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An extremely inspiring (seriously) essay from an influential ex-homophobe conservative

What our party poobahs reply to input, esp. when they know our vote is for sure

Kindergartner brings gun to Texas school, 3 hurt

Kapanke recall committee rebut challenge:

(JAPAN) Temporary housing sites to get nursing care bases

(JAPAN) Temporary housing sites to get nursing care bases

Republicans attack Donald Trump as he mulls 2012 run

2 missing town workers used their last words to save lives (JAPAN)

Libyan war accelerates Chinese debate over “non-intervention”

Watch 13 minutes of Sun News ('Fox News North') about the USA here


A Times Editorial - Drilling off Florida: It's not worth it (anniversary of Deepwater blowout)

JoAnne Kloppenburg’s campaign disputes

The last time the New York Knicks won

Ed is off by a year. Bush came in in 2001 and Obama in 2009

Japanese man, 114, named world's oldest

Et tu, IKEA?

Marist Poll Drops Present In Dem's Lap: 70 Percent of "Tea Party Supporters" Oppose Medicare Cuts

POWER GRAB: Florida GOP trying to pack state Supreme Court for Rick Scott

Thanks to the Republicans for the Social Insecurity...

Pastor pleads guilty to sexual assault

Peak Wingnut Was A Lie!

Schwarzenegger says commutation was to help friend

Rachel Maddow Segment on Michigan: To Michigan DUers

Ed is on fire tonight.

Ed is on fire tonight.

Latest webcam image shows clouds of radioactive steam rising from Fukushima… After color correction

Big US Companies: Hire Abroad, Fire At Home. - BusinessInsider

Just saw my first Teabagger Rally around here

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Ohio County Losing Its Young to Painkillers’ Grip - More deaths Overdoses than car accidents

Even still yet more vote flipping on electronic machines (vid)

Trump : Recession was "Act of God"; therefore, I don't owe bank $40 million

25% of British 16-year-olds expected to live 100 years or longer

I was nervous about watching the Daily Show's interview with Kucinich

Libya Campaign Enters New Month, With Little Change

No one has entered Fukushima buildings since March 11

Democrats' House Majority PAC readies first ad

President Obama gets snippy with a Texas TV reporter - Yahoo

More proof of GOP stupidity & malfeasance: They disapprove of raising SS income cap

Libyan war accelerates Chinese debate over “non-intervention”

Sarah Palin -- waiting for Hair & Makeup to prep her for today's Fox News broadcast:

I think the President should have some fireside chats with the American people...

Tsunami: Death and survival at school swimming club

ergh, thought i was replying to a thread, sorry, new here

Assumption of good faith?

A CIA commander for the Libyan rebels (3/28)

Jury convicts executive in $3 billion mortgage fraud case

CNN Poll: Majoriety of Americans favor same-sex marriage

How Donald Trump Will Kill Birtherism

Found this on the door of a professor's office (toon)

The Broad Foundation: A Parent Guide

Alternet: The Tea Party Propaganda Factory You Probably Don't Know About

The "high standards" of the education testing industry. Connection to S&P rating of US credit

4 republicans face recall in wisconsin: historic event

TAX THE RICH!!! the news and the non-news

Wisconsin - Sign the Petition for Supreme Court recount

Merit pay increases averaged 3%, while corbett is seeking givebacks from labor!

Poll shows Americans oppose entitlement cuts to deal with debt problem

Colbert vs. Rand.

The GOP "Path To Prosperity"

What if we tried to give Pres. Obama the same powers Gov. Snyder now has

Imagine Charter School Chain: The complicated profit machinery

The Wall Street Money Machine

Mitch Daniels Was Once Caught With 2 Shoeboxes Full of Weed

Contact Durbin about his "gang" and where they think the "center" is:

I am going to launch a lawsuit to have TUMS removed from store shelves.

Palin: Don't pick on Trump...

BP back to buying Politicians

BP back to buying Politicians

How to tell if your School District is Infected by the Broad Virus - & how to fight it...

World Revolution Not Seen on TV- Rallies Around the World- Please Repost

Waukesha canvass gets OK But a few anomalies noted

Need help with posting a screen shot

Well, we now know that Trump is dumber than W

Donald Trump took out full-page ads in 3 NYC papers, calling for the reinstatement of the death

If the Deficit was treated like the RW treats climate change....

Spending time with conservatives sure reminds me of how much they suck

Is it possible....

Why the BP Disaster in the Gulf Could Happen Again Tomorrow

Happy 4/20 Y'all!

Pawlenty’s Kindergarten: Sharing Is ‘Socialist’ & Slavery Helps Capitalism

Jury convicts exec in $3 billion mortgage fraud case

Gov. Brewer Signs Law Giving Tea Party Flag Same Status As American Flag

Please step away from the fear, By Mark Morford

4 people seeking jobs injured during McDonald's hiring blitz Tuesday

For Richest 400, Income Quadruples while Tax Rate Plunges

English Universities set £6,000-plus fees

So if they cut Social Security, and later the economy gets better, do we get the cuts rescinded?

Borders Executives Fire 6,000 Employees…and Apply for $8 Million in Bonuses

Borders Executives Fire 6,000 Employees…and Apply for $8 Million in Bonuses

'Koch brothers' confusion results in death threat for Iowa company

RALLY for RECOUNT!! Kloppenburg -

Top Federal Lab Hacked in Spear-Phishing Attack

New House Majority PAC Running Radio Ads Against Vulnerable Freshmen

Just heard on the 11 o'clock news: NC about to outlaw death of fetus.

The Great GOP Charade: Corporate Welfare In A Job Creation Disguise

Reflections on Geithner's Hatred for Prosecuting Criminal Contributors

Central Intelligence Agency declassifies top secret recipe for invisible ink

Tejas se esta quemando.

georgia session ends without anti-abortion legislation

The fix is in: Bush cousin presides over 9/11 suit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers

Juan Cole -- Starship Amerika

Obama to honor two Korean War GI's with Medal of Honor

How a federal court battle in Vermont could recast nuclear power

Fight for your masters, it amuses them. 4 hurt when fight breaks out during McDonalds hiring event

Found: New 2012 interactive election map.. have some fun..

Former Parkland student writes of abortion after sex with former teacher

Let's Do A "Lift The Cap" Campaign For Social Security.......

2 nuke plants delay reporting leaks, spillage - Spain, UK

Did you know that Donald Trump's wife sells jewelry on QVC

I guess California is in better shape than I thought

Tea Party Activists Ready to Submit Recall Petitions Against Wisconsin Democrats

- THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING- Most Explosive Pic Of Obama EVER!

Milwaukee County greatly scales back proposed mental health facility

Happy 4/20 !!!! ....... Light 'em if ya got 'em

KY State Auditor Critical of For-Profit School Oversight

IF the baby is hers she broke SEVERAL of the Right Wing Anti-Abortion laws

U.S. fears Cuba oil drilling, Mexico suggests talks

Give Trump All The Rope He Needs

Someone just tried to tell me there are 3 TIMES MORE GUNS in Canada than there are here in the USA

A question to DU

Wisconsin - Sign the Petition for Supreme Court Recount

some things are just meant to be shared:

MT Trumpmore

Bradley Manning to be moved from Virginia to Kansas

Since real unemployment is around 15% and the private sector isn't creating jobs

Canada’s Health Care: An Alternate Universe

Bachmann was just on GMA with Stephanopolous and backed away from the birther craziness.

Conservative buzzword watch: "Tax Sanctimony"

Nasdaq to pursue NYSE bid to the "endgame"

Sherrod Brown's open letter petition - Don’t let the GOP abolish Medicare

April 20: Charlie Sheen a Birther and FLOTUS Has Plane Trouble

Republican Governors Quietly Accept Federal Dollars -- While Attacking Federal Spending

Republican Governors Quietly Accept Federal Dollars -- While Attacking Federal Spending

Year of Living Recklessly: The BP Disaster and Our Fossil Fuel Addiction

"Looking forward to supporting Pres Obama tonight @7pm Masonic Center." - Tweet from Jerry Rice

Missouri Legislator Still Can't Explain Why He Wants to Ban Sharia

Missouri Legislator Still Can't Explain Why He Wants to Ban Sharia

One small request of DUers today:

Obama urges pressure on Congress to act on immigration

English-Only Driver's License Exams Move Forward In Senate

Texas Teacher Pension Needs 21% Return to Keep 80% Funded Ratio

Obama Panel to Cut Medicare Spending Runs Into Bi-Partisan Opposition!

Russia, China Block UN Resolution On Yemen

Just a little video to remind us how beautiful this world we live on is. Take a moment and enjoy

If the United States cannot even pay back its own people...

Can Michigan Governor be blamed for this????

Republican Montana legislator thinks gays should face felony charges for 'recruiting' straights

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder feels searing heat of social media

The depravity some people are capable of....

Poll shows Americans oppose entitlement cuts to deal with debt problem

There’s no such thing as a “Cheap Lunch” either (my son wrote this about my dad)

So the Rs are "out of the closet" on destroying SS.

All-women flight crew in Argentina breaks new ground on equality

Internet 'Right to be Forgotten' debate hits Spain

Government implements new terror alert system

Oscar Nominated Documentary Filmmaker And Photographer Reportedly Killed In Libya

Oscar Nominated Documentary Filmmaker And Photographer Reportedly Killed In Libya

With all these "Birther Bills" being ginned up in various states,

The S&P debt warning: Wall Street extortionists demand savage cuts

Ocean conservation organization Oceana, rally against offshore drilling on Capitol Hill today - pics

The Rude Pundit - BP Oil Spill One Year Later (Part 3): Ways to Celebrate the Anniversary

personal odd experience after the story on priestly abuse on Frontline

Fukushima nuke workers at risk of depression, overwork death

Fukushima nuke workers at risk of depression, overwork death

Bipartisan support builds for slicing corporate tax rate

A shout out to some great municipal Union workers.

Palin Press Aide: Pay Attention to Sarah!

Anyone else made the switch to public transit?

Canada: Child with cerebral palsy "would create excessive burden" on social services

An interesting WaPo poll about cutting the deficit.

The Rush to Criminalize Teen Sexting

So, I asked my Political Science professor about MI's new law.

THANK YOU AMERICA! I got a job today. I had been unemployed since November 2010.

Anyone know if there will be a recount in Wisconsin?

If collective bargaining goes then so should corporations. I mean they

YouTube Dr Helen Caldicott Fukushima Nuclear Disaster You won't hear this on the Main Stream News

Swiftboater Jerome Corsi is back with Birther Book

Probe into shocking film of ‘revenge attack’ on Iraqi civilian by British troops

Was the 2000 Presidential election rigged?

PALIN 2012!

Help send a message to Steve King (DU a poll)

ACLU: Michigan cops stealing drivers' phone data

That's it.

Gov Scott: Florida not joining Transocean lawsuit

Help Mr. Sulu Save Akira From White People

Texas Wildfires: Evacuees Keep Tabs On Homes From Afar As State Burns 'Border To Border'

Your chance to ask President Obama a question at today's Facebook Townhall

Job losses continue

The Political Economy of the Birthers or Why is the Right Paranoid?

NJ woman chides NYC smoker, gets stabbed with pen

"Back To Normal" - BP - Awarded - "$42,313,420 indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract"

Mike Thompson toon: Congressman Ryan's Medicare plan

Man with umbrella causes rifle scare at mall

A Year After Spill, BP Gives Big Bucks To GOP Leadership

Rally for a manual recount for Kloppenberg on Wednesday -12:30pm

Tim Hetherington, Director of 'Restrepo' Killed in Libya

"Success by Trump" (its not what you think...)

Need an email for MSNBC - we ALL need to complain about andrew breitbart!!!

BP's Secret Deepwater Blowout

Okay, You Want Federal Spending Cuts? Stop The Wars and Cut Defense Spending by 2/3.

"It's Us Or Them"

All Dems Opposing Medicare Panel Have Major Industry Ties

Kitteh entering Olive Garden Tuscany cooking school looking for the truth

Well I just turned the TV off..Ratigan just came on

Ratigan has PJ Crowley and talking Bradley Manning - Heads up!

Photojournalists killed, 3 gravely wounded in Libya

Photojournalists killed, 3 gravely wounded in Libya

TEXAS: Double-Homicide By Man Angry Over Daughter's Lesbian Relationship

Japan's food crisis goes beyond recent panic buying

happy 4/20 to all my friends and colleagues at DU....

Toon- S&P, exposed

9 out of 10 climate change denialist "experts" linked to ExxonMobil

Oxycotin killing the young. Thanks for the crappy role modeling, Rush (R)

Freepers discuss MARTA, racism ensues:

Poll: Nearly half of Iowa Republicans are birthers

Hoover pulling ads from ABC over soap operas

PROOF: Obama Was A Pirate!!! Shocking Photo!!!

Interviews from 4/18 SC teabagger rally...

William Rusher died...not uninteresting...

We have sent three previous renewal notices, but have not received a response (DNC letter)

Openly gay GOP Presidential hopeful...

Roommate indicted in Rutgers University suicide case

Little Obama the Pirate

Troubletown (Lloyd Dangle) ROCKS!

The Power of Words has streaming video of Kloppenburg's news conference

Wisdom comes at a price

The Great GOP Charade: Corporate Welfare In A Job Creation Disguise

Illegalize it./Legalize it.

Maddow: Mich. Gov. Snyder using new ‘Emergency Financial Managers’ law to assist corporate land grab

I shamelessly like this royal wedding video

Gulf Of Mexico Devastation: Then and Now

Is S&P Trashing US Debt to Help Crush Social Security and Medicare? (Lindorff)

Kloppenburg to announce her RECOUNT decision at 4:00 pm today - please send her a supportive email

How Socialists Built America & why Obama is not a Socialist, according to Socialists

ludlow massacre 97th anniversary

very interesting: NYT Sunday Magazine: Obama's Young Mother Abroad

I went to the statehouse today for a grant ceremony (we got 15,000)

US power company abandons reactor construction

History Channel doing program on Seven Deadly Sins now uses socialism and capitalism

'Koch brothers' confusion results in death threat for Iowa company

Fifty-three Members of Congress Urge Obama Administration to Address “Appalling Conditions” in Haiti

President Obama's Facebook Town Hall beginning shortly

Promises Made - pic

Cheney Task Force Spent MONTHS Working With Energy Giants---Environmental Groups Got ONE Meeting

FU Piyush: Jindal will sign Louisiana's 'Birther Bill' if it hits his desk

Would we be better off with a reformed Senate or without one at all?

Embattled WI Sen. Randy Hopper Sends Constituents to Adult Chat Line

"Trade Secret" Fracking Fluid Spill in PA

BP narrowly misses out on safety award

WTF? Bristol Palin to Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Government Accountability Board confirms JoAnne Kloppenburg has filed for a statewide recount.

Toon: How it really works

Raise the income cap subject to SS tax? Here's the downside.

Has Michelle Bachmann just made Trump look stupid?????

CNN: Does Libya mission need ground troops after all?

Now here's a headline you won't see every day......

Price of gold & silver: Anyone got a link for how much it is in different currencies?

David Shuster trades twitter barbs with Dylan Ratigan over Breitbart interview

"I'm not going to extrapolate from one poll that that shows 51% if any number good, bad

Blame High Oil Prices on Speculators and Bernanke

Just when I thought I had seen the worst from the republicans

Reported this as a credible threat of violence (this is on FB).

How stupid do you have to be to proclaim you're part of something called "The Tea Party" . . . .

"Jews for Palin" group consists of one, maybe two Jews

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Defends Republican Official’s Obama Chimp Email

Freeper FREAK OUT as even Michelle Bachmann drops the birther crap

Freeper FREAK OUT as even Michelle Bachmann drops the birther crap

MSNBC: Chinese activists rescue dogs destined for dinner table

Communism Rears it's Ugly Head in Michigan!

"How Apple Tracks Your Location Without Consent, and Why It Matters"

Recast "Get Smart" Obama staples birth certificate to Trumps Face

Toyota to further cut production in N. America

Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama's Placenta

Press Release: Military moves to further isolate Bradley Manning

Happy 420 everybody!

What is this guy's name?

WTF? Hillary & Dr. Strangelove in a special edition of Charlie Rose tonight?

You know what I like about science?

The difference between a Boner and a Boehner

Corporations who out source, yet still receive US tax subsidies & benefits.

Breitbart accuses MSNBC of being controlled by Soros, Podesta, Ayers & Media Matters

Debt Ceiling: The Most Extraordinary Sentence I Have Read Today

The Trump conundrum

Waiting For the Spark -- Nader

Any computer techs here that can help me with a problem?

Paul Ryan is an evil motherfucker. He collected Social Security benefits as a teen

Someone will start a new political Party...

Public Assistance Recipients Can't Have Car Payments?


Here is the Republican Platform!

Rachel Maddow - you are simply the best

On anniversary of Columbine nearby mall has a bomb scare - including propane tanks.

Wendy's "natural" cut fries with sea salt (what's a natural cut fry?)

‘Restrepo’ Director Is Killed in Libya

Is it just me or does it take a long time for Free Republic to fundraise?

All they do is LIE about Planned Parenthood.

Ed Schultz stuff sale (made in the USA)

Puerto Rico just enacted a 4% excise tax on goods made there and a number of US companies...

Top Five Moments From The House’s “Defending Marriage” Hearing

Rob Zerban (D) to take on Paul Ryan (R-WI) – WHOW--I missed

Prosser said he would fight would fight re-count, should Kloppenburg ask for it.

Somali Pirates Say They Are At War With India

Another deranged woman abducts, kills and cuts the baby out of a pregnant woman

Senate leader Dick Durbin says Congress shouldn't rule out Social Security cuts and means testing

Libyan Revolution Day 62

"You're teaching our kids to be commies!!!"

Chase testing 5 dollar ATM fees in certain markets.

America has crashed through insanity into a new realm of mental madness.

HuffPost bans 'Trig Truthers'...

When Trump's birther rap is too crazy for BACHMANN, you've gotta open up a new category of CRAZY.

We are all Benton Harborites now. . . .

The End Is Coming Soon

Teacher evaluations at the schools that Obama, Duncan picked for their kids

Why are the Republicans being so brazen about their plans to dismantle America?

"With his father’s passing, young Paul Ryan collected Social Security benefits until age 18"

I don't think the government can renege on social security or medicare

Health Care: What Are You Really Covered For?

Health Care: What Are You Really Covered For?

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false"

Happy 420!

Ellen Brown: Debt doesn't Matter.

$5/Gal gasoline is now upon us. What is our tolerance limit?

Nashville woman may lose condo because of hoarding

The brutal truth from Robert Scheer

Songs of Love for Japan

"The Family Circus"

Eleven states are investigating creation of a state-owned bank on the North Dakota model

They’re doing exactly what the Declaration of Independence Rejected

Official Statement From Obama

The Benefits Of Pot

Obama Administration Threatens Washington State in Battle against Legal Marijuana

Obama Administration Threatens Washington State in Battle against Legal Marijuana

TOONS: Millionaire Donald Trump ------->

Just watch tivo of Ron Paul on Mathews. Didn't disagree with him once. Is my soul lost?

This ad on the front of DU is hard to look at.

The benefits of marijuana

Olive Garden Accused Lying About Tuscan-trained Chefs

Maddow accuses GOP of Bringing in New Era of Big Government

Maddow accuses GOP of Bringing in New Era of Big Government

Andrew Breitbart: Glenn Beck ‘Threw Me Under the Bus’

Kloppenburg has filed for a recount!

It's April 20th but look at this

Dairy's Dark Side has replaced the Shocking Meat Video

Dateline had one of their best programs on in years, the other night.

"The illegality of cannabis is outrageous...

"The illegality of cannabis is outrageous...

Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate's sex-change operation

Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate's sex-change operation

Madison Wisconsin Recount Rally 4-20-2011 Report and Pics

How much power does the President really have?

Startling Statistics - Post these graphs everywhere.

Must Watch -The Koch Brothers thought control

Must Watch -The Koch Brothers thought control

Self-deleted by member

Metairie legislator files bill to ban all abortions in state (LA)

US uses 25% of world oil thanks to Suburban Sprawl; TV Documentary tonight.

"You people are totally fucking insane!"

"You people are totally fucking insane!"

freeper: "If You Raise Taxes on the Job Creators, They'll Take Their Capital and Jobs Overseas."

VIDEO: Paul Ryan Booed At Town Hall For Defending Tax Breaks For The Wealthy

Repost - Democrats, the Truth Still Matters!

One Year Later: I continue to seek Gulf Shrimp and eat it.

Something to say about Benton Harbor, Michigan

Something to say about Benton Harbor, Michigan

Mom and Dad is moving in. Or- Guess who is gonna pay for mom and dads nursing home?

For the DU ladies only?

REVEALED: Koch Industries Coerced Employees During The 2010 Midterm Elections

"Back To Normal"?-Shocking Pictures Of Long Term - BP OIL SPILL -Damage

I wonder, the way things have gone so far in Libya, has anyone here changed their initial opinion

Major League Baseball seizes control of the LA Dodgers

World Ends May 21st at 6pm. Be there, or be square.

UK military deployed to Libya -- And the typical verbal jujitsu (lies) to Pretend it is "Legal"

The reason there are so many new anti abortion laws passed in the states is in l

Mich Gov to speak at U of M - protest info here:

Tell me why the entire Democratic Party is not all over this?

Chris Christie calls himself an ally of Obama on education reform. Appeared with Arne today.

Check in if you could give two flying fucks about how the stock market is doing.

Citizens Group Files Petition To Recall Power-Hungry Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Caller says if we go bankrupt the environment doesn't matter

"How Much Longer, Mr. President?"

Big Pharma set to take over medical marijuana market

Big Pharma set to take over medical marijuana market

Marijuana dangers

Is there anything wrong with driving while high on weed?

Is there anything wrong with driving while high on weed?

The debt limit ALWAYS passes, Obama better not give up ANYTHING for it!

Keeping dogs may be banned in Iran

What is "nitrogen enriched" gasoline?


So Spike Lee is dissing Tyler Perry about his movies. What is your take?

Fuck it. They won, they won. We lost, they won.

Survey: Most Android users 'hate Apple'

Woman In Burning San Jose Home Awoken By Pet Cat

AYP is such bullshit. Tomorrow, many of my fellow teachers will be in such pain FU *

We're No. 1 !!!!!

Fred Phelps-0 Mississippi-1

THEY have the Money and Most of the Mass Media; WE have to win the People

"Any child a woman has while she's married to a man, the law considers to be his child."

Obama quotes Lincoln: “to do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.”

Masses of US workers apply for low-wage jobs at McDonalds

Robert Scheer: The New Corporate World Order

The Cure for Plutocracy: Strike!

Bobb has Detroit police arrest teachers, teen parents. Teen parenting school will become a charter.

Why Version Of Trig's Birth May Be More Troubling Than The Hoax

KEITH/FOK NATION: "It's not if you know them... It's how many of them you know."

Toles Toon on Trump

Health care workers to rally because they can’t afford medical coverage

Self-righteous non-smoker chides NYC smoker, gets stabbed in face with a pen

Can someone explain how posing half-naked for a magazine "liberates" a woman?


Do you ever feel bad for the people at work who that is all they have because they're assholes...

Old potato

I have a question for Bertha Venation... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... "Dude... ... ... you holding?"

For those of you approaching finals (or who know someone who is) -- a "study incentive":

New friends of Aristus, check in here. He feels like he does know everybody now.

So my cutie puppy keeps sticking his freaking tongue up my nose.

More Ray Milland on TCM tonight, but still no "The Thing with two Heads"

I am loving MGMT



I don't want to hear anymore tonight about dogs' tongues up anyone's nose.

When do those eagles get to sleep?

Job seeking advice

We've got armadillos in our trousers. It's really quite frightening.

Is the babysitting eagle parent using one of the eaglets as a beak rest?

Let's tickle a Penguin.

A Political Commercial we made some time ago...

Why DU is Better than DK

Why do so many people think they have a quick, pat, simple solution to other people’s problems?

WARNING!!!! Extreme cuteness inside this post

Peepshi - I had to do it!

Happy 4/20 Y'all!

Starting the MOMENT you leave for work, "Is it quitting time NOW? Is it quitting time NOW?" etc.

Wolverine and the TSA:

If I had kids, I would buy them a can of this crap... just so I could do THIS to them.

I love you, fud.


Ellen Degeneres Fans

Post a video from your favorite album about an Italian mountaineer!

BREAKING: Bears win court case to declare "D. Boon killd a bar o this tree 1775" hate speech

Elisabeth Sladen has died of cancer at the age of 63.

MiddleFingerMom has never been very successful on those matchmaking websites.

Why is the ad asking me if I'm giving up on gay men?

Well, it looked like we survived...

Elisabeth Sladen, bsest know for playing Sarah Jane Smith Doctor Who has died.

ranch life tales # 87-4317709

Smart AND secure

Males aren't the ONLY ones who compensate with their vehicles.

Michael Sarrazin dies at 70

It's been a year and a half and I can't get this girl out of my head.

The Most Righteous Science Fiction and Fantasy Bongs

I am going to launch a lawsuit to have TUMS removed from store shelves.


These three teen tenors will knock you socks off. Guaranteed!

Kitteh entering Olive Garden Tuscany cooking school looking for the truth

Got this song stuck in my head ...

Those mofo's who live under me are getting annoying.

Marijuana Use Triples Among Gary

My hubby expanded last weekend.

Wow. They actually did it.

According to Charlie Sheen *I* am a rockstar....

Jeff Beck - "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" - 31 Jan 2009 - Sydney, Enmore Theatre

HAHA - Winklevoss twins still think they invented facebook

In celebration of the 420 holiday, I proudly present *drumroll*

Is Easter this coming Sunday or the Sunday after that?

The Late Master of the Telecaster, Roy Buchanan - "Hey Joe," LIVE on Austin City Limits

Yay! At 10:15 EDST, my work week was officially halfway over. nt

Anyone out there like the indie band MGMT?

BEST way to pass the time while waiting for the van to come?

Is it EVER going to stop raining in Ohio?

Neighbor: Are you OKAY?! Me: "No." Neighbor closes door.

Multiple fails in this pic.....

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's efforts to beat Togo's and Subways at their own game fail to pay off...

MFM gets acting gig in new Democratic ad against Medicare defunding!!

Li'l MFM was an entrepreneur right from the very start. "Find a job you LOVE", they said.

The Stranger's film critic reviews Atlas Shrugged

Sometimes... this is how I picture Nolabear:

Pineapple Sandwiches

So my chiropractor says I should get a Swiss Ball. Okay, now what the hell do I do with it?

Anybody have some ad-blocker suggestions?

Peeps Sushi Round Two. I will pefect this by Easter!

Sen. Dick Durbin: Social Security Cuts Should Not Be Ruled Out

Pastor pleads guilty to sexual assault

Health care workers to rally because they can’t afford medical coverage

Storms force 450 cancellations at O’Hare

Japanese exports fall 2.2% in March due to tsunami

Petitions urge Snyder to not cut Earned Income Tax Credit

US greenhouse gases drop to 15-year low

Schwarzenegger says commutation was to help friend

NRG Abandons Project for 2 Reactors in Texas

Game of Thrones has been renewed for a second season. Yay!

A totally maudlin appreciation thread for our critter buddies.

Something we DUers can all do - "Atlas Chugged - the Drinking Game"

Suspect Arrested In Rialto Taco Bell Shooting

'Wikileaks' soldier Bradley Manning moved to new prison

Financial System Riskier, Next Bailout Will Be Costlier, S&P Says

France to step up strikes in Libya

Bank of America to spin off $5 billion private equity unit

Olive Garden's Culinary Institute is a Sham

420! SONGS about de ganja, mon.....420!

Judge throws out conviction of white supremacist

U.S. fears Cuba oil drilling, Mexico suggests talks

President signs disaster declaration for North Carolina

Lady Gaga defends "Born This Way" by disparaging people with mental disabilities.

All-women flight crew in Argentina breaks new ground on equality

AP IMPACT: 3,200 Gulf wells unplugged, unprotected

Airline Rules Target Lost Baggage, Delays .

Cuomo Helps Groups Mobilize for Gay Marriage Bill

110 question poli sci test in t-minus 10 minutes.

MC 900 Foot Jesus: "If I Only Had A Brain", directed by Spike Jonze

Altas Shrugged: Can we come up with some names for the spoof

Spain hunts Eta killer freed from jail 'by mistake'

Six arrested for murdering 15-yearold Marion County boy

Global Fund denies reports of huge malaria drug thefts

Oscar Nominated Documentary Filmmaker And Photographer Reportedly Killed In Libya

Baxter desperately needs those powerful patented Lounge vibes.

US oilman accused of bribing Jordan official to win contract

Colombia says Chavez helpful against FARC

New Dem PAC Launches Attack Ads Against GOPers Who Voted To End Medicare (AUDIO)

New Dem PAC Launches Attack Ads Against GOPers Who Voted To End Medicare (AUDIO)

NLRB issues complaint against Boeing Company for unlawfully transferring work to a non-union facilit

NJ woman chides NYC smoker, gets stabbed with pen

Bipartisan support builds for slicing corporate tax rate

Roommate charged with hate crime in NJ suicide

Citizens Group Files Petition To Recall Power-Hungry Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

I want Shocking Meat ad back! This new picture is so much more

State Dept. helps activists thwart web censorship abroad

Toyota fights amending crash death suit

Tim Hetherington, co-director of 'Restrepo,' killed in Libya

Small amounts of radioactive iodine found in breast milk

Creepiest Movie Infants?

Christie Vilsack may challenge King (R-Ia)

Thousands show up to apply for fast-food "McJobs"

Source: Obamas to join Giffords at shuttle launch

Looking out my back door. Sit with me for a moment.

BREAKING: Kloppenburg Files for Statewide 'Recount' in WI Supreme Court Election

FDA Warns Delta After Finding Rodent Waste On Plane

First Tropical Weather Bulletin of the Year Is Issued

Up close

Gold futures rally above $1,500 an ounce

Peru elects first indigenous lawmaker

BP Sues Maker of Blowout Preventer

Who do you like better - Rush or Beck?

Well, I just washed two loads of clothes and towels and hung them out of the clothes line.

Ex-pastor pleads guilty to using Facebook to send and solicit child pornography

Pennsylvania congressman backs export of shale gas

Pa. wants to end gas-drilling wastewater discharge

Parents of teen who committed suicide sue school, district

Michigan: Tougher Penalties For Illegal Teacher Strikes Debated

Man charged with murder in Toronto student webcam death

Work advice please...

Do you know anyone who refers to other people by their ethnicity?

Arpaio mocks mentally ill in mugshot contest

Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing

Libya offers “verifiable” ceasefire, U.N.-supervised elections

Robbers — possibly in George Bush masks — hit Springs bank

Former bank boss Lee Farkas guilty of fraud in US

Gas Drilling Emergency in Bradford County

I can't believe I'm doing this: Quitting my current job

WI's Government Accountability Board Finds 'No Major Discrepancies' in Waukesha County Canvass

Kloppenburg Calls for Recount

Wis. Supreme Court challenger to make recount announcement at park

Sometimes I think I picked the wrong job.

Americans need not visit India for cheap health care: Obama

Americans need not visit India for cheap health care: Obama

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Fossilised spider 'biggest on record'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Libya Rebels: US to Send Gadhafi Opponents $25 Million in Aid

Wisconsin Dems File Fourth Recall Petition In Fight Against Scott Walker

Two Western photojournalists killed in Libya

Wis. Dems To File Recall Signatures Against A Fifth Republican State Senator

War in Libya Could Drag On, Military Analysts Say

Directors slam $30 early release home video offer

San Jose City Council limits pot clubs to 10

Rutgers Videospying Suspect Indicted for Trying to Destroy Evidence

MLB Takes Over Operation Of Dodgers

Police: Baby cut out of pregnant Ky. woman

TEPCO: Fuel of the Fukushima plant's No. 1 reactor could be melting

I'm 5'9'', about 150 pounds with 8% body fat. Would you fight me?

ACLU: Michigan cops stealing drivers' phone data

Kloppenburg campaign to file recount papers

Personalised plate I saw today "MUAD'DIB"

Pentagon: Price of big-ticket weapons programs grew $64 billion in 2010

In the deficit debate, everything should be on the table: $100 billion in tax havens

Lawrence O'Donnell: The 'most powerful man in America'--Grover Norquist

POLL: 21% support cuts to Medicare, 30% support cuts to Medicaid, 72% support raising taxes on rich.

The Farce That is Donald Trump

"You make too much money. Can I have some money, and I'll protect your interests?"

Netanyahu thanks Obama for 'Dome' missile funding

Republican Governors Quietly Accept Federal Dollars -- While Attacking Federal Spending

PolitiFact: GOP Claim That Tax Cuts Raise Revenues Rated ‘False’

Labor Puts Executive Pay in the Spotlight

3D Chess: I bet by the time the budget battle is over the American people will be. . .

Is it just me.. or are the Republicans running the KeyStone Cops for President

S25 million for Libyan rebels

Gov. Christie agrees 'wholeheartedly' with Obama's reform efforts

Biden: Republicans 'Totally Out Of The Closet' With Plan To End Medicare

HEADS UP-Facebook Town Hall with President Obama

Matt Drudge hypes Jerome Corsi's new birther book

Obamas to Attend Final Shuttle Launch (may be joining Rep. Gabrielle Giffords)

On Tweety: Tweety showed Steph showing Obama's birth certificate to Bachman

Is there any proof that Trump has sent investigators to Hawaii?

Christie Vilsack Moves Toward Steve King (Repugnant-IA) Challenge

GOPer Locker Room Trash Talk is fizzling as Rachel, Ed Schultz, others,... hammer away

Obama Townhall: Expect HCR Part Deux

Maddow: Coordinated effort to keep first time voters from

Entitlement-hating Paul Ryan collected Social Security benefits until he was 18

GOING BACK TO CALI - Caption This Photo

Barack Obama was a pirate — the most explosive picture yet!

Wake up Democrats. Legal Suppression of the Vote is underway

Vabby's Semi-Townhall Review: The Plight of a FanGirl!!

Three months have passed. Where’s the GOP’s health plan?

Obama Townhall- Post Townhall: Women in Technology

VIDEO: Paul Ryan Booed At Town Hall For Defending Tax Breaks For The Wealthy

Obama Townhall: Comprehensive Immigration Reform..

Conservatives For Higher Middle-Class Taxes

NYT Magazine: Obama’s Young Mother Abroad - excerpt from Janny Scott's book about Obama's mom

Mike Malloy - Freak Of The Day: Marylin Davenport

Mike Malloy - Trump For President

Democracy Now with Arnie Gundersen

Post-election violence erupts in Nigeria

Trump interrupts 18 Times "Excuse Me"

Mike Malloy - To Hell With You, Ryan (Plus George Carlin Bonus)

Breaking SNOOZE: Rush Limbaugh Breaks His Arm Patting Himself On The Back

Liberal Viewer: Republican Budget Fail?, feat. David Letterman

What happening in Bahrain? (Blackwater?)

Glenn Beck's Corn Cow Conspiracy

Pfc. Manning Moving To New Prison

Bradley Manning, a political prisoner in the eyes of the world

Mad as Hell in America with Adam Klugman-Meet an Actual Corporate Person!

Cenk Uygur: Fox News Prez. Spying On His Staff ?

Joy Behar Hosts Stephanie Miller and Andrew Breitbart

Dr. Scheiner Obama's Former Physician Knocks Lou Dobbs Upside the Head with the Truth

TDPS: Weight Loss Doctor Indicted for Using Vibrators on Patients, Claiming Orgasms Help Weight Loss

Tea Party Has Political Agenda to Ignore Science

How NOT to interview Andrew Breitbart. see Dylan Ratigan

TRMS:What the GOP actually thinks of Really Big Government

I Wanna Grow Weed (by the Gitmos)

Dylan Ratigan Interviews Andrew Breitbart

TYT: Dem. Senator Social Security Failure

The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See (part 1 of 8)

US army 'wikileaker' swaps prisons amid torture fears

Rep. Kucinich on the DoD: "I don't believe anything they say when it comes to Bradley Manning"

Papantonio: BP Still Running from Gulf Responsibilities

RAW: Kloppenburg Announces Recount Request

Paul Ryan Booed At Town Hall For Defending Tax Breaks For The Wealthy

A leak in paradise (teaser) - Coming in 2012 (The Offshore Industry-A Whistleblower-Their Secrets)

YES MEN pose as BP pledge health care to oil spill victim--then real BP guy shows up!

Keith Olbermann: The First Guess: Lotto Nation

US soldiers burn Quran then have fun shooting live rounds at reacting prisoners

Worst Persons of the Day for April 18, 2011


Are Rising Oil and Food Prices a Scam? (Consortium News) (xpost)

Amy Goodman: Power Shift vs. The Powers That Be

Drumbeat: April 20, 2011

Doctor warns Japan nuclear workers are at their limit – Work conditions violate rights

NRG pulls out of S.Texas Fission Reactor Project

1/1/2011 - 4/20/2011 - In Texas, 797 Wildfires; 258 Structures, 1.4 Million Acres Burned

China Warns Of Impending Power Shortages This Summer - Low Reservoirs, Coal Shortages - Reuters

Status of nuclear power plants in Fukushima as of 20:00, April 20th (Estimated by JAIF)

Israel Corp. reports biomass fuel breakthrough

JAIF: Earthquake Report No. 58

Air Pollution Exposure…Certain Life Stages Affects Chances of Developing Premenopausal Breast Cancer

Melting ice on Arctic islands a major player in sea level rise

(Japan) Out of Disaster, a Burst of Enthusiasm for Bicycling

Libya: The Resource Curse Strikes Again

Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible (!)

MP from Fukushima Alleges It May Not Have Been a Hydrogen Explosion on March 12

NRG Will Abandon Twin Texas Nuclear Stations, Take $481 Million Hit - Reuters

PA Asks Natural Gas Drillers Not To Dump Wastewater In Sewage Plants That Can't Remove Contaminants

E10 Fuel Rollout Debacle In Germany As Drivers Refuse To Buy Fuel

EPA Administrator - No To Regulating Corn Belt Farm Runoff - Give Voluntary Controls Time To Work

Sinopec Halts Fuel Exports on Shortage as Refiners Make Loss

Arab gas guzzling threatens global energy balance

Phone hacking: Ed Miliband calls for inquiry into press abuses

Medicare Cuts: Broad Opposition to Republicans in Debt Debate

Florida Set to Move on a “Show Me Your Papers” Immigration Bill- It May Cost the Republicans 2012

The Mfecane of 2011

Iraqi oil supply was considered to be 'vital' to British interests

Madison, Corporations, and the National Security State by Scott Horton

Atomic Deserts: A Survey of the World's Radioactive No-Go Zones

Radiation Levels at No.1 Reactor so high "workers could not enter area for several years"

Jim Hightower: Gubernatorial Goofiness in Maine

The Truth About American Exceptionalism

How Republicans “Win” Elections or Support the Voter Shooter Law

"We couldn't believe that Jobs would attack a subordinate in front of outsiders."

Corporate Coup d’état Coming Soon to a City Near You

Blurring the lines: The recreational and medicinal communities get together - somewhat

LED efficiency puzzle solved by UC Santa Barbara theorists

In Peru's Amazon, Higher Gold Price Accelerates Deforestation Up To 600% In 2 Years In Some Areas

Robert Scheer: The New Corporate World Order

Social Security is a covenant that must not be broken

Let's Do the Math on 'The Beached White Male'

Senator Randy Hopper Angers Fond du Lac (WI) Crowd By Not Answering Questions

Paul Ryan’s (R, WI) Big Brother bullying

Worldwide Radiation Movement from Fukushima

Pennsylvania Natural Gas Blowout Spills Thousands of Gallons of Toxic Wastewater

The Great Libyan Distraction

The Do-Nothing Plan: How Congress can balance the budget in eight years by literally doing nothing.

Obama rips GOP plan, yet sees hope for a debt deal

Tokyo: Small amounts of radioactive iodine found in breast milk

NRA chief says Obama re-election threatens guns rights

.Obama snubs Issa on subpoena for ATF documents

Kindergartner brings gun to Texas school, 3 hurt

Cop fires 33 times, at a single a neighborhood...

Republican legislative gains tug nation to right

Tyler Clementi's Roommate Indicted

Nate Silver finds "Gay Marriage Opponents Now in Minority"

Could You Draw on a 12-Year-Old Committing a Robbery?

So somebody walked into a school in a town near me and didn't shoot

Baptists from Venus (Texas) crash LGBT tax day demonstration outside Dallas Main Post Office

Tucker Carlson Wants Kids To Know The “Unhappy Facts” About Gay People

Why do so many (on this specific DU forum) feel the need to prove others misguided?

Paging Capt. Hilts!

News Corp to buy Formula One? Say it ain't so.

Bud Selig confirms appointment of Dodgers trustee, investigation into club finances

Notre Dame women's basketball: Irish land a gem in guard Jewell Loyd

Which school (cfootball) has the WORST helmet / logo designs?

Sharks historic comeback gives them 2-1 series lead..

Did Cubs throw 1918 World Series vs Red Sox?

Abbas: Britain and France would recognize Palestinian state

Conservative Bloggers Accidentally Slam Palin's "Vicious," "Tone Deaf" Passover Statement

Staying Human: The Heroic Legacy of Vittorio Arrigoni (Ramzy Baroud)

Leaked Cables: US Helped Israel Contain UN Gaza War Probe

Pro-Palestinian activists set sail to 'help' Gaza fisherman ward off Israeli attacks

On island economies and food "rationing".

FARC leader orders commanders to return to Colombia

Netanyahu thanks Obama for 'Dome' missile funding

Peru elects first indigenous lawmaker

U.S. fears Cuba oil drilling, Mexico suggests talks

Hil meets w/ Haitian president elect (on live now on CNN 1:15 pm est - link)

Mario Vargas Llosa: Voy a votar por Ollanta Humala

Colombia says Chavez helpful against FARC

Thread introducing ourselves

Venezuelan trade unions deplore status of nationalized businesses

Someone just tried to tell me there are 3 TIMES MORE GUNS in Canada than there are here in the USA

uribe calls for a protest march to defend his criminal cronies