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Tommy Carcetti

Tommy Carcetti's Journal
Tommy Carcetti's Journal
July 25, 2017

We can't sustain this level of madness from Trump for the next 4 years. Dare I say it, but.....

...we can't even sustain it for the next 2 years.

I know everyone is saying we need to prepare for the 2018 midterms. And we absolutely need to prepare for the 2018 midterms. They are crucial. They are critical.

But even so, those are still over 15 months away at this point. Trump has been in office for just a little over 6 months.

And in those 6 months, Trump has proven himself to be far and away the most mentally unstable, mentally unhinged and entirely incompetent individual to ever hold the office of the US Presidency. No one, not even Nixon at his most paranoid, is even close to Trump's level.

It is a truly unprecedented situation.

This is at a point where it should transcend politics and partisanship at this point. As tough as it is, just for a short moment put aside things like the healthcare debate--Republicans will continue to threaten the ACA so long as they have a majority in Congress and an ally in the White House.

This goes beyond even that. This goes to bare bones matters of basic qualifications for office. It goes to matters of mental fitness for duty. We shouldn't be having that conversation about any President--Democrat, Republican, whatever. George W. Bush was lazy, unmotivated and not particularly bright, but it was never at this extreme crisis level. Not even then.

Yesterday truly brought it all home. The President of the United States goes to what should have been--and has always been--a light hearted, ceremonial photo-op: a Boy Scout jamboree. Something where you'd expect him to say a few clichéd words about the youth being the future of the country, reach for your dreams, you can do anything, yada yada yada. Standard fluff. Instead, this Madman who calls himself our President launches into a vitriolic attack yet again against political opponents and the media, goes off on wildly inappropriate tangents insinuating sexcapades on yachts, going on about his political victory. In front of Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts.

He's a lunatic. The President of the United States is a lunatic. And that is one hell of a problem that we cannot ignore.

And while we look to November 2018 as being the light at the end of the tunnel, there's just no telling what could happen that could close that tunnel shut. We have that bullshit "voter fraud" commission entirely in the hands of Trump. And if there is any sort of major crisis or terrorist attack that arises in the interim, God help us.

I'll never forget the feeling waking up on the morning of November 9, 2016 and a sense of extreme anxiety washing over me--there was a sense that this country could be headed towards a very dark place if left unchecked. It was a feeling of vulnerability that I had never, ever felt before as an American citizen. It left me--for the first time in my life--quite literally shaking.

As we stand now, we are still a Democracy, but we are a Democracy under extreme stress. I don't know what the breaking point is. I hope we will never see that breaking point, but that's going to require people to stand up and do the right thing. People who we normally wouldn't agree with. People who we probably won't agree with even after this trial of conscience is over.

In short, what needs to happen might seem like a miracle, but then a miracle is what we'll need. There needs to be just enough individuals who will place loyalty to country over party politics, even if just for this one limited and extreme and unprecedented circumstance.

This horror show needs to end, and it needs to end as soon as possible.

July 13, 2017

Okay, this is really weird. Nov. 2016 Facebook posts from Putin parliamentary ally Konstantin Rykov.

Here's his wiki:


Not only is he a Russian politician and ally to Putin, but he also deals heavily in internet product. Hmm.

And here's his posts, with an admittedly awful Google Translate version, but you can get the gist:
Part One: https://www.facebook.com/konstantin.rykov/posts/10210621124674610
Part Two: https://www.facebook.com/konstantin.rykov/posts/10210643558675446

It's time for great stories. I'm going to tell you about that, as Donald and I have decided to liberate America and make it great again. It took US 4 YEARS AND 2 more days.

It began at night from 6 TO 7 November 2012

It was the night of the presidential election. Sparring between Obama and Republican Romney. I was madly tweeting from Twitter, and I was entertaining myself with a live video and commented on the results.

It's no secret that I've always been sympathizer the Republicans (except Mccain) and drowning against the Democratic State Department. Professor Майкл Makfol this story is well remembered and to his role in it we'll be back.

Now! For all normal people then it was obvious that if Barack Obama had been re-elected for a second term, it would be a disaster for the world.

At that time, we were perfectly aware that the arab spring would not end and Ukraine, sanctions, Syria and so on. Obama's victory will be destructive to Russia, but also to the world.

Unfortunately, Romney was unable to take the victory of the dastardly liberals back then, and at 8:20 this morning acknowledged defeat. He's just a politician. Nothing personal.

To say that I was really worried.. that means nothing. I was furious. He wrote angry tweets and sent curses.

The only person on the entire network who fought to the end didn't want to accept and accept the results, was Donald Fredovich.

He lifted his plane to the sky and flew between New York and DC, calling the world through his twitter to start a march on Washington!

Without a second, I wrote to him a replay that sounded in Russian like, " I'm ready. What do you have to do?"

But.. There was no response from trump.

I admit to being honest, I thought Donald was off topic. I was even more upset and decided to go to bed.

I couldn't sleep. Lying. I looked at the ceiling and I had the terrifying images of the future. Wars. Global terrorism. Coups D ' état.

All of a sudden! There was a thin alert in DM.

I opened my Ipad and I didn't believe my eyes.

It was a message from Donald Trump. A Picture. In the picture, he was sitting in his jet chair, smiling and showing me the thumb of his right hand.

To be continued...


Part two.

What was our idea with Donald Trump?

In four years and two days.. It was necessary to get into the brain and capture all possible means of mass perception of reality. To Win Donald in the election of the president of the United States. After that, a political alliance between the United States, France, Russia (and other states) and a new world order will be established.

Four years and two days is a very big time and a very small one. Our idea was crazy, but feasible.

In order for this to be clear, all possible forms of modern man must have been ".

Donald has decided to invite the special science department at Cambridge University.

British scientists from Cambridge Analytica offered to make out of 5 thousand existing human psikhotipov - a "perfect image" of a possible supporter of trump. Then.. put this image back on all psikhotipy and thus find the universal key to each and every one.

The development ended up cost $ 5 million. But! He got his hands on a secret super weapon.

Who's doing a p.r. ad.. will know what that means.

Remember how much money Clinton and "their supporters" spent on a campaign around the world? 5 times more than trump.

But who put 5 times Hillary in the network and became president? Donald Trump too.

It was further to upload these data into information flows and social networks. And we started looking for someone who could do better than others.

At the very beginning of Braves and romantic there was not much. Couple hacker factions, civil journalists from wikileaks and political strategist Михаил Kovalev.

The next step was to develop a system for the transfer of tasks and information so that no gebukha and nsa could burn it.

How can even people do not speak the language of each other, could exchange information quickly, understand each other with wise, feel trends and influence their development?

This system has been programmed for about a year. Another year went for tests and refinement. In the end. In a year with little, we set up "Mediafilʹtr" to everyone who was able to pull up our plot and on August 18, 2015 opened the trump-2016. Portal.

August 19 In 9:00 I received a message from Vladimir Volfovich.

To be continued...


Unfortunately I can't find Part 3.

July 12, 2017

Okay, so I finally was able to get a hold of the yuge!!!! Ukraine-DNC story that was the basis...

....for Sean Hannity's whataboutism last night.


In short: A Ukrainian-American political consultant, who was contracted by the DNC for purposes of ethnic outreach, decided to do a little digging as to Paul Manafort's background in Ukrainian politics (remember that Manafort advised the former strongman Viktor Yanukovych prior to Yanukovych fleeing the country after having bloodily cracked down on mass protests against Yanukovych's pro-Russian policies and massive corruption.) The consultant, Alexandra Chalupa (yes, that's really her last name), contacted several Ukrainian government officials who voluntarily provided her with some notable information on Manafort. Armed with this information, Chalupa notified the DNC about her findings. So far, I've seen no indication that Chalupa told Ukrainian officials she was any sort of representative of either the DNC or the Hillary Clinton campaign.

That was it. The long and the short of it. An obscure figure (an American citizen, no less) doing some investigative work contacted the Ukrainian government about Paul Manafort, and then let the DNC know about what she found.

And somehow that is absolutely equivalent to a Russian oligarch--who was both a close political ally to Vladimir Putin as well as an acquaintance and business partner to Donald Trump, who actually acted as a messenger for Putin when Trump held his Miss Universe contest in Russia in 2013--sending a lawyer with Kremlin connections to meet with Trump's son, son-in-law and campaign manager after promising allegedly damaging information about Hillary Clinton, to which Trump's son exclaimed over email, "I love it!".

And mind you, as big as the news was yesterday (thanks in good part to Trump Jr.'s face-palming idiocy), that episode is just a small piece of the Trump-Russian puzzle. Because you also have Jared Kushner meeting with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions (once asking to set up a secure line of communication before Trump had even took office), Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions, both of them failing to disclose said meetings, Michael Flynn being wined and dined by Putin, Michael Flynn lobbying in Turkey for projects that would expressly benefit Russia, Flynn speaking to the Russian ambassador about sanctions prior to Trump's inauguration, Rex Tillerson having been wined and dined and awarded medals by Putin for securing an Russian-Exxon deal, Trump shooting off his mouth to Russian ambassadors about firing Comey and disclosing intel to them at the White House in a meeting closed to US press but open to Russian press, the suspicious change in the GOP platform about Ukraine policy against Russian aggression, absolutely everything that we read in the Steele Dossier, and so much more in terms of people and things that I could go on and on.

But because someone who consulted the DNC spoke to some Ukrainian government officials about Paul Manafort....yeah that's the big story.

And let me say this as a Ukrainian-American myself. I'm very proud of my Ukrainian heritage and culture. It's a very rich culture that has survived for centuries despite adversity after adversity. But if we are to believe that the Ukrainian government of today is some massive tour de force capable of influencing and interfering with the activities of superpowers....that's one of the most laughable things I've ever heard. The sad fact of the matter is, the Ukrainian government of today is woefully underequipped to handle the matters in its own country let alone the US or anywhere else. Much of that weakness is in fact in good part due to constant meddling and interference from none other than Russia. We saw that with Yanukovych, we see that with the Russian supported fighting in the eastern part of the country, and we saw that in Crimea, where Russia was able to seize a vast amount of Ukrainian territory without the Ukrainian military being able to fire a single shot in its defense. Ukraine is simply not in a position right now to be a major player in world affairs.

And Ukraine sure as fuck never hacked any of our computers, either.

So to claim that it is Ukraine who interfered in the US election to the apparent "benefit" of Hillary Clinton--who sadly is not the President right as much as she ought to be--is absolute absurdity. It's lunacy. And frankly I think Russia might be pushing this argument to numbskulls like Sean Hannity (who will blindly believe a convicted fugitive fraudster named Kim Dotcom as he exploits the tragic murder of a DNC staffer against the victim's family's own wishes) as just one more added Fuck You to Ukraine.

This is pathetic. Truly pathetic.

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