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Best cigarette breaks of the week (Kim Jong Un and Russian guy with knife in back)


2. Kim Jong Un on the train platform
1. Man with knife in back in russian hospital popping out into the snow for a smoke before getting treatment

eta: https://twitter.com/oldLentach/status/1100110197610213377 (will translate from Russian)

In Zelenodolskaya Hospital brought 34-year-old drunk Vladimir with a knife in his back. The guy, while waiting for a doctor, decided to quit smoking-just like he was, with a knife and in shorts. He came back only after he was told he was going to die.

A half-naked man with a huge knife stuck in his back was caught on camera stumbling around a Russian hospital, zombie-like, in search of a smoke. The graphic footage shows the weapon still embedded as he wanders outside.

The bloody patient identified only as Vladimir, 34, was reportedly being treated at the Zelenodolsk central district hospital in Tatarstan on Monday when he insisted on going outside to smoke a cigarette.

Video footage of the heavily intoxicated man shows him wearily walking outside the hospital – against the orders of medical professionals – wearing nothing but his underwear. Worried doctors can be heard telling the patient that this smoke break could be his last, eventually convincing him to come back inside.

The victim luckily only suffered minor injuries, according to the region’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, which told Russian news outlet Tatar-inform that “the knife entered 2cm and rested against the bone,” sparing him from serious organ damage.

The above excerpt is from rt.com. I won't link it here, it's easy enough to find.

Crystal Ball: A first look at the Electoral College - 248 R, 244 D, 46 Toss-up



I really hope the 2020 election is a complete blowout for us, not like this map.

Comcast in Chicago, a little help please

Usually I would post this in Computer Help and Support, but it's not that terribly geeky.

I watch this guy stream PUBG on twitch.tv. Part of his job, of course, is to make sure his stream does not buffer excessively or have frozen frames, in other words a normal video viewing experience. He lives in the city of Chicago, not a suburb.

He has Comcast. I don't know what kind of account he has. Lately he has been having terrible problems with buffering and the stream literally locking up or showing maybe one frame per second. He says there's "nothing I can do".

If he had Business Comcast, would that make a difference ? I was reading on their site that there are no data caps. I am assuming an ordinary residential account in Chicago would have a data cap. Maybe they are throttling him because he does not have a business account ? He streams in the neighborhood of 50 hours per week or around 200 hours per month, so he must be using a lot of data.

Is he really out of luck, or does he need to bite the bullet and go business Comcast ? I know Comcast has a pretty terrible reputation but according to him, it's his only option. Thank you all.

"I've made a huge mistake" (kitty hanging on for dear life)


Shawarma (a cat) aka "Queen Of the Station," greets commuters at this train station every single day


Great story! eta: This is in Israel, and a few people feed her and take her to the vet, so this might be why she likes the station.

"My wife is away all week so I'm following pop culture law....."


My wife is away all week so I’m following pop culture law and serving my kids still-frozen pizza and bowls of refined sugar, with cheap whiskey in Dixie Cups. We’re all wearing burlap sacks and I’m hoping the flooding dishwasher will put the fires out. The dog has a gun.

I got my first good laugh of the day. Hope you enjoy it too.
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