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steve2470's Journal
steve2470's Journal
October 27, 2020

Mental Health Support group: Contemplating the worst reality (politically) imaginable...

Note from group host: You have just wandered into the Mental Health support group. Nasty, inflammatory, insensitive, harsh and critical comments are not welcome here. If you desire to help, please consider your words with kindness and empathy. Thank you.

Yes yes yes, we should not indulge in irrational thinking. It is not good for us in general. None of us know, with certainty, what will happen in the election. There are many polls and much wishful thinking. There is also the precedent of Bush v. Gore.

If...if...if (you notice all the "if's LOL) the dictator-wannabe is re-elected..... god forbid.... I think I will get drunk for a few days, at home, so I endanger no one else. Then I might contemplate moving to Canada somehow. Barring that drastic move, we will all have a huge amount of work to do to save our democracy.

Please, fellow Americans, deliver us from this evil called Donald Trump.


October 27, 2020

The tortured self-justification of one very powerful Trump-loathing anonymous Republican


“I remember thinking Reince Priebus is like Marshal Pétain, and the RNC is like Vichy France,” he said of the 2016 campaign. When Election Night finally came, he went to a party with other members of the conservative Establishment who agreed with the assessment. Nobody wanted Trump to win. (“Fuck, no,” he said, when I asked if he had voted for Trump, though he wouldn’t disclose whom he did vote for.) Everyone had made peace with the idea of four years of Clinton. When the results came in, “it was like a funeral,” he said. But for whom? Unlike when Trump won the nomination, this Republican didn’t consider quitting his job or leaving his party when Trump won the presidency. “What else am I gonna do,” he said, “go sell printer paper?” The alternatives were probably just as bleak during the primary, but back then, the power calculus wasn’t as clear. If Trump had lost the election, would those who had quit the party be praised for their foresight or shunned as deserters? Now, the power was there for the taking.

It’s definitely self-serving. I mean, once you grow up, life is all about contradictions.
Most days, in the crack of separation between his own aims and the aims of the president, the Republican can find a way to live with himself. Most days, feeling no connection to the White House, he can do his job and achieve a state of blissful denial, thinking little about whom his actions are really in service of. “Most days, he doesn’t factor into it,” he said, explaining the cognitive dissonance. “Trump’s pretty disengaged day to day. He has subcontracted most of what his administration actually does to actual Republicans who work on traditional Republican issues. That’s the story of his presidency. This is fundamentally a pretty lazy guy who likes to watch a lot of TV, likes to call up his buddies on the phone and bitch about why the government isn’t really working for him.”

But other days, during periods of crises or threat or — less common — unified effort, the interests of this White House and every Republican outside it fuse together. “It’s not sustainable in times like that,” he said, which “feels really bad” on a personal level. “There are times when we are all working directly, and those times felt bad.” Though, if he’s being honest, not entirely bad. “They can also be kind of fun,” he said, adding that standing against a common enemy — in those cases, Nancy Pelosi, congressional Democrats, and the entirety of the #Resistance — is the whole game for people like him. “I still enjoyed that,” he said, “That’s the bread and butter of what Republicans do.”

He knows that other anonymous Republicans walk among him. But “it’s been a long four years” since that Election Night funeral, he said, and every mourner had to make his or her own choice. “A certain segment went and got jobs in the administration. A certain segment wanted to keep suckling off the teat of the RNC and all that,” he said. He doesn’t talk much about Trump’s faults with those people anymore. “If you don’t like Trump, but you like money, and you’re willing to be vocal about how we need to reelect him, there’s a lot of money to be made this year.” Politics is a business, just like anything else, and the more sacrifices you’re willing to make, the better business is. Besides, he said, “it’s hard to go up against the president of your own party — even if he’s not really a Republican.”

very long article

eta: corrected subject line
October 26, 2020

bit of weather trivia: Barrow, Alaska (since 2016) is now Utqiagvik, Alaska

listed on this UK weather site as Barrow: https://www.weatheronline.co.uk/weather/maps/current?ART=karte&TYP=wetter&LANG=en&UP=0&WMO=70026&CONT=namk&NOREGION=1&CEL=F&TIME=std&LEVEL=140&R=310

I have been to Utqiagvik twice, back in the 1980's when it was called Barrow. Truly arctic climate, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.


Referred to as "Barrow" beginning in 1901, the city voted to restore its old Iñupiat name, Utqiaġvik, in 2016.
October 25, 2020

Utah's hospitals prepare to ration care as a record number of coronavirus patients flood their ICUs


With new coronavirus cases shattering records on a daily basis, Utah’s hospitals are expected to begin rationing care in a week or two.

That’s the prediction of Greg Bell, president of the Utah Hospital Association, who said administrators of the state’s hospitals confronted Gov. Gary Herbert on Thursday with a grim list: Criteria they propose doctors should use if they are forced to decide which patients can stay in overcrowded intensive care units.

Under the criteria, which would require Herbert’s approval, patients who are getting worse despite receiving intensive care would be moved out first. In the event that two patients' conditions are equal, the young get priority over the old, since older patients are more likely to die.

‘We told him, ‘It looks like we’re going to have to request those be activated if this trend continues,’" Bell recounted, “'and we see no reason why it won’t.'"

October 25, 2020

Pro-Biden ad: Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista talks about real toughness


Pretty solid Biden ad featuring @DaveBautista talking about real toughness and pretend toughness. Running in a few swing states.
per https://twitter.com/evansiegfried/status/1320459004510949376
October 23, 2020

question: Is the Biden campaign advertising very much on Facebook ?

I rarely go on Facebook. Is the campaign a significant presence there ? A sincere non-trollish question, as always. Thank you in advance.


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