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wnylib's Journal
wnylib's Journal
July 23, 2024

Billi the cat talks with talking buttons.

She has some interesting requests and thoughts. It's a long video of short demonstrations, so you can skip around through it. Her "mom and dad" have a lot of patience and focus on her to interact so much with her.

July 21, 2024

Barack Obama statement on President Biden's decision

I could not find a full statement from Obama in any separate context outside of other people's comments, so here is Obama's full statement at Daily Kos, followed by statements from other Democrats.

I am posting it here so that we can read the entire statement in context instead of just excerpts in the media.


July 21, 2024

After reading EarlG's OP about Biden being out,

I deleted every pro Biden post that I made today as a precaution from being alerted on, since I did not know the timing of Biden's announcement compared to the timing of my posts. Sometimes people get zealous about alerting.

I am suggesting that we be cautious about alerting pro Biden posts just for today in order to allow the news of his withdrawal to reach everyone.

July 18, 2024

Relevant history from 1968?

Lyndon Johnson had been a Senator before be became VP in 1960. He had a reputation for getting things done by wheeling and dealing negotiations in the Senate. That skill served him well as President after the JFK assassination. Johnson got legislation passed on behalf of civil rights for Black Americans, for all poor Americans, and for seniors.

But Johnson had opposition due to Vietnam. I was not voting age yet, but I also opposed the war. But I thought that there was a possibility that Johnson could be persuaded to at least pull back our involvement there. However, Johnson had some very hawkish military brass to deal with, some of the same ones who had tried to push JFK into invading Cuba during the Missile Crisis.

I was 17 years old when I watched President Johnson announce on national TV that he would not seek or accept the nomination for 1968. I remember thinking that he had the body language and demeanor of someone who had been told to announce that decision. Publicly the media said that Johnson declined to run because he was so disturbed by the war himself, which made no sense to me. Why not run again and try to end the war if he was so disturbed by it? Some media pundits said that there was a lack of support in the party for him to run. That made sense to me because there was talk of Dems ready to challenge him as the incumbent.

McCarthy and RFK were the two leading candidates and RFK was murdered when he was in the lead. Humphrey ran instead. He, too, was in favor of winding down our involvement in Vietnam, but the negatives about Johnson from within the party stuck with Humphrey.

With all that party division and chaos, we ended up with Nixon as president.

Party divisions are hurting us now. The opponent today is much worse than Nixon was. The stakes are much higher. But we persist in party disunity AGAIN, as in 1968.

And for weird coincidence, the Dem convention is in the same city this year as it was in 1968. I am not suggesting that there would be the same violence that occurred then. I am only noticing the coincidence of disunity and the same convention location. Is it an omen to get our act together and not switch in midstream?

July 18, 2024

ABC radio news on Biden and covid.

I was happy to hear them say that Biden's symptoms are mild and he is on Paxlovid. They added that he will probably bounce back well from this and be back on the campaign trail as soon as he is able.

I was surprised to hear that from a mainstream media source. No talk of it slowing him down.

July 18, 2024

So, if the issue is Dem Party donors, can we raise money without them?

Are there left leaning celebrities who would do some fundraising programs? A concert? A telethon?

They could donate proceeds to cover the expenses of Congressional Dems who are being paid by donors to speak against Biden. Buy them back from the donors to put it bluntly.

Or, donate proceeds to Biden to show faith in him.

How much fundraising can we do on our own and how? Any ideas beyond celebrities? Could enough local fundraisers bring in enough money to support independence from the donor class?

July 15, 2024

BBC: Man killed at Trump rally shielded wife and daughters.

When the shots rang out, Corey Comperatore dove onto his wife and two daughters to shield them.

He is the true hero of that day. Should never have had to protect his family like that, but he did and it cost him his life.

As Comperatore lay dead on the ground with his family in shock and crying, DJT raised his fist to proclaim his own heroism
to the cameras
Comperatore and his family were behind Trump. A witness who was next to the Comperatore family said in an NBC interview that the deceased man's head was blown off.

Trump could not have missed seeing that while he was hunkered down. So his raised fist was like bragging that he survived while another man died.

Not hero material. Not presidential material. Not a leader.



July 14, 2024

The party of political violence and "2nd amendment solutions"

gets blowback karma when 2nd amendment advocate shoots up their leader's rally.

It is appropriate now for Dems to pause anti Trump ads out of respect for the innocent spectators who were killed/injured. It is appropriate for Dems to call out political violence as unacceptable.

It is also appropriate, and not disrespectful, to call out Trump's well known violent rhetoric. Put the ball in his court to end violent political rhetoric and end support for unregulated gun possession. Point out that Biden has called for better gun laws that would protect our children - and politicians.

The ads almost write themselves. Begin with the clips of Trump rallies in which he promotes punching people out, treating prisoners roughly, and praises autocrats for their violent methods. Show those clips right up to and including his words on J6.

Then show a clip of the shooting at Trump's Butler rally, and ask, in somber tones, if Trump is ready to support gun control and non-violent rhetoric.

July 13, 2024

Injecting humor into the stressful political situation

is one way of coping and relieving tension.

So a few things that would be fun to see/do.

A shark hologram hovering over MAL.

A shark hologram hanging over the orange felon at a political rally.

Biden offering an electric battery to Trump in the second debate.

A stuffed shark in an electrically powered boat placed in the pool of water under the fountain at a Trump golf course.

A TV skit of the Wizard of Oz giving scarecrow Trump a brain. Or a heart to Tin Man Trump.

A banner flown over a Trump rally that reads, "Where's Melania?" Followed by a banner that says. "I really don't care. Do you?"

July 12, 2024

Favorite or funniest typos

All the political talk about verbal gaffes got me thinking about printed gaffes that I've seen or heard about.

Two examples:

1. Decades ago, I worked for a print advertising company in my home town on Lake Erie. The manager's secretary sent mail to an office at the city's public dock. It was returned by the Post Office and she saw that she had typed Public Dick instead of Dock. (At least she didn't also leave out the "L" in public.)

2. A Mexican-American friend of mine volunteered to type the master originals of the bulletins to be copied for the Spanish language mass at her church. One bulletin included a quote from Jesus to his disciples, "I will make you fishers of men."

Spanish for fishers is "pescadores." My friend left out the first "s" so that it read "pecadores," which means sinners.

It wasn't discovered until several copies had been made and were being handed out to incoming parishioners.

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