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GOP Rep Delivers a House Floor Speech Straight Out of 'The Handmaid's Tale'

(Daily Beast) Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) on Thursday accused “the angry feminist movement” of emasculating men and said the U.S. should “work our way back” to 1960 if former President Donald Trump wins in November. In a House floor speech that could have been lifted from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, Grothman went after supporters of government-funded childcare programs and said President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty “took the purpose out of the man’s life, because now you have a basket of goodies for the mom.” He added, “They’ve taken away the purpose of the man to be part of a family. And if we want to get America back to, say, 1960, where this was almost unheard of, we have to fundamentally change these programs.”


Biden Rising: Marist poll shows Biden up 2 points, 50 - 48%

(Marist) With just days to go before the start of the Republican National Convention, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump continue to be closely matched among registered voters in both a head-to-head matchup and a multicandidate field. Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and Gretchen Whitmer do not improve the Democrats’ chances against Trump. Among registered voters nationally including leaners, Biden receives 50% to 48% in the two-way presidential matchup.


CNN's focus group thought Biden did very well

A Michigan voter on Joe Biden tonight: “I think what came across was that -- of what he is, Joe Biden is very caring about people, he's very knowledgeable and experienced and he's not just out for himself, that he really cares about the country." Question: "You weren't decided before this happened if he should stay in the race, how do you feel now after watching this conference?" Voter: "Relieved, I think he should stay in."


German Chancellor: 'It would be a big mistake to underestimate' Biden

(The Hill) German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday warned against underestimating President Biden, describing him as a “very focused” leader following this week’s NATO Summit in Washington, D.C. Scholz, who has been a vocal supporter of Biden’s leadership in recent months, was asked by PBS News if he still believes the president can defeat former President Trump given the fallout of his disastrous debate performance last month.


"Trump is the only man in the presidential race manifestly unworthy of holding a position of power"

(LA Times) Trump is the only man in the presidential race manifestly unworthy of holding a position of power, and has no business ever returning to the White House. If the GOP had any decency left, its members would be discussing whether to dump Trump for a candidate who isn’t out to bulldoze democratic institutions in favor of autocracy.


Experts: Georgia GOP officials lay groundwork to "obstruct" and "subvert" election certification

(Salon) The Republican-controlled Georgia State Election Board on Tuesday pushed forward a proposed amendment to an election rule that would grant officials greater power to dispute election results — and election law experts are sounding the alarm.The proposal, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, follows recent refusals from Republican election board members to vote to certify election results despite there being no problems or doubts about the outcome. Should it be finalized next month, the proposed amendment could be in place for the November general election.


3 indicted fake electors are among Arizona RNC delegates

(AZ Mirror) Three of the Arizona Republicans indicted as “fake electors” for their roles in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election will serve as delegates at the Republican National Convention in July. And they are defiant. Arizona Republicans who picked them for the honor were well aware of the charges.


Martyr Inc.: How Trump Monetized a Persecution Narrative

(New York Times) As he seeks to reclaim the presidency, Mr. Trump has reprised the pitchman role from his reality TV days, with a crucial difference: He has intertwined the marketing of his private business affairs with the messaging of his campaign, leveraging his political stature for profit. ... All of it could be described as Martyr Inc., a machinery that makes Mr. Trump money and promotes his re-election by characterizing him as unjustly persecuted and selflessly saving his supporters from a similar fate.

Latest Breaking News

Jack Smith says Clarence Thomas' attack on his appointment should not factor into classified documents case

1 min ago - Published 4:45 PM EDT, Fri July 12, 2024 CNN — Special counsel Jack Smith told the judge in the classified documents case in Florida that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ criticism of his appointment should have no bearing on the cr ... (CNN Politics)

Jeffrey Clark cannot shake off ethics case with attempt to remand to federal court: Ruling

28 min ago - Jul 12th, 2024, 5:24 pm Jeffrey Clark, the former Justice Department attorney who allegedly conspired with former President Donald Trump to send state legislatures a letter falsely declaring that the department was concerned about rampant voter frau ... (Law & Crime)

US Sen. Susan Collins says she will once again not vote for Donald Trump in 2024

58 min ago - July 12, 2024, 5:15 PM PORTLAND, Maine -- Sen. Susan Collins didn't vote for Donald Trump for president in 2016 or 2020, and the third time will not be the charm — because she is writing in Nikki Haley. Collins, a longtime moderate Republican se ... (ABC News/AP)

Judge dismisses charges against Alec Baldwin in Rust killing

1 hr ago - July 12, 2024 6:07 PM EDT Updated 6 min ago SANTA FE, New Mexico, July 12 (Reuters) - SANTA FE, New Mexico, July 12 (Reuters) - A New Mexico judge dismissed involuntary manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin on Friday after his lawyers alleged pol ... (Reuters)

Exclusive: Meta removes Trump account restrictions ahead of 2024 election

2 hrs ago - 35 mins ago Meta on Friday said it would soon roll back restrictions it placed on former President Donald Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts. Why it matters: The company said it was making the change to ensure parity among presidential candidate ... (Axios)

Novogratz Boosts Biden Critics as Donors Boycott President

3 hrs ago - (Bloomberg) -- Galaxy Digital LP founder Mike Novogratz and filmmaker Andrew Jarecki are two donors behind a $2 million contribution to Democrats who have called for President Joe Biden to step down as the party's nominee, the latest sign donors are ... (MSN- Bloomberg)

Biden pushes his 'blue wall' sprint with a Michigan trip as he makes the case for his candidacy

3 hrs ago - Updated 10:37 AM EDT, July 12, 2024 WASHINGTON (AP) — Four years ago, candidate Joe Biden stood before supporters at a Detroit high school, flanked by Kamala Harris and other rising Democratic stars, and called himself a bridge to the next gener ... (AP)

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hardens stance on gun violence

4 hrs ago - Mayor Brandon Johnson and previous mayor Lori Lightfoot. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hardens stance on gun violence after more than 100 people shot in Chicago during holiday weekend. July 8th. A “heartbroken” Mayor Brandon Johnson on M ... (Chicago Sun-Times)

Conservative activists find errors in software they hoped would root out voter fraud

4 hrs ago - July 12, 2024, 12:00 PM EDT After months of testing, some conservative activists are finding that the vigilante computer programs they'd hoped would give them the ability to root out redundancies and fraud in the country’s voter rolls aren’ ... (NBC News)

New York judge throws out Rudy Giuliani's bankruptcy case

4 hrs ago - A federal judge in New York on Friday threw out Rudy Giuliani’s bankruptcy case, paving the way for a litany of creditors, including two former Georgia election workers who won a $148 million defamation claim against him, to pursue and potential ... (Washington Post)

'It was horrifying': Chutkan warns against complacency about Jan. 6

4 hrs ago - 07/12/2024 01:51 PM EDT The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol is far from ancient history and still inflicts pain and trauma on the police officers and congressional employees who lived through it, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan said Friday as she sent ... (Politico)

You might have just missed Earth-shattering economic news

4 hrs ago - New York CNN — We did it, y’all! Get the Champagne on ice and gather the townsfolk because America hath slain the beast known as inflation. (Or, at least, it’s hit a turning point.) ICYMI: Last month, for the first time in four years ... (CNN)

West Virginia, Idaho asking Supreme Court to review rulings allowing transgender athletes to compete

4 hrs ago - West Virginia and Idaho are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review rulings that blocked the enforcement of state laws prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in sports. “If the Supreme Court takes this up, it will determine the fate of ... (NBC News)

Poland considers downing Russian missiles over Ukraine

5 hrs ago - Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has said Warsaw is considering a proposal from Kyiv to shoot down Russian missiles heading towards Polish territory while they are still in Ukrainian airspace. The proposal was included in a joint defence agr ... (BBC)

SpaceX Falcon 9 second stage engine suffers catastrophic in-flight failure during Starlink launch

5 hrs ago - SpaceX launched another batch of Starlink internet satellites from California Thursday, but the engine powering the rocket's second stage suffered a catastrophic failure, if not an explosion, during an attempt to carry out a final "burn" to raise the ... (CBS)

Progressives look to Supreme Court to motivate voters in 2024 race

5 hrs ago - July 12, 2024 / 1:44 PM EDT Washington — On the heels of the Supreme Court's conclusion of its momentous term earlier this month, progressive groups are pouring millions into offensives that seek to make the nation's highest court a galvanizing ... (CBS News)

Biden: Israel and Hamas have agreed to ceasefire, hostage deal framework

5 hrs ago - United States President Joe Biden confirmed on Friday afternoon that, while more work is needed, Israel and the Hamas terror group have agreed on a ceasefire deal framework that would see the release of hostages. "Six weeks ago I laid out a comprehen ... (Jerusalem Post)

Biden campaign seizes on reports Trump allies have declared election illegitimate

6 hrs ago - 07/12/24 10:17 AM ET President Biden’s reelection campaign is seizing on reports that allies of former President Trump are declaring that the 2024 election will not be legitimate. The campaign has labeled the Heritage Foundation’s Project ... (The Hill)

Hungary's Viktor Orban meets with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

6 hrs ago - Clyde Hughes Fri, July 12, 2024 at 6:39 AM CDT· Hungarian Prime Minister visited former President Donald Trump at his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence to discuss the war in Ukraine on Thursday night. Photo by Zoltan Zovacs/X July 12 (UPI) -- Hun ... (yahoo.com)

Tennessee elections chief accused of intimidation for telling 14,375 voters to prove citizenship

6 hrs ago - Fri 12 Jul 2024 07.00 EDT Tennessee’s top election official asked more than 14,000 registered voters to prove their citizenship in a vaguely worded letter last month in what voting and immigrant groups say is an attempt to intimidate voters. Th ... (The Guardian)


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