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38. The difference is that
Tue Sep 7, 2021, 05:01 PM
Sep 2021

Aunt Lydia was a lawyer who went into survival mode. Amy B. is just another Christian who wants to impose her religion on everyone else.

Amy Coney Barrett is not a handmaid [View all] boston bean Sep 2021 OP
Except for the time when she served as what is known as a handmaid in People of Praise. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #1
She was still an elite in that organization, she was a founder's daughter. haele Sep 2021 #16
Thank you. Sounds like a more highly successful version of Tulsi Gabbard. Do you have some links? Hekate Sep 2021 #35
She was in a religious group Elessar Zappa Sep 2021 #2
I do recall that, but I think people are confusing it with Handmaids Tale. boston bean Sep 2021 #3
Could be... but HT is fiction FBaggins Sep 2021 #6
The author of the Handmaid's tale was aware of Catholic cults and adopted the term for her novel. nt pnwmom Sep 2021 #18
"The title of handmaid was adopted by People of Praise in reference to Hortensis Sep 2021 #15
Thank you for the information. boston bean Sep 2021 #20
Thank you, Hortensis Hekate Sep 2021 #36
She is a member of the People of Praise mnhtnbb Sep 2021 #17
Yep. I remember that article... paleotn Sep 2021 #25
More people are familiar with the series than Phoney Barrett's church/cult affiliation FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #28
The description of closeness and wnylib Sep 2021 #30
She may be a fanatic & fanatics have no place in American government. rickyhall Sep 2021 #4
She may be a fanatic & fanatics have no place in American jurisprudence... Wounded Bear Sep 2021 #7
She knows she's above the law. She's not gonna be subject to her own rulings. Walleye Sep 2021 #5
They haven't ruled yet. It's still going through the courts jimfields33 Sep 2021 #9
She's more like an Aunt Lydia. Nt onlyadream Sep 2021 #8
Yes. radical noodle Sep 2021 #23
The difference is that onlyadream Sep 2021 #38
Also, mapping the HT universe onto current events erases the reality of a lot of people who aren't WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #10
Can you explain what you mean? radical noodle Sep 2021 #29
THT focuses on the experience of white women and posits a dystopian future, WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #32
Thank you... radical noodle Sep 2021 #33
If she votes the wrong way, Beer Bong Boy will cut her finger off. milestogo Sep 2021 #11
I didn't want to laugh at that, but I did! boston bean Sep 2021 #13
She's a conservative Irish-Catholic extremist. Progressive Jones Sep 2021 #12
She should be impeached turbinetree Sep 2021 #14
All three justices Trump appointed should be, for different reasons. CrispyQ Sep 2021 #19
While I'd Like To See Her Gone... GB_RN Sep 2021 #22
It's not just MF45's corrupt appointments, FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #26
While wives and aunts did have certain privilages... paleotn Sep 2021 #21
True. But when it comes to forced rape pregnancy of a handmaid, she is the enforcer of rape and boston bean Sep 2021 #24
Serena certainly found that out. FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #27
Season 4 radical noodle Sep 2021 #31
Thank you....been trying to explain that here and to others saying that in conversations Pachamama Sep 2021 #34
Good point. It's a reference to Amy's religious upbringing, tho now she's all grown up & in position Hekate Sep 2021 #37
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