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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
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As of 851 AM EDT, Flood warnings in parts of LA, MS, AL, FL, MN, WI, MT, WY, CO, UT, ND, and NY

As of 304 AM EDT, Flood warnings/watches in parts of LA, MS, AL and FL

This video (xpost from Lounge) will restore your faith in people and maybe make you tear up


It made me cry. It is so wonderful of people to do this for the goat Mr. G, and his buddy, the burro Jellybean.

Story here, h/t Baitball Blogger: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/blogs/gone-viral/os-goat-best-friend-20140528,0,2919331.post

A rescued goat refused to eat and sunk into a deep depression for six days leaving his caretakers baffled, until they realized he was just missing his best friend.

Animal Place sanctuary in California rescued Mr. G earlier this month from the hoarder he'd lived with his whole life. For the past 10 years, he'd spent all his time there in a cramped space with a burro named Jellybean.

At the time of their rescue, the sanctuary couldn't take in both the goat and the burro so they had to be separated. Upon his arrival Mr. G's depression became obvious when he refused to eat or leave his stall for six days, despite being healthy.

Volunteers at Animal Place knew the best buds needed to be together again, so they drove a total of 14 hours to bring Jellybean back to her pal.

As of 1106 AM EDT, Fire weather advisories in parts of AK, UT and CA

As of 240 AM EDT, Flood watches/warnings in parts of Texas and Louisiana

How To Spot A Chinese Domain Name Scam


If I offered you a way to protect your car from ever getting stolen, or your house from ever getting broken into, would you pay me for it? Lots of people would — for many people, their brand is just as important as anything else. This is why Chinese domain name scams have become so popular, and so successful.

Chinese domain name scams are rampant. In a little bit, I’ll explain exactly what these scams are, but first it’s more important to understand what started them. The effort to get businesses to register for Asian domains to “protect the brand” has been ongoing for many years. It appears this became a phenomenon as early as 2006. But it has accelerated within the past year, after the CNNIC registry announced that the Chinese .CN domains were public.

While previously (since September 3rd, 2012) , you had to submit identifying documents and other personal information to register a Chinese domain; as of July 9th, 2013, those rules changed. You can now register a .CN domain as easily as any other domain, regardless of where in the world you do business. This means there’s a bit of a CN domain registration gold rush at the moment.

After these policy changes, the effort to get businesses outside of China to register .CN domain names took on a life all its own. Today, there is a massive proliferation of entities in the Asia region who are contacting unsuspecting small and large businesses across the world to register Asian domains in order to “protect the brand”. This scam targets business owners who are uneducated regarding the domain name registration process.

As of 247 AM, High Wind Advisories in parts of Nevada and California

"I'd like to be 4 again" (from a 5 year old, video at link)


As of AM EDT, Flood watches/warnings across parts of Texas

As of 736 PM EDT, Tornado watches in parts of TX

last second change for obvious reasons, sorry.
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