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Biden cancels another $9 billion in student loan debt days after payments restart

(CNN) The Biden administration has approved debt relief for an additional 125,000 student loan borrowers, totaling $9 billion in forgiveness, the White House said Wednesday. The announcement comes just days after federal student loan payments restarted after a three-plus year pause. Though the Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden’s hallmark student loan forgiveness program, which promised up to $20,000 in debt relief for low- and middle-income borrowers, the administration has continued to find other ways to provide debt relief. The cancellations announced Wednesday come through three different existing debt relief programs that have been plagued with problems in the past. The White House is conducting what it calls “fixes” to a “broken student loan system.”

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Republicans Cut Off Their Own Heads

(Wall Street Journal) A band of eight Republicans succeeded in ousting Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker on Tuesday, and we trust they’re happy. They now have the chaos they wanted, though it isn’t clear what else they hope to achieve. Their clever plan seems to be to cut off their own heads. We refer to Reps. Matt Gaetz, Nancy Mace, Eli Crane, Andy Biggs, Matt Rosendale, Bob Good, Tim Burchett and Ken Buck. They united with Democrats to topple a Republican Speaker without a plan, a replacement, or even a policy goal in mind. Four percent of the Republican conference trumped the 96% who supported the Speaker.


McCarthy's Extraordinary Downfall Reflects an Ungovernable G.O.P.

(New York Times) Kevin McCarthy did two things right, but too many other things wrong. His extraordinary ouster that unsettled Washington on Tuesday and left the House in chaos was the culmination of a tumultuous nine months that began in unprecedented fashion in January with 15 roll call votes to claim his gavel and ended in unprecedented fashion with a single one to vacate the speaker’s chair.


Hakeem Jeffries Is the Big Winner in the McCarthy Trials

(The New Republic) The most powerful person currently residing in the House of Representatives is not even a member of the majority. With Kevin McCarthy removed from the speakership thanks to a small faction of his own Republican conference, Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has hit something of a new stride. Having amassed support from Democratic members, he’s riding a fresh wave of goodwill and maintaining a firm grasp on an often fractious caucus.

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Acting Speaker McHenry orders Nancy Pelosi to leave her Capitol hideaway office

(Politico) As one of his first acts as the acting speaker, Rep. Patrick McHenry ordered former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vacate her Capitol hideaway office by Wednesday, according to an email sent to her office viewed by POLITICO. “Please vacate the space tomorrow, the room will be re-keyed,” wrote a top aide on the Republican-controlled House Administration Committee. Pelosi had missed the vote to boot McCarthy to stay in San Francisco to attend memorial services for the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a longtime friend of the former speaker. “Sadly, because I am in California to mourn the loss of and pay tribute to my dear friend Dianne Feinstein, I am unable to retrieve my belongings at this time,” she said


Joe Biden goes for the jugular: Attacking MAGA insanity could be the winning message for 2024

(Salon) Joe Biden gave a speech last week that went largely unnoticed in the press, and it's really too bad. It may have been the best speech he's ever given, and if people actually saw or heard it, it might set their minds at ease a little about his prospects in the next election. This is his fourth such speech, reflecting a sincere effort on his part to which we should all pay attention.


Donald Trump drops from the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans. Here's what changed.

(CBS News) Former President Donald Trump is no longer rich enough to be included in the Forbes 400, an annual ranking of America's wealthiest individuals, Forbes magazine said on Tuesday. Trump's estimated net worth of $2.6 billion is $300 million short of the baseline to make the Forbes 400 list. Tumbling from the Forbes 400 might seem like a minor problem for someone who is extremely wealthy and running a second time for the highest office in the U.S. But Forbes noted that the Forbes 400 is an "annual measurement that Trump has obsessed over for decades, relentlessly lying to reporters to try to vault himself higher on the list."


Ex-DOJ Official Explains Why Donald Trump Gag Order Is 'Like Failing Kindergarten'

(Huff Post) Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal explained how former President Donald Trump must have really tried to get hit with a gag order in his civil fraud trial. Judge Arthur Engoron slapped Trump with the order on Tuesday after the ex-president attacked Engoron’s law clerk on social media. Engoron warned Trump that he’d face “serious sanctions” if he broke the order. Gag orders are “really hard to get in a case,” Katyal told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner on Tuesday, because people “use common sense” during legal proceedings against them. “It’s kind of like failing kindergarten,” he said. “To get a gag order imposed, you got to kind of try. Trump managed to work at it and do it and succeed. But it took a lot of work on his part.”


2nd Giuliani attorney leaving his legal team in Georgia

(ABC News) A second lawyer for Rudy Giuliani is seeking to depart his legal team in Georgia, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News, a move that would appear to leave the former mayor without any local lawyers in the state. A motion to withdraw has been submitted to the clerk, the sources said. A judge in the case has to sign off on the motion.

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US private payrolls growth slows sharply in September, ADP report shows

1 hr ago - U.S. Markets US private payrolls growth slows sharply in September, ADP report shows Reuters October 4, 20238:28 AM EDT Updated an hour ago WASHINGTON, Oct 4 (Reuters) - U.S. private payrolls increased far less than expected in September, but that ... (Reuters)

Giuliani to lose 2nd attorney in Georgia, leaving him without local legal team

1 hr ago - October 4, 2023, 9:00 AM A second lawyer for Rudy Giuliani is seeking to depart his legal team in Georgia, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News, a move that would appear to leave the former New York City mayor without any local lawyers in ... (ABC News)

75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers walk off the job. It's the largest health care worker strike in US

2 hrs ago - Updated 9:04 AM EDT, Wed October 4, 2023 CNN -- On Wednesday, more than 75,000 unionized employees of Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's largest not-for-profit health providers, walked off the job, marking the largest health care worker strik ... (CNN Business)

Pelosi says interim House speaker McHenry has ordered her to vacate her office in the Capitol ...

3 hrs ago - Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday said the newly named interim speaker, GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, has ordered her to vacate her office in the Capitol building. She does maintain her regular office in the Cannon House off ... (CNN)

A bus plummeted 15 meters from an elevated road in Venice, killing 21 people in a fiery crash

3 hrs ago - By COLLEEN BARRY Updated 5:27 AM CDT, October 4, 2023 VENICE (AP) — A bus carrying dozens of people plummeted 15 meters (50 feet) from an elevated road in Venice, Italy, causing a fiery crash that killed 21 people and injured at least 15, mostly for ... (AP)

Trio wins Nobel Prize in chemistry for work on quantum dots, used in electronics and medical imaging

4 hrs ago - Updated 6:46 AM EDT, October 4, 2023 STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Three scientists based in the U.S. won the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for their work on quantum dots -- tiny particles just a few atoms in diameter that can release very bright colored l ... (AP)

Biden cancels another $9 billion in student loan debt days after payments restart

5 hrs ago - Published 5:00 AM EDT, Wed October 4, 2023 Washington CNN — The Biden administration has approved debt relief for an additional 125,000 student loan borrowers, totaling $9 billion in forgiveness, the White House said Wednesday. The announcement ... (CNN Politics)

Canada's House of Commons elects first Black speaker

5 hrs ago - October 3, 2023, 7:37 PM OTTAWA, Ontario -- Canada’s House of Commons on Tuesday elected Greg Fergus as its new speaker, making the Liberal lawmaker the first Black Canadian to hold the position. The election was triggered by the resignation of An ... (ABC News/AP)

Stock market today: Wall Street buckles under higher bond yields as Dow wipes out gain for the year

11 hrs ago - By STAN CHOE Updated 3:49 PM CDT, October 3, 2023 NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street fell sharply Tuesday as it focused on the downside of a surprisingly strong job market. The S&P 500 dropped 1.4% to its lowest point in four months. The Dow Jones Industr ... (AP)

Vote for new House speaker will be next week, GOP lawmakers say

12 hrs ago - The House of Representatives will be in recess until next week and return Tuesday night for a conference meeting before a potential vote later that week on electing a new speaker, according to Reps Matt Gaetz and Bob Good. “Hopefully vote on a speak ... (CNN)

Kari Lake formally files for Senate bid

13 hrs ago - Kari Lake has formally filed to run for U.S. Senate in Arizona. The conservative firebrand and ardent Donald Trump supporter had teased a run for weeks with expectations of a campaign launch for early October. National Republicans had initially been ... (Politico)

September Breaks Record for Hottest Global Temperature, Follows Warmest Summer

14 hrs ago - The summer contained some of the hottest days recorded worldwide, and this fall has so far featured temperatures that are even more abnormal. According to data by the Japan Meteorological Agency obtained by The Washington Post, the global average tem ... (The Daily Beast)

McCarthy won't run for Speaker again

15 hrs ago - 10/03/23 6:59 PM ET Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) informed members of his conference Tuesday night that he will not run for Speaker again after the House voted to oust him from the post hours earlier, multiple lawmakers confirmed to The Hill. The ... (The Hill)

Fulton prosecutors float plea deals to Trump defendants

15 hrs ago - Updated 2 hours ago Fulton County prosecutors are floating plea deals to a number of defendants in the election interference case involving former President Donald Trump, according to people with knowledge of the proposals. At least a handful of ... (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Sam Bankman-Fried's father, ex-Trump staffer among possible trial witnesses

16 hrs ago - October 3, 2023 5:51 PM EDT NEW YORK, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Sam Bankman-Fried's father and brother, as well as Donald Trump's former spokesman Anthony Scaramucci, are among possible witnesses at the cryptocurrency exchange founder's fraud trial, accord ... (Reuters)

Feds target international fentanyl supply chain with ties to China

16 hrs ago - October 3, 2023 / 4:37 PM Washington — Federal prosecutors charged 12 individuals and eight companies in China with engaging in international schemes to sell and ship chemicals used to produce fentanyl and other deadly drugs across the world and in ... (CBS News)

'Tennessee Three' Democrat sues over expulsion and House rules that silenced him

16 hrs ago - October 3, 2023, 3:46 PM NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Democratic Rep. Justin Jones filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday challenging his expulsion in April and the House rules restricting lawmakers' floor comments that Republicans applied to silence Jon ... (ABC News)

Atlanta will pay $3.75M to family of Nebraskan who died after being handcuffed face down

16 hrs ago - 47 min ago ATLANTA — The City of Atlanta will pay $3.75 million to the family of a Nebraska man who died after police handcuffed him face down. The City Council approved the settlement Monday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, after the Ful ... (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution-OWH)

Once a secret, the temporary House speaker is Rep. Patrick McHenry

17 hrs ago - Kevin McCarthy was ousted from power on Tuesday evening, leading to Rep. Patrick McHenry being named the temporary leader of a chamber thrown into chaos. Under House rules, McCarthy was required to provide the House clerk in January a then-secret li ... (Business Insider)

Kevin McCarthy removed as House speaker in historic vote

18 hrs ago - House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his leadership position in a historic vote on Tuesday after a far-right revolt over his reliance on Democrats to pass funding to avert a government shutdown earlier this month. It's the first time a House ... (CBS News)

The growing racial gap in U.S. census results is raising an expert panel's concerns

19 hrs ago - Updated October 3, 202311:39 AM ET The widening racial and ethnic gaps in how accurately different populations are counted in the U.S. census threatens the equitable distribution of political representation and federal funding, warns a new report ... (NPR)

FDA authorizes Novavax's updated COVID vaccine for fall 2023

19 hrs ago - Updated on: October 3, 2023 / 3:19 PM The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday it had authorized Novavax's updated COVID-19 vaccine, adding a third option for Americans ages 12 and older looking for a new shot this fall and winter. Nova ... (CBS News)

California Sen. Laphonza Butler sworn in, marking historic first

19 hrs ago - Sen. Laphonza Butler (D-Calif.) was sworn into office on Tuesday, becoming the first Black lesbian to openly serve in the U.S. Senate. Driving the news: Vice President Kamala Harris, the first Black woman to represent California in the Senate, admin ... (Axios)

Judge Gags Trump After Ex-President Attacks His Law Clerk

19 hrs ago - New York judge gagged former President Donald Trump on Tuesday, after he attacked his clerk by name and shared her image on social media. “Personal attacks on members on my court staff are unacceptable, inappropriate, and I won't tolerate it [in my ... (The Messenger)

Parents will stand trial in 2021 Michigan school shooting that killed 4 students

19 hrs ago - The parents of a teenager who killed four students at Michigan's Oxford High School lost an appeal Tuesday and will face trial on involuntary manslaughter charges, a rare case of prosecutors attempting to pin some responsibility for a school shooting ... (ABC News)


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