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Tommy Carcetti

Tommy Carcetti's Journal
Tommy Carcetti's Journal
September 15, 2016

He's just so.....horrible. At times, I'm just at a loss for words because he's just so horrible.

I find myself wanting to expand my thoughts upon the latest Donald Trump scandal or controversy and yet I keep on coming back to the simple fact that Donald Trump is an extraordinarily awful, terrible, horrible human being with no redeeming qualities or values whatsoever.

His horribleness is completely off the charts. He's ugly, both inside and out. While he may not be a complete imbecile, he's not smart--in fact, he purposefully doesn't aspire to be smart. He only aspires to be smarter than the people he's knows he's conning. So in that sense, he's lazy to boot. His life is built around greed, around vanity, around self-glorification. He's accomplished very little of the things that he's bragged to have accomplished. Most of his business adventures have ended in complete failure, and yet he's fashioned himself as a great success. He's petty and vindictive towards anyone who might look at him sideways. He'll show zero remorse for taking advantage of others for his own gain in the most crass and classless ways. The only charity he shows is charity towards himself, very literally. When he speaks, it's only to draw attention to himself and away from others.

What he's done over the past year has be for one thing and one thing only: Himself. He seeks to be the guardian of over 300 million people and a country who at least proclaims to be founded on lofty ideals such as freedom and democracy. But throughout that all, the only thing he's ever cared about is himself. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about anyone or anything, unless it has to do with him.

His appeal to the public is that of trashy reality television. It's that of virus infected internet clickbait advertising. It's that of calorie laden tasteless junk food that doesn't even rise to the level of a delicious guilty pleasure, and only leaves you feeling sick inside. It's that dizzying, flashing, neon lights that promise a great show and without fail always disappoint.

And yet, people have inevitably gotten suckered in. They like it. Somehow in the Bizarroland like atmosphere, the ugliness, the vapidness, the utter lack of class or decorum is considered a good thing. His opponent is intelligent, qualified, measured and competent individual, highly capable of standing head to head with the rest of the world's leaders and representing our interests in a proper fashion. She isn't perfect. She isn't without her flaws or shortcomings. If elected, inevitably she will on occasion let us down, just like the 43 men who held the office before her inevitably let us down from time to time. In other words, she's human. But when she takes the debate stage in less than two weeks, she will be the only real human on the stage. Standing at the other podium will be the human embodiment of a loud, intentional, prolonged and unrepentant fart, followed by a smirk and a giggle.

Don't get me wrong. He's not the first horrible person to enter politics and he won't be the last (assuming our country and world can survive intact if--God forbid--he is ever elected). For example, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were also horrible people. But the caricatures they invoked--a chuckling cowboy and Darth Vader, respectively--at least were interesting to ponder and expound upon, and dissect their dysfunctions. But with Donald Trump, you just want to avoid him. You want to steer as far away from him as possible. At this point, we've run out of movie villains or animals with which to compare him. He's now much, much worse. He's like green, sickly, slimy, noxious, oozing gunk collecting in the most unwelcome of places. He's the simmering, acidic gassy aftertaste in your mouth right after you've just thrown up.

He's just so horrible.

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