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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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steam shovel in action.

kathleen booth assembly language pioner dies at age 100


on edit: all of the women in computer pioneering go unsung even today.

weather changes for sonora ca.

mostly cloudy ths a m @ 7:22 a. storm front coming in to mrrow with snow @ the higher elevations . then into rain and mixed pricip for wed .
rain to mrrow and to mrrow nite into wed . chance of rain for tuesday 100% current conditions as follows ,
sky partly to mostly cloudy.
am temp :48 degrees f.
winds :w to three mph.
visibility 10 mi.
humidity 69 %

i dont ask questions , i have fun.


its that time of year again, happy halloween.


i saw mr prez speach. i agree with him 100%. i also agree with one poster

here who says that we have the power to stop this nonsense. one of them is quit cowtowing to the orange pumpkin,

music synth

i am looking for a beginners music synth that i can play with on my mac desktop. any idears appriciated . thanks . went to google and they have the 10 best the 5 best . just want a simple one .

lets try this again. the last post didnt look like a wood pecker ringing a door bell

mucho better , no.

the irony. three old steam tractors haul around a brand new hitachi excivator.

go away train , u are drunk.

re: nancy pelosi attakc news coverege.

per : cnn

per cnbc tv
per msnbc
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