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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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congresswoman, have you ever been shot by a automatic rifle ?

i have shot an aut, NO , have you ever been shot by an automatic rifle ?

the vent alarm is sounding.

dear du. i came here in 2000 after the bush v gore nonsense and du has been my stable home now for quite a while . in fact it has kept me insane all these years . however as of jan 6th , my world is upside down and still in a state of shock as what happened here in my country as well as yours .this wouldnt have even been thought of 20 years ago and i am very sad , but i see hope in biden harris and the new d senate leadership. i can see us going foreward and for one if any us actiive and or retired military involved with this nonsense ( the only better term i can use right now without swearing ), need to be tried and sent to levanworth prison for the remainder of their adult lives . everyone else , gitmo. no country club prison or other , hard time . thank you for listening . the rant alarm is canceled . luv u all . .

ive been a mac driver for a while . also using skype skype all of the sudden

needs something called keychain . what is key chain. do i need it . how do i pernamantly tell it to go away? . is it good for me and what does it do? thanks in advance .

i live on the west slopes of the sierra nevada in california, we had our first significant

snow of the season.

dear du, i have a tech question, i wonder if this hasnt been asked before?

can i just drag a photo off my hd and dump it directly onto du or would i need a photo hosting service ? thanks in advance . allan01 bear.

the first day without a tweet storm or someone being fired . welcome to the new era.

i just saw pres joe and miz harris sworn in. i now can go shopping

without having to hear that the capital was being sacked like it was on the 6th.

so long

awhile back i had mentioned that my nephews girl friend may have had covid .

both nephew and girlfriend tested negative , repeat negative . since both are in front line jobs , nephew works at a pharmacy , he and she will get the the first serum shot soon and then booster , yay.

airforce 1 . its call signs and history.

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