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16. She was still an elite in that organization, she was a founder's daughter.
Mon Sep 6, 2021, 10:08 AM
Sep 2021

She is one of the few who would be granted some autonomy and would be allowed to go to university. She was used to put a "normal" face - allowed her own "hobbies" and some pleasures so long as she followed the rules. She was groomed to one of her cult's elite, a professional as well as s wife, and mother.
She was still introduced to and given to a powerful cult member as a wife and give him children, like all the women recruited or born into the cult. But unlike most of the other women in that cult, she was given help to raise her kids and keep house as an executive or executive's spouse would, to retain her loyalty and high profile propaganda status.

In my observation, she is a groomed creature. Smart and capable enough to get a pHD and teach law at a prestigious university, but simple enough to emotionally manipulate to do "her duty" for everything she was granted in her life. She has no mercy, no empathy for anything outside her cult cage. She is an extension of her father's religion and husband' ambition.


Amy Coney Barrett is not a handmaid [View all] boston bean Sep 2021 OP
Except for the time when she served as what is known as a handmaid in People of Praise. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #1
She was still an elite in that organization, she was a founder's daughter. haele Sep 2021 #16
Thank you. Sounds like a more highly successful version of Tulsi Gabbard. Do you have some links? Hekate Sep 2021 #35
She was in a religious group Elessar Zappa Sep 2021 #2
I do recall that, but I think people are confusing it with Handmaids Tale. boston bean Sep 2021 #3
Could be... but HT is fiction FBaggins Sep 2021 #6
The author of the Handmaid's tale was aware of Catholic cults and adopted the term for her novel. nt pnwmom Sep 2021 #18
"The title of handmaid was adopted by People of Praise in reference to Hortensis Sep 2021 #15
Thank you for the information. boston bean Sep 2021 #20
Thank you, Hortensis Hekate Sep 2021 #36
She is a member of the People of Praise mnhtnbb Sep 2021 #17
Yep. I remember that article... paleotn Sep 2021 #25
More people are familiar with the series than Phoney Barrett's church/cult affiliation FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #28
The description of closeness and wnylib Sep 2021 #30
She may be a fanatic & fanatics have no place in American government. rickyhall Sep 2021 #4
She may be a fanatic & fanatics have no place in American jurisprudence... Wounded Bear Sep 2021 #7
She knows she's above the law. She's not gonna be subject to her own rulings. Walleye Sep 2021 #5
They haven't ruled yet. It's still going through the courts jimfields33 Sep 2021 #9
She's more like an Aunt Lydia. Nt onlyadream Sep 2021 #8
Yes. radical noodle Sep 2021 #23
The difference is that onlyadream Sep 2021 #38
Also, mapping the HT universe onto current events erases the reality of a lot of people who aren't WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #10
Can you explain what you mean? radical noodle Sep 2021 #29
THT focuses on the experience of white women and posits a dystopian future, WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #32
Thank you... radical noodle Sep 2021 #33
If she votes the wrong way, Beer Bong Boy will cut her finger off. milestogo Sep 2021 #11
I didn't want to laugh at that, but I did! boston bean Sep 2021 #13
She's a conservative Irish-Catholic extremist. Progressive Jones Sep 2021 #12
She should be impeached turbinetree Sep 2021 #14
All three justices Trump appointed should be, for different reasons. CrispyQ Sep 2021 #19
While I'd Like To See Her Gone... GB_RN Sep 2021 #22
It's not just MF45's corrupt appointments, FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #26
While wives and aunts did have certain privilages... paleotn Sep 2021 #21
True. But when it comes to forced rape pregnancy of a handmaid, she is the enforcer of rape and boston bean Sep 2021 #24
Serena certainly found that out. FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #27
Season 4 radical noodle Sep 2021 #31
Thank you....been trying to explain that here and to others saying that in conversations Pachamama Sep 2021 #34
Good point. It's a reference to Amy's religious upbringing, tho now she's all grown up & in position Hekate Sep 2021 #37
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