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11. Interesting but irrelevant in the human sphere.
Sun Jun 23, 2024, 11:30 AM
Jun 23

But a good angle for woo peddlers. They're already into quantum this and quantum that without having a quantum of knowledge of what quantum actually means.

Just Time? Arne Jun 23 #1
lol. Cool. BootinUp Jun 23 #2
Riiiight. paleotn Jun 23 #9
Years ago, I would contemplate the age-old question: John1956PA Jun 23 #10
Now let science explain/ describe a world without 'consciousness'? sanatanadharma Jun 23 #14
Suggested reading on that very subject rambler_american Jun 23 #38
I've had a few Ramblers Arne Jun 23 #48
La Nause reACTIONary Jun 24 #74
That's what the Toltec belief is, and the Hopi Nation language also reflects that. BComplex Jun 23 #51
Gee, and I thought eveerything in the universe could be described in three parameters - Length, Force, and Time. c-rational Jun 23 #3
Yes my religion teaches there is no time and that they world is a manifestation of the mind Maraya1969 Jun 23 #4
"It gets really complicated" .... Love it!! KPN Jun 23 #19
Lunch time doubly so. Turbineguy Jun 23 #5
Saved me the effort TlalocW Jun 23 #34
Sadly, there is no longer a UK Reader's Digest for Ford to send that to muriel_volestrangler Jun 23 #65
The best part about this is... Think. Again. Jun 23 #6
yes, mind bending. BootinUp Jun 23 #7
We might conclude that the universe is a stranger place... WheelWalker Jun 23 #8
"The universe is not only stranger than you think... alterfurz Jun 23 #53
"So the problem is not so much to see what nobody has yet seen, WheelWalker Jun 23 #69
Interesting but irrelevant in the human sphere. paleotn Jun 23 #11
Spot on. This new theory is the illusion. brush Jun 23 #24
well said. (and glad somebody stepped up to say it) stopdiggin Jun 23 #37
RecRecRec💋 MerryBlooms Jun 23 #70
Yep. I'm happy physicists are working on Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #72
I KNEW IT!! 2naSalit Jun 23 #12
I usta forget it. jaxexpat Jun 23 #25
I will have known it! Qutzupalotl Jun 23 #13
I've thought for many years grumpyduck Jun 23 #15
I think time got standardized with train travel. LisaM Jun 23 #43
Time-keeping started earlier. Igel Jun 29 #85
The holographic brain/universe is interesting too. ananda Jun 23 #16
I think my mind is trying to make Ilsa Jun 23 #17
So the doc we watched about the Argentinosaurus... SleeplessinSoCal Jun 23 #18
It did, as far as we know. nt BootinUp Jun 23 #21
It was actually just a couple of blinks ago. rubbersole Jun 23 #29
It's about time... MiHale Jun 23 #20
No past, no future, just one non stop continous Botany Jun 23 #22
I think the Jacksonville Jaguars are in the same boat - unfortunately! lark Jun 23 #32
Same for the Buffalo Bills MorbidButterflyTat Jun 23 #58
There's always next year for our Bills! 🤠😭😤😃, those are my 4 emotions every season! 🤣 MerryBlooms Jun 23 #71
Hey there! MorbidButterflyTat Jun 23 #73
Aww Dang. That last line really hurts. They look good this year! Evolve Dammit Jun 23 #42
Is our universe then a mobius strip or an 8-track cassette? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #47
I knew these guys were way ahead of their ... time" KPN Jun 23 #23
my back, heart, hernia, knees, and hips... ret5hd Jun 23 #26
If time is an illusion, so is change and I can't accept that. harumph Jun 23 #27
I think the illusion has to do with the whole uncertainty/probability thing BootinUp Jun 23 #31
Yeah. An emergent property, not an out and out illusion. Nt scipan Jun 23 #64
Running out of thesis topics Traurigkeit Jun 23 #28
"Lunchtime doubly so" gay texan Jun 23 #30
When I can no longer lift a glass of beer to my lips, Mr. Evil Jun 23 #33
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Jun 23 #35
Does anybody really know what time it is? Blue Owl Jun 23 #36
By the time I tell you what time it is, I'll be wrong... dchill Jun 23 #39
Yes and no FreeState Jun 23 #57
The Universe rambler_american Jun 23 #40
"... this theory faces challenges, including how to test these concepts empirically." Jim__ Jun 23 #41
Ah.... Science finally catches up with Science Fiction writers. 👍😊 ashredux Jun 23 #44
Ya, except that red shift is real and quantifiable infullview Jun 23 #45
it's certianly true that we know very little about the fundamental nature of the universe and the nature of subatomic LymphocyteLover Jun 23 #46
Dr. Rust Cohle posited this years ago. LudwigPastorius Jun 23 #49
Was reading the one where Gravity is Time, Arne Jun 23 #50
This is very likely Metaphorical Jun 23 #52
What does time do when you're having fun? Arne Jun 23 #59
Could that explain entanglement? Seems like it. Nt scipan Jun 23 #66
Interesting Question Metaphorical Jun 24 #75
All that is needed for anyone to fly lapfog_1 Jun 23 #54
And this great theory affects/changes my life in what way? oldfart73 Jun 23 #55
So cool Joinfortmill Jun 24 #79
"Time is what keeps things from happening all at once." intrepidity Jun 23 #56
If that's true why did it take them so long? n/t whopis01 Jun 23 #60
My theory is that "reality" as we know it snot Jun 23 #61
No they didn't caraher Jun 23 #62
I don't have time to read the entire article. nt BWdem4life Jun 23 #63
Lol. Good one! KPN Jun 25 #80
Fascinating Easterncedar Jun 23 #67
Yep. Just ask Billy Pilgrim. Martin Eden Jun 23 #68
Time exists so everything doesn't happen at once. Ocelot II Jun 24 #76
... emulatorloo Jun 24 #77
Does that mean I'm not getting older?☺️ Joinfortmill Jun 24 #78
Time is a construct used to measure change JoseBalow Jun 25 #81
"I'm not into Time, man." Marcuse Jun 26 #82
I wish someone would tell my fucking knees. GaYellowDawg Jun 27 #83
Age will get all of us of course. I am finding BootinUp Jun 27 #84
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