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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
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Absolutely wonderful video of Vice-President Biden with a young boy, spread around please


Great tweet by Florida's Emergency Management Director (but his job security?)



Father, Husband, Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Personal account https://floridadisaster.org

Anti-Trump poster: "I want YOU to be killed by Russian-paid bounty hunting Afghans"


Rather effective, I think. Of course, the hard core Trump racist delusional cannot be swayed by anything.

eta: added better view

MeidasTouch (anti-Trump PAC) video: "Trump Kills Florida"


eta: corrected subject line

"Liberal media", my ass: front page of Google News has no mention of the NYT Russian-Afghan story

Story I referred to : https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/26/us/politics/russia-afghanistan-bounties.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage

Front page of Google News (yes, not logged into my account): https://news.google.com/topstories?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en

At 3:05 AM on June 27th, I see no mention of it. If you search, you get a Kyiv Post story that links back to the NYT story.

Yes, I know Google News is not strictly part of the news media, but it's interesting that this story has been buried, at least temporarily, by Google News' bots. I thought I would see it somewhere on the front page, or at least in the USA section.

By contrast, on Twitter, it's all over the place (unless you deliberately blocked many news sources)

I love this: "A Portland State University grad student was recording the national anthem for their..

University grad student was recording the national anthem for their online graduation.

A stranger walked by and heard her. This is what happened:


eta: https://twitter.com/Portland_State/status/1273737270982557696

eta2: local KGW news story on the chance encounter "PSU grad Madisen Hallberg was on-campus singing the national anthem for the school's virtual commencement when someone walking by asked if he could join in"

Covid-19 vaccine may not work for at-risk older people, say scientists


A vaccine against Covid-19 may not work well in older people who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill and dying from the disease, say scientists, which may mean immunising others around them, such as children.

Prof Peter Openshaw, from Imperial, one of the members of the UK’s Sage scientific advisory sub-group Nervtag, told the House of Lords science and technology committee it was this week considering a paper on targeting different groups in the population with vaccines.


Arne Akbar, professor of immunology at UCL and president of the British Society of Immunology, said scientists needed to work out what goes wrong with the immune system as people get older.

“One thing that’s apparent, even in healthy older people, is that there’s more inflammation all around the body. We need to understand where that inflammation is coming from,” he said. “And this baseline inflammation in older people is linked to frailty and many negative outcomes as we get older. And this seems to be exacerbated when you get a severe infection like Covid-19.

Lawsuit filed over face mask mandate in Orange County


There has been some pushback regarding Orange County's executive order for face masks to be worn in public.

A lawsuit was filed Monday over the face mask mandate.


"It is fine and I think everyone should work together to fight COVID-19, I have no problem with that, but a mandate I think is just a different story, so what we want is consistency, where it's not required but encouraged and that' what we're seeking," Jackson said.

While announcing their lawsuit, the lawyers behind it said they would consider dropping the suit if the mandate's verbiage was changed from required to recommended.

Florida's surgeon general quietly advises everyone to wear masks in public spaces


As Florida’s positive COVID-19 cases soared to a one-day record on Saturday, Surgeon General Scott Rivkees quietly issued a public health advisory recommending people wear face masks in public.

“All individuals in Florida should wear face coverings in any setting where social distancing is not possible,’’ Rivkees wrote in a document date-stamped Monday by the Department of Health, which was included in a press release Saturday titled “an additional public health advisory.”

The advisory also recommends “all individuals should refrain from participation in social or recreational gatherings of more than 50 people,” and for those in crowd sizes smaller than that, the direction is simple: “practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of at least six feet from each other and wear a face covering.”

The directive is not a requirement and carries no penalties, but the suggestion that nearly everyone should be wearing face masks is more sweeping than the position offered by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is rarely shown wearing a face covering.

Advice on TikTok from past campaign worker to ruin Trump's rally


I do not know if she was the first to advise this, but she gives good advice on how to do it.
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