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Very brave woman protests in Yekaterinburg, Russia against the war, sews her mouth shut


Nadezhda Sayfutdinova was detained in Yekaterinburg in Russia after she sewed her mouth shut with needle and thread and went out into the street with a poster against a war.

I hope she gets out of jail soon, so courageous.



Super price
-> Conscience <

War - is NOT peace!!!
Freedom - is NOT slavery!!!
Ignorance - is NOT power!!!
Those are your braces!
(spiritual braces is the term for the Russian orthodoxy conservative mindset)"

Russia taunts Finland by flying a military helicopter INTO its airspace as the Nordic country....

Russia taunts Finland by flying a military helicopter INTO its airspace as the Nordic country prepares to join NATO to the Kremlin’s fury

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10782761/Russia-taunts-Finland-flying-military-helicopter-airspace-country-plans-NATO-entry.html (one of only two news sources so far in English)

A Russian army helicopter violated Finland's airspace in an apparent attempt to frighten the country as it readies to join NATO.

The military Mi-17 transport chopper flew 2-3 miles inside the Finnish border after 10.30 this morning (7.30am GMT), according to the country's Ministry of Defence.

'The aircraft type is a Mi-17 helicopter and the depth of the suspected violation is about four to five kilometres', a ministry spokesman told AFP.


Russia previously violated Finnish airspace on April 8, the first time this year.

eta: https://yle.fi/news/3-12430400 here also

Kayleigh McEnany now refuses to go to Walt Disney World


Kayleigh McEnany says her daughter loves Disney, wears Minnie Mouse pajamas, and she really wants to go to Disney World, but she “can’t in good faith” take her there after their confrontation with Desantis.

eta: I forgot her daughter loves Disney. So, yes, she is selfishly penalizing her daughter.

Louisiana House committee voted to make abortion homicide, both for mother and the doctor


A Louisiana legislative committee on Wednesday advanced a bill to make abortion a crime of homicide in which the mother or those assisting her in terminating the pregnancy can be charged.

The measure cleared the House Appropriations Committee on a 7-2 vote despite at least one of the representatives voting in favor acknowledging the bill is unconstitutional.

Rep. Danny McCormick said his House Bill 813 should move forward even though the U.S. Supreme Court seems poised to overturn Roe v. Wade that guarantees abortion rights as soon as June, according to an opinion leaked from the high court this week.

"We can't wait on the Supreme Court," said McCormick, a Republican from Oil City.

Keanu Reeves was a CBC reporter in 1984, reported on Teddy Bear convention


Before he was a Hollywood actor, KEANU REEVES worked for CBC and did a news report on a Teddy Bear convention in 1984.

From everything I read, he's a great person. I like him in the Matrix series and John Wick, too.

Something to make you smile today: Kitties and puppies mingle !


SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts joins draft dissenters, more, according to CNN


(CNN) — Roberts does NOT want to completely overturn Roe v Wade, meaning he apparently would be dissenting from Alito's draft opinion, likely w the court's 3 liberals, sources tell CNN.

Roberts is willing, however, to uphold MS law banning abortion at 15 weeks, CNN learned.

Barricades are up around SCOTUS


Right now: Barricades are up around the Supreme Court building, just minutes after reports from Politico were leaked indicating SCOTUS has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Putin tries weapons of mass destruction gaslighting on the world, about USA involvement in Ukraine


Sounds like Russia is up to no good with these ludicrous proclamations about WMDs. I hope this is nothing more than gaslighting and fearmongering, but Putin's history of prior atrocities can't be discounted.

I wonder who he learned that tactic from. Hmm. Also, I wonder when Tucker Carlson will echo this, or maybe he already has.


https://tass.ru/politika/14524323 (translated in the Google Chrome browser)

WASHINGTON, 30 April. /TASS/. The Russian embassy on Friday urged the United States to "think its head and refuse" to prepare provocations with the use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

“We drew attention to the next groundless accusations against us, voiced by the US Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins. We are once again unreasonably credited with the presence of undeclared chemical weapons and their use. We would like to remind Bonnie Jenkins that during the special operation of the Ministry of Defense The Russian Federation received irrefutable information that the United States was preparing provocations to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. among the civilian population, while the State Department has already determined the order of "investigation" and appointed officials,responsible for its implementation," the commentary published inTelegram channel of the embassy.

"We call on Washington to change its mind and refrain from provocations that could lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and cause an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe," the Russian diplomatic mission stressed.

Jenkins, in an article published on the website of Newsweek magazine on Friday , made harsh statements against Russia, attributing to it the presence and use of undeclared chemical weapons. According to the deputy head of the State Department, the United States, in turn, "is moving towards the fact that by September 2023" to destroy all of its "fully declared stocks" of chemical weapons. Now this program is completed in the US by 97%, and in the world by almost 99%, she stressed.

Who IS this guy yelling at Jen Psaki at the news conference ??

Not yelling right now, but a minute ago he was.
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