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New Haven

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Current location: Connecticut
Member since: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 11:27 AM
Number of posts: 999

About Me

A child of the 60\\\'s, a lifelong Democrat and a sense that our elected officials , especially the President, set the tone of civility in our great country. I worked on JFK\\\'s campaign and on Barack Obama\\\'s (twice). High School Class of 1963 I was moved by MLK\\\'s march on Washington, and to see that go full circle and have Mr. Obama for President is quite gratifying. When I see remnants of the John Birch society still quite active in the Tea Party it strengthens my beliefs and support of the Democratic Party.

Journal Archives

OHIO They cut short their rise on the charts of "Teach Your Children"

Harry Belafonte and Bob Dylan

The 1962 recording of "Midnight Special" by the Jamaican-American singer Harry Belafonte is notable for containing the very first official recording of Bob Dylan, who played harmonica. Belafonte told Mojo magazine July 2010 how it came about. He recalled: "It was supposed to be Sonny Terry, but he got grounded by a thunderstorm in Memphis and couldn't make the date. My guitarist Millard Thomas said, 'Well, there's this kid I see all the time down the village and he does that whole Sonny thing… he sleeps and dreams it.' So I said, 'We don't have a choice, I guess. Go find him.'
And this skinny kid appeared, and he had a paper sack with him full of harmonicas in different keys. I played the song for him and he pulled one out of the bag, dipped it in water and played it through a single take, and it was great. I loved it. I asked him if he wanted to try another take and he said, 'No.' He just headed for the door, and threw the harmonica into the trash can on his way out.
I remember thinking, Does he have that much disdain for what I'm doing? But I found out later that he bought his harps at the Woolworth drugstore. They were cheap ones, and once he'd gotten them wet and really played through them as hard as he did, they were finished. It wasn't until decades later, when he wrote his book (Chronicles), that I read what he really felt about me, and I tell you, I got very, very choked up. I had admired him all along, and no matter what he did or said, I was just a stone, stone fan."

a tribute to Harry Belafonte

I paid but still not on STAR

Democratic Underground, LLC
Apr 15·Payment
- $20.00

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Your Star Membership has expired 5:30 AM

More trouble for Clarence Thomas

The highly acclaimed watchdog group Pro Pubica is investigating his discarded Coke cans for additional evidence

'You F**ked Me!", Fla Rep Screams At McCarthy On House Floor

Source: Crooks and Liars

Buchanan, with sixteen years in the House of Representatives and one of the wealthiest members of congress, seems like a particularly bad choice to make an enemy.

Read more: https://crooksandliars.com/2023/01/you-fked-me-florida-rep-screams-kevin

Aretha's sister Erma inspiration for Joplin

SCOTUS today? Presidential elections are about SCOTUS---nothing else

You must understand Opus Dei, a fascist organization.


Because the person who forwarded five names to the senate for approval as supreme court judges is Leonardo Leo, who is an out of the closet Opus Dei operative. It was he who pushed Mitch McConnell to nominate Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett for SCOTUS. He is also “closest friends” with Clarence Thomas and has been called “one of the most powerful figures in the United States.”*

Avenatti started the ball rolling ----

Like it or not , this all began with Michael Avenatti. In March 2018, Michael Avenatti filed a lawsuit on behalf of adult film actress implicating Cohen and Trump. This was like the first stage of the Watergate break-in. Avenatti was a frequent guest on talk shows and cable news programs to discuss the cases, logging 108 appearances on CNN and MSNBC between March 7 and May 10 in 2018.

So when we are giving credit to AOC ---or Letitia James we should not leave out Stormy Daniels who the had the courage to defy Trump.

If Trump can give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh I think Biden can make the same award to Stormy Daniels.

Women win the day on Trump---from Stormy Daniels to Letitia James

Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels were the first to challenge Trump-They showed he was vulnerable. I know a lot of people on DU have a strong disdain for Avenatti but I like the guy from the point of view of him going on the news show circuit exposing Trump for the liar and cheat that he is. It was the smoke needed to get the fires going. Cohen's payment of $130,000 hush money to Daniels was disclosed by Avenatti on TV. Say what you want about Avenatti, but he started the ball rolling. The courage that Stormy Daniels had to fight Trump was a good example for me when dealing with viscous adversaries.

Letitia James pointed out the testimony of Cohen. That would not have happened without Avenatti.

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