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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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i cant get these dang songs out of my head.:)

1: life over the ocean waves . played by royal marines


2: stars and stripes forever. performed by the usmc band .

3: benson az from the movie dark star.

the only cw song i like .

one of my fav bits in star trek the orignal series .

where electrical power generation technology meets radio technology.

what i am about to present to u is called a alexenderson alternator or generator that creates radio waves . this radio alternator was invented by Ernst Alexanderson .An Alexanderson alternator is a rotating machine invented by Ernst Alexanderson in 1904 for the generation of high-frequency alternating current for use as a radio transmitter. It was one of the first devices capable of generating the continuous... Wikipedia. there is only one type of these left in the world that is in operating conditon. it works on a frequency of 17.2 kc , and the startup of this machne is very elaborate and fascinating to watch. this last station is in Grimeton Radio Station in southern Sweden, close to Varberg in Halland, is an early longwave transatlantic wireless telegraphy station built in 19221924, that has been preserved as a historical site.

so, lemme get this straight. the q folks worship a long dead dem prez

who was the most liberal prez in generations ? silent key(rip) mr prez
i dont get it.
umbriago. does not compute.

du am temp checkin ad 0633 pst

sonora ca. 32 degrees f or 0 c.
altitude 1800 feet under a sinking high pressure
mucho frio.

conditions below.
30.12 in
10 miles
Dew Point
29 F
74 %
0 in
Snow Depth
0 in

3 day weather forecast surface charts

du am temps check in at 0650 a pdt

39 degrees f in sonora ca @1800 feet elevation . 3 hours east of san fransisco in the sierra nevada foothils , the old gold rush region.

30.04 in
9 miles
Partly Cloudy
Dew Point
30 F
64 %
0 in
Snow Depth
0 in

this mornings am prebreakfast reading @ 0615 107.

i had dinner at 1500, metered @1700.

blood sugar was @ 190.
got it down with exercise .
hand isometrics
aparatus isometrics
modified calistenics .
two pound weights and two reps ea of each exercise
two rounds of wii bowling
2 rounds of wii fit balance games
reading at 6 pm was 121. sweating like crazy. will read in the am when i get up

i know on a navy ship this is serious when this sound goes off but i want to use it

on my annoying downstairs neighbor.

on edit : from the movie the final count down.

i am crying for this country...

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