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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
June 15, 2024

Floral Flag Near Vandenberg AFB

Floral Flag

Really nice flag and a great explanation of a veteran in one sentence at the end.
June 11, 2024

If you go to COSTCO for some Rap Music,

will you come back with Tupac FerShur?

(My Tribute to Floyd R. Turbo)

June 1, 2024

Dont miss: The homeowner's association took down my invasive 25" diameter 40 foot Bradford Pear tree yesterday and

I agreed with them. Even the state wants them all removed and is offering a free small tree for everyone taken down. But that doesn't mean I have to miss the fun:

They do prohibit political signs on association property so the regular nose is short. The one shown was only to grab a picture of our former president.

May 30, 2024

Inside information as to what convinced the jury!

His attempt to kill everyone in the courtroom with his poisonous farts

May 24, 2024

Top 10 reasons why Trump decided not to testify in his trials

1) Barron asked him not to testify at graduation time..

2) Melania put an upside down picture of him at Mar-a-Lago because somebody put a crude remark about him on a poster.

3) He was afraid he might be asked about the RV he was given.

4) He asked God what to do and God said "You must swear on a Trump Bible" but Judge Merchan turned him down when he asked.

5) Stormy Daniels paid him $130,000 not to testify.

6) Ivana Trump who is buried at Trump National Golf Course came back as a ghost and threatened to testify that he was lying about his weight if he testified.

7) Six SCOTUS judges agreed with Judge Carroll that it would not be a good idea and it would make it harder for them to get him off on a technicality.

8) He has the hots for Taylor Swift and didn't want to look bad in her eyes.

9) E. Jean Carroll promised him an $83M donation if he didn't testify.

10) Putin told him if he admitted his crimes in court, Putin could not, in all honesty, make him VP of Russia as it would violate Putin's strict code of ethics and morality.

May 22, 2024

The top 10 instructions from Judge Mercham to the Jury straight from SMNBC!

1) No laughing about how stupid Mr. Trump's lawyers were.

2) No farting or sleeping in the Jury Room to show what Mr. Trump spent his time doing.

3) You must spend more than 30 seconds of discussions to declare him guilty.

4) No pointing a knife at a picture of Mr. Trump to show what you think of his guilt.

5) You can't convict him of terminal stupidity - only of the charges set forth by the court.

6) No wearing red ties with the long end held over your head when returning to the courtroom with your verdict

7) No using your middle finger across your neck to indicate a slit throat when returning to the courtroom with your verdict

8) No spending time texting humorous comments to Kimmel or Colbert for their nightly shows while deliberations are going on.

9) Do not ask the bailiff for Stormy Daniel's private phone number. He is not permitted to give it to you.

10) Do not pass a note to Michael Cohen asking him for $130,000 to vote not guilty against Mr. Trump

April 26, 2024

Act differently to different types of protestors.

Those whose protest, signs and voices that attack Jewish people should be arrested and charged with hate crimes if appropriate. Those deliberately inhibiting police from arresting or removing someone should be considered guilty of aiding and abetting a crime.

Those who intimidate others, attack others or commit acts of violence should similarly be treated.

Those who peacefully protest a country's war or mistreatment of it's citizens or citizens of other countries should be allowed to do so.

Students peacefully protesting on their college's property should be allowed to do so.

Non-students should be removed from college property unless they are authorized to be there.

The police need to pick and choose the violators vs mass pushing, arresting or removal without regard to what the individual is doing. If there are not enough police to be able to act in a fair and humane way, then the National Guard should assist but the rules should be the same. That means they must be trained in crowd control and first amendment rights.

Just my opinion.

And this applies to other types of protest.

April 25, 2024

Chuck Edwards, Repug congress critter from NC shows how he's just like his master, trump.


NOTE: All bold portions are my emphasis.

The U.S. House Communications Standards Commission sanctioned U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards on Wednesday, declaring in a letter to Henderson County’s Democratic Party chair that the panel in a 6-0 decision had “found substantial reason to believe a violation occurred” in Edwards’s newsletters attacking President Biden and his son, Hunter.

The commission acted on a complaint Democrats filed March 13 alleging that email newsletters sent out by Edwards in May, June, July and December 2023 violated federal law and rules of the House of Representatives ...

Because such attacks are specifically prohibited, “Edwards should have been well aware of those prohibitions,” party Chair Leslie Carey, who signed the complaint, said in a newsletter.

So what did Edwards say in response? He claimed the complaint by Democrats was "hyper-partisan" - wait, YOU broke the law, Edwards, just like your master.

He further said “The Democrats are clearly ashamed of their president and his failing agenda, which is why they tried to put a gag order on me" - just another repeat lie of the master. It was a bipartisan commission that voted 6-0 against you. They are trying to get you to obey the law, not gag you.

Lastly, he said “I did not go to Washington to make nice with Joe Biden, so while I’ll do a better job of crossing my ‘i’s and dotting my ‘t’s, I will not be robbed of my First Amendment rights by this hyper-partisan complaint, nor deterred from communicating with my constituents.” Sound familiar? You have no right to break the law.
April 16, 2024

My town has prohibited people on my street from charging their EVs!

Look at this sign that they put up.

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