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At least the Dems won't lose a seat if Bowman loses. aeromanKC Jun 23 #1
Do you live in NY-16? N/T lapucelle Jun 23 #2
Just like 99% of people who bitch about Manchin don't live in West Virginia. aeromanKC Jun 23 #3
It's going to be all hands on deck for the general election in NY-17. lapucelle Jun 23 #4
Bowman's political future is toast Polybius Jun 24 #38
That HuffPo story is devastating. lapucelle Jun 23 #5
I finally saw Bowman on TV instead of reading articles, and Nixie Jun 23 #6
Aloha Nixie.. Cha Jun 24 #13
Aloha Cha! That is a great read and endorsement of Latimer. Nixie Jun 24 #15
I htought you would Cha Jun 24 #17
Excellent Cha! God, I knew this guy had voted against some of Biden's stuff... but really infrastructure? Demsrule86 Jun 24 #39
You're So Welcome, Dems! Cha Jun 24 #43
The rally wasn't in his district FBaggins Jun 24 #26
AIPAC and its GOP allies tried the exact same strategy and playbook to defeat Deminpenn Jun 23 #7
Yeah, that was then.. this is Now with George Latimer who Cha Jun 23 #9
Irwin probably has a better progressive resume than Latimer, Deminpenn Jun 24 #11
George Latimer is well known and very well liked Cha Jun 24 #12
Where did you read that Latimer has "no real accomplishments"? lapucelle Jun 24 #30
George Latimer is well liked in Westchester County where my family and friends still live. I don't like the word Demsrule86 Jun 24 #40
"AIPAC and its GOP allies". Is that meant to scare somebody? AIPAC has "allies" on both sides of the aisle. Tarheel_Dem Jun 24 #18
Same with the disdainful snark at "establishment Dems" Happy Hoosier Jun 24 #35
Ain't it the truth... Tarheel_Dem Jun 24 #37
That always pisses me off as well... Demsrule86 Jun 24 #41
+1 betsuni Jun 25 #45
Are you suggesting that George Latimer isn't a "real" Democrat? brooklynite Jun 24 #23
Bowman has a much stronger primary opponent. RandySF Jun 24 #36
"his problems predate the lopsided advertising blitz" Nixie Jun 23 #8
Yes. I don't like the lopsided media blitz. But Bowman isn't doing himself Scrivener7 Jun 24 #20
WEll Karma is a bitch Historic NY Jun 23 #10
I'm sorry you lost SPM as Cha Jun 24 #14
Two years after the disastrous 2022 election, everyone has moved on. Maloney now has a cushy gig in Paris as the U.S. Celerity Jun 24 #22
My wife works with OECD for Treasury and I wouldn't describe working there as "cushy". brooklynite Jun 24 #24
take it up with the author of the article that the other poster put up (post 10), that is where I took that excerpt from Celerity Jun 24 #25
It's so weird that the Congressional Progressive Caucus rescinded its endorsement. lapucelle Jun 24 #27
I really liked Sean Patrick Maloney when he was on the talk Nixie Jun 24 #16
We lost two seats in Nassau County because of the perception that all Democrats lapucelle Jun 24 #28
Your New York perspectives are always so valuable, lapucelle. Nixie Jun 24 #29
K&R betsuni Jun 24 #19
KnR Hekate Jun 24 #21
If Saturday's rally is any indication of voter enthusiasm for Bowman, lapucelle Jun 24 #31
Great article LetMyPeopleVote Jun 24 #32
Look at Bowman's voting record LetMyPeopleVote Jun 24 #33
TY for this! Cha Jun 24 #34
Most if not all of that (his votes) is rather pathetic, not helpful electric_blue68 Jun 24 #42
Fauxgressives is right. I would be livid if my rep voted like Nixie Jun 25 #44
Latimer: "the Cher of Westchester County"! Over half of his donations from the district, Bowman 10%. betsuni Jun 25 #46
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