Muzzle Us" Ex-Editor of Japan Times

TEPCO Aims for 'Cold Shutdown' Within Nine Months

At least 6500 spills, leaks, fires or explosions at wells and pipelines nationwide in 2010

Nine-Month Plan Is Set for Crippled Japan Nuclear Plant

Gov't OKs raw milk shipments from another 25 Fukushima municipalities

Maine's nationally recognized recreational water route generated $1.75 million a year

Robots Enter Fukushima Reactor Building for First Time

Reminder: John Holdren: "The most important environmental liability of nuclear fission is..."

Japanese International Airport Radiation Information

The Chair of FERC is the point of the spear for grid reliability.

Wiki Graph of US/China/France/UK/Russia Military Spending

Fact Checker: ‘Historic’ budget cuts?

The Donald Plays The Ultimate Trump Card With The Tea Party

The Cost of a Convenient Store

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

BIll Moyers interviews "The Wire" creator David Simon

PNM Is Not Your Friend

Work under way for transfer of contaminated water

Tornado Cuts Power to Surry Nuclear Plant (Virginia)

Japan, Oil and the Fragility of Globalization

This is how the ruling (Repug) class rules.- Walker and Republicans Go Over the Heads of the People

Palin’s road show fizzles in Wisconsin

Radioactive Lanthanum, Usually Lead-Shielded in Labs, detected in Japan's Air

As in 1984, we need the courage to raise taxes

Representative Raul Grijalva: A Congressman that Stands with Us

Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically (down 35% since 1992)

Patriots' Day, April 19 - 'Concord Hymn' (R. W. Emerson)

Ryan Deficit Reduction Plan (bykilling Medicare & Medicaid) would more than double beneficiary costs

Why are Republicans so down on America?

Guest Post: Why Should U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize the Sale of the F-35?

CNN: "Human resources are dumb as a box of hammers. They need everything spelled out."

From Stephen Fry to Hugh Grant: The rise of the celebrity activist

The GOP's Borat Budget

Cut Limbaugh and Hannity By Ralph Nader

Shock employment figures: Fewer than 46% of Americans have jobs

Congressman Wants Citizens of ALL Religions to Reflect on the Ten Commandments (Redux)

Obama v. Obama on signing statements

Investigation throws "Three Cups of Tea" author Greg Mortenson's charity work into doubt

Dr. Inferno: Staggering Drop in Global Temperature!

Are Arizona's gun laws too lax?

A gun permit - and a medical marijuana card

ACTION cancels gun show protest due to ‘threats’

Man, 83, Shoots Burglar, Holds Accomplices at Gunpoint.

"Happiness is a Worn Gun".....a really balanced article about CCW from a writer for Harpers....

Anti-gun "activist" loses his mind....

Texas officials want their own gun rights - rights that wouldn't be extended to other citizens.

Gotcha! GetEqual ambushes Maggie Gallagher, gives her Bigotry Award

Something I have wanted to say to you all for awhile

Visage of Ceiling Cat Appears in Iceberg

Modern Passover Seder Songs (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)

What Do You Believe? Nick News with Linda Ellerbee...

The Caveman is back!

Why are there no NBA/NHL playoff threads?

Why Marge Schott should be in the Hall Of Fame

There is no better player in the NBA than Derrick Rose

"Baseball is (now) just another game without its history."

Honduras: Human RightsNahúm Palacios, journalist, assassinated

Travel with Rick Steves: Jim Wallis explains to Rick the work he was doing

Peruvian presidential election results electoral map - comentators argue battle shifts to Lima

Uribe and Santos exchange snides

Raul Castro proposes term limits in Cuba

World's richest man to invest $1.5 bn in Argentina

Colombia rejects human rights blacklisting

Two teens from West Bank village arrested over Itamar massacre

Jewish groups debate ways to thwart U.N. recognition of 'Palestine'

Israeli teenager dies from bus attack injuries

Thomas, Walt-Mearsheimer to address ‘Move Over AIPAC’ conference

Helen Thomas to address anti-Israel protests during Netanyahu's visit to U.S.

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