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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Texas. most of my life I lived in Austin and Dallas
Home country: United States
Current location: Bryan, Texas
Member since: Sun Aug 14, 2011, 03:57 AM
Number of posts: 101,529

About Me

Retired/disabled middle-aged white guy who believes in justice and equality for all. Math and computer analyst with additional 21st century jack-of-all-trades skills. I'm a stud, not a dud!

Journal Archives

India's new Parliament: World's largest democracy gets a new house - WION

It's a big day for Indian democracy as india inaugurated its new Parliament building today & replaced the old Parliament which is more than 90-years-old. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the much coveted building. The new building is to keep up with India's modern requirements of a growing population as it offers space to 888 members of the Lok Sabha and 384 members of Rajya Sabha. The much talked about Sengol was placed next to the speaker's chair.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about when it's time to leave....

Republican Donors Say DeSantis' Presidential Campaign Is Dead On Arrival - Ring of Fire

Ron DeSantis has been pitching himself to donors as the only electable Republican, especially when compared to Trump. But in recent interviews, not only have certain factions of the Republican Party already turned away from DeSantis, but apparently big money Republican donors are also abandoning ship. One donor went as far as to tell Rolling Stone that DeSantis has no chance at winning because "no one is afraid of him." That's a big problem for Ron, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.


*This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

Ron DeSantis is having a really bad time so far this year. His book tour has been a disaster. He was met by pro-Trump people who tried to disrupt his events as frequently as possible. He did his overseas trip. He was caught on camera with that weird laugh. And then of course, the picking his nose and wiping it on, uh, people who support him. And then of course, his poll numbers are in the toilet compared to where they were just six short months ago. Donald Trump has beaten him up every day, and now you've got other Republican candidates entering the race. People like Tim Scott this past week, and according to Republican donors and of course Republican strategists, it's because nobody is afraid of Ron DeSantis anymore. The five months that we have had so far this year have changed things dramatically, not just for Ron DeSantis presidential bid, but possibly his entire career trajectory, because they have shown that he does not play on a national level.

Yes, he's doing great in far right, Florida. Yeah, he won last year's election by one and a half million votes. The the wind was at his back, the sky was the limit. And then he said, well, I'm gonna venture outside of Florida's borders. And that's when everything went to hell for him. But as I said recently, donors, uh, Republican strategists, they actually spoke to Rolling Stone, and here is what they had to say. According to seven g o p operatives and pollsters supporting 2024 contenders other than Trump or DeSantis the other contenders, now believe DeSantis is in their estimations, a paper tiger whose less than stellar performance in his shadow campaign has convinced them he can be torn down as the only non-Trump alternative. And that belief, the operative say, has only grown in recent weeks as DeSantis poll numbers have wavered. One G O P donor put his opinion on DeSantis bluntly in conversation with Rolling Stone, and he simply said, quote, no one is afraid of him.

No one is afraid of Ron DeSantis. He's a paper tiger, which means all of this big bravado that he walks around with, it's all fake. It doesn't actually exist much like Donald Trump, by the way, worth pointing that out. Also, maybe it's worth pointing out that I've been pointing that out for the last two years, but either way, here we are. Everybody sees it now. Everybody in this country sees what Ron DeSantis is all about. He's all about culture, war, stupid talk. He is a bully. He is a coward. He cannot actually talk about real issues. He's getting his kicked by Mickey Mouse down here in Florida to the point where even the rest of the Republicans down here are like, dude, just let it go because they're making you look like a fool. And like, no, I'm gonna keep doing it.

27 May: All Weapons Unleashed: Ukrainians Conduct An Extensive Strike - Reporting from Ukraine

Day 458: May 27

Ukrainians increased the frequency and intensity of precision strikes on the Russian bases in the Zaporizhia region. If previously, Ukrainians conducted around 10 strikes per week, then now they are conducting 10 strikes per day.

The most destructive strikes happened in Mariupol. Today local residents reported hearing multiple explosions near the airfield. The footage indicates activation of the Russian air defense and, according to the unconfirmed reports, Russians shot down 1 out of 4 missiles.

This is the second consecutive day of strikes because yesterday, Ukrainians struck Mariupol with 2 Strom Shadow missiles. The targets of the strike were 2 facilities on the territory of the Azovstal industrial complex: one facility was used for the residence of hundreds of troops, while another one was used as a warehouse for equipment. Today more information became available as some Russian sources expressed their discontent and critique of the Russian command for failure to adjust to the new realities of war while mentioning that 250 special operators and marines died in the aftermath of yesterday’s strike. It was also mentioned that a week ago, Ukrainians destroyed more than 200 troops in a similar strike on the facilities near the airfield, so a bit higher that the initial Ukrainian estimates of 150 troops.

The fact that just in these 2 consecutive strikes, Ukrainians managed to eliminate almost 500 troops made many Russian analysts convinced that a lot of local residents had been actively spying for an extended period of time, which is why more counter-spying measures should be implemented as soon as possible.

Another powerful Strom Shadow strike happened in Berdyansk. The explosion was seen from villages located more than 10 km away from the shore. Some sources reported that the target of the strike became the recreational center Himiki, and other sources suggested that the target of the attack was the Azovkabel factory, however, both versions agree that Ukrainians were aiming at the areas of forces concentrations.

Ukrainians are also still actively using HIMARS. Over the last several days, Ukrainian conducted at least 3 HIMARS strikes on the Russian military objects in and around Donetsk. The target of the most recent strike became a former institute that Russians were using for military purposes. The target of the second strike became the twin towers or, more precisely, anti-tank-guided missile systems, electronic warfare systems, and reconnaissance systems that were conveniently placed on the roof of these high-rise buildings. The target of the third strike became an ammunition depot for the Russian air defense systems near Mospyne.

Other sources also reported that Ukrainian artillery crews are also striking the towns and cities closer to the contact line. Some Ukrainian fighters stated that today HIMARS rockets also hit Russian objects in Nikoske, Melitopol, and Tokmak.

Ukrainians are conducting smaller strikes outside the borders of Ukraine. Since Ukrainians agreed not to use HIMARS and Strom Shadows to hit Russian territories, for these purposes, Ukrainians are using various types of kamikaze drones.

Overall, it is clear that, right now, Ukrainians are focused on the areas of enemy forces concentrations, and at the moment, their primary targets are the headquarters of the most trained and prepared Russian forces, such as pilots, marines, and special operators. In parallel, Ukrainians are using their drones to hit distant critical supply line objects, in particular the ones that are related to fuel. Even though the drones do not have the same success rate as Storm Shadow missiles, since drones are cheap and can be launched frequently, Ukrainians managed to destroy up to 20 fuel-related facilities just over the last month. The continuation of this campaign ensures that Russians will accumulate a plethora of problems with manpower and supplies, especially in the southern direction, where their supply lines and military objects are extremely vulnerable.

Trump Panics, Lawyers Prepare for Another Indictment - Luke Beasley

Donald Trump's lawyers sent a letter to Merrick Garland requesting a meeting, indicating an expectation of an indictment.

Republicans Get Called Out By House Democrats Over Debt Ceiling Crisis! - Luke Beasley

As the deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches, House Democrats took to the House floor to call out the GOP over their irresponsible governance.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about when it's going to start in Ukraine....

Vietnam demands Chinese survey ship leave its exclusive economic zone - CNA

There has been a territorial flare-up in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. China and Vietnam have traded barbs over a Chinese research ship and five escort vessels in what experts have called the most significant incursion in four years. The Xiang Yang Hong 10 began operating in Vietnam's exclusive economic zone on May 7. Hanoi's protest came after Beijing announced its installation of at least three new light buoys in the waters near the Spratly Islands. Vietnam has accused the ships of violating its sovereignty, and demanded they leave its territorial waters.

Tucker Carlson's Friends Try To Destroy Fox News By Releasing Their Bathroom Policy - Ring of Fire

An article from The Daily Signal this week - pushed by allies of fired Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson - has revealed that Fox News is not as bigoted behind the scenes as they are on the air. The article claims that "multiple" current and former employees have confirmed that Fox News allows employees to use their preferred pronouns and even use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identities. Normal people look at this story and laugh, but Fox viewers are absolutely blind with rage over the report. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.


*This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

Friends and allies of Tucker Carlson are coming out swinging against Fox News folks and, uh, The Daily Signal. The Daily Signal. Recently, well this week published an article trying to trash Fox News over their bathroom and pronoun policies. I gotta take a minute here because the Daily signal we got the Daily Wire, the Daily Caller, the Daily Signal, the Daily Moron. I mean, why do you guys all like just get together and not have any creativity between y'all when you come up with names for things like, well, it's gotta be the daily something. Uh, I don't know, like be a little bit more diverse with your, with the names of your sites. Cuz otherwise they all just run together and it makes you all look like one big lump of stupid. Either way. The Daily Signal published a piece this week where they said that we talked to multiple current former employees of Fox News and get this folks, they're not as bigoted behind the scenes as they are on the air.

Oh my God. That is the shocking revelation that is being made about Fox News to try to tank that network that folks, they actually let people not only use their preferred pronouns, and some people even have 'em in their emails, but they will let you use the bathroom at Fox News corresponding to the gender that you identify with, even if it's not the gender that you were assigned at birth. That's the big shocking revelation that is supposed to tank all of Fox News that they will let people use the bathrooms for the gender of which they identify. Now normal people like you and me listening to this, hearing this story, were like, Hey, good. I'm like, that's wonderful. We like that. We're not crazy, so that doesn't make our blood boil. We're actually pretty cool with that. It's a public restroom. People are going in there to expel waste from their bodies. Okay? We don't care because we're not idiotic little crybaby snowflakes that have to throw a temper tantrum every time somebody walks in to take. But Republicans do. In fact, the daily wires, Matt Walsh said, Fox needs to get the full Bud Light treatment. They're actively working to suppress conservative voices while promoting leftism in its most radical form. Enough is enough.

It must be wonderful to go through life without any actual real concerns to where you hit the point where you make up something to be outraged about, and then you go out there and you make millions convincing other people even dumber somehow than you are, that they

Should also be mad about these things. That's what these right wing talkers do. They're the dumbest people on the planet, but by God, they have figured out that grift, they know what they're doing. And again, some of them I think are genuinely stupid. Some of them are only pretending to be stupid, but they know that they have to be stupid in order to appeal to their base. And that is what this is. A normal person reads this story and they're like, Hey, good for Fox News. We don't give a crap. Like we genuinely don't care. But Republicans, they get up in arms about it. So, believe it or not, because Fox News's audience is not an audience of normal people, they're gonna be about this. They are about this. We've seen it this week. They're coming out trashing the network saying, I'm never watching Fox again.

Invasion Reversed: Russia's Border Vulnerability Exposed - William Spaniel

On May 22, 2023, the tables turned on Russia, with an invasion group crossing the Ukrainian border and entering Belgorod Oblast. What does this mean for the invasion? Today, we look at the long-term consequences, how Russia will have to adjust its deployments, and the vulnerabilities it will open up for a later Ukrainian counterattack.
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