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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
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happy new year. polar bear swim in toronto canada. would u do it? me? no.! burrr

greed at work.

this is about a group of farmers who started a law suit in the great depression and took 16 years to win for the right to water to flow for salmon. at one time one could ride a river boat from fresno ca to orivlle ca and because of huge dams you cant any more and also blocks migratory fish from their spawining grounds .

can prez pardons be overturned by a new incoming prez or is that final?

thanks in advance .

mr. trump,," please evacuate this building."

i said a couple days ago in my apartment we had a covid case , this person passed away today

@ 0300 this morning. rest in peace .

a few days ago, i mentioned that somone had been diagnosed positive

for c19 in my apartment complex. a friend said that she went back to the hospital and is in the covid ward and on a ventalator . may be her last show . maskit or caskit.

i just learned that one of the residents in my apartment building has c19

damn u trump. she went out last nite by ambulance and came home today and is self isolating. a friend on that side has no immune system and is self isoing for 14 days. however the person who told my friend is part of a gossip crew.
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