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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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sonora ca weather update .

in the disscussion, there have been active thunderstorms since this weekend near lake tahoe south, with significant rain , lighting , thunder and penny and quarter size hail. sorry for the runnon but that is the only way i could express it . delta breeze has been keeping temps on the lo side for the am and have had to wear a hoodie . the tstorms are to spin out of the area this week, but things keep changing.

nice evening for snora ca. evening temps are 80 degrees f.

sonora ca non traditional forecasts

cool on the coast/ w a chance of afternoon thunderstorms . looks like we will have cool weather for memorial day weekend with storms on the sierra nevada crest the remainder of the week. if going up there beep preparied .
sonora current conditions @ 11 am..
sky clear.
temps 71 degrees f.

obediance training for canadian geese .

wonder if it would work on humans ? i love the guys voice .

carrizo plain national monument ca super bloom

sugar plum fairy on a glass harmonica.

not mine , please enjoy.

the us monsoon season is here. 5/21/23

according to radar/ three day surface charts and lighting web page indicators there is significant lighting going on in the sierra nevadas behind sonora ca .also featured is flooding / flash flooding,rain and hail.

please remind that the people in washington dc esp the rs are public servants

to all the people !

hey du youtuber producers , im one of them! have a question if i may.

someone said on a recent video that it a requirement to do voice acting? ive been on youtube for a very long time and havent heard of such a ting. so i have a terrible voice and aint going to do it see. ive seen other vids wo this . this is the vid in question,,

3 day extended forecast for sonora ca. chance of thundershowers on the sierra nevada crest.

sonora data
temps : 51 degrees f.
29.85 in
10 miles
Dew Point
42 F
53 %
yesterdays high was 91 degrees f.
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