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Profile Information

Name: iris
Gender: Female
Current location: living room recliner
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2010, 08:32 AM
Number of posts: 32,079

Journal Archives

Plz give me your best audios, from the US a/b the Normandy landings

I ran over my phone yesterday, the nice guys at the phone shop were able to recover most of my stuff . Googled hoping to replace my audio, but I kept getting stuff from DDay20.it is ready the radio broadcast I'm looking for.

Today's Google doodle & me realizing I'm Cornish

I have never had a scone I liked, maybe the US Midwest bakers do/use different ingredients .

Today's doodle is an image of 2 scones (go look I'll wait)

If I were to find an authentic Scottish scone, I'd go. Cornwall style, jam first then the clotted cream. The image on the doodle right makes more sense to me.


snip-"In Cornwall this is heavily disputed. They say the jam must go on first, the better to protect the cream from the warm scone, which would otherwise simply melt the cream. They have a point, but Iíve always taken my cream tea the Cornish way, undoubtedly due to many summers spent in Cornwall as a child where I consumed endless amounts of cream tea."

snip-"The Queen recently attempted to settle this ongoing debate when she revealed she eats her cream tea the Cornish way, jam first. But even an intervention from the Queen herself couldnít put an end to the argument, and both sides still claim theirs is the right way."

more there.

Then the reddit forum Casual UK realized that Google was trying to start a civil war.


After reading this, I made a pot of Yorkshire Gold Tea, and put Juniors of NY CheeseCake on next week's grocery list. If Google puts a doodle up of the types of cheesecake, well given how touchy & tichy things here in the US are at the minute, itl be an issue.

I'm going to take my cuppa outdoors and enjoy the improved weather.
Cheers Mates

NYT article on our messy messy mess


I think you have to highlight all the web addy to see the freebie article.

Dec 1944, Belgium Jack Damn is a radioman crawling around in snow

My father in law, of blessed memory, always gave us socks at Christmas. Warm socks

Thank you Jack for so many things

Sec Pete and one of his kids


I like this photo, BUT, someday, maybe soon, upset kid tummy will occur & as I learned from my nephew, the barf in hair event will occur no where near a faucet/shower.

Things I am grateful for today Friday 24 June 2022

My cats got food, water and litter.
I got safe drinking water, hot & cold running water & a flush toilet
The power is on.
I got food
I am clean & sober today & I am very very angry. Very Angry.

Today is not the day to tempt me though.

Breakfast Sunday 2 May 2021

forgot to charge my phone
coffee and scrambled egg and a rasher of bacon

Not my photo, but...


He had a child and wife. I am sorry for his families loss.

Breakfast Saturday 6 March 2020

Coffee and cream now.

Baked egg and toast later.
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