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Hekate's Journal
Hekate's Journal
July 10, 2024

Kick Rec Bookmark for NYT Editor: 'defending democracy is not our job'

Today's Tiedrich rant: top New York Times editor: 'defending democracy is not our job'

Link: https://www.jefftiedrich.com/p/top-new-york-times-editor-defending

JOURNALISM 101 RULE: If someone says it’s raining, and another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out of the fucking window and find out which is true. — Now more than ever.”
— attributed to many, made famous on twitter by Andrea Junker.

sorry, Andrea — the New York Times would beg to differ. their own version of Journalism 101 goes something like this:
if Democrats say democracy is awesome and Republicans say democracy sucks all ass and Donny Convict should be God-Emperor for Life, it’s not the Times’ job to get involved with “partisan bickering.”

no, seriously. the chief editor of the Times’ newsroom actually said this.


... there’s a lot to unpack here. topmost, Kahn is right that democracy has become a partisan issue in America. one side is for it. the other side is trying like hell to replace it with permanent fascism — but how fucked up is it that one entire political party has abandoned the principles upon which our country was founded?
- more at link-

I'm delighted with this rant because now Jeff Tiedrich is singing my song. He writes: do your fucking job, New York Times, and stop pretending that a battle over America’s bedrock principles is mere “partisan squabbling.”

Please read the rest on Tiedrich's daily blog "Everyone is entitled to my own opinion."

July 9, 2024

Michael Steele, ripping the GOP's candidate, also rips the Dems for ganging up on Biden...

This was in the last minutes of Andrea Mitchell, whose chin wobbles slightly with age when she talks about Joe Biden’s age. (Don’t ding me for ageism — I’m in my 70s)

Dear fellow DUers — I know some will never forgive Steele for being a Republican, but he is a true conservative and not a radical RW MAGAt. I have not forgotten that he — a Never-Trumper from the start — said he wasn’t leaving the GOP because he wanted to give them grief from the inside.

The guy is smart and principled. And he is emphatically on the side of democracy. He’s behind Biden all the way.

So this — he mentioned the circular firing squad forming up on the Dem side. And what I thought of was an old, old saying about the Democratic Party: “We snatched Defeat from the jaws of Victory.”

Please don’t let that happen this time.

July 8, 2024

Just caught a chunk of Michael Steele's righteous impassioned rant on Chris Jansing...

Whoever can get a clip — it was great. Pretty much on the order of “What’s wrong with you people ! “

—Joe Biden’s age was known when we voted for him — he was supposed to age backwards?! Have you looked at Trump, at all? He can’t string two thoughts together, and he goes on about sharks and electrocution! —

July 3, 2024

When did you first hear about the Heritage Foundation? and what did you know?

I first heard of them in this offhand snippet when BushCheney took office: “and Lynne Cheney is parked outside the White House passing in resume after resume from the Heritage Foundation.”

Nothing further was forthcoming, so I passed it off as a bit of political snark regarding a very conservative group. And that was it for the next 20+ years, as far as I knew.

So I wonder how it was that I, a reasonably informed American, had no idea they were writing Project 2025 and planning to overthrow the United States government?

Am I the only one so gobsmacked?

July 3, 2024

Mary McCord, Figliuzzi, and Brennan were all on Deadline WH, and boy howdy are they upset w SCOTUS

I have been interrupted so much during this segment that I can’t really do a good job explaining right now, but Figliuzzi said, among other things, that as an investigator he has to say there is an agenda on the SCOTUS, especially when they are in “private” meetings and have had a few drinks. Specifically mentioned Barrett, “who came out of a cult-like background where she had to have permission to marry the man she married” — for Frank, he was unusually unrestrained.

Recommend to anyone who can replay it — it’s in the second hour.

July 2, 2024

Somewhere in the bowels of Hell, Richard Nixon is laughing his ass off, because he may just have won.

The Imperial Presidency has been validated by the Supreme Court at last.

June 27, 2024

75 tons of fireworks seized in Los Angeles area...

My comment: 75 tons? Some the size of a bowling ball?! This sounds more like the opening salvo in a regional war than an evening’s entertainment. If charged under fireworks ordinances, the punishment would be a veritable slap on the wrist — I’m glad to know the ATF and arson squad are involved.

Bomb unit, ATF called in to help in historic fireworks bust in Gardena
Over 75 tons of illegal fireworks, some as big as bowling balls, are seized in South Bay.

Millions of dollars worth of fireworks were seized from an illegal operation in Gardena in one of the biggest fireworks busts in state history, authorities said.
The fireworks cache was so massive — more than 75 tons — that representatives from the state’s arson and bomb unit as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Los Angeles Police Department were called in to help local police process and dispose of it, Gardena police said. The street value of the fireworks was estimated between $7 million and $10 million.

Several people were taken into custody during the raid Friday at a warehouse ….
Some of the fireworks measured up to 8 inches in diameter — roughly the same as a bowling ball. More than 2,000 illegal destructive devices and 10 pounds of bulk homemade explosives were also confiscated, according to a joint statement from the Gardena Police Department and Cal Fire’s Office of the State Fire Marshal Arson and Bomb Unit.
…. Anyone who has information about the case is asked to contact the Cal Fire bomb unit at arsonbomb@fire.ca.gov.

Last year, the Los Angeles Police Department seized 38,000 pounds of illegal fireworks from a South Los Angeles warehouse.
That raid came two years after the LAPD injured 17 people and damaged 35 properties while trying to detonate a stash of fireworks in a South L.A. neighborhood, displacing dozens of residents.

With the Fourth of July approaching, Cal Fire is reminding the public that it is illegal to sell, transport or use fireworks that don’t carry the “Safe and Sane” seal. Fireworks also can’t be set off in communities that prohibit them. Depending on the offense, violators of fireworks laws could face up to a year in jail and fines of up to $50,000 if convicted.

Los Angeles Times, 6-27-2024
Page B3


June 23, 2024

Greatest quote I've seen, if only for the phrase "the most flowery example of genocide since Rwanda." Nance Knows.

By Malcolm Nance — just putting this here so it’s in my file —

My favorite part of genocide scholarship is when the scholars ignore every Arab state or terrorist mass murder of the last half century, and somehow find a relatively small, but intense urban war by Jews is the most flowery example of genocide since Rwanda. Please do Russia versus Ukraine first. Then follow it up with Syria against its own people. And if you have time, please explain why HAMAS's 10-7 mass murdering every living soul wasn't a good attempt at genocide. I'll wait.

Malcolm Nance, an actual expert. Gaza is not a genocide.

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