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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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cact answers the phone to scam caller.

for ms Feinstein

moterized rickshaws , aka as tuk tuk. basic transportation.

i put this in birders and thought du lounge might enjoy it too

heres link.

peent. american woodcok

will also cross post this in lounge .

was with my health care worker who takes me shopping , doctors apts etc

we were at lunch and this womn accrooss from us was talking loudly on her phone and we learnd her bank account number , one of her credit card numbers and that she was in debit and it was being processed and her old man wont pick up his phone and she said his number and he wasnt blocking it as spam risk. hem . loose lips sink ships . we could have used all that personal information to our advantage but we didnt.please be careful.

computer nerds will know what i am saying.

will u get a grep man. lettuce goto the store .

dr demento brought me here.

my fav women villans of plays , tv , movies , radio, comics and plays are,

wicked witches of east and west. 1960s batman movie cat woman. th witch who poisened snow white . the witch who nearly got away with eating hansel and grettle. cattera from she ra princes of power. your turn.

what is your fav villian of film , books , radio, tv , video games , comics , cartoons , etc

my a list . joker , rideller from 1960s batman. hoardeack from the 1980s she ra cartoon. professor fate from the movie the great race .
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