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Cat swims New York Harbor (likely thrown into the water by weekend storm) - w/pic

Cat swims New York Harbor (likely thrown into the water by weekend storm) - w/pic

Cat swims New York Harbor (likely thrown into the water by weekend storm) - w/pic

iPhones Fuel Rise in Subway Theft

Irrelevant but true:

From Johns Hopkins about Cancer.

The Middle East's oldest dictatorship

Medicaid recipients (2004) > 65 7.8%, Blind/disabled 22%, < 21 48%, White 41%, Black 22%, Latino 19%

This is pretty good...

David Stockman: Deficit Reduction “Flimflam & Swindle,” Taxes Must Rise

Rush Limbaugh explains away (runs away from) iPhone story from the previous day & implicates Al Gore

The Corporate State in quotes.......

Earth Day - FREE coffee at Starbucks tomorrow

Clinton's global initiative is going to fugg up those ReTHUGS at

The Poor. America's hidden country.

LOL !!!

Japanese music fans need the shows to go on

Turner Classic Movies channel is airing a tribute to Sidney Lumet tonight

Paging Sharron Angle! Sharron Angle to the stage please...

The Tea Party Terror movement is dead.

Pot vs Alcohol

Should Kate vow to 'obey'?

Our FRiends call for God's Blessing during Holy Week...

Alabama nears final approval of immigration crackdown

A remedial history lesson for the Obama bashers

Florida Pastor Sits Down With Dearborn Imam - LIVE streaming - 10:30pm EDT

Top story on CBS San Francisco at 6pm: $6 gas this summer

Get it off!

U.S. drone strike kills five in Pakistan N.Waziristan

Ensign is resigning??? I just now got internet back at work and totally

MSNBC: Senate Ethics Committee voted (in secret) to proceed with Public Hearings on Ensign

NASA accused of promoting gay climate change agenda

Trump: "I'm worth whatever I feel", boasting about his wealth everywhere

The Senate was going to kick Ensign out?

Got home, fell asleep, and we gained one in the Senate?

Breaking, on MSNBC: Seattle Times reporting federal hate crime charge against white supremacist

Oh... The DU Hilarity, Bwahahahahahaha...

Oh... The DU Hilarity, Bwahahahahahaha...

Oh... The DU Hilarity, Bwahahahahahaha...

Kyrgyz MPs sacrifice rams to banish "evil spirits"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Ed's going to have more on the GOP buying recall signatures with booze in Wisconsin

John Ensign: "Resigning would be admitting guilt..."

Egypt ex-energy minister detained for questioning on Israel gas deal

Rachel is carving Ensign like

Salon - "The great GOP tax cut fantasy"

Feds: 3 execs of Chuy's hired border crossers illegally

What is an Obama Basher?

Shouldn't the Anti-Marijuana types admit they're going to lose this battle?

Just in case you need some more motivation to help your fellow man.

So what's on the list?

I broke my fucking elbow.

Kia to begin making Optima sedan at Georgia plant

Warren tells the controversial truth: Fighting the banks, protecting the consumer

Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR) Rips Republicans a New One. [video]

Nevada Sen. John Ensign announces resignation

"Network" Speech to Howard Beale on now on TCM. Watch it if you've never seen it.

Racist Swiftboater's Birther Book Second Bestelling Book on Amazon

Boeing vows to fight complaint over second 787 plant

Drone attacks in Libya: A mistake

Did Michael Steele on the ED show claim

Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People

Fail! Trump's White House bid isn't driving 'Apprentice' ratings

GOP’s Johnson begins uphill climb in N.H.

Senate OKs school voucher bill; some pan vote

Great article: "The Sharing Economy" (Happy Earth Day!)

Camp Pendleton Marine Base Accused of Repeatedly Dumping Untreated Sewage in Ocean

Bypass NYT Paywall

Jobless rate for young workers in US highest since 1948

Philippine Bishops Slam ‘Crucifixions’

The wealthy are fighting back.

The wealthy are fighting back.

Would you support an increase in soft drink sales taxes to decrease sales taxes on other groceries?

Question re Seeds of Change "Sowing Millions" project

Boycotting - it's what Citizens United left us

Finland’s Turn to Right Sends Shivers Through Euro Zone

'C Street' Sen. Ensign Resigns As Ethics Committee Closes In


The 4/20 Weed Cloud That Ate Boulder, CO

Libya: Day 64 and a bit

Congress and Oil Spill Safety Laws: Introduced-150; Passed-0

Terry Jones Accidentally Fires Gun in TV Station Parking Lot

Judge Won't Allow Extension For Brief Filings In Union Case

The DU Bluedogs? nt

Louisiana legislature considers 'birther' bill

Louisiana legislature considers 'birther' bill

Darling fishing for recall 'fraud'; She wishes

Looking for some information on a college...does anyone know anything

The old "jobs vs. the environment" arguement is here again. Fight back on Earth Day.

Rick Perry channels Sonny Perdue

Fairewinds: US news outlets said there’s “no threat to health” from Fukushima…

"Diary". A film that should be watched.

Citizens say police dog, state troopers intimidated them on visit to Ohio legislators' offices

Fact: The United States is an active partisan participant in the Libyan Civil War.

"Body of evidence"

More Republican Congressmen Face Town Hall Backlash Over Tax Breaks For Wealthy And Medicare Privati

Why is there a Heritage foundation ad on DU???

Why is there a Heritage foundation ad on DU???

Settlement in the Bishop Eddie Long case? (Anti-gay bishop accused of coercing young men into sex)

The Beltway Bubble and Dems: Collusion or genuine insularity?

Meghan McCain wants to work for Trump's birther crusade

Am I stupid for believing that the Bush family is America's greatest enemy?

South Carolina as a blue state.

Michael Steele is a mealy mouthed weasel

American-born demonstrators wash immigrants' feet

American-born demonstrators wash immigrants' feet

Sen. Graham Trades Judicial Confirmations for a $50,000 Study

Self-deleted by member

Governor won't allow Tepco to restart stricken reactors (JAPAN)

No evidence coffee ups risk of high blood pressure


Hawaii's Maui County offers temporary stays for Japanese disaster victims

McCain in Libya meeting with rebel leaders

Wisconsin recalls and recalls and recalls and recounts


Picture of the day (JAPAN) Every drop counts..

If Chernobyl and Fukushima don't deter us from Nuclear Power...

Curious. Why aren't we seeing 24/7 coverage of Americans heckling

Krugman Defines "Gang of 6"

"Are you going to pay this bill or not, or am I going to have to kill you?" Shady Debt Collectors

China Rethinks Nuclear Power

Georgia county votes to keep Confederate battle flag flying

Tell Dick Durban to get his hands off Social Security!!!

who let the dogs out?

What day is it?

Radiation Detected In Breast Milk Of Four Japanese Mothers

Queen Elizabeth and 11 Presidents .... pic heavy

Ku Klux Klan Says It Doesn't Condone Tea Party or Koran Burning

Three pug candidates by Stephanie Miller "I quit, I'm Mitt and I'm full of "

Presidential tax returns: Obama vs. Bush vs. Clinton

Atlas Shrugged is not a Classic

If Walmart Paid its 1.4 Million U.S. Workers a Living Wage, it Would Result in Almost No Pain for th

a serious question about Barack Obama's getting elected

So the US has confirmed that it will use armed drones

Good Friday.

Scott Walker says he talks to God. Well, God's talking back.

Scott Walker says he talks to God. Well, God's talking back.

Maddow: Wisconsin Republicans bought recall petitions signatures with shots

Potential effective cancer drug (melanoma)

Potential effective cancer drug (melanoma)

Vallejo, CA fights Russian Consulate over headstones


Self-deleted by member

Critics: $2.3M Detroit library project a symbol of waste amid budget crisis

Rachel Maddow, the Nation, Daily Kos: Winners in AlterNet's Poll of Most Influential Progressives

9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI's Terrorism Watch List

MLK terrorist bomb suspect indicted on new charges - hate crimes

Poll Finds Even Split On Walker Recall Question

Suspected US missile strike kills 25 people, including 5 children and 4 women, in northwest Pakistan

Toyota to recall 308,000 RAV4s, Highlanders for airbag fix

Toddler Trapped Inside Running Washing Machine (apparently put into machine by his 15 year old aunt)

Rachel's report on the craziness from the anti abortionist is frightening.

We shouldn't hear a single complaint about the price of gas from Conservatives

Liberals Pitted Against White House on Trade Deals

What If Atlas Shrugged And No One Was There To See It?

Democratic landslide in 2012.

Democratic landslide in 2012.

In one sense, we have already passed peak oil. Deal with it.

Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People

President Obama: "The Kind Of Country You Want To Live In" (Reno, Nevada 4/21/11)

If I see this one more time on Facebook today, I may explode!

TN Senate OKs Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Mention the Existence of Gay People to Students

TN Senate OKs Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Mention the Existence of Gay People to Students

TN Senate OKs Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Mention the Existence of Gay People to Students

MORNING SMOKE: Justice's Proposed FOIA Regs Update: We "Will Deny That Certain Records Exist"

Pet Buddies Food Pantry -- helping pet owners feed thier pets in tough times

Fukushima Forecast: Series of radiation clouds to hit US West Coast beginning April 24 (VIDEO)

A visit to a childhood home in Prypyat (Chernobyl)

Newseum - Front Pages with Web links from Around the World

Newseum - Front Pages with Web links from Around the World

NJ Transit worker fired for burning Quran near Ground Zero will get his job back

Some people are really great ... Man Rescues Porpoise

Some people are really great ... Man Rescues Porpoise

Come forth and confess....

GAB denies Kloppenburg’s request for private investigator to investigate Nickolaus

It's Earth Day!

I'd Like To Remind Everybody That The Bowles-Simpson Commission Never...

How do people find out about all these big bases the US built in Iraq?

Obama meets protests in California -(video)

Police use Apple iOS tracking data for investigations

"How Come You Haven't Invested in Gold, Yet? The Price is Sky-High."

Pearce you are lying - Fiesta Bowl

Video: Keith Olbermann Tells Donald Trump to ‘FOK Off,’ & Denounces Wonkette - Worst Persons of Day

GOP taking another action not in the Constitution re: DOMA

On-Line Federal Budget Simulator .... ... Take your best shot

has everyone seen the google bit for earth day? very well done

New Poll Concludes the Majority of Republicans are Birthers

Gavin Newsom guest hosted the Armstrong and Getty show today

Keeping Calif. high-speed rail plan on track

another FB "funny" - Palin, Romney, Trump campaign slogan

Today's holiday driving fail, brought to you by Skid-more, the tires for the modern era

Tucsonans Save Water As They Mark Earth Day

In teaching experience is now a liability. Those who know least are experts.

High court asked to reinstate FCC indecency policy

Waukesha County, WI: Ex-account clerk convicted of stealing meal site donations

Kentucky drug overdose deaths soar

"Ayn Rand was a wellfare queen"

Town Hall Citizens Confront Rep. Sean Duffy For Voting To Privatize Medicare

AP source: NY pols among those with tickets fixed

I'm proud of the union 'til the day I die

Riley and his story. Me and my outrage. You and us

Big Mike Explains the Deficit and Taxes

Juan Cole speaking in NJ on Sunday, May 1. Tickets still available.

Dog stolen from back seat of Porsche reunited with owner

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science

Kitten Is Very, Very Sleeeeeeepy

DU should support Gary Johnson or Ron Paul in the 2012 GOP primary

War on Easter? Really, Hannity?

Florida suspect in Britons' deaths 'should have been in custody'

Does Christianity, Islam, Judaism require inferiority of women

Does Christianity, Islam, Judaism require inferiority of women

Trump's HUGE Advantage

"The Danger of Sitting Still"

Boehner: July troop draw-down in Afghanistan could "undermine the tenuous progress we've made"

A bit of good news:

The Visual Guide To The Business Model of Copyright Troll Righthaven, LLC

Why Are We Throwing Traumatized Vets in Jail for Calling 911?

Furor over air controllers to spill into Congress

William Greider: Obama setting himself up to fashion another grand budget compromise with the right

I don't have a problem with the 14 year old teabagger kid

Huffington Post comes to Trig and Sarah's defense

Dozens of Syrians killed in bloodiest day of protests yet (at least 49)

What does this statement mean to you?

Internet providers begin blocking access to child porn sites (JPN)

This may be a very important and not talked about issue in the Social Security debate

Gulf oil spill one year later (The Big Picture)

MATT TAIBBI---Best Way to Raise Campaign Money? Investigate Banks

It's Earth Day!!! but....Michelle Obama Earth Day event rained out

Friday Toons, part 2 - Debt/budget

Toll collectors' suit against N.J. Turnpike Authority is dismissed (Christie trying to privatize)

Toll collectors' suit against N.J. Turnpike Authority is dismissed (Christie trying to privatize)

Friday Toons, part 1-Birthers

President Wiener.

Friday Toons, part 4- Earth Day

Friday Toons, part 4- Earth Day

DEMAND, any type of DEMAND CREATES JOBS - Not the Rich nor the Corporations

DEMAND, any type of DEMAND CREATES JOBS - Not the Rich nor the Corporations

Friday Toons, part 5- The rest

asdf n/t

Obama-Hoyer bond forms as Pelosi rejects budget deal

Friday Toons, part 3- Oily and gassy

Tim Pawlenty's Big Chill

Amazing photos of Earth....for Earth Day!

Propaganda Paradigm: Propping Up A Pathological Liar as the Other Side of a Debate

Riot-clad police gather where counter-rally against Terry Jones is planned

Hoosier lawmakers restrict collective bargaining for teachers; vouchers next

Earth Day! The Obameter: Obama's Campaign Environmental Promises - Promises Kept 16, In the Works 29

Earth Day! The Obameter: Obama's Campaign Environmental Promises - Promises Kept 16, In the Works 29

Rep. Allen West: Obama is a low level socialist agitator

Dems Warn Constituents About the Evils of RyanCare

And we'll delete again

Budget austerity and democracy

Delete - Dupe

"you look like a whore!" OR "how to lay an egg" (mr. fish)

Terry Jones to court: 'We are not criminals'

Wall Street Front Group Loading Up Conservative Activists w/softball questions for GOP

Anti-Muslim pastor accidentally fires gun after meeting with imam

Static Map shows the currents of the radiation for the next four days over the U.S.

Yesterday I stopped at the gas station to fill my tank half full. I do this

Should someone sue the heck out of the Michigan foster care system?

Conservative "Coming out" week

Conservative "Coming out" week

Ravitch Grades Obama on Education: FAIL

Iphone secret tracking: Android devices also found to cache location

So, did Obama save all his "good stuff" for Campaign Season?

Google has the best Logo today ever! Move your pointer over everything in the box...

Alfred M. Freedman, psychiatrist who helped remove stigma from homosexuality, dies at 94

Madison & Milwaukee May 1st Rallies !!!!!

Collective Bargaining For Teachers May Be Over

Bacon, high fat diet ends seizures

it could have been THIS guy instead...

Quran-Burning Pastor's Gun Accidentally Goes Off In Michigan (Terry Jones)

Soldiers In Afghanistan Lip-Dub Britney Spears (Five stars!!!!! Eat your heart out Brit))

Drill off Alaska coast? Gulf mess renews debate

New gear to fit female soldiers

How does the CIA celebrate Earth Day?

As Consumers Cut Spending, ‘Green’ Products Lose Allure

French riot police threaten to strike over alcohol ban (gotta love the French)

Franklin Graham's choice for President in 2012. (HINT: the guy has a BAD rug)...

Rachel Maddow, the Nation, Daily Kos: Winners in AlterNet's Poll

Can you imagine if a Democratic Senator resigned because

Can you imagine if a Democratic Senator resigned because

Thought Control: Right-Wing Koch Brothers Caught telling thousands of their employees how to vote.

I think we should end the corporate income tax.

My almost daily media rant: Cenk, they don't want to steal medicare from my children!

Hilarious freep post: COSTCO selling HALAL meat, beware, you might be eating meat offered to ALLAH!

Convicted Rapist Evaluated for Heart Transplant

Hubby said he dreamed that Cheney

Republicans' latest ploy: Using economics to justify everything from discrimination to union busting

The mystic stone at tsunami tide's highest point...

The mystic stone at tsunami tide's highest point...

The mystic stone at tsunami tide's highest point...

Federal Judge Sides with Maine Governor in Labor Mural Dispute

Please support to vote one of six schools for Obama commencement

Earth Day? 20-mile open pit mine proposed upstream of Great Lakes Basin largest undisturbed wetland

Have You Guys Checked Out This Site ??? - Rachel Had The Founder On Last Night

Vibrators Carry the Conversation

Yeah... And We Got Our Cockroaches Here Too, They Just Wear Suits...

Study: Current GOP Base Closely Resembles Nation’s Forefathers

"Let Down your Comb over!"

Terry Jones Denied!

"Birther" Scorecard

No way! I just googled "pastor molesting children"....1,390,000 results (0.18 seconds)

Saul Landau: The People Who Brought You Fukushima [Counterpunch]

Krugman- Zombie Tax Lies!

Good News: Gabrielle Giffords Wants To Go Back To Work

Weekend Trump poll, do you think he's Trumping the Teabaggers?

Many pets left behind in Japan nuclear exclusion zone

For God's sake please cut the fucking military budget!

McCain wants increased military support, weapons, training and close air support for his "heroes"

Trump's toupe tells us something about the kind of president Donald would be.

Trump: I'm worth whatever I feel

New Ind. law bans asking workers about their guns

New Ind. law bans asking workers about their guns

Toon: Where's the birth certificate?

Why in the hell do they have to do this every stinkin' year?

Scott Walker Turned Wisconsin Blue Again !!

'Big Soda' Helping Woman Who Needs Kidney

Please read! Michigan is MUCH worse than Wisconsin!

Rat bastards! (Yet another) Bank of America tale

'F*** You Republicans!'

REVEALED!!!! Sharia Law being pushed, hard, in the US

The Great Collapse and You

Donald Tump's hair = Hoary Marmot

The Fundamental Injustice That Is Poisoning the Nation

Timing of Sen. Ensign resignation raises questions (about what ethics probe has uncovered)

Florida Pastor And Associate In Jail After Refusing To Pay $1 Bond

Florida Pastor And Associate In Jail After Refusing To Pay $1 Bond

??? - For some reason yesterday, NYT - "MUCH-TALKED ABOUT" birther scoop disappeared.

There are some very sick people on this planet - 15 year old lured to his death

Legally married gay couples executed by Christians, subjected to "exquisite punishment"

CEO kills 8 people, destroys 38 homes, and is awarded $35 million

The argument for privatizing the military.

Double snort

KRUGMAN: Zombie Tax Lies

KRUGMAN: Zombie Tax Lies

My version of why Federal taxes are "so high"

The Rude Pundit - An Easter Prayer from the Family Research Council

You want to know who is really un-American?

You want to know who is really un-American?

Republicans voted to end Medicare. Democrats want Medicare for All.

Iowa GOPers Attempting To Impeach Four Judges Who Overturned Same-Sex

Norcross man gets prison time for hiring illegals.

I got mine UPDATE: Paul Ryan's college education was funded with Social Security "survivor benefits"

Libya's deputy foreign minister says use of U.S. predator drones would be a crime against humanity

Doublethink Tank: Heartland Inst. pushes ALEC bill readjusting pensions, which "aren't the problem"

Delaware politics: Christine O'Donnell amends campaign financing reports (blames computers)

'Vampire' woman gets ‘horns’ implanted

ElBaradei suggests war crimes probe of Bush team

Not blonde, not white, not straight. Not living. Not newsworthy.

2004 warning call to Japan re: Game of Nuclear Roulette

Earth Day Special: Vandana Shiva and Maude Barlow on the Rights of Mother Earth

Boy, Lawrence O'Donnell is really kicking the Hell out of NBC this week.

How do you feel about Bradley Manning

WHO now says the 4000 dead figure they used for Chernobyl came from a public relations company

Where we are with the Wisconsin recalls

Cargo containers for homes OK'd (Long Beach, CA)

New Democratic Party is surging in Quebec and parts of Canada.

I'm sick of supply-side econmics. Let's try demand-side.

Earth Day bonus: Million Kid March -- May 8th

In Their Own Words: Tea Partiers Talk Election 2012 (or "Batshit Crazy in SC")

Newt's "No Flies Zone"

Japan expands evacuation area over radiation accumulation Apr 22, 2011, 6:00 GMT

Should the left use exaggergation, emotional agitation, spreading of rumors and falsehoods

The Progressive Budget Alternative - Krugman

Happy Easter DU

The Democratic Party is committing suicide right before our eyes.

Why don't they just cut the pretense and call the republican primary what it really is...

Supporters plan Leavenworth rally for WikiLeaks soldier

Self Storage Lien Law Legislation Making Headway in Florida and Nevada

Libyan Revolution Day 64

Miss. shows how to handle Westboro "church"

Miss. shows how to handle Westboro "church"

Florida -- the American nightmare

Florida -- the American nightmare

TV Box is floating $8.00 a gallon.

Nuclear reactor 150 miles from Atlanta shuts down abruptly(video)+EPA detects plutonium in US,+ more

Who didn't see this one coming?

Police: HS Baseball Coach Gave Pot To Kids

Imagining The Worst-Case Scenario If The United States Even Comes Close To Defaulting On Its Debt

Here’s your Friday’s Afternoon Challenge: Real Places, Fictional Characters!

Killer Combo of High Gas, Food Prices at Key Tipping Point

Killer Combo of High Gas, Food Prices at Key Tipping Point

Just got my stockholder's report from Exxon Mobil today....

Japanese government cracking down on independent reporting and criticism of the government

Can someone tell me why there is so much overlap in our military?

WaPo says "3,000 bills targeting pension reform are in hoppers nationwide," many of them ALEC bills

If you do not believe in these things, you are NOT a Democrat

Both Parties Tone Deaf or do they just listen only to Elites????

Haunting Iraq War Photo was the Work of Photojournalist Chris Hondros Killed in Libya

When Customer Rebellion Becomes Open Revolution

Famous photo taken by Chris Hondros - the journalist who killed this week

Wisconsin - Republicans crash recall event. Damages done to property.

Its a conspiracy and the M$M is in on it

A Unified Theory of War and Taxes

The fact that some 14 year old teabagger piece of shit can spew bullshit and the people who heckle..

Trig Trutherism: The Definitive Debunker

Will Scott Walker Request An Investigation Into "Shots for Signatures" Scandal?

Many Americans cannot afford both $5 per gallon gas and food on the table..

Circle of lies - Perjury and its consequences at a Wayne County court

Ayn Rand’s adult-onset adolescence (Wash Post)

I had no idea what a neutron beam was until just recently. Not sure I wanted to know?

Drastic times = Change in Life style

ROFLMAO !!! - Sorry For The Subscription Link, But This Is Poetic Justice !!!

A cross she must bear

Texas wildfires...many's horrific!

Nuclear Reactor Just Outside Atlanta Abruptly Shuts Down (may restart today)

US drone missiles kill 25 people in Pakistan tribal area home

US drone missiles kill 25 people in Pakistan tribal area home

County College of Morris votes to charge illegal immigrants out-of-state tuition

Kyl Erases His False Statement On Planned Parenthood From Congressional Record

Proof that religion is evil

iPhone Location File Not New, Not Secret....and cops have been using it for a while

Parents' blog shows how Eli Broad alumni are changing our schools drastically, shows their failings.

Noam Chomsky: "Elections have become a charade, run by the public relations industry."

This Can't Be Happening In America

This Can't Be Happening In America

Nuclear reactor in Ga. shuts down abruptly

Quarter-Million Dead and Not Counting

History's Biggest Non-Sequitors

Michigan: Foster children would be allowed to get clothing only from second hand stores

Michigan: Foster children would be allowed to get clothing only from second hand stores

Email from Russ Feingold's Progressives United

The poor and the price of gas...

We need to move away from laissez-faire (a.k.a. predatory) capitalism.

The Mad Genius of Donald Trump

Poll-Have you Switched Political Parties in the Past Four Years? (It's Anonymous)

Coldwell Bank listed my house for sale - and my loan is current

I finally paid over $4 a gallon for gas.

Really? Obama's opinion on Bradley Manning...

Spiderwort: Nature's amazing radiation detector

Spiderwort: Nature's amazing radiation detector

Anyone know anything about bionic yarn and its chemical properties?

Donald Trump is an EARTHER! (Questions If Obama Was Really Born On Earth)

Why aren't we talking about resistant TB w/ homeless?

Turner Classic Movies channel is airing a tribute to Sidney Lumet tonight

The cowboys on Kali's ranch like to put on old-fashioned "Chickenfight Exhibitions" for the locals.

A mnemonic you NEVER forget:

One medium bill/Two humongous balls:

Pot vs Alcohol

Cross posting from GD, looking for some info....

Cats: Ignoring the Laws of Physics on a Daily Basis

You may have seen the report on Fox News about the day MFM forgot to change out of his pajamas.

There's a new Simon's Cat episode!

Crappy Birthday

I haz a love for Google's Earth Day doodle

Not good with photo editing....anyone want to help?

Aaoorwrr!! Owrrr.. Araarraarrr!

Anyone catch the Beatie Boys Fight for Your Right Revisited debut last night?

Ok, does anyonme know where I can get my hands on some nuclear lauch codes?

Rivieras' guitarist Pennell, 66, dies

Good Friday

Sha na na na, na na na na na, sha na na na na...Sha na na na, na na na na na, sha na na na na

The thin blue line in MS Word 2007.

Taco Hell Fail ..........

I *heart* (some of) the 80s - Divinyls

Don't Feed the Monsters!

Anyone heard of the musician Sage Francis?

2 gadget things: OMZ games & more on Kindle?!1 Plus, fix for restless cursor problem?!1

who let the dogs out?

Iowa man does a beer and water only diet for Lent

Happy End of Lent!

Power Station's Appearance on Miami Vice (w/ Michael Des Barres replacing Robert Palmer)

What day is it?

Anyone ever buy tees from Cafe Press? They look terrific but

Fuck dieting! I just discovered the most amazing thing.

Well, I'm half-way home. Sitting in Denver Airport waiting for my next flight.

A Perfect Match -- Ella and Basie

"Comfortably Numb" ukulele cover version, complete with mind-numbingly off-key vocals

Has Eric Alterman been appearing on FauxNews often?

Today's holiday driving fail, brought to you by Skid-more, the tires for the modern era

What do Brazilians have against natural hair??

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

A scene from Battlestar Gallactica: people lining up and frowning.

I went for my physical today. I don't feel so good.

I was cleaning out my bookmarks and found this from 2003. Hilarious

I can't believe this idiot asparagus caster on TV

Rob Lowe on the cover of Vanity Fair - my wife seems to like this

Another brick in the Wall, dude!

Which one's Pink? The final Waters/Gilmour/Wright/Mason reunion, Live 8: "Comfortably Numb"

The Power Station - "Get It On (Bang A Gong)"

Led Zeppelin - Live Aid 1985 - Full Set in 3 Parts

I just watched the pilot episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" from 1990


check out google today!

My youngest daughter is 16 today (Earth Day girl). E-GADS!

What do you serve with your Clam Chowder (New England, Manhattan or Rhode Island)

This is funny, curious if it creates a loop.

I want to create a die that never threads.

Happy birthday to my granddaughter

Kitten Is Very, Very Sleeeeeeepy

Well, that was one way to dodge a speeding ticket.

VIDEO: "Cats trying to figure out how the treadmill works"

If we still had DUzys ...

So I went to the Good Friday service at my parish today and . . .

Well, I finally did it - got an iPhone 4

The A-Team?

Puppy Cam Is back!

Who gives a rat's ass about the goddamn royals???

The meaning of Easter

Best TV or Movie Dentist.

My next door neighbor installed a privacy wall so the creep behind them couldn't watch their

Well I go to the VA next week to have some more of the resident

BIG DATE NIGHT for me and Mrs. dinner and a movie....well not quite

iPhones Fuel Rise in Subway Theft

Billy Cox: You Know Your Dream is Real If...

Pre-dyed Easter eggs? Seriously?!?

Some Good Friday Music

Dog stolen from back seat of Porsche reunited with owner

I can't believe that this idiot weather caster on TV

MLB to take over Dodgers operations (Mets cash strapped too)

Bring me da buttah.

Is Gary Busey a nutcase or a savant?

Should Kate vow to 'obey'?

Hey dirty hippies! Post your favorite Earth Day song!



DISCLAIMER - Extremely graphic and perverse images.

Goose looks after blind dog - w/pic

OK, so I just paid $29.95 for my monthly subscription to the "CaliforniaPeggy 24/7" Website...

Okay, The Phrases, "Oh, Wait" and "Wait, What?" Need to Go Away

CNN: "Why the royal wedding matters" - IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER!

Makin' me a bowl of MANHATTAN Clam Chowder

British tourist saves toddler in four-story fall

"Dirty Hippies" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Dirty Hippies".

Five accused of luring Florida teen to his death

Witness to Bishop’s Death Freed in Argentina

She is risen!

VIDEO: Lions, Tigers and other big cats spaced on catnip.

Good Friday Greetings from Beverly Hill(billie)s!

I broke my fucking elbow.

I think I need to take better care of myself...

Righthaven Gets Punked By Invalid Whois

(Alabama) Senate passes immigration reform different from House

Samsung sues Apple after accusations of 'copying'

American-born demonstrators wash immigrants' feet

Libyan rebels make gains in mountains, besieged city

Nuclear reactor in Ga. shuts down abruptly

Judge Cancels Hearing on Twitter Users’ Challenge to Feds’ WikiLeaks Investigation in Va.

Iowa Republicans sponsor calls to impeach 4 justices

Activists occupy oil rig in fight to prevent Arctic drilling

Sheriff's workers haunt L.A. hotel lobby to collect unpaid taxes

Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People

US relaxes donation rules for Cuba

Japan Expands Evacuation Zone Around Nuclear Plant (again)

45 McDonald’s Meals Not Available In The USA

High court asked to reinstate FCC indecency policy

Trump: I'm worth whatever I feel

Gipsies flee as far-Right open 'training camp’

U.S. drone attack kills 25 in Pakistan

Google's first-quarter lobbying bill hits new high of $1.48 million

12 live, 17 dead cats found in North Phila. boarding room

U.S. Court Reinstates Blackwater Iraq Shooting Case (Nisoor Square)

Bloody Friday in Syria: 70 protesters killed as security forces open fire

Call Me Wesley leaves me the sweetest notes (Part VIII).

More than 2,000 protest Friday in Salalah, Oman

Ozone hole has dried Australia, scientists find

Discovery of buried treasure revealed in Austria

Republicans seek to reassure elderly on Medicare

Dozens gather at Dearborn peace vigil

Pakistan stops all US operations from Shamsi Air Base in Baluchistan, near Afghan border

New Jersey To Rehire Transit Worker Fired For Burning Quran

Report on Sheriff Arpaio's top aides subpoenaed by fed

At least 70 dead in Syria's bloodiest day of unrest

Libya: Stalemate looms, warns Admiral Mike Mullen

McCain travels to Libya to meet with rebel forces

Gun Belonging to Pastor Terry Jones Goes Off Outside Fox 2 Studios

Syria: Assad troops 'fire on Friday prayers protesters'

Libya army may quit Misrata, let tribes fight rebels

Judge rules in favor of LePage, says mural can stay in closet

Amazon cloud outage staggers into Day 2

Gabrielle Giffords want to go back to work: Husband

Utah church offers free Korans in Easter gesture

BPA ban to become law without LePage’s signature

Cheap energy no more, IEA says

Left-wing party explodes onto Canada election scene

It's been a whole year without my Dad now. I miss him. :^(

NM utility unveils first large-scale solar plant

Man dies after police use Taser at Universal Studios

ElBaradei Suggests War Crimes Probe Of Bush Team

US Mulls ‘Keeping 10,000 Troops In Iraq’

Dearborn jury: Terry Jones rally would breach the peace

Dearborn jury: Terry Jones rally would breach the peace

Foster children (in MI) would be allowed to get clothing only from second hand stores

A graphic reminder of U.S. deficits

TWO THINGS that bother me about this 'government'

Free parking for Tea Party?

Heh. The Yellow Haired One tired of people asking him about the birth certificate.

The President’s remarks at a DNC fundraiser last night

Obama pens tribute to Rep. Giffords for 'Time 100' list

I support President Obama

Congressman Keith Ellison and STUPID ASS!! Shawn Hannity go at it about muslims

Dems File Federal Suit to Force Business Groups To Disclose Campaign Cash

Self-deleted by member

Obama says new task force will examine gas prices

A call for progressive unity and a plan for getting there

WSJ Edit Page Disproves Own Point

Frank Schaeffer: Obama Is Now and Will Be a Great President

The overlooked progressive alternatives (budget)

Its gonna be a Trump/McCain ticket.....prolly eclipse all other wannabes

Exclusive: Donald Trump has no interest in running for President, aide says

Poll: One in four Americans think Obama was not born in U.S....45% of Republicans

Should Bradley Manning be executed before he's even been tried, as some on DU have proposed?

Tenn. Man Sentenced To 4 Months For Threatening Ohio Congressman During Health Care Debate

Jared Bernstein, Biden’s Economic Adviser, to Leave.

Timing Of Sen. Ensign Resignation Raises Questions

But Seriously, Folks

Do you support raising the income cap on Social Security

Protesters Arrested Outside Upstate NY Drone Base

Invitation to Israeli Leader Puts Obama on the Spot

With A Stroke Of His Pen Obama Strikes Back At Citizens United

Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave.... birth-ers and other such nonsense

First Prez to ever have a personal relationship to federal student loans and financial aid

Obama: Syria's 'Outrageous' Violence Must End Now

Get Your Obama 2012 Bumper Stickers Here:

Obama's base Electoral vote for 2012 is 247

The CBO on Ryan's Medicaid plan

Glenn Greenwald: Gary Johnson (R) NM, for President?

low wage workers to Obama: please "friend" us, too

Cutting Sales Tax on TN Groceries by Taxing Bottled Sugary Beverages: HB0537

GRITtv: Maude Barlow: Abusing Nature Hurts People, Most Poor - Where's Our Change Video

Riki Ott on BP's Oil Disaster: "We need to bring this back in the news."

Bradley Manning's Father Breaks His Silence

Warning Signs on Obama's Left (Previously Unreleased Poll Results)

Lawrence O'Donnell - Pastor To The Tea Party David Barton Is A Dangerous Quack

"Goldman Sachs Is A Giant Vampire Squid!" Matt Taibbi

Keith Ellison vs Sean Hannity: Islamophobia And Racial And Ethnic Animosity

MSNBC: Cenk - GOP Budget Plan Backfires

Glenn Beck To Host Game Show for Morons

Young Turks: Abstinence Underwear?

Fallen USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers returns home to Brandon MS.

Videos of Syrian uprising from Friday April 2nd (Some may be disturbing)

Trump's new catch phrase

Alyona: Manning Protestors Call Out Obama, w/ Lyrics

Fox & Friends take on Bradley Manning Protest Song "We Paid Our Dues Where's Our Change?"

Trump Releases His Brainwashed Beauty From Bondage

Obama Gets An Unwelcome Serenade in support of Pfc Bradley Manning at Fundraiser

Thom Hartmann: CEOs fired 2.9m workers since 2001 -- then hired 2.4m workers overseas

Thom Hartmann: Outsourcing...first our jobs, now our garbage?

Nancy Skinner on America's Nightly Scoreboard 4-21-11 discussing gas prices and more

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel says Obama And Democrats Are "Anti-God"

Good Friday for Trial? Koran-burning Terry Jones plans new protest

US drone strikes-News Analysis-04-21-2011-(Part1)

US drops predator drones into Libya war zone as deadlock costs go up

TDPS: Study Confirms Gay & Lesbian Kids More Likely to Consider Suicide

Papantonio: BP Still Dodging Responsibility for Oil Spill

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Con Job - Republican Governor Spins Horrible Health Stats

Alyona: American Teens Support Torture

Should The Nation's Unemployed Be Buying New Apple Computers?

The Ed Show -- Two Former Republicans w/Michael Steele

[LINK WORKS] Frenchman in Tokyo on WORLDWIDE CENSORSHIP of Fukushima News by Japanese Govt

Frenchman in Tokyo on WORLDWIDE CENSORSHIP of Fukushima News by Japanese Govt

Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City That Outsourced Everything

Riki Ott on BP's Oil Disaster: "Let's help these people."

Donald Trump says he'll reveal 'interesting things' on Obama

Koran or Constitution?

Paul Ryan's Snake Oil Medicine Show!

Young Turks: Obama Gas Price Commission

American misperceptions on Canadian Healthcare

Keith Olbermann - Worst Person - Apr 21, 2011

The Thirties in Colour - Mexico 1/5

Paul Ryan voted to end Medicare, Give the Rich Another Tax Break

Can a fucking CONGRESSMAN get away with calling the President "A Low-Level, Socialist Agitator?"

Animation of the future construction of the arch that will encase Chernobyl

Thom Hartmann: Atlas Shrugged...would society work better if we were all selfish?

Thom Hartmann: Atlas Shrugged...would society work better if we were all selfish?

This is How to Stop Gun Violence!

Chris Hedges: FBI is the Jackboots Enforcer

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Freedom, The Illusion Of Choice

Dennis Kucinich Furious Pentagon Will Not Allow Him See PFC Bradley Manning

President Obama Judges Manning - W/O - A Trial: "He broke the law."

Jerry Seinfeld: 'Donald Trump Is a Blowhard About Nothing'

More than apologies are owed to Recy (U Houston Daily Cougar)

S.Africa imposes "fracking" moratorium in Karoo

Jimmy Carter's experience with Canadian reactor accident shaped knowledge of nuclear issues: book

New Mazda slogan: "Not Electric, Not Hybrid, Not A Drag To Drive."

Where is the U-234 and U-238 coming from?

Peak oil notes - April 21

Drumbeat: April 22, 2011

China energy agency sees 8 pct oil demand growth in 2011

Oil rises as dollar weakens

A Roman scholar puts oil prices in perspective

Post_Apocalyptic Tourism...

The oil situation could be worse than we thought…

Unsure about nuclear power? Here's the five questions you must answer to decide

Polluters serve SCOTUS big carbon sandwich; Scalia, Roberts ask for seconds

NASA - Blue Marble Animation

Sebastian Junger Remembers Tim Hetherington

Submitting to the Christian Right: Press ignores rr influence on GOP's curving of women's rights

Discussion of internal radiation exposure and projections of impact on global food chain

Midland Awl Bidness Fine; Water Lacking -1/10th Inch Of Rain Since October, Reservoirs Falling Fast

Chesapeake Seagrass Area Declines By 7% In On Year - H2O Temps, Runoff Likely To Blame

Bill McKibben - "There Is An Unbroken Bipartisan Consensus Of Accomplishing Nothing"

Is it time yet?

How the Right Brought the Trump Birther Madness on Itself

Nevada welcomes Sen. John Ensign's decision to resign

The First Earth Day: Recalling Wisconsin Senator and Founder Gaylord Nelson

David Sirota: Beware of Vampire Squids and Their Stadium Schemes

Sick 9/11 First Responders Must Be Screened For Terrorist Ties Before They Can Get Treatment

PNAS Feather Study Finds Steadily Increasing Levels Of Methylmercury In Endangered Albatross

Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?

GOP faces hostility at home over Medicare cuts; Senate Dems...

Bloomberg Will Boldly Push To Eliminate NYC Dirtiest Fuel Oil Use By . . . 2030

IEA: Sustainable Biofuels Can Lift Food Output (& supply 27% of World's transportation fuel ) WSJ

Gingrich Calls EPA “A Job Killing Regulatory Engine Of Higher Energy Prices”

An interesting way of looking at the trend of human impact on the planet

Ozone hole has dried Australia, scientists find (BBC)

Earth Day! The Obameter: Obama's Campaign Environmental Promises - Promises Kept 16, In the Works 29

Happy Earth Day

Toon: All our eggs in one basket

(Japanese) Lawmakers to explore alternative energy

The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia's Historic Bill

Libya: another neocon war | David Swanson | Comment is free |

Taking What You Don't Have

Latest thermal imaging and Fukushima reactor temperatures from units 1-4

Town halls turn hostile for Republicans over tax cuts for rich, Medicare

The Long Weekend Economists April 22-24, 2011

Inside the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant

Believing In The Pygmy Bunny

Why is there an irrational fear of plague?

Wind Power Beats Nuclear Power in Texas

The TRUTH about the Rising Gasoline prices - Courtesy of McClatchy

NASA/EO - Widespread Temperature Anomalies Across TX Pushing 12C 7-14 April 2011

Why is there irrational fear of radiation?

Uranium Radiation Individual Dose Calculator

Two Delta Employees Attacked on MARTA Train

(Open carry) activists pack heat as form of protest in Pasadena

10 Commandments of Concealed Carry

Chicago police worry about new concealed carry bill ...

Dad shoots 11-year-old daughter in head...

Pastor Terry Jones ND - Taurus 40 cal - do they have models w/o manual safety?

Before we was fab: PBS gets its gay on (retro-style), revisiting Stonewall and the Louds

Queer Music Videos.......

Trans Inmate Sues for Reassignment Surgery

So... Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers?

Map: Transgender Employment Rights Make Headway

Ab-Fab set to come back...

Double suicide in western Minnesota puts bullying back in spotlight


After Skinner's 'Mending Fences' OP, am so glad that a few of our

Should I delete the bigoted comment or let it stand...

Mass Zombie Uprising - Judea, 33 CE

File-Sharers Await Official Recognition of New Religion

Psych Evidence that Supports New Atheism

Wave of vandalism hits non-Orthodox synagogues anew

Sure As Hell Not Jesus

She is risen!

Maybe what we call heaven or hell is how the person is remembered.

A Boy, An Injury, A Recovery, A Miracle?

Just how did the bunny rabbit become the secular symbol of Easter?

"...never take your menstruating mistress to Red Lobster on a Saturday."

Where is God?

Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?

Does Christianity, Islam, Judaism require inferiority of women

Hitchens' (Written) Address to American Atheists

UCONN's Jamal Coombs-McDaniel charged

MLB attendance down...

Pollard to Obama: Release me for Passover

Israel's Declining Sperm Quality Tied to Depleted Uranium Exposure

Chavez goes on a hunger strike!

US relaxes donation rules for Cuba

The "Other" Revolutions

Raul Castro: Be patient, there is a place for young leaders in government _ just not yet

Haiti and the international aid scam (Weisbrot)

Bogota hostels admit guests were attacked, demand more police presence

The Middle East's oldest dictatorship