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AllaN01Bear's Journal
AllaN01Bear's Journal
October 23, 2017

is it manditory to say the pledge of alegience , is it manditory to sing the national anthem,

is it mandiory to salute the flag as a civilian? thanks in advance .

October 21, 2017

how many of you have heard of the little free library movement?

i was in jackson california amador county at something attca (amador , tuolumne county calaveras county ( action agency, their hq is in jackson ca) i noticed something on a wall and it was shoing their "branches" of little free libraries which consists of a keosk with books in it. the premise is you take a book out , when done bring the book back and return it. you also can donate a book as welll .
this is a interview with the founder of the movement .

link to their home page .https://littlefreelibrary.org/
they are also on twitter . youtube and facebook. had me scratching my head .
October 10, 2017

along with the fires , has anyone noticed the uptake in earthquake activity

in extreme northen california lately?
there was a mag four near alum rock today.

October 2, 2017

i had just deleted a post in general discussion that i had put there on a

missreading and posted in anger . i soon realized the errorlevel of my way and then re read the twit on twitter . had i fully read the twit, i woulndnt have posted my rant. howver i do say this that some of us cant always donate to a cause like that . some of us cant protest to this or that . thanks for ur understanding.

September 24, 2017

how many of u remember this?

dual standard eh donald? 5 time draft dodger , and trying to teach us patriotism this guy declares war on the general population
September 23, 2017

a friend of mine posted this in facebook

basically said that the donald can criticize nfl players but wont criticize fascists , white supremacists and or nazis. also asks does treason count?

September 7, 2017

found this lovely documentary of california state park history.

the presenter stated that these were created with bond monies . now when we are under a republican governor or state house group , they scream , were broke and want to sell them or close them. but can reduce a lot of taxes , fees etc , to bring in a large company though.

August 31, 2017

learned a new word to day.this was on a friends fb page . trumpery. please read below

trumpery. noun: 1 attractive items of little value
adj: showey but worthless, trumpery jewelery, or a certain president (this definition mine )
origins ; middle english and middle french was on a friends kindle

August 21, 2017

a fellow i subscribe to on youtube gave me his permission to share this

he just turned sixty and got this trump pinata .
just sit back and have fun. i hi hid in laughder ( hi hi . morse code lol)

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