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steve2470's Journal
steve2470's Journal
August 31, 2020

State report shows hundreds test positive for COVID-19 at Florida schools in August


The Florida Department of Health accidentally released a report on COVID-19 outbreaks at schools across the state — from daycare centers to colleges — and found that nearly 900 students and staffers had tested positive during a two-week period in August as schools had just begun or readied to reopen.

State officials published the six-page draft online on Monday, but then quickly wiped it away a day later. The Herald obtained a copy before it disappeared.

Florida International University infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Mary Jo Trepka said the detailed data was one of the most valuable reports the DOH has produced because it assesses how the virus is affecting the state’s children as they return to the classroom.

“It’s very good that they are starting to report this now and then going forward as schools start to reopen ... to see what happens as they reopen in terms of the numbers going up or not going up, hopefully,” said Trepka. “This is going to be really important for each county to be closely monitoring these numbers to see the impact of schools’ reopening.”
August 29, 2020

(Elon) Musk-backed Neuralink unveils upgraded brain-implant technology


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August 29, 2020

WGN America to launch 'News Nation' on Tuesday, aiming to transform the house that Bozo built into..

WGN America to launch ‘News Nation’ on Tuesday, aiming to transform the house that Bozo built into the next CNN


WGN America, the erstwhile home to Bozo and Andy Griffith, is set to reinvent itself as a cable news network with the Tuesday launch of “News Nation,” a prime-time newscast that pledges to deliver unbiased reporting.

The mission is to take a bite out of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

Delayed but not derailed by the pandemic, WGN America has assembled a 150-person newsroom and has been making dry runs for several weeks of its nightly three-hour newscasts from extensively remodeled Chicago studios.

Going live amid a health crisis, civil unrest and a polarizing presidential election means the pressure is on “News Nation” to hit the ground running.

I have a feeling that this will morph into Faux News-lite. Hopefully they can resist all the RW pressures and truly present all the facts all the time.

August 29, 2020

Trump "enjoyed the frustration and anger he caused by holding a political event on the South Lawn.."

Mr. Trump’s aides said he enjoyed the frustration and anger he caused by holding a political event on the South Lawn of the White House, shattering conventional norms and raising questions about ethics law violations. He relished the fact that no one could do anything to stop him, said the aides, who spoke anonymously to discuss internal conversations.


Our Gangster-in-Chief has the mentality of a 10 year old, a stupid one at that. ANY Democrat would be better than him, and Vice-President Biden will be a billion times better. No complacency, no matter what the polls say !
August 28, 2020

82 year old Wilbur Ross at RNC last night, no mask, no social distancing....

To be clear, I wish no ill upon the man (despite his affiliations), but will Herman Cain have more company in the ranks of the departed soon ? He can't be THAT ignorant about COVID-19 risks, but maybe he's so far into the Faux bubble that he is.

August 28, 2020

"undecided Michigan voter" on MTP just now: "I want to see what happens..."

He was around 45 to 50, white guy. I wanted to scream " Jesus christ, it's not enough that 177K Americans have died from COVID-19, the economy is in the gutter, he was impeached, etc etc etc ". BS on undecided, I think he's more of a Trump voter who does not want to admit it in public.

His other line was "What has Joe Biden done in 47 years ?". I wanted to scream, again, "A lot you don't know about, obviously!"

rant over

eta: MTP = Meet The Press with Chuck Todd on MSNBC

August 27, 2020

Trump DOJ Targets Democratic Governors For COVID-19 Outbreaks In Veterans Homes


“This really does smell,” said one former Civil Rights Division official who worries the Justice Department is weaponizing its power for political purposes.

President Donald Trump’s top civil rights official at the Department of Justice announced this week that he was considering launching investigations into how state-owned nursing homes responded to the coronavirus. The four states he targeted all have Democratic governors. This highly unusual public announcement of potential investigations raised alarm bells among Civil Rights Division alumni and Democrats that DOJ’s move was motivated by partisan politics.

Eric Dreiband, the assistant attorney general running the Civil Rights Division, sent letters to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday, requesting documents and information under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA) about how public nursing homes in their states responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cuomo and Whitmer said in a joint statement that the inquiries were “nothing more than a transparent politicization of the Department of Justice in the middle of the Republican National Convention.” They called DOJ’s move a “nakedly partisan deflection” and questioned why Republican-run states that, based on federal guidelines, had similar rules about nursing home admissions were not being targeted.
August 27, 2020

The White House Says It's Assembling a "Dossier" on a Washington Post Reporter


The White House ordered the Washington Post to stop reporting on President Trump’s business and says it is “building up a very large ‘dossier'” on Post reporter David Fahrenthold. That information was included in a response by White House spokesperson Judd Deere to a request for comment on an article that shows the U.S. Secret Service has spent more than $900,000 at Trump properties during Trump’s presidency.

“The Washington Post is blatantly interfering with the business relationships of the Trump Organization, and it must stop,” Deere told the Post in a statement that continued with a sentence likely to make grammar cops’ heads explode. “Please be advised that we are building up a very large ‘dossier’ on the many false David Fahrenthold and others stories as they are a disgrace to journalism and the American people.”

The Washington Post tells Washingtonian that it doesn’t have any comment.

Fahrenthold has reported on Trump family’s business interests for several years now, but perhaps his best-known article about the President was his 2016 scoop about Access Hollywood tapes, which showed the future President describing how he felt stardom gave him permission to assault women. On Twitter, Fahrenthold said that that if anyone has concerns about his reporting, no dossier is necessary:

August 27, 2020

Fantastic VoteVets ad by father of slain son in Yemen (Navy Seal)

The first combat death under Trump happened when he ordered a Navy SEAL team into Yemen while at a dinner party.

He wanted to play big-man-going-to-war.

The Gold Star dad of the hero lost has some BRUTAL words for Trump.


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