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steve2470's Journal
steve2470's Journal
June 7, 2021

(Jewish Group) David Dushman, last surviving Auschwitz liberator, dies at 98


BERLIN — David Dushman, the last surviving Soviet soldier involved in the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, has died. He was 98.

The Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria said Sunday that Dushman had died at a Munich hospital on Saturday.

"Every witness to history who passes on is a loss, but saying farewell to David Dushman is particularly painful," said Charlotte Knobloch, a former head of Germany's Central Council of Jews. "Dushman was right on the front lines when the National Socialists' machinery of murder was destroyed."

As a young Red Army soldier, Dushman flattened the forbidding electric fence around the notorious Nazi death camp with his T-34 tank on Jan. 27, 1945.
June 6, 2021

What small (or large) thing restores your faith in humanity ?

In the face of the usual dreck of life and especially the Trumpublican's rush to fascism, I think we all need the occasional or regular dose of refresh of faith in humanity.

I will give you one trivial one: I use a video-game-viewing service called Twitch. You can watch the games and other events for free, or you can pay $5 a month to gain extra privileges and avoid the recurrent advertising.

It is very common for TOTAL STRANGERS to donate $5 to your account to give you a month of extra privileges. These people don't know me from Adam's housecat. Yes, it's only $5 but still.... it's a very nice generous gesture.

What's yours ?

June 4, 2021

Hypothetical: Trump announces 2024 candidacy, Twitter and Facebook reinstate him, prosecutions die..

Note: I do NOT believe all those would 100% happen. It's a theory at the Lincoln Project. Listen, please, to the clip below:


If all those happen in reality....depressing, to say the least.

June 4, 2021

Just for fun: how many of these very large world cities have you ever been to ?


I could type them all out, but the list is topped by Tokyo, and ends with Guadalajara, Mexico.

eta: You have to scroll down the page a little to see the list.

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